Light Messenger

Volume 2, Chapter 5

"In the beginning was Spirit. The Spirit became consciousness. The consciousness became flesh.
Three, yet one, and they are man; and yet they know not each other."
... from the guides.

Greetings And Salutations!

As this Light Messenger is being prepared, it is mid-November. We realize that many of you will not receive it until the end of the month or December so we apologize for the delay. We do try to publish on a bimonthly basis, but lately, many personal commitments and obligations have bogged us down. Time has become very precious to us, and if fact, Richard has not had a free day for relaxation in over a month. We regret the delay but think the contents are worth waiting for!

An Afternoon With David

On October 20th, 1979, we went to Fort Lauderdale and presented "An Afternoon with David" for the readers of the Light Messenger in that area. All of us had a very good time while learning from the experience. The trip was profitable, and in fact, we were overwhelmed with the response of those who attended.

Format Changes In The Messenger

As the reader should know, this publication is under the direct guidance of the Brotherhood Of Light and our Guides. Although we may request information on a given subject, we never know exactly what will be presented nor how much space it will entail. In the last few issues, the Brotherhood's messages have been quite lengthy, and we're not complaining because we are happy to have the detailed information.

However, in trying to keep each issue to a reasonable length for all practical purposes, we must at times cut out some of the material that we would like to present. If you find some of your favorite subjects or features missing, please bear with us. We will present the material as we feel it is necessary and of interest to the majority. We know from our mail that the September issue was extremely popular and filled a need. Therefore, we are continuing in that vein for this issue also, and David adds the subscript that this material on Health and Healing, "Is but the tip, as it were, of the iceberg."

Messenger I - The Development Of The Child In Consciousness And Health (November 2, 1979)

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

The concept of development of the child is the most critical stage that man can alter. To this time, you have, in essence, destroyed the primary energy that resided within a consciousness coming into existence in this plane. Now, as you seek greater understanding, you recognize your own role in this disharmony and now seek to find the direction by which you may restore balance so that these whom you term, the younger generation, may in fact, surpass you in potential at even an early age.

Let us first review the consciousness that is involved. The cycle of a soul is dependent upon the consciousness of the parent from whence was the energy given that brought forth life. Within what state of mind was the parents? What concept or desire resided therein? Was it for balance and harmony, or was it biological? All elements that are of the highest form will draw the highest type of energy that is possible. Regardless of the nature of energy that is drawn to the plane, it is the spiritual responsibility and obligation of the parent to see to the development of the child - to maintain a balance within the child, to maintain health through consciousness, through the physical form, through the spiritual interaction.

At a time within the age of adulthood, man is no longer capable of rejecting or accepting new ideas with ease. These concepts must be brought forth in a manner that he can logically analyze and decide are in harmony. The child's consciousness is open. It is clay to be molded into a perfect vessel.

From the moment of conception, the thought that surrounds the embryonic life impresses upon it vibratory patterns that determine part of the final nature. If that environment is in disharmony, then that will reflect itself in the final birth and soul manifestation. Recognize that many souls are capable of much higher manifestation but are limited in their entrance into this world by the consciousness and the vibratory pattern that surrounds them in their prenatal and childhood period. This represents a difficult concept in that maintaining balance and harmony during a pregnancy is not an easy element, but nor is the responsibility of bringing forth a vehicle of a soul's manifestation, one that should be taken lightly.

In first providing for the harmony, you have created the proper atmosphere within which this soul may form; but at that point, it is not enough. The soul must have guidance, and meditation, and prayer, to provide guidance from the Guide and the Higher Energies which is necessary to maintain the balance and to provide the early manifestation of the talents that have been brought forth from previous cycles.

Love must be made manifest, not only in feeling and expression, but within the environment. One may not bring a new life into an environment that is in disharmony and say that all else is balanced and therefore it does not matter. Bring the entity into as near a state of perfection in the surroundings and physical environment as is capable within the normal structure of the parents.

Having created a positive framework for the embryonic form to evolve the manifestation into a physical life form, requires development now with the assistance of the Guides by direct communication with the entity, the child, from the time of birth. This communication should take the form of spiritual instruction; reminding, not teaching - reminding the soul of its nature its journey, its cycle, its purpose to learn. And seek to provide that opportunity for that soul's manifestation, speaking as if you were speaking to one who had but forgotten for a moment.

Teach at an early age the experience of joy and balance. Provide a natural element around the child. Let not those things which come into the direct sphere of sensitivity be mixed. The child is capable of sensing the vibratory pattern of many things, but when you mix the fabric and the elements which surround the child. then the senses are dulled by confusion. Place not the child within a piece of cloth which is of more than one nature or fabric. Do not mix the cotton with the wool. Do you comprehend?"

"Yes. What about fabrics which are combinations of fibers such as polyester and cotton or cotton and nylon, etc.?"

"It is wise not to mix in the early stages. That which the child is upon is not as great a problem as that which the child views in the immediate environment and touches. The greater the natural nature, the greater the sensitivity of the child.

If the environment is provided in harmony and the colors are chosen in balance, the colors should always be soft and never harsh during the early infancy, and all of the colors should be present so that preference is an individual matter and not given by the choice of the parent.

If the environment is balanced and a sufficient time is provided for the entity to be in the natural world, in the out-of-doors, and the continuing communication with the soul consciousness is provided, the continuing meditation to bring the force of memory and to trigger the Guide's assistance... is now coupled with a proper diet - a diet which is fulfilling in the nutritional value and is lacking in those negative things which are not needed. Let not meat enter the mouth of the child, but let the diet be balanced with one food at a time. Allow the child to experience a wide range of taste, subtle though they may be; and provide within the background for the child, in as much time as is permissible, that which is termed the balanced sound or music. We said that which is balanced, not that which is loud and difficult to relate to.

Let not the child be struck during the early time, for where the love, and the balance, and the energy, is put forth and the child takes a proper position as a dominant responsibility within the life, there can be no need for punishment of a corporeal nature.

Encourage and promote truthfulness in the child in all things. Instruct the child in a concept of Divinity that is within your conceptional power, and pass on to the child these values, and morels, and concepts, that become part and parcel with the nature of the entity.

Seek to promote the child to smile and to utilize the hands in mechanical involvement. Let not the child become aware of anger or sorrow. Do not insulate from the world, but provide a balance of energy within the home that is so obvious that the world shall seem stark and bare by comparison.

As the child is capable of communicating, expand the awareness. Question relevant to the past, to the time before this time, and see if all may be brought forward in careful select balance. Never push the progress cycle but seek to comprehend it.

This time period that we are currently in has been declared an "International Year of the Child". We would see this brought into greater balance if one of the gifts of the child were restored, and that is the gift of the mind, the imagination. This element which you have taken away is one you must return. Allow the child to perceive; and create first the mirage of seeing that which is not, in order that the child may perceive. For in believing that you see, the child shall seek even harder to visualize and comprehend, thus creating a greater balance and harmony.

In continuation of the concept of the child, the many points which we have dealt with may seem to be beyond normal reality. They are, in fact, not so. It is not possible to comprehend that which you have not experienced. You cannot speak of success or failure of that which you have not tried. We have spoken of dealing with the environment, the attitude of feeling, the spiritual communication, the surrounding energy, and the food which is put into the form of the infant. We have spoken of the method of communication, of how to deal, and in this we come to the realization that the child is not a negative entity, but is rather a spiritual being capable of total manifestation, limited only by the manner in which you surround his world.

As he approaches education, it were better that you did not have such systems as you term your institutes of education, for they are institutes of ignorance and darkness, and they blind the mind to reality that is. Seek to instill within the mind of the child the full growth, the full knowledge, and the full trust within the parent. Prepare them for the world which will be different. Provide not the opportunity for them to deal with the negative without your direction... even to the simple things that they shall enjoy... that which you term the toys. Let them be of an educational nature. Whatever is done, never take away the free time and development from a child, but let all things be as if it were a game. Let not the box which enslaves the mind be present within the early time of the child, except as is used with the entire family present. Let not the playmates be of lower vibration. It is mandatory to control the beings with whom the child does associate.

It is mandatory that the child be given the greatest opportunity for education but to know first the universal laws... to understand nature. To raise a child requires that you learn yourself. Take the child into the world, into nature, into the woods, and fields, and rivers, and teach him of the animals, of the birds, of the plants, of the mountains, and the rivers, even before the time that he is to enter the formal system. Let him understand the difference of nations and the superficial difference that exists between the natures of man. These are the patterns that bring forth wholeness within the child.

Seek not to direct but to assist. Treat the soul as if it were of the highest potential, greater than yourself, and that your duty was to assist it in its development, protecting it where necessary by stern guidance, but never by imposition of your will upon the will of the entity. Let not your desire for what the child should be become a reality in your communication or direction. Grant the child the opportunity to evolve as a natural being. If you may not find harmony within the geographic environment you live, then change it. And if you are not prepared to provide the proper environment and sacrifice to guide a soul properly, then do not provide a vehicle.

That is all."

David Speaks On Karma, As Applied To Children, And Birth Defects
(November 4, 1979)

"To deal with the problem or the state of being of the child that is born with a handicap or with an impairment of type, or even those which are born incapable of living or sustaining life, and those whose deformities are extreme, recognize that all is judgment in the problem of understanding. It is judgmental when people look upon this and consider the problem. One would say, "How is it a Divine Source would create imperfection or allow it to be made manifest?"

The Spirit is the reflection of the Divine Source and is not impaired or crippled in the sense as we term it; it is only a student. The only retardation of the soul is a lack of sufficient learning which will yet be accomplished; and yet, it is necessary that some souls enter your being, your world of being, in order to provide a vehicle or an opportunity to learn for you.

Consider the drug that you employed and did experience difficulty with in recent times... that which you term the thalidomide and the resultant deformities. A chemical poison was introduced into the body of the mother. The utilization of this drug and its subsequent horror brought about a new view in the whole concept of your practitioners with respect to the woman who is with child. Therefore, instead of all being born still, which might not have been understood, these souls who came in, as it were, chose to serve others and also fulfill their need to learn the nature of being unable to function fully.

Let those who are intolerant of the handicapped, and those who would discriminate against the handicapped, beware! For if that prejudice and that blindness is not removed, then they too shall, in time, be that also. The man who puts them aside shall sit upon their chair in yet another time.

Even as many who enter in are serving out their own experience and their own need to learn, others are only here to serve. Many are the souls that have returned too quickly and are not capable of dealing with the final decision, and they leave shortly thereafter. This we have spoken of previously... that which you term the S.I.D.S., the sudden infant death syndrome. The soul is not permanently bound to the form until the first six cycles of the moon after birth have passed. At that time, the soul may not readily depart; prior to that point, it may do so.

Within these structures, we find the soul experiencing and growing. Even those which are injured as a child, those which are maimed and crippled, those which are starving and dying, are both learning and serving.

Seek not to separate which one is doing which, but seek to recognize. Look upon them with respect, for they are providing you a message. This world, this consciousness today, is utter hypocrisy, for man would charge the Deity with negligence in the manner by which children are born, not understanding the Law; and he yet turns his face upon millions that at this moment are dying for lack of food. We did not say thousands. We said millions! They serve also, but recognize further that as their serving and their energy is offered in service, that where man does not respond, man collectively inherits the debt.

There is no thing in this universe that is by accident. What is termed the child, is a wondrous thing, but within is also a mature soul full of the knowledge of the Divine Law.

Wherein a child is found in defect, today comes the terrible question of what must be done. For many, the woman having brought this child forth now finds herself faced with the difficulty of surrendering the child to an institution to care for it and there incurs, within their own consciousness, a feeling of guilt. This should not be. Where the individuals have given all the energy and the means they have to care for it, and yet that is not sufficient, what wrong is there in using the collective assistance that is made available? It is the combined energy.

Abandon not your ill and retarded. If they must enter the institutions, let that be, and be with open consciousness, knowing that they have chosen this life; but they also serve you so abandon them not. And if they are yours, then do not leave them behind walls without love. To place them there for their own benefit is often wise, but to not take occasion to visit, and see, and love, is unwise. The soul feels love, even when the physical form is totally incapable of responding. There is no such a thing as a human vegetable. There is a soul energy present, or if not a soul present, there is a Higher Energy or as you might term, an Angel standing by. No form is alone in this universe. No child goes without the love from the Divine Source; but all provide an opportunity for you on an individual and a collective level, to respond.

The female of the species claims to be the mother, and yet the world is motherless. The male claims to be the father, and they are biological progenitors of the starving masses. It is not the Divine plan which is out of order. It is man collectively and individually.

Within your times, you have had those people whom you term "the boat people", and you have said, "How terrible it is for these people." And then when it is spoken that they shall bring forty or fifty or a hundred to your town or your country or your state, you say, "Oh, that's terrible. We do not have the room for them. Send them back. Send them somewhere else." And once again, you have failed. Or perhaps you would take the children and separate them from their mothers. They are all children, and until every door is open to all who are in need, they shall continue to come forth with the opportunity for service, and growth, and learning. In the truth, if the Divine Presence were to manifest itself on Earth in order to truly judge and experience man, it might enter this plane in such a form."

Note: The conversation below followed the delivery of the above material. While it was directed to those of us present, we think it is applicable to many of the readers. This is your opportunity to spread the Light while doing something constructive for your brothers and sisters who are less fortunate.

David: "You shall take the material relevant to the latter statements we have made on the children of the world and form it into a short article which you are to send to all newspapers within your region. You are then to take that same and send it to select Light Workers and have them also send it to their newspapers."

"From what source shall we tell them we received it?"

David: "That is unimportant. Let the individuals place their own name upon it or if they will not, then sign it David Ha Maggid, but let it be as you term an editorial letter, sending it both to the Editorial Desk and to the Religious Desk."

"When we send it out ourselves, should we send it with our names on it then?"

David: "That is correct. You sign your name. You write the material, and sign your name, and send it to the papers."

"We were told never to strike a child in the early years. I'm wondering what form of discipline should be used?"

Each one would depend upon the individual soul and the circumstances. Violence is not the answer. Separation is a possible, but communication... a true expression of disappointment. Recognize that the child responds to the environment. If you have provided a negative environment, you will need physical violence to maintain the child. If you provide the balanced atmosphere, you will not have the requirement."

"Well, suppose a parent is dealing with a child that seems to be of a recognizably lower vibration. What is the best form of discipline to use with a child of that nature?"

"Deprivation of what you term the rewards. It is always important to acknowledge and reward that which is done properly. To withhold the reward, to isolate and restrict, are methods of communication. Violence is not."

"At what age does the parent cease to have influence upon the child? How can a parent recognize when the child is beyond his influence?"

"The example of the parent will always bear upon the child, though the direct influence ceases at approximately the time of puberty."

"I have some questions regarding food for babies. There is an age old debate concerning mother's milk versus other types of milk. Is mother's milk always preferable?"

"It is not within your society... but not as an object of vanity, but rather one of health and diet. The mothers are not in the health condition, nor is their diet usually sufficient to support the natural process."

Webmaster's note: This question was put to David again recently for a more detailed comment. It is included here.

Our previous comment was directed to a specific person within a specific social group. By the nature of creation it was established that the young should be fed by the breast of their mother. Not only because of the nutritional benefit but for the bonding as well which is equally important. The problem that exists is the effect of tension, stress, bad diet and bad thinking habits that effect the relation between the mother and child as well as affecting the quality of the milk physically and spiritually.

The baby, especially during the first 2 years of life is like a sponge absorbing energies in its environment. That includes the thoughts and desires of the mother especially during the time of feeding. If a woman insists on eating an unbalanced diet, smoking, drinking and living under high stress then it is better not to breastfeed the child. The lack of tranquil environments, lack of meditation or spiritual pursuits also affect the energy of the mother.

Many women do not desire to breastfeed for reasons of vanity and if they do so but do not really desire to do so then it is better that they did it not. All foods contain a physical quality and a spiritual quality, if both elements are not present then the food element does not serve well. If a person is in a situation of time pressure and bad dietary habits then the quality of the breast milk is impaired.

Consider that the bovine species which you call cows are basically a tranquil animal that do not react to external stimulus easily. They are dedicated to their proposition. We are not saying that women should be as such but we do say that if one is going to bring evolved consciousness's into this world one must create the right environment, diet and attitude. How can one work and deal with that stress and feed a child?

Dedicate one's self to the task at hand and when that task is finished move on to the other. We cannot imagine someone living in one of the major cities of the world finding the environment and balance to properly fulfill the required state of being.

"Concerning baby food... when is the proper time to introduce solid food to a baby?"

"The question is not clear. When the teeth are present, the solids may be dealt with."

"Well, many doctors and pediatricians are promoting very early solid foods for babies, as early as three weeks."

"By what means do you term solid food?"

"Well, cereal is usually the first food, and then fruits, vegetables, and things of that nature in the line of baby food... processed baby food."

"Would that you term a banana be solid?"

"Yes, but usually it's not given to a baby in that form. Usually, it is mashed or strained or comes in a jar such as processed baby food."

"Then you are terming solids as opposed to liquids, but that which is semi liquid is solid. Is that correct?"

"Yes. In the case of babies, I guess it is."

"Your term is not clear. You speak of solid food."

"I'm speaking of foods other than milk and juices."

"These may be given as soon as the child is capable of mastication. That is the process of chewing and involving the food with the salivary glands and juices."

"So... babies really shouldn't have those types of foods until their teeth begin to appear? Is that correct?"

"The softer foods may be had before there are teeth, but there must be the process of reacting to the food."

"How does the mother recognize that process?"

Through trial and error... the process of offering at an early time, but what we term solid, are those which are textured, fibrinous and hard."

"Do you have any words on processed baby food because most of our children are being brought up on those products?"

"The words we would employ, would in the ultimate sense, be termed unprintable! What mother would allow vermin within her food, and yet your governments establish standards as to how many droppings of a rat may enter within a jar. How then should we comment? They are filled with chemicals and preservatives! The food is boiled to the point where there is no mineral and vitamin value left, and you have the audacity to ask for a comment upon it!"

"I was afraid you were going to say something like that David, and obviously if a child is started on those types of foods in his early life, he could be deprived of the valuable nutrients that he needs. Does that put an imprint upon his form for the rest of his life?"

"It does."

"Last year, you predicted that the weather this winter was going to be milder. The patterns up to this time have been erratic and they look potentially very bad. Is this a result of what has happened with nuclear reactions?"

"It is in part. It is also the energies that have been created by the lords of money. The potential cycle within the normal natural rhythm was to provide for a respite from the severity of weather, but in fact, the energy from those who produce the fuel has been to see another great winter, in order that their profits might be higher."

"That's very interesting. While we're on this subject, there were recent reports of a possible nuclear explosion off the coast of Africa. Can you tell us whether or not that was, in fact, what happened there?"

"There was a reaction of the disintegration of matter, yes."

"There's a great controversy going on relevant to nuclear power. It's becoming an increasing problem for us. While I'm aware that it influences all of us, it is a problem that our children are going to have to deal with. Could you say a few words on that issue?"

"That which is termed nuclear power is in conceptual form beneficial, but in practical manifestation, deadly! You may not continually alter the vibratory nature of matter without a repercussion. Part of it you are aware of in waste products, but realize that you are within an ocean of energy. The so-called "contained nuclear reaction" is still a disintegration of molecular matter. You may not drop a stone within the ocean without a ripple. You are experiencing your own by-product. The earth does tremble, the mountains roar, the weather changes, and acid falls from the sky in your cities, and you seek further to unbalance that which you do not comprehend.

If it were within our power to regret, and it is not, but were that a case, then both we and the entity who gave birth to the concept would surely regret having enlightened man to the path of his own destruction. There are uses for the concept and knowledge of such atomic power, but it was not as it is employed. Do you comprehend that within the operation of a reactor, you are producing new fuel, new matter, which has only one practical purpose other than being dangerous waste storage, and that is that that particular matter is the prime fuel of that which you term a bomb?"

"Yes, I understand that vaguely."

"No force of light would condone a force that seeks to disintegrate light. If man must alter his greedy manner by doing without some of his electricity, then it must be. It were better that he had never discovered the utilization of that if it were to mean that nuclear reactions should continue. Those sectors wherein the reactors are, are destroying the magnetic fields within the earth. That which you term the grid or lay lines must interact with this nuclear energy force."

"The impact of what you say is terrific David!"

"It is worse in conceptual reality, for we may see the possible tomorrow wherein that you term the defects of birth of children, are today but mild, compared to the horrors that this type of poison may induce. Your wildest imaginations could not conceive of the monstrosities; but let it be said that the monsters of mythology were often the descriptions of the survivors and the children of the last race who did employ such terrible power."

Note by Peggy: I had an overwhelming feeling to cry when I heard these words, and once again, when I typed this manuscript. Heavy, heavy feelings!

"This particular problem or concept, I feel, is one of the strongest forces to create the probable future. Am I correct in that assumption?"

"That is correct. This earth shall become a star if man does not cease in his tampering with the basic structure of matter."

Messenger II - The Healer, In Preparation And Concept (Nov 5, 1979)

"Greetings! We deal this night with the structure of energy of those who would employ the healing force. In this section, we seek to deal with might you term, the qualification and state of being of a Healer. It is obvious that one who seeks to function in this manner must achieve a state of balance within the physical, mental, spiritual consciousness; but to deal more accurately, let us examine the step process by which energies are employed.

A healer, in true function, is a being who is capable of communicating with the Higher Self and the Guiding Forces simultaneously. In this concerted structure, a communication bridge is established with the Guide and Higher Force of the entity to be healed. It is through the vehicle of an entity's Guide and Higher Self that all healing energies are allowed to function. That is not to say that energy may not be transferred from one person to another. We are speaking here of the differentiation of energy, and specifically, that energy which promotes healing... which promotes biochemical and cellular changes within the physical anatomy. These are, of course, the secondary functions. All healing must operate first on the spiritual, the mental, and finally, the physical form. Wherein the healer may not appear to have succeeded, in fact, they may have begun the most important element of the task.

Too often, however, there are those who would be healers, and while they as individuals may learn to be effective, their own consciousness and ego block the proper functioning of these individuals. As you would seek to channel or to tap into a source or reservoir that you might use this energy for the purpose of healing, or as you term it, draw upon the Higher Light, you only are able to do so in so much as your Higher Self and your Guide cooperate with you. You may not of the physical self, enter the spiritual realm. The Guide and the Soul are part of the spiritual realm and may travel freely within that zone. Therefore, to bring the light, to bring the energy, the balance, the force, the primary blueprint of health to a being, one must reach up first with the consciousness.

We said blueprint, and this is of vital importance. Within each Soul is contained the seed or blueprint of perfect health. In as much as it is not employed frequently, it deteriorates and disintegrates. If man were to return to a more balanced state of being, the necessity for the healer would be eliminated.

The healer must function as a clear channel. They must not allow personal reactions or energies to interfere. In order to deal with what is termed minor healing, the healer may function in an everyday mode of life. Wherein the healer would function on a continuous level, or where extreme illnesses are present, then it is necessary that the healer eliminate the traces of meat from the system. We are speaking here, of a period of 48 to 72 of your hour units wherein the entity does not employ the meat or the product of the animal. This includes all forms of meat, all of those things which contain the red blood. Within the day of healing itself, the healer should fast. A being who is not capable of adjusting their diet and who cannot physiologically adapt to the fasting cycle till healing is past, should not practice in this particular area.

In order to become an effective healer, one must meditate for at least one hour per day. A constant intercommunication is required. The healer must examine the spiritual development and growth, the mental attitudes, and the physical form. In any sector where there is prejudice or limit, there is a blockage of major proportion to the effectiveness of a healer.

Perhaps the greatest element that one should ask of another who seeks to heal is, "Why does that entity choose to enter into the world of healers?" The question is a serious one. It is not a pleasant task to work with disease. The healer must not have ulterior motivations, must not be one who seeks to provide the path of solution. If healing is to be effective, the healer, as an instrument, must be effective. The consciousness must be readied to the point where there is no doubt in manifestation of the energy, for where the healer seems uncertain, then the person being healed is uncertain even more.

To engage in the physical world is a necessity of life. For the healer, the surrounding environment, the people that are about within the day of healing, should be controlled. Strange energies should not touch the healer upon the day of healing, and let not persons other than those to be healed approach. If a healer is truly effective in the total sense, their power is felt effectively immediately, but in another message shall be discussed the actual functions of healing itself; herein, we are dealing with the healer.

We do not mean to imply that the healer must be of perfect physical form, but rather, that the healer must be striving toward that perfection and thus be fully aware of all limitations of the body. Wherein the healer has a limiting factor, then attempts at healing in that particular area for another should not be attempted. That is, if the healer is blind, let him not heal the blind for that energy is not manifest in his being, and therefore does not become as effective.

If we speak of the prayers of people, we speak of individuals as healers. When we speak of healers, we speak of those who wield power on all the planes of consciousness that relate to man. No healer may function without the direction of the Guide and the Higher Self, and the inter cooperation of the others. Let therefore, all healers be proven in their ability to communicate, in their ability to channel, in their ability to meditate. Let this be a prime requisite for the healer.

Let the healers also show themselves to be beings with whom it is possible to find a balanced environment, one that is harmonious. Let their physical beings be demonstrative. The healer who does intake of the poison or the damage to the form, is not an effective healer. Shall you remove the cancer of the lung with the cigarette in one hand? Or shall the alcohol flowing in the blood enhance the focus of the mind? Those who employ crutches or other tools by which they enhance their ability to heal are not healers, but rather those who need healing.

The healer who is not cognizant of the light, the colors, the sound, and the harmony of the body as well as the seven centers, is not functioning at the greatest efficiency. To heal, is to understand the interaction of energy. If the healer limits the consciousness, then the result is also limited. It is written that all things are possible within the concept of the Divine. Within the concept of the mind and the Soul, all things are possible with respect to your physical world.

Seek then, out those who potentially show the energy of a healer. Enhance them, train them, isolate them, separate them from the negativity of the world, grant them the opportunity to function in the most positive environment, and let them guide the individual to good health; for a healer is not only one whose hand may pass the magnetic energy, but a healer is also one who is capable of seeing into the Soul, of communicating with the consciousness, and counseling in manners of good health.

Diet, thought, and prayer, are keys to the healer, even as they are of importance to the one who would be healed. Too often, you cry that you do not see miracles any longer, and we say that many of your healers have grown fat and lazy and are not functioning as their own consciousness and their own Guiding Force does tell them. Let the healer first learn to balance within, in order to express the balance without, before attempting to teach another how to accomplish the same.

That is all."

Messenger III - The Healer In Interaction With Another (Nov 6, 1979)

"Greetings! We are dealing with the nature of healing in itself. We have previously dealt with the inter or inner structure of the healer. Now we shall examine the function, the laws, the mechanics of healing.

As was implied, healing is a tri-function or tri-level operation. All things within the physical form begin with the spiritual level. It is necessary to understand that the physical self operates under the direct instruction of the spiritual form. No part of the physical may sustain itself in its entirety without the spiritual direction. That is not to say that one may not remove an organ from the body and maintain it for a period of time. Within an eventual period, that organ will cease to function normally. Within the command system you term neurological and biological, there is a third element which is the spiritual force which permeates about, within, and is affecting all parts of the physical body. This you have a vague understanding of in that which you term the astral form, the astral body, the spiritual spinal column, the chakras, and many other such names, that you have employed in order to try to describe the spiritual effect upon the physical form.

The physical form may well bring with it certain elements you term genetic. The complexion, the coloring of one's hair, one's eyes, one's skin, is definitely that which you term genetic, and it is a factor which is present. This is not however, what is termed an imbalance or a disease.

In order for an individual to receive, or be healed, or for a healer to perform a healing, there must first be an open structure within the Spiritual Self of the person being healed. We presume the understanding of the healer being balanced. Now we concern ourselves with the individual. To heal the physical form without healing the mental and the spiritual first, is like pumping new blood into a corpse. It is of no avail. In order for all functions to operate, it is necessary that the spiritual be in cooperation.

Consider that in order to transfer energy from one dimension to another, a certain portion of that energy is, as it were, lost in the mechanics of transfer. Just as you utilize energy in many forms within your society, you loose a portion of the potential within the conversion. The fuel that you employ in your vehicles contains within it one hundred times more energy than you are able to extract from it. That which is lost is given up in the process of conversion. Within the Spiritual Self is what might be termed, a unity converter. That is to say, that the conversion of one unit of energy from the spiritual plane may be converted to one unit of energy on the physical plane without loss. This is what we might say the ideal condition.

Let us then consider the case where the healing is directed to the physical form without the interaction or involvement of the spiritual and mental self. And we speak not here of the request for healing as a mental self, but as a total understanding of the self as to the cause and origin of all disease. If one takes and seeks to convert, acting as a channel themselves, energy from the spiritual plane and convert it into their physical form and provide it to the physical form of another, or cause the conversion to occur within the other person, the healer, as so-called, is utilizing five or six or seven percent of the actual energy that they are drawing in. They are using only a fragment of the total... even when you have those who multiply in their efforts and act in multiple concert to heal, or acting as you term it, batteries. Even though you have the multiplying force, the end force is still less than ten percent of the total energy that is expended.

When the energy is thus directed into a particular area, it is directed by the consciousness of the healer. A specific message or direction is given or else it is left to be used as needed. "To be used as needed"... think well upon those words and consider that if the function, the organ, or that portion of the body is in disease, then how shall it know what to do with the energy? Would you give to a child that which it desired simply because it desired? The very thing a diseased sector of the body wishes is more energy to misuse. There is not disease without misuse of energy. What is unbalanced, is the instruction to that particular sector, the knowledge of how to use the energy constructively instead of destructively; these are the matters that are involved.

When a cell becomes defective and is no longer connected with the rest of the cellular network and its memory of its blueprint is lost, you then term that cell a malignant or cancerous cell. It is then, by your treatment, excised with the knife. It is, as if it were, a condemnation of death for a retarded child. If the body is ill because it does not have the proper instruction, then you seek to remove the culprit, as you term it, by cutting it out. We do not disdain the use of the surgical technique when it is necessary for the life force. It is obvious that when an appendix has burst, surgery must be performed within your system. But the appendix need not ever be in a state where it could burst. We direct our efforts toward the prevention of such a state in man. If you remove the offending organ or sector, it is true that sector shall no longer trouble you, but having not removed the cause of the problem, you now cause the effect to relocate. It is a form of spiritual gangrene. It is not effective.

In order therefore to deal with healing, one must reestablish the cellular memory of its proper function. This may be only accomplished through the Spiritual Self. But even as you use the term chakras, and even though you may see these centers in harmony with light, and even though you may put energy into these zones, you are putting instant conversion into them, and that is like taking sugar for instant energy. It is of momentary benefit, but it is not of long term practicality. The chakras, as you term it, are what we might say the back door of the house. The front door is, in reality, one continuous hallway and we unlock the others from it. That which you term the spiritual counterpart of the spinal cord, that which you term the crown of the chakras, represents a point of entry but is not the total, for that is still within the physical.

All energy flows from the concept of the subconscious mind. Though we do not approve of this term "sub"conscious, meaning below or beneath the consciousness, but rather would prefer the "supra"conscious mind as being above, for in fact, we might say that the mind of man, the conscious mind, is controlled beyond by the "super"conscious and the "supra"conscious minds. The superconscious is an extension of the conscious mind in its interlude with the subconscious mind. It is that which the entity (Richard) has often termed the "hallway of emotional experience". The supraconscious mind is that which you term the subconscious mind. It is that point which is the linking network to the Soul and all other Higher Energies and Forces, and it is through that point that true healing energy must function.

It is not as if the healer, in truth, needed to funnel any energy whatsoever into the physical self of an entity in need, but it is rather that the healer should reestablish the communication between the Spiritual Self and the physical, mental self by activation of the supraconscious mind. If the supraconscious mind is not acting as a conductor, as a channel, a pipeline, then the doors of the chakras, as you term them, are closed. Their energy vortexes will be seen... even as energy, a flame behind a window, is still seen but is not felt or interacted with. Therefore, the healing does not become totally permanently effective, if the doorway of the supraconscious mind is not open, for only within the supraconsciousness are the engrams of memory to direct that particular form.

Your physical self is a unique cellular structure, and its blueprint, the master diagram for how it shall operate, is contained within your supraconscious mind. Those files, those memory cells, those memory zones, may only be activated by the Higher Self. It is, as if it were, a series of command structures in who holds the keys. It is not dissimilar to your security system. The High Self, that which you term the Soul, has the master key, and if the supraconscious is open and in commune, then it turns the key, allowing the supraconscious to deal with the conscious mind and the physical form. In here, we have the interaction with the superconscious mind, and in fact, there is a subconscious which deals with the autonomic functions of the physical body. Those matters also are automatic... as the breathing, and the digestion, are all functions of control from these levels. Some of the channels are not completely severed, for if they are, death does surely result.

The physical mind, the conscious mind, is an extension in spiritual fact of the supra and superconsciousness, but it is also part of the physical brain. If that is damaged, then part of the receiving and channeling or conducting network is ineffective and is not functioning. In here, would be an alternate direction for energy to be placed; but again, only with the Higher Self acting as the coordinator.

When energy is activated, it is, in truth, activated for an individual. It is possible to amass and utilize great amounts of energy. That energy however, should be used as a shielding network and as a means of eliminating negative energy which clings to the Spiritual Self like dirt to a child. Let the channeled energies of a healer seek to cleanse an area and provide a sanctum, a sanctuary, a holy spot, wherein the Spiritual Self may disrobe itself of the negative dross energy that it has accumulated, setting it aside, and then allowing the channeled energy to trigger and ignite the spark within the Higher Self so that it may effectively begin the reestablishment of communication with the physical form. The Higher Self will not heal when the mind simply asks, but only when the total self of the super, supra, and conscious mind are in understanding of the nature of disease, of the cause of disease, and when that entity has begun to put into practice, at least on the mental plane, the concepts of good health.

Therefore, healing takes place in three levels. One is an attempt to communicate with an individual on a purely spiritual level, and that is a nonverbal communication, but is rather a case of the healer sitting in silent meditation, seeking for his or her Higher Self and Guiding Forces to act and intervene as energy channels to clear away any negativity that may be around a particular soul. The conscious mind may so attract negativity that the soul is surrounded or buried, as if it were in a landslide of negative energy. This is done without words. It is done without actions. The physical hand does not reach into the spiritual plane. It has no purpose. It is simply a symbolism.

The second stage of healing is to deal with the mind, and it is more instructional than any other thing. It is explaining what disease is, what the nature of health is, what the purpose of healing is.

And the third is to deal with the physical... to help the individual understand the physical care and need. And having established the mental attitude, and having dealt with the opportunity for the spiritual to reach out and reestablish communication, and only when it is sensed that this communication has been effective, may it then be practical to sit again and seek to bring energy in so that the supraconscious self, the supraconscious mind of the one needing healing, may indeed take that energy in conjunction with its Higher Self and utilize all sources of energy into a total healing.

If you will examine the healings you term miraculous ascribed to particular religious teachers, it is the belief, the faith of a particular individual in a particular religious system, that is the effective tool for clearing the consciousness. That which clouds the superconscious mind is often that which you term guilt. Through the religious catharsis this guilt is washed away. It is, of course, a mental game. We do not mean to ridicule any system of belief, though at another time we shall speak of those things, but rather we are concerned with the understanding that in as much as you have placed the guilt, the negativity, the fear, within that particular section of the superconscious mind, then you yourself must remove it. It is analogous to a man who wishes stables but does not wish to clean them.

To better understand the problem of utilizing the energy, we shall compare it to your systems of electricity. If the fuse does blow within your house, you do not run a plug, a wire, from one plug to another to provide electricity to that section which is not working. You seek first to find the cause and to replace the fuse. To direct energy into a chakra or a particular area of the body under your consciousness, is to take the chance of damaging a sector of that physical form. You are bypassing the normal energy channels. This is not to be confused with that transfer of energy that is thermal in the massage or manipulation. We are speaking here of healing.

To further clarify the concept of the conscious, the sub, the super, supra, and Soul, let us first think of a new set of definitions. We here speak of the subconscious mind as that portion of the physical brain which operates the various organs of the body... the regulation of temperature, the beat of the heart, the breathing, the digestion, the intestinal tract, the elimination of waste. These basic functions are commands operating out of the brain wherein the instructions are received from the Higher Self, the Soul, but are carried out in a sub manner. That is to say below the conscious level. You have full potential control over these areas, but you are not normally aware of them.

The superconscious mind is a term to describe that state of man's mind which deals with memory that is on an emotional level. It is a sum total memory dealing with this particular cycle only.

The supraconscious mind is that which your psychologists and psychiatrists refer to as the subconscious or unconscious mind, and herein we have the collective repository of all that is. It is here wherein you hide your fears, your insecurities, your inadequacies, that go beyond in import and effect upon your life... go beyond the super. The superconscious mind operates but for a short period of time in these matters. The supra holds in a permanent like manner. Beyond the supraconscious mind is the Soul, which we often employ the term, the Higher Self. It is also to the supraconscious mind that the Guide does communicate. Consider the entity (Richard) or any entity, communicating with the Guide directly. All communication flows from the conscious to the super to the supraconscious and to the Guide and back again. There is no other channel within the spiritual to physical world conversion.

Diagrammatically, it is like the wheat and its outer shells and sheaths. The actual wheat is at the heart of the matter. Beyond it, is that which you term at one point, the germ. There is an outer coating of the wheat that you seek to grind away because of its color and still further, there is a protective sheath about it. And even still, there is the stalk upon which it grows.

Does not a candle flame have many levels? Each of these may be compared to the form and the spiritual structure. It is amusing to note how one will say that the flame of the candle in the center is real, but the appearances around it are illusion. They are all the candle flame; they are all the candle. Consider that the flame has first as its main constituent part, the candle and the wick. The wick is like the human mind, the conscious mind. The candle is the physical body. The primary center flame, the little heart within a flame, is the superconscious. The prime flame, the largest element, is the supraconscious, and the outer sheath represents the Soul and all Higher Energies that seek to interact. And as you observe the flame of a candle, note well how they interplay with the center... first one communicating and then another.

You would ask, "How then, specifically does the healer function in the physical sense?" And we would tell you, "As one who holds open a door or a light, a window, to let the sun shine in." What consciousness of man is such a perfect biologist or physiologist and bacteriologist that they know exactly what to do with energy within a cell? To say, "Use it as you will" in the general sense, is to say to the body, "I will give you another source of energy. Never mind your prime source. We will bypass it. It doesn't matter that you have a short circuit. We shall put energy in anyway." Clear the space around the soul on a spiritual plane. Hold open the source of light so that the Higher Self may offer it to the superconscious self, and if the individual truly is reaching upward and inward, then the energy will flow.

The number of cycles that a healer may interact with a patient are three. They may be together. They are more advisable at three separate times and no more, for if a person has not received the energy, then they have not opened. And if they have received and that disease has passed and another shall manifest itself, then there is still that which must be dealt with. That does not mean that the healer is ineffectual, though that also may be. It may be that the healer was not clear, was not functioning; and yet there are certain limits that are taken.

The soul that enters this plane, taking a genetic defect, choosing it for a particular purpose, may not accept the release of it even though the conscious mind desires it so. An individual may accumulate a disease through disuse and misuse of the body, and that may take great periods of time in order that they may learn. Others have limiting handicaps as a result of their own particular need. Often those with handicaps function in the most effective manner and often offer the greatest service. Consider for a moment the one whom you term Keller. Helen Keller would have been a person of no consequence in this world, and would not have been known to the minds of men of your time, were it not for the disabilities or handicaps the physical form chose to deal with. The conquering of these was a greater act.

The healer is a functionary to try to reestablish communication. It is not the purpose of the healer to fix the body. The body may fix the body under the direction of the Soul. If there is not the conscious effort on the part of the person being healed, there shall be no healing, or at best, a temporary psychological effect shall be found similar to that which you term the placebo... that being the resultant or apparent curing, or temporarily alleviating a symptom, when one takes nothing but sugar in a pill, even though they thought it was another thing. This is an effect that you are familiar with within your medical concepts, and so it is within the mind. This same effect is noted amongst your religionists in those sections wherein individuals are enticed to enter into a particular experience of unique moment, and then later, finding that the world has not suddenly become golden for them, they as you term it, backslide. So it is in the healing concept.

It is more important to heal the link, the bridge between the Soul and the mind, and that the mind, in consciousness, understand the source and nature of disease, than the alleviation of the body. Nor is the healer converting energy, as he does, intended to function in place of those practitioners whom you have developed in validity. Do not condemn your own science because of your lack of dealing with those who are incompetent. If you have incompetency within your practitioners, it is because you have allowed them to do so and have, in fact, enticed them. Do not those amongst you who are ill, not finding satisfaction with one practitioner, seek another and another until they receive the answer they seek or the knife that they are certain will solve their problem? It is better to cut out that sector of the brain that thinks, for more often, the disease is there than in the body.

The body is often troubled with disease, but it is due to the structure. It is said that man may transmute matter. Perfected man may transmute matter. Until then, it is not advisable that man drink acid or chew glass, but then perhaps he should, for it is not much different from what he puts into the physical form. A healer is ineffective if the person being healed does not give the body what it needs... the proper diet, the proper rest, the meditation cycle, pulling away from the pressure... these are vital things. Much of what is healing would be termed by your people, common sense. It is interesting to note that common sense is a thing which you perceive in others as lacking, and you are always quick to point out how obvious that is, even though you do not employ such utilities yourselves.

Health is an integrational function. You may not create the cancer of hate within your mind and expect it not to reach into the body. You may not turn the body into a dumping ground for waste products by instilling it with chemicals. Even as you bury your waste of the nuclear type in the ground and cry, "We are contaminating the earth," and we observe and we cry, "But you have been contaminating yourselves. What difference the earth? You are already contaminated." We do not, of course, advocate contamination of the earth, but we are more concerned even with the contamination of the physical form. At another time, the Brotherhood shall expand upon these concepts. At this time, it is sufficient that we cease."

Questions and Answers

Marion Nobil in Golden Beach, Florida, writes, "Question as to how to be paid for healing, to maintain a healing center when one is not financially independent? When the majority stipulates no charge for healing, asking for donations does not keep the rent paid."

"It is no dictum of any Spiritual Force that states: "The healer is not worthy of his pay." Know that all who serve, wherein that is their means, shall take recompense, provided they turn not away those who have not that which to give; but to put a means at their disposal to provide refund or repayment, is also wise. Within the consciousness of man, he values little that which he has not worked for, or as you term it, paid for."

"The answer then, would also be true for any type of counseling wherein the individual employs someone's psychic ability. Is that correct?"

"That is correct. Many shall be confused, and many shall disagree. Their altruism is admirable, but it does not serve. Let the Servants of Light know comfort, that their consciousness may be unimpaired in their work. A hungry man does not meditate well, and he prays badly too."

"From Tamarac, Florida, Gilda Spivac requests: "Information on genes and heredity in relationship to retardation and learning disabilities."

"The two words are synonymous. The genes carry the hereditary trace. If a confusion arises over those being imposed upon a soul entering in, it should not be confusing when you recognize that this is part of the choice being made. The soul chooses or has chosen for it, the parentage that will allow it to complete its particular educational lesson. If a specific disease or the effect of a hereditary factor is needed, it is so chosen. On some occasions, the heredity factors are not negative and are merely present as a condition of that particular incarnational cycle."

"Please clarify how these factors relate to retardation and learning disabilities."

"These fall into the same areas. No soul ever accepts a body which is retarded or with learning disability, without the conscious willingness to do so. We have previously expressed the right of the soul to separate from the body during the initial phases."

Bill Jaggers in Shawnee Mission, Kansas, asks, "Upon rejection of the physical body at the time of birth, for whatever reason by the Spirit, what takes place? Is there ever an instance of an entity with no Spirit?"

"This is not possible. The physical form may be kept alive in the artificial manner, but without the Spirit, there is no ability to communicate. That Spirit which you speak of is confused within your tongue. Utilize the three, and recognize that the flesh is alive when the spirit of "Ruach" is present. This is the force that animates all biological matter, and in fact, all matter that is. The ability to respond, even as those whom you term retarded, does contain that element of spirit known as "Nefesh", which the entity (Richard) has termed the animal soul. The ability to communicate, and to learn, and to feel, is the presence of the "Neshemah". This is the consciousness that descends into total attachment at the moment of birth. This is a Soul entity."

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