Light Messenger

Volume 1, Chapter 2

 Hello Again..... We Greet You With Love !!!

Well, here we go again with our second issue of the Light Messenger. We're excited about it because we know that the material contained herein is fresh and presented to you in its original form as given to us. Our first issue was well received.

A new Question and Answer Section had been added due to many requests. I have taken the liberty of asking the first questions which were in response to some of the questions in our mail from you.

We truly hope that each one of you will find something to digest in the Light Messenger. Until we meet again - happy reading!

Peggy Rebeck

Conversations With David

 Peggy: "Is there anything specific that you would like to discuss in the Light Messenger?"

David: "One moment while I converse with the guides. Pause...We have thought it best that we deal with the subject of our own presence. In other terms, more specifically, describe what is a guide. You have been made privilege to the information but it has mot been made part of your dissemination.

As we have previously instructed, a guide is a soul who has reached a state of evolution wherein it is not necessary for him to return to the earth plane in order to continue the educational process. Please note: I said it is not necessary. That does not mean they do not do so. Also the term "him" is simply a factor of your speech in the proper structure, but in actuality, we recognize no such duality or barrier. The guide and the true higher soul is androgynous, knowing neither male nor female, but incorporating all into the being.

The guide is a soul who having reached his stage, has made a conscious choice - a deliberate choice, to move in the direction of service from the astral plane. In order to accomplish this, a guide must first request permission, as it were, from the spiritual energies and rulers of the plane which he dwells in. He then must undergo education and training in the communication as well as examination to ascertain that he has learned how to deal with the problems in an objective, not subjective, manner. Having accomplished this, the guide will initially work in a group conscious effort. That is to day, he will work as a secondary or tertiary guide for an entity in order to gain experience in communicating and working with the entities that are in the physical form.

As you are well aware, the communication channel is difficult to open. It is as difficult for the new guide as it is for the new worker or seeker on your plane. When a guide has reached a state of being able to deal with an entity without assistance, he is often attracted to the peculiar energy needs or educational needs of a soul, and in common meeting, they agree to the role that will be played - even as this entity and I discussed whether or not we were going to work together. Suffice it to say, that in the majority of cases the two energies are properly attracted and seldom is there a resistance or a rejection of the offer. The guide then is assigned to work with that individual for the entire lifetime. When an individual is not going to require the full assistance of a guide, that guide may work with several others simultaneously. That is simply an element of the needs of the individuals who are being served. Appreciate however, that a guide who works with more than one, is extremely experienced since it is difficult to separate one's self from the conscious awareness of the entity with whom you are working.

The guide pattern is always the same. The guide is ever present to assist. The guide may help the individual learn a particular piece of information or the guide may offer alternative suggestions to a problem seeking a solution. The guide may never issue a direct command or directive as to how a particular problem is to be solved. The guide must never impair the free will of an individual. Unfortunately your language has allowed a duality, as is common with you, to creep into the usage of the term. The spiritual guide is one thing. The term is used by many who would seek communication with the other side. They also employ the term "spirit guide." The sprit guide and the guide of our realm is not the same. The spirit guides are souls who have left the earth plane and who may or may not dwell in the dark regions. They may be souls who are bound to earth simply for a short time. They may be souls who are from the dark regions, or they may be souls from the higher astral planes; but as long as they maintain an identity with their earthly role as "Uncle Robert" or "Mr. Smith," they are not guides."

Peggy: "We know many people who seem to have Indian guides. Are these the spirit guides that you are speaking of now or do the guides simply assume the role of Indians for identification purposes in order to reach the consciousness of the individuals?"

David: "We assume whatever form and shape is necessary to communicate with the consciousness. If it were necessary that I assume the picture of a hippopotamus, I would do so in order to achieve the communication. That is not as humorous as might seem. There was once a great civilization who held the hippopotamus to be a God, and thus it was necessary for guides to assume that shape."

Peggy: "This is most enlightening!"

David: "The period of guides is very necessary to understand. There is nothing wrong with the communication with the spirit forms, but to call them guides and grant them the element of higher understanding is false. When you leave this plane of existence for a time, which is long by your earthly concepts, you are no more intelligent and no less than you are at this moment. Only very advanced souls are able to integrate their total incarnational experience and bring it forward shortly after the transition.

As to the realm of the guides and the planes as we have discussed them, remember to remind all who read the Light Messenger that the term plane and the numeric system employed therein, is a choice of yours, not of ours. It is a limitation of your consciousness to not understand the higher octaves of vibration to which we respond and therefore it has been necessary to assign numeric understanding."

Peggy: "Yes I understand."

David: "I am cognizant that you do. Your readers do not."

Peggy: "You have mentioned several times that when we have a problem or an illness we should turn it over to our higher self. When we are communicating with our guides, how can we distinguish between information that we receive from our guides and that which we might receive from our higher self?"

David: "Your higher self will give you a directive. Your guide will not."

Sal: "How do you distinguish that?"

David: "Do you know the difference between a suggestion with alternate forms of action and a direct command? Your higher self, when activated, will always give you a finite direction. The guide will give you alternatives or general directions."

Peggy: "Well, here again we must use our discretion, because if we receive a command we could be receiving it from a spirit entity rather than our high self."

David: "That is correct. Just as with a guide, so with a spirit entity, so with yourself. Take all that you receive. Weigh it in your mind, feel it in your heart, and test it. You will know what is true and what is false. If your consciousness accepts only information from your higher self, then only information from your higher self shall flow at that time. It is as if to say, you had turned the station to the appropriate frequency. That is under control of your conscious mind. However when you open out your consciousness to an answer from any plane, you are in extreme danger."

Questions And Answers

 The following statement was given by David concerning this sector of the newsletter:

"We will answer those questions which have been submitted in writing and presented by you (Peggy) that are of benefit to the majority. The question and the answer in its entirety will be presented in the Light Messenger. We will not respond to questions of strictly a personal nature, but rather questions that deal with evolution, growth, and the development of spiritual ability. Where an individual has a need for a question that is private we will consider but do not guarantee to respond to the matter."

Who is a light seeker?

"Any person who feels the inner striving for a greater realization of the Godself within. Note that that is a sensation and not an action. There are many light seekers. There are not many who put the necessary effort forward to find that which they seek."

Who is a light bearer?

"A person who not only seeks greater union with Self and the Universe but exhibits the harmony of that search in their relationship to others. The light bearer constantly strives to bring all other entities into the "path of light", or so to speak, to turn them into light seekers."

When you reach out to contact the Brotherhood, David, what does that process entail?

"It is, as it were, my throwing a ball of light into their direction."

And you wait for that light to be received?

"Light is received immediately, in your term of thought. It is waiting for the return of the light or the form entity whom I have called."

Would you give us a definition of exactly what the dark forces are that we could put in the newsletter?

"Ever since the creation of man, the element that you term desire has created conflict and strife between men, and between man and his environment. In the course of evolution, man's desire overrode his spiritual nature and his spiritual desires. In this, I should term it a physical or material desire."

Because of these desires and their strengths, many of those souls who have lived upon the earth plane, still reside in that earth level or astral plane as you number them, in the area or boundary of darkness. They are surrounded, by our term, in darkness, because their thought is not for ascension or evolution; but their thought is primarily for the gratification of the physical form and the desire for same. In this respect, the pattern creates a field of negativity with respect to the soul who is trying to evolve. These become the first of the region of shadows and their nature is, of course, to do all that is necessary to maintain the earth in the form that they desire and to, of course, inhabit it. It is come of these entities whom you refer to as possessing entities. These entities are tied along with many other dark elements.

The second force or type of negativity is that which emanates from the mind of man. To simply say that negative thought in the mind or a negative attitude is the cause of difficulty is a rather simplistic approach to the problem. Every thought on your plane creates reality on the astral plane. These thoughts, when they are negative, enshroud you with their negativity or darkness. They impede the flow of light through you as a channel. Because they also exist on two planes simultaneously, they act as a barrier to the whole earth and so the thought patterns or negativities that operate are caused secondarily by the thought of man. That is why the thought became dominate in the concept of creeds as just as sinful an element as the deed in itself.

The third element is the element of darkness which has been created by the fear of man. In recognizing that he lived on a world of duality, man created an element which he feared. He created a dark force which you term "demonic". These forces have been given the force of life and exist because the consciousness accepts. Unlike the others which are vague nameless forms, that is to say, the thought forms, the negative or anti elements have a consciousness of their own, even as did the Gods of old. And because they have been given certain positive and certain negative characteristics, they manifest these on their plane. When you will open the door through your own negativity, they are then capable of operating. When one person dwells upon a negative act, they do, as it were, to open the Pandora's Box."

Message From The Brotherhood of Light

 This, from the Brotherhood for the Messenger. We are not to be confused with some abstract thought entity. We do not desire to be placed on a pedestal or platform. We have used the term "Brother" and we mean the term implicitly! It matters not where we dwell or our state. Suffice it that we have reached a state that you are striving for, and yet we strive even further. Our offer is to help and it is in this simplistic manner that we have come forward.

We are not trying to open up your consciousness to our dimension of existence. That is not meaningful to your life on this plane at this moment. We certainly wish all of you the opportunity to achieve that state. It is important that if one seeks our assistance, that he focus his consciousness upon us.

We have communicated through other channels in this time and in the past, and we will continue to do so in the future. The terms and expressions of thought that we bring forth are brought in within the framework of your language and within the framework of the general ability of those to communicate to understand.

There is a definite crisis period at this time though some would say that we are making more to do of little. It is not possible for man in his position to see the total effects of the mental energy he is projecting. We, however, can observe this pattern - the colors - the energies, and because we understand these harmonies, we can understand the direction to which man is heading and the difficulties that will ensue.

Reach not out with your consciousness to comprehend us. Reach inward to your heart and comprehend yourself. Seek to understand your own desire, your impulse, your own concept of love, and let your expression of love be aimed within and without in the structure and confine of your world. Do not seek to create Gods out of guides or messengers or the Brotherhood. Seek not to hang labels that you can bow down to. If you bow to anything let it be to the divinity that resides within each and every one of you.

To all who have received the initiation and to all who shall receive it, a messenger or special guide shall be available to them in their time of need if they will but focus their mind upon us. And we will say this - that no soul who has known the initiation of the Brotherhood, who can keep out thought within his consciousness, shall make the transition unaided. Sufficient unto the time is this.

Peggy: "David, was that messenger a different entity (for lack of a better term), than the one who delivered the message previously for the last Light Messenger?"

David: "That is correct."

Peggy "Will we be able to ask questions of the different messengers as they come from time to time?"

David: "You will be able to ask the questions through me. If they choose to respond to them, that will be their choice. They will not always come through individually in the first person."

Note by Peggy: I would like to mention here, that when we are visited by the Brotherhood , the whole room seems to take on a different vibration. Even David has commented that he must alter his own vibration in the presence of the messengers. We are allowed to tape record the sessions, but have been instructed to destroy the tapes after the material has been transcribed. We have noticed that during the portion of the tape that is dictated by the Brotherhood, the tape has a definite high pitched frequency which is not observed on the rest of the tape.

Copyright by Richard Rebeck, Peggy Steinberg, Salvatore Cacciola