Light Messenger

Volume 3, Chapter 5


September, 1980

"Recognize the drama of which you are part. The next scene within the play has not yet a script. It shall be written insitu. You determine, and if the script is but another act, there will still be yet a finale." ... from the guides.

Support Your Leaders With Light!!!

Election time is here again and Thomas Paine's famous words, "These are the times that try men's souls," are not only prophetically true in the literal sense, but esoterically as well. Is indecision or worse yet, apathy, eating away at your heart? If so, you will enjoy reading the Brotherhood's timely comments on our responsibilities as world citizens which should be of special interest to every light worker. We have the power to change the course of history. Let's do it!

Some Past History...

In the interest of and for the benefit of our new readers, we bring some very "taken for granted" facts to your attention. This publication is, for the most part, channeled material. It began as a very small project, but soon mushroomed into proportions we never dreamed of. As a trance medium, Richard Rebeck works exclusively with his spiritual guide or Maggid, who is called David (pronounced Da Veed), and although David has not lived upon the earth for over 3,000 years, his knowledge has proven to be profoundly accurate and exceedingly helpful.

Once or twice each week, the Rebeck's living room is transformed into a cosmic university when Richard leaves his body behind and David enters in. David speaks in a loud, clear voice and portrays a personality distinctly different than Richard's. Peggy Rebeck acts as the control during these sessions and records the conversations on cassette tapes. In order to keep the energy of the room properly balanced, at least three people are always present (the triangle of energy is balanced for Messenger material with Sal Cacciola), but often the sessions are done with large groups of people as well. We should note here that David does not borrow energy from those present, as is the case in most mediumship activity, but depends solely upon Richard's reserves for this work. Following David's specific instructions Peggy directs the questions from those present and monitors the energy effects upon Richard's body. Later, the tapes are transcribed word for word and the material is filed away for future reference and Light Messenger use.

The work with the Brotherhood is another story in itself. Prior to our experiences with David, none of us had ever heard of the Brotherhood Of Light, so it cannot be said that we were preconditioned in our expectations. However, once the Brotherhood became known to us and our enlightenment process began, it didn't take very long to assess that we were dealing with a form of Spiritual Beings who were far above us in evolution and that they had a special mission in mind for us. At their specific request, the Light Messenger was born and the Brotherhood began sending special emissaries known as the Messengers, to deliver the material for publication.

Another facet of the work which transpired as a result of communications with the Brotherhood, is the Amber Initiation. Many of you, in fact well over 2,000 people, have experienced the Brotherhood's special blessing with the amber oil. On subsequent pages, you will find a more detailed accounting of this very special experience.

One further note of interest: there is no subscription fee for the Light Messenger. In accordance with the original instructions given at the inception of this publication, the Brotherhood was emphatically clear -- the Messenger would survive on donations freely given or cease to be. There are many, many people who have been and still are quite generous with their financial support. Unfortunately, there are an even larger number who have never contributed anything. We send to both.

Messenger I - On Politics And Citizenship (Sept 9, 1980)

"Greetings from the Brotherhood Of Light!

Let your minds be at ease. Let your consciousness be filled with love and with light, and may the eye of your thought see with the clarity of a diamond. Even as this entity is a channel, so in the collective structure that we have established in harmony with the laws that we must obey, we require all who be present to maintain a degree of purity of the consciousness, at least at the time that the Messengers are present. It is difficult to enter your realm. When we so meet, it is as if you had created a sanctuary unto itself in time and space where we might enter in and feel not the curse of hate and distrust and fear that surround your world. For all who would receive, to whatever degree, a visit of a Messenger from the Brotherhood, remember that our energy functions only where perfect balance may be held. The need for spiritual balance is great.

We will follow the appropriate theme, but it is not to deal with the political system as you deal with them in this particular sector (United States). It is not a matter of how one votes, but it is a matter to what degree, the responsibility of being a citizen of the world and how one responds to that.

It has been our desire to provide guidance to our brothers and sisters in all areas of life, to provide tools that you might employ each and every day. We have dealt for the most recent times, with affairs not of this plane, and it is now that we must return to this reality for the time is upon you. You little realize how one small insignificant act may change the course of that which you term history in twenty or thirty years. We perceive it as it occurs, and it is with this ability to perceive the events that are probable in time, that we seek to share.

We, the Messengers, are citizens of the spiritual universe. You, our brothers and sisters, are citizens of the physical universe. Each abides by the governing energies, but in different ways. Consider that we require no ruler of the realm as it were. We have one whose function is to coordinate but in no way, portrays the ruler. When man must choose a chief or ruler amongst himself, he is indicating an unwillingness to abide by those principles he knows in his heart to be good and true. Therefore, he must choose someone who will force him in his moment of weakness, to obey such principles.

It is common difficulty to suffer from the temptation of power. Power has a tendency to destroy, for it is like power given to a child. So man collectively turning upon their fellow, seek those who desire power, and in so seeking them, they place them in positions of trust and expose them to the temptations of such power.

In the times that are gone, the leaders were chosen without their prior knowledge. They were chosen by the priests, the prophets, the leaders of religion, as men of standards that might be able to tolerate the temptation of power. In relationship to these days, you have evolved complicated systems of government. These are but learning experiences and all things which are brought forth from them, you must remember that you have chosen and you have created.

There is no evil or negative element that you are not part of in the collective sense. Then wherein is the spiritual responsibility? What does the soul that seeks communion with all, that seeks harmony and balance, what part does that soul have within the world? It is not a matter political alone, but rather a matter that has to deal with all things - the law, the morality, the obligation, the responsibility. The law is to be obeyed until it is changed. Morality is known within the heart of man, and unless he clouds the sight of his heart with greed, he is capable of perceiving that which is right and harmonious. The responsibility is great; you are responsible. You are, as it is termed, your brother's keeper.

You may not refrain from involvement in the world, for where you reside you have chosen, and to interact and harmonize is of great importance. Tell us not that you meditate each day and that you set aside time for study, but that you are apathetic with regard to your particular system. Apathy is a tool of darkness. Inactivity and nonparticipation within a system is negative use of energy! No system shall be of benefit to your brothers until they all collectively employ it.

But is the participation an emotional affair? In these times, when you are confronted with the souls and entities who have not been able to resist the temptation of power, do not gloat in your awareness, but recognize the humanity of the weakness; and recognize also your involvement, your sharing in that collective guilt. Did he who fell have your support, your prayer, your energy about him? Did you seek to protect the one whom you sent forward with light? Do you choose your soldiers to fight for you in war and give them no weapons by which to defend or attack... no armor to keep them free? Shall you send only those who are low on the evolution ladder of spiritual growth? Shall not the light workers step forward and take the responsibility? You have taken children and sent them to war with powers and principalities as naked as the day they were born!

You deal with humanity. Where you find a weed within your garden, you remove it or seek to remove it. Where you find a wrong within your society, seek to right it or correct it and to remove the cause; but condemn not those entities that succumb to the waves of pressure when you have given them no weapons. A mother or wife sending the son or husband to battle, would pray day and night until the safe return. A nation will pray for its armies or its hostages, but how often does it pray or share energy with those who it has sent into the battlefield you term government?

Throughout your world, you have different methods of choosing - some violent, some less violent, some evolved to the point of a piece of paper or the pressing of a button, but where is your consciousness in that choice? How long did you meditate upon the soul that you would send forward? Do you not realize that the soul you choose to lead your geographic sector is taking a collective large number of people... all of those souls are being directed in part on their path of evolution by the one you have chosen. Should he lead you into war and millions should fail within that with their life cycle, then those millions will have to return and shall have not had the opportunity to seek growth in harmony and balance. You ask others to swim for you who do not even know how to swim, and then when they fail, you seek to blame them or condemn them, or in your own embarrassment, you simply ignore their failure inviting even greater disaster.

Truth tolerates no darkness! Truth tolerates no falsehood! Truth tolerates no imbalance in structure! You may not turn your head away; you must be involved or you are not of the light! This physical world in its perfect manifestation becomes a temple, a cathedral of love, focusing the Divine Essence in the hearts of all! Your responsibility is to grow as spiritual beings through the physical experiences and if you are in the physical world, then all things that are physical are part of you, and all those things must be brought into harmony.

If you stand back from your duty of responsibility, you are stepping into the shadows of darkness and you are feeding the powers of darkness, and the dark force does rejoice. Not all things are effective, but it is the energy of effort that is put forward; and when one sees darkness and cries out, "Here is darkness, let us put light there," action is created. But when one sees darkness and says "Maybe it is only gray and it will go away," that is evil made into a living thing. You will not tolerate the little form of life you call mold upon a piece of bread, but rather will cut it out or throw the loaf away; yet, if you look at your systems about you, they are black with the mold of negativity.

It would seem to the consciousness of many that we do not understand the problems of politics. We understand well these matters. We have seen generations of men upon generations deal with government after government. Yours is not the first of the so called democracies and it probably shall not be the last. The autocracies, the democracies, and all the other forms have repeated themselves over time.

This is your world of manifestation! Do not say to us, "I cannot spare that much time to meditate." How much time can you spare to live? How many lifetimes then shall you take for the same lesson? It is not a great amount of time. It is a small thing, and the time without the heart behind it has no meaning. One minute of sincerity in meditation is worth two hours of pretense. Look to the beings who stand up and represent themselves as potentials. Within them you shall occasionally see a glimmer of light, but by the very nature of the system you have created, you attract those of a lower nature. However you choose to work within your system is part of your learning experience, but the responsibility to care for these soldiers that you have sent forth is greater than the difficulty of choice.

You create the world and its environment, and if you condemn them before they begin, they shall surely make manifest the energy you have projected. And one particle of light from a light worker outweighs a hundred particles of darkness. Your thought, your voice, your prayer, your meditation, is more powerful than hundred of those you term apathetic or even the negative. The negative makes manifest power in manners you term exciting, and the positive makes manifest power in the manner you term sublime. We shall not create sideshows, so solidify your faith; it is of short duration.

Consider these things that we have given you, consider these things that we have said. What is there of that which we have said that leads any man astray? We say be conscious, be prayerful, meditate, accept your responsibility, practice and live the law and morality of the system within which you live and that which you know within your heart to be true. Remember your responsibility and obligation to your brother and sister. Remember the soldiers and emissaries you do send out... regardless of the title, they are like children. Send them not forward naked, but gird them in the armor of light; and he who wears the armor of light knows only truth.

Consider the world if but one of your nations were led by men of light... and consider the world if half of the nations were led by men of light... and then consider how the heavens would seem to be here upon this plane if all of the leaders of the world were men of light. It is not a dream, but a potential reality that we can see. We have the eyes to see a world such as we have spoken of. You are the architects of time, and through your consciousness, it will or will not be as you would have it. That is all for this moment."

The Amber Initiation
by Peggy Rebeck

"You are to use the amber oil and you are to write the initiation, since you will know how it is to be done"... these were the cryptic words delivered by Richard's guide, David, in December of 1977.

I was mystified. What did he mean? While I had no conscious knowledge of initiations, I was determined to meet the challenge. At that time, we were actively working with a small center in Inverness, Florida, known as the Alexandrian Center. We had previously discussed having some sort of initiation for the members but had procrastinated in accomplishing it. My conscious mind assumed that he meant an initiation ceremony for the center's members. But... wonder of wonders when I sat down to meditate upon the initiation with my own guide, To Ta Ten, I received my next big surprise. I was told that it was to be an initiation into the Brotherhood Of Light and I was given the exact words and procedure to use!

David's initial words were the beginning of a series of events that literally changed my life and the lives of countless others as well. I didn't know then that I would soon be blazing a new trail of light in the path I had chosen prior to this incarnation. For reasons which are still a partial mystery to me, the Brotherhood Of Light requested my assistance to act as their anointer upon this plane, and when I accepted, they assigned to me an additional guide known as the Armor Bearer, to help with this work. Little did I realize the full scope of the responsibilities that I was taking on...

The first initiations were performed on Christmas Eve 1977, and soon afterward, I was given instructions to offer the initiation to all light workers and light seekers who crossed my path. I was made aware of many things which I had not previously bothered to consider very seriously - namely, the prophesied and very real war between the sons of darkness and the sons of light. The Brotherhood described how as one aspires forward in his path of evolution and his light becomes more illuminating, he also becomes more of a threat to the forces of darkness and consequently more vulnerable. They told us that the Amber Initiation served as a means of protection for the light workers by reinforcing their links to those who could assist from the Brotherhood.

For one year, I performed the initiations all over this country, stating protection as the primary reason for the initiation. During that time however, I became aware of many other benefits derived from the Amber Initiation. I learned that it acted as a form of exorcism and could cleanse one of negative thought forms and entities which cling to the astral form. I learned that in some cases, healings (both mental and physical) transpired, and even such things as bad dreams were erased. The Brotherhood further informed us that the Amber Initiation could help at the time of transition if the person could remember to call upon the Brotherhood for help at that time and that no soul who had experienced the initiation, need go through the transition experience alone.

All this... and more! In December 1978, the Brotherhood revealed one more piece of the puzzle - all of the previously mentioned things were true, but of more importance, was the awakening of consciousness which the initiation was designed to accomplish. We were told that many highly evolved souls such as prophets, masters of old, and great teachers, were walking upon the earth, asleep in their roles and unaware of their potential destinies. To use the words of the Brotherhood, "The initiation with the amber oil is the fuel for the spark of consciousness. Wherein the spark has the potential for turning into a flame of consciousness, therein shall the amber oil provide the fuel." (see Volume 2, Number 1)

The actual initiation process is very simple and takes less than one minute to perform. Three drops of a very special amber oil are utilized in this fashion:

1. 1st drop is applied to the third eye area--

"This is symbolic of the Infinite Source of Light of which you are part."

2. 2nd drop is applied to the left palm--

"This is symbolic of knowledge and your inflowing supply as you seek it."

3. 3rd drop is applied to the right palm--

"This is symbolic of wisdom which you express as a bearer of light."

"Light, knowledge, and wisdom are blessings from the Brotherhood Of Light."

There is never a charge for the Amber Initiation and wherever we go, we always offer it. When Richard gives lectures or workshops, we always try to incorporate the Amber Initiation into the program or offer it at the end. We have reached well over 2,000 people with this sharing, but we will never reach as many as we would like. The Brotherhood has said that I have touched many of the "higher souls" in this effort, and I cannot tell you how much that means to me. If the means are provided, I will go anywhere to give this initiation, and many, many have knocked upon our door, not realizing that they came for this purpose. It is my greatest dream to be able to give each recipient of the Light Messenger this very special blessing, for my own role in this drama is clearly defined.

In response to the many questions which we are often asked about the amber oil, it is a very special channeled essence which was created by a chemist in the Midwest known as "Omar".  NOTE: see footnote below (As light workers, you may obtain more information about all of Omar's oils by writing to Merta Mary Parkinson at the Dena Foundation: Merta Mary has many commitments so please be patient for your reply. It should be mentioned here that some of the essences are reserved for only those who have demonstrated their sincerity and ability to use them.) The amber oil that I use, although manufactured with the same formula, has a different vibratory essence than that which you can purchase; however, all of Omar's oils are very high quality and potent in their applicability.

(Webmasters Note: At this time we are sad to report that both Merta Mary and Omar have made their transitions and contact is no longer possible with the Dena Foundation.)

Messenger II - Responsibility In Action (Sept 14, 1980)

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

We have discussed the elements of responsibility as a citizen of the world. The responsibility of involvement extends beyond the systems of government; it is an involvement of life. The blueprint of growth is not only the sincerity of thought and prayer and meditation, but is one of action in every phase of the life. The theologies that you teach deal with the totality of living an idea, an ideal, or a belief. Too often, this act becomes a burdensome one and therefore, sincerity is not present in the acts.

You have discussed many elements of what is entailed in the law and in obedience to law, and we say to you that the ultimate law to be obeyed, is the Law of Light, the Divine Law, the Universal Law. This takes precedence over all other matters. It was written of one of your early leaders that as a man, he was first in the hearts of his countrymen. You are first in harmony with Divine Law, and if you are with Divine Law, you are with all things.

You are seeking the path of evolvement. You are walking upon it, but often times one foot is upon the road of light and one is upon the road of darkness. Look to each and every thing that you do in your life. Is the light projected there? The responsibility within a society that you choose to live within is evident, but what of the occupation you have chosen? Have you placed all of your energies of light within the occupation? Is there a light worker who serves the force of darkness by making destructive concepts and weapons? Is there one whose work leaves question as to the honesty of dealing with his fellow man? Is it necessary to take advantage of other people to produce your energy? Does the situation within which you work provide for open balance and respect for all beings? Does your community provide the opportunities for all persons? And if it does not, what have you contributed to correct this matter? We may speak of many things that have many different names, but they all represent partiality in application of the Law of Light.

You have today, the reticence to utilize your opposite polarities in certain functions. You insist upon the concept of separation of sex and determine one as weak and one as strong, and it is most curious to look upon those who speak most loudly and to know that they have represented the opposite energy but a short time ago. You are all of one soul consciousness. There is no separation as the result of the sexual energy that is expressed. There is no separation in the national or racial structures you have chosen to create. There is no separation in the language one speaks or in the color of the skin.

The light worker, as we have said, may stand no longer in the doorway in the shadows of time, but must stand forward in the street, marching on the highway of life to a more forward position. Let truly an army of light step forward... but you may not keep the light about you if you will take from Peter and give to Paul. You may not keep the light about you when you would take advantage of those of lesser ability.

Sincerity of purpose is admirable; sincerity of action is evolution. All beings strive in accordance with their individual ability to comprehend. We said strengthen your faith, and we speak of your faith within yourself, in your ability to succeed. Do not say that we are too idealistic or altruistic in our concepts, that they cannot be applied within your world. This is not truth, for we have stood where you now stand and we have stepped beyond and know well that the road may be taken. We know that the commitment is there! We know success is a possible and real event! You must climb to the mountaintop, and if you do not find many making the journey with you, do not despair for they will all soon follow.

But look to all things within your day, within your life. What is there that produces negativity and imbalance? Where may negativity enter your life? Is it within your work and relationship to others? Is it in your daily dealings with those about you? Is it within your personal relationship that you have not learned how to bring harmony and love forward? Is it within your community, your church, your center, your temple? It is not a particular work effort to balance the light. It is a joy of living when you seek to express it in this manner. Let the light pulse forward in you and through you at all times.

The physical is but a reflection of the spiritual. Put aside your anger, your jealousy, your petty grievances. Step into the more difficult zones. Seek the opportunity and do not wait for the opportunity to seek you. You are the creators, and if you, the light workers of this plane, do not create the doorway, then no guide nor Messenger nor the Brotherhood themselves, shall avail your plane in its time of need!

We have said that apathy is not tolerable, and we say it in all things... not in things political alone, but in all aspects of life. Be perfect to the degree that you are capable of being perfect. Answer to only yourself, and when you can say that you have done all that you believe you can do at this time, then you are in harmony. But you must search within your heart of being, you must meditate, you must seek balance and bring out the hidden darkness within yourself. Annihilate it with love and action!

Some would have you believe that by faith alone, you fulfill your spiritual need for growth. It is true that without faith no thing shall be done that is done, but faith produces action and without action, it is a meaningless word.

Be careful of the ivory towers you dwell in. Be careful of the wealth you accumulate. Be aware of the power that you are sharing and be aware of that which you are not. We speak not of monetary elements, but we speak of the sharing and giving of the heart. Too often, the monetary tool is employed to eliminate the need for genuine effort.

If you do not put yourself in the arena of life, how may we then know you? And if we choose to focus upon you, to help you, to guide you, what do we find within your day? Put aside those things which destroy the mind. Put aside those things which destroy the body. Put aside the ancient prejudice and examine their non-validity. If you must be prejudice, then be prejudiced against negativity and ignorance. Many have cried in prayer and meditation for help for this planet. It comes from within. The respect for life is of vital import. It matters not the degree of consciousness. We speak not here of the dietary concepts, but of the attitudes and the approach that is taken.

Let not one day go by that you have not shared your energy in some form in some manner with another being! If in so doing, you maintain the balance and seek to comprehend the cause when you find it difficult, you will begin to realize a joy in living that you have never experienced. It will then be comprehensible to you how is it that those you term "saints", seemed to enter a euphoric state of consciousness even as they worked about the world oblivious to its darkness. We are not the disciplinarians; we are but the teachers. Remember that we were also the student. That is all."

David Speaks On Meditation
taken from a group session Aug 16, 1978)

"The entity who spoke of the difficulty in meditating within this area... this problem occurs because of the reaction to the physical environment. That entity was previously closer to the waters - the great sea, and within that area the vibrations are more conducive to the state of meditation. Certainly, any one of you upon the edge of the great seas or upon the top of the high mountains would find the vibrations, the atmosphere, more conducive, more acceptable for the meditative state. One must learn to transcend the physical environment when meditating. This is not wrong to enjoy the positive influence, but it is limiting when you have not reached beyond this point.

The question was posited as to why one meditates. The question becomes a valid one. There is much discussion and many systems of thought wherein you determine that you shall meditate, and "this technique" or "this method" is most effective. What then is meditation if it has so many different systems, if it has so many approaches? Meditation is the conscious state whereby man seeks to unify the total consciousness of his being - physical, mental, and spiritual. It is in seeking the unification of what you term the subconscious mind, with the self that is the soul and the conscious mind simultaneously. It is into these states that you seek to enter but not intrude but for the moment, but rather the meditative state is an exercise into continuity of consciousness. Certainly, if one can maintain unification of the total consciousness of the entity, then is that not more desirable than the momentary or occasional harmony and unity?

The path to total awareness is lost through the determination by consciousness that you must perform this act in a manner each day at a specified time for a finite period of time. Yes... in truth, one must begin in this manner, but one does not seek to lengthen the time of meditation in units of a portion of your day, but rather, you seek to open the consciousness to a total state wherein it might be said that you are within the meditative state for all of the time that you are. What does one achieve within the meditative state? The awareness of that which you term your Higher Consciousness. That consciousness could serve you better were it present all the time and not just for a moment.

As one enters into the state of meditation, it is not a state of nothingness. There is no such state within the universe... neither yours, nor ours. There can be no state where no thing exists, but certainly, the implication of the quiet state is valid, for how can the Higher Consciousness answer the questions when the tongue of the mind is busy? Where then, can the answer reach out to? The consciousness may not absorb. Can two people simultaneously speak with understanding by each? Seek therefore, to place your consciousness in a still state... in a quiet state, a state though wherein there is a search, a seeking, a desire. Address either thyself or thy guide within the meditative state for assistance.

But how can you hope to deal with the consciousness if the body is not still? How may you enter into a state of consciousness if you are not the master of the vehicle which you occupy? If that vehicle demands and you cannot still that demand, then your attention and your focus is given to it and not to the filling and quieting and expansion of consciousness. The term "expansion of consciousness" was intended to mean the sum total of all consciousness that you are and have been. Then is your consciousness truly expanded!

Each day as you choose a time of meditation, think not of the task as one of drudgery. Think of it in the terms that each day during this moment or hour, you are to be the recipient of a most beautiful gift... the gift of oneness with self that has not been. Seek the fulfillment of this gift. Plant the focus of the idea and if necessary, visualize within the eye of the mind, or feel, that you see yourself being united with a more vibrant and brilliant part of yourself. See part of you projected within the golden light and see the two selves merging into one. Seek the guidance of your Higher Self, but seek it with purposeful questions, for what use is a meditation if you seek nothing?

The question was asked relevant to the nature of prayer. Prayer is the state where the consciousness of man seeks union with the universe and the Universal Force which guides it. It is a state either of thanksgiving or reception in truth. It is in this state that man becomes aware of the Creator. It is within this state that man acknowledges his Creator. Meditation is the attunement or seeking of the attainment of oneness of self, of total consciousness. Prayer is the seeking of attunement or atonement with the Higher Forces of the universe and the totality that is All."

"Can meditation be used for artistic purposes or seeking inspiration, inventions, etc.?"

"Within the soul and Higher Consciousness of man, resides all knowledge, all gifts that you could ever seek. Certainly, if you achieve the unification of these, then you have all the gifts of the Creator in your hands.

If you seek to unify, to reunite that which has been separated within yourself, then you must seek the meditative state and you must seek it with a desire, for without desire, there is no achievement. You must conquer the physical desire, making it your servant and not you the servant of it. When the body is still, the mind is capable, but remember that your ego-consciousness with which you think is the lesser of all that you are and have been. It must be surrendered for unification to occur."

"What is this cosmic consciousness that only partially opens the window to me once in a great, great, great while?"

"You have described it. How may we answer it? It is the reaching into a higher consciousness. The term "cosmic consciousness" is not apropos. In that same consciousness, we (the guides) are cosmic consciousness. Higher Consciousness, the ability of the mind of man to become one with its own soul and to reach into that which is infinite, is the moment of which you speak. And all are capable, but to achieve such a state or maintain it, requires a balanced mental, spiritual, and physical vehicle."

Do You Have Trouble Losing Weight?

"What do I need to correct my metabolism, lose weight, and maintain it? I do like to eat, but I watch what I eat. Even when I don't eat, I don't lose. Then sometimes when I eat, I lose."

"This is a matter that is wide interest. There are basically what might be termed, four basic types of metabolisms.

There is the form that you would term a normal: the average individual who consumes a given amount of food and utilizes that in a most efficient manner.

There is the individual who has an accelerated metabolism: They consume a large number of calories and therefore maintain a lower weight due to an accelerated consumption, where even at rest, the rate of consumption is accelerated. These are the individuals who, when eating large amounts of food over long periods of time, still do not gain appreciable weight.

There are those individuals who have a slower metabolism, consuming small amounts of energy, and therefore any excess intake immediately becomes the storage of fatty tissue. These are the three basic types that you are most familiar with.

The fourth is a type that is but little recognized by your practitioners. That is a metabolism that is variable, dependent upon the input or the quantity and type of food that is given to the form. It is a relatively efficient metabolism in that it allows the individual to gain a high utilization of small quantities of food and to gain the same energy out of larger quantities. Ideally, the rate of consumption provides for an extreme activity with a minimal supply. The individuals have a rate which varies with the psychological state of mind, as well as the input volume. That is to say, that on a small amount of food, a higher percent is converted into energy than in a larger amount.

The difficulty is that where energy needs were required at an earlier time in life, the system became accustomed to utilizing large quantities of food in order to provide the necessary raw material for the energy and growth. This is directly linked to thyroid activity. At a later point where the activity is lessened and the psychological factors are lessened so that a more calm lifestyle is observed the system reduces the consumption, but the intake is a function of attitude and habit. It is therefore necessary to reduce the volume intake, and not for a finite period that you term a diet, but for prolonged periods in order to reprogram, as it were, the basic system. An approach to losing weight in this manner requires a reduction in total volume that is taken in at one point in time, as well as a constraint upon the total volume consumed in a twenty-four hour period. It is necessary not only to be concerned here with that which you term the caloric value, but also the total aggregate weight of all that is intaken, including the fluid intake.

By observing and controlling the total volume by weight of intake as compared also to the caloric intake, a pattern will be established that will allow future programming or diet control that will allow a reduction without sudden change. Any attempt to suddenly reduce the quantity of food, will simply cause the system to go into a greater efficiency mode and therefore produce what is necessary out of even less food. By reducing only the number of calories and not the amount taken at one time or the total weight in a twenty-four hour period, one may actually gain weight in this manner."

"How does an individual know if he has this type of metabolism?"

"By their own experience with attempts at dieting. If an individual has gained weight and reduces the caloric input and the weight changes appropriately, then they are more into a normal metabolic type. Those individuals who may actually reduce the caloric input and yet gain weight or not change at all, are of the variable type. Recognize that in consideration of what we are speaking, that it is often the weight of the total consumption that is of greater import than the actual caloric value."

Practice The Law Of Light
(excerpts from a private session July 1, 1979)

"How is it best to protect my loved ones and to protect what we are in terms of the work that we do?"

"The conscious daily desire, reaffirming the seeking of that protection, and the conscious daily meditation without fail! As the time of day does rise and the time of the day does end.

Within the collective, we remind you of the need to bring your concept of energy and Divinity and light within the frameworks you abide. Remember that when you enter another's house, bring the light into it, and when those of you are within your own, bring the light in upon your guest, upon yourself, and your home; and when the home is empty once again, no matter how blessed the guest may be, cleanse the home again, allowing only your vibrations to dominate that space. For only when the home vibrates of your individual vibrations, only then may it remain in tact out of harm's way.

When you enter your place of business, bring the light into it each morning. Seek the blessing of the Divine within, and as you leave it at the end of the day, place that same energy into its place so that it may be protected and shielded.

Recognize your individual opportunities. As bearers of light, you have taken upon yourselves responsibility. Therefore, each day as you work in that which you term your business, place about each person who enters your path, the light of guidance. See them in their highest potential form and fail not in this, for truly you shall then receive the greatest blessings and rewards Do you think you are drawn into experience only for the small opportunity of pecuniary gain? Every step you take... every person you meet, regardless of the nature... each voice vibration brought your way, should bring the response from your inner self to share the light with that being. Forget it not, even if the simplest element of service. All seeds planted will not blossom, but none shall if they are not indeed planted."

Conversations with David

"The Messenger said that laws should be obeyed until they are changed, which brings some controversial matters to mind. I'm thinking particularly about the draft concept and defense systems. When I was reading excerpts from the Shah's memoirs, he told of when he was in power and how he maintained a very strong defense system to protect his country against Soviet invasion. In the world at the present time, this is something that we all must deal with. Obviously, it would be idealistic if we didn't have to, but I'm wondering what is the moral law regarding defense systems? Is it wise for a country to maintain a good defense system against aggression?"

"The question is not one which may simply be answered. You deal here with a question of law, and then you deal with a question of morality, and then you deal with a question of Divine Law or that which you term universal."

"Yes, it is complicated."

"To answer any segment, would be to invite misunderstanding, but we shall attempt a commentary."

"Alright, please do that."

"There is no nation, nor any particular government, that is considered more blessed by the beings of light. All men are spiritual beings, seeking an evolvement to a greater understanding and oneness with the Source. No spiritual power or principle shall ever condone the use of force or might to accomplish any means in the evolutionary path within your plane of existence. War, weapons, and force are primitive tools of your darkness of your past and of your allegiance to the powers of darkness. They are systems that you create in your imaginary fear. Who has conquered your world in any time? Let his name be brought forward. Speak."

"Well, Russia and the Communist Bloc countries..."

"Have not conquered the world! Who has conquered your world within your knowledge of time?"

"To my knowledge, it's never been done by one person or one nation."

"Within their respective times, two men. One, the Roman you termed, Julius Caesar.

"... but he didn't conquer the entire world, did he?"

"The world as they knew it."

"Oh, I see."

"And the world conquered Rome by assimilation! The might of Rome was undermined by the absorption of its soldiers and persons into the nations it conquered, and it in turn, was conquered by assimilation. A Greek by the name of Alexander the Great, did also conquer the known world and did make his transition before he could even comprehend the totality of his conquest. And within this span of less than one lifetime, the empire dissolved, and within a few, it had been assimilated... even as you of the division within this realm you term racial, the Caucasian shall be assimilated by the Black if comprehension does not change. The races of the world have merged and been separated time and time again.

No army conquers! It may enslave a body, but never a soul; but we speak of an overall principle. Wherein you are part of a system that creates a law of defense and a law of military, you must judge within your own consciousness, the degree to which you are capable of relating. Violent opposition is the same energy you are seeking to remove. You will only conquer by assimilation. If all who were light workers were to enter into their military systems and were to evolve through the ranks, what would you then have?"

"You would have an army of light."

"And that is the only army that is acceptable in the universal concept. You of this physical plane, you the citizens of the physical universe, are seeking to earn your citizenship in the spiritual universe. You will not totally become a citizen of the spiritual universe until you have left behind and annihilated with love, the concept of force and hate and death. We do not condemn; we observe this period of growth and learning and evolvement. Does that lend a comprehensible answer to your question?"

"Yes, it does, David. You were speaking however, of a very wide scope picture. Let's bring it down to a more mundane individual personal level. Did you imply that in the case of draft, which has been a military system in this country, that ultimately, it would depend upon the moral conscience of the person involved as to whether or not he could fulfill that obligation?"

"That is correct, operating within your structure in so far as it does not cause a direct violation of your own inner consciousness, always communicating."

"When you were talking about defense not being necessary sometimes, because conquering is done through assimilation..."

"Defense is never necessary in the physical term... only in the spiritual, and only by shielding oneself with light."

"Well, the question that comes to my mind concerns the weapons of holocaust, the weapons that destroy entire cities. The soul is not destroyed of course, but the right to be a citizen of this plane is violated."

"What is a weapon of holocaust?"

"A cobalt bomb or a hydrogen bomb. If you're conquered with a hydrogen bomb, you can't assimilate the enemy."

"If you are conquered by such means, you are no more."


"And if the former is employed, there will be no further concern."

"You are referring to the cobalt bomb?"

"That is correct. The plague was a holocaust, destroying city upon city. It is no different. Of what import do you lay such a dependency upon the physical form?"

"Well, if our physical form is taken away and if large sections of our planet are taken away, it removes the right to learn upon this plane, because many souls aren't very evolved and they have to have a place to learn, to earn the right to be the spiritual citizen."

"Then such consciousness shall create another plane of expression. Consider the dictator who would annihilate the world. Then whom would he rule? The evil of man in the physical is fortunately a limited time. Evil is, as it were, mortal. Each lifetime brings the opportunity to leave behind the evil of the past."

"Thank you for the information David. Is there anything else that you would like to tell us as a group?"

"Guard well your individual shields. Cast out all things which weaken your defense. In order for the shield of the light to be effective, it must shield a pure vessel. Comprehend well. The vessel must be pure... not in experience, but in the moment of consciousness. When negativity enters into the consciousness, the shield is gone. All things are in degrees, but in this thing, the spot of darkness that resides will not allow a shield to close."

"Your statement was directed on a general level, but I'm not sure that I understand. Would you be more specific please?"

"Because of the times, much pressure is placed sociologically, economically, emotionally, upon people. Those who think they are shielded and yet harbor the anger and the negative thought forms within, are not. And they doubt the effectiveness of the Source because they were not protected, and they are not protected while evil lives within. Light will never shield darkness!"

"Is there a way to know when your shield is not working?

"Examine the consciousness."

"That's not always easy to do David. Sometimes people deceive themselves."

"That is correct; then, there is no shield. Let the experience of life be the final judge, for if you are shielded in light, what may cross your path?"

Questions and Answers

Michael Heleus in Saint Petersburg, Florida, writes: "What is the best way to stay centered in mundane situations of increasing chaos, radionic manipulation, etc.? This requires great inner power to handle."

"The need for power only occurs when one is in conflict. If one remembers not to resist the opposing forces, but rather to step aside from them, then one is not in conflict. In the totality of experience, there is no mundane element The conflicts are opportunities to deal with and to learn from. The mundane centering is not a problem when one maintains a consciousness that is always in harmony and balance. By seeking to provide an illumination about oneself at all times, under all circumstances, then there is no negativity reaching therein. It is not as difficult to maintain an effective shield of harmony about oneself as it is to combat the difficulties that are created and brought on by one's own consciousness. If the day does not have time for the individual to dwell within, then there is no time for any other thing."

From Patrick Duff who lives in Lewisville, Texas, comes this interesting question: "What is the importance or the impact of one's name upon one's life? Will changing one's name, as a woman often does in taking a husband, have any noticeable effect in changing one's attitudes, etc.?"

"The question ultimately ends in the question of that science you term numerology, for in changing the name, you change the vibratory pattern, and the vibratory pattern is numerically indexed. It is true that the vibration sound attracts and repels in accordance with its nature; therefore, a change in the name does produce a change in the energy pattern about oneself. In the ultimate, the individual has the opportunity to control and offset any change that might occur. It requires but a conscious effort, affirming where the individual is and what the nature of the world about it is to be. For those who glide through life without a concern for their development or growth or for the influences upon them, then certainly such a change may produce a traumatic event."

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