Light Messenger

Volume 1, Chapter 3

How does one begin a publication such as this? I want to yell at the top of my lungs, "Hey, we've got some great material!" Truly, we are very excited because we have been blessed with not one, but three Messengers from the
Brotherhood Of Light who are presenting messages in this issue.

Richard, Sal and I were recently discussing how little we felt that we personally were contributing towards the Light Messenger. We noted that we are only acting as channels for the "light" to come through. So how can we feel anything but great excitement and joy over the material that is brought forth. We realize that some of the words contained within this publication will be quite controversial, but we are presenting them exactly as they were given to us, and you may weigh them in your own minds and hearts for accuracy.

Once again, it is with very great joy that we present this publication. The Light Messenger is intended as a vehicle of truth in this new age, and it is our contribution towards a more enlightened view for you.

Peggy Rebeck

Conversations with David
Questions and Answers

Note: Because of the length of the material we are presenting, we will combine the "Conversations With David " and the "Questions and Answers" sections in this issue.

Marcia Dresch of Kansas City, Kansas, submitted two questions. She writes, "I wondered what happens to the spirit or mind when you are under anesthetic - does it leave the body? As I learned it from the school here, the mind consists of 3 parts (conscious, subconscious, and superconscious or spirit). Is that right? If it does leave the body, as in astral projection, do all 3 parts go?"

David: "This is a valid question, but first we must undertake the understanding of these terms of consciousness. To term the consciousness by which you are aware of presence as separate from the subconscious and then to separate that from the superconscious may be, in terms, a misleading element.

The first presumption that was in error is that the consciousness resides within the physical form. This is one of the difficult aspects. In a manner of speaking, consciousness resides with the form only as long as the spiritual presence that you term soul, is present with the form.. For example, we shall use the relationship between this entity (Richard) and I. In the total structure of our sharing, at this particular moment in time, the total consciousness and memory of this entity is not present within this physical form. All consciousness and all memory are contained within the spirit self. This is why we employ this separation in order to effectively communicate. When we, as it is termed, co-join in the speaking, then both consciousness' and both memories are operating in harmony together. At this point in time, the only linking that we share is the commonality of language which I have learned from the association with the entity (Richard). The experiences he has experiences, I have also.

The consciousness that you term the presence of ego, or the lower consciousness versus the subconscious - the subconscious never dwells down on the lower plane of the physical form, but always remains in the spiritual self, even as the higher soul self. Think in this manner: the highest aspect of self is perhaps best termed the superconscious, as it was. This becomes the total embodiment of all knowledge, of all existences that have been, and directions that will be. Thus the term, the superconsciousness.

That which is called the sub is the intermediate vehicle between the superconsciousness and the ego consciousness. Within this sector is contained all that has been experienced within this life as well as the finite directions and relationships from previous lives that are pertinent to this (those things that you would term karmic influences). The directions for the karmic seeds are so incorporated.

When the physical brain, which is in essence a receiver not dissimilar from the radio sets that you employ, when that , by accident, by deliberate choice, or by drug, is prohibited from receiving or functioning in a normal manner, then all consciousness is embodied in the astral being, which separates itself from the physical form. During sleep, during anesthesia, during any such period of unconsciousness or non-consciousness, the astral body does remove from the physical form and usually resides close by or upon some higher plane. But the memory of such journeys is done on the subconscious and superconscious plane, and unless the journey were taken of a conscious volition, it is seldom ever brought to the conscious ego plane except in the form of a dream in a symbolic representation.

Peggy: "Did I understand you to say that the subconscious is linked with the superconsciousness?"

David: "It is the passage between. In the highest form of evolvement upon your plane, both are one. And the highest achievement of all consciousness is when three are one."

Peggy: "Since you mentioned drugs, perhaps this would be a good time to ask this question. What about the effects of marijuana and other drugs upon the consciousness?"

David: "It is not so much the effect of the drug upon the consciousness. That is to say in moderation, as it is the effect of all drugs upon the astral form. One might term the effect upon the astral body as akin to that of crystallization. It causes the astral form to become dense and links it to this plane even more so. It makes it impractical for the higher energies to penetrate through what appears to be a shield.

Any element which alters the tuning arrangement, the receptivity of the ego-consciousness and superconsciousness, has a tendency to crystallize or fix things in their present place and time. It is therefore, no different than the nicotine and its effect to crystallize. The dependency upon any one substance, narcotic, or drug, will enhance the crystallization with or without the conscious direction."

Peggy: "The second question that was posed by Marcia Dresch was in response to a problem that she had encountered while trying to explain death to her children. They wanted to know what it was like to die, would their pets be with them, could they eat, talk, etc.? Can you explain that subject in terms that a child's consciousness could understand?

David: "It can be and will be, but not at this moment. The information to properly answer that will come from a source other than myself. We will bring into focus one of those whose function it is to care for the little ones who cross. That will be upon the next calling. There was not sufficient time, as at this moment, there is a great cycle."

Peggy: "Do you mean that a lot of children are making their transition now?"

David: "That is correct."

Note: The above material was taped on August 2, 1978. The following week on August 9, we continued with this discussion.

Peggy: "You mentioned that we would have another entity who would give the message on death for children and that he could not come previously due to a great cycle. Could you explain this great cycle?"

David: "One moment...pause... Suffice it for your knowledge, that over a thousand souls came at the same time for the relative time, the victims of man in his inhumanity to man.

Peggy: "Is that an unusual occurrence?"

David: "Unfortunately, it is not."

Peggy: "Are you speaking of a war type situation?"

David: "Between the victims of man's aggression and those who suffer from the lack of food. These were the souls of those entities who dwelt in the land that you term "dark continent".

Peggy: "We've been a little behind on the news so we weren't up on the current situation".

David: "It is not a matter that is open to the public."

Peggy: "Is the one who is going to give the death segment available this evening?"

David: "The information will be given to me."

Peggy: "Then you are going to deliver the material?"

David: "The volume of the material will be kept brief. One moment please...pause...The question was relevant to death as the little one might understand it.

It is unfortunate that man has chosen to create such negativity about this word "death". Let us first understand that nothing ever dies. The leaf falls from the tree and becomes part of the ground again that feeds the tree to bring a new leaf out. The seed falls into the ground to become a new tree. When we leave this world, we leave behind the body that is necessary in this world to travel in; just as when we travel from one country to another, we must travel in a vehicle such as your airplane or automobile. The body is the vehicle the soul travels in during the life on earth.

Before we had a body, we were still in a form that you would term physical. When those persons who have made the transition (the change-over from one life to another life, that you term the death) arrive in this plane, they have with them in the spiritual form, a full body - even as you had on the earth plane. This body is different only in that it is never tired, only in that it cannot be soiled. We wear garments or clothing as we desire. If we wish to wear the clothing as we wore upon the earth we may do so. If we wear clothes, we may change them for others as we desire. If one of the little ones, during the life on earth was handicapped or crippled, the soul is not. If a leg is missing, the soul has two. It is different and yet it is very much the same.

We speak over in the other world much the same manner. The thought is transferred, but it is the same effect as if we were talking. We may run, and we certainly may enjoy the recreation that we call games. Those friends who are already in the other world will be available, and new friends will be made of others who have made the transition. Here, there are places to sleep, for rest is very important to the young soul that has made the transition; and herein, we do not refer to the collective summation of age, but rather to the life age upon your plane in the transition. The young soul still sleeps even upon the astral plane. There are those who would act as parents. Often times being the grandparents or great-grandparents who are there. And there are others who exhibit and show a great deal of love in the care and teaching. The educational process is most important to fill in the gap that was made.

Depending upon the plane to which the soul ascends upon the transition, will determine to the degree the reality as perceived. But even in the least of these, the environment will seem that which is most comfortable in the mind of that person.

If it is a little house in the country where the greatest joy may be had, that will be the home. And if it is a tall house within the city, then that will also be available. Those things which teach us how to love... those things which teach us how to develop our sensory inputs, that we term the animal kingdom...certainly those will be available to share in the plane when the transition has been made by their spirits. The reality of their nature is different than ours yet they may co-exist upon the planes with us, especially for the little ones. The soul or life force that is within the animal kingdom is indestructible, and it is a greater servant to man than man is capable of understanding.

All things appear the same when one passes through the doorway from your world into ours - from one life into another life. You do not know that you have changed. Many must be taught that they have changed - that they have left the old world, for they do not recognize any differences.

Our world is a world of beauty. The grass is green and it sings when you touch it. The water is crystal and it refreshes without causing one the discomfort of being wet. The trees are most beautiful, and there are some that have fruit upon them that we may eat. It is not necessary for us to eat upon this plane, and yet there is food that is to us the same as food upon your plane for those consciousness' that desire it. It is a form of fruit that we may eat. All things within our world are beautiful. There is no negativity. There is no darkness. There is no dirt as you would term it. And when we are tired of one garment, we but think of a new one, and it is ours. But this is not a world of nonactivity. Here, we have our duties. We have our learning. We must continue our education. Certainly to the eye of the world within which you live, it would seem a veritable paradise, and yet we constantly strive to move onward.

The little ones grow rapidly upon our plane, but then it is a long time, for time has no relation. The joy of youth is not lost within our world. We seek to endear within the memory all that is necessary, and the memory of the family and friends that were left behind, is not erased, but is enhanced. And if the soul has learned well, it may have the opportunity of perceiving the energies upon the earth plane."

Peggy: "When a child makes the transition, does he automatically go to the plane of existence to which he has evolved?"

David: "That is correct."

Peggy: "So, on each of the planes there are children. Do they grow to maturity on your plane?'

David: "That is so, but let me clarify. The soul is always full grown. It is the conscious awareness that must evolve, and though we perceive them as little children, that is how they see themselves. There are special hospitals or nurseries, as you might term them, or schools for the young ones upon the second and third planes. Beyond that, there is no need, for the soul upon transition, is fully, totally, conscious of itself in all that is has ever been."

Note: David translated thought images from "one who cares for the little ones upon their transition" to answer this question.

Communications With The Brotherhood Of Light
(13 Aug, 1978)

David: "There are three Messengers present. Please be patient. This adaptation is extremely difficult. The vibratory color of the room does not appear the same through this entity's visual faculties.

Peggy: " Does that mean it should be altered?"

David: "It is, I believe, an effect of the Brotherhood's Messengers. I have not perceived in this manner previously, but we have not had this energy present in the past. It will take a moment while I confer. The duality of this communication channel is extremely difficult to maintain. Pause...I believe we have a more effective channel. It is difficult to work with the multi-vibrational energies that are required in such a condition. We are not accustomed to dealing with more than one dimension simultaneously. This is difficult to maintain, but when triplicated, it is even more so.

Each of the Messengers present has a different message from the Brotherhood. The first message is to all light workers relevant to what are termed organizations. Pause... We will have to co-join this communication. It is very unclear.

Messenger I - Organizations And False Prophets

Falsehood, deception, and illusion are the tools that are used by the forces of darkness to confuse and to mislead man. In this age of light, many of the light workers are led astray by those organizations and groups that pretend to be of the light; and in truth, are of darkness. There are as many of the dark forces as there are of the light. The difference is difficult to see.

At one time, there was a channel upon this plane for what was termed "The Great White Brotherhood", a group of souls who were working for the betterment of man. Today, that channel is false! It functions not! Beware of those who claim to speak for this Master or that Master! Those who are true Masters, neither seek nor need identification; nor does the truth they carry, need special proof by heritage of name. Is there any amongst you who could identify the greatest of the Masters? What man upon your plane could identify the teacher, Moses, the teacher, Jesus, the teacher, Buddha? Which of you has the fingerprint of any of those who are termed "Masters"? By what term do you identify the entity? Therefore, of what use would it be for an soul to say. "I am he who was?" Rather, it is important only to say, "Here is the truth! Try it, test it in the fire of experience. If it is valid, keep it in your heart."

Beware of false prophets! They lead from secularism to secularism; from fanaticism, to fanaticism. They cause the growth of the soul to cease, in the name of light. We, of the Brotherhood Of Light, speak not through any group. We speak not through any organization. We speak, but through the consciousness of man. And when that consciousness is solidified into a secular system, we shall cease to communicate to that channel. Beware the lighthouse that bears a beam of darkness! Thus is the message that I was entrusted to.

Note: We experienced a long pause with some sort of apparent interference after this message was given.

David: "It was negative force entities which sought to impair or interfere. It was not that we were in any discomfort but it was out of fear for this entity (Richard), that we ceased. In dealing with negative entities upon the plane they dwell, and when they enter this plane, we have no difficulty except when we inhabit a physical form. We consume tremendous amounts of the energy you call "Life force". In so doing, to remain within the physical form, would be, as it were, to accelerate time with respect to a body. Under such a condition, one could age fifty of your years in a moment. Therefore, we do not do battle while we co-habitate within a physical form.

The nature and the direction of that energy was directly sent from the areas in which the Messenger was dealing. All organizational energy that is negative is also extremely powerful. Please make certain that the intent of the message is clear; that the Brotherhood is not condemning all organizations or groups. That is not the case."

Peggy: " Is there gong to be another Messenger tonight?"

David: "No, there is a separate message from the guides. We are still subject to some interference.

It will be necessary to terminate the expected travel."

Peggy: "The trip to Israel and Greece?"

David: "Correct. The energies show that there has not been the response and since the time element is not within your decision factor, it will be necessary to terminate at this time. Recognize once again, the effect of the dark forces working against. Certainly of those who received, the numbers were great enough to have produced at least the minimum requirement. Since this was not the case, you may well understand how the battle may be waged in what seems insignificant manner. Subtlety is the art of the deceiver. Nothing is by chance!"

Peggy: "You have used the phrase "nothing is by chance" many times.

David: "That is so. Chance is a word which both angers and amuses those of us upon the other planes. It is your God, your promise, your hope, your scapegoat; and it is not."

Messenger II - Brotherly Love

(17 Aug, 1978)

Greetings from the Brotherhood.

We are concerned with your understanding relevant to these concepts you term "brotherly love". Therefore, we shall examine the elements and the nature as our consciousness is capable of understanding.

The term is applied in a poor manner within your language. Certainly, man must seek the ultimate state where he is worthy of being loved; and in recognizing those who have achieved a state of excellence, that they are worthy of being loved. One does not always love or feel strongly towards those about him. Too often this nature of love is totally misunderstood. To hear your teachers speak, we would assume that the nature called brotherly love were as a platonic form might be. This is not the case! The term "brother" bespeaks of an intensity of relationship that is unique and individual. Certainly, we must love as you say, the divine spark that is within each man - the emanation. We must seek to love that which each soul shall someday be. The greatest element is not in achievement but in the seeking to understand and to love.

Your social systems and your condemnations and judgments make it very difficult for one to enter into a clear relationship. Within your society, your separation of the masculine and feminine nature is so extreme that it becomes anti-social and anti-cultural, and even illegal in essence, for one man to say to another that, "I love you." Even betwixt the brother, and the son and the father, this statement is seldom employed because of the consciousness. Truly, one must consider himself worthy of being loved, but one must also realize that one has to project and to clarify the feelings. We, of course, are not speaking of the earthy desires, of the physical desires, but that principle of love which still exists. The love that is between the parent and child, between the brothers, between the sisters, and the brothers and sisters, and the relatives. All of this sharing, this belonging to the same collective family, is the ultimate goal of the element of love.

To say that you love each person, is to lie, for you so not love each person. To say that you strive or desire to learn how to love each person would be more truthful and more accurate. Many souls manifest an outward appearance which you cannot love. Therefore, to mask and to act as if this negativity did not exist, is hypocritical. This is not the pathway of consciousness!

The pathway of consciousness recognizes reality as it is, looks to the future in the potential of that reality, and seeks the opportunity to project itself into oneness with the potential of each being. But first, the false barriers must be removed. One cannot project a universal concept. One cannot be honest if the social element prohibits it. It is therefore imperative that man understand that the term "brotherly love" was not an accident of choice, but a deliberate meaning to express the deep feeling, the deep emotion, the deep ties that bind. It is for man to recognize the collective nature of his family and even as there is a collective bond. The love grows first from the understanding that it is a part of the family, and then for the potential of the individual. But let us not reach out and say that we love all men, for even WE do not love all men. We do not love all souls or all spiritual forms. We seek to. We desire to. But we cannot love that which is not yet seeking perfection.

One does not surround oneself with negativity on the hopes of overcoming it. If one finds negativity about oneself, seek to enlighten. If it does not absorb the light; if it will not accept the gift, then leave it. "Depart from thence," as it is written, for you are held accountable for the environment that you maintain. You are held accountable for the souls with whom you keep company, because your own progress is limited when it is not shared with those who can comprehend.

Seek to love, but do not pretend, for in such pretence you create mental barriers and blocks that within your subconscious says, "But I do not; yet I must say that I do in order to be considered holy and pure and to be on the path. Therefore, I will say it and perchance some day, I shall achieve it." The truth of what is in the heart is more important than the attainment of the goals of the future. If you were to achieve the total comprehension and universality of love as we have tried to direct it, then my brothers and sisters, you would no longer need to reside upon this plane. You see the difficulty is in knowing that we must love and in recognizing which to love, but more important, the desiring to learn how to love.

We love more the struggle of the soul than the nature it manifests at any point in time except at the moment of its initiation. For it is like watching the younger or elder brother, the son or daughter, or the parents, receive a great honor. The love must flow naturally. So seek to learn to love, but love with discrimination.

Thus is the message that I have been instructed to bring."

David: "We shall give the entity (Richard) a temporary respite before the third Messenger. The energy levels required to maintain these communications are extremely demanding. Because of the nature of them, we are unable to borrow from you individually and therefore we do not wish to exceed the capacities. Remember this entity has not in the past, channeled with so many different energies at one time. We will therefore take a temporary pause, but we shall not leave."

Messenger III - A Creative Challenge

"We are present. We are one, but we are many. Our message is more in the form of the creative effort that is to co-exist between the light workers who listen to the messages of the Brotherhood. We seek! We offer! We ask your collective assistance in the creation of a new structure upon the astral plane! We wish to call into service all those who claim to be workers in the light. We call you to create a sanctuary...a place of beauty...a place of rest...a place that is functional for the soul in a meditative state to enter in and find harmony; to find harmony and instruction and guidance.

The days of the Cathedral of the Soul are over, as of this moment! No more shall it be a "hall of joining" for the workers of light! The symbology structured by the concept, is archaic and locks the consciousness into a particular theological system.

We shall reach out to each recipient of the Light Messenger; we shall touch their consciousness if they so desire. After reading these words, if they will but affirm within their silent mind that they desire to be part of those who shall construct and build and create the new sanctuary; then we shall for seven days following that time, implant within their consciousness during the hour of rest, the necessary seeds to give birth to the new sanctuary in form. It will be the product of their consciousness, guided only by the impulse and understanding of the energies of that plane that we have.

This shall be a plane to which all students shall be sent. This shall be a plane where all who are in the light shall go for comfort. This shall be a sanctuary for the soul in transition. This shall be a meeting place for the teachers of time. I call therefore, in the name of the Brotherhood Of Light, to all who claim to be light workers, and I say if you be so, then extend your spiritual hand this day and we shall begin the great work together!

Thus is the message."

David: "We are here."

Peggy: "David, the last Messenger  was here... I am not certain how he wants us to go about building the sanctuary. Are we to affirm that we want to take a part in it and then for seven days we will receive ideas during sleep? Are we then to focus on our meditations on building it?

David: "That is correct. The Brotherhood will also work from their dimension in helping to make real in that plane that which man has created in his mind."

Peggy: "What plane is this sanctuary going to be located on?"

David: "To your term, the third plane. It could be no less since that is the first plane of reality. It could be no higher for many cannot reach at a greater level."

David: "The term that was last implied has a separate message. The day of the Rosy Cross is no more! Print that as I have given it."

Peggy: "Did you mean the symbol of the Rosy Cross?"

David: "That is correct."

Peggy: "Can you give us a clear, short definition of what the symbol of the Rosy Cross means? I think we are gong to have many people who do not know that."

David: "There are many different thought forms that relate to this image. In the simplest form in the oldest sense, it was the equilateral cross with a rose within its center. It represented your four elements with the divine presence at the center or at the cross. What you have often termed the "cross of matter" is joined with the divine element or presence that is receptive to the need.

It has been symbolic of man in his incarnate form, even as it also has later become symbolic of the person whom you call, Jesus. It is also symbolic of that which term the "Christ consciousness within man". But within the symbology of the cross and the red of the cross and the rose, is symbolized the blood and the shedding of same. As such, these symbols are no longer proper for the consciousness of man. They are limiting in that they encompass only one group of individuals. Not all will accept such a concept nor should any accept the concept that blood must be shed in order to achieve consciousness. These are archaic symbols which are no longer valid in your time."

Note: Since there will be many who are unfamiliar with the Cathedral Of The Soul, we are presenting a definition given by Richard. It is as follows.

The Cathedral Of The Soul is a name coined by Dr. H. Spencer Lewis of the Rosicrucian Order. It describes a place on the astral plane (3rd) where souls may join in common communion with each other. This includes souls who are incarnate and those who are not. I believe this place of contact has existed as long as man has aspired to spiritual understanding, but it is to Dr. Lewis that credit must be given for focusing attention to it.

The Cathedral was built on the spiritual (astral) plane, but manifested itself as a gigantic gothic cathedral though universal in nature. It was here that one could meet and learn from teachers of all time and it was here that the soul could journey for a moment of respite from earthly pressures. Here the souls of the initiates and the neophytes came to share in a common bond of purpose and love. From this point many positive and constructive energies have been directed to Earth and her leaders. Still revered by many, its outward form is limiting to the consciousness' of the Aquarian Age brothers and sisters.

Copyright by Richard Rebeck, Peggy Steinberg, Salvatore Cacciola