Light Messenger

Volume 3, Chapter 2

"Death, the disharmonious sound, exists where the law is not loved."
...from the guides

Happy Birthday Light Messenger!

This issue marks the passage of two years time since the first Light Messenger was published. Looking back, we are amazed and thrilled by the progress we have made. There were times when we became discouraged, but there were also those moments when our hearts were touched by the appreciation expressed by those we served. Our mailing list has multiplied over 500% since the beginning, and it continues to expand as seekers everywhere ask for the publication.

We do not know what the total end result of our efforts will be, but we do know that we have accomplished what we set out to do. David once said, "If it were your task to spread pebbles upon the beaches and shores of the ocean of the world, it would not matter whether anyone would ever know that you had done it, nor would it matter if you knew why you did such a task. All that would matter is that was the task you had agreed upon." And so it is with the Light Messenger. We were asked to provide the energy to produce it, and we have done so with willing hearts and hands. Yes, it is a time consuming job and often very difficult, but after two years, we still feel privileged to have been chosen as the channels for this communication. It is our way of serving, and we still experience excitement and a sense of awe each time we are blessed with the presence of one of the Messengers from the Brotherhood!

We too, have learned much, and in some cases, even found it necessary to readjust our own belief systems as a result of the material we were given. Just as this publication has evolved and changed during the course of time, we also have done the same.

Since our ship of Light sails upon man's sea of consciousness, it is difficult to predict the Messenger's future destination. Perhaps, as David has suggested, it will be printed in Spanish since a contact for such a project has already been established. Only time will reveal the ultimate course.

Mission Accomplished

As a result of the continued and persistent efforts of one of our faithful supporters, we have finally obtained a transcription machine. How happy we were, when William, from a distant city, knocked upon our door with a Sanyo Memo Scriber in hand! Our friend, who chooses to remain anonymous, followed an inner urge to help with this specific project, and as if that weren't enough, he made a sizeable contribution towards the purchase price! The forces of Light were really working that week, because our mail produced the remainder of the money needed to pay for the machine. The transcriber is proving to be a worthy investment and already, it's saving this writer at least 25% in transcription time. The endless hours of transcribing have become a pleasure instead of the dreaded chore it used to be. Thank you friends of Light!

New Paths

As some of you may be aware, I (Peggy) have studied the Tarot for many years. Always feeling a little insecure and inadequate in spite of my studies, imagine my surprise when I perceived through a dream last Fall that I was going to write a book on the Tarot! I checked with David, and he countered with the quip that I was a little slow in getting around to it. I began writing on the January new moon and am receiving most of my material through inner meditation. I am astounded at what is brought forth as I touch into the collective pool of universal knowledge that is available. I'm very excited about this project and am anxious to obtain as much historical data as possible.

The Lightning Bolt Is Born!

The first issue of the Lightning Bolt was mailed in February. For those who may have missed it, the Lightning Bolt is a separate newsletter pertaining to the subjects of Kabalah and Astrology. It is not related to the Light Messenger in any way. In fact, we have set up a separate bank account to handle the subscription fees. The Lightning Bolt is currently written by Richard exclusively, but may include excerpts from other Astrologers and Cabalists in future editions. It is being published in response to the many requests Richard has had for lessons, tapes, etc. by mail.

Messenger I - The Brotherhood Discusses Law (Feb 27,1980)

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

Law is complex, even in your tongue. Too often, man conceives of law as that which he is opposed to, that which he is in disharmony with. It is paradoxical, for man has created the laws that he seeks to violate. So it is in the total sense. There is but one Law; there are an infinite number of laws. There is but one, in that there is no separation from that you term physical to that which is spiritual. There is no physical law in contrast to Divine Law. All are the same. All have their beginning in the same point.

The laws that govern the universe in the physical sense, govern that particular structure of energy. Your universe is energy... it therefore obeys the laws of energy. Man is composed of energy in the physical and is subject to those laws, and man the spiritual being, is subject to laws that govern that particular type of energy which is simply a higher octave of the physical. They are vibrations, one of the other.

It is not the Law which is a problem, but man's attitude to law, for if you will not obey the laws that you yourself have made, how then shall we give you the ultimate understanding of Law with any hope that you shall obey them as well? Shall you give the lip service to those laws you term Divine, as you do to those laws you term civil? What benefit?

The Law is old. It has been often given. You have become aware of laws over time and their basic operation, and yet you have deduced those elements of law which are higher and have not yet put them into practice. Over three thousand years ago, one of your teachers gave you ten simple laws. You term them Commandments. They also are a manifestation of yourself. They are the embodiment of the God Principle within each and every one, but in three thousand, five hundred years, you have not learned to live with those ten simple laws.

You are aware of laws of thermal action. If you place your hand in a fire, it will burn. You obey that law because of its consequence. You do not step off of the mountain because of the consequence of the law of gravity. The Higher Laws are interrelated to man on all levels. The Law is not a blind command, a desire of a Divine Will, but rather the ultimate essence of balance. If there were no law of order, the universe would collide into itself. If there were no law regarding mass and motion, your planet would fall into the Sun and there would be no Earth. The universe is ordered in accordance with laws of balance - laws that create and keep harmony.

Man is a receiver of Law, a being capable of understanding. Of all creation, there is none that may comprehend the Law as man may comprehend it. But in comprehending, man is therefore responsible for the violation of the Law... not to some judge who will condemn, but rather to a process and a need to learn. You obey the Law to bring harmony into your being. To disobey the Law, is not to be guilty, but rather to have created disharmonious energy.

A stone in the water produces ripples, so every violation of the Law reaches from one end of this universe to the other, from one dimension to another. You do not create upon this plane without creating on all planes simultaneously. As it is written, "As above, so below, as below, so above," it is part of a total Law. No energy may be utilized upon any plane without its reflection or octaves being felt upon all planes. If you destroy this planet, the action will be felt upon all dimensions and parts of the universe. Can the eye destroy itself without the body being aware? Do you not fully comprehend that the laws of balance, the laws of being, are involved in as complex a structure as if your physical world were but a subatomic particle of a giant being? You may not destroy yourselves without bringing the effect upon yourself!

Certainly, amongst the elements of Law, are the principles of seeking to grow and of doing without harm that which is desired, for in the ultimate sense, it leads to growth; but Law is an absolute. It is a truth that you comprehend only partially, but it is real beyond the reality that you are cognizant of. Your universe, your world, is governed by many levels of law. The operation of that which you term the spiritual world, operates within the same laws and within harmony thereof, but in order for man to be as you would term it, spiritual, in order for him to be balanced, Law must be cherished and loved!

Why do you make laws if you will only seek to break them? Of what purpose is it to reveal all of the Divine Laws when you have not learned to live with ten? One people could not live with six hundred and thirteen. Another have not lived with ten, and the consciousness reaches out and cries and says, "Show us the Law, show us the Divine Element. Let us know the Will of the Father." Balance... peace... love... these are laws, and the greatest of all law is the Law of Love, even if it be limited or selfish in its early stage.

We respond to the Law. Your body is subject to the Law, and it is subject to the law of the mind. The mind is subject to the law of the emotion, and the spirit is subject to the laws of the mind and emotion. It is a prisoner to the actions that you have placed. Until man brings Law into the primary forefront of his actions, he is without balance, he is in violation of the Law, he is sitting in disharmony.

One does not go within a giant bell with a hammer and strike it from within, for the sound thereof would destroy he who struck the bell. And yet, the ripples of reaction do spread within your beings from your own interruption of the Law. You may not violate without producing the ripple, and as man accumulatively, violates the Law, both physical and Divine as you term it, the ripples are becoming tidal waves that will engulf you. Man has violated the law of balance and harmony by seeking to unleash the power of the universe itself, and has thus begun to pollute his world in an irreversible manner. He has polluted the air. He is polluting the seas and the rivers. He pollutes his mind with negative images and concepts He pollutes the minds of others, of the children, and he is the recipient of the ripples. He is the one who waves his flag when his country is challenged and then spends a portion of his time determining how to cheat his government. He steals from himself, from his employer, from his nation, and considers it appropriate and balanced.

Beware of the ripples that are flowing! The tidal wave may be said to be nothing more than many ripples joined together. Seek out the law of balance and harmony and love! Examine within, the nature of effect. When there is nothing else remaining in this universe, Law will still be, for without Law, there is no universe, there is no spiritual kingdom, there is no being, for to be is to be Law. To be law in balance, is to be love. To be love, is to be Divine, and it is from Divine that Law is born."

Messenger II - Man, A Symphony Of Vibration (Mar 1,1980)

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

The question that has often been posed, is how man balances that which you term the karma, and he balances or becomes aware or is credited with those positive acts, in comparison to the areas of difficulty. This is a complex matter that is difficult to describe.

Many of your sages have suggested that records were kept, that books were written. I believe the term you employ is the "Akashic Record". It is interesting to note that man continually relates the tools and experiences of his world to the world of spirit. One may readily see the akashic record of an individual, even though there is no such record in a written form, nor is it something as you normally conceive it.

Life is like a symphony of music. It is composed of a myriad of notes and their interrelated and harmonious vibration, one to the other. If an artist were to play a particular composition that was disharmonious, you would not find it pleasant to listen to and would consider that artist as poor or out of balance. All energy when in motion, produces vibratory patterns. We have given you a basic understanding in the areas of food; and in the discussion of guides and Messengers and other beings, we have given you the understanding to know that there is a difference in the vibratory nature of one group of beings to another.

This thing that you term the akashic record, is the very vibration of your being itself. It is your symphony that is observed, seen as a symphony of color and sound and vibration all interrelated; and where a particular sector is in disharmony or out of balance, so the response is the same as if one were hearing in that area. One may listen to a particular segment of the score and thereby see where the balance is.

The whole vibratory nature of your being is basically a low vibration in order to maintain a physical form. As you leave the form, you utilize a higher vibration; and as you evolve spiritually, that spiritual self becomes a higher and higher or we might term it, a finer vibration... a higher octave of the previous note. Even as on the great instrument that man has made, you have several of the key of C, so it is in the spiritual self that you are the same note but vibrating at a higher octave in a more refined manner. At certain octaves, a being may not tolerate those things around him or within him, that he tolerated previously at a lower octave. The man who enjoyed and who ate nothing but meat and was grounded in the desires and patterns of diet, lowered his vibration in that particular sector. Having evolved beyond that point, he may once again return to that dietary pattern without changing the vibration permanently, but only temporarily altering its sound.

When an individual creates what you term negative karma, creates a difficulty either for the self or for another... then the vibration of that segment of self, if it be interrelationships with others, if it be in value systems, philosophy, whatever sector, that particular sector of the symphony of the basic vibratory pattern becomes out of harmony. Perhaps we should say it is like tuning the instrument you term a piano. With the many keys that are required on the piano, you have the problem of adjusting many strings and balancing the sound. So it is, that as man seeks to clear out or balance karmic difficulties as you call them, then he is, in essence, tuning his instrument. He is refining the sound, he is balancing the symphony of self. Within this concept, it is like a composer first creating a crude element, a crude basic picture of sound, and refining it each day, bringing it a little closer to the ultimate form that he hears within his inner mind. In his inner ear, is this perfect sound - the perfect sound that vibrates in the same harmony and in the identical manner with the symphony of the universe as a totality. Man strives to become one with the music of the spheres. The music of the spheres is in reality, the master blueprint, the pattern by which man was formed and is yet an embryonic stage thereof.

Each act is a purifying of the vibratory pattern - a tuning to a higher balance if it is positive, and a detuning if it is negative. It is a constant interactive process, and it is not one where you can really say that, "I shall do three good acts today and four bad, and therefore have an excess of bad acts." Many of the so-called karmic factors are temporary and of insignificant nature in that they are events which transpire, and the consciousness itself is aware of the negative potential. Such things as simple anger, are matters within your form that are part of the emotional makeup, and unless they are taken beyond reason, they do not usually become a matter of interference except at that moment.

In reality, that thing you term the "aura" is an extension of this same symphony of self, this akashic record; and the interference you see in the color patterns of the aura, are also the interference at the moment with this vibratory self, this symphony of sound that is the individual as a total person. To recognize the futuristic potential of the soul of man and its spiritual growth patterns and the height to which it may achieve, is beyond the average comprehension. It goes beyond the patterns that you are cognizant of. That aura, you are no longer capable of seeing, but it would be as it were, the most perfect sunset or sunrise, or the most perfect rainbow in the sky that you could envision, and then more beautiful beyond that.

So... the vibratory pattern is set not only by the thought, but by the deed and by the results thereof, for as you think the elements, you create a disturbance within the vibratory structure of self; and when you perpetrate the act, you further fix that element into a permanent vibration, a change in the patterns. In recognizing this effect - this interrelationship, it should be easier for man to realize that life as a total thing, is not a case of recording events simply to summarize, but of interacting with the Universal Self in order to become a Master Musician within the Great Orchestra. For if all are in harmony together, then the music of the spheres is one with the sound of man, and the vibratory pattern of all is one. Hear well the words we speak in this matter, for all is one and shall return to one, but the key to the lock is vibratory harmony; and until man has raised his vibration to the octave of the Divinity and refines the disharmony within it, he must continue to struggle and to work toward more perfect balance.

There are few analogies we may choose to describe this effect. The difference between you physically and you spiritually, is a vibratory one. The difference between you spiritually and your guide, is a vibratory one. The difference between a guide and a Messenger is again a vibratory nature, and the difference between the astral planes and the earth, is all vibratory in its total nature. The ultimate vibration, even within your science, is known to be light itself, for if an object is so activated that its molecular structure is caused to increase its rate of motion, it becomes heated as you term it; and when heated beyond a certain point, it does glow with the color of heat which becomes light.

All elements interact as if one were tuning a great instrument. Every event, but recognize the thought as well as the deed, is a total part of the balance. Every action given interacts with the symphony, and it is this, those persons you term psychic, are gifted in sensing and becoming aware of. The intuitive feeling is a response to the sound of the symphony of an individual. If it is pleasant, then it is an individual who has worked long to bring balance about. If it is disharmonious, it is an energy that is to be feared in the sense that it does not produce the most positive strains or patterns for one's well-being. When one is surrounded by disharmonious sound, it becomes disruptive to health and consciousness. Even so it is with the spiritual form, that as you allow it to become unbalanced, that its disharmonious sound will affect the physical form as well.

Thus man is an instrument, capable of being tuned to a high degree, designed to produce a symphony of the first order, and in a state of being that at this time, produces a cacophony of sound. Thus is the message of the Brotherhood."

The following dissertation was given by David during a private group meeting.

"We shall deal with the total problem of development. It is a matter which appears to be of confusion. Reiterating the primary direction, each of you individually is a spiritual form, operating a physical body for a period of time in accordance with a purpose which you chose. Recognize that from what you term the Higher Consciousness, that you have chosen this cycle of experience and the events within it. Your consciousness is but a fragment of the total of which you are part. Recognize in humility, that the ego-centeredness which you call self, is but a fragment of self, no different than man standing upon the mountain becomes aware of how small he is in the vastness of the earth, so is your conscious self in the vastness of that totality which is you.

You may evolve by opening the door of consciousness between that which you term the conscious mind and that which is termed the subconscious mind. Between these two, is the hallway of emotional expression; beyond, is the term or the domain of Higher Consciousness. When you are at-onement with your Soul Self, you are in total accord and awareness of your purpose and direction. Allow your inner consciousness to awaken. Allow the true self, the evolved being which is within you, to step forward and function in this plane of reality that is not a reality. This is a plane of illusion. But shall you be the magician, or the person who is but the assistant?

No entity outside of yourself may guide as well as the guide given to you at birth and your own consciousness. You shall not find that guidance unless you shall take the time each day to focus the mind and bring it into harmony with the being, until you learn to shut the world out for a small moment before you return unto it. You may not leave the world while you are on this plane. You may not escape into the world of the spirit. Your feet are planted upon the ground. You must bear fruit within the physical form of expression. Do so with the awareness of who and what you are, and you shall flow with the rivers of time in a continuing, growing expression of perfection in becoming. That is all."

Messenger III - What Is God? (Mar 2,1980)

"Greetings... from the Brotherhood!

The message we bring is relevant to your concept of Deity, Divinity, God, however you choose to identify that Force or Energy, the Creative Principle. It is a complex matter that you have further complicated by your attempts to create God in your own image. You have placed descriptions and limits about the concept of a Deity, forming a human personage and personality.

Let us think backward to your basic biological science - that which you term biology. You are taught that a single cell will divide and produce another cell and may continue and form a myriad number of cells. If a single cell were to produce essentially an infinite number of cells without dying, would you then call that single cell, God? It would become the progenitor, the creator, the Deity. All things would have its stamp. All things would be created in its likeness. All things would share part of its vibration. But even as it is with in your physical form, each of the other cells would be young and not fully developed, so they would certainly have time before they would be perfect images of the master cell. Someone will say, "But a cell contains no consciousness," and yet that is not true, for within each cell is a blueprint that does not fail for each cell reproduces its own likeness. It is a micro and macrocosmic example of man in relationship to Deity.

It is not possible within the scope of your comprehension and the scope of your language, to truly define the Cause of Causes. Were that to be possible, we would no longer have an absolute Deity or Principle, for to define is to limit. Within the basic structure, it can however be said, that even as you are taught that you are all gods in the becoming, so you are like the cells which have been formed out of the master cell. You are the likenesses; and yet, the cell may operate within different forms in different planes of experience at different times.

Divinity, in one sense of your comprehension, is the sum total energy that exists within your universe. Every particle of matter is energy, and the energy within it keeps the matter in motion. If the Divinity removes itself, your universe ceases to exist. The sum total of all intelligence is the Divinity. All the knowledge that has been or will be or is, is contained within the Divinity; and yet, it can also be said that the sum total of all minds represents the Divine Mind, and yet it is greater beyond that point, for it is the sum total of spiritual consciousness, both on this plane and all other planes of existence. It is all of these in summation, and then it is one more. There is no point in this or any universe or plane of existence, where the Divinity is not. Therefore, no place can be said to where the Divinity is. The Presence, the Energy, is greatest in the higher planes only in the sense, that the atmosphere is more adaptable to perceiving the true energy of the Divine Force.

There is no Divine Force to which you may separately plead your case above and beyond the collective case of man. You are capable of reaching out to the Divine Source within yourself and within each other and utilizing that power. You cannot seek outwardly for a God, for to do so, you begin to worship idols. You must seek inwardly, for there is no other place that you may find the Cause of Causes. We deal with a complex structure, a complex philosophy and idea, but much energy is spent in seeking to persuade the Divine Essence to separate its path of directing the universes and hear and attend to the plea of one individual. That is like an atom of the little toe seeking to have attention paid to it. You are part of a collective energy. You are independent consciousness, operating within a particular energy field at this time.

There is no symbol that truly portrays the Divinity; and yet, the circle and the flame are amongst the best choice, for the circle truly represents that in all points in space and time, may the Divinity be found without beginning and without end. The flame within is symbolic of the living consciousness that is the Divine Energy.

It is not a Divinity that seeks to have man prostrated before it upon his knees or upon his face. What service may one perform in this manner? What benefit does it produce? To be humble in the presence of the awareness of the totality of the Divinity, is a natural state of being. To be aware of the Divinity is more important than all of the words that might be employed. Man may not bless the Divinity. Man may only acknowledge and seek to become even more like unto and more at-one with, but that seeking is within.

There is a Master Blueprint and a Master Draftsman, but no physical form shall ever contain or describe in totality, the sum of the being of the Cause of Cause. There is no form that any level of being may perceive, nor may the highest of the Angels or Archangels sit in idle conversation with the Divinity. They may only enter into the sphere where all ignorance and illusion and negativity have been taken away, and in that sphere, the Divine Light does exist. To step into that Light is to become the Divinity, to be one in surrender of self and consciousness, to be one in the moment of a star that is born, to be lost into the voids of space, into quadrillions of particles. It is to become one in surrender with the awareness still that I am I.

You fear to lose your egos. You fear to lose your identity, and the greatest joy, the ultimate goal, is to become one of the Total Being that you term the Cause of Causes with an individual memory of the cycles you have traveled. It is like the mind that is taken apart and experiences, learns and travels, and then returned together again, becoming a whole that may yet again travel outward.

Seek to perfect in order to surrender. Seek to be able to enter into the Total Light. Were you to enter into the Light at this present time, you would become one without consciousness, for it would so engulf your ability to comprehend, that you would cease to exist. And yet in time, there shall be a moment when you shall stand in that flame and shall be no more and yet shall be forever.

You were there when the universes were born, when the first spark of energy converted into matter and the flame burst forth into a void, and from that point, all became as it is known. You were the center of the Sun, the beginning of the nova. You traveled from the point within the beginning to the outmost reach of time, and are there and here and then, all now. There is a Cause of Causes! There is a Divine Mind! There is a place where the Divine Essence is readily perceived, but that same Essence is in this very space. The Divinity is in all that is - all that is all, all that you conceive, all that you know, all that you have known. There is not one particle - atomic or subatomic, that does not contain or is not part of the Divinity.

Your thought is limited by the physical mechanism by which you operate your communication. In the spiritual form, you learn to absorb ideas without the laborious process of sequentially thinking through each step. You have the power to absorb knowledge in this manner, but only a few utilize this tool. Seek in your prayer, in your meditation, to sense and be aware of the Divine Presence and Force that is about you, and know that it may not be removed. You may cover it, you may cloud the Energy within, but you may not alter one particle of the Divine Essence!

The ultimate essence, the ultimate goal of the Cause of Cause, is to see that which has been made manifest evolve to its perfect level where it may return to the Source and lose its identity into its origin, and yet still be. Thus speaks the Brotherhood!"

Conversations with David

The topic of conversation in this issue was sparked by the questions posed by a friend who works with an organization known as Hospice. It is her duty to sit beside a person during his or her transition, and try to make them feel more calm and less afraid.

"I want to know exactly what goes on at the time we call death. What is the physical process when the soul leaves the body, and what is the spiritual process when it meets with beings from the other side? I want to know what to say to people at this time to make their transition easier?"

"The matter of death or transition as the word is more pleasant in your tongue, is complicated by the age of the entity, by the manner of death, and by the factor of whether the death or transition is timely - that is in accord with the spiritual desire, whether it is premature caused by mistreatment of the physical form, whether it is caused by separation due to karmic factors as you would term them, or if it is a case of a soul leaving at the beginning, being unable to deal with the concept of another life so soon. Further, within those that are termed karmic, we must further divide into those categories that are termed the transition by disease, or by accident, or by war. These are all separate classifications, and in each case, the response of the soul and of the individual is different. Because the entity who is seeking this information is primarily dealing with those whose transition is timely, then we shall approach for this particular message, that point of reference.

There is a period of time - approximately three of your days before the transition is to be made, when the soul begins the process of separation; but well prior to this time, often many months before the event, the entity is found to be more often lost in daydreams, more often lost in their own thought, and there are periods of time when they are not. It is during this time that the travel you term astral, is increased or begins to take place, even on a conscious level. This is where those who are approaching their transition in a timely manner will speak to someone as if they were present when no one is there, or will claim that others have spoken to them. During this period, the soul is separating from the form, and the consciousness is removed in a travel or separation, in order to prepare for the final separation.

It is difficult to separate the physical form if there is no preparation. It is not to say that the consciousness does not travel, for it does, but it travels with a certainty of return; and yet, there is no conscious awareness in most, so at the time of transition and before, there becomes a greater awareness of traveling.

When someone will seem to step backward in time, when in reality, they have actually traveled to that point. This is a concept that you find difficult to understand, but you must begin to comprehend that the past is still present, and that you may step back into yesterday as if it were now. (Does this sound like Seth?) In so doing, in astrally traveling to that point in that manner, you find yourself experiencing the past as if it were now, and an event becomes super clear in the mind. This is the reason that you term a strange behavior in senility, that past events are more clearly remembered than present. It is a case where the consciousness is reviewing the past for one last opportunity to deal with the events of life while still in the physical consciousness and form. From this time, this increase of travel, it also becomes easier and easier for the soul and its forms to separate from the physical body itself.

Three days prior to the actual transition, there is a message which is passed throughout the physical form. The entire cellular structure is made consciously aware of the impending passing. Slowly, the various functions of the body slow, preparing for the transition and reducing the demand on the spiritual form to direct the body. It is as if the spiritual commands and information were being removed from the physical form, and at this time, were no longer going to be required."

"Who give that information to the physical form... does it come from the Higher Self?"

"That is correct. During the time of the last three days, the consciousness is expanded to the point of duality. That is to say, the consciousness is cognizant of both planes simultaneously. It is during this period, that often those who have preceded the entity, will seek to appear or be present or be brought into conscious memory. These are the events that lead up to the transition. It is also this duality of sight that is brought forward at this time, for as the physical form slows down and thereby puts less demand upon the consciousness and the mind and the soul for its instruction, it is capable of perceiving more. As it approaches this point... often times just momentarily prior to transition, those who are making the transition will express or seem to be aware of other persons at that time or will seem to be aware of the other dimensions of reality.

At the time of transition, it is not uncommon for the soul to have actually left the physical form and be attached to it only by the finest of threads. The link between the soul and the body at this time is very fragile. At the exact moment of transition, the soul will return to the body to draw from it the vital energy, the life force itself, and will remove that and is often visibly noted by those present as a shadow or form or type of light which does rise above the form of the one who has made the transition.

At the moment of transition, the consciousness of the individual is more aware of the world of spirit, the astral plane, than it is of the world of physical, so as they try to communicate in their last moment or perceive, what is in the world of physical seems blurred and unreal, and the world of spirit takes on a new reality for them.

As the form is being released, we do not have the same timetable where we have spoken of before where three days is required. We have here, a relatively short period of time for all three levels of soul to be removed from the physical form, though in reality, the force of life within many of the structures, while removed, does continue. Many cellular functions require lengthy periods before they theoretically die, as you term it. Therefore, there is a period of some hours after transition when there are still elements of life within the form. It is not as if the spiritual entity were totally present, but that the Ruach or Spirit of Life itself that animates all things, is still present at that time.

The reference that the entity upon transition and momentarily thereafter, is still capable of hearing what is said, is only partially true. They are aware of everything that is said and done, for they have both sight and sensory ability in the spiritual form. The physical form no longer functions. After the time of immediate transition, within a ten minute period when the blood is no longer circulated to the receptors of the brain, they cease to function and do not respond to patterns. Therefore, there is no auditory or visual stimulus possible, but the spiritual self is aware.

During this immediate moment of separation, there is no interaction from the higher levels, though there may be surrounding the entity, those family and friends who are expected, or have chosen to serve in order to assist. There is however, that momentary transition, that adjustment to the new state - momentary in the spiritual world, and a period of minutes to several hours within your world. For one who has properly prepared, it may be a time of ten or fifteen minutes, and one who has not, it may be three to four hours for realization that the transition has actually occurred. In some, the sleep state that is entered into at the time of transition is continued in the spiritual state, and until that time cycle has completed, they awaken not.

When all of the form has been removed from the physical self, when the spirit is separate and untied from the physical form, when it is no longer possible for that form to be brought back into that state you term life, then and only then, is the spirit free to leave this plane of existence. It is at this time that we enter into the state that is often termed the bardo or the interim state of being. We recommend a short respite.

Continued... In the matter of the transition, we have spoke of the time when the soul had left the physical form and all ties were broken. During this time, the soul may well be aware of entities about it, specifically those of family or friends, but here is where the greatest need occurs in preparation, for the events of this moment are dependent upon the belief system of the entity. Where the entity does not hold or tolerate beliefs in the survival of the form, there can be no helpers present. At this time, the great confusion occurs. Depending upon the belief, the entity will tend to experience and be aware during this time, of various persons seeking to help or to guide them. From this point, the experience changes according to the basic consciousness, but just prior to this motion, to the departing from this place, there is an awareness of all that is about them. There is an awareness of those persons still in the physical, and there is sometimes what is termed the curiosity, the seeking to follow after the physical form, to stay with it.

But at this moment, is the opportunity, for when the last tie to the physical form is broken, at that moment the soul becomes aware of a brilliant Light - a point in space, and its attention is drawn to that point for a moment. If the consciousness is advanced enough to be willing to surrender self and flow into the Light, leaving all behind and looking not back, then the leap that we have spoken of in the past, the quantum leap of consciousness, is possible. At this point, the plane of confusion, the bardo, and much of the normal transition difficulty, is transcended. The soul is immediately transported to the third or fourth plane and there finds itself in such a beautiful harmony that it cannot tolerate the continued exposure and falls into what would appear to be a sleep for a period of time while it adjusts with its total structure of time and experience. This is a rare event, but is the most worthy to be discussed first.

Let all in their transitional moment, think not at all of those behind, but seek to merge with the Light, for in that step, having crossed the portal of life into life, there is no direction that is proper with the past. One must only seek forward. Going beyond and returning to this point this moment, there is the period of time where the soul may become earthbound by the attentions and emotions of those it leaves behind. Its interaction with them may cause those visitors or family or religious figures to disappear and leave, unable to assist, for they may not remain on this plane for extended periods of time, and the soul remains behind, tied to the physical place of the form and the family. Often times, this prevents the soul from achieving even its normal level of growth and evolvement. Many a third plane dweller is forced into second plane awareness and realities by its attention to the earth forms. Often times, such souls will seek to return too quickly with the emotional ties too strongly present. Within this form, we have that great difficulty.

All who are approaching transition, should be advised to deal with the living and be done with the matter as they cross over. Concern not with what form the body may be presented. Concern not with whom is present or how the spoils are divided. If these are not dealt with until later, we shall once again find the nameless entities dwelling upon the earth plane, lost in time as they seek to communicate, eventually moving into the second plane into one level or illusion or another, often times limiting themselves and returning to work through this fixation of involvement with this world. That does not say that a soul may not return at another time to become aware of those that are loved; but just as one who lives, would not wish to be troubled in their grief, so it is improper for the soul to look in upon the grief of those that are left behind and to respond to this draw.

If the entity in passing, takes the opportunity of assistance, they will find themselves moving through the gray fields. As they move through the planes, one must always ascend through the plane of darkness and the plane of illusion if one is to reach the third plane. This is where the friends and figures and guides are there to help if the consciousness accepts such help. Often, the plane of grayness and illusion is difficult to deal with. It is during this time, that the soul begins to remember the sum total structure of life, and it is often at this point, that the soul falls asleep. And during the sleep, all of the experience of the past life is brought into a sharp focus of consciousness and dealt with, so that there is a consciousness without a need to be aware of any form, dealing, reexamining, understanding the lessons from the past, merging these into the total experience; and it is from this point, from the point of awakening, that one depends upon friends and guides and other forms, to then take them by the hand and lead them into the plane of dwelling within which they shall call home.

Those who have entered the Light, will examine the past, but in not the same manner. When one is to cross, the Light is important. "Look not back," was the message to Lot and his family. Salt is an element of the physical world. The pillar that Lot's wife became in the story, is symbolic of the fixation to the earth that occurs with many souls. Lot and his two daughters moved upward and beyond the sphere of influence that captured and slaved and destroyed the wife. So it is in transition. We are lost in our involvement with the world that we are leaving. We seek to fulfill and accomplish and correct those things we have time aplenty to correct prior to our transition.

It is not a frightening experience. Some have reported that they felt as if they had been drawn down a long dark tunnel with light at the end. This is both descriptive of leaving the physical form and moving through the dark planes. The journey through the plane of darkness and the plane of illusion, the time thereof or the experience of it, is dependent upon the belief system and the basic consciousness. Where the consciousness is negative, it will stop at the plane of darkness, at the first astral plane, and will move no further. Where it is lost in illusion of a belief system, it will stop at the second, and where it is open, it will pass beyond; and even as it passes into these planes, there shall be awareness of the past, voices, pictures, memories of the past now come forward, and the entity shall recall the religious experiences of childhood. All patterns shall be present, so that all opportunities are there for the soul to properly move forward. It would not be proper to describe the planes in too great a depth. To desire unreasonably, access to these planes, is as much a violation of balance as desiring the physical too long.

We believe this to be sufficient for the time. Do you comprehend the material that has been given?"

"Yes, but a number of questions come to mind. You used the term "bardo" several times, and I feel that maybe you should define that for those who do not know."

"This is a term you have created on your plane, and it is a description of gray fields, the plane of change where one moves from the physical form of transition and seeks to achieve or reach that zone of final dwelling - where one walks through a field or place where it seems as if a fog surrounded them totally and there was little light and all was gray, and that forms are seen passing by and moving about, but there is no communication and no sound. It appears as if all is lost. It is in this zone that one must recollect and recall and bring forth the faith of belief, the purity of thought."

"So one could not be assisted through that area by his guide or some other entities?"

"They are assisted through that area if there is belief in that assistance."

"At what point, does the guide withdraw from the entity whom he made a commitment with at birth?"

"When the entity reaches the plane of rest, the plane of dwelling, and when the entity has awakened from the sleep of remembering, then the function of the guide is through; and at that time, the guide then returns to its respective plane in order to also assess all that has been learned and to assimilate that knowledge. There may yet be many meetings between the entity and the guide, both to deal with the past and to simply share, but it is dependent upon the distance of the plane of dwelling, for surely the guide does not return to the second plane dweller, for such a dweller is not cognizant of such a person."

"What about babies or very small children? I realize that they have a mature consciousness. Is that instantly aware at the moment of transition?"

"That is not, but you are diverging from the direction we were working with."

"Oh, that's right. I'm sorry, I forgot."

"An infant making transition enters into a hospital as you would term it, and we have described this to you in the past."

"Is the consciousness aware of a pain at the moment of death, or is there no such thing?"

"Do you remember any pain in your lifetime?"

"I remember the experience that caused the pain, but not the pain itself."

"There is no memory of pain possible within your form. Pain is the response of a neurological system. The spirit may not feel pain; only the body is capable. In the maximal sense, the awareness of the moment of transition might be considered similar to having someone slap you on the chest.

There is no pain. The transition is often the release from pain. That is when pain ceases; but where the illness is severe and debilitating, often a period of rest is required where the spirit, the soul, must sleep and heal. There are also hospitals, as you would term them, places for guide and soul to work, and where others shall care for the soul that has made its transition. While it sleeps, it is also redirected. This is especially true for those who have suffered completely debilitating disease or mental illness, and this is also coupled with old age. One who has been mentally ill for a lifetime, does not instantly utilize the consciousness that is present on passing. The habits and patterns are maintained even when not necessary, so they must be retrained and redirected."

"You mentioned sleeping in regard to the lower plane souls, and you said that even when a soul goes to the third or fourth plane, they sleep for a period to review. How does this review take place when a soul is sleeping?"

"It is much as you would term it, in a dream state. It is utilizing the mind, without utilizing a physical form in any dimensional sense of the word. It is reliving the past. In the sleep state, it is as if you were viewing the past projected upon a wall in your mind."

"Does that happen rather quickly, because I've heard stories of people, who at the moment of transition, saw their whole life pass before their eyes."

"That is also a simpler reference of looking at the summation. It is quick, it is slow. What yardstick or clock shall we employ? We have no such thing. It may be a moment or a thousand years, what is the need? Consider what you were spoken of by the Messenger, that you are like a symphony that is being refined. So you shall listen to the initial sounds, the initial score of music when you entered into this world, and as you perceive the events of your life, you shall hear and see the interaction of those events with the total vibration of your being. And you shall know, by noting the balance or imbalance, the value and effect of those events within your life. Do you comprehend?"

"Yes, in a sense, we become our own judge then."

"There is no other."

"In the case of a second plane entity, at the time of death, many people claim to see Jesus and other religious figures. While you've discussed this with us before, I'm wondering, for the benefit of the readers, if you would clarify... since that is what they expect to see, it is manifested for them?"

"That is correct. Their guide or other spiritual agents fulfill the roles that are required. The second plane is the plane of illusion where the beliefs are fixed in dogmatic system. There will be the illusion that is required."

"If they believe that Saint Peter will be standing at the gate, then he will be there?"

"There shall be a man at a gate, and there shall be a judge in a high bench, and there shall be a book of life, if that is what you believe; but remember well one thing - that even those who dwell upon the second, may within the time of their spirit, become aware of the illusion and evolve to the third."

"Do you mean at the time of their sleep to review?"

"During their stay upon the second, after they have awakened and have lived within the illusion they created, they may still awaken totally or further and evolve to the next level. This does not require returning to the earth to accomplish."

"You mentioned that a short period of time, hours actually, is all that's needed before the three levels of soul leave the physical form. We have always been told that a period of three days should transpire before cremation or burial takes place."

"This is a period of time that is true in general. We chose those who are of senior age and of whom death is apparently evident."

"So that's true in timely deaths then?"

"Only in the aged! What you could term a timely death, might be one who dies of disease after long suffering, or one receiving a fatal injury that survived for a month or two and then died, you would also term a timely death. Timely death is only that case where the death occurs as a result of advanced age as we are discussing it."

"I'm curious about the story where Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. When the soul is untied from the form and leaves... what happened then?"

"The three days had not yet passed, and the death in question was not timely."

"Once the three days have passed, a person could never come back then, is that correct?

"That is not correct. It is unusual that at the end of the three day period, a soul with any degree of advancement, would no longer be upon this plane. A soul waiting, aware that the return might be imminent, would of course, stay close by; but where the power is made manifest in a physical form and is brought to perfection through the consciousness of the being, then there is no difficulty, for death of the physical merely requires a restructuring of the physical form itself. I believe you employ the term a "rematerialization". Matter is a tool. It is putty in the hands of Creative Force."

Questions and Answers

From Glenside, Pennsylvania, Maria Greco sends two questions: "When is reincarnation no longer necessary?"

"To the first question as to when is the cycle of birth no longer necessary, it is not necessary when all have achieved. Individually, we may achieve a state where this classroom offers no greater learning; and yet, we may return again and again in order to teach others and help them on their road. To ascertain the ultimate goal, the ultimate essence of the energy returning to the Source, is beyond the comprehension of man or guide. We yet, are to comprehend ourselves in totality. We cannot comprehend that of which we are but a minute part.


Maria also asks, "Are the apparitions at Flushing Meadow Park, New York, genuine? The Virgin Mary appears regularly to a seer, Mrs. X of Bayside, New York, mother of five, with messages for the world - same as Fatima, Portugal."

"They are two unrelated. Let us deal with the matter of the term "apparition". There are two forms of manifestation within your world. One is that energy that is brought forward into being through the conscious interaction between the two worlds. The second is that which is created only within your world.

Throughout time, many entities on this plane have projected the image of a teacher or beloved figure to such an intensity, that they created an astral image of that being, proceeding to receive gestures, signs, or even words from them, in accordance from their consciousness. As it is always written, let any Nabi, the prophet, the voice that would speak... let any source be judged by the merit of the truth which is within.

Certainly, as we have said so many times, the consciousness of man is difficult to communicate with. Therefore, if we needed to assume the form of the hippopotamus, we would do so. We do not mean that in a derogatory manner. It is simply that the guiding forces may assume any personage or form that is communicable to man. Recognize also, that the dark forces may do the same, and that man also creates. Therefore, the final judgment is not in what an apparition seems to be, but in the truth of the word it gives. And we speak not of truth which is but a repeated message from words you already know. The apparition. which repeats words recorded in your writings, is not bringing new truth. Let the apparition that would appear to guide, bring forth truth that is meaningful now, and let that truth be judged. If it is false, so is the nature of the apparition.

To ask if the form of an entity of the past could manifest, it is certainly within the power. The answer as to this specific entity... it is not what it would seem to be, but rather is the product of the entity (Mrs. X) in question."

Samuel Reinke, who lives in Sarahsville, Ohio, sent us this question: "How is the Universal Oneness served by the multiplicity of channels, instruments, light centers, fellowships, etc.? How can there be greater understanding and cooperation among them in the midst of a rapidly changing world?"

"There are three questions present. The one appears to be why are there more than one channel and different forms of light workers? In this regard, please separate the concept of channel from the center per se, wherein the center is dogmatic.

The different channels are necessary, in order to serve the Oneness, for man is not a creature to follow one road. It is written that he is "stiff necked". In truth, his neck is like stone. He sees with blinders, a narrow element. The man that looks to the north must follow the northern way, and he who looks to the south, the southern. Consider that as they travel, eventually they shall meet each other, though their paths were different; all are the same. All things within this universe lead back unto the same point. We do not need from our dimension, a different level, but it is needed by man. Does the teacher upon your plane who lectures within the university, also teach the children in their first year? So it is with us. We teach in all grades and levels of consciousness.

This changing world is not so. The world does not change. The laws that govern the universe have not altered in countless aeons of time. Your awareness of them is but awakening, and we hasten to help you open greater vistas, and as you do, it is no different than the higher grades. The examination becomes more difficult, the information more complex. The first level of your university issues the Bachelor, which in truth, is but a practitioner of a level. Beyond that point, one seeks to become a Master as even the degree does dictate. But into the third stage, one becomes the Philosopher, which of course, is also the beginning; and is not the highest degree that is offered the Doctor of Philosophy?

So we are working within your world, within your consciousness, and yet we must be different, for shall your brothers who live within the jungle in the southern part of this continent, have a guide and channel who speaks of the Nuclear Age when they carry weapons of stone? Shall we tell the "little ones" of that continent you term Australia, shall we tell them of your way of life and of the consciousness ideals you are at? Know, that in some respects, their guides work greater things with them than you, for their consciousness is not impaired with science and mathematics. They do not comprehend the lightning that moves. They are cognizant of it in their world now, but they themselves do not employ it. The box that talks, the machine with the picture, these are not part of their world, and yet they have all these things without them. We are like unto teachers within the university, dealing with different grade levels and different materials."

"Please have the Brotherhood explain more regarding those who rule in Iran, if they would," writes Francille Willis from Lyndhurst, Ohio.

David states: "There is but one who rules in Iran. It is one who has abused the power that has been attained through the spiritual growth and directions. The one whom they call the Ayatollah Khomeini, is an entity who had evolved to a high degree of understanding and had acquired great power on a spiritual level - the power to reach out and influence the minds of many. The fervor and fanaticism that this entity has brought into the theological concepts, has become an obsession, and the power has been perverted. There shall be no rest within that land until that soul makes its transition."

Writing from Hialeah, Florida, Carolyn Dignan asks, "What happens to pets when they die?"

"The energy form that represents the spiritual nature of the animal kingdom, returns to its Source. There are no specific pets, as you term them, in the astral planes. The manifestation of such, exists only to satisfy the conscious need - more specifically, on the second plane. As we have previously discussed, the spiritual form that occupies the animal kingdom, is evolved to its finite level."

by Salvatore Cacciola

Shakespeare said, "There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so. If the dictionary defines illusion as a false perception, conception, or interpretation of what one sees, or the misleading image resulting in such a false impression, etc., what then is reality? I believe that what we perceive as reality, is an illusion of our own creation.

The Scriptures proclaim man to be created in a Divine image. If this is the case, it seems that we are creating discord at times, and yet we have the ability to produce total harmony. The mechanism with which we create, is the mind or thoughts.

We all daydream and see ourselves doing things. Are these dreams what we truly wish to experience? Nothing gets created on this "fantasy island" called Earth unless it is thought first. The dream house, job, property, happiness, etc. are first created by the mind. Even the negative conditions that we attract to ourselves, are brought to us by our own thoughts. If we are willing to work and take the necessary steps to fulfill the images in our minds that we desire, we can create a more positive world for ourselves. In this manner, I guess you could say that we are all co-creators with the One Source.

Think of it this way: We are carrying around with ourselves, a magic lamp that is called the mind, and we can have an infinite number of wishes. We rub the lamp with thoughts as we daydream and think. The real magic is to remember to think constructively for the things we want, concentrating and thinking more often, and taking action to fulfill the illusion. "Nothing happens by accident, has been said many times, and we attract to ourselves the experiences from our thoughts, from this and previous cycles. What are you creating, and how are you responding to the fruits of your creation?

A gold coin has two distinctly different sides, yet both sides are made from the same substance. The Divine Source is one, but we may use the energy to mold anything we choose. Thought molds! If you are not satisfied with your life at the present time, the mess you're in is of your own creation. You have the power to rectify!

Smiling in the face of disaster is not generally understood by unevolved souls. They might think you're nuts, so act normal and seek to change with an inner understanding.

"A lifetime is a speck of cosmic dust in the course of eternal time." ... David

Copyright by Richard Rebeck, Peggy Steinberg, Salvatore Cacciola