Light Messenger

Volume 3, Chapter 1

"The darkness passes as the dawn of a new decade begins."
...from the guides

Welcome 1980

"Light beams of the eighties" is our theme this issue, and what an exciting one it is! For the very first time, we who produce this Messenger were allowed to witness communications from seven different Messengers representing the Brotherhood. To say that we felt awed and honored by their presence' would be an understatement, for indeed, it was a thrilling experience!

We have often used the term and written about the "light worker", and perhaps you have wondered just how it applied to you. Are you a light worker? What exactly is a light worker? Obviously, there is no pat definition which applies equally to everyone, but in this issue, the Brotherhood has presented some guidelines and ideas for consideration. As some of you may have suspected, each of the colors in the rainbow spectrum represents a definite principle for which the soul should strive, and a true light worker or "light beam" seeks to express each color in his aura. Exciting isn't it?

We'll let you, the reader, judge for yourself whether or not you will be a light beam. We were told by the Brotherhood and David many months ago that the time was coming when the workers in light would be tested and tried. We have observed the patterns carefully and have found this to be true, as few have managed to escape intense pressures, both domestically and in the world about. The war between the forces of light and darkness has become fully evident. Are you willing to commit yourself to the army of light?

Health Report

Many of you are aware that one of the "testing" areas Richard and I have both had to deal with during the past year, has been Richard's health. A few readers have written and suggested that Richard is not following his own material, else why would he be ill, etc.? We wish it were as simple as that.

Richard was born with a congenital heart problem which was further complicated with rheumatic fever during his childhood. Much damage was done to the heart and its nerves as a result of those illnesses. In his adult years, he has suffered two heart attacks and has had numerous other related problems. Recently, he suffered another very serious problem related to allergic reactions, which fortunately, he was able to overcome... thanks to the advice of David. In addition, he is acutely sensitive to all vibrations around him and his body reacts to all thought energies. Consequently, there has been much for him to deal with in the area of health, much of which, the average person could not begin to comprehend. Although he has experienced some real healing miracles, he also constantly strives to improve and balance his body.

We discuss this area so that you will understand. It is just one more reason for the delays in many of his commitments.

"A warm hand and a friendly smile are meaningful to a man who is spiritually starving. Feed the souls of your brothers." ...from the guides.

Messenger I - Light Beams & The Seventh Principle - Charity

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

The question may be posed as what is the perfect light worker; and of course, there is no perfect for you are all striving, you are all seeking.

The division of time that you term a decade is not a division that has bearing or meaning within a spiritual plane, and yet, it offers your consciousness a line of demarcation, a line of separation, a time when you may put aside units of the past. Each year, you put behind the past year, and in your modern time, you separate your units as decades. In more ancient time, it was the year of seven. In the seven year cycle, was time put aside, and in seven, were all things completed; for seven, was in ancient time, the number of completion. That, of course, is a matter for those who would deal with numbers. But even as man once knew but seven planets, so seven numbers were his primary concern, and seven years were the separation, and all numbers beyond that were whole, were considered of special import... that is to say, beyond the physical. It is interesting to note that today when you are cognizant of ten planets, you now utilize ten numbers. But as you have chosen this division, we shall step forward, and let us use this as a demarcation, for it coincides with a time that we have spoken of, a time of demarcation, a time of separation.

Is the light worker, the light beam of the eighties, definable? Is there a particular profile that we can give? Shall the light worker of the eighties be black... or yellow... or red... or white? Ah, but the soul is colorblind. It must be, for a soul is but white, and white not as a color, but as an essence of pure vibration.

Is the light worker young? But the soul is ageless; it is ancient. Then what is young? Does youth within the physical form denote spirituality? In truth, upon your plane, the youth more often seek the pleasures of the physical, and when time has spent and the physical form may no longer partake of the joys of youth, then does the mind of the body seek the soul. Perhaps the light worker is middle aged. What is the middle of age? Is there truly a definable point? And what of the senior, and that is anyone from the sixty to ninety or greater. Is their soul as capable of serving? So the light worker is not definable by age, nor by color.

Ah perhaps, the worker then is feminine, or perhaps masculine. But how can that be when the soul is androgynous? What then defines the light worker? Are they religious people? Are they strictly those who dwell within the houses of religion? Does that then mean that the light person must belong to a physical earth oriented organization? We do not find that light workers are more abundant within religion that is organized as opposed to those who exist outside of the organized structure, as you term it, and within all religions, we find light workers.

Perhaps the light beam is a person who never is angry, a person who never makes a mistake, a person who is near perfect. This would be idealistic, but we have not seen this individual on your plane. And yet, we are capable of knowing each and every light worker as we see them. How is it then that we can differentiate that which we cannot readily define within the terms of your world? The light worker is one who, as he moves about your world, is evident by the light that surrounds him, by the lack of darkness clinging to him. It is a person whose very light energy is a rainbow of moving color, a rainbow embodying seven basic principles... principles which are energies brought into manifestation which produce balance and harmony about oneself. It is these primary principles that will denote the light beam of the eighties.

In the past, man on a spiritual level was in a stage of infancy, and now we find that the light worker has moved from infancy, to childhood, to adolescence, and it is now the time for the coming of age. It is not as if one must do that which one does not wish to do. We shall have other times and other levels and other moments such as this somewhere within this universe, but for those who are to step forward, for those who are crossing the threshold, this is the moment where we must perceive of them. And their fellow man must perceive of them, not by their acting in a superior manner or acting in a manner so humble that they seem not worthy of notice, but by being citizens of the world within which they live, and a citizen is one who participates fully in life. One who participates is active, is involved, and is concerned.

The soul that spends one hour in service to his fellow man has increased the energy of growth within that soul more than one hundred hours of prayer, for prayer is but a supplication, and service is prayer in action.

We cannot see clearly in this world of mixed energy, in this world of darkness. The darkness is leaving, and the dawn of a new era does approach, but we are still in the early hours. Not only is the morning light very poor, but the fog of the morning is heavy about us. Your candles, your light, your rainbows, must be clearer now than at any other time. In the total darkness, we could see them, but in the half light of a new day beginning, there are many who glow faintly and there are many rainbows. We must bring all of these elements forward into proper balance. But then, what are these seven principles? We, the Messengers, shall define them. We shall give you the keys to those energies as we perceive them, in order that you may understand how they come forward and produce.

Even as you have been taught that the physical and the spiritual selves form a triune nature, the trinity of man... the mind, the body, and the spirit, this trinity must be maintained in harmony for the individual to function. Within your joint relationship, that which you term marriage, marriage... care must be taken. It is noteworthy that within your tongue the difference for the term of joining is slight to the term mirage, representing illusion; and often you utilize the joining as an illusion. Marriage is also a trinity of spiritual, physical, and mental. Without these three elements present, there is no balance, no ability to strive toward perfection. They blend and intermingle at different times in different degrees, but all must be present. Even so, with the light worker, the light beam, we have the seven.

We pause in thought to clearly state and reiterate "light beam," not "moonbeam". Let not the light worker be called a moonbeam, for a moonbeam is but a reflected source, where the light beam draws its energy from the Primary Source and not a secondary. Let those who follow the religious structures be termed the moonbeams, for they follow a secondary source of the same light. The true light worker transcends religion for the Source of all religion. Once transcending, he becomes a light beam instead of a moonbeam.

The writings attributed to the Christian, Paul, have made much of one of the seven principles. It is this principle we shall deal with first, for it is of primary importance. Today, many have sought to change the word employed, and yet in the original, we find it meaningful. It is written that the one called Paul has said, "If I have all things and have not charity, I am nothing". And perhaps we should separate that word into its origin and say, "If I have all things and have not charity, I have no thing". Charity is that principle, that energy, which has been spoken of by all spiritual teachers from the beginning of recorded time and before.

But what is this thing? What is charity? Is charity the giving when a basket is placed in front of you? Is charity the giving when one knocks upon your door with an open hand? Is charity ever valid when it must be sought from the individual? Or is charity the creative spark that resides within the heart of man... that spark that is kindled in the Divine sense that causes man to seek out and to find where the need does exist and to fill that need. Is charity tied to that which you term a tax deduction? Is that then charity where you are gaining in direct stead? Is charity that which puts your name upon an honored roll? And do numbers truly bring honors to man? If you have one hundred to give, does that make you more charitable than the man who only has one to give? There is no balance.

Charity is an impulse and a desire and a seeking to share energy... to place a portion of that which one has, with another. But it is not giving anything away, for you have nothing that you may give away. You own nothing within this world, for there is naught within this world that you may remove from it save your soul, and that is not of this world! Even the form which you occupy, you must leave behind. You may not remove it from this plane of existence. So all that you have remains when you are gone, and it was here before you. It is the property, if we must use such terms, of the Source which gave birth to this physical plane. How therefore, can you give anything away? You may simply move one unit of energy from one place to another within this world, seeking to balance it more evenly.

It is not wrong for one to acquire through prudent management of life, resources to draw upon. To hoard them is not in balance. But charity is misunderstood. It is not a unit of monetary value. It is, that it is one dollar, or one peso, or one pound, or ten or a hundred or a thousand, and it is in accordance with the blessings that an individual has received.

In your teachings of religion, it is said that one should tithe a tenth of what one earns. One should give a tenth of all that one has. It was a unit. The Divine message said to man, "Be charitable," and man said, "To what degree and how much?" Because of the time of man, it was said that a tenth would do, that would be sufficient. And so man gives his tenth, and puts his name upon the wall and upon the paper as one who gives his tenth. And one takes and places it upon the paper and utilizes it as that which you term a tax deduction, and in so utilizing, gains back from that which you term taxes, and therefore has not given a tenth. Are numbers meaningful? Is charity measured in dollars or certificates or names upon walls? One hour of service amongst the poor for a rich man is greater service than all the money he could give. He who has servants should be a servant at least one day of every year in order that he may understand.

Charity is that which is done quietly, and it has no measure. If your charity is one half of your unit, one half of a dollar, it is charity. But it is a free giving, even as this vehicle of communication (Light Messenger) was so established to be operated only upon the charitable gifts. No subscription, no fee, no opportunity to be fixed within the structure... we said that it shall survive by charity or it shall not be.

This light, this charity, is one of the primary rays that we seek in the aura of being of an individual. For without it, my brothers and sisters, you are no being of light! You could not give all that you have away without receiving ten times that which you have or a thousand times. Is your consciousness ready to accept that? Are you capable of understanding that your ability to receive in accord with your generosity is limited only by your ability to accept the possibility?

We shall give you no number. We shall not define more the means. We shall but say that as we move through the world, all workers in light are truly blessed. All who are blessed must share. The true understanding of the seventh ray or principle lies here, for that which you term the violet flame, in reality, the outer principle of being of color of your aura, is the seventh principle of charity.

We shall stop at this time. The form has stood well this service, and we also, must be charitable in the demands that we place upon it. Charity is not love, for that is yet another principle. Blessed are the light beams, for they dispel the darkness!"

Messenger II - The Sixth Principle - Spiritual Love (5 Jan, 1980)

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

We deal now with the second principle... the second element or energy which defines the light worker. The principle that we are dealing with is one that is most confused within your plane. It is called love, but in as much as you have destroyed the value of this word within your language, we shall specify that there are two forms of love. There is love that is of a physical expression, and there is love that is of a spiritual expression. It is the latter of which we speak. We deal with the principle of spiritual love.

This essence of man's being, this hidden seed within the bosom, bursts forth into bloom when man has reached a level of consciousness that is capable of providing a fertile soil for this principle. To love as man considers love to his family and friends, is of no kinship to the love that man may have on a spiritual level toward other spiritual beings, toward the Creative Force, toward all of mankind. It is a truly unselfish principle.

We might say that man is like a field which has been plowed and cleared of weeds and is fertilized with the experience of life and the growth of soul. Into this rich soil has been planted since the beginning, the seed of Divine love. When man, in his evolution, has matured to the point that he is truly a fertile receptacle to bring this seed forth, then and only then, shall the Divine Essence, the Light of Creation, shine forth and begin the germination process deep within the heart of man. It is at this point that man opens up as a receptacle and a vehicle. Within the consciousness framework, he becomes aware of an awe in all that he sees of creation, with a fondness and love that is inexplicable for the Spiritual Forces that be. As this love blossoms forth, it begins its expression in unselfish service to others... service without thought, service without recompense, service without desire for recognition. We speak not here of those who would be martyr, but of those who, out of the true principle, do seek to manifest a universal love.

The spiritual love, which is so born in man, produces a total harmony in the being. Before the soul may cross the initiatory plane of one plateau to another, it must first comprehend this principle. It must see beyond the physical and love the spiritual. It is an element of which you speak, and it is an element which a few have obtained. It is the desire within to be that fertile receptacle for the birth of the seed; for how may any of you seek an at-onement with the Creative Principle, seek your union with the Divine Source, if there is no principle of love? Only when the being has begun to give birth to this lotus, may you then achieve your at-onement, your oneness, your nirvana, your totality of space.

This principle is one of the seven. It is six of the seven. It is that which you term the indigo color or level or ray."

Messenger III - The Fifth Principle - Service (5 Jan, 1980)

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

As we deal with the principles, we come to that element, that energy, which is most indicative of the light beam. We come to the principle of service, for without service, all other principles cannot be made manifest. We know you by your works, for without the work you are no thing. Without the living energy of yourself projected forward into action, you are not functioning as a light beam.

The service is a total action. It is being the verb. It is doing in all things. The light beam of service allows the self, the true self, to be expressed in all things that are done, for all acts are service. There is no time within your life or your day, where you are not service brought forward.

You do not take, in any manner, from another being unjustly. You do not place another person in disadvantage because you are in business. Within your physical work for an employer, within your relationship to the clerks and stores wherein you shop, within your relationship to others in your community and your government, if you do not express yourself in totality as a being of light, then you are not bringing the energy of service into manifestation. If you allow the storekeeper to shortchange himself by ten pennies, you have destroyed service. If you do not take the opportunity to right a wrong, you have voided service. If you do not use the opportunity to serve others but defer it until another time, you are no being of light.

A being of light is one whose heart burns with a passion to serve others as the opportunity presents itself and constantly maintains harmony and balance. You may not operate within your community where there is disharmony and you do not speak out. That is also failing to serve, for your voice may be the voice that brings balance and peace to others. You may not see that which you term a crime committed and become not involved, for you have failed to serve.

In all that you do, seek to bring the element and principle of service forward, for only as you do so, shall you magnify and increase the energy that is present and potential within. Service is not that which is limited to a single act within a finite period of time, but is a continuous flow of the self in being. It is becoming a principle of action.

We have no need of mental light beams! We have no need of spiritual light beams! You are a trinity of body, mind, and spirit. If you are a light beam, let it be manifest in all forms, not in just one. You may not hide your light beneath the bushel. You may not be a closet being. By your service shall we know you; and by the light that is blue, shall we see it in your being!"

Messenger IV - The Fourth Principle - The Manifestation Of Physical Perfection
(7 Jan, 1980)

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

The principle or energy that is next in the spectrum that is man, is one where we find a lack of proper descriptive term. We speak of the body, of the physical form. You have termed it balance and harmony, yet these are not the words we seek. We are speaking of respect, we are speaking of responsibility, we are speaking of obligation. We are speaking of the manifestation of perfection in the physical self.

We have provided the example within nature, for that which is most healthy, that which is most abundant, and that which is most vital to your world and your life system, is that which is green. Without the plant that is green, your world would not exist. Even your scientists speculate that were any interference to block the energy of the sun for a prolonged period, the green life force, the chlorophyll activators within your plant life would cease and majority of life upon your planet would no longer exist.

We spoke of perfection. Can man know perfection in the physical form? He may not answer that question without first striving. The answer to all questions is yes, of course, for in having postulated the question, you have conceived the thought; in conceiving the thought, you have given birth to a reality. Your physical form is a vehicle, a tool, and yet you care more for the machines you build than you do for the vehicle which houses you, the spiritual being, and provides you your learning element. So truly, we are concerned with balance and harmony of the physical.

We cannot count as light beams those beings who do injustice to the form. You have the obligation to provide the physical form with the maximal opportunity to be of service to you. You have the obligation to care well for this vehicle which you have taken charge of, and you are responsible and held accountable for every attempt to destroy it. You destroy it with your chemicals. You destroy it in the pollution of your air. You destroy it by the poisons that you inject into yourself in the name medicine, the poisons you put into your food, the smoke you put into your lungs, the drugs you put into your mouth. You destroy the form through poor diet, through lack of exercise. We speak not that all should be athletes, but we speak of balance and harmony within the form. Where there is effort, there is energy.

We share with you an element known and lost, and known and lost again, to man. Your food... you do not understand. There is nothing you may preserve. You may not preserve food. To obtain the maximum energy from your food, it must be taken quickly from the time of removal from its life source, to the time you consume it. Where this time is days or a few weeks... it is possible in some types to maintain, but where you expect the food to survive by freezing or by chemical storage, you have lost the value. Do you not comprehend what the cycle of death is? It is the removal of Ruah, the spirit of life that inhabits all things. When it is removed, death ensues; every molecule of being is aware of its command to die. There is no longer any question within that element. Therefore, when the spirit is removed from the food, it no longer contains the magical elements that provide the greatest potential for value and health to man.

Certainly, there are elements and benefits to some things which have been maintained for long periods of time. The primary reason that you obtain little value with your meats... even those who are carnivores do not gain value, for much time has past from the day the meat was separated from its life force and the time you finally consume. The shortest time is of the greatest benefit. Another time, we shall speak more of the foods and the way you relate, but we are speaking here of maintaining the physical body.

Of what value is your spiritual and mental aspiration if you have not a physical form to allow you to carry forward your service? Deny not the form in order to prevent yourself or disable yourself from serving. It is not an acceptable thing. Your physical form is as important as your soul for the time you occupy it. It is to be respected. You have an obligation to care for it. As we pass amongst you, we look for the green that emanates in the aura of the healthy being, and like the plant that is ill, we see pale colors, for the richness and fullness of life you have not brought to yourself.

You are intelligent today, and well educated in the matter of health. If you would but put into practice that which you already know, you would improve the quality of living, as well as increase the longevity of your being. We say to you, "Laugh not at the time that your ancient writings do speak that man lived." There is no reason why man may not live beyond one hundred and twenty of your years in good health. We should correct ourselves, there is a reason: man's lack of attention, concern, and responsibility.

You speak of karma in your actions and interactions with others, and you say, "Do not steal. It is bad karma." And we say that more debt is built upon you for lack of care to your own physical form, than the majority of souls incur because of their interrelationships with others. You may not be half a being. Be all in your striving toward perfection; seek all, or be nothing and seek nothing."

Messenger V - The Third Principle - Wisdom (7 Jan, 1980)

"Greetings from the Messenger!

Please bear with us. We are trying to establish the proper vibratory level with this entity's vocal apparatus. It has been an extreme period of time since we have operated such a form. (Note: This was in reference to the Messenger's having difficulty getting started with the delivery of this material.)

We deal with the principle that might be termed wisdom, the mind, the development of the mind. The gold that man should worship is knowledge, for only in learning, and only through knowledge, may wisdom be obtained. It is a rare gift which is sought after.

The mind is a wondrous instrument even within the physical form, but the spiritual self may not develop to its fullest potential if the mind is not also developed. You have been taught of the gateway of the mind through the levels of consciousness to the soul. The growth of the spiritual self is totally dependent upon the utilization of the mind to learn, to observe, to seek wisdom. You have, within all of your philosophies, taught this element... taught the seeking after wisdom, the seeking after truth. You have however, created a system wherein your education is structured for a period of time and then, you cease. How may you cease? How may you stop? You accelerate the process in the early child and decelerate in the adult; it is then, that you should accelerate.

The mind is not limited. It is without limit in its potential to learn. Some develop the mind and ignore the other principles, and this is unwise and unfounded. But without the mind, without the wisdom, you cause the spiritual self to atrophy. Seek to learn. The knowledge contained within your world alone is beyond the capacity of a single man in a single lifetime.

You may not stay ignorant of the world you live in, of its peoples, their beliefs, their philosophies, without incurring an obligation, a debt, but you also may not live in harmony within your world, if you cannot communicate with others; and you may not communicate if you do not comprehend, if you have not learned what it is that motivates these people or that people. Would your nation have its difficulty today, had your people comprehended the philosophy you term Islam? Had you understood these people, would you have so exposed yourself? And yet, within their concept and within the knowledge that is available about them, they are, in essence, a predictable people.

Let the golden light of knowledge be the light that guides you into total fulfillment. Seek to comprehend all that you may, and pass not the opportunity to learn... let it not pass by easily. Seek wisdom through your understanding and your learning; and we advise that you seek to learn within the world about you with the material at hand, and not within your institutions academic, for too often, the system which has been formed, does stifle or limit the potential of the mind. Even that which you term fiction has reality, for any element which utilizes the imagination is capable of utilizing the mind.

The gold of knowledge is priceless!"

Messenger VI - The Second Principle - Faith (10 Jan, 1980)

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

We shall deal now with the principle that is in accord with that vibration you term orange. Again, we are caught with a limit to find the proper descriptor, and so we shall call this principle, the principle of faith.

You had employed the term, I believe, will. It is not will that creates the motivation, but a faith. It is the by-product of the imagination, the creative principle brought forth. The first energy, that which you term the red, shall better explain the creative, but we must deal with the gold of wisdom and the fire of creation, and in this joining, we bring the principle of faith - like a sun rising in the morning. It is the hope that resides within the soul and the inner being, that provides you the purpose for which you step forth each day. It is the faith in the goodness of these messages we bring, that causes you to work for this cause. It is your faith in the evolution of man and your faith in the potential of man, that pushes you forward and causes you to seek balance and harmony. It is faith in the basic laws and principles by which your universe operates, that allows you to function even through difficulty.

Without this faith, there would be no thing, and you would once again return to the animal. Comprehend well that the difference between the animal and man is not as much that which you term reason, for animals in different degrees have different reason, but it is the faith that resides within man, that creates the primary difference. It is the inner awareness of that which is beyond self. It is the faith that the soul does exist. It is the faith in the survival, that causes man to seek a greater understanding of his spiritual self. It is this very element which your society, not by design but by its own evolution, is now seeking to destroy unknowingly and inadvertently. It is the ability to believe, to know within the inner self that life is not an equation. No equation shall any scientist write that shall define life, for as he begins to approach that which he terms absolute or finite, he shall find that it is infinite.

It is a gift, this thing we call faith. It is planted as a seed within each. In the darkest hour of your time and your structure, it is faith that becomes the principle of guidance. Please do not confuse the term faith with that which you relate to religion. We are speaking here of the total concept - the concept of knowing and feeling and believing, the concept of utilizing, for without faith, there can be no utilization of the creative principle coupled with wisdom. Faith is the catalyst that allows man to create wisely.

Faith is the principle by which will is brought into being. Where shall will function if there is no faith? You may only will that which you believe in. It transcends even desire, for desire is a fleeting thing. Desire is simply satisfied. If you are hungry, you eat, and you desire no more, but faith is a fire within that is not quenched. It is not troubled. It is the need for the light worker to seek that knowing state. It is the need to allow the imaginative power of the mind to open up the communication channel with the soul, establishing a principle of concept which evolves into a system of belief and culminates in the glory of knowledge, of knowing. That element of faith... it is not will, but a surrender of ego to self, the surrender of self to a higher principle without knowing in totality, the nature of that principle. It is the willingness to return the self to the Source.

Through faith, you shall indeed accomplish all of your dreams, and your wildest imaginings but foreshadow tomorrow's reality. If man today, in his golden age of science, maintained the faith of his ancestors, it would truly be the golden age of all time. But we say to you, "Have faith, for tomorrow shall be brighter yet, and that which you view as your transcending glory, is but a faint glimmer of the reality that shall be.""

Messenger VII - The First Principal - The Fire Of Creation (10 Jab, 1980)

"Greetings... from the Brotherhood!

Our principle is the principle represented by that vibration you term red and we think of more as a fire, for it greater symbolizes the principle of creation. It is within this principle, that we contain that which you term love in the physical - that which you term procreation - that which you term creativity. It is also here, that we deal with desire in its most basic element. We are dealing with a principle which creates and which destroys; the most powerful, the most primary for your physical world existence, and the one which you least comprehend and most often abuse.

When we find this color within your auras, we do not find the brilliant fire of creation present, but we often find the mottled red of passion and anger and misdirected sexual energies. Within this principle, we deal with the element or that state you term celibacy. It is so encompassing that it becomes the seat or root of all the energy of your being in the physical form; and yet, it is also the key to your evolvement on a spiritual level. Spirituality is not the conquering of the physical self, nor is it the subjugation or annihilation of all desire within the self, but is rather the harmonious comprehension and utilization of all energies of the being, in purpose and with understanding, and as a tool for evolvement.

We deal with a principle you term sexual energy. We transcend your system of society which denies the discussion of these energies. We speak of a Divine gift, a procreative power that transcends the physical - a power, an energy, which deals not only with that you term a sexual act, but is involved with the total energy system of the physical form itself. All of the energy centers of the body, from the adrenal glands, to the procreative glands, to the solar plexus bundle, are involved with this point in that system you term the chakras. You denote this point as the base. It is the foundation stone; it is the keystone, the cornerstone. It is the pillar. It is the very heart of the physical energy structure.

Within many philosophies, man has recognized this point, or this principle, as the seat of the greatest potential, and therefore, in fear and ignorance, has seen fit to seek to annihilate this energy source. That which you term celibacy as a state of being for a lifetime, is a false premise. A temporary state of celibacy in order to bring the creative force to a greater potential, is a wise utilization. What you fail to comprehend, is that this energy seat, this center point, is vitally involved not only in your sexual procreation, but the same energy base is involved in your creativity on a mental plane; and it is also the generating seat of all energy that is channeled on a spiritual level.

In order to deal most effectively with this created force, it is required that a being first recognize the existence of the force within and seek to shed the limited concepts that have been fostered upon. Education and understanding are the principles of which we speak. We speak not of promiscuity, but of understanding. We speak of eliminating shame and replacing it with pride, in the sense that to recognize the energy and the creative force within oneself, is a step forward in evolution. To deny that energy is a step backward. To subscribe to society's concept that such subjects should not be discussed amongst intelligent beings, is to deny the very Source that gives birth to mankind.

Man has perverted this energy. The interrelationship of male and female is not a disharmonious energy, but a positive one - one that provides for a positive balancing, an interchange, a sharing, and a balancing of energies. The same root forces act as the creative principle. Certain philosophies began to understand, specifically those you term Eastern, and they spoke of the fires of kundalini, and they understood not the total nature. They sought an experience, but simultaneously sought to deny the physical form any mode of expression.

When you are in the spiritual self, outside of and no longer occupying a physical form, then that energy principle shall be used only in a spiritual level and spiritual manner. While you are within the physical form, it is balanced and harmonious to allow these energies to be utilized in accordance with the physical being that is unique to each individual. To deny these energies, is to foster subconscious fantasies and dream manifestations that are not normal. The most saintly of your religious leaders have often complained of being obsessed with difficulty in these areas. It is not that they were imbalanced, but rather that the desire for balance within the total being was seeking release.

You are man, physical. You are soul, spirit, and you are consciousness in mind. All must be brought together in harmony, and the creative spark, the fire within, is the principle by which you forge and weld your being into total harmony. The artist, in creating the masterpiece, utilizes the same creative principle and energy source, as does the athlete who runs the race, as does the parent in procreation. Without consciousness, you bring forth unknown children of your creativity; but where the mind is focused in understanding and conscious utilization of these energies, where your own desire is made clear within your consciousness and is focused within the utilization of the power within in harmony, then you bring forth the fruit of the seed which you have planted. If you plant a mustard seed, you shall indeed have a mustard plant, but if you simply allow a seed to be planted, who knows what the fruit shall be?

The law is not to subjugate. The law is to comprehend and utilize. Seek to bring the principle together. Take the fire of creativity and weld it with the gold of wisdom, through the principle of faith, in the Divine structure of the universe of the soul and of man. If you think well, you shall comprehend that it is incomprehensible to consider a Divine Source having given birth to a creative idea, the physical form, which one should become ashamed of the principles that were placed therein and ignorant of same.

Be creative. Where it is appropriate, procreate, but utilize and deny not the source, for even as the Universal Source exists and is, so within each individual is a seed power that is physical and simultaneously spiritual, and it is the control of all the elements of your being. Without that key, you shall unlock no door."

Conversations with David

"Perhaps you could answer for us, David, a question relevant to these colors and principles. There has been much written on this particular subject, and there are many discrepancies in the various writings. Can you clarify as to why that is?"

(long pause)... "We have called the presence of all the Master Teachers who have operated on this plane within the last millennium. This matter is one which has oft been dealt with."

"Yes, I know that."

"Within each level, we have found the consciousness predisposed. Let us deal with the element, the personage of whom you credit the origin of much of this theory. The entity, Blavatsky, had studied and conceived ideas within the consciousness, that were formed. These basic principles were modified by learning, and also the new teachings were inhibited by prior concepts. Thus, the term - that the philosophy of the entity, Blavatsky, represented a merging or marriage of East and West. It represented, as you term it, Eastern concepts as seen through the limits of a Western mind. The entity did not allow total separation of self during communication. The entity was spiritually present during all channeling. All imagery was passed through a jointly controlled consciousness. Do you comprehend?"

"Yes, that would be like having a filter on, wouldn't it?"

"That is correct. We then take the next step forward, and those persons known as the entity, Besant, and the entity, Leadbeater, became those who sought to clarify what the entity, Blavatsky, had taught. They became her redactors, as you term them, or perhaps, more appropriately, the hagiographers. Look the words up."

"I will."

"The word is spelled h-a-g-i-o-g-r-a-p-h-e-r-s. We recognize your difficulty at times. Beyond the entities we have spoken of, there are many, but the one termed, Bailey, was fully steeped into the concepts of the Blavatsky. Having placed the entity, Blavatsky, upon a throne or pedestal, how did you expect Djwhal Khul to penetrate the limits that had been established? Also, there was not a complete separation. Are you cognizant of the manner by which the entity, Bailey, wrote?"

"I have only read parts of her work. Was it by automatic writing?"

"It was in part. Have you not studied it?" (question directed to another person)

"Yes, I have, but I don't remember."

"It would serve you both well to delve into these matters and see the method by which the channeling works. Comprehend if you will, that the information that was brought forward, served the consciousness of the time well. It was limited by the presence of consciousness in the channeled vehicle. We are not limited by the entity's Richard's consciousness herein; and yet, we have limits, and we are limited by your ability to perceive or comprehend that which we say, so we must utilize words that are meaningful to you and yet, do not totally represent the absolute essence of truth.

He who you term, Kut-Hu-Mi and Djwhal Khul, do not have difficulty in their comprehension, and their principles were major breakthroughs to the consciousness of Western man. They were, however, modified, as they were brought through in dream, in pictorial, in automatic writing, in channel, but in no case were these entities able to bring their information through directly without the interference or presence of the consciousness of the entity who did function as channel."

"Have there been any channels in the interim period, that this information was given to in its purest form?"

"There have been."

"Why have we not heard of them?"

"Have you sought them?"

"We have looked for truth in all our studies, but I'm sure we haven't read everything that is available to us."

"You have looked within your language and your land alone. Did you read the material of the entity know as Steiner, the Rudolph Steiner?"

"No, I have not read his material."

"Within there, you would find the seeds. We did begin with the Azrael, but were filtered out. We did begin with the consciousness of the Order of the Rosy Cross, the one Heindel. We did also, begin with many others."

"David, may I ask what the masters, Kut-Hu-Mi and DK are doing at this time? Are they working as guides for numerous individuals, or are they doing something else?"

"They are working as Master Teachers, but not guides."

"As Master Teachers, do they deal with a number of individuals on the earth plane?"

"That is correct."

"From what we've learned about the planets corresponding to the colors in the spectrum, some of them are a little difficult to comprehend. Mercury with the fire of creation principle and Venus with faith... they leave me wondering, because I can't quite fit them into what I know about the planets. Is that because my knowledge of the planets is limited?"

"It is that in part, but it is also that you are dealing with principles that transcend your physical universe. They interrelate, and they transcend. The colors of your spectrum that deal with your planets, are not limited to this world of relation, but there are vibrations above, and there are colors above that are perceived not."

"Do the vibrations of the numbers one through seven, correspond with what we've been given on the principles"

"They do and they do not."

"I'm trying very hard to understand, but your answer makes it difficult."

"You are seeking to limit, and we will not be constrained. Do not put a border about these principles, but understand that they are reflections of higher principles which are the same and yet different... different only in the degree of manifestation. That which you term the planet Venus, which is the second element which we termed faith, can you not comprehend that Venus as a principle of desire and a principle of love and value, is also the element faith?"

"When you put it like that, it makes sense."

"What other planet would you assign to such a word?"

"I don't know. I'll have to think about it a while."

"Consider also, even as the entity (Richard) postulated, that without the thought, the conscious direct action, that the fire of creation is a ravaging disease."

"Did I understand that the key to utilizing that principle, is comprehension and understanding of it?"

"That is correct, and is that not a mercurial trait?"

"Yes, it is."

"Within man, is Mercury made manifest, but not in the lower kingdom. It is man that thinks. It is the process of thinking and utilizing the thought to control action, that puts the creative power at man's disposal to utilize. Do you now comprehend?"

"Yes, I do."

"Is not also the principle of the gold which we did term the wisdom... is that not more appropriate in the understanding that, that is the plane of your expression?"


"That is the planet Earth, wherein the earth, you do find the gold, but it is also within this plane, that you have your opportunity, for of what value is there to wisdom, if there is no physical plane within which to express it?"

"Good point. Are there principles beyond the seven? I'm thinking now of our numerical system, for example, going to ten and beyond."

"There are principles upon principles upon principles. We deal with simple elements, for of what use would a scale of a thousand notes be, to one who has not mastered seven?"

"So these seven are primarily for man, physical man. Is that correct?"

"We have said they are reflections of other principles that are the same and yet different, depending upon the plane of expression. Upon the fifth plane, as you term it, these principles also exist but are different, in that the manifestation of reality is different in that plane. These are primary. By primary, we mean that they represent the key elements. You are in the physical; therefore, concern yourselves with that which is in the physical laws. Understand first, the operation of your physical and spiritual and mental selves. Learn how to bring them into harmony. When that has been accomplished, then wonder at the next level of consciousness and its laws. We seek to provide pathways, but we must cut through the jungles you have planted.

"This material has been very fascinating. Thank you for presenting it."

"We have a general comment for you, specifically emanating from the Armor Bearer and To-Ta-Ten. You question as to how you are to put into practice the things you have heard, and wherein shall you find the time. (In reference to earlier conversation related to obtaining fresh foods and growing our own.)

It is to utilize the mind that you will best find your solutions. We did not say that the food must be an hour from the ground, but rather the Messenger did say, that days or weeks might suffice. We did not say that you should not procure your vegetables from the local source, but be responsible to know whether they are fresh or not."

"Well, I always try to do that anyway, David."

"To choose the meats that you employ, you have available to you the seafood that is fresh. You also, by searching, could find the fowl that has been freshly killed, and by utilizing this, you would not become that which you term the farmer. You also could trade either in monetary or services, to someone who is, for that which you need. There are many ways to surmount what seems to be an obstacle. Remember to study each facet of the diamond."

"That's very good advice David. As I become more aware, I'm continually searching harder for better things for us to eat."

"We are speaking in a collective sense, not just for you alone. It is a question which may appear to many. We do not give you a single element which you cannot put into full utilization. Those who will say, "I have no time to learn," waste more than one hour of their day, and one hour each day studying within a single subject, would produce an expert, as you term it, in any field in a relatively short period of time."

Questions and Answers

From Livonia, Michigan, Nancy Schumacher inquires: "How does a person know the right thing to do?"

"Within each man is engraved the book of the law. If you are in balance and harmony with yourself, if you are seeking counsel with yourself in the quiet separate of the world, if you are able to spend the time alone and are not fearful of that which you call your alter self, then surely that same part of you which directs all elements of your being, shall guide you in the path of what is right and what is wrong. But to all things hold the ultimate law: That whatsoever you do, as long as it harm no one, including yourself, it is in harmony with the universe... but remember that one must not harm on any level of consciousness or physical awareness."

Douglas Morton in Orchard Lake, Michigan writes: "How are the energies of sex related to evolution on a personal level?"

"The energies you term sex are the most complicated and most powerful energies residing within man. The procreative force is the key to all creativity. It is a tool to be employed by man, but too often, man is enslaved by it. Within the philosophy that speaks to suppress the desire by non-involvement, this is false. You may not terminate the function of the body in any sector or in total. To allow the energy drive to become the master of the being, is to become a slave to desire; and yet, this is the likely element, unless the energy is given free opportunity to release with a positive, constructive mind.

When man elevates the sexual desire and element of his life to its proper place in the consciousness, recognizing that it is a union of harmony between beings of like nature and complementary energies and is not something to be utilized in a careless manner, when it is recognized that through this process may creative realization be accomplished, as well as the indrawing of the highest spiritual forces, then it becomes a progressive tool. It is the greatest of all temptations of man, and it is the examination that man most often fails... so he seeks not to deal with it; therein, most debt or learning difficulty is encountered.

Bring forth the energy in love and harmony. Recognize that the elements of energy that you seek to complement your own, should not be of too low a vibration. The union of two souls is a complete fusion into one being. The interaction upon your plane produces a spiritual action. Let it be in total balance and harmony, but seek not the strange paths to control and harness this energy."

The following was brought forward by a man, who for obvious reasons, shall remain anonymous: "Because of lack of relationship with my wife and lack of relationship with other women, I indulge in masturbation and a lot of related sexual fantasies, and it's coming to the point where it is starting to bother me."

"Do not place yourself in self-condemnation. These are natural elements within the course of the development of man. As you move forward in consciousness, you awaken energies that are often transmuted into this direction. That is why it is written that it is not proper that a man should be alone, for these energies do become a dominant force."

Joyce Varnum in Santa Maria, California, would like to know: "When a person practices automatic writings (one who sincerely wishes association with the light), and receives information indicating that a group of spiritual guides may be working with the person, how can a determination be made as to whether there is actually non-physical beings communicating through the physical person, or if the information is being received from the subconscious or Higher Self or other multi-dimensional personalities and/or aspects of the self?"

"If what is received is truth and of value within the world you live, it would be wise to ask what does the difference make? But, if one would know wherein is the source, and the information does flow in truth, then one need only to ask from which source it does emanate. But remember to always test all that is given. Place it in the crucible of the heart, and test it in the fire of experience."

This question comes from Patricia Lereaux in Belleview, Florida. She asks: "What is or isn't adultery?"

"To answer that question, one first must ask, "What is or what isn't marriage," and then one must go beyond and seek to answer the question of what adultery deals with. Is it a violation only of a social order, or is it an imbalance of a spiritual nature?

Adultery by the definition, is the physical interrelationship by one or more married persons to a person who is not their partner. From a spiritual viewpoint, it is any promiscuous act. That is why it was written that the act within the mind is the same as the physical act. It is spiritual imbalance to desire, to covet that which is not thy own. To desire a man or a woman for the sake of the body, for physical gratification only, is an act of adultery regardless of how one chooses to class the term.

Where there is a total relationship involving the mental, the spiritual, and the physical, therein we have what is termed a marriage, regardless of whether the legal form of your society is fulfilled; but when that form is violated by the interrelationship with still a third party, then it is adultery."

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