Light Messenger

Volume 3, Chapter 3


May 1980

"In the world of spirit, the beauty of nature Springs eternal."... from the guides

An Urgent Message From The Guides

"It is time for a new message to be added. You shall include this in the Messenger. The pattern of the energy of Earth is greatly disturbed and the earth itself does tremble at the misuse and the horrors that man does foster upon it. The blood of the innocent cries from the earth itself.

The world of spirit cannot override the nature or acts of man. Too many provide that which you term 'lip service' to the concept of spirituality. If you would continue the world as you know it, then let those who call themselves bearers and seekers of Light, devote fifteen of your minutes each day in prayer and meditation for the well-being of this planet and for the balance of the consciousness of their fellow man. Mark us well! There is little time for change, and if it does not occur, it shall never again be as you have known it!"

"Is there a specific number of people that could make a significant change in what's happening? In other words, the Light Messenger is sent out to approximately 1,100 people. If half of those people participated in this effort, would that be a sufficient number to change the course of events?"

"It is written that Abraham did negotiate before the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. We do not have a number of that which is finite or absolute. Let all who receive the Light Messenger put their energy forth and per chance that will be a beginning. And if each who does so gathers two or three more, per chance that will be more effective."

Joy And Sorrow Walk Together

During these past few months, we have received many letters from readers relevant to the timeliness of the Messenger's material. They have often written, "We were just discussing that subject and then the Messenger arrived, shedding new light and answering our questions." Little did we realize during the preparation of the last issue on death, that it would touch us in such a personal way in a very short period of time.

On Good Friday, April 4, 1980, my son Todd Tobias, made his transition quite suddenly. Not quite nineteen years old, he was on his way to work on that rainy foggy morning, when he attempted to pass two cars on a curve. He met a sand truck head-on and was killed instantly. A short time later, we were a-wakened by law enforcement officers who brought us the tragic news. In spite of our understanding of death and the afterlife, we still had to deal with our very human emotions. We know that Todd, as a soul, had every advantage and much assistance in his transition. In his short life, he had learned much and he had experienced the initiations of both the Amber and the ROM anointing. He was assisted to the third plane where he is now awake and fully conscious, and we hope, taking advantage of his new experience there. We do not seek communication with him, nor do we indulge ourselves in prolonged periods of grief. We are aware of the earthly pull by such things and the temptation to return to flesh too soon.

While our hearts have been heavy due to our personal loss, we have also experienced great joy at the awareness of a soul returning home. Perhaps the most meaningful symbol of our experience is reflected in the beautiful stained glass butterfly that our friend, Siraj, sent to us. On earth, Todd lived in the cocoon. He struggled hard, since his birth, to be an independent and free soul. He was not a person who bent to the will of others or who allowed others to do his thinking, including his parents. Instead, he chose to do things his own way, learning by experience. At death/birth, he emerged from that cocoon with strong wings developed by his own efforts. As you read the section dictated by the Brotherhood in this Messenger relevant to the third astral plane, perhaps you will be a little envious of some being allowed to return, while many of us must stay behind and deal with the problems of a faltering planet. Yes, we are joyful for the release of a beautiful butterfly who flies free! We send you our love, Todd, and our wishes for continued soul development in your new life!

We Are Human Too!

Have you noticed how the tests and trails have been getting harder for all the light workers? Well, folks, you are not exceptions for we too, have experienced our share. Dealing with death in our household has not been the only challenge we have encountered. We have also been experiencing financial difficulties which are beyond our control, forcing us to divert more of our physical energies towards providing for ourselves. In addition, the emotional strain has not been conducive to good health for Richard. Our schedules have been chaotic, not to mention the large influx of visitors who have come seeking knowledge and other spiritual objectives. If we could ask God for just one thing, it would be for more hours in the day!

How Does One Combat Evil?

As light workers, we are constantly confronted with questions concerning negativity, and in recent times, there has been a marked increase of activity and concern with these matters. Many readers have come face to face with evil and have asked how to deal with it. The following conversation resulted after a telephone call from a light worker in California who felt her family was being attacked by a very evil person. The information is applicable to all who must deal with this problem.

"To destroy evil of the form of which you speak, you must feed it; you must give it energy. When you combat that which is evil, when you fight against it, you become the victim and it the vampire. When you consciously give the energy of a polarity that is opposite to the nature, in its greed, it absorbs and destroys itself from within. Do you comprehend?"

"No, I don't fully understand David. Please explain further."

"If a source generates evil, it needs power - it needs energy. It is what your physicists term an experiment in antimatter. If one vessel contains that which is negative and you add that which is positive, being the opposite, what is the result? You create a reaction within, and if the polarity is great enough, you produce an explosion. If you feed Light energy, if you bless the evil and feed it the energy of the Divine Source, it is destroyed from within. Do you now comprehend?"

"Yes. specifically, what should this person do? I suggested she cleanse all of her premises with light."

"To cleanse her premises is to shield and protect. What must be done, is to attack by blessing, by sending light and power and energy to the other person. By blessing, they curse themselves. This is a primary law. It is important to comprehend."

"What form of blessing is best? Prayers?"

"The visualization of light and power. The utilization of prayers or mantras are all acceptable, in as much as they are accepted by the consciousness which is producing them."

"Is there anything else you would say in regard to this matter?"

"It is like that thing you term in space - a black hole. It becomes the negative or the antimatter position or place. If a solar system whose magnitude was greater in mass than the sum total mass of the black hole, and it were placed within that which you term the black hole, a new universe would be born. Do you comprehend?"


"Remember then, that the Source of Light is a universe whose magnitude is greater than the sum total of all the evil that has ever existed. Therefore, you create in analogy, an antimatter implosion."

Messenger I - The First Three Astral Planes In Detail (May 12, 1980)

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

To speak of death is to speak of life, but within your framework of consciousness, you cannot quite separate the fear and the darkness of that which you do not know. We therefore, seek to acquaint you more directly with the world from which you have come.

We seek to return your memory to the familiarity of the house of your childhood, to the home which you have left but for a time, to the glory that was yours. No words can adequately describe the experience that you may know upon return, but we shall bring to you a small picture. Within the limits of your language and the perception of your mind, we shall seek to make the planes as we have termed them, a reality. At this time, I wish for each of you to close your eyes and share with us in the picture mind, the image of the planes as we seek to present them.

Many persons seek to divide the world of spirit into hierarchy upon hierarchy. We understand the desire for such division, but we must deny it. We are not divided within the world of spirit. We are but one. For the convenience of your comprehension, we have assigned seven states of being or seven levels of the world of spirit which are but higher vibrations, one to the other, as a hill in comparison to its valley and its top.

At the bottom of every hill or mountain, it appears as if darkness rules forever; and he who stands upon the mountaintop may always see the light if it be present. We have stated and given you to understand that that plane that you term the first, the first plane of spirit which is above and apart from earth, from the physical world, is what is termed the plane of darkness. Being the lowest, it is of nature darker than all the rest. We have taught you that this is the plane where evil thought and deed does dwell - where those whose consciousness is negative is brought and co-mingles with the creations of their mind. If there be a necessity for the term 'hell' or 'purgatory', then within this plane, you shall find it manifest. It was here that the writers of old did visit, and upon this plane, did Dante view his inferno. All things that you have been given to know, are manifested here, and greater still in the nature of evil, than your mind can comprehend. And yet, someday that plane shall no longer be... for it shall not be necessary, for man shall rise above it. Few indeed today, are the souls who return to this plane, and few indeed are the dwellers thereon, though great in number they must seem at times.

In the plane that is the second, we have termed this the plane of illusion, and we have observed the many times you have used this term in a derisive manner. Comprehend that this plane serves and is necessary for the consciousness that is fixed. But let us visit... let us go into the second plane, and as we enter therein, we find that we are on a street exactly like the street we are upon in the physical. We are cognizant of the houses, the automobiles, the lawns with their various flowers, and the people busy therein. You see the world on the second plane even as you see it here, for this, the second, is the plane of illusion.

Here, what each man expects, he finds. Let us take upon this plane and move it to the morn of the day you call Sunday, and you will notice that within this particular street, in this particular part of the plane that is called second, all persons are of the same belief; for here, those persons who believe that their particular philosophy or religion is the only path, their souls are brought together here to share and to worship and to grow. They shall spend their time in doing all the things that they believe they shall do, and as we walk their streets on their holy day, we shall see the figures religious, the personages that these would expect to see. And we need but call the name of the particular belief system and we shall be in a street or a row of tents or buildings that contain these people. Think, each of you, of one of your physical progenitors, your ancestors, and their particular belief, and know that if they could not release this belief, that upon the second plane they shall dwell. They shall abide here in order to grow, in order to learn.

In time, the consciousness will always question. It will always seek the greater experience, but upon the second, all things seem as they were. The man who is addicted to his nicotine shall find his supply unlimited upon this plane, and he who must the bottle open, shall also find that element present. Whatsoever is required to provide the illusion, the commonality be found.

But let us walk beyond the last city that is in the second plane, and as we walk upon the path, it is like gradually walking up a hill; and it seems that the higher that you travel upon this hill, the more beautiful the landscape does become. It is as if the gardener who lives above is more skilled than he who lives below. The dwellers in the valley know not the beauty of the gardener of the mountaintop. As we approach the portals of the threshold of that area on the side of the mountain that is termed the third plane, we become aware of a vibrancy and a feeling that is totally unique. There is a music in the air, and yet you hear it not. There is a subtle scent that your nostrils do respond to, and yet you cannot smell it. There is a pleasant beauty in the brilliant light that abounds, and yet there seems to be no source. The colors are vivid and do far exceed any that your eyes' have seen.

Let us stop for a moment in the fields, in the grass. Here, there is no weed, there is no disharmony, for all is in balance and in accord with Divine Flow and Will; and the Divine Will is the collective will of the residence of the dwellers on the side of the hill. Let us sit in the grass, and be not startled at the sound. You will not harm it. It but sings in joy as it receives you, as you become one with it, for all is vibration and all is reality and all is life. It is cool, it is soft. It is brilliant beyond describing, and if you but run your fingers through the grass, you will hear the song; and no two blades are exactly the same in the song they sing, for it is the song of life. So tranquil is this place that one could spend a lifetime or two or even more, listening only to the sound as the hand does wave over the blades of green. An emerald by comparison would truly seem pale in this realm.

But arise. We are still upon our journey and we must, in more detail, explore this realm. We must see the realm you call the third plane. But look. There on the horizon is a city - a city of buildings that shimmer like a mirage in the desert and yet are real; and as we approach, we are aware of homes in different shape and form, and the trees, like orchard trees, each of which does bear fruit. And as we approach, we find that there are many souls moving about. Some converse one with the other, some with groups, some are engaged in going to and fro... and there are many buildings and these are the centers of learning, for here, as in your physical plane, are the universities of knowledge. It is here that we review that which we have done when we are in the position of teacher or writer or scientist. It is here where we learn the greater knowledge, and yet everywhere there is harmony. Each structure, each building, resonates with a sound and a color that is its own, and as you approach, it is as if a symphony began, and in its sound and its color, and the colors constantly interchanging, it speaks to the inner self telling of what is therein.

There is a fountain in the center of a square and it is bubbling with water, and each note is a drop and each drop is a note, and as the water does bubble and splash and fall, it forms its own magnificent sound. Hold out your hand and let this water fall upon it. It is cool and refreshing. It is harmony, it is energy. Let some fall upon you, upon your garment, and it sings as it passes by and is no more, nor is there any remnant which stays behind. There is no wetness... there is no cloth that holds the water for it is part of the total world within which you are.

All things that you see here are reality created out of the mind. If there were no man or spirit present, then it would still represent a beauty out of the Divine Plan, but here has been brought into manifestation that which is required to fulfill the need to learn within man. Here, man begins his first stage of harmony. He is man, he is woman, he is polarity without negativity. He is purpose without conflict. He is self-serving to serve all. There is no end to the third plane and the beauties therein. There are places of dwelling where the soul shall go - it is as if it were a home, similar and yet different, to those you have known.

But as we would seek to close with the third plane, let us walk to the side of the city to the fields once more; and I call upon all of you - those who can join from the worlds herein or upon your journey to the Sanctuary upon the night that is given, or if it seems only in your dreams... come with us to the fields that sing, to the water that is a symphony, to the orchard where the fruit of life does grow, and recognize that all things transcend all things. Reach out and pluck of the fruit. Its shape is like that which you term a pear. Its color is like that of a plum, only more vivid and more beautiful. Pluck the fruit and eat fully thereof, for it is the fruit of life and it is your joy to participate therein. So it is upon this plane."

Soul Gold
Excerpt from a private session
(Jan 23, 1980)

"Now, are you even cognizant that that which you term your most valuable - that metal of the earth that you term gold, is of questionable value. Foundations may not be laid in illusions. Illusions occur when one considers energy in motion formed as matter, as a pearl of great price. Those gifts which are of the spirit and of the mind, are the only gifts which cannot be devalued and which cannot be bargained or bartered for. No one may purchase them by the coin of the realm, but each may earn them by their own effort.

One might Well say, 'Why did we not speak of the potential for the increase in value?' but in truth, we did speak of an increase in potential that at the time, was greater than eight times the current value when we first spoke thereof. The value beyond that was only slightly greater than two times the value we had spoken, or closer to the three. But it is an insignificant unit, for it is not gold or dollars that you need. If that is what is believed to be needed, then one should not be involved in this work, for there are simpler matters and means that will provide such an income. The gold that fills the room when the Messengers are present, is no illusion. It is a portion of the atmosphere of the astral plane from which they descend. That is a reality that has existed longer than this plane of existence."


David Speaks On World Events (May 19, 1980)

"David, is a Messenger coming this evening?"

"The Messengers regret they will not be able to attend this evening."

"Okay, would it be possible for them to come tomorrow evening then?"

"At this time, that is well. It is not the entity's (Richard's) form - we could deal with that, but in addition to your problems in the southern city (racial riots in Miami) and the earth's energies in the northwest sector (volcano eruption in Washington state), we have many souls in the area of Iran and Afghanistan who are entering the planes at this time."

"Are there world events happening that we're not being told about, David?"

"We have just told you that which we have never shared before."

"Well, in view of what we've already heard about those two countries, it's not a big surprise, but we were wondering if something is transpiring that our government is not telling us about."

"Thousands have been murdered that you shall never hear of. The total will reach in excess of one million souls."

"Wow! What method of murder are they using? May we be told that? Is it nerve gas?"

"That is a minor or rare form. It is usually a simpler form you term a bullet."

"Is this confidential information David?"

"We are non-political, and yet we are political in the sense that we are concerned with a body politic which is mankind. Let the recipients know. There are also many who shall never be seen again in that land to the south."


"That is correct."

"Is the same type of thing happening there?"

"It is called, I believe, extermination."

"Do you have any words, since we do reach many people in the southern sector of this state, on the situation concerning the Cuban refugees coming in?"

"We are not certain, the true nature of the question."

"Many people see it as a problem because they are coming in by the thousands. I'm sure the people who live in Miami are wondering how this will affect them because of the large numbers. Could you comment on perhaps, the distribution of these souls and/or what can be done to help them?"

"As is suspected, many who come are not those who sought this land, but come as agents or outcasts; and yet within, there are those who are genuine souls seeking freedom. Be not deceived by the physical word 'freedom'. There is no freedom while you occupy a physical form. The only freedom is the freedom of the soul - true spiritual freedom, freedom from ignorance and the shackles of dogma.

When your brothers and your sisters knock at your door, open it, but leave not ignorant and hungry and ragged. Clothe them in the garment of truth. Feed them with the word of spirit. To fill their bellies alone, is to create a monster, but to feed their souls, is to create candles in the night.

The situation in the southern city is the direct result of isolationism. The soul is neither black, nor yellow, nor red. It is all. It is white in symbolism of purity, but not as a symbol of race. Share with those who come in. Would you deny them the space if there were no more land upon this earth? Would you put them over the side of the boat in the sea, or before the firing squad? Which one who will complain, would not protest a bullet in a child's brain? Feed their bellies and speak to their souls. If you seek to educate them, they will integrate into the society and move into sectors that can well support them. But the first wave that did come, was segregated and placed within their own community; therefore, by their own ability, they did survive. Let this not happen again.

Put the energy forward if it be possible, to see that the Light Messenger is brought into their tongue, but see also that that same message begins to reach into the peoples of all races. See to it that some copies do reach the brothers you term Indian. See to it that more of those you term black, do have the opportunity. Violence is born out of darkness and frustration, but not the darkness of skin... but of despair and no hope.

The city to the south is a mild matter compared to what is happening upon your planet. How can you make so much of the few souls whose transition we have assisted and ignore the hundreds of thousands and millions that have been murdered in the area you term Asia? We have processed in excess of a thousand souls a day in those areas, and you cry over twenty. It is just you cry over every soul that is deprived of an opportunity, but if your tears are shed proportionately, then they would form a river for the evil that lurks within your world. The Iron Hand of that land you term Russia, shall strike again in another land. That is sufficient on that matter."

"Thank you David. We appreciate the information."

"The earth shall also shake again.

"Another volcano eruption or an earthquake?"

"They are the same. The volcano and the earthquake emanate from the same source - the same release of energy."

"Will it occur in the same area of the Northwest?"

"It is in the same line - that which you term the fault, that the energies shall be released again.

"Is this going to be in the near future and will it be of greater magnitude?"

"It shall. Suffice that you are aware and that it shall make its mark known clearly."

Conversations with David

"We shall deal briefly with some of the other natures of death. The question and matter dealt with in the previous Messenger was relevant primarily to those who pass or cross over in what is termed the balanced time or the proper time. These include those who have lived a full life and pass by whatever means when the cycle of years has been long.

It is important to recognize that the elder one who passes by that which you term an accident, is still the same as if they had passed in the sleep. Comprehend that clearly, for as the time draws near, the energy is withdrawn and the spiritual nature allows the form to be exposed. This matter differs greatly from those who by accident, do make the transition before the form has grown old, before time has waxed heavy upon it.

Those who make the transition in suddenness, are often in what you would term a state of shock for a period of time and have great difficulty adjusting. Therefore, we have, as it were, hospitals or places of rest where the soul is allowed to rest for a period and where it is slowly explained that the transition has occurred and the soul is given time to deal with the events that have passed.

Often the draw and the physical attachment is so great that the soul must be retained or restrained for a long period to prevent the sudden return to the physical form. Even still, it is not possible to hold the soul in confinement for prolonged periods of time, and many souls who leave the plane in an accidental form while in youth, do seek to return to fulfill the desire - the satisfaction of the physical desires. It is wiser if they do not return, but take the time to dwell upon what has been learned and the events and causes that led to the transition, for no thing is by accident and all things are in accordance with a plan. You term it a Divine Plan and Divine it is, but collectively Divine and singularly Divine in that your own Higher Consciousness chooses your part in the total cosmic drama that is interwoven with the collective mind of your fellow spiritual beings.

Those who make the transition by their own hand, find no haven upon the planes, but are returned to the plane of physical world as soon as it is possible. The consciousness is treated as if it were accidental, but as it has become aware of the nature, it is but a short time and the soul does return to earth again."

"David, when you say 'by their own hand,' do you mean specifically suicide?"

"That is correct. We speak here of those who because of emotional nature or belief systems, do take their own life as it were, and destroy the physical form. Do you comprehend?"

"Yes. I'm thinking of persons who take... let's say, an overdose of drugs... a young person perhaps. Is that considered suicide or is that an accident?"

"There is no accident."

"But it's not... they don't do it on a conscious willful level."

"It is like playing the game you term Russian Roulette. It is a desire to die that produces that state of consciousness."

"So... that is in effect, the same suicide."

"That is suicide unless the dosage were administered by another."

"What about other subtle forms such as nicotine or caffeine or over eating... are these the same?"

"They are not the sudden cessation of life, but what you are speaking thereof, is the slow death of the physical form that is caused by abuse. For that, you incur a karmic responsibility or karmic debt, as you term it."

"Well, I guess I must ask about Todd's accident. There was not a conscious desire to take his own life, but yet he did violate the law."

"It was the risking constantly that was the challenge to death... as if it were a gauntlet flung into death's face, challenging, and yet on that which you term a subconscious level, a desire."

"So how is that termed? Is that termed as a suicide also?"

"That is not a suicide. That is a sudden transition as occurs by the accident, as you term it, or by war. The suicide is a conscious act, and the taking of a large dosage of pills is a conscious act. If however, a case occurred where because of the influence and the suggestion of another, a large quantity were taken, it would not be the same.

Another form of transition that occurs, occurs in the early beings. We have mentioned this previously, and these are the souls who having entered this world too quickly due to the desire nature, find that they are unable to cope with the probable realities that confront them and therefore, they leave the form during the first six months... during the time period that the tie between the soul and the physical being is very weak."

"Yes, that's the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome."

"That is correct. This form does not produce the sudden return, but is a prevention. It is a result of the sudden return, and the soul does return to its respective plane and there does dwell upon the matter and merge with that plane's energy and returns not again too soon."

"Would I be jumping ahead David, if I ask how a soul that comes back suddenly, finds a physical body to come back into?"

"There are many which are open within your world and the priority is given by desire."

"I don't understand that exactly."

"Many souls will choose the form at the time of conception. Many, for reasons of defect or care or lack thereof, will decide not to continue with that form and will give it over to one who is returning quickly."

"How does the soul find that form? Is he drawn to it by thought... is there a system?"

"It is an awareness. There are certain needs. It is as if there were a master computer which kept track of all such things, but it is part of the total consciousness. It is instant total knowledge within the Divine Source itself."

"As the soul becomes aware, he moves towards the form?"

"As it needs, it is told where it is available."

"Is there an entity who is in charge of that function then?"

"There is a higher form Being like unto a guide whose job it is to see that all functions and flows. It sees to the joining of the guide and the soul and the physical being, and to the counseling of the soul who would return too early. It is, as you would term it, an administrative function."

"Are there many administrators or just one?"

"Within each plane, there is only one. We do not confuse our work in administration upon the astral planes as you do within your world."

NOTE: This conversation will be continued in the next issue. We will discuss what happens to souls who die in war, those who die by black magic or psychic means, and those who incur the karmic responsibilities due to body abuse.

Questions and Answers

Writing from Hialeah, Florida, Carolyn Dignan asks, "In the January (1979) issue, we are warned against contacting those on the other side as that holds them here, etc. I have known of cases where survivors were greatly helped out of their grief by mediums who gave them evidential messages from their loved ones who had passed on. They could then get on with their own lives. Isn't it true that grief holds the person who has died to the earth plane?"

"It is true in part that the energies expended by those who reside upon the earth, will greatly affect the pull upon a soul in its transition. Definitely, it may impede the forward progress. It is always possible for the grief to be alleviated by communication, but recognize that the soul has lost its primary opportunity to move forward by the initial grief. The problem therefore, is one of education so that the situation is not required. Also, it should be remembered that many who claim to bring messages from the deceased, are motivated only in the financial sense and do not provide valid and true information."

Continuing with this subject... Betty Oram who lives in Fort Lauderdale, Fl. asks, "Many groups seek messages from loved ones from the other side. Is this bad for those souls, there and here?"

"The answer to the question is in the affirmative. It is unwise and of no primary benefit to the entities here or there to seek such communication. An entity, upon transition, has no greater knowledge at the time or after transition, than prior to. Gain from the living the knowledge that may be obtained, and let those who make the transition continue with their lives without bringing them into the sphere of the earth's energy and vibration."

Messenger II - A Visit To The Fourth Astral Plane (May 20, 1980)

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

We could, if your fingers were capable, describe each plane in volumes of material. We have sought to present a conceptual picture to aid your consciousness in traveling to the plane and in comprehending its nature. To the majority of souls upon this plane, the third level or domain of spirit is the highest they may ascend. There are those of the fourth who are present upon this plane, but they are not great in number.

If we would continue the journey that we did begin, let us, in memory, return to the third plane. Let us return to the fields just beyond the fountain outside of the city, and let us once again, reach up to the tree that bears the fruit and take thereof and eat... And as the nectar of the fruit fills your being, feel yourselves raising in vibration, becoming finer and lighter so that you are as a wisp of smoke, and let us continue our journey.

We now climb the hill more steeply, and as we reach beyond the sight of the city of the third, our senses become aware of a perpetual music, of a sound, a vibration that is so rich that no words may describe, and the joy it produces within makes one immobile; it is difficult to go beyond. Each thing that grows whether it be a blade of grass or a flower, has a color so vivid it seems as if it is living and pulsing with the life force that it, in truth, does contain. No such flowers on earth have you, nor could we aptly describe these, but it is as if each petal were a living source of light and its color was like looking into a crystal spring with infinite depth. All of the senses are alive... from the sweet odor, the color, the sound. Even the breeze that caresses the body is like a gentle blessing.

Upon the fourth plane, it is the plane that many of the guides do come from. That is... it is the plane to which they have evolved. Your great teachers are also within this plane, as are many souls who are neither guide nor teacher, but have evolved here and work as teachers or helpers on the third.

Here, is the plane of the soul that is truly androgynous. Here, there is no sexuality, nor is the illusion carried forward any longer. On the third plane, many souls retain their appearance and orientation as they knew it on earth last, but in the fourth, each being is a being of light - a being without the need to express a polarized form. It is seldom here that you would see the forms that are so familiar to you upon earth. Here, we are clothed in liqht. Even the garments that you wear become fabric of light in this plane.

There are no buildings here, for they are not needed. It is as if we were in a perpetual garden, but as you look about the garden, you will see many spheres or balls of light that are quite large. These are the space fields of those entities who dwell here that are at rest or contemplation. When we require a place to separate here upon this plane, we merely bring light about us and form a sphere of light that contains us, and we are with it.

We utilize a concept of building, but it is created as we need it, for in this plane, we do not stay for a long period. This is the plane of workers... of guides and others, and teachers, and so we need not the more permanent fixtures But here also, is the learning, the teaching, the music, but this is the plane where we have perfected the thought light form. It is here, we no longer employ the thought pictures or words, but a total vibratory pattern which is encapsulated in a tiny sphere of light that is shared from one to another and finally absorbed by the final recipient. Here, to place ourself within a field of music, we but desire the experience and we are surrounded with sound in perfect harmony.

We have many teachers on the fourth who dwell on higher planes, and we have many arenas - areas where we can gather, but they are natural, as if it were, carved out of the hill like a giant arena of your world was out of stone; and here we sit bathed in the thought light of the Masters and the Teachers, in total communion, all light, all energy, merging together and holding as we learn and share and become as one with each other and with the teacher. It is here that we learn by sharing the total past experience, by blending one with the other and forming a brilliant sphere as we share and absorb all that has been known by each the other.

It is here, that the guides return during the time of sleep or when they are not required, and here, they rest and share with their fellow workers. Here, knowledge is imparted as the need to know; but let it not seem as if this is an idle place, for much work is done here, but not in the form that you are accustomed to thinking of. If we need a building to bring a group together or to study a particular problem, we create it for the moment that we need it; and when we have finished with it, we allow the energy to return and become part of the energy about us.

The light that exists upon the fourth plane is more brilliant, and yet it has not a source. It surrounds us and there is no night. There is the eternal day with brilliance and power.

It is here upon the fourth plane, that the school of guides does exist, and it is here, that the years of training, as you would term it, takes place. It is here, that the true nature of a being is clearly seen by the vibration pattern and the colors of vibration, for upon this plane, we are all beings of light, and the purity of our color bespeaks the purity of our consciousness and our accomplishments.

It is difficult to maintain the link between this plane and that. The tie is one that makes this (earth) seem dark and muddy by comparison. As we dwell for the moment in the fourth plane, let us think of a Teacher or Master whom we would know or learn from, and that teacher is present and ready to share.

Hear well these words: For all who read the words of the Brotherhood... for all who would share in this journey, though they hear not the voice that leads one there, we shall work with each through their guides, and each shall be allowed one journey to the fourth plane. It is as if we give you a ticket, and we shall escort you into this domain so that your consciousness shall have an awareness. In some, it shall not be conscious. In some, it shall be vague, and in others, the brilliance and beauty shall produce a poignant longing that shall never be satisfied upon this earth.

We shall not deal with the higher planes during this message, for we cannot take you on that journey but must describe them, and that we shall do in the future issue. We shall in the subsequent issue, give you picture of the fifth and the sixth, which has never been spoken of, and the seventh. We shall carry you with your words through an understanding of them. Remember well, your right to travel the third, the opportunity to visit the fourth, but trespass not in the first for fear of becoming lost. Blessed are they who seek to know the higher levels that the soul does aspire to. Thus speaks the Brotherhood."

From Richard's Corner

We are now entering our third year of publication for the Light Messenger, and we have grown tremendously in knowledge and in experience. I for one, feel that it is imperative that we continue to channel the message of the Brotherhood and continue to share with other areas, our knowledge and the Amber Initiation. To date, we have reached thousands and yet there are millions to reach.

We are about to have the Messenger translated into Spanish for distribution in Central and South America in order to reach some of the millions there who are seeking.

"When one listens to the roaring of evil, one may become deaf with the sound of it. Remain detached from the noise of the world as much as is possible while still being conscious of that which is about." ...David.

Copyright by Richard Rebeck, Peggy Rebeck, Salvatore Cacciola