Light Messenger

Volume 2, Chapter 4

"Know your thoughts. Know that they are creators and that you shall have to face the creation of your own mind."
... from the Brotherhood.

Once again the cosmic clock in our world of illusion turns. For our theme this issue, we have chosen to deal with the subjects of Health and Healing. We have learned much from the Brotherhood's comments on these subjects and we know that you, the reader, will also. Perhaps you are holding images in your mind or creating an environment that you do not realize might be related to the condition of your body. We bring you a new perspective on these subjects with the hope that you will be able to employ the ideas for your own good health and healing, as well as others.

Our trip this past summer was a long one. We were away from home for over two months, during which time we traveled 9,000 miles in the U.S.A. and B.C., Canada. We felt that we were somewhat isolated, living here in our small community, and we wanted to find out what was happening in other areas. We did not reach the great numbers of people that we had earlier hoped for, but we certainly did share with many. Our travels revealed a potpourri of philosophies and energies which were very enlightening to us. We saw our nation's food growing, and we observed our natural resources being cultivated across the land. We realized just how dependent we have become upon others for our present existence and life style. As I offered the Amber Initiation along our way, I had a vision... I saw a network of light, somewhat like a spider web, being established all across our continent. I realized that each of us who have shared the Amber Anointing, are intricately linked and joined in strength on a spiritual level, even though we are separated on the physical.

After several months of utter frustration and wondering if the Light Messenger was worth all the trouble, we have finally learned that it is being very well received in all areas. In fact, to our complete surprise, many study groups have been formed across the country for the express purpose of learning from the Messenger. Quality of content is still our primary objective, and we shall continue to unravel some of the truths of our universe so long as your desire to learn and support is there.

This is our longest Light Messenger yet, and because of the length of the Brotherhood's presentations, we found it necessary to shorten our regular sections of "Conversations with David" and "Questions and Answers". Rest assured that all of your questions will be dealt with in future issues as space permits. We have in our possession, much more material on many different subjects which we will be presenting in future time.

Until our next publication, may the sea of knowledge bring you much "food" for thought.

Peggy Rebeck

David Comments...

"The matter that will be dealt with now is the subject you have requested, and that is health and healing. We shall deal with it perhaps on a slightly different manner than you anticipate, and yet in time, we shall encompass all. It is important to the reader of the Messenger that we are dealing with topics in a fragmented manner in order to assist as many as possible. Within future time, we shall return to each thread that has been unraveled and complete the role as is possible. It is also wise to allow the readers to know that much more material has been given than is possible to present at one time, so that they may recognize that there is a greater continuity of information that has been dealt with than is possible to record in a few issues.

We shall allow the Representative of the Brotherhood, the Messenger, to explain the format of this next section."

Messenger I - The Brotherhood Speaks On Spiritual Healing (30 Aug, 1979)

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

The concept of health is a complicated matter in that there are three elements involved: health of the spiritual being or self, health of the mind, and health of the body.

One might become confused in thinking that the spiritual form cannot be in an unhealthy state. This is not true. One may surround the spiritual form with negative energy to the point that while it in itself is not unhealthy, its ability to relate to the physical body is through a negative energy field; thus producing an apparent spiritual illness. This is caused primarily by a lack of spiritual value within your world.

The value that the individual holds within his consciousness, becomes the determining factor for the degree of communication between the spiritual self and the physical form, but within this concept of health and disease, we must deal with a greater element. We are not alone concerned with the health of the body in the manner that you think of it, for we are concerned with the health of the body of man... the sum total, the collective body of man, and in that sense, we are concerned with the health of this physical world wherein you manifest at this time... all of these matters are elements that affect your physical being.

You concern yourself with health, but in fact you treat the symptom of disease and not the cause. This has been oft told to you by many teachers, and yet man has not altered his concept. Man turns and poisons the air he breathes, the ground which feeds him, the waters he drinks, and then questions why the physical form entrusted to him does not function well. How is it possible for such a form to function with the conditions man has created?

Further, in a collective sense, man does not seek to balance the conscious communication from one to another. Instead, he sets up national and international boundaries and assumes that it is of no effect to constantly create suspicion and fear within the consciousness of individuals. Can a man under such constant stress and fear maintain a healthy body?

The leaders of many religious groups are incapable of seeing the needs of the people, and instead they hide behind words whose meanings they no longer understand. They drive away those who dare question and leave the world without sufficient spiritual leadership. And man, without spiritual balance and harmony, cannot maintain a healthy form. Each part of man, whether we speak of the individual entity, the collective body of man, or the world wherein he resides, is affected on a mental, a spiritual, and a physical level.

Correction of health begins at a wide spectrum. It begins on the international level, as you term it; it begins within a whole community, but here we have spoken only of those things which you control in a simpler fashion. Shall we not also speak of the hidden energies that you have brought into being? What of the negative energies of the mind... the phantoms created by thought and allowed to roam freely within your world? Can you live healthy within the presence of these thoughts? Can you live next to a neighbor who generates negative energies through prejudice and hatred, destroying part of the balanced field of the earth itself, and then still expect to be within a positive vibration that will assure you of good health? These are the directions that man has taken into the world. He is not placing the energy emphasis on correcting the cause of disease. It is a mental, a spiritual, and a physical, and it requires an attention to the mental, spiritual, and physical body of the collective man as well as individual man.

In the spiritual there is no communication without the conscious desire to do so. How may the soul communicate with man if the door is closed? Where shall the soul, the spiritual self, draw upon higher energies and bring them to the physical form if there is no channel, no vehicle by which to communicate? Without the desire of the physical form, there is no communion with the soul. If we separate all concept of religion from man, he no longer even prays. And if he has no value system to recognize his own immortal self, then there is no means by which an effective healthy link may be established... the soul is fed from above, but is stagnant and deteriorates. It shrivels with the form that does not seek it and denies it the right and opportunity to exist, to co-exist, and to share. Without a meditation, without a prayer, without a philosophy or theology, there is no means by which the link can be established to maintain the most harmonious balance of the body and soul. Where then do we find health?

Man takes and puts into the body energies which are not of the most harmonious balance. He seeks not to understand the music of life. He seeks not to understand the balance of the food that he partakes of. He seeks not to take of the physical, mental, and spiritual foods that are available to him. Without the development of the mind, man does not have the power to think clearly and to communicate. Without the exercise of the physical form, it stagnates and the muscles atrophy. Without the proper food, it disintegrates. The body will consume itself if it is not given the vital energies. We do not mean these words to indicate that there is no means by which an individual may improve the situation, but we mean to point out clearly that health must be a collective effort of man in order for it to be effective. You may not remove disease totally from your world unless all of man seeks to eliminate it, unless all of man works together to establish the positive elements of health.

It is important to recognize that the form of disease that you are most cognizant of is the product of the end... that is, it is the result of first a spiritual breakdown, and then a mental communications failure, and then a physical form. Health is the product of spiritual, mental, and physical balance. In order to find a starting point within your world, it is necessary that we take each of these segments - the spiritual, the mental, and the physical, and examine what each individual may do in order to improve his health, recognizing that perfection within this domain is a collective function.

We shall begin from the spiritual point. Two other Messengers shall deal with the mental and the physical. In as much as man is a spiritual being, it is important to recognize that the spiritual form or body is the critical or most important element. This form is subject to many interferences within your world. Upon the higher planes of the spiritual world, the spiritual form may not have imbalance or any negative energy about it. When it descends to the physical world and takes a body, it is then subject to influences upon that plane or dimension which it exists.

If we term the presence of the soul as that which is supra-physical, then within the supra-physical world or dimension, other forces whether created by man or not, are able to exert an influence upon the soul. As an example, the Guide or any High Positive Energy or Being may help to repair and cleanse the spiritual form of man. This is usually accomplished by removing the negative energy that has collected around the spiritual form, much as the barnacles upon a ship's hull. This is the manner by which things are picked up.

The soul that is left without communication, without the conscious act to seek higher energy, becomes exteriorly stagnant. Within, the soul always aspires to the highest form of energy. Outwardly, it is limited by the physical consciousness. All of the thought of man is impinged upon the soul, and even the most positive or balanced of spiritual beings upon your world when entering certain areas of your world, would find the atmosphere so repressive that it would not be able to function or to balance because of the negative energies that surrounded it.

We do not speak of negative energies created by a Divine Source. That which is Divine does not create that which is negative. Man creates negativity out of ignorance. He creates negativity and then leaves it to float upon the sea of time and space until it penetrates our very private worlds and surrounds our spiritual selves.

Within the concept of meditation, we seek to reunite the body, mind, and soul into one being. Within the concept of prayer, we seek to raise the mind to the soul and to open the door of communication. When the body is consciously directed by man, all of its prime centers communicate and vibrate and harmonize with the spiritual self in order to receive all of the necessary guidance and direction.

But where does one begin? One begins at the spiritual level by recognition of the very presence of the soul itself. The man that does not recognize the presence of his soul is a man in whom health is difficult to manifest. The recognition and the seeking to communicate and to understand the direction and guidance... the man that walks in the world upon a path that is in disharmony or anti to the direction the soul would desire, is a man who cannot enjoy good health. The soul and the body must communicate in an open free exchange of information and knowledge, and only at this time, can it begin to promote good health from the spiritual level.

Prayer and meditation are the keys. Within your modern concept, the meditative state is one which allows you to enter into that realm or world and to examine for yourself what is present. Consider the nature of any energy that is transmitted coming through a dirty or negative filter. Even as the element within your vehicle, the filter of the gas, was impaired by excess negative elements during your journey, so it often is with the soul of man. The soul is cleansed when the consciousness seeks the energy from the Divine Source, seeking to illuminate the being, flooding it with light and love and energy; and when the being is intensified on the spiritual level, then that negative dross which hangs about it can no longer stay there and must remove itself.

Messenger I continued (1 Sep, 1979)

Greetings from the Brotherhood!

We were speaking upon the spiritual aspect of man in regard to healing, dealing with that triune nature of the body, the mind, and the spirit. We were concerned with the spiritual form and the manner by which it affects the health of the body... that in final truth, all illness must pass through this stage first.

Where the spiritual self is in total communion with the physical form, there can be no disease. This is where man has failed in his desire for perfection in the physical form. He fails to recognize the need to draw these energies from the spiritual plane as well as the physical. Without the spiritual dimension, the physical form is subject to all manners of disease and discomfort. It is only through the ultimate balance that man is free of these elements. Wherein the physical form is ill and healing is performed, it is not permanent unless the communion with the spiritual self is restored.

In addition to the lack of conscious communication from the self on the mental level, and the proper balance of the physical form, balancing the body through diet and exercise is the body's method of communicating with the spiritual self. The mind must positively affirm and seek the communion with the spiritual self. When these are brought together we have the potential. We are not here ignoring the element you term karmic influence nor are we negating its effect, but that again, emanates from the spiritual.

When the spiritual self is surrounded by negative energies, it impairs the flow or communication with the physical self. This occurs because of the energy that the entity has put about himself. One who lives within a negative vibrational field can not expect the spiritual self to remain unscathed by the surrounding energy. It is unimportant to define the mechanics of whether the negative energy is more appropriately around the physical form or more around the spiritual form. Suffice that it is a barrier, a barrier which tends away the effectiveness of communication.

In truth, negativity seeks to surround positive spiritual elements and the spiritual self, so as to cloak it in darkness. In order to free the spiritual self, it must maintain a balance of its own nutrition and exercise. The exercise of the spiritual self is the communion with the physical, while the nourishment of the spiritual self is the communion with Higher Energies and Sources. That which you term meditation and prayer, if they start only at the communion with self and ascend no higher, they are unable to draw down the vital forces that are required for the spiritual makeup of man. This is why each man has the Guardian Forces and the Guiding Forces with him from his inception into this physical world. When the spirit leaves this plane of existence, it is no longer required to deal with polarities of energy and therefore no longer requires that particular guiding or guarding type of energy.

Are you able to comprehend that which we have given?"

Peggy: "I believe so. I do have a question. Through meditation, we have been instructing people to communicate primarily with their guides. If a person does not consciously communicate with his Higher Self also, does he then eliminate the spiritual communication?"

"We are concerned not only with the communication with the Higher Self, but with the Force of this Universe that gave it meaning and birth. Communion with the Guide is one element which belongs within that frame you term meditation. Also within that same frame is the element of communion or communication with that termed the Higher Self. Prayer is the vehicle by which the mind of man ascends through the soul to the Cause of All Causes.

Man may not separate from seeking the Higher Light beyond himself without deteriorating his ability to blossom. May a flower fully bloom without the sun? Even if all the water and nutrients needed are provided, it requires the mysterious element of the light of the sun in order to blossom and bring forth its maximum potential for beauty. Without the sun, the green leaf is not green. How much more man in need of the Solar Logos than the plant.

Thus speaks the Brotherhood."

SPECIAL NOTE: Richard is often physically drained at the end of our recording sessions with David and the Brotherhood. Many of you have inquired as to how to take some of the strain off him and have, in fact, offered to act as batteries, etc. We include the following comments from David relevant to this subject.

"We must operate on energy from this plane. One must, in essence, open the door for us to enter in. While it is possible within the concept of channeling, for others to act as sources also of energy, it is not appropriate within this entity's relationship to myself.

In order to maintain effective shielding and preventing of other energies from entering within this field, we have established about the physical form, an energy barrier that prevents any force whatsoever of entering within this field. To extract energy from you or another, would cause us to break down or to eliminate this shielding of energy.

We wish to explain one element further relevant to energy. It is a matter that has perplexed you and others, and we deem it necessary that it be given to the Messenger. When we partake of this entity's energy in making the transformation, we do upon entering your plane, borrow a small portion of energy to make the transfer or transition from one dimension to another. But many have said, "Then why does not the Brotherhood and David give energy to the being when they are present?" We, in fact, do.

The acceleration of the physical form is our process of eliminating toxicities within the body. We are in it but a short period of time, and the fatigue that is felt is the normal effect as if one had done a period of exercise. We are, in fact, working to repair and to improve the various functions for the short time therein. This is why it has been necessary to double the metabolic rate during the time we are present, in order to accelerate these cleansing and detoxifying functions we perform. We are treating the form as if it were our own, and therefore seeking to repair all that we can within that time frame. Thus, we have an apparent fatigue, but as we leave, we have put twice the energy within that we borrowed to enter."

Messenger II - The Brotherhood Discusses Mental Health (1 Sep, 1979)

"Greetings! The Brotherhood chooses to deal with the subject now of mental... the aspect of the mind as it deals with healing and health. Within this element lies the key to man's existence upon this plane.

Throughout time, the greatest minds have deduced that within the mind of man lay all the keys to his physical well-being. To a major extent, this is true of the body. The body is an instrument guided and governed by the mind; the mind, being a collective term, which embodies the several brains within man and their function and their interrelationship with the body and the Higher Self. It is similar to your remote devices.

The mind of man is conscious, willful, and powerful, but it does operate on more than one level of consciousness and therefore, may will on one level what the other level is not cognizant of or in agreement or harmony with. That which you term the subconscious may often operate in anti-harmony with man from the conscious standpoint.

The mind creates. How often these words have been taught, and yet man does not comprehend. The mind is the creator. All reality upon your plane emanates from the mind. Every thought that exists within man becomes a reality, and that reality may become a permanent entity when it has repeatedly, or for a prolonged period of time, been a particular intense energy.

The body depends upon a harmonious balance for good health. If the mind is bent toward desire or greed or anger or hatred, it is not capable of simultaneously operating the physical form to a maximum degree of efficiency. The mind must learn to control not only its thoughts, but the actions of the body as well. It is the true master upon this plane, but it too often is the slave to the physical self.

The major difficulty within the mind is a lack of what you term faith. It is partially a byproduct of the education you have received. You have been taught to disbelieve all that you perceive, and nature by its inherent example, seeks to teach to believe in what you see.

The mind today is underdeveloped. Early man by comparison, was far more capable of dealing with his physical self, for the mind was highly evolved in its work. If a man found a negative thought entering his mind, he sought to understand why. Today, you live in a world which promotes negative thinking.

One moment... the temperature of this physical form is rising. (We turned down the thermostat on the air-conditioning system.)

An example might well be taken here. The physical form responds to the energy difference of a Guide and a Messenger by accelerating its metabolic rate. This function occurs because of the highly increased activity of mind while we are present. In so doing, the body is not prepared to adjust to the constant demand by the mind to know what its status is and to manage its affairs. It therefore must accelerate these functions.

Without the development of the mind, and the ability to form a solid memory, and to visualize within the mind's eye, and to clear the mind of negative thought structure, recognizing these as defeating and serving not the true self, without these elements, how then shall the mind act as the proper bridge between the spiritual and the physical self? Truly, the mind is capable of controlling the body and ordering all functions of the body to accelerate, decelerate, cease to exist, or grow anew, yet this mind must receive its instructions from another source, from a higher plateau... the spiritual self. Without seeking, only limited instructions may be transmitted to the physical form... that which is handled on that you term a subconscious level.

The mind must be purified. It cannot be allowed to be constantly exposed to the negative element and to expect a positive result. One must seek to cleanse the mind, to bring harmony and balance and light into the mind itself.

One must seek to learn to expand the potential. Does it not seem strange to man that even his scientists have deduced that less than one tenth of his brain is employed? Hear the message your own scientists speak: "90% of your brain is useless". No thing has been brought into being in this universe that is useless. All things have a purpose and a meaning. The mind of man exists in order that man may gain the use thereof. He has not seen fit to do so and therefore, often suffers the physical consequence.

If the mind is to be the receiver for a remote control, then it must be highly developed and evolved to efficiently operate at all times. This is only accomplished through the development of the learning and the process of making the mind grow, by seeking to clearly understand not only the process of thought, but the cause behind thought itself. To integrate and unify the several elements of mind so that they are capable of working together in harmony, to open the past within the subconscious, to bring forward to the present all that was, so that all that may be can be perceived within the mind's eye as a logical extension of where man is now.

If the mind is then the creator, how then shall man develop it to its fullest potential? How may man use it? What is it that we term the negative thought that man surrounds himself with? Consider the constant flow of information that is presented to your mind, both visually and audibly. You are told of violence, of hatred, of war, of death. Are these things of positive? Are these things upon which you wish to build tomorrow?

Consider well what percentage of your day is spent reviewing and understanding the negative elements of your world, and what percent of your time is spent recounting the positive. Which then is the greatest element you deal with, and which is impressed more greatly upon your brain and upon your spiritual mind? You have created a world of fear. You have created a world wherein there is much evil within the thought. You have created the antithesis of that which you term the "golden rule", your antithesis being that statement, "Do unto others before they do unto you". These are parts of your mental framework. Can such a concept bear good health? Can such ideas bear good fruit?

Today, it would be ill thought of that it would be necessary to memorize an entire book, for you have books aplenty, and yet in another time when the paper and the ink and the press were not together, did not man then learn by memorizing word for word, letter for letter, entire structures of history and religion? Think well how the mind that knew every letter of the law that had been given, was developed, by comparison to your own wherein the majority of your people do not even know one tenth of the law that is written. The question of how to develop the mind should stand clearly. It is not only within religious elements. It is within history. It is within the communication with one's self with the world about that the mind is developed.

The sights that are bestowed upon the mind's eye are part of health. The ideas that you harbor and hold each day are part of health. On your recent journey, we guided you through sectors wherein you had the opportunity to partake of visual feasts in order that you might see how the mind can be employed to a positive element. On occasion, you were subjected to the news and reports of your world, but for the majority time, you were isolated. You were isolated in that you were surrounded by harmonious mental activity. It became the dominant and produced the positive factors necessary to bring you home again. These are the elements within your world.

You shall not develop the mind within magazines that bespeak of the lowest vibration and seek to entice the mind and the body into rebellion. Nor shall you do it with drugs and fluids that dull the senses or with the means, the vehicle of communication (apparently television), that allows those who are used to bending minds to practice upon yours via your communication instruments. Your mind is fertile ground. Be careful what you sow therein, for truly you shall reap what you have sown.

Health is a function of the mind. The body may be no healthier than the mind is developed, than the mind is positive. And shall the body be healthy if the mind is prejudiced, if hatred resides within? Shall we then consider that the body can be balanced if the mind is poisoned? If greed is your God, can the spiritual energies flow through the mind of man to heal the body and make it whole? Can your gods of gold heal your body? Has any man's wealth ever brought perfect health? By what yardstick then are the material things that you with your minds, as compared with the truth that your mind is capable of holding? Develop the mind; learn; and when you have thought that you have learned enough, learn some more. This is your classroom. You cannot learn too much.

Know your thoughts. Know that they are creators and that you shall have to face the creation of your own mind. You do within your daily life, and you shall at some point in time be held accountable by yourself, for you shall come face to face with every child of your mind and shall deal with that entity regardless of its nature.

Within the physical realm, you worry of health of the body. We are concerned with that also, but we are concerned a great deal with what might be termed the mental and spiritual health. The mental man is the physical plane counterpart of the spiritual man. It is the microcosm and the macrocosm, and as it is written, "As it is below so it is above, as it is above, so it is below". You create from this plane and it is reflected upon the other. If negativity is your lot, you then project that negativity about your spiritual self and choke it, surrounding it with darkness. You may not place yourself within a negative environment on the mental plane and expect to be able to maintain balance within. You may not allow the world to drown out your conscious senses in order to evade the dealing with your own thoughts and consciousness, and grow or accomplish. You may not be hypocrites and say with the tongue, "To others do this and that and believe this and that", and practice not yourself.

Be not quick to take the idea of another man. Be not quick to give up that which you hold to be truth, but be open for the development and growth of truth within you. And seek to learn from the collective nature of man, reviewing each element of your life. Know what part of your time is spent in receiving that which is positive. Know what part is receiving that which is negative. Know that which you create, and be happy with the children you have brought into being, for this shall provide you with a mental instrument that will provide the first stages of perfection in health. In truth, the physical element of man is subject to the mental in totality. That is the message."

Messenger III - The Brotherhood Comments On Physical Health (2 Sep, 1979)

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

It is now time to deal with the physical aspect of healing. We have discussed the nature of spiritual and the nature of mental attitudes to good health, and yet these are the same that become part and parcel of healing, for without health, there is no healing. Where there is health, no healing is required.

Looking into the physical form, into the physical self, we now recognize that healing and health are functions of the consciousness and the superconsciousness. That superconsciousness being that which you term the spiritual self and the consciousness, that which we have termed the mind. These are the elements that create health. Then what is to be done with the physical? Why is not then the physical form simply perfect when these states are balanced? It cannot be unless the physical is properly maintained.

In this area we do not desire to trespass upon concepts and ideas relevant to health. We recognize that all things within your universe are created out of the same essence. That is, they are a form of energy in motion; and yet, their particular nature is sometimes in disharmony with the particular nature of your physical form. Thus, there are substances which you term toxic or poisonous to the body, and there are substances which are totally destructive to the body. You recognize that that fluid you term acid is of the same essence, and yet is destructive. The very elements contained in many of your acids are those elements which are yet contained within your body. The acid within your stomach would burn your hand, and yet it is contained within without difficulty.

The physical form in man today suffers from the nature of the food he employs and the chemicals therein. As man seeks to consume larger quantities of food, and seeks to provide production methods to feed many, and he seeks to synthesize the source of food, he creates artificial compounds. Do you not recognize that that which is artificial does not contain the spirit of life that is within that which grows? That which you take from the ground contains a force... a life force within which cannot be simulated in the chemicals of the earth. If you take the grain of wheat and extract the very essence and separate its components into chemical elements and then synthesize these elements, can you then mix them together and make a grain of wheat? Has any man created a grain of wheat by mixing its constituent parts? Or a kernel of corn? Or perhaps with citric acid and water and oil of citral, you can make a lemon. These are the differences. You may extract, and even if you extract all of the elements from the fruits of the earth, they are no longer the same. The delicate proportion by which things are balanced with their ingredients may not be altered without altering the effect of the whole. Therefore, you may not take and add chemicals to your food and expect it to remain the same in balance.

Food which is not cooked, but as given from the earth, is the first and foremost in value. Some forms are more readily digestible and more palatable if lightly cooked, and therefore become secondary in the chain. Others contain particular structures that are difficult for the body to deal with.

We have, at another time through the guides, sent messages of the higher order of the vibrations of food. That which grows the farthest from the earth is of the higher vibration. That which grows above the earth and yet is connected to it, is next, and that which grows beneath the earth is of the third level. That which is of the animal kingdom is of the sixth level. That which walks upon the ground and flies in the air, the fowl, is of the fifth level, and that which swims in the sea is of the fourth. The lowest level below the warm blooded animal, the seventh level, is the level which is of the chemical of the earth. And at the time as we move from the food chain upward, we may recognize man evolving toward the point where he seeks the higher foods.

The physical form is well adapted to digesting and analyzing and extracting the food elements it needs. Those terms you think of as mineral and vitamin are balanced within foods if you seek to find them. The supplements that are natural are beneficial, but not as much so as the natural source. You may not add to wheat, and if the body is given the wheat in as pure a form as is possible for it to take, then it will gain more from that wheat than is possible were it to be mixed with other elements.

The type of diet or pattern you term the mono is, in practical sense, a high vibration diet. To consume one type of food at a time allows the system to absorb that energy pattern without interfering. To mix types of food is like mixing chemicals. The result is not always positive. When you mix the grain of the earth with the meat of the animal, you nullify the effectiveness of both.

Within your consciousness you have not yet chosen to remove yourself from the lower kingdom. Of the lowest kingdom, there are some minerals and elements that man may partake of to his benefit and yet to his detriment, in excess. Small quantities of all kingdoms are required for the physical form, and vet of the animal kingdom, you may partake without partaking of life. Those products you term the dairy products emanate from the animal kingdom and they are of that level, and by partaking of them, you partake of no life - you do not destroy life in order to exist. By taking of those fruits and herbs and vegetables, you are capable of building a body that is perfect in health. Small quantities of one type of food, followed by another quantity of another type, is a satisfactory approach, but mixing them, you do not perceive what you are getting.

You cry that the economic value of a good diet is beyond your means, and you recognize not that the cost you have expended is wasted, in that all you have put into your physical being is toxic substance. Early man prior to his education, prior to his enlightenment in your modern age, sought the berries and the wild grains of the earth for food, and only rarely did taste of meat. This brought man into a lower vibration. In order to bring the body into perfection, the vibration of the body must be raised. To raise the vibration of the body, one must first raise the vibration of the foods that are put therein.

But then shall the body be left idle? Of what excuse and value is a body that is grown soft from lack of use? Shall you sit with your hands folded for the next decade of your years? The body is a tool... a vehicle you have chosen to employ. The obligation is to maintain it in perfection. The musculature system must be balanced with exercise, the stomach with food that is fresh and whole... not poisoned within a can, nor preserved with your chemicals, nor idle with laziness. Nor must its lungs be poisoned, for in the air is indeed a potent energy. One group terms it a prana; another might say that Ruah or the spirit of life is in the air itself. That spirit cannot maintain in an environment polluted with the smoke and noxious substances you put in your air to breath. Seek the pure air. Deny access in your home to anyone who would pollute it with any foreign substance in the air.

Let not the negative toxic elements be present in your atmosphere and your physical form shall be raised. It shall be raised by meditation. It shall be raised by proper diet. It shall be raised by indrawing of the life force within the air. It shall be raised by physical balance.

Excessive states of weight are not conducive to good health. One who tolerates a continued excess structure of the physical form cannot claim to be working towards a physical balance. It is better to give the body that which it needs and no more, for excess amounts of food are also a poison to the system. It does not function well in these manners.

Cleanliness is an element which is often forgotten. Too often the body is not maintained in a perfect balance throughout your world. The toxicities must be removed from the skin. The balancing of the tissue without, through an act of cleanliness, is an element in promoting health.

The focusing of the consciousness on the various sectors of the body, or those key element zones you term the chakras, is also advisable. Place your own consciousness into these zones, and within your mind's eye, see the intensification of energy within them.

Seek the balance and harmony of each segment of your physical form; and wherein possible, where it does not violate the need to live, let not the knife be put to the physical form except as an absolute measure to save the life. Man bends to needless surgery, many times even for vanity. Interrupt not the physical form. Let only a natural means change the molecular integration. Be it necessary however, work with your practitioners to repair that which has been broken or damaged. But seek not to surgical solution for if that be the solution, then the true solution would be to remove the primary cause - that which you term the brain. That surgery would be more meaningful.

In recent times, the Guide David referred to your practice of preserving your food like you preserve your dead and then eating it. We find that most apropos to consider what you put into your bodies. The mind is capable of transmuting much matter, and an evolved spiritual being could indeed drink the poison like the hemlock and still walk upon this plane. But that is a form which is first made perfect, not one which is in the state of becoming.

What then is healing? It is the bringing together of three primary energies within the being, of focusing these energies, of causing at times, restructuring, rematerialization, reorganization of cellular and molecular elements of the physical form, dissolving and materializing as necessary... all within the capability of man. But the primary is one of balance.

There are three locks upon the door of health. You do not enter without the key to all three, nor do you heal with any person unless you seek to heal from the highest level down. And when man is prepared to alter his way of eating, to alter the pressures he puts upon his physical form... we have not dealt with the obvious elements, the anxieties and pressures and the false gods of your society. These, we believe, stand clear by themselves. Until you recognize these however, and deal with them, man shall not know prolonged health.

Your people, your scientists, say that the physical form begins a process of disintegration or deterioration once it has reached a peak age. The body grows and matures and then begins to die. This need not be! You may indeed double the span of years accorded to man if you would but from the beginning moment, seek to balance. But we say clearly that no child who has tasted the flesh of animal, who has partaken of the fourth and the fifth and the sixth levels of kingdoms of food, shall ascend the physical form to the degree of multiplying the expectancy, for once that element is partaken into the body, the conditions are set. Certainly it may be improved and kept, but in the future, those children who are brought in and partake of only the higher level foods, and partake, yes of the products of the dairy, as you term them, but not of the flesh, then those indeed shall be the ones who are capable of transcending your limits. But if your society maintains the tension and emotional and psychological pressure, that will not avail.

It is interesting to observe man in his worry over that which is non-reality. If man were to place as much concern upon his physical health, his mental health, and his spiritual health, as he does upon the value of his gold, what a truly remarkable specimen he would now be.

That is the message."

A Real Life Drama (narrated by Peggy Rebeck)

Note from the Webmaster: I was weighing up the idea of whether to include this section as it is not very relevant today but I decided it would give a feel for the amount of work that has gone into producing these newsletters.

For those of you who have never witnessed a Light Messenger production, I would like to share a little bit of what goes on behind the scenes.

ACT I - The play is dictated by David and the Brotherhood, and we record it on cassette tapes. In my spare??? time I transcribe the tapes. It takes about eight hours to transcribe a 1-1 1/2 hour tape because I am currently using an old tape recorder that must be played, stopped, backtracked, and played again every few words. Since we have many sessions with David, often not related to the Messenger material, transcribing is an endless job.

ACT II - The bulk of material is sifted through, reread, punctuated and paragraphed (as well as possible), checked for spelling, and organized according to content for the Messenger. Before each issue goes to the printer, I spend a full week (7 days, 8-12 hrs. per day) typing constantly to get it ready. I won't share the printer's lines here, but suffice it that he often works overtime to get it done and receives no profit for his efforts.

ACT III - Our kitchen counter gets covered with stacks of paper (each about a foot high), and the hand collating begins. Each Messenger is then stapled, folded, stapled again (all by hand process), and set aside for attaching the address labels which we get from a computer service. Bless them! After the labels are attached and the Messengers are sorted according to zip codes, they are tied together in bundles. Believe me, that is a blistering job! Each bundle must be counted and labeled with specific information for the third class postage permit.

It is a big production! Many times, it has been a one woman show. For this issue alone, over 13,000 sheets of paper were hand processed. Allowing for no major interruptions, such as printing breakdowns, etc., the production takes a full two weeks of time to complete from beginning to end. In between dramas, there's the continuous job of keeping the addresses accurate, preparing them for the computer service, remailing returned Messengers, and answering related correspondence.

Conversations with David

"As I see it, health and happiness are tied together, and I'm wondering... what does total health involve? Can you define total health for us?"

"By that term, you implied total good health."


"The concept of a positively balanced, harmonious being, is one where the mind, the emotional, the spiritual, and the physical self, are all working in maximal harmony. We do not start health by the food we employ. It would be better that man were to eat rock and think properly, than to think poorly and eat the most balanced diet. We start by eliminating the imbalance that occurs between the spiritual self and the emotional and conscious mental self. These areas are the areas of primary difficulty.

Even as your practitioners recognize that the emotional stress will interfere with the stomach and will produce that situation you term ulcer, so it is with all concepts within the mind. If there is no harmony or balance in the concept of a Supreme Force or Being, if there is no spiritual outlook with respect to the brotherhood of man, there is no spiritual balance. Where the spiritual balance is missing, the proper energies are not being forwarded to the body. These energies consist of tiny messages from the spiritual form that instruct every segment of the body how to maintain itself in perfect harmony."

"Are you speaking of the etheric body and the chakras?"

"These are the terms you employ. There is a constant interplay of information between that which you term the etheric or astral body and the physical form. This is interfered with when there is an imbalance between the consciousness and the spiritual self. This begins the primary element of poor health or disease.

Proceeding beyond that point, and yet encompassing it, is the attitude by which a man lives. If a man is in a defensive state or an offensive state constantly, his mind cannot seek to find balance and beauty and harmony within his world. He is either defending himself against an imaginary enemy or he is attacking the imaginary enemy. In such cases, he causes tremendous amounts of the chemical you term Adrenalin to flow within his system, once again producing an imbalance and blocking the communication of the spiritual self.

Further, the enhancement of the difficulty by the blockage of the emotional self. The emotional nature interferes with the function of all glandular elements of the body. All glands which secrete are interactive with the emotional nature. And wherein you have become masters of creating the cesspool of emotional memory, you are not capable of maintaining proper balance in the instructional set of the body.

When we move beyond this point, we then come to the physical form, and we find man in general, failing to provide the body with the physical motion, as you term exercise, that is necessary to maintain a good balanced system. You do not feed your bodies with the optimum food, but rather you employ material that is no better than that which you put in the ground. Your foods today are preserved in the same manner that you preserve a corpse for burial, and this you then put upon your table. This is not a means of providing a balanced structure. Certainly the food is a necessary element, but it is of little value if you do not have the mental, emotional, and spiritual balance. If you cannot balance these areas, then it matters not what you put into the body for it will not respond to them. One moment...

Totaten says we should deal with the subject of those who do not eat meat. We have touched upon this area in the past, but we should remind that man would more ideally be suited, were he not one that chooses to eat the meat of animals. It is not that he may not, but that his physical form would be more responsive to him if it did not have to spend so many hours of its day in digesting of difficult substance."

"Let's talk about food a bit, David, because this is obviously something that we haven't discussed much in the past. What would an optimum diet consist of?"

"We have spoken of the higher the food is from the earth, the higher the vibration, and the lower in the earth, the lower the vibration. We will not specify the exact nature of foods, in as much as these vary from one area to another. It would be to create the wrong impression. We would however, say that one who has balanced the form is better to maintain what is termed a mono diet."

"Please clarify that."

"A mono is a single unit - one food substance at a time. Even if several types are to be eaten with the meal, it would be better to eat one type of food, completely finishing, and then another. We would also recommend ideally, a single type of food at a given meal where the number of meals per day may be increased if practical, and we would recommend that in the most ideal state, one would no longer eat any flesh of any animal that is warm. A minimum amount of the food of the sea, and that most of the food that is taken, would be that which you term raw. The raw foods, those foods which are not cooked except wherein it is necessary to cook, are the most ideal. Even the grain may be eaten in a broken state, a crushed state, without being cooked."

"And it is better for us that way... the grain?"

"That is correct."

"What about juicing fresh vegetables? Does that change the molecular structure of them?"

"It does not change the molecular structure of what you have taken. It eliminates or alters the structure you are consuming by the elimination of certain products."

"If food is cooked, from a health standpoint, what is the best way to cook it? In other words, steam it, bake it...?"

"The cooking by water you term steam and the cooking by immersion and the baking are the better methods, or that which is cooked over fire directly."

"What about charcoal?"

"That is cooked over fire directly."

"We have heard some stories about charcoal being cancer inducing so would you please clarify?"

"It is possible within the artificial types that man produces with the chemical therein. In the natural form, it is not."

"I would also like to ask about microwave ovens. If they are used for cooking food, is that harmful to the food?"

"It is not, providing it is operating properly and the food is given a time to increase rather than the maximal temperature. Prolonged use at the maximum range may produce excessive cooking in the outer edge."

"Are microwave ovens considered a good way to prepare foods that are cooked?"

"It is an acceptable form."

"You've spoken of exercise. In a general sense, what exercise would you recommend for most people?"

"Elimination of your motor vehicles."

"What about sunlight? It was interesting for me to learn that my system needs sunlight every day to help eliminate toxins."

"The need is very dependent upon the individual system. All men need some sunlight. Some men may not tolerate very much at a time. One of fair complexion and skin might be too light to dwell within the sun."

"Is fluorescent lighting harmful to us?"

"It is imbalancing. It interferes with the communication between the spiritual and the physical self. It breaks down the energy interchange at those points you term the chakras."

"Would you say that in order to maintain mental and emotional balance, meditation is the best way to do so?"

"That is correct. That and honesty within the immediate circle and with one's self."

"It is interesting that you added honesty to that."

"A thief may meditate."

"We know that people do experience healings through the aid of someone acting as a healer with them. I would like to know how that process works? In other words, what transpires between a healer and the healee?"

"That material is intended by the Brotherhood to be delivered in the next issue. I would therefore choose not to preempt."

"How does one know if he is a channel for healing?"

"That will be dealt, and it is advisable that you report that those subjects will be dealt. However, know well that all individuals are capable of becoming channels for healing as you term it."

Questions and Answers

"Since this is the month of the ninth cycle of the moon, many of our readers are anxious to have more information relevant to the Brotherhood's message in the last issue. What is the trend of world events at this time?"

"Even at this time, man's worship of the "golden gods'' has increased their value beyond measure. So as man has continued in this path, so this time becomes the mark of the beginning of the cycle - that cycle you term the economic breakdown. It is the beginning of the recessional or depressional cycle which, as we have said, will not occur simultaneously in all areas. Up until this time, it has been possible to reverse the trend. The National System, the Government, had the power to prevent and reverse the present trend.

Within a period of eight days from this (this was given on September 4, 1979), the door shall be closed. We see no probability of reversal at this time. The situation will then take on a dim outlook for many of your people upon this plane. The economic situation will worsen. More will be out of work. The inflation will continue, and the entire economy will be brought to the brink of chaos. The pinnacle will occur at the end of the year one thousand nine hundred and eighty. We had hoped to see the nature of man alter the conditions. The numbers are too small to overcome the greed and the consciousness of the majority.

Even as you battle with the elements themselves, they will continue in even greater force. Man now begins to fight again against man. We have, in the past, spoken of the rise in the value of that metal gold. We have spoken of the destruction of the values within your investment structures. This is not yet evident, but shortly shall be. It takes a momentary rise and then it shall fall; and those who have put their fortunes and their family's hopes upon paper, shall indeed lose that which they have planned to gain. Even as the thunder is in the heaven at this moment, so the thunder clouds are upon the horizon, and the darkness shall stretch over the earth for a period of one year and four months.

Those who are true children of light, will still see the light through the darkness. This is the time when we shall separate those who dwell better in darkness. During this time, you will see the prophets rise, but remember that in darkness, it is usually a false prophet. You will see many go astray following these prophets, but the worker in light with a true consciousness, knows that they need only stand still and meditate upon the life itself; and they shall be illumed brighter than any sun, for where the consciousness is focused to the Highest Cause of Being, how there can darkness persist? But those who panic, those who run looking for one to lead them, those who seek the false Messiahs... know well by their action that they are not children of the light. Only the children of darkness fear the darkness itself. That is sufficient for this time."

"Kathy Nagy of Honolulu, Hawaii writes to us again. She asks: "My question pertains as to how to cope with these mundane changes. By coping, I'm thinking of everything between buying freeze dried foods to tools to help us stay on the path and help others as we go.""

"The last part is the most important part... of how to help others. Remember to forget it not that the primary objective of the light worker is to bear the light.

In considering the utilization of food and tools, be wise stewards. Do not go beyond the means to procure, and do not procure that which you do not know how to use. Let everyone bring forth his talents and use them jointly, remembering that it is never for yourself alone. And he who says, "Stand alone, or enter my group and we shall be alone and no others shall stand with us and we shall lock the door", beware, for that is the wolf! That is the prophet of darkness! It were better that a soul should give all that it has, even if it gave its own sustenance that another might continue. But let the children of light, let the inner voice be their guide, let their own Guide direct them, but know that no child of light shall be working and not eat... that no child of light shall be without care or comfort.

And what is mundane, and what is great? Does not the mightiest vessel of your ocean require the smallest drop of oil within the motor? What great element within your society does not have a tiny element behind it? Consider all of the functions within this world. Remember, as we have said, if you have truly sought to be a tool in the hand of the Creative Force of this universe, then do not tell the Workman how to employ it, but with surrender and love and purpose flow forward into all functions; and when the cloak of darkness would shed its arm about you, reject it by giving it light. Resist not evil, but bless it with the light of the Divine Source."

"This question comes from Sonja Baker in Miami, Florida: "How can we as individuals help in this time? You mention power in numbers and focusing upon becoming. Will you clarify this word 'becoming' please?""

"We speak in the term becoming, of all beings seeking to unify their consciousness. The primary active force that man contributes outside of balance within himself, is that contribution to opening the channel, the pipeline from this world to the next... becoming an adept, becoming a perfected channel. By each person seeking to provide a doorway, a vehicle of entry for the Brotherhood and other Higher Forces, you work collectively, even without the conscious knowledge of same. By reaching your consciousness upward and seeking the assistance and the guidance from above, you open portals of light within a sea of darkness. In so doing, you are in the act of becoming a total vessel of light.

We are all Gods in the becoming. Seek, therefore, to achieve greater perfection through greater devotion, purifying the body, the mind, and the soul, by learning from the Infinite Teacher, allowing the experience of life, your own and others, to impenetrate your consciousness and remove the darkness of ignorance."

"And from Hialeah, Florida, Rina Vega asks about, "Direct relation of the development of the chakras and the spiritual one."

"This is a point of common confusion. The concept that the chakra must be developed is erroneous. The physical form comes into being with all chakras in full manifestation, however they are not always employed at their highest potential level. Certainly, the organs of the body are operating. If the chakras were not, this could not be so. To utilize that energy and the operation of the chakra for the highest potential, to allow the inflow of what you term the cosmic energy, is a conscious act. The term 'the spiritual one' is a confusing term. If therein, you speak of oneness with self, then one must seek to understand all functions of the form, both in the spiritual and the physical level."

Richard's Dialogue

It has been a few issues since I have contributed directly to the Messenger, and this is primarily because of the volume of material from David and the Brotherhood.

Our long trip is now behind us and we can look back on it with joy and understanding. We did not reach as many as we had hoped, but those whom we shared with along the way were worth all the effort. We can never thank enough all of our friends who fed us and gave us lodging and lent their support along the way. Without them we would not have completed the journey. But then the journey is never truly over, is it?

As we traveled, many people asked if I was going to offer tapes of my lectures and mail order courses, etc. I have, many times, thought this a good idea and so I have decided to start with a general newsletter of my own. It will deal primarily with Astrology and Kabbalah. I do not consider it proper to use the Light Messenger for this purpose, and so I am going to set up a separate mailing list and distribution for the newsletter which will incorporate my thoughts and activities, as well as information on tapes and courses I will be offering.

Now for a new area, please let us all temper our reaction to one another with good judgment. Great light is being sent to earth at this time and we truly need it now, but we must remember that the obligation to discern truth from falsehood lays with each of us. Beware of Gods in human form, and beware of too quickly accepting an idea before you test it in the inner heart. Remember that we live in a world of illusion and we need to be totally balanced to see clearly. Let the Teachers speak and hear them all if you can, but listen to the inner voice to know truth and remember that the forces of darkness often deal with 99% truth and 1% falsehood.

In Genesis we are used to the familiar story of creation, but let me share another translation:

"In the beginning the Gods created the Heavens and the Earth.

And in a later time, the earth had become void and desolate and was surrounded by darkness. And the Spirit of God visited the earth and moved over the surface like a wind and desolation was everywhere. And He said, "Let there be Light" and the darkness parted and there was Light...

And He said to Adam and Eve, "Be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth.""

Let not a future race need to replenish the earth. Let us be the Zoharic Race, the race of Splendor, the race that achieves union with the Source of all being.

May your path be guided by the Light of Divine Truth (EMETH).

Richard Chaim

Copyright by Richard Rebeck, Peggy Steinberg, Salvatore Cacciola