Light Messenger

Volume 3, Chapter 4

"The transition is like awakening, and in order to awake, you must go to sleep."
...from the guides.

What Happened To The Lazy Days Of Summer?

We are told that time is illusionary in the vast scheme of life, and yet these past few months have seemed as though they were a whirlpool of activity for us. Your dreams of a leisure summer were quickly dissipated in the heat of our responsibilities. No, your eyes do not deceive you. This is the July issue and yes, you are receiving it in August. Our intentions to publish early in the month were substituted for my Census employment and the many visitors passing through our doors. While time may be illusionary, the reality of it on earth is hard to cope with sometimes for those of us with feet of clay.

This issue completes our previous discussions on the transition experience. It has been a lengthy subject to cover, but one which we felt was worthy of the space devoted to it. Although it is a subject that most of us would rather not think about, it is important that we understand, for we never know when we will be confronted with it. Knowledge truly is the key to transcending!

Recent feedback on the Messenger has been particularly gratifying. We're certain you will enjoy reading the Messenger's descriptions of the fifth, sixth, and seventh planes in this issue. Other random subjects include current insights into our country's (USA) most unusual weather patterns this summer. As always, we welcome your questions and comments.

A few of you have written and volunteered your time to help with the mass amount of transcription work. While we appreciate your offers and would avail ourselves of your help if it were up to us, we cannot do so. Since the very beginning of our channeling work, David has been very strict about the tapes. We are the only persons who are allowed to tape the material and it cannot leave our hands. Even during private sessions with individuals, the tapes must remain with us until they are transcribed, and then the tapes must be destroyed. Also, there is the matter of accuracy. Both Richard and I have Virgo rising, and we insist on accuracy. Call it nitpicking if you will, but when we do the work ourselves, then only we are responsible for errors that might occur. We do employ the assistance of many of our local people in the final production of the Light Messengers however. We have many volunteers who help when they are called, and we are grateful to them, for the collating, stapling, folding, mailing, etc. is a tremendous job!

Messenger I - The Fifth Plane Revealed (July 10, 1980)

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

We are sharing the concept of the planes. We have described the first of the four levels and therein we were capable of taking you upon the journey. At this point, we may no longer escort you to those dimensions of reality, but must describe to you from your vantage point, for if we were to escort you into those planes and we were to share what is present there, then no words would exist upon your machine (the tape recorder), nor would you, within your ability, find it conceivable to describe that which you had seen.

Looking backward, we found the fourth plane to be the dwelling place of many of the guides and teachers. It appears however, that within the description, that the question occurs in the mind as to the physical nature, and this is the first order of difficulty, for there is no physical within the fifth plane and yet reality abounds. We create as we see need for. We have no direct manifestation even though higher planes do manifest a form of structure, for the fifth becomes the plane of total consciousness. It is the plane where the mind and the consciousness is the prime operating element.

It is to this plane, that we would assign or term the plane of the Masters. It is difficult in the sense that many of those whom you term Masters who have left your plane of reality, do now dwell therein.

It is a plane where the interchange of energy is accomplished by the sharing between all of the Higher Energies - both those who have evolved from your dimension of reality and those who have never been in physical form. It is here, that the energies do merge and share all that is known. A dweller upon the fifth is conscious with all other dwellers on the fifth, for this becomes the primal source of Light and Energy that you are cognizant of in your plane or your dimension. For upon the fifth, the consciousness is fused and merged with all other consciousness - separate, yet one, merging into light, drawing from above, magnifying, translating, and sending below. It is as if the fifth were the operators or the control of all other planes.

You have asked many times of the Rulers of the Realms, of those energies or beings whose job it was to oversee or to guide a function or to even be responsible, as it were, for an entire plane. It is from the fifth that these beings do come. It is their nature to know that which has been absorbed; and yet these are beings such as yourself, removed by aeons of time, as you would think of it... removed by evolution or evolvement, both through the physical and in the spiritual, but beings whose very nature is compatible or simpatico with your own.

While the fifth plane is not a plane that normally relates directly with this plane, it does in the sense that all the guidance and the direction that is given first emanates out of this plane. It is here that the Master Teachers review the overall response to particular energies on teaching systems. They are removed in order that they may stand clear of any confusion and that they may operate without difficulty. If it be decided that a physical form is needed to communicate or to share, then that form is adopted... created, brought into manifestation, and when it is complete, its energy returns to the source from which it emanated.

It is a difficult plane to comprehend in the total sense. It is not a plane to which the average soul may ascend. It is a plane of action, and it is here that as you seek to grow, the awareness of your desire is made manifest and the consciousness below on many levels, is directed to bring the fulfillment.

The dwellers of the fifth do not often employ the names that you did know them by. There are many there whose names in ancient times would ring a strong memory upon your tongue and your mind, but today, they are part of the One Energy and they do not seek to identify by that particular essence, though the consciousness of self is ever present. Understand that no matter how you evolve, and to what degree you move forward, or how totally you merge into the oneness of the Source, your consciousness, your memories, your experiences, will be yours and yours alone. Do you comprehend?"

"I comprehend most of what you said, but many questions come to mind. Did you say the fifth plane is where the Source of Light emanates from?"

"The Primary Light that the dwellers upon your plane are cognizant of, does emanate from this plane. The true Source is above all planes. The energy you term the 'cone' comes from beyond the seventh, but the energy of consciousness and the Light that most seek to place about themselves, is the light of the Teachers, and that does emanate from the fifth. It is, as if it were, like your little insect, the firefly. If we were to place a million of such creatures together, what would we produce but a source of light? And so it is with the consciousness that has evolved... we bring them together; they fuse into one being on the fifth. This is important to comprehend, for here there is no gender, there is no sex, and there is the total ability to fuse into oneness for long periods of time and yet remain the self - to maintain the identity, for this is the greatest secret to comprehend - that you may be one with another and yet be self."

"So then, from my understanding, the fifth plane is also the source of all knowledge and truth and wisdom ultimately?"

"Ultimate truth lies only in the Infinite Source. That which is made manifest or released upon this plane, in the majority of energy, does emanate from the fifth. We are not of the fifth and yet we share truth. Therefore, not all does come from that domain."

"I'm sure that I will have more questions, but at the moment, I can't think of them. Would it be possible to ask David after this tape is transcribed and get the answers?"

"Only in limited form, for even David does not roam that plane that is called the fifth. We shall now seek to bring you a comprehension. Your minds should envision with your eyes closed, another being - a being of light; and see yourself as a being of light, and you are, as it were, the center of the universe. Let your minds flow with our minds. See yourself and the other being merging and becoming one light, one point, holding, feeling the vibration, the sensing, the awareness, the experience of the other. And as you stand there merged into light, particle into particle, atom into atom, and the thought impressions move throughout your being one to the other, see with your paired ability, your paired ability to see, see yet another light being, and bring yourself into one with them, merging now three into one. And understand that within this concept of three and one, is one of your great mysteries... but you are three and one. If you will now hear our voice, hold your consciousness and open your sensitive minds, we shall step within the force of your being and become one with you for an instant, for the fifth plane exists whenever we bring these energies together. If a dweller of the fifth is merged with your being, you are of the fifth. Let within the mind's eye, a ball of light begin, growing larger and larger, and let our beings be one at this time...

Be as you were, beings of self within a physical form, knowing that you shall one day be one with other beings; and since you shall be, you already are, for what shall be, is today. Understand also that it is from One, that you did emanate. That was the nature of your Source, and to One, you shall aspire to return. So it is."

Masters Or False Prophets?

During the past year, much material has been brought to our attention relating to the work of other channels. While some of it has produced spontaneous laughter due to its absurdity, much of it has concerned us greatly. Many Light Messenger readers have written to inquire about various of these "so called" channels. One particular individual is announcing the arrival of a great World Teacher known as the Christ. Some well known groups are claiming to have the reincarnations of great beings in their midst. Are you being deceived?

We have dealt with these matters privately, but now feel we must divulge David's comments openly. We ask you to carefully consider these comments and then judge for yourself. The following excerpts are self-explanatory:

"The entity named Creme who claims that the Messiah or Christ has returned to the earth plane, is a prophet with a serpent for a tongue."

"On the matter of the Creme and the arrival, why are so many today as gullible as their ancestors? Why, over the millennia of time, does man run to every false prophet that steps forward? Why does the blindness come over their eyes when someone says, "Here is one who should come. He is here." The rationale disappears and they become spiritual sheep, as negative in their following as the mob is in its action.

Hear well, and know that one who comes with great consciousness will not need spokesmen to speak for him, nor shall there be any question of who it is that is upon the plane. You shall know if you should meet or see such a person. Beware of the barkers who bay like dogs announcing their new masters! The Master's presence is always known by those who are near, and they need none to signal their presence. If you are an enlightened being, you shall be attracted and drawn and guided to such a being.

Your people upon this plane could save the world if they would but expend the energy in behalf of their fellow man, that they have already expended in time following after and supporting the false prophets. Bitter wood and bitter waters emanate from their mouths. All of your teachings have warned you of them.

Look for the Light, for he who is one of those that would come, shall need no lamp by the dark of night, and the energy of his hand shall leave no question, nor shall the sick or crippled need suffer. For one who has perfected the balance of energy, can share infinitely with that balance.

Bring us not the false prophets or the teachers of illustrious name. Let us not lose our energies upon these, but let us place our hearts to serving those who are spiritually starving. Let us seek to put the Light in the darkness; and when the Light does exist, the servants of darkness who call themselves prophet, shall have no place to hide. In the ancient time, he who dared take the name of prophet, faced the punishment of death if his prophecy were untrue. A barbaric form, but it seldom produced a great number of false prophets and when it did, they did not survive too long.

Know them by their Light, by their love, by their power... and one such as that has no need of your pocketbook. We shall no more deal with these questions."

"We have said it before and we say it again: Those who descend from the higher planes to work with man do not need to employ names of old! There is no means by which any may prove who they were in another time, nor does it matter. They were mortal men who shared in the spirit and in the flesh. If their soul should return to serve again, it will do so in a new form, without need to identify to the past.

No great wisdom need be ascribed to any ancient teacher beyond that which they taught. It is what is given that is important. It is the message taught - the truth that is brought forward.

As we have said, who today, can identify the one you call Moses? By what do you know him? And John the Baptist... does he walk about with an animal cloth about him? Does he stand in the River Jordan and say, "Here I stood two thousand years ago? These groups open their consciousness, seeking power and influence. And when the forces that would deceive, perceive the opportunity to fulfill their desire, they will take whatever name is acceptable.

But let all be judged by the words they bring forth. Truth will always sound its own bell, regardless of what it is called. Beware of those who would draw you into their fold by the utilization of names of old! If we were to draw upon names, do you think that we should stop at such an early point in your modern time? Why not reach back to the times of Atlantis and take the High Priest of the Temple whose soul certainly has evolved to a great level at this time? And why but one name? Did the entity known as John the Baptist only place himself upon this earth once in the past? Perhaps he should call himself Elijah or Elias Baptist, but any name will do for those whose ego requires it and for those who seek power. Truth is weighed only in the chamber of the heart, not in intellectual emotionalism. That is all on that matter."

Relevant to the preceding material, is this question coming from Boulder, Colorado. Anand Punito writes, "In what ways, is a Spiritual Master, one who is enlightened, able to help other souls who have not yet attained?"

"A true Master guides the individual to a path or a multitude of paths that he may choose. The Master provides sources of knowledge, and counsels and directs the seeker's attention thereto. There are few such souls residing upon this plane, though there are many who would lay claim to such a title. A true Master does not need a title, nor does a Master need to call himself such, for he is immediately known by the words he speaks and the life he leads. But more important than the identity of the person, is that which he shares with others. A Master is a man of experience. We all may learn from another's experience if we will close the door of ego and open the heart in humility."

Messenger II - The Sixth Plane, Home Of Angelic Beings (July13, 1980)

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

Throughout time, man has dealt with the concept of spiritual beings who do not relate to your physical world. These you have termed angels, elementals, spirits, deva, and many other forms and names which you have given. Some of the people of the animal level have thought of these spirits as God or Deities and have thus presented them.

The question enters amongst your teachers, and today your theologians seek to deny the existence of these spiritual beings. They deny by ignoring and thereby relegate them to the role of mythology. The Nephilim did exist as recorded in your scriptures. The Angelic Forces do still exist, representing a life form that is alien to your concept, but compatible with your spiritual self. In a system of education, it is necessary that guardians, caretakers, and teachers be provided... even from the beginning, long before man was capable of protecting and providing for himself. As man becomes more adept, these assistants are no longer needed in this plane of expression and may serve in other areas and other dimensions.

It is difficult for your consciousness to comprehend multi-dimension realities consisting simultaneously, but we are capable of not only conceiving, but co-existing in these. As we speak to you at this time, we are also present in a time period greater than one million of your years past, and we simultaneously are in a potential reality of a million years hence. These beings, who for lack of better terms within your language, we shall call Angelic, are capable of being in these dimensions without restriction. There is no domain beneath their plane that is not open to them.

The plane that you term the sixth is not the plane of man, though man in his evolution, may indeed pass through this point. It is not... I believe the term is a linear hierarchy. We do not deal with the planes in these manners, but it was so ordained that life forces were created that did not need the same path or pattern of evolution. They were created for service and in that service, they were set into their own dimension, for they change but little in that time.

It was in ancient time, as you term it, that these beings did enter this realm and seek to bring the consciousness of man to a higher point. Their presence was deemed to be that of the presence of a God. Therefore, their presence in physical form to man, no longer occurs upon this plane. And yet, they may still walk amongst you as men, not allowing it to be known who they are, but learning of what man conceives as the ultimate plan and seeding where possible, the thoughts that are positive.

Within this dimension are many levels of beings, many forms of spiritual life form, that serves throughout your universe and others. It would be a monumental task to elicit the different categories or segments or types, but suffice it that they are a pure form of spiritual being, oriented to the service, united as one, and capable of adapting form and matter and energy to that which is needed.

Certain forms of life within your plane will, from time to time, contain within them the soul force of one of these beings. It is not an impossible thought, and in fact, has occurred within your lifetime, that amongst those species of animals that swim in the sea that you question the intelligence, that the members of the sixth plane have from time, entered therein to dwell near man and comprehend his nature.

In order to guide and to teach and to disseminate to the fifth the direction, it is necessary for that which you term feedback, and so each plane is capable of entering your world; but the sixth may not make their presence known, so often they take the form that you are least aware of. Consider the implications and the far reaching thought that is there involved. If you wonder at the teachers who have spoken against the taking of life in many forms, it is because they did understand this principle. The one whom you did term the Buddha... when we did speak to him and made clear in his time and day how often the Angelic ones did enter into the form of the animal to visit with man and observe, the horror of the thought of destroying the vehicle by which these beings did share with man, became the basis for his non-destruction of life belief system, being made aware that the highest form may enter the lowest with a full consciousness.

These beings do not enter into communication with man except when they do appear as man, and then it is without any knowledge of their nature. You may have met one within your lifetime, but we could not tell you if you had, for it is not permissible to identify them.

We believe that that is a sufficient description of the sixth plane. We did make it clear, I believe, that from the sixth does thought and knowledge pour forth into the fifth, and cascading downward like a gentle rain does knowledge and direction flow. Do you comprehend?"

"Yes, I do. Do the life forms from the sixth plane enter into man only for temporary time periods, do they enter at birth, or do they manifest?"

"I believe the term is manifest, if by that you mean materialization of a physical form from the Essence. Suffice it to say, that such a being may not partake of the emotional interactions of your world. That is the basis by which the Nephilim did fall into disrespect in another time. They may not cohabitate; they may not involve; they must eat a spartan food; and they exist only as needed. It is not impossible that one such being may enter into a physical form existing for a short period of time, but this is an extremely rare event and involves the departure of the soul and might be termed an entry at the time of death, prolonging the physical form for a short period."

"When they manifest in the form of a man or whatever, do they manifest for a short time only or for the lifetime of the species?"

"The answer is affirmative to the dual question. We prefer not dual questions. We do not have the means to utilize the total consciousness for memory and storage of such ideas. In the animal form, the consciousness will enter even into the birth cycle, for there a soul is not deprived of a vehicle of entry. Manifestation may occur singly. Presence may occur within an existing form for a finite period or it may occur for what you term, the lifetime."

Note: At this point, the Messenger departed and this conversation was continued with David.

"David, when the Messenger stated that the Nephilim were in existence at one time, he gave the impression that they no longer exist. Did he mean on all planes?"

"The reference was totally or solely to this plane. It is the form that they did take that produced the term Nephilim. Your scriptures refer to them as the Sons of God."

"Well, the Messenger also said 'Angels do', indicating present tense, and we do not see Angels on this plane anymore in the form of Angels as they were."

"The Nephilim were Angelic Beings in the form of men. They took only the masculine form."

"Was there a reason why they only took the masculine form?"

"They were the depositors of seed thought which is the masculine role, and at the time they were present, only the male of the species was dominant. The female of the species was subservient; therefore, one could not introduce concepts into societies or structures unless one was of the male of the species.

"These beings from the sixth plane... do they also become part of the plant kingdom such as an oak tree - do they infuse their consciousness within an oak tree to observe man?"

"They may."

"As I understand it, when they come to this plane, it's really sort of a random thing. In other words, not all dogs would express this energy, nor would all dolphins from the sea, etc. - just an occasional one would contain this sixth plane energy. Is that correct?"

"That is correct."

Questions and Answers

David McRoberts sends us this question. David lives in Shawnee Mission, Kansas. "We've heard many whispered fears that the present problems in Iran and Afghanistan are a product of Soviet and American Diplomats conspiring to begin a cold war scuffle in an attempt to help bathe economies by escalating war production. I too, hold this fear and would appreciate any truth David may hold as to the real cause and effect of this situation."

"It is even beyond. We do not desire to deal with your political matters, yet we will say that it is that; but even more so, the very statement that the entity fears is what was desired. It is true that the attitude of apparent hostility is, as you term it, engineered, but it is also engineered to create fear, for in fear you find animosity, and those who fear seek a savior. And those who are fearful, often times mistake the evil one for their savior. The energy involved here is far beyond balancing an economy. It is a power thrust that might well be considered as being of the dark forces that will offer mankind that which shall seem as Holy, and that is a unified government of the world; and it is holy like the swiss... cheese.

"That's pretty scary David."

"You have been manipulated throughout time by political systems. Why should one frighten you now, for what may they do to you? Of what consequence is any political system or national system? Of what consequence, any weapon? You, as a part of the collective consciousness, share a responsibility. You, as an individual, know that you transcend the physical. It is a play. The actors are locked into their roles. It is a period where the script is no more. They ad-lib their lines, but they live the role and have forgotten themselves. Join not in that cast, for the greatest of actors learns first how to shed a role when the role is done."

From Franklin, Michigan, Marjorie Fisher writes: "Has Helena Blavatsky reincarnated, as she said she would, in 1955? If so, where is she in her human body - country and state?"

"We are sorry to advise that Madame Blavatsky in the physical form, was not totally cognizant of all the laws and was therefore not able to carry out such a promise."

Kathy Olander, who lives in Hollywood, Florida, sent us this question: "Would you ask David about Sai Baba? I feel he's really an Avatar, but would like to know what David would say."

"The title, Avatar, is one that should not be given lightly. When a particular entity has advanced spiritually and desires to share, that does not necessarily represent a totality of knowledge that an Avatar would contain. The particular entity in question, is often referred by many to be a God Incarnate. The entity appears to enjoy the adulation and does not make effort to put aside these ideas. In that, we would definitely withhold the concept of Avatar. You are looking at a person who is dedicated to bringing forth an evolution in consciousness - one who has evolved, but who is also susceptible to the human element."

This question comes from Mary Khazai in Miami, Florida. "For centuries, people have been practicing yoga to achieve a path to greater spiritual development. Is there any benefit in this discipline other than just taking care to exercise our physical forms?"

"The path of the Yogi is indeed beneficial to some, but not to all. It is however, not that which you simply teach as an exercise. It is a way of life and it requires not only the training and the practice, but also an environment within which it may be properly employed. The mental and psychological and sociological attitudes influence the ability of an individual to employ and utilize the greatest benefit from this particular discipline. It is beneficial to some, but not to all. It is not the most beneficial, and it is not the least."

Writing from Boca Raton, Florida, Evelyn Rust asks: "please channel from Ascended Masters explaining: Rather than reincarnate we should perfect the body we are now using, if at all possible, or perfect a later body and keep living eternally useful for as many hundreds of years as God needs us. The point being, perfection should be accomplished in the body and not on the other side."

"We know of no such Masters who hold such a belief. The physical form may be perfected by the consciousness that is raised to perfection. It is rarely an occurrence upon your plane, and when it does occur, you are no longer required upon this plane. Let the entity be reminded that this is the plane of illusion and non-reality, that the world of the spirit is the world of reality."

Messenger III - The Seventh Plane, Last Step To The Infinite Source (July 20, 1980)

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

The seventh plane is one with which you have gained some familiarity. It is one that you have dealt with for this time of the Messenger. It is the dwelling place of the Brotherhood. It is the dwelling place of many spiritual beings of a similar nature. I believe the term you employ for the higher spiritual forms is that of the Archangel. Another term is Seraphim and many other names to denote the highest vibration of spiritual consciousness.

It may be of benefit to recognize that the Messengers, as we who have brought you the thoughts and ideas of the Brotherhood, do emanate from that plane which you term the sixth. Our senses perceive the seventh plane as different from our own and perhaps more similar to yours.

It is here that the legends began of the cities of jewel with the streets of the same. The term street perhaps is inappropriate... a path, a road, but here the consciousness appears to be separated one from the other, and even though they are Beings of Light, they do seem or appear to dwell for those from lower planes, in houses or buildings that are of the purest gemstone that is possible to conceive. There is no joint nor seam, but each such structure is continuous and is total in being of that particular stone.

As you might expect, each of the Brotherhood lives within or dwells within a particular facility that is representative of the color that they do represent and control. It would be as if to say, that the first of the Brotherhood was sheltered in a building or facility of the purest ruby, with no beginning and no end to its construction. It is a plane of continuous interplay of Light, brilliant beyond description; and one of the reasons for the facilities is that those from the lower planes who are brought here for learning and instruction and to be given messages, cannot tolerate the brilliance of the environment of the plane and therefore are protected and shielded by the facility or buildings that they enter there.

Certainly, the question must arise in consciousness dealing with the type of soul that is here and the evolution of the soul to this plane. If we were to concern ourselves with the evolution, then we might say that in concept, the spiritual nature of all men will pass through the seventh plane as they approach the Infinite. But to dwell herein, is the domain of those Spiritual Beings whose creation is not the same as man. That is not to say, that they have not dwelt upon this physical plane utilizing a physical form at times in the remote past, but it is to say that that Spiritual Consciousness came into being with a greater and more complete comprehension than that of man. The Spiritual Beings of the seventh plane respond to the Divine Will without doubt, without question. It is as if they were but an extension. Certain beings whom you have termed Masters, those you have termed the Masters of old, many were the beings of the seventh, seeking to relate to man and to share.

We cannot find within your languages, the words that would describe what the eye may see. Your words require translation images and none are possible. Place yourself in a world of peace and joy and sound and light and color that is constantly intertwining, forming a whole, and yet you are aware of all of its component parts. Enter into the concept of the building or facility of the purest emerald and the purest ruby. Know that every shade and variation will be found here, but these colors are vibrations above and beyond any those of which your eye has seen, for the eye is limited in its ability to perceive vibration.

It is necessary to say that the seventh plane, as you term it, this field of light and color, did exist in preparation before the first soul was made manifest upon the earth. Perhaps, in its own form, that will allow you to comprehend the nature of the beings that dwell thereon. In the past, it was the custom of the dwellers of the seventh to enter the physical space of earth and assume the forms thereon. Your nature has been through time, to make Gods of these beings who would visit to aid and learn. Therefore, as you would term it, the Gods no longer descend to earth. The teachings are now given through messages.

We, who are the Elder Brothers of man, are in truth, his servants. And if you may comprehend that the highest elevation is a servant to the lowest, then you may begin to comprehend the power of the Infinite Source that is beyond, for when you have passed beyond the seventh, you have reached the mountaintop, and at that point, all is One and your awareness of self merges into the self awareness of All. And when you are ready to make that crossing, there is no question as to where the ego is. But for aeons yet, you shall work in growing and learning, you shall move from plane to plane; and as you take your rest at each point, you shall reach behind you and bring those who are straggling forward with your assistance. The Brotherhood or other dwellers of the seventh plane shall also be thereby as they have been since the first that man did raise his eyes toward heaven, and they shall not interfere but shall respond to the seeking.

In the seventh plane, all that is color is simultaneously sound and that by the thought of a dweller, the sound and color may change and a symphony of sound is produced in response to the thought. The music, if it may be termed that, floats upon the air as does the fragrance of each color, and if too long you dwell upon one particular facility, you find that for a moment or perhaps an eternity, you are one with the vibration of that essence, and then you become cognizant that these facilities are pure thought and that all pure thought can be nothing but a particle of the Whole. And when all are brought together in a common moment, then the energy of all color becomes the One Source of Light and merges with the Infinite beyond and the seventh is not. More we may not say... not out of lack of desire, but out of limit of your tongue."

Note: David returned and the following conversation ensued:

"David, we were told previously that the Masters as we know them, emanate from the fifth plane. The Messenger just spoke of the Masters on the seventh. Is it important to understand the difference?"

"You have but one word for a Master. There are in fact, different levels. You would equate the Buddha as a Master, and you would equate the one termed Jesus as a Master."


"But so, in his way, was the one termed Gandhi, a Master, and you would have the name to the one you term Sai Baba and others of this school. Each you would term a Master. Shall you then compare them all as bearing the same Light in the same magnitude?"

"Well, I would not, but there are some who would. I see what you're saying."

"Once, in each period of your time...

"Excuse me. Please clarify each period. Do you mean each generation, each Age?"

"By Age, do you refer to the two thousand year epoch?"

"Yes, I do."

"Then each of those periods... one in that time... does one of the seventh come forward to give birth to concepts and understanding of the Divinity."

"That I would term an Avatar. Would that be correct?"

"That would be correct. That is however, not a word of your language."

"Most people, I believe, do understand that word."

"If that be, then term those from the seventh, Avatars, if it suits well the purpose, but recognize that but one in each period or epoch of time, does occur... does make the journey to this plane."

"I understand. Is the one who makes the journey... is he generally recognized or do we sometimes recognize the wrong person?"

"He is recognized, but seldom is it known who he individually is."

"When the Messenger spoke of the dwellers of the seventh coming to Earth in ancient time, was he referring to the Sons of God mentioned in the Bible?"

"That is not correct."

"Okay, please explain."

"These are the Nephilim."

"That's what I previously understood, so that's why I'm confused."

"We do not understand the confusion."

"Well, he spoke of these beings coming in ancient time and dwelling with the men of earth."

"That is not the same as the Avatar or Master. You are confusing material that has been given. The Messenger advised that those who came to give message from the Brotherhood emanated as the Messengers now from the sixth plane, that they did come to this physical plane and were mistaken for Gods and worshiped as such.

The Nephilim were referred to by another Messenger as the fifth and sixth plane energies and more specifically, the sixth, who did come to teach man and did become involved in the energy, and they assumed physical forms that they made manifest of themselves. Today, you receive Messengers only through channel because man will make Gods of them, and a Messenger is not an Avatar."

Oh Weather Angels, Where Are You? (July 9, 1980)

"Please comment on the abnormal weather conditions which this country (USA) has been experiencing. What is causing the extreme heat wave and when can we look forward to some relief?"

"The effect is related in part to the recent upheaval of the earth. It is what is termed a 'hot house' effect. The pollution in the upper atmosphere creates a shield which absorbs and holds the heat to the lower level. It will take one year to dissipate."

"Does that mean that we will have a warmer winter or a colder winter, providing there are no more large eruptions?"

"It will still produce an extreme in both climatic zones."

"I see. So... some geographic sectors can look forward to a cold winter then."

"As the angle of the sun is lowered, its penetration is reduced by the pollution."

What is the weather like in terms of precipitation? Why the lack of rain?"

"The turbulence in the upper atmosphere has created rapid movements that have changed the normal patterns. The patterns are cyclic upon your planet. When sudden energy releases alter these patterns, your clouds that bear the rain are moved in different directions than normal. Therefore, they do not let off the moisture."

"In essence, you're telling us, David, that when there are changes on the earth such as the earthquakes and the volcano eruptions, they disturb our weather patterns to a very large degree, which of course, relates to our crops and everything else. Is that correct?"

"That is correct. It is a sudden experience of what the accumulation of pollution will do for you."

"If somehow, we could orient more people towards meditating for the earth, would it help eliminate some of the situation?"

"It would alleviate future events. What is, exists."

"So the year's prognosis is based upon things at the present time?"

"That is correct."

Conversations with David

"We shall resume with the different modes of transition. We have been dealing with the response of the soul in respect to the method of transition. It is, as you term it, a result of cause and effect.

In the matter of physical abuse by the self, we do separate this from that which you term suicide, and yet in the philosophical sense, it is essentially the same. Let us consider the different forms of abuse that we include. These are the things such as the smoking, the utilization of alcohol in excessive amounts. We should note that the original form of the use of tobacco was not employed in a chain habit pattern, but was something that was employed upon a monthly or occasional basis. It is not the occasional exposure that creates a problem. It is the habitual use. The alcohol is a prime example. The occasion of consuming a small quantity (while advisable on one level in that quantity), it provides no benefit to the form. It is not harmful to bring it into the system if it is not in excessive use. But those who become that which you term the alcoholic, are obviously abusing the physical form; the same is the one who would chain smoke.

Those persons whose dietary habits are knowingly poor... and we speak not here of poverty, but of knowledge and ignoring the knowledge, of taking... I believe the term you utilize for those who do not provide the body proper nutrition, is junk food addicts. Those who suffer from extreme obesity... it is not that these are not illnesses, but they do deprive the physical form of its term and length of life. Those who lead a sedentary life and do not provide simple exercise for the form, are also involved in this pattern.

Any form of abuse or habit which tends to shorten the life of the physical form, brings a responsibility into the soul consciousness. It is not in the same manner as one who takes a life from another, nor is it the same as one who commits suicide, but it is an addiction to that element. Therefore, any soul which is addicted upon this plane, will likely be addicted as they make their transition and therefore, will be bound to the second plane. Understand clearly the implication. That which you are attached to, if it be primarily of the physical level, may hold you to the second plane of illusion wherein you will be capable of working with that obsession. Do you comprehend?"

"Yes, I do. A person who's an alcoholic or a drug addict will end up on the second plane to work through that need."

"That is correct. They also may be drawn back to the earth. In many cases, there is a period of time when the soul remains earthbound - especially in those who are addicted to the drugs and the alcohol. The return prematurely of these souls is often found also, especially where the death was a direct result of the abuse."

"I would like to ask about people who do take care of their bodies and who are very attractive people such as the beauty queens. Have they earned their beauty as a result of past incarnational experiences or are they beautiful so that they might learn appreciation for a perfect body?"

"It is both, but it is also a test. I believe you call it the Narcissus Complex. And one so blessed may be equally cursed by falling in love with themselves and thus becoming bound to the physical form and its attractions."

"Those souls who are bound to the second plane because of their addictions... are they capable of transcending that second plane to the third plane once they realize they no longer need that addiction?"

"That is correct. Any soul may ascend when its comprehension has matched the need of that plane. And when it has aspired to a point beyond that plane, when it recognizes that it has absorbed all that may be absorbed from this sphere of influence and then recognizes in humility that there is greater knowledge still, at this time, it may move forward. Remember that the planes are a division which you apply. We have analogized the true nature often enough. You move from one space to another. It might be said that you move from the desert to the seashore in your ascension through the planes."

"How does one move? Is it just by thought or does one have to pass a test, an initiation type of test, to get to the next plane? Is there someone in charge who takes care of that type of thing?"

"It is not a test as you would think of it. It is not necessary in the planes. The very energy that is emanated from a spiritual being tells the story in itself. It is clear when you see the golden hue within the crowd of gray, that one stands there who does not belong therein. At that time, the teachers and the workers would escort and assist that soul into a level comparable with the comprehension. Is that clear?"

"Very much so, yes.

"It is necessary to deal with the subject of transition by that which you term 'magic'. It is a delicate matter. We enter into a confused arena of thought, for here the question of free will becomes evident in its weakness and its strength. Free will is the domain of the soul. The physical form and consciousness is limited in its ability to apply free will. Therefore, it may be operated on, and it does not necessarily require what you term a karmic link to the person or the event, but may represent simply an opportunity to learn. Though that is not to say, that a karmic link is not possible and often it is probable.

In the essence of death by magic and as you term it, black magic, we have a situation that is no different than that crime which you term murder. To the consciousness that is evicted, there is no difference. Whether a psychic force reaches in and materializes energy within the cavity of the heart causing it to cease beating, or a bullet penetrates the wall of the chest and punctures the heart, it has no difference. It is sometimes slow and sometimes sudden. It is critical as to where the consciousness is at the moment."

"I'm confused about murder. Is murder considered as an accidental death or is it like the death by magic in all cases?"

"It is the same. The question is whether there is cognizance or not. Where there is no cognizance, the soul finds itself in a transitional state with no readiness and no understanding. It is in confusion and may be drawn by its emotional energies to the earth, but it is primarily dependent upon the position in evolvement and development spiritually that it is. It is clearly akin to the concept of being prepared at all times to make the transition, for one is not knowledgeable when that event may occur. By making the transition in this manner if the entity is prepared, the cause has little or no effect.

If the entity is not prepared, it is no different than if it were an accident. But more often than not, the entity who is being terminated is conscious, if even for a moment, of what is happening, and at that moment you have that which you term the moment of truth, for it is dependent upon how the consciousness of the one being terminated relates to the event. Is it with understanding, compassion, pity, or hatred? The result is obvious. If hatred is the factor as a soul makes its transition, then that soul shall not leave this plane until it returns into a physical form."

"That last part wasn't clear David. When you said 'leave this plane,' which plane were you speaking of?"

"The earth plane. It becomes, as you term it, earthbound. The soul which makes its transition in hatred is bound to the earth in this particular form. There are souls who die of age and natural causes with much hatred in their heart, and they do dwell upon the first plane."

"What about fear, David? Especially if a person was being murdered... he could be in a very fearful state at that moment."

"Fear does not enter into the world of spirit. The fear does not produce hatred. It becomes an individual lesson. What is there to fear? What do you fear?"

"Well, it's not so much the fear of death, but if someone was kidnapped, for example, and his captor held a gun to his head, adrenalin would start flowing in the awareness of what was happening. The thoughts of what it's like to die would be, of course, according to how prepared the soul was, but still fear would be there. That's why I asked the question."

"It is not an effect upon the evolution of the soul or the plane to which it ascends."

"How about the actual transition experience... does fear have any effect on that?"

"It produces a blocking and inhibits the ability to merge with the Light. Only a consciousness which is clear and recognizes and comprehends the reality and the illusion that are one and yet different, may truly merge and become one with the Source at the moment of transition, transcending all planes and all time.

We step backward to the concept, and remind that war often produces the transition in hatred as well. It is the evil of hatred and the evil of fear, that create the difficulty. The transition is like awakening, and in order to awake, you must go to sleep. If man could erase the fear of transition from his consciousness, recognize the need to fulfill the physical cycle or duration for its optimum learning experience and for the right of the physical form... and could then approach the transition without fear or hatred or distorted concepts, then man would truly take the quantum leap forward. Do you not comprehend that the greatest block in your spiritual development is your fear of development by transition?"

"That's probably true."

"Is there another form of transition that needs to be dealt with?"

"Let's see... you've dealt with the magic, the abuse of the body, the war... is there another transition that we're not aware of?"

"Many are subs of the others. Those who under the term, religious asceticism, seek to destroy the physical form, to annihilate self, only produce another form in the return that is even more sensuous. For until you learn to master the form by comprehending its energies, you shall never be free of the anchor that holds you to this plane."

"I can think of no other major transition circumstances David. If you know of any, please bring them forward for us."

"All become part of another. It is not a morbid subject. It is no more distasteful or at least it should not be, than the subject of impending birth, for impending death and impending birth are but the reverse of the coin as it were."

"I have a question that may be of general interest to readers. Having just been through a personal experience of death in our own family, I am reminded that one of the most difficult things for the survivors to deal with is the human element of emotion and missing their loved one. Do you have any words of encouragement or advice for people in that position?"

"When one has suffered a loss, there are no words that may convey any concept which will alter the emotional trauma. Seek however, to prepare yourselves in advance. Your preparation was sufficient to allow you to pass through this event, and even still, the difficulty was great. It is an element of consciousness that believes and yet doubts, and within the doubt, great sorrow is created. Intellectually, you have comprehended; emotionally, you have accepted, but that required time.

Consider well, the power and the knowledge that is at the fingertip of a Guide or a Messenger. Would you constrain them with a physical form? Would you seek to imprison them in such a manner? Remember that no form upon your plane can express the majesty and power of the infinite while they occupy the physical body. It is you who are the prisoners, and it is you who when you are born, that we weep for, for your birth into the physical is more like unto the death you imagine than the death that you know.

Let all peoples of all beliefs seek within their own being to comprehend the words of truth that they accept, for none of them seek to instill the concept of nihilism. We live! You are half alive! Those who pass the portals of this physical plane, do live in more fullness and greater fulfillment than your imaginations are capable of comprehending."

Note: We conclude this subject with a controversial question which was asked during one of our more public sessions at Delray Beach, Florida.

"We have a thing that we call euthanasia which is the defying or putting aside the idea of using life support Systems. At what point should a life support system be dropped?"

"The conscious decision should have been made in advance by an enlightened individual. If you are concerned with such things, then make such a record of your termination - that which you term a Testament and Will. Beyond that point when consciousness is not present, it becomes a difficult question. A man in pain will ask for death; therefore, that decision is not made with an open consciousness. The prime purpose of the body and the soul is to act in a cohesive harmony, and the soul is responsible to maintain that body in a functioning condition for as long as is possible. When it is no longer possible for the body to function effectively, then there is no wrong in termination, for you may not kill anything.

Time Out For Travel

In late June, we traveled to Hollywood, Florida, where Richard spoke at The National Conference on Holistic Health. Wishing to take advantage of every moment there, we scheduled an informal session with David for which about sixty people turned out. Our hostess' home was bulging at the seams, but the session was fruitful for those who attended. Thank you Diane and Suzi!

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