Light Messenger

Volume 2, Chapter 3

"Seek to perfect each stage of your awareness, but forget not the perfection of self. Allow not altruistic concepts to alter your feeling... your experience as a being. You are in the plane of experience, the plane of illusion; if you do not perceive the illusion, you are not within. Perceive it, knowing what it is. Experience, knowing that you are experiencing. Be the master and not the slave, and know who is king within."
...from the guides

For this issue of the Light Messenger, we have chosen to deal with the theme of "Personal Development". While philosophical and abstract ideas certainly have their place in our understanding, they are not always of direct benefit in our day to day living experiences. We have stated before and still maintain that if this publication is to be a tool of service, then our material must have practical application. In past issues, we have dealt with the subject of personal relationships - both with our companions and with our children. In this edition, we shall deal with self-development in a practical vein. Many have written and asked the question, "What can I do to enhance my spiritual growth?", and many hold the erroneous assumption that personal growth is accomplished by first serving others. David reminds us that we cannot help others, if we haven't first learned to help ourselves. We hope you will find the information contained herein to be of useful value in your personal growth and development.

We are sorry to report that our field lost one of its greatest healers recently. Dr. Nelson Decker, our very good friend and compatriot, made his transition on April 12th. We received a brief message from Nelson, given through David, to let us know that his soul had winged its way home. We're sure he will be working just as hard as ever where he is now, but we will miss Nelson's warm humor and loving presence.

Our center, The Sanctuary in Inverness, Florida, now contains the new completed color healing chamber. It is a beautiful sight and has received special blessing from the Brotherhood itself. The Symbol is an eight foot circular platform on the floor which contains circles of light for each of the colors in the spectrum. Its center features two - two foot circles of amber light - one on the floor and one overhead. There are six strands of crystal beads which encase the amber lights, creating a columnar effect. Soon, we will be employing the use of sound to activate the Symbol's highest vibration potentials. As one stands in the center of the Symbol, he may experience physical healing or a raising of consciousness. We invite each of you, when you are in the area, to come visit and experience the Symbol for yourself.

Have a wonderful summer and remember to "Maintain a window within the heart of the world". *

Peggy Rebeck (*from the Brotherhood)

Webmasters note: Richard, Peggy & Sal are not now involved with The Sanctuary of Light, and the Color Healing Chamber has been moved to another center. For more information please refer to the website Introduction

Messenger I - The Brotherhood Continues With Color And Sound (29 April, 1979)

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

We respond to your inquiry, and we shall try to deal with more information relevant to the concept of that phenomena you term color. Understand that color is not a reality. It is an illusion produced by vibration. It is a particular rate of vibration, even as you.

To begin the concept of color, one must return to a basic principle of vibration. If you strike a string upon an instrument, a sound vibration is produced. If two strings are struck, two sounds are produced, which to your sense within your sociological and ethnological group, may or may not be in harmony. In some societies what is considered proper alignment or tune, is considered imbalance in another. It is a sensitivity that has been developed to a particular vibration. Within color we experience similar patterns. A color is a vibration that may or may not be harmonious. It depends upon the resulting mixture of that vibration with you, the energy.

It is not so much to say that one is lacking in a particular color, but rather it is more proper to say that the vibration is out of harmony... that by adding certain vibrations, the interaction of the whole produces unity. In color this is done, but we must remember that the spectrum that you are aware of as color contains millions of segments of these. On the various planes of spiritual being, the sensitivity to each millionth shade of color is highly developed. From your perspective, it is only necessary to recognize a small number of colors. In actuality, man may work with only the seven, though certainly it is well to work with the sub-shades of color... even to those limits of sixty-three subdivisions, thus producing nine shades or intermixes per primary color unit.

The utilization of color from a healing standpoint must produce a feeling of well being, not only within the auric field, but within the physical form. Realize that one color alone may not produce the proper harmony or balance that is required. It may be necessary to utilize several colors. In utilizing color, color is but one of the vibrations the physical form responds to. Even as you have learned and many who read may already know, color may be felt, even as it is seen. The body will respond to color through the sensory input. The eye detects color, but the ear requires sound; and so sound must balance with color to provide a total harmonious vibratory unity. Within other lands, different scales of music and tone are employed. We recognize the tendency within your system to utilize a scale based upon your divisions... you utilize seven primary notes. In your system, it is customary to think of the-note C as being the beginning of a sound group or that which you term an octave. In the respect to color, this is not the order; but the order that was originally assigned is the sequence that shall be employed. That is: The Key of A, which is below that you term the Middle C, shall be the red; and B, the orange; and C (the Middle C) is the yellow; and D is the green: and E is the blue; and F, the indigo; and G, the violet.

What in music is termed the Sharp and the Flat shall represent the borders between each of the colors, much as you term the cusp in astrology that period between two signs. Each octave below and each octave above shall represent the higher and the lower harmonics of the colors and sounds. Therefore, the soul that is very earthbound, locked into the physical plane of expression, shall be more drawn to the heavy lower frequency vibration of the lower octave below the Middle C; whereas, the spiritual soul will respond to the higher vibrations - by that we imply, one whose path has been upon this plane so oft that to return again, is unlikely. The highest vibration is the ones the ear cannot hear, and that of course, is when the vibration of sound and color are one. But that color you also would not see.

When utilizing colors to heal, recognize that sound and color have their inharmonious combinations. It is sometimes wiser to employ one color at a time than to mix the inharmonious elements. Properly structured, the sound and color together should produce a symphony of stimulation to the sensory input of the self. We have specified the order of the planets. We have specified the color. We have specified the musical note that shall adhere to same. This has not been brought forth in much of your time. We shall stop at this point and proceed with color again, but for this message, we think it sufficient that upon your plane you take this information and bring it into a focused reality.

We of the Brotherhood, We The Seven Elders, are representative one by one of each of the spectrum you term colors... of those vibrations and their qualities inherent therein, and when we co-join into one space, one moment, one time, we are, as if it were, one brilliant white light which is but a reflection of the Source from which we come!"

Conversations with David

"Specifically what can an individual who is not actually working in the Spiritual Field but is involved with mundane work in the world, do to enhance his spiritual awareness and development? Can you give some definite steps that one can follow towards accomplishing that?"

David: "You spoke of development for those who are involved in their daily path or course and still would seek to develop spiritually. This statement is a contradiction of fact. You are all here on a spiritual purpose. You are all here to evolve in the spirit. It is not that one should be separated in consciousness, but rather that the consciousness should be one, or as you might term it, in a spiritual frame at all times regardless of what one is doing. The degree to which one becomes involved in what you call the "work" is what determines the need for training. Each individual has a different need for experience and training and learning at this level.

Let us consider the direction that all must take. We say must in that if they truly seek to grow and evolve, then they must start onto the road of development. The most ancient custom of daily prayer was a means of progressing the individual on a spiritual path until man turned this into a meaningless gesture. Today, you term the meditation as the tool, and this too, is also turned into a gesture of nothingness. In order to move forward, the consciousness must maintain communication with the Spiritual Mind and Self. This may only be done by shutting out the outside world and dwelling within for a short period of time each day. For those who are bound in the world of activity and are often lost in the physical plane of illusion... those persons whom you term busy in their every day tasks, while in truth they are wasting spiritual time, may still yet grow.

A time must be taken at the beginning of the day and at the end of the day to bring to focus the mind upon the day's events and the spiritual message or benefit that may be obtained from them. A time to look into one's self and say, "Has this day been of spiritual value to me?" If one finds that the events of the day are embarrassing to conceive of in the term of the spirit, then know well that the path is in the wrong direction. Look to find harmony at the beginning of the day... to project the consciousness into it by dwelling with yourself... seeking to be a directed tool of you own Higher Self... allowing that energy to flow into you... feeling it fill your being with purpose and meaning. Go about the day and when one is distracted by negative energies, to remember always that you are spiritual beings inhabiting this plane of illusion for a finite period of time, as you call it. As the day does end, bring into focus your self and your Higher Energies, thus eliminating the distortion of the world that has been about you. If this is to be in meditation or prayer, it does not matter which. That which you term meditation is most suitable for you on a personal level; for another, their concept may not accept it so let it be prayer, but let it be on a communication basis. Let prayer not be a time of using empty meaningless words, but rather of an open communication, as one between child and parent.

No worker in the Light, no spiritual person, no person of any level of consciousness, may move forward unless they are willing to bring themselves into awareness of their inner voice. You may not hear the small still voice within when the noise of the world is pounding upon the doors of your ears. You may not find that peace for a moment when the eyes are distracted by the box with pictures. Man does not meditate well or pray well when he is hungry, nor does he do so when he has imbibed too much of the strong drink and too great a quantity of food.

In harmony man was born. In disorder he leaves this plane because he seeks not to find the harmony within himself. Too often those who seek to learn, desire to jump forward suddenly, to transcend all the need for practice, all the need for prayer and meditation, the need for self-discipline, and they seek to find their spiritual experience in sudden momentary emotional reactions or in induced reactions of drug or the fruit of the vine. These are meaningless for they are but temporary. If a man were to speak to his Self or to his Guide on a daily basis and then silence the tongue to listen well, it would take but as you deem it, for the answers to proceed forth. But which person do you know whom you have given these instructions in the past that has for 60 consecutive of your days, meditated twice a day for 15 to 30 of your minutes? And yet, you would spend ten times this time to accomplish any other thing upon the physical plane that you desire to learn. One soul may take a year, another ten, and yet another but a week to establish communication between the Guide on a conscious level. That is not to say that the Guide is not aware of every word and thought, and the Guide is always responding, but the level of response is to what you term the subconscious mind, and until that is in communion with the conscious mind, there can be no open channel.

One says, "How may I see the Guide?" Why should the Guide be seen before he is heard? Why should he be heard before he is felt? And how may he be seen with the mind that is not disciplined and capable of holding sharp focus? In time, it is possible to see if the consciousness would truly accept it. Many of those who say they desire to see would be frightened terribly at the sight of seeing the Guide in truth. They speak of a desire they do not wish fulfilled. All may see, all may hear, all may sense, if they will but persist in their focus in this matter. No person upon your plane has meditated or prayed for a period of time like a year or more without achieving success. Those who claim they have not success have failed to maintain the pattern. One moment...

We do not mean to imply a difficulty in this development phase. We mean rather to imply the necessity for practice... for repetition... for cyclic behavior. Is that clear?"

"Yes, it is David. What can the individual do to help create a more positive world?"

David: "The world of man begins with self... from self to family... from family to community... from community to state... from state to nation, from nation to world. The hypocrite says, "I may disturb my house, but I shall make peace in the world." It is well written that he who troubles his own house shall inherit the wind."

"Then you are saying that an individual, until he has his own life in harmonious order, is really very ineffective in the world he lives in. Is that correct?"

David: "That is correct, for what harmony is there in the world if the home and the community is not in harmony? If every man is in harmony with self, with his family, and his neighbor, then what disharmony could exist in the world? Do you comprehend?"

"Yes, I do. It is very clear. Suppose an individual feels that he is in harmony with himself and with his family situation and he desires to see our world progress in a more positive vein? What then?"

David: "Then let him work within his community. The man who walks with his eyes upon heaven never sees the stone upon which he stumbles. And the man who walks down the street extolling the virtues of harmony might well bend over to pick up the paper that lies beneath his feet. Bring harmony within your community, and your community shall bring harmony to another. A stone does not make a ripple that is distant first, but closest to its point of impact, does the ripple begin."

"That's a very good lesson for us. Another subject that I feel relates to what we are talking about is the subject of Initiation. Specifically what are the initiations that an entity goes through in the process of his evolvement?"

David: "On a simplistic plane, you might refer to the Initiation as a graduation from each school of learning. Even as upon your plane you graduate from that school you term the elementary, so there is the initiation from the elementary phase of life... more primitive, more physical, and that initiation takes one into the next highest plane of learning; and from there one may go up into many successive levels. In fact, there are however, but seven levels of initiation for those who dwell upon this plane. There are seven stages; and when they are complete, the entity no longer returns. There are twelve substages, as you would term them, within each of the seven, but they are not initiations.

When an initiation occurs during a lifetime, and this is not the most common... when it does occur, it is as if it were a total transformation of the person. The initiatory stage is often achieved at the moment of transition, but when in the middle of time, the person who has crossed into that new stage is a new person. The old person is no more and often is not recognized by those who knew him or her."

"May I ask a personal question? Did I go through one of those initiations about four years ago?"

David: "One moment... Of the matter of which you are speaking, the answer is to the affirmative, but recognize that it is not always, as you term it, instantaneous - it was a time element because of the resistance of your consciousness."

"I'm not sure I understand. Do you mean I was due for it before that time and I resisted?"

David: "That is correct. We would point out that initiation is often discovered as a hindsight thought. It is not to be confused with that thing you term "Cosmic Consciousness" or the "Kundalini" experience. These are separate elements though it may partake of these qualities; it is that which is observed by others more often than by self. It is an awakening. It is like that the consciousness must awaken in stages... each of the stages is termed an initiation. When you have completed all of the stages, you are one consciousness... one being in total harmony with Self beyond the physical and no longer may dwell upon this plane."

"My next question was going to be: how does a person recognize when he has experienced an initiation, but if I understood what you just said, the self recognizes the achievement after the fact."

David: "It is often the case. It is not important that the individual recognize this stage. It is a growth pattern and the Higher Consciousness is aware, and if the two are one, then the entity is also aware."

"Relative to this, would we be at this time the most spiritually developed that we have ever been before in previous lives?"

David: "From the reference point which you are speaking, that is correct."

"Then could I ask it in a more personal way? Was I more spiritually developed in a past lifetime?"

David: "The answer to that question in the personal sense is that yes there have been times when you were more highly evolved or developed spiritually, yet the animal or lower instincts within you were loosened and became your master, and you the slave. Thus, the regression and the repeating of endless cycles that you have previously passed through. You failed at the moment of initiation. One may not seek the initiation and then fail the moment without paying a dear price."

"When a person evolves to a certain stage wherein he is ready to experience an initiation, is he given a specific test at that point? By what process does he fail?"

David: "The failure we referred to was where one had sought... where one had sought the initiation prematurely. You are tested by being given an opportunity to pass through the initiation or fall back into those elements which you should have learned to control."

"And when one falls back, does he fall back to the beginning level?"

David: "Only if you have prematurely sought the initiation."

Messenger II - The Brotherhood Discusses Holy Writ (29 April, 1979)

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

One of the concepts that you have dwelt upon and the questions have come forward upon, are those matters concerning those things you term Holy writ. It is inappropriate to refer to them only as the Bible in as much as many people have writings they term sacred, and the material is relevant to all of them.

We, and the material that we provide, could become the authors of what is termed upon your plane, Holy Writ or Scripture This is not our desire, but it would be possible for a man to take the information and format it in such a manner as to produce a book or series of books which represented the truths as he understood them, that we have brought forth. As time past and only the memory that this had been given from a higher plane remained, then they would be termed Holy and inspired by the Divine Source.

In truth, we acknowledge that many of these books you term Holy, have in fact, been produced by communication from the spiritual planes. Messengers of all dimensions have worked in producing these materials, and they were directed to the consciousness of man at his particular stage of evolution and in his particular time. Those which have survived unto this present time and are maintained within that same framework, are valid from the moralistic message contained within and the spiritual guide, but care must be taken to avoid the literal deification of such material.

The Source Which Is One has never shown preference to any of his creation. All material that has been given forth through the consciousness of man must first filter through man or be brought forth as even we are, at this moment. And still, is it not subject to your hand? And could we impose any penalty upon your physical form should you seek to change or alter our words? Or should you seek to interpret that which we say, what shall we then do but sever our channel; but we may not interfere with your form upon this plane. Dealing with the material from the historical element is simply the memory of the writer.

The spiritual message has been implanted in many ways to many consciousness'. We have appeared in the past, but every time that we appeared upon your plane to deliver instruction and teachings, we were deified and turned into Gods and our words were distorted. The fear... the shock... the awe of the presence of a Spiritual Being... was more than man could handle and therefore, he could not comprehend our words in totality. We have given to man messages as he needed at the time; and so, when we spoke to man in the desert, we gave a message for a people in the desert. And when we gave a message to man by the city in an ancient time, we gave a message for a man who lived in the city. We have continued to speak, but you have turned our Messengers of the past into Gods. You have become idol worshipers; by worshiping the words which the Messengers have uttered.

Truth is a strange element within the consciousness of your plane. Truth is a permanent reality. Your view of it changes however, as your ability to comprehend it, expands. It is never a change, but an expansion of your capacity to hold and to see all that is to be seen. There are many truths about the same subject. Even those things which set people aside... those things which later became ritual... are in fact, part of truth and a message, for man in his consciousness, required physical acts - physical identification in order to separate his consciousness from others. These are not interferences, but the product of what man sought, as man in his seeking... his searching... his inner urge... his inner desire... raises his voice and his heart and his soul in prayer for guidance and counsel, he has been answered.

Let the word that is given be tested and tried within the experience of time, but recognize that the voice within is often more accurate than the voice that is heard from the pages of time, and the words of yesterday are not as valid today as they were then. Use them as a guide to follow the progress of man's soul, but use them not as an ultimatum in consciousness, for where your consciousness is going, you cannot yet conceive. Your view of the world then was as a flea might see it, but today you have progressed and you see the world as a grasshopper. Imagine the world as it might be when you see it from the eye of the eagle. And surely this is a truth also.

We no longer appear upon your plane, and man often asks why the heavenly visitors are not seen. We do not appear for each time we have, you have made Gods of us, and in so doing, we have failed in our purpose for we are never to be objects of worship but only tools of service. We communicate through the consciousness of man and it is unimportant who this channel is or who you are or the other entity. It is unimportant who we are, but if the message that we bring forth may stir the consciousness of the sleeping souls of this world and bring forth a new spark of maturity... give a rebirth of consciousness amongst your brethren, then we have succeeded. Even if our words create anger within and denouncement, we have challenged the consciousness and the mind to think. That also serves, for man grows through challenge.

Through the struggle of understanding and of seeking truth, does man grow. Through prayer from the heart and soul does man obtain that which he seeks - response. But we need not utilize the vehicles of yesterday to communicate today. We do not need to take on the physical form for such things are no longer valid. Even within the mind is the question of the reality or the mechanics. Shall we take the time to deal with the mechanics of your plane? Or shall we continue within the realm of the growth of spirit, which is our purpose.

Please comprehend that we are not denying the truth that is within the Holy Writ. We are expressing the truth that these objects are remnants of another time and are not the totality of all that is for man to follow. Many of the books of this world are forgeries created by the consciousness of man, serving only his purpose. Many of the teachings we have given have been altered and destroyed in order to keep the truth from man. If one tenth of what remains in this world is truth, that is a great number, but even within that, your consciousness today is capable of separating that which is truth from that which is not. Take all that is before you within your particular system, for we have given it unto every nation of this world... their own particular system that they may work and understand by. Take that which you have and seek within your self for the answer as to its validity."

Questions and Answers

These two questions are similar in nature. Brad Ahlfs of Pompano Beach, Florida, asks: "What are the likely events ahead for man in the next 25 years?" And in a similar vein, Bob Andersen of Miami, Florida, asks: "Where is America going?"

David: "The future is always subject to the consciousness of man. It is a question first, not of twenty-five years, but of twenty-one, less the time that has elapsed since this year began. Within their time shall the greater changes take place that shall determine the course of the future of man in totem upon this plane. We have outlined some of these messages, and we shall deal more specifically with these events for the Messenger itself. Wherein that country you term the United States is concerned, there shall be the grouping of first five, then three, then two, then one, world power. Per chance you may yet live to see this."

Relative to the subject of world events, Kathy Nagy of Honolulu, Hawaii, writes several questions: "I would like more information on: 1. The state of the "arts" in world affairs. 2. How the leaders lead. 3. How we can assist in averting a crash as our locomotive plows forward, and if we do crash, how to stay centered and directed in our work. Is August a turning point? 4. I have read that as we enter the New Age, we are awakening in consciousness, but the earth itself will also undergo a rebirth... that there will be major changes on the earth. I would like to know more about this."

David: "The entity speaks in a metaphor. It is difficult to comprehend the specific meaning of the terms. We will try to answer. Yes, the time is a turning point, though it is slightly premature. The course of the earth is subject to the influence of the collective consciousness of all man. It is difficult for one to alter that consciousness. We say difficult, we do not say impossible.

The nature of world matters and the Leaders of government is changed little over time. The element of power is like salt water upon iron. It soon corrupts even the finest surface. It is not however, the Leaders that are responsible for the chaos. We have stressed again and again that the essence of the problem lies within the consciousness of the individual and within the center of family. Where there is no harmony within the individual, and no harmony within the family, there can be none within the community. And where there is none within the community, how can there be within the government? Government is a reflection - a mirror of consciousness and the conscience of man. They are the scapegoats that we turn into the desert of power. They are your whipping posts, created in your likeness to become your object of verbal accusation. You have made them what they are. They are your children in essence.

To overcome does not require that one seek a grandiose plan. Seek not to quell the storm of the oceans or the winds in the sky, but to quell the disruptive passions within... to return control of the emotions of being to the Self. And if there is chaos, does that then mean that you must be within? That you must experience? You will experience only that which you accept - that which you tolerate. Be not so tied to this physical form or this plane of experience. It is only when you are willing to part with it that you shall keep it.

The changes upon this plane are those that are in accord with natural laws and are changes that have taken place before, even as the time of Ice has been and will be again. Man also influences the elements and inadvertently may cause a change. This however, is not an element that is linked to the changing of an Age, and we deliberately do not give you clear record of the exact moment of change, less you create havoc."

Kathy Nagy has one other question: "I would like more information on guides - how to work more closely with them and how to understand the information when received from them."

David: "The plurality is used. In initial consciousness, we suggest the singularity. Learn to communicate with one guide before you consider communication with others if you so have them. The Guide does not teach a lesson, but leads you into a greater understanding. It is the very purpose of the Guide to help you accomplish this - that which you seek. We open our consciousness and we learn and understand by shedding the cloak of ego... by recognizing that while man is everything in the universe, he is also nothing, and that which you term Self, is but a reflection of the true Self and a dim one at that; and approaching your inner Self and your Guide in humility is the only true key to overcoming the steps, the lessons, the cycles of life."

This question comes from Lois Madden in Independence, Missouri. She asks: "Will we have a depression, and where is the best place to invest our money?"

David: "The answer to the first question lies within man and not within our realm. As you well know, the tomorrow is not yet made into a fixed form, but is into an image reflecting the consciousness of man as a whole. The events of tomorrow are but probabilities and may yet change in the eleventh hour. The investments of which she speaks are difficult to advise. Invest in your consciousness. Invest in the world about you. But from the purely monetary standpoint, invest within the system or structure within you live. If you live within this particular division you term a nation, then let the investment be within that structure, for if you do not invest and support that which you seek to have protect you, then how shall it?"

"Are you saying, at least monetarily, to invest in Certificates of Deposit, etc.? Or were you speaking in a more philosophical vein?"

David: "Both answers are affirmative. We would speak... the entity of whom you just referred is one who would be interested in the question that was asked relevant to the book that the one called Smith, did produce."

"Yes, that's the one connected with the Mormon Religion, isn't it?"

David: "It is not a religion called Mormon. They themselves call the body of people The Church of the Latter-day Saints."

"Yes, I am familiar with it."

David: "Recognize within the entity, Smith, a Messenger moving consciousness... succeeding and failing, and yet leaving an imprint which has become no different, no less, and no spiritually greater than any other which does exist. It matters not from which source the writings were drawn, but rather the manner in which they were presented to the world. In each generation, a new avenue is created. Many shall travel that road, but it does not reach beyond the second plane. But is that not better than the first?"

The next question is from Mrs. Mildred Singer in West Palm Beach, Florida. "How does one discriminate and know when a right decision has been made? How does one expel and eliminate anger that keeps rearing its ugly head?"

David: "The last question is the most important. One does not dispel anger by driving it away, but by examining the true cause, for within the true cause is the lesson not yet learned if the head of the serpent still rears upward. To know that which is right is given into the consciousness of man, but one must sit and allow the inner Self to guide and not the outward world. Anger is a reflection of your own failure or inability to deal with the situation. You are never truly angry with another person, but only with yourself, and therefore reflect it outward."

Avis Smith in Lantana, Florida, writes: "Is it permissible to offer unsolicited counsel to a person when their problem is harming not only themselves, but others around them?"

David: "It is not permissible to interfere in the lives of those persons who are not of family or of, what you term, the close friend. It is better to leave them be to themselves. They interfere not with you unless you have need of that interference. You have drawn them to you if that is your need. That which is not sought is not valued. A man seeks to climb a mountain. To place him atop it by one of those machines that can fly upward, would not serve the satisfaction of the need of his soul to climb it himself. Do not offer that which is not sought. It is also written by that Teacher relevant to not "casting the pearls before the swine". The metaphor is the same."

Our friend, Carol Bennett of Overland Park, Kansas, inquires: "We are taught we are responsible totally for our destiny. How then and to what extent can we change and assist in changing another's patterns - through healing circles, projects of light, etc.? I seem to be caught in a dichotomy between the ideas."

David: "We are certainly responsible individually for our destiny in so much as that we are held accountable for what we do. We may be assisted. To be held accountable does not mean that you cannot be helped... to be responsible does not imply that. If your task is to weed the garden, does it matter who shall assist you in weeding the garden? It does not, so long as the task is completed. Within the energy circles, you surround a being with light, keeping out the negative forces that would hinder the growth and promoting the positive energy that allows the entity to move forward from that position. It is like loaning gas to one who has none upon the highway."

Louis Mendez in Miami, Florida, would like to know: "How and why is the soul created?"

David: "Such a question deals with the simplest and yet most complex element. The "how" is beyond description, as all souls... all matter... all energy... in reality, does not exist for it is but part of that same energy that is All. Therefore, it is not created, but is given its separate form even as you recognize the separate of yourself. That which you term the foot is not the consciousness, but it is yet your foot. It is you that provides the blood, the food, the energy, and the care for same. Does the leaf upon the tree not belong to the whole tree? It springs forth from within, and need there be a cause or reason for the leaf to come forth within the consciousness of the tree? But in truth, man and the spiritual forces exist as a creative element of love. We are the passion of love within the concept of the breast of God, but your words, your language, your consciousness, do not allow an easy portrayal of such ideas. Can man understand the compassion and love of the Creator? Can man know the magnitude of the universe that is without end? Can you comprehend the infinity of the finite or the light of the star that is not? Man yet cannot comprehend the sands of the sea. Why is the sand created? It is an act of the water, and yet nothing is by chance. We are the beginning of the idealization of love in supreme manifestation, and yet, we are but a toenail."

And still another question from Miami, Florida. Marilyn Clemens writes: "Ask David his opinion of going for a future reading."

David: "What future is fixed? The reading shall only show the probabilities of which we have spoken. Shall you need another to assess your consciousness at this time, it will not serve. How shall you deal with the future when you understand not the past? And yet, you do not even comprehend the present. Let the future reading be your own creation of what you desire it to be, for it shall only be that which you live in your totality of Self... what every moment of every day has been, impressed upon your consciousness by your desire. That is the creation of the future. Only by the visualization of a better tomorrow shall it ever exist."

Here's an interesting question. It comes from June McConnell in Port Richey, Florida. "Would massive planting of trees help with some of the problems of pollution? What can we as individuals do to heal our earth?"

David: "The answer to the first question is yes. The second is a more complex... but until man starts to return the earth to the sky so that the things that are green may grow therein, the planet will suffer. A blanket of concrete and tar is not appropriate for the planet. Too large a percentage of the growing area has been removed, minimizing the interchange between the earth and the sky and reducing the ability to remove the polluting element. The final solution is in the consciousness of man. Of what difference or degree is there of the murder of a planet or a fetus not yet born? The soul of man may never be destroyed. In the same essence, the soul of the planet may not - the physical manifestation may be. It is the mind of people, the attitudes that bespeak their evolution, that betray the cause of the difficulties. Recognize that as we speak of cause, it is not to avoid condoning or condemning the act, but we refuse to treat the illness which is only a symptom, but rather insist upon dealing with the cause of illness. When man ceases to develop his greedy appetites, then the planet shall be healed. But when you lay the millions of mile of concrete and tar upon the surface, the earth cannot breathe... the sky cannot relate with its mate. When the trees are cut down needlessly to provide room for houses that would be better served by the trees remaining, you destroy the communication link between the earth and the sky."

Note by Editor: In the "Questions and Answers" section, we print the names and locations of the individuals who ask the questions unless they request anonymity. In the "Conversations with David" section, the identities of the individuals asking the questions are not revealed since many of the questions are of a personal nature and are used to illustrate specific ideas. Often, the conversations include interchange between several persons and David.

Messenger III - The Brotherhood Speaks On Future Events (29 April, 1979)

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

We are dealing with a subject that is unique to our channel of messages. We speak of events upon your plane, and we bring forth a message of direction. The energies within your physical realm of existence are enshrouding your planet in darkness.' The negativity shall triumph unless your consciousness is brought into sharper focus for the reality of your spiritual nature.

We call upon man to awaken now! There is not much more time before the negativity that enshrouds your world shall bear an even greater impact! By now, you have seen those events which we have spoken through the guide, David. We have spoken privately of the matters that have come to pass, and we have told you that these events are but an image-- a preview of what is to come. And we have also indicated that this was not be given out, but we fear, less the darkness that encircles your world shall prevent any light from reaching through.

The time is still as given for the ninth month of the year by the calendar you use, and by the mid time of that month, shall the energies be inharmonious to your world from the economic and social standpoint. As today the blood is shed and religious hypocrisy rules mass consciousness within many nations, so we realize that the message may not be kept back; but we issue the alert that if a planet of darkness is what man seeks, he is achieving his desire. How does man expect Spiritual Energy of a finely tuned nature to approach a vibratory plane where violence and murder and hatred are the primary elements that we feel as we come close unto your planet?

There is not much time! Each is responsible to do all that they can. Every worker in the Light as you call yourself, now shall you be tried. You are tested by the opportunity to step forward and to bring light into this world, and if you do not have the courage to stand forward, then enter the world of darkness for there is no alternative.

By the ninth month, if the world has not altered its consciousness, you will well understand the warnings, for the chaos, both economic and civil what you have seen in the past four cycles of your moon, shall be repeated with an intensity you have not known for many of your centuries. We are not speaking of physical doom, but we are speaking of the doom of consciousness.

You have moved forward into an opportunity to bring the Light... to bring the Presence into your plane and your consciousness. Do not seal your world in darkness! Let the Light of the Deity, as you conceive it, be allowed to pour forth into this world! Maintain a window within the heart of the world for without the Light of the Holy One, there can be no world!"

Note: Each of the Messengers is uniquely different in style of presentation and voice inflection. The third Messenger however, gave this message with more intensity than we have seen previously. We hope that each reader will seriously consider the flavor of this message and incorporate it into his own life accordingly.

Copyright by Richard Rebeck, Peggy Steinberg, Salvatore Cacciola