Light Messenger

(Volume 2, Chapter 2)

"No things happen by accident within this universe! There is no place we are drawn to nor any moment in time or any event that does not coincide with a need to learn or experience."
...from the guides.

As the Sun reaches its birthday point in the zodiac (the Vernal Equinox), so also does the Light Messenger reach its birthday point. It hardly seems possible that whole year has gone by so quickly; and yet, looking back, we are amazed at the material that has been given us and its reception during that time.

It is interesting to note that the United Nations has declared l979 as the "International Year of the Child". Simultaneously, we decided that it would be appropriate to dedicate this issue, in keeping with the birthday theme, to understanding the soul's process of birth upon the earth plane, and its relationship to the parents. We have encountered many parents who are experiencing difficulty understanding their children in these troubled times. It is hoped that you may be able to see and understand those relationships in clearer light from our discussions within these pages.

Until our next correspondence, may this new birth of the Sun, bring the birth of new light to your consciousness! God bless each of you.

Peggy Rebeck

Message From The Brotherhood Of Light (4 Feb, 1979)

"Greetings from the Brotherhood! The question of the soul and its relationship to another soul within the single incarnation unit you term a family is one which is of a complex nature and not easily understood upon your plane.

We do not know at what time or what manner you evolved the concept that you hold today wherein the child is assumed to be the total product of on the parental consciousness. It would seem herein, we might think of man as having an egotistical approach to the order of life, to assume that only he has influence upon living forms and consciousness. Within such ideas as your society holds, there is not evolution of the soul - there is no reincarnation if each child is solely the product of the parent.

Those writings that you term Sacred refer to the element of guilt being visited upon the seventh generation. It is implied as if the children of a man should bear the punishment for the guilt of the father. This was not what was given nor what was said in the beginning; but rather the concept was that the guilt for an act or a failure to learn, shall be visited upon the soul unto the seventh incarnation.

Each soul is a separate entity seeking to find a vehicle by which it may manifest itself into a physical form and live as you would term it, upon your plane of reality. As to the nature of that soul and its relationships to the parent, it may well be that they are known to each other from another time, though it may have been many of your lifetimes ago, or there may be no relationship whatsoever. It does not matter in the final summation. The purpose of the parent is to first provide a physical vehicle by which the soul may take on form and enter this world. The responsibility as you would term it moral, comes upon the parent to then feed and clothe and care for the child; the molding of the mind is to a limited degree.

Contrary to the ideas of some of your scientists, the consciousness does not just evolve as the result of its environment and sociological conditioning. It is first and foremost, an intelligence that existed in its totality prior to this existence. It is an intelligence without the capacity to communicate effectively until the vehicle it operates, has learned to do so. The potential for what you would term good or evil is a function of that consciousness and has not to do with the Parents; even as the parents who are evil may give birth to the Saint, so the saintly parents may give birth to evil. These are not punishments but rather operation of natural law.

We have heard the discussion made many times within the plane of guides as to the true nature of the soul and its journey. It is like so many elements that man employs - his belief in systems is intellectual and is not based upon a true understanding. He believes in an incarnational idea, but when it comes to the acceptance of that idea with respect to his own child, then it is not permissible.

The child who is an accident of nature as you would term it, is a soul that has sought a vehicle, and it may be evolved or unevolved. Wherein the consciousness of the parentage has sought an object to manifest their love upon, it usually produces a higher energy, unless the particular educational needs of the parents shall bring forth a lower form of energy in order to complete part of their education. And the truly evolved souls who unite in full understanding of the Divine Principal, bring forth the Divine energies upon this plane. These unfortunately are rare, for it is hard to hold that ideal in the consciousness and not succumb to the involvement of the emotional flesh. These are concepts within the parentage and child.

Comprehend that those individuals whom you term the evil villains of time must be incarnate and have a parentage. Should this parentage that gave birth to the Leader of the Unified Germany be condemned for having brought forth that seed? Or shall the parents of his next incarnation, know of his past? What woman could bear that knowledge? And yet, that soul must evolve and work forward, and a parentage it must have.

When you take into your care and custody one of the creatures of nature, you do not presume to understand or know the nature of the personality. You fully realize that the personality will evolve of its own accord regardless of your environment, even as you have so experienced. The soul that enters in deals with its own incarnational element and is restricted by the complications offered by the parentage in the thoughts of guilt and confusion.

Beyond a point where the child deviates from the parents, it is a clear recognition that if the parents can find no failing in their heart for having put forth the energies, it is time to recognize the uniqueness of the soul that resides therein and its own needs. Certainly one must seek to guide, but not compel. What soul have you known that can be compelled or forced to bend to the will of another? The tongue may be silent, but the soul will never bend. It is the need to recognize that eliminates the need to bring this type of energy back for that particular individual. See the complicated circle that is formed by the parent, who fails to understand, must repeat this lesson over and over again. Release the souls unto their own destiny.

Seek not to accept guilt which is not yours, and place your consciousness toward providing a positive foundation of energy for the growth of the soul; but know well that the parent that fails to lay a spiritual foundation for the soul, to accept or reject, has failed in the role as a parent. There is no passing of what is termed the excuse for having failed to make that consciousness aware of the Higher Forces or Energies. It is needless to say that such effects will only produce a return of this type of energy and difficulty.

It is necessary to free the soul to its own destiny, as it is to free the soul of the loved one in transition. Too often, man seeks to impose his will upon others and when the world will not accept, it is placed upon the native land, and when that is rejected, it is placed upon the community or the neighbor or the family, and finally the would be Gods dwell upon the child and seek to mold it in their own image. In the image of One, was all created. Creators you are of your own reality, but not one spark of life may man bring into existence without the blessing of the Higher Force. So be it."

Conversations with David

"How is it determined when a soul is ready to incarnate, and how does it choose the parents or are the parents chosen for it?"

David: "This is an area which is variable depending upon the plane the soul is in. Let us take more a generality at this time and assume that we are dealing with a soul from the third plane. That is the plane where illusion is not present and where the soul is capable of undergoing specific education. The first thing that must be dealt with is not the choice, but rather the process that occurs, after transition. The soul undergoes first an opportunity to reassess and evaluate and comprehend the life that has just been experienced. Then the soul must seek learning to fully understand all of the characteristics of life that it has dealt with. It may per chance have been a Writer of History. In such a case, the soul shall then study the history as it actually has been so that he may see and learn how he has been deficient in the reporting thereof. Beyond that, the soul is then guided or advised to seek other pursuits of learning - developing other skills which shall be brought forward and made manifest in the next cycle.

During the introspection, the soul does seek and find counsel both within and without as to the matters of life that have not been properly dealt with. Consider it as if one semester of school is completed upon this plane, and the next semester is completed upon the spiritual plane; and then the return. The return cycle is when the soul is properly prepared, has completed that particular educational phase, has assessed the elements of life, and has determined that it is ready to return.

Wherein the soul is not conscious of its own nature, as in the first and second plane dwellers, or in those souls that are earthbound, their return is timed in a different manner. Upon the first plane and those that walk upon the earth, they return as soon as is possible for them to do so where they may find a handy vehicle. From the second plane, a period of time is passed wherein they are given the opportunity to learn that they are in a world of illusion. When they do not comprehend the illusion, they are sent back. If they do comprehend, then they dwell a short time on the third plane before returning to this world.

In order for a soul to incarnate from the third or higher planes, it must seek first permission from that Spiritual Form which acts as Administrator, in your concept, of that realm or area in which the soul does reside. There are many souls whose function is to co-ordinate the coming and leaving from the earth plane. It is here that the energies are chosen in harmony. The soul has expressed its need and desire. A suitable parentage is then sought that will allow this soul the opportunity to express as fully as possible the particular learning experience in accordance with the season of things. Once this decision has been made, and of course it may not be made until the actual act of conception has taken place, the soul is then closely involved and intertwined with the mother, to guide and to sharpen the development of the physical form."

"Is that all for that question?"

David: "The question was relevant to the nature of the choosing of the parent and the choosing of the cycle to return. There is really no further complication in the choice of parent. The parent is chosen to match the energy and may or may not be related, depending upon the need of the individual soul and the consciousness of the parent. Understand that if all parents were of the highest consciousness and sought to bring life into being only under the moments of conscious realization of the fruit of the act, then the lower souls would have no entry into this plane. All serve, even those who do not seek it."

"When does the soul actually enter the physical form, and what about still born cases? Would you discuss the idea of abortion?"

David: "The soul, as I have said, becomes involved with the physical form all during the gestation process. It chooses to enter and take final domain in the imprisonment of clay at the time of birth and breath. At no other time does the soul fully enter into the being. Up to that moment, it is permissible for the soul to cancel or make void the choice - even times where a soul decides at the last moment that this shall not be, then often at this moment, an earth bound soul takes residence within that form. We will not speak of the particular mechanics or the observable symptoms for we would not bring concern or worry into the consciousness of many."

"I believe I understand everything that you said. To clarify for the Messenger, if a form is born with no life, it is that because the soul has decided not to accept that form?"

David: "It may be that the soul has chosen not to accept the form due to a defect that has been caused during the gestation period, or that the soul may be one who has tried to return too early. Know that the soul has free will and may override the guidance and Counselor of that entity which is in charge of the realm, and may return to the plane at the first available form. Often times the soul upon reaching that final moment - the moment of death you call birth, does indeed choose not to enter therein. Until the breath is taken the soul is not fixed to the form."

"Well, this relates also then, to the subject of abortion which I wanted to cover here. If a woman chooses to have an abortion for whatever reasons she may deem necessary, obviously she is not killing a soul because a soul has not inhabited that form."

David: "Correction! A soul may never be killed!"

"Yes I stand corrected. The subject of abortion brings up the issue of karmic implications. It is a sensitive issue with a lot of people, but if I interpret your statements correctly, it appears there would be no karmic factors against the mother if she chose to have an abortion. Is that correct?"

David: "This would depend upon the individual situation. Within an entity who has given seed the element or potential of life as the result of a carnal act of physical desire, then the karma lay not in the conception, but in the act and in the consciousness where it lay. The voiding of the opportunity for life to come forward may deprive a soul of a precise opportunity and may incur a responsible relationship. It is not the same in each case. If the conception was out of will,*then there is no harm; and yet, know well that in that situation that you term rape, did not that soul draw unto itself the act in order to experience or clear karmic elements?

*(I believe David meant outside of the will or beyond the control of the will.)

The difficulty comes further in the question of abortion to that consciousness that was aware of the act but has decided that it was an ill chosen time. All of the emotional burden that the individual undergoes as a result of the act and the sociological pressure, becomes the current living karma as it were.

There is also the situation wherein the soul does leave early. This is that element you call the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome."

"Yes, would you elaborate a little bit more on that please?"

David: "It is the soul, as the same in the stillborn, finding itself incapable of dealing. Within the first six of your lunar cycles it is possible for the tie to be broken by desire of the soul. Beyond this point it may not be so, and only by its own hand, shall the form cease, or by timely cessation.

Karmically speaking, the physical body once brought into existence, has a right to fulfill its existence, in as much as it is energy in motion, and energy in motion is part of the Primal Cause that is All. Therefore, anything which is deliberately disassembled carries with it the responsibility for the act - not in the term that you would employ the murder. Has not the question been posed to the entity (Richard): Is not the murderer a servant of the person being murdered, and is it not possible that they commit no karmic act, but act only out of the need of the person being murdered to have their karma fulfilled? While we acknowledge that is not usually the case, you surely must readily within your consciousness, see that this is a possible element of truth. Man does not have the power to take life. Life resides in the soul. All other life within your plane does not cease.

We might add that there is as much karmic implication for the male as for the female."

"I'm not sure that I understand what you're saying. Oh! Yes, I do!"

David: "The male is responsible for the act even as the female.

The concepts that are provided here will be contrary to the belief systems of many. We respect and honor those belief systems that hold life to be sacred. We would that all men would see life as sacred as these. We are dealing with the total concept of karma - of the debt that is carried over from the soul from one life to another. To the consciousness that is locked into a theological religion that does not acknowledge or believe in reincarnation or metempsychosis, then these thoughts have no meaning. To those consciousness' that are enlightened and open to these ideas - to these rational, they will comprehend the need to deal with such a matter.

We do not condone the form of abortion, but we do not condemn. Recognize that the mother in the primitive society that believed the Deity required the sacrifice of the first born, was in no way guilty of a karmic debt in sacrificing that life; rather was the teacher who brought forth such a theological idea, the one who bore the karmic burden, not only within his life upon this plane but ever after for every child lost in his name. The implication should stand well, and herein we give a clear warning to all who teach: Every drop of falsehood and every misleading element you bring forth into this world, you shall be held accountable for; and for every seed or generation that it shall impress, shall it be your burden! If the Teacher's message is not distorted and is repeated unto the thousandth generation and error is produced, then that burden still lies upon that soul until he has returned to the plane and cleared the question and revised the doctrine. The teachers on your plane are some true and many false. There are teachers of lies and teachers of blasphemy, and teachers who work for the green god, and there are teachers who work for the ego and for the god of self-gratification. Everyone that they lead astray and every soul that shall ever fall because of them, it is their burden."

"As a teacher myself, I try very hard to give the truth as I know it and understand it. To me, this is extremely important, and I can understand why after the statement you just made. But, I am also thinking that, being human, I might misinterpret some information that I'm giving forth. Is then the karmic responsibility as great for that?"

David: "That is not what we have just dealt with unless within your consciousness you have said, "God has told me that this is so," or that, "I know this to be an absolute truth."

"I was wondering... a world Teacher Like Jesus Christ... people that distorted his message and killed for him.. Jesus Christ is karmically responsible?"

David: "No man ever killed for that Teacher! That was not his message. The burden lay upon those who twisted the words and upon those who claimed to lift the sword in His name. Why does man not man see the hypocrisy in the teachers? The Teacher of whom you spoke - the one named Jesus, did not say, "Pick up the sword," but rather your writings say that he taught that, "He who shall live by the sword, shall perish by the sword." It is further written that he said, "If a man strike you upon the cheek, then turn the face and give him the other cheek." Further it is written, "That thou shall forgive a thousand times if need be, thy brother." Where does this man then say, "Pick up the sword in my Name and shed the blood?" It is the hypocrisy and heresy of man that dares to put such a concept in the mouth of a Servant of God! Never has the Cause of Causes commanded that man should shed blood upon this plane!"

"Your statements are very fitting in view of what's happening in Iran today."

David: "No Servant of God sits upon the throne within that land. The Dark Lord doth recognize his own Servant and rejoices in his success!"

Questions and Answers

"Judy Levy of Prairie Village, Kansas, asked for a statement to weather patterns which have been extreme in some parts of the world. Would you comment please?"

David: "It is as we have previously advised. The weather patterns that man is experiencing are part of several elements. One is a natural cycle within your planetary structure that produces aberrations in the weather patterns upon a periodic basis. A second is the factors that man has introduced into the atmosphere himself ranging from the elements of atomic energy and the explosion of your weapons producing vortex currents that must find their release, as well as the pollution that you have introduced into the atmosphere at various levels. Your basic law of physics clearly states that no action occurs without an opposite and opposing reaction. You are "reaping the wind", as it is written. In the Scriptural sense it is said that, "He who shall trouble his own house, shall inherit the wind." The earth is your house. Trouble it, you have. Inherit, you are."

"I believe you said in the past that this pattern would begin to improve after this current season which we are now in."

David: "That is correct. That does not however, mean that in future times the problem shall not worsen."

"That is what I was concerned about because apparently man is going to go on polluting, testing weapons, etc."

David: "How many more of the large weapons that you term bombs shall yet be set off? And how long shall you assume that the release of so much energy shall go without reaction? Where did the energy of the last twenty of such weapons go? "Harmlessly into the atmosphere," would be the reply of the scientist. Enjoy the harmless release of that energy into the atmosphere! Man reaps what man has sown. The earth of its own accord may produce cyclic patterns as was seen in the Land of the Lions (Iran) when the earth did shake, but that was in accordance with the natural elements. This is not."

Note: The next question comes from a friend in Michigan. It was asked during a private session, but we include it here because the nature of the question could be applicable to anyone.

"I'm at a turning point in my life - particularly as far as employment and life style are concerned. I wondered if there is any information that might be offered me pertaining to that?"

David: "As you seek and move forward into making a change within the life, you must be cognizant of the basic premise that once you have set your foot upon this path, you may not turn back. There shall he no returning to what you term the normalcy of a prior time, and any attempt to forego that which you have learned, shall certainly cost a dear price. If you seek to step beyond the point you have existed in and expand the consciousness to its potential capability, then learn to seek within yourself for your happiness and your peace within this world of unreality.

You are the final power and the final authority in all matters. Your tendency to be dependent upon others is a crutch which only you may remove and is your impediment to growth. It is when we accept our singularity and aloneness that we are capable of eliminating that difficulty from our life. It is while seeking that we do not find. We may not accomplish all things at the same moment so seek to balance; wherein is your philosophy? What road is it that you shall take, and shall you be concerned with how the world views you?

If you may accept your role without concern of the view of others, then proceed upon it knowing that all shall flow in harmony as you seek to be in harmony. When you reach out independence, you have shattered the bowl. Make your own decision, but realize that it is not like decisions you have made in the past. This one is not reversible. There is no means of returning.

No things happen by accident within this universe! There is no place we are drawn to nor any moment in time or any event that does not coincide with a need to learn or experience. In all things that you have experienced thus far in your life are the answers to all of your life. Seek to learn from that which you have experienced. Seek to know from that which you have been, knowing that you have brought all things into your path for your own purpose, and that all beings who have interacted with you, have done so according to your need and not their desire.

Recognizing your part in this role will allow you to function on a more efficient plane."

The Brotherhood Speaks On Color (4 Feb, 1979)

"Greetings from the Brotherhood! We wish to clarify the confusing element of color in relationship to the Brotherhood, the Symbol, your concepts of healing, and your planetary energies. They are, of course, all of the same primary element. We know that matter is energy in motion. Even so, light represents energy of a particular rate or vibration. It is a motion that you seek to define.

Within your Solar system has been given the basic key for your energy spectrum. The first element is the Solar Logos, the Sun itself, which represents this Source and is symbolic of light which is white. Because it is the heat source, it is also symbolic of that band that you term the infrared; but it is primarily the equal of the white light or the essence of all that is. As the center, it is the emanating point as you well can understand.

Beyond the Sun, each color of your spectrum as you view it, cascades outward through space in harmony with the planetary energies that it intercepts. Remember that the object you term the Moon is a satellite and not a planet. Moving throughout your planetary sphere until you come to the last planet of the spectrum, that which you term Neptune. This is symbolic of that color that you do not see which is termed the ultra-violet, and this is where all of your teachers have failed to comprehend the matching of color spectrum. The last has not been forgotten for we see it more clearly than you; and yet, your own scientists have referred to that outer most planet you term Pluto. Pluto has been termed the dark planet that is like unto a shadow on a piece of film, for thus it is seen by your world.

Realize you not that if you have the symbol of that which is white within your world of duality, you must have that which is the symbol of black or nothingness. Black is, I believe, termed in your language, the absence of color, where white is the sum of all colors. Thus within your Solar spectrum, you have the Source and its anti-element represented in a total picture with the only missing link having been the ultra-violet assigned to Neptune, and each planet picks up the color of its spectrum according to its position.*(See Figure 1 below.)

The Brotherhood is representative of the seven colors of the spectrum in so far as your consciousness is concerned. Realize in another dimension that those seven colors may be sixty-three, but that depends upon the perceptibility. We could certainly separate within to sixty-four separate colors within each of your colors, and you are capable of perceiving the difference. And beyond that, we could go into myriad numbers. The Brotherhood is represented by Seven Members who are symbolically associated with the seven colors, who are of course, in their sum total, symbolic of that Source which is One.

We have chosen to utilize this Amber as symbolic of the Source in as much as the color amber is one which has a closer affinity to life upon your Plane than does the simple color of white. If the light that is white, in truth, were exposed to Your Plane, man could not survive the exposure to it. By shielding it and softening its ray to amber, we have not taken away, but simply put a protective coating about it. Thus the Amber might be said to be the result of the energies of all of the Seven Representatives of the Brotherhood of whom, in fact, there are Sixty-Three joined together produce the Amber Flame.

Within your limited understanding of the stars and their energies and the planets and their energies, and we do not confuse the terms, you only partially recognize the nature of color and its effect. With each color, there is a sound that must be brought together at the same time to make the color's infusion into the being possible. It is as if it were, that the physical form requires a sound to open the door to receive the energy of light. But then it is so written that by the "Word" was all created.

Study well the understanding of the colors, and let all seek to know that within the simple elements of color, as you term it, lie most of the secrets of the healing. Surrounding one with color alone does not produce the healing without the sound to open the consciousness and the knowledge of how to utilize the color. If a color is associated with particular planetary vibration as you would term it, then must not it be applied under the most positive auspices of that planetary energy? Would one utilize a color symbolic of the Sun itself when the physical Sun is at midnight? Does one use the color of Venus when Venus is not positively positioned with respect to the native or with respect to the heavens? If the God of Fire, as termed the Lord of War (Mars) in modern parlance, opposes another energy, would you then use those energies in color to bring a positive effect with a native?

Man once understood the utilization of the color crystals in the utilization of these for healing. The color crystals were crystalline salts from your earth representing each of the major colors, and the light was shown through them to effect a healing. But they were utilized in conjunction with the sound and at the proper time for the use of such things. Even as it was once said that each of the energies has its hour and its moment and its day, so in truth it does, but not by a fixed formula, but rather by the essence of its position in the heavens above. Your world of reality is an interlocking energy system. All energy within your universe is, in essence, in harmony together. You must learn to utilize it as such.

The transformative power of color from a healing viewpoint along with the proper sound structure, of which we shall speak further, is beyond your comprehension at this moment. You have felt that the Brotherhood should deal with those matters which are more beneficial to man in a direct, immediate sense. We therefore put before you the opportunity to start on a new pathway. As we continue to share in the Sanctuary, and will share within the physical Sanctuary and its Symbol, so also we shall deal with this matter of how to bring about the most effective healing energies.

Light, as you term it, has a measure which within your language is termed a wave length. The shorter wave length is the light which is toward the spectrum that is ultra-violet. From a source, it is this which emanates first or might be said to be the fastest traveling of light. It is to the outer limits; and yet, it is as vital to the being as the Primary Source itself. Light, color, sound, are but harmonic manifestations of your world.

Look to the mirror of the soul within man to first know the color of greatest harmony to that individual. Within your simple system of cosmetics you have first recognized that all that is about one should match and balance with the eyes of the person. And yet, this is also the key to the color balance and the primary color energy of that individual. It becomes as it were, the valve that is operating.

To work within sound is difficult in as much as you have a wide spectrum of sound, and we will bring these sounds forward at yet another time. For now, sufficient to say, that healing is accomplished by utilization of color; and even as those who can see note the absence or dominance of certain colors within the aura, the method of balance is to create or supplant that color which is missing.

The idea that the white energy or light may be utilized most effectively is, of course, valid. Certainly an individual may draw from that, that which needs if he is capable of operating, but to know and to focalize the color with the proper sound under the proper time is to enhance and improve the ability to heal and to functionalize the individual entity a hundred times greater than any other system that you are cognizant of.

Many of the devises which utilize electronic means which you termed and thought to be of a charlatan nature, including those of the one, Mesmer, were in reality interruptions and balancing of the vibratory fields; and by introducing electrical energy in the proper manner, they were shifting the color spectrum of the aura and producing the effective healing - even though it was not understood by the creator.

If your plane is interested in pursuing these areas of color and healing, we shall certainly deal and bring forth this information. We, however, do not feel that we should do so without a greater communication from those who are receiving the Messenger. The lack of communication from a majority leaves us with wonderment at the reception of that which we are trying to transmit. We remind one and all that we seek to assist, but we never seek to impose. That is all for now."

Figure 1. The color spectrum and relationship to the planets as explained by the Brotherhood

Copyright by Richard Rebeck, Peggy Steinberg, Salvatore Cacciola