Light Messenger

Volume 1, Number 1

You are reading a very special newsletter. It is special because it is a love project from the three of us on this physical earth plane and also from the consciousness of those who serve mankind from the realm just beyond our physical senses. It comes to you under the direction and instruction of the
Brotherhood Of Light. Man on Earth is now undergoing rapid acceleration in his evolutionary processes and because of this, the Brotherhood has directed us to write this newsletter.

I feel at this point that I must digress a few years back in time to explain the events that have brought this newsletter into manifestation. Richard, Sal and myself were actively involved with the Alexandrian Center in Inverness, Florida. The Alexandrian Center was a small "light" center where Richard served as the official Pastor, Sal as the President, and I served as the Secretary.

In the Fall of 1977, we discussed having a special initiation for members of the center, but somehow it never seemed to get off the ground. Then in December, just before Christmas at a small gathering in our home, Richard's guide, David, came through. He told us to use amber oil and instructed me to write the initiation since I would know how it was to be done. Imagine my surprise since I had no conscious knowledge of initiations! We decided that we should hold the initiation at our special Christmas Eve service and a few days before Christmas Eve, I sought help through meditation for instructions pertaining to the initiation. Once again I was surprised when I discovered that it was to be an initiation into the Brotherhood Of Light, not the Alexandrian Center. I was given specific instructions, including how the special amber oil was to be used.

Well, Christmas came and the initiation was performed at the center. It was a beautiful service and everyone commented on how meaningful it was. I thought that was the end of the matter, but alas, that was not the case! Since that time, David has contributed much, much more for our enlightenment.

We are told that the higher one aspires in his spiritual evolution (the brighter his "light" becomes), the more vulnerable he becomes to the forces of darkness. The "light" is blinding to forces of darkness so they seek to destroy it. The initiation provides a form of protection, which is a gift to us from the Brotherhood Of Light. You're probably wondering, "Exactly what is the Brotherhood Of Light?" According to what we have been told, they represent the highest form of Ascended Masters and they dwell on the seventh plane. They are not to be confused with the Great White Brotherhood, who are spiritual entities residing on the fourth plane, also working for the betterment of souls.

It seems that I have been appointed by the Brotherhood, to serve as the Anointer. My function is to bestow the anointing on all "light workers" and "light bearers" with whom I come into contact. I have been assigned a special guide known as the "Armor Bearer" since my new role makes me extremely vulnerable to the dark forces. The "Armor Bearer" is my direct link to the Brotherhood Of Light, and her purpose is to protect and aid me. We are told that members of the Brotherhood rarely descend to lower levels, however, they are now sending their "Messenger" to communicate with us. There is much more to my story and the initiation, but due to limited space, it well be reserved for later issue of the Light Messenger. I will tell you however, that I have had confirmation of my role from many sources and I accept the responsibility of Anointer as a joyous task.

The Brotherhood promises to channel material directly for the Light Messenger. All of the material will be new. That is, there will be no reprints of any kind, nor will there be material from any other physical entities other than Richard, Sal, and myself. That is in accordance with the wishes and instructions of the Brotherhood. We offer our publication to all our friends in light. It is not a money making project, but is financed solely by donations.

Peggy Rebeck

Message From The Brotherhood of Light

Greetings to all brothers and sisters of the light!

We, the collective members of the Brotherhood Of Light, do enter your realm in order to assist you in the progress of your individual selves and in the progress of your collective whole. We do not seek to impose any dogma or concept upon man. We, like man, seek our continued evolvement. Our residence in your terms of thought, is upon the seventh astral plane, and though we seldom have direct relationship with your plane of existence, we are making the effort at this time to assist our brothers and sisters in their evolution.

As this New Age draws near and the consciousness of man is raised upward, the forces of darkness surround and seek to penetrate ever deeper. We offer our hand and our protection against these forces of darkness. We offer our light and guidance for all who seek it. We have established this communication channel and we will provide the spiritual energy necessary to maintain this channel in a healthy manner. All efforts are required to maintain this channel, both on the physical plane and on the spiritual plane. The time of great difficulties for those who seek to be workers in the light is present. We would not seek to even offer our assistance if it were not in our minds, necessary. We ask nothing from our brothers and sisters on the physical plane. We are here to help. We will, through this channel, provide various methods and directions whereby the individual may strengthen his spiritual nature and protect himself against intrusion.

We dwell in a world of different reality, but we are cognizant of the nature of your stage of evolution and your plane of existence. We cannot enter your plane of existence, but we can offer our assistance in providing a more effective channel for the light. You shall build the pipeline from the earth plane and we shall build it through the astral planes. Take our hand and let us work together to bring the light to perfection upon Earth and within the total consciousness of man.

Peggy: "Was that from the Messenger?"

David: "That was correct."

Peggy: "I feel that when he was here, the vibrations of the room were uplifted tremendously. Was that true?"

David: "That is so."

Peggy: "Do you have any further messages for us pertaining to this subject?"

David: "At this particular first issue, we the guides, will not have a specific message of our own. We will however, in future issues, deal with these subjects which you may insert reference to. We will deal with the true keys of meditation. We will also deal with effective communication with one's guides. We felt that was appropriate since from our viewpoint, we do not have the difficulty."

Peggy: "In the format of the Light Messenger, should we list the names of you who are our guides or should we just list the Brotherhood Of Light?

David: You should insert the names of the three entities here with the statement "and their guides" and then also the Brotherhood."

Peggy: "How many guides should we list for Sal?"

David: "You shall only list two for Sal. You do not list by name, just the words "and their guides."

Peggy: "I see. Also, what do you think of the logo of the lamp that we have selected for the newsletter?"

David: "I know the form. The star should be a seven pointed as symbolic of the seven energies and the seven planes. It would be inappropriate to leave out the plane of the Brotherhood in your symbology."

Peggy: "Oh you're right. I hadn't thought of that! Beautiful! Do you have any other suggestions for the first issue?

David: "Remind this entity next to you to prepare each manuscript well in advance and to retain copies. There will be within a two year period of your time, a collective book of his experiences."

It is a pleasure to share our experiences with you. If you enjoy this newsletter, please let us know. We welcome your comments and critiques.

Copyright by Richard Rebeck, Peggy Steinberg, Salvatore Cacciola