Light Messenger

Volume 1, Chapter 4

"You are as puppets operating in a play wherein the players
are no longer aware that they are upon a stage.

From the guides.

For the benefit of our new reading audience, I would like to explain once again how the Light Messenger came about. Richard Rebeck is a medium and works with a spiritual guide known as David. David has made us aware of the fact that every person does indeed have a guide of his very own, and the guides purpose is to guide and help us on our journey through life, even when we are not aware of the guide's presence. Through our communications with David, we have been privileged to come into contact with a very high level of energy/intelligence known as the Brotherhood Of Light. The Brotherhood requested our assistance to publish this Light Messenger so that man in his seeking might be given help from the higher realms. This publication is our attempt to bring new "light" to old truths as given to us by the Brotherhood and our guides.

I would like to say at this time that I feel somewhat like the "Reluctant Messiah" in Richard Bach's book, Illusions. When one feels that he knows the truth and offers it to those about him, he is often scorned and ridiculed for what he believes, or worse yet, thought to be a kook! Much of the material that we have brought forward is new and controversial! I am certain that many of you have thought to yourself, "Just what are those people trying to do, and who are they to say such things?" I can assure you that none of us are on an ego trip: And more than once, we have questioned why we were chosen to bring such valuable material forward. Perhaps we were given this work because each of us has made a commitment. We have committed ourselves to be open channels to receive the "light" and to serve our fellow man. It is your privilege to reject or accept whatever we publish, but at least we have the satisfaction of knowing that we tried to share. No man can do any more than that.

We have inquired among many of our friends as to their reaction to the Light Messenger, and we have discovered that there are many who do not understand it. Please understand that we have people of many different and varied backgrounds on our mailing list. They run from the novice in metaphysics to the professional metaphysician. It is therefore very difficult for us to publish material that is of total interest and understanding to all of our readers. If we were to make it too simple, there would be nothing of benefit to the advanced student of truth and vice/versa. We suggest that you read it very carefully and perhaps reread several times, the parts that you do not understand. We have found that the Brotherhood and the Guides formulate their sentences very carefully. Often, there is profound truth in just one sentence which is not apparent the first time it is read.

For those of you who have taken an interest in and have been working on the new sanctuary on the third astral plane, I'm sure that you have been perceiving many wonderful things. Do not limit your consciousness by what you already know.' Remember that this project is new and therefore will employ many concepts which seem beyond our physical comprehension. The Brotherhood promises more surprises in the next couple of months, and I hope that you feel as we do, that it is indeed a real privilege to be able to help with the ushering in of the New Age.'

May the protective "light" enfold you until we meet again.'

Peggy Rebeck

Message From The Brotherhood of Light

(16 Oct, 1978)

Greetings from the Brotherhood!

This period of time since our last communication has been one of great turmoil upon this earth. The energies that we perceive are chaotic in their coloring. We see the effort of man (spiritual man) being thwarted in his attempt to move forward.

Many have not understood the importance of the passing of the two leaders. It matters not what the philosophy of any individual is; but rather it is more important, the degree of sincerity to which that individual holds to his beliefs. Certainly, when the spiritual leader of many passes, it is an important time. The energies upon earth are fragile. When two such leaders pass, it is as if it were, an attempt to undermine or bring down the wall.

The attempts at peace within your world are difficult. Not because the leaders who seek peace are not capable, but rather because the consciousness does not support. As long as man is judgmental and condemns another man for his system or action, he impedes the progress of all men. We would not become involved in that which you term the political. We are concerned with the spiritual growth of man; and yet, this growth may not move forward until man eliminates the impediment with his consciousness.

To assume that the leader of a particular religious movement is evil or deserving of demise, is a poor consciousness. Each person within their role, strives for perfection. We, collectively all souls, must recognize that striving within each other. It is he who does not strive that may be condemned. The term, in your language, is hypocritical or hypocrite. It is as hypocrite to say, "I will do it, " and do it not, as it is to express a belief which you do not believe.

We are not impatient with man. We are aware of the time involved. We do realize however, that this time was called by man. We seek to respond to his needs; and as we respond, we find man not ready to act! Why call upon the powers of heaven if you do not intend to use them? Why seek for higher consciousness if you do not intend to accept it? Why ask for the gate to be opened if you do not have the courage to travel beyond the security of what you know?

We of the Brotherhood do not seek to impose a concept upon man! We are here not to satisfy our needs - not to fulfill an ego desire! We are here and communicating with man because man has called for help! Man has raised his consciousness to the higher planes and said, "Grant me consciousness. Grant me wisdom." We descend to assist man, to respond to the call, and we find that man is not changed much since the time that Moses descended from the mountain. Your golden calves, you still worship! You call upon us to help you, but hold back as we open the door. We are not impatient. Time as you think of it, has no meaning to us. We can wait for eternity. It is you who are limited by time!

We, in response to the collective consciousness, have given you an opportunity to work - to build - to create. We find your response very limited. If this is the way it well be, then so be it! We do not often demand. We do not command. The prophets that you follow are more often the false ones than the true ones. The false prophet offers instant glory. The true prophet offers an opportunity to work, a word which seems to have gathered a peculiar vibration in your language.

We will not trouble man if man does not need or desire our assistance. That is based upon his consciousness. Remember that in order to expand one's consciousness, one must become a pioneer in the furthest reaches of space and time. It is a journey into the unknown; but if you elect to take that journey, you shall not journey alone! We shall be at your side, the side individually, where you are. You can only be seeking to grow or prostrating yourself before the golden calf. The Brotherhood will always respond even though it appears that man cries wolf quite often.

Pray for the leaders of all peoples and all religions. The burden is difficult. The responsibility is even greater. Be thankful that you are not in those positions, for every word that is uttered is held accountable to the man that utters it. Be rather the student than the master. The student only questions. The master must teach. The Brotherhood awaits the response of consciousness. It is up to you!

Special message given by David on 29 Sept,1978 (Pope John Paul's death)

This is a day of sorrow, for it is a day of joy for the dark forces! Their triumph is your sorrow! A thousand years might as well have been lost. But wherein was the general protection that should be afforded one who seeks to work in the "light"? The lack of the collective consciousness - the lack of the cohesive unified effort - is why there is a lack of protective energy! One soul stood alone against an army! The power given unto him was still required to flow through the consciousness of one. As long as the ego of man assumes that one is capable of holding such a position, then the vulnerability shall always be the same.

Protection lies in the unified effort; but even beyond this, many have broken their spiritual link. Many have used and sought to use those upon the spiritual and astral planes. When the aid or advice of a guide, a teacher, or an astral being is sought, the "laws" must be obeyed. What is given shall be repaid or the source shall be removed. If there is not a replenishing of energy, there shall be no more energy. If when you as individuals seek the guidance and the power of the spiritual world to assist you, you are then under an obligation to provide a repayment of that gift of that energy in order that the balance might remain open. The method is up to the individual consciousness, but the requirement is the same. The spiritual act of love and charity must follow the request and better, precedes it.

The physical soul, an individual, is not capable of combating the army of darkness. Be not egotists in your action. Be joined together in a common bond! The Brotherhood sought to assist the worker who has passed. They stood ready, but he thought he could wield the sword alone. No man has, and no man shall! Thus it is.

Questions And Answers

Note: In past issues of this publication, there have been many references to the astral or spiritual planes. Although there are many schools of thought concerning the planes and much material has been written by other authors on the concepts of the planes, we have learned that many of our readers are confused and do not understand the planes as we have been given to understand them ourselves. Therefore, we have asked David to give an explanation for the consciousness of our readers.

David: "The question, I believe, that you were going to ask, was for a definition of the planes as we have given them to you individually. This is a term that is limiting because of your language. Understand that we employ this term only because we need a reference point that is comparable with your thought.

If we must term and designate everything in a numerical manner, then this plane upon which you reside is nothing or zero. There is no concept of astral versus spiritual plane. We speak of all as one and the same. We could give you a million divisions or a million times a million if that is what your consciousness required. We basically speak of seven levels of spiritual world - of the world within which we reside, and there is no other world that exists for those who do not live upon earth. We know not how to make this any clearer than these terms and words. This (earth) is the world of nothingness for this is the world of illusion. It is a world created by the need and mind of man. It has no reality! You are as puppets operating in a play wherein the players are no longer aware that they are upon a stage. The actor has become the role. The role has become a prison. The creativity has ceased; for where there is no knowledge, there can be no creative expression.

The first plane that we speak of deals with the area wherein we have a grouping of souls. This is the plane of negativity or darkness It surrounds your world and contains all that man has created in his mind that is evil. It contains all of those souls who do not seek the "light" nor have any desire to reach for it, and it contains all of those negative entities which the conception of mind and mind of man has given birth to. This we term the first of the astral or spiritual planes. This is the plane of darkness. This is the plane of purgatory. This is the plane of hell, for here you have envisioned the dimensions of time and space. Time - matter - spirit - and the keys to dimensionality.

The second plane is the plane of illusion. It is a plane of life for the soul, but wherein, that life is held as an illusion. It is upon this plane that the family, the sexuality, and even the baser desires of food and drink are still maintained as part of the world, as well as those limiting religious beliefs - those theologies that you call religion. Those things that constrict and limit the mind of man become a reality in the second plane of illusion. This is the plane of the "heaven" as you have termed it and created it. Certainly within this plane are the streets of gold; but in the spiritual plane, gold is indeed a coarse material.

The third plane is the plane of the first plane of learning. It is the first plane of balance. It is upon this plane that the soul that has reached beyond the limits of theology has ascended. It is here that the soul undergoes further education. It is here that the first realization of the non-reality of the universe within which you live, occurs to the consciousness. Still, on this plane, the total sum incarnational being is not made aware to the consciousness of the soul. It is not brought forth into a total experience at one moment, but rather the learning process is continued. It is here that the evolved soul is prepared for the next journey. This is a plane of reality where the reality that exists about you is created by the mind, turned into matter by the will, with the full knowledge that it exists only as long as you desire it to be so. This is also the plane where the concept of sexuality begins to cease. The world of duality no longer exists. While in truth, those dwellers of the third plane may continue to hold the form they held upon your world, they are in fact, cognizant of the fact that the difference is nonexistent; and they may shed, and usually do after a short period, any resemblance to that life upon earth.

The fourth plane represents the plane of the guide and the more evolved soul - the soul that knows not sexuality, and the soul that is not bound to the constant return cycle within your physical world. Certainly there are evolved souls working on all planes, but the fourth plane is the plane of the guides, the plane of the teachers. It is from here that the truly androgynous beings operate. We, in our residence upon this plane, are androgynous; and as we descend, we take on the form that is necessary to communicate. Each plane is an ascension in vibration. Each plane is ascension into brilliance of light - so bright that the difference between one plane and the preceding is like darkness, and the following is like looking into the sun itself.

At the level of the fifth plane, we are dealing with the plane of what might be termed masters, but you have so abused that word that we tremble to employ it. It is upon this plane that the more advanced spiritual beings are - those who guide the dwellers of the fourth, those who instruct the guides, those who instruct those who are communicating with man in group consciousness. Here is where the teachers are taught. This is where, shall we term them, the professors and the masters truly dwell.

Beyond those planes in the sixth and the seventh, the consciousness of your world has no understanding. Term the seventh the plane of the archangels if it so pleases you. It is a similar vibration. Beyond the seventh plane, there is only the "light". How may we describe that which your consciousness cannot perceive nor has ever dreamt of? There are no souls upon your plane from these higher realms. We do not find within your language structure, the concept of description.

Even as you conceived of the sanctuary, your mind cannot conceive of the manner in which it was brought into being. A bolt of light from the mind or consciousness of a being is projected as if it were a sphere, into space; but it stops and travels not! And behold - it takes a form and shape, and that shape has the resemblance of a building. And as it takes that shape, it glows with a light of its own; and the color is chosen to be in harmony with the nature of its purpose, and yet it is like unto the stones that you call precious. Even like that one which is the diamond, and the emerald, and the ruby. And as they stand there yet but a thought form from one consciousness, the light passes into the same space that this thought form occupies, and the brilliance of that space becomes more than even these beings can behold. And matter takes form! If our halls need to be of the solid appearance of diamonds, so it shall be. The purity with which the dwellers of the sixth and seventh planes can create is beyond the comprehension of man at this moment. And yet the dwellers of these planes are, as it were, begging for the opportunity to assist!

We do not number the planes! We do not separate or isolate or segregate ourselves! We are beings in evolution! We are vibration increasing! We are light intensifying! Why must man restrict his consciousness? We are brilliance becoming brighter! We are time standing still.

That is all.

Questions Concerning the New Sanctuary

Note: On August 23, 1978, prior to the mailing of the September Light Messenger, we held a private session with David, and the following questions were asked by Sal and myself. We include the conversation here simply because we feel it might be of help to those of you with similar questions.

Sal: "A question arises...I'm wondering about the symbol of the Rosy Cross - that it no longer exists..."

David: "We did not say it no longer exists. It is no longer appropriate."

Sal: "Is there a new symbol for consciousness?"

David: "It is not yet time. We are in the process of creating. Do you not expect that the new dwelling place of consciousness shall bear a symbol? And will not that symbol then become the symbol of this time? Do you not understand?

Sal: "No, I am confused."

David: "We have given the instructions for the creation of a new gathering place upon the astral planes. When the message has been received and the work is begun, then within your minds collectively will the new symbol appear. You are pre-empting the time of the work. The Messenger has not yet gone out."

Peggy: "I have a question, David, pertaining to this new sanctuary. I'm getting some pretty strong pictures in my own mind and I know that I have been creating them. Is the Brotherhood implanting pictures in my mind?

David: "The Brotherhood is implanting seed of thought. You must nourish them and allow them to grow. That is what you are perceiving."

Peggy: "Okay. Will the others as they work on this project, perceive the same thoughts?

David: "If their consciousness is capable of accepting."

Peggy: "I was wondering if the pictures that we project individually will get together into one singular form?"

David: "The picture will be painted collectively. We may not impose upon the mind of man nor may we know to all degrees where that mind is. We therefore, may implant a seed and see how you will cause it to grow and what manner of fruit it shall bear. By the fruit that the tree bears, we shall know the nature."

Peggy: "How much earth time is projected for this project?"

David: "A very short period of time by your standard."

Peggy: "Can you give me some idea of the time when this will be created - when I will no longer need to focus on the creation of it?"

David: "That specifically will be told as it is time, but when the day is the shortest, there shall be no more effort."

Note: the shortest day is the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere which is December 22nd. Since the time of the above conversation, we have been given more information on the new symbol; however, it may not be disclosed at this time.

Conversations With David

Peggy: "Have you researched my question concerning the souls of animals?

David: "The soul of an animal varies depending upon the type, but they are very much akin to what you term in your consciousness, a devic force. That is why those brothers of man who lived upon this continent before the man of the far shores came, in their worship of the divinity within all things, they sought the blessing and forgiveness of the energy they took away from the animal kingdom. These souls (animals) are serving man. They continue to return within their own form, no different in one sense than the angels themselves, and yet different in that they are not of that nature."

Peggy: "Do they evolve also?'

David: "They neither evolve in the sense that you term, nor may they go backwards. There is no point of evolution within their soul. They have already achieved in the beginning, that which would be their ultimate state.

Peggy: "But they continue to reincarnate? Is that correct?"

David: "That is correct. It would be, as your consciousness might term it, a finite number of souls within the animal kingdom. The nature is different depending upon the nature of the kingdom from which they emanate."

Peggy: "Does each of the species stay the same? For example, is a dog always a dog and a cat always a cat?"

David: "They are the same, but portraying in accordance with the form that they operate. When you operate a make form, you operate it as a masculine entity. When you operate the feminine form, you operate it as the feminine entity. If you, in your consciousness, chose to become the tree, you could so enter within the heart of the tree and be the tree and would operate as thus. And if you were in perfect obedience to divine law, then you would operate the consciousness in accordance with the need."

Peggy: "Are you saying that within a particular range, I could be a tree or a plant? That in the animal kingdom, they could be a dog one time and a cat the next time?"

David: "That is correct."

Peggy: "Speaking of animals...I'm wondering about eating meat."

David: "You are now dealing in the domain of vibrations, which is a most complex area. The area I have touched upon in the past with you is the understanding that the vibrations of the foods is denser depending upon the nature from which they come. To eat life, is to eat of the lower vibrations. To eat of the kingdom of the mineral, is the next upper vibration. To eat of that which is of root, is higher yet. But that which grows above the ground is a high vibration, although not as high as that which hangs from the air. The vibratory nature of all things are relevant to their distance or relationship to the earth plane, except those things which contain a life force in themselves. Certainly, the animal is placed upon this plane to satisfy the need of man, in that it fulfils man's need for a food substance. Man is not without the karmic quilt for the blood however."

Peggy: "Wow! That was a heavy statement! Would you explain that further?"

David: "Even as those who help another carry out the karma, as the question was posed to this entity (Richard), of the murderer and murderee (the one who is murdered) being in service one to the other for fulfillment. Being in service does not eliminate the karmic factor."

Peggy: "Well, I never thought of it in those terms before. What would the karmic results be for one who eats meat?"

David: "It is a reduction in the energy flow. It is a karmic element that will take many generations to eliminate. It is an element relevant to the length of the life itself. It must be understood that the only time that the removal of the animal kingdom from the diet is beneficial, is when it is done with an open consciousness and understanding of the balance of law. To breed the animal for food and then not to employ it and allow the animal to starve to death or to be murdered without purpose, is even greater in the karmic implication; as was the case upon some time past, when this entity (Richard) did perceive those numbers of members of the community who prepare such food, as taking and slaughtering them to put them into the ground to alter the market condition. Therein, was a karmic debt so great that we cannot even speak of it, for the senseless slaughter of any life wherein the animal kingdom has been bred for food, he must then cease to breed in such great quantities these species which would otherwise become derelicts and problems, and a menace of themselves. You may understand the complication of the succession of such activity even wherein the consciousness understood that it was best not to eat; it would still be necessary to employ such entities for food until such time as the cycle of reproduction could be reduced. To deny them the service would be to create a greater karma yet. All life is sacred. The destruction of an life creates what you term a karmic factor."

Sal: "What about insects?"

David: "All life is sacred!"

Peggy: "Does that mean then, that we should live with bugs rather than have our house exterminated?"

David: "That is not what I have implied. Your consciousness is not capable of dealing with the members of that kingdom. Recognize the limitations of your own mind and realize that is your consciousness were expanded, you could communicate to that kingdom to depart; and then the destruction would not be necessary."

Peggy: "Since we don't communicate with them..."

David: "Is the crime then theirs that you are incapable? You must, of course, deal with the situation as your time and consciousness will dictate. The lack or inability upon your part simply creates the pressure to learn. The term "a karmic factor" means in essence an educational requirement incurred."

Peggy: "Did we know at one time, how to communicate with that species?

David: "It was so that man, as it was termed, in theory or essence had the dominion."

Peggy: "We've lost it, and now we must regain that ability?"

David: "If you in regaining it, can learn to use it properly this last time."

Peggy: "What do you mean by this last time?"

David: "It would be appropriate to term this an experiment in consciousness. If man does not learn to deal with his own abilities in this particular plane of experience, a new mode of experience will have to be found. This universe is balanced precariously upon the consciousness of man. If man does not learn how to operate the mechanism of the universe, it will cease to be."

Peggy: "When you say, "this last time"...

David: "This experiment will not be repeated upon the earth plane beyond the present evolving pattern."

Copyright by Richard Rebeck, Peggy Steinberg, Salvatore Cacciola