Light Messenger

Volume 2, Chapter 1

"If the king of the universe stood before the average man, he would be invisible.
Let he who has eyes, see, and ears, hear."
...from the guides.

And so we begin a New Year on planet Earth! At this time of new beginning, let us resolve to dedicate ourselves to understanding and evolving our consciousness' towards the greater light beings that we are.

This, we believe, is the most important issue of the Light Messenger to come forth. You are looking at the new symbol for consciousness which clearly depicts in David's words, "the covenant in unity in totality." The circle represents the infinity of man in relationship to his universe and it contains within itself the perpetual flame of spirit. Down with the old symbols of bloodshed, dogma, and separation' The new represents the universality of all life in relationship to its creator, and it is for all men regardless of their religion, race, or belief systems.

We are now in a very critical time period for humanity, and we are being given new ideas with which to forge the path of consciousness for the truth seeker. During the past year, I had the privilege of acting as the anointer for the Brotherhood Of Light. I began my task somewhat ignorant of the role that I was playing, but like a real trouper, I acted out the part. Recently, the real significance of the amber initiation was revealed. In fact, many other things of important significance have been revealed to us. We are now cognizant of our roles in this great cosmic drama of life. We invite you to consider the material within these pages and let your own consciousness decide what is valid for you.

I feel the time has come to formally introduce you to my own guides, of which there are two. My primary guide is named Totaten. We have been together in many incarnations, but one in Atlantis seems to be the most pertinent to this life. At that time, I am told, I was a priestess in the Temple of Light where Totaten was the High Priest. Please do not misunderstand that I am using the term priestess to signify some great status for myself for there were many other priestess' as well. The Atlantis incarnation goes back over 20,000 years in time as we know it. My last incarnation with Totaten was somewhere between 5,000 and 6,000 B.C.

I also have been assigned a second guide by the Brotherhood. That guide is known as the Armor Bearer. She also is a very "high soul" and her function is to protect and aid me with the anointing process and my work in dealing with mass consciousness such as in writing this publication.

I would like to share a very interesting story with you now. Last June, we were privileged to have as a guest in our home, a young artist from Jackson, Mississippi, who was traveling through our area. During the course of his visit, he asked if we would be willing to exchange some astrological chart work for some art work. Richard said that was strictly my department and asked me what I would like. I said that I would very much like to have a picture of my guides. Then, Dick, who sees astral beings quite clearly, proceeded to give the artist a very detailed description of my guides. As they posed for him, he was able to describe their features, their clothing, and even the ornaments and accessories they carried. One of those accessories was an ankh that Totaten held in his hands. Richard clearly described the crystal that was in the center of the ankh. Before the artist left, my guides made an appointment to sit with him at a specific date and time so that they themselves might be able to portray their vibration more clearly to the artist.

At last, on a wonderful day in November, the pictures (one for each guide) arrived in the mail. I just cannot describe my great joy and excitement when I saw them, for the artist had managed to capture them in even more exactitude than I had expected! There was one surprise however. Totaten's ankh held no crystal as Richard had described.

Later, in communicating with my guides, I learned that they were as pleased as I at the results of the portraits. When we asked David about the crystal being left out of the ankh, he said, "We are not careless in our projection." And then we knew for certain - the guides had indeed kept their appointment to appear before the artist.

The portraits are now hanging in our living room. They stand as a pictorial example to all who enter our home, and their power and vibrations have been felt by many who have entered. Thank you, Keith Alexander, for your contribution in our work of the light! I'm certain that you must have realized as you worked on the portraits that you were contributing towards a very meaningful experience for others.

I bring up the subject of guides now because I wish to point out that even when the narrative in this publication holds David's name, it reflects the ideas and contribution of all our guides. David stands as the "speaker" for the group unless the Brotherhood gives the messages, although once, I was privileged to witness the voice of Totaten as he brought forth a personal message for me. You will find within these pages a special explanation of who and what David really is, and what his full name represents. Sal only recently learned the name of his primary guide who is known as Solomon. Sal, you see, is apparently a group soul. That is, he represents a group of souls in this incarnation and the others in his group serve as his guides. You will hear more about this at a later time as Sal deals with this subject himself.

As previously stated, Richard, Sal, and I are actively involved with the Alexandrian Center in Inverness, Florida. Recently, the membership voted to change the name of that center to "The Sanctuary". This was a joyous decision for the three of us because it was our intention to create within the center here a representation of the symbol which is contained in the new Sanctuary on the third astral plane. Naturally, we cannot create the symbol in its full actuality, but we have been given directions from the Brotherhood as to how we might duplicate it on a mini scale. In the near future, we hope to accomplish this. A sacred spot has been chosen on which to build the three dimensional symbol, and in the words of the Messenger who gave the instructions, he said, "Follow these instructions and you shall have upon this plane what has not been since the time of the lost age and exists only else within the Sanctuary itself." I hope that many of the readers of the Light Messenger will be able to share in the experience of our new symbol when it is completed.

We dedicate ourselves to bring you the truth to the best of our abilities!

The Sanctuary Becomes A Reality

The Sanctuary on the third astral plane is now completed! It was created through the efforts of some of us on this plane as we desired to help and also with the help of evolved souls on the other planes of reality. It is a true Sanctuary in that it is a haven and place of rest and healing for all souls. It is a place of learning as well as the place where the Brotherhood, the masters, and the great teachers of time shall congregate, and where we can go to have the opportunity to share in that communion. Although you may not be conscious of your visits to the Sanctuary, you need only desire to go there and you shall.

To help you find your way, I will attempt to give you a brief description here as I have been given to understand its structure myself. You see, I am not conscious of my visits there, and yet I know that I do indeed travel there. I have seen in my mind, its creation; and herewith, I will attempt to describe it as I have perceived it.

The Sanctuary is quite large. If one were to look down upon it, it might resemble a gigantic caterpillar. There is a huge building in the very center of it which is surrounded with a circular arrangement of smaller buildings. Each of the structures is dome shaped, and so as one is looking down, the outer circle is a series of domed humps. There is no division between them. All of the buildings are glistening white and they are entered through many arched openings. The arches are encompassed with rainbows that seem to be living. In fact, color is a key element in the Sanctuary and all of it vibrates with life that can be experienced with one's entire being, not just seen.

As I understand it, there are sixty-three of the domed buildings in the outer circle. There are nine major groups - one for each of the principals of knowledge. Each of the nine groups is further subdivided into seven structures, and each of these structures is a specific color of the rainbow which is once again, not just seen in the decor, but actually alive with vibration.

Leading from the outer domed buildings are walkways through a landscaped garden. They project to the central structure which is the heart of the Sanctuary. This building is like the others in appearance on the outside except that it is larger. Once inside, one is awed by its brilliance and beauty. As you look up at the ceiling area of the dome, it is like being inside of a gigantic crystal. The multi facets overhead sparkle throughout the entire structure. The floor and seating is all white and in the very center of the room stands the symbol. There appears to be a huge rainbow of color effect which is like a living circle upon the floor. This, we are told, serves as a purifying element for those who wish to step beyond it, into the amber flame. I cannot describe the amber flame. It is like a fountain of amber light; and yet, it is much more. All of this cannot adequately be described with mere words. I invite you to experience for yourself!

Please note: The new symbol for consciousness which we have been given is repeated not only in the very heart of the Sanctuary, but in total structural design as well.

Peggy Rebeck

On October 29, 1978, the Brotherhood sent a Messenger with the following:

"Greetings from the Brotherhood! The flame of the Sanctuary is amber! The flame of the Sanctuary is amber! It is a fire that does not burn! It is a fire that does not burn! One may enter the flame! One may enter the flame!"

And from David:

"To us the primary colors are like living entities. Realize that there are seven archangels also, each of whom radiates one of the colors."

"Descending and ascending circular rings of color which are fire that burns not; and within them is the amber torch - the flame that consumes, but does not burn, whose light radiates so far that one cannot perceive where the flame begins and the flame is no more. It is as if it were, the seven archangels in constant motion about the Throne itself. Dwell upon the symbol and you may comprehend."

"The Messenger advises that the concept of the flame is not to be twisted as have other concepts of light. Be careful in describing that you do not create the amber flame in the same concept as the violet."

A reader asks the question: "May I be told how to go to the Sanctuary?"

"The Sanctuary is not a difficult step. Let us first realize that the development of the pictorial mind is sometimes difficult. Let me say that you have already been to the Sanctuary; and yet, you will certainly go there in consciousness. There are several manners. The most likely manner is to recognize, but you must first express the desire within yourself. You must focus an image of the Sanctuary within your mind - your consciousness. You must utilize the creative tool you call the imagination as a means of starting the journey. Seek the assistance of your guide by calling upon him. Recognize that one does not always achieve instantly. Each time you seek to approach and enter the Sanctuary, you shall succeed. Each time, your consciousness will be aware a little more of the total experience. It is best that you seek to accomplish this at the time of retiring."

Message From The Brotherhood of Light (17 Dec, 1978)

Greetings from the Brotherhood! We would better see that this period of time were a truly joyous one; but here upon the mid of the month, we find man in a very detrimental state to his own well being. The entity (Richard) and others upon your plane have read the signs in the heavens, have sought to understand them, and within the limited consciousness of man, they have seen as it were, the handwriting upon the wall. Truly, you have the preview. And of what is this review? Allow us to review it for you.

Our assistance and helpers were required to do so much work with the souls that you sent us from Guyana. We have not seen it such, except in your wars and your major earthquakes. The major disasters we know ahead of. Only man in his war - his war against man, and his war against himself, can we not see such patterns. The second plane is, of course, where they dwell. In this same time, that area you term the cradle of civilization has no peace. This is not a step forward! And now at this time, the consciousness of your leadership has put its hand out to the bear that bites! It would be well if this were done in the concept of peace, but in fact, it was done to satisfy the idol that man worships! When will man understand that your monetary god is but a golden calf? And the calf is dumb and deaf and blind, and has not even a soul!

In this forthcoming time, in the next year as you would term it, you have a period of nine cycles of the moon and this preview shall repeat. And this - this pattern - these events, shall be but mere faint echoes of what will be. There are not many who are brave. We find a few souls with whom you have communicated whose consciousness is clear, whose attitude is strong, whose seeking is true and genuine; and these we help in every way we can. It does not matter whether they agree or comprehend our message. They know what it is they are doing and where they are going. That is the prime requisite in life.

It is time, right now! We do not control this element. We are not the judges. We do not make the decisions. It is our place to help. We are bound by the laws. We may not help where the help is not sought. We do not wish to be mistook for religious structure; but we must point out what power, what consciousness could be achieved, if but for thirty seconds within your world, every knee were bent.

All of those things which trouble man - the crime, the mental despair, are the results of meaningless worship of a false god! Understand when we say that it were better that man worshipped no god than to worship a false god, for in the end, it is the product of man's effort that weighs heaviest in the balance - not the intellectual element of his belief system.

Open your consciousness and your hearts to us or to whatever spiritual form you recognize, and seek the assistance, the help that we offer, or know that surely the echoes of the distant drums that have played before your eyes - the tragedies that you have beheld within this past three cycles of the moon, shall be a mere shadow of that which will be.

We prophecie only in the sense that from where we stand, we see mankind as it were, like unto a locomotive, heading full speed into oblivion! From where we stand, we see that the track does not cross the abyss, but ends at the edge! We may not push beyond this point. We are stretching our authority, our right to speak in this manner. It is time for man to decide. Who is his God? That which he has created or that which has created him?

David Clarifies His Role

"We have one further thought which we wish to inject into the Messenger. It appears that it is difficult for some to comprehend the role that I play with this entity (Richard). The term is of old; and herein, I must use the name that is mine by purpose. I am David Ha-Maggid"

"You will also find that in the ancient tongue, its meaning is clearly explained."

And Richard comments...

"I am David Ha-Maggid," thundered his voice as he proclaimed himself in an unusual manner! We might have been no less surprised had he said he was David the King or some such proclamation. "You will find the meaning in the ancient tongue (Hebrew-Chaldean)," he said, as he is so often fond of making us learn the hard way by looking things up for ourselves. After hearing the tape replayed, there were comments on what happened to the simple "I am David the Guide" format. Were we now getting some new revelation into the personality of David?

I spent the better part of four hours tracking down the total meaning of his cryptic message. Are you ready for this? It says, "I am David the Guide," but it says it with a twist that is meaningful. The term Maggid is Hebrew and is used to denote the soul of a departed Saint, Prophet, or Angelic Being who communicates with and/or through man. The opposite or negative communicators are known as Dybbukim or more correctly Midabekim. Several of the books of the Kabbalah were reputedly written by the Maggidim. ("im" is a plural ending in Hebrew)

But why this history lesson from David at this time? Perhaps it is to clarify the historicity of Guides from the Jewish tradition as opposed to modern Spiritualism. Obviously, David is not taking a stand for or against Spiritualism but rather the point that the tradition of Spiritual Guides goes back to the beginnings of our religious foundations and history. To have a Guide does not mean that you belong to a particular group or belief system. It would appear that David has identified himself as being "Kosher" from a Jewish standpoint; and by making us look up the data, we have seen that the tradition is a very old one. This is probably due to the fact that I have had numerous questions as to "how can I have a guide and still claim to be Jewish". Well, the answer is that I have a Maggid named David.

For those who would like to research the matter further, I refer you to the writings of Gershom Scholem, Professor and President of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, as well as the works of R. J. Zwi Werblowsky, Professor of Comparative Religion, Hebrew University at Jerusalem. Both of these men have written extensively on Jewish mysticism and the Maggidim, and both have been translated into English.

Message From The Brotherhood of Light (19 Dec, 1978)

Greetings from the Brotherhood! It is with great joy that we bring this opportunity for sharing. It has been quite a period of time since we have been able to discuss or share the concepts that shall be presented tonight.

We first must walk backward in the concept of time to a point that deals with the understanding of the soul, its primary energy, and the successive evolutions of the soul that you term metempsychosis or reincarnation. This process is confusing on your plane and confused by your perceptive ability. On one hand, you determine that the soul does in fact, succeed itself sequentially. On the other, through our brother, Seth, you have learned of a conceptual idea of the simultaneous nature of reality. The concepts in your consciousness are in contradiction. Within our concept, it is not so.

The soul must be thought of as like unto a spark - a spark that is barely perceptible in its initial implantation into physical consciousness. As that spark is nurtured and grows, it becomes larger until it is capable of operating more than one physical form. You might then term it as if the spark had separated into many sub-elements or had given off smaller sparks of itself. This is an accelerated evolutionary process whereby the soul having reached a certain stage of evolution, must need to grow more rapidly to assimilate more experience simultaneously. Therefore, the soul then, we might term it, divides itself into as many parts as necessary to accomplish the learning process. The major consciousness remains apart from the incarnation, even as with the singular. Nor does the soul often enter within the incarnation simultaneously into the same realm or dimension of reality as you think of it. This process is primarily occurring in the evolved souls. It is these souls that we seek to harvest. It is these souls that we seek to waken.

The difficulty arises in that the souls of consciousness that were to work in this plane of reality have as it were, fallen asleep. Some have woken and are drowsily seeking their orientation. You have been instrumental in awakening them. The initiation with the amber oil is the fuel for the spark of consciousness. Wherein the spark has the potential for turning into a flame of consciousness, therein shall the amber oil provide the fuel. Elsewhere, it shall be as you have understood it - a protective aid, a Seal if you will.

The initiation is an awakening as a true initiation should be, but it is to awaken what might be termed the elect, in another concept of belief. Into your generation as well, have come certain "high souls". By that implication, we mean extremely evolved beings whose vibrations you have known throughout time as your greatest teachers, and those teachers who were before time. We shall, by virtue of example, try to clarify. The one whom you know as Totaten is also upon this plane at this time. The spark is divided. The primary essence remains within the nature of the soul that you are cognizant of. A sub-element of that soul, under full conscious control of that soul, is operating upon this plane. You can well understand the potential implication of being in two places simultaneously from a concept of reality if the consciousness is awake and capable of providing an open door.

The initiation that you do and that others do, seeks not only to awaken the evolved, but to provide the strength and the power for what shall be termed the "higher souls" - the greater evolved, the Prophets, the Masters, the Teachers, however shall you wish to term them. Even that same energy which gave birth to the Prophets of your Scripture, even that same energy which gave life to your teachers - it walks upon your world, your plane of reality, this day, and knows itself not. It is not conscious. Through the Anointers, they shall be awakened. Know that in your process, you have touched many whom shall be termed of the "ancient souls". They were seeking even as novices upon the path, and this is the point to which we have addressed this message.

We shall now turn on the full power of the amber initiation - the final step in the cosmic link between our plane of reality and yours! This shall be accomplished by those souls no matter how few they be in number, whose consciousness has been reached by the initiation or the message. If they have not received the initiation and in their meditations know that they must, they shall find the means to knock upon the door, or else we shall send you to them.

We here establish in the concept of the Sanctuary, of which you shall now write, that not only shall it be available to all as it has been, but that in the center most chamber (in the heart of the Sanctuary itself), at the hour that is called midnight in the time that is central to your land, which is thus the first hour of the morning time in this area (Florida), on the day that is the fourth or termed the Wednesday - at the end of that day which is the twelfth hour of which we speak - not the beginning hour but the ending hour of that day, at the midnight hour in the time of central for a period of fifteen minutes, shall we be in the Sanctuary to instruct and to open the consciousness totally so that those who are, shall know who and what they are. We shall open their consciousness in consciousness in totality so that the work of the light may go on.

We may not approach this plane of reality any closer than the Sanctuary, for even our presence in that manner would be disruptive to this world environment. Comprehend what we say. We speak not of Messengers, but the Seven Representatives Of The Brotherhood itself shall stand in the Sanctuary. This message we deem of utmost value to your world, your time, your consciousness, and your seeking.

It is not our custom to allow any questions. We, however, are making exception in this one moment in order to make certain that we have spoken clearly with your tongue. Is there now a question?

Peggy: "These meetings at the Sanctuary-- will they be on every Wednesday from now on?"

Brotherhood: "Until we give further notice."

Peggy: "So I should instruct those who have had the initiation to attune their consciousness to the Sanctuary at that specific time? Is that correct?"

Brotherhood: "Let any soul, initiated or not, be welcome. We shall anoint the soul whom you have not reached."

Please note: Immediately following the above session with the Brotherhood, the question below was dealt with. I include it here because it may be of value to readers with a similar situation.

Peggy: "David, I desire to go to the Sanctuary tomorrow night (Wednesday), but there is a conflict of time since I have to be at the airport at that time. Can you suggest a solution to my problem ?''

David: "Think not in the terms of a problem. Think rather in the terms of a split consciousness for the moment. You are where you think you are, and you may be multiplied a thousand times. Have you never watched a spark burst from a fire and burst asunder into many little particles, yet they are all part of one in the same and they in turn are part of a greater one."

Conversations with David

Sal: "Do you have a definition of a soulmate? What is a soulmate?"

David: "To answer that question you must first answer a question that we shall ask, and that is to put in your terms a definition of that which you call love."

Sal: "You're asking me for a definition of love? Is that what you're asking?"

David: "I am demonstrating the difficulty in answering your question. You asked us what is a soulmate, and we say first, "what is love"? Are you capable of defining love? If you can adequately find words within your tongue to describe that emotion, then we shall attempt to describe the higher octaves of such a concept."

Sal: "I'll have to think about that one."

David: "A man may find one string upon an instrument that vibrates exactly the same as another string in a like instrument. This you term harmony One would say that the instruments were in harmonious attunement. If a cord upon the piano is in perfect harmony with a cord upon another piano, this is considered a complex harmony. If an organ with its complicated cord structure could be in simultaneous harmony with another organ of similar nature, you would have a further complication of harmony. Then, to try to analogize beyond - imagine all instruments upon your plane in perfect attunement, one with the other. The music of the spheres is like the clear peal of a bell that is rung when two souls of harmonious vibratory nature are co-joined."

Peggy: "That answer makes it very clear that there could be more than one soulmate for a person then. Is that correct?"

David: "No two organs upon your plane have ever echoed in harmony, yet it is possible that many might. What is not yet within your comprehension is the total number of souls that exist. In as much as this number is greater than your ability to conceive, so is the minimum or the size of the number of the potential individuals that you term as soulmates. It is not like finding the needle in the haystack, but rather is like finding the needle in an infinite number of haystacks. One never finds that which one seeks in this regard, for to seek in this regard, is to be subjected to one's desire. To be open to receive is how one shall find. It is the complex riddle that in not looking, we find, and in seeking, we find not."

Peggy: "How true' this is an interesting subject - one that holds an interest for a lot of people. In the past, you have spoken to us about how we harm ourselves by staying in relationships where we cannot grow. I would like for you to give us something on that subject that we could include in the Light Messenger because I've known so many people who have said to me, "Well, I could do such and such, but my husband prevents me, etc.," and they're afraid to do anything to help themselves. I think that would be something good for the Messenger.

David: "Care must be taken to understand that the responsibility lies upon the individual for every decision made within the lifetime. If in haste or in response to the desire nature, one chooses a partner that is not meant to be, then one does bear the burden of that error. To compound that error and that debt by remaining in a situation that has no root, which cannot bear harmony and cannot grow, is to compound the error and to create an even more grievous situation. Does a man falling into a cesspool say, "I am in a cesspool, therefore obviously God intended for me to be in a cesspool," and there remain? Or what man standing in the desert in the windstorm does not seek shelter and says, "I am here so I must remain." A man who stumbles into a den of thieves does not stay with a den of thieves. A God-fearing man does not dwell with those who do not fear God.

We are responsible for the company and the environment we keep. We are responsible for the neighbor we choose, for it is we who do not move from him. It is no different within a relationship. The responsibility of growth goes beyond. Man's assumed responsibilities are but excuses to avoid the challenge of the road of growth. Remember the story of your teacher, Jesus, when in calling one of his followers, the follower deferred and said, "I must bury my parents." The Teacher responded with, "Let the dead bury the dead." The answer, "My husband or my life," is the same. Who is a husband or a wife? What is a husband or a wife? It is another soul seeking to grow! Discordant harmony cannot grow and is unpleasant to itself and to the world about. What musician shall play an instrument that is out of tune? And what heavenly sounds come from an instrument with broken strings? We do not condone the separation because we recognize the haste that caused the choice. We do not condone the remaining in a situation that has no growth."

Note: We've included below some additional comments on the subject of relationships. David has given this material during private sessions to individuals and the statements given are only partial excerpts from the personal material.

"Learn to operate within your own being and to respect the need of the other person to do the same. Seek not to conform or to alter, but rather seek to utilize the sharing as an amplification of your own ability to achieve that which you most desire. In a form of the language, it might be said to be more selfish, and yet respect the right of the other to be likewise. Seek not to conform yourself. When one subjugates himself, he destroys the growth factor. To grow into greater harmony is a beautiful experience. To subjugate in order to harmonize is self-annihilation."

"The emotional problems are of your own doing. You have not learned from the experience and the interaction, therefore the problems repeat themselves. Each person within your universe, that is to say within the personal sphere of your focus, is proceeding and is growing as their consciousness and their will dictates. If they decide not to grow, then that is their choice, and if they decide to accelerate, that is also their choice. There is nothing that you may do to interfere, nor does their growth need to be negative effect to you. You should rather learn to observe the patterns and recognize within your own consciousness, the outcome of such actions. Seek not to impose your will upon others as much to observe the effect of their actions upon themselves."

Questions and Answers

David Ditchfield of Inverness, Florida, asks: "Can you tell me how I should address the Brotherhood? What should I visualize or what should I do to attract their help?"

David: "This is something that we understand your difficulty. The Brotherhood does not wish to be exalted in concept. The term is sufficient to bring their energy; the thought within your mind such as, "I would like the help of the Brotherhood, I need the help of the Brotherhood, can the Brotherhood assist?" It is not a complicated ritual. All those who have received the anointing, have as if it were, a direct line to the Brotherhood. It is a question if the need for which you call upon them is a truly valid one for the growth of your soul and the good of others, or the need of yourself in survival, then they will be present to assist you.

In our reality you must understand that we are never distant from you. Your concept of separation is only within your consciousness for you and me and they are in one and the same place in space. Think more of the Brotherhood as if it were an elder brother to whom you could lean upon for aid and one who is always present; but do not let the Brotherhood replace your seeking, your own communication with your Higher Self, your own work with your Guide, or your own relationship with the Primary Force which gives life to all things."

The next question comes from Anne Bent who lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I was speaking to her about cases where an entity donates a part (or organ) of his body to another person. You have told us previously that when that occurs, the one who donates becomes sort of locked to the earth plane until the receiver of that organ makes his transition. Anne would like to know where the donator soul goes when it is in this kind of a limbo state, and what condition is it in. In other words, is the soul conscious or is it in a sleeping state?

David: "The soul, upon transition, even though an element remains, is drawn or attracted to the earth plane. Its bonds with it are sharp or strong. It still will ascend to the plane to which is appropriately oriented unless it is one of those souls who will stay earthbound. Let me qualify: Many souls are very close to being earthbound by their desire nature. This problem of loaning a part of the body to another becomes one more attraction. It may be the overbalancing factor. The soul, however, may not incarnate while a part of itself is still functional. The soul may go to its plane but it will still find itself easily drawn to earth. It's as if the cord had not been totally broken. If however, the weight of this extra element is sufficient to keep the soul within the confines of the earth as we term it, then that soul will usually be found walking about the places where it has previously lived, visiting with friends, contributing totally to the concept of the ghost as you term it. There are, however, time periods when the soul in fact might be as it were, sleeping. And there is a period immediately after death during which the soul does enter into this sleep, this quiet time, when its consciousness is reviewing all the events of life."

Peggy: "Thank you for that information. It brought to mind another question. Do identical twins share the same soul?"

David: "They do not. There are several classes of identical twins, and I am not confusing the term twins versus identical. Even within identical, there are male and female, there are male, and there are a series of identical that have other labels by your medical profession. They are different classifications. One twin may be a mirror of the other twin. Defects may be mirrored, chromosomal structures may be or may not be identical; however, in no case that I am cognizant of, does one soul operate two physical forms within the same realm of reality at the same time experience as you are conscious of it."

Allen Coyer of Hammond, Indiana, writes: "Has David given any information on pyramid structure or buildings in regards to healing with or raising the consciousness, hearing music of the spheres, etc.?"

David: "Would you please separate the questions?"

Peggy: "Well, they're all in one sentence so I'm not certain exactly how he meant it. The first one - "Any information on pyramid structure or buildings in regards to healing with or raising the conscious...," I'm not sure whether that is one or two questions."

David: "We see that as two questions. It appears that the question is: 1. Is the pyramid useful as a healing tool? 2. Is the pyramid useful as an element of raising consciousness?

From the virtue of help and from the virtue of consciousness, the pyramid is but a funnel to focus energy. It was and is more effective in certain locals than in others, but a man with a steady hand does not need a funnel. A consciousness that is focused does not need a pyramid to find or maintain good health. A soul with desire does not need a pyramid to raise consciousness. You do not need a stepladder to fly."

Peggy: "The other question was: "Hearing music of the spheres, etc.?"

David: "The etc. is a long thought. The music of the spheres is written of in your time and knowledge by the Greeks. The one, I believe, you call Plato. Or better yet, it was the Mathematician and both were..."

Peggy: "Pythagoras?"

David: "That is the one. Thank you. Wait a moment... It is possible that the question was relevant to the pyramid being used to hear, but I do not see that. There is a separate question implied and therefore, I will deal with it in that manner since it is not clear otherwise and that question being: What is the music of the spheres? Is it something that man upon this plane can relate to, and does it have any beneficial quality or effect upon him? That would seem within our consciousness to be more meaningful.

The music of the spheres is the harmonious sound of all matter and all energy in its interactive state of being in motion. This universe. this reality, is thought transformed into matter, put into motion. We have dealt with this before. Without motion there is no reality. Motion is in your terms and language, a vibration - a quality of moving. In order for the universe to maintain itself in apparent harmony, the vibration of all things within it must be in harmony. They must be harmonious.

If one hears the sound of the universe, he hears an orchestration not only of his own soul, but of all things that are, and of the Cause and Creator of all that is. From a point in space from a point in nothingness, emanated a thought. Desire in the form of love transformed that thought into matter. A sound which echoes yet, transformed matter into reality. You may, by tuning within, which is reality tuned without, hear yet the echo of that sound. If your being is placed in the harmony to receive and hear and know that sound, than at that very instant, you are one. And that which is one cannot be disharmonious, and that which is harmonious, which is one, cannot be physically, mentally, or spiritually imbalanced."

The last question comes from Sal Cacciola. He states, "I have a question concerning the last Light Messenger. Pertaining to this experiment in consciousness, that it might be terminated if man does not expand his awareness - how was this experiment originated and by what means might it be terminated?"

David: "How was the experiment begun? You are not capable of comprehending and that is not a means of evasion. How is it to be terminated? By the hand of man himself! Your nations already possess the power to annihilate man. What is so surprising in that? Consider that we might reach out and stay the hand that would push the button in the thought that, "No, there are still some that are just, there is still a chance." At some point in time, this experiment in growth could be deemed to have failed - that a new classroom were needed for the souls to grow in. If this were the case, then we need not interfere or change the course of events. It is the noninterference with the hand that would press the button, that signals the end. Armageddon is in your consciousness because it is your creation. It is your hand that shall bring it about; and yet, it shall simply be the raising of an old school so that a new may be built.

In the beginning? I question whether my consciousness is even capable of relating what was experienced. That is time that you cannot measure."

David Speaks On Mediumship

"A Guide seeks to work with an individual in order to help that individual evolve his spiritual consciousness. When a consciousness chooses to communicate with other spiritual beings - those from the earth plane - those from the first and second planes, the Guide will not work through the individual as freely. We do not wish that information that we provide to be confused with or misrepresented with the information of astral beings. When the ability to channel or to allow the Guide control is developed and it is turned over to any entity that wishes to walk through, then we depart. We may not channel the information, for then it is not possible to ascertain which is the true Guide and which speaketh the truth.

We do not speak against the communication in astral states or within the meditative state with such entities. We do not even say that it is wrong that man communicate with these as a channel. We are simply stating that no man may work with the lower astral elementals (the earthbound spirits), and his Guide at the same time. Why is not the Guide sufficient to handle the communications? Why should any being seek to expose himself to the controls of so many different souls? What harmony or balance or purpose can there be in such an approach? We would not even seek this method were it not for the limited consciousness.

In a future time, the Guide shall speak and man shall translate without the need for a control or as you term it, the taking over. The Guide does not seek to control or operate this being. This physical form is entrusted to another. We take tremendous responsibility upon ourself when we operate it. We are held accountable for any malfunction that occurs.

Those who claim to speak with the voices of the dead are truly those who have in the past, been condemned within your sacred teaching - not because man may not communicate with those who have crossed over, but because in so doing, they eliminate their spiritual growth. The soul that has left your plane must go on in its growth and journey. Anyone who holds a soul upon this plane, whether out of misguided love or desire to communicate, is incurring a grave karmic load. You are inhibiting a soul's growth, and it is no different than if you took the life from the physical form. It might be termed, spiritual murder! The effect is the same if the soul does not get on with the desired learning. Certainly the burden is upon the soul and upon the person holding. If this entity (Richard) sought, he could reach and hold the souls of many entities to this earth, bringing them through with little messages for the families and the loved ones. Comfort to those on earth is a selfish thing when the soul is inhibited.

Remember, we speak not against those who communicate with those beings in order to help them upon their journey, but rather we speak against those who would make a game of the communication between our worlds!"

We realize that most of the material contained in this issue of the Messenger is quite "heavy" and in fact, some of it may be considered ominous. There is power in numbers! If each reader of the Light Messenger would focus his own energy towards Becoming, our total number, which seems small in terms of the world, could make a significant contribution towards altering the present trend of events on this planet. One hundred people with focused consciousness become equivalent to 1,260 octillion in power.

David: "When there are ten, the multiplication occurs. This is a factor that is not easily understood in your time - that it is a multiplication, I believe, a squaring factor. So ten is not simply a characteristic of one plus one, but is rather the ten, the two, multiplied by itself. It is a multiplication of power."

Copyright by Richard Rebeck, Peggy Steinberg, Salvatore Cacciola