Light Messenger

Volume 3, Chapter 6


"Your time span is a major illusion that limits your capability, but we may enter the past or the present at will, with no awareness of time. That which is a hundred years past is as if it were, an hour past in our awareness." ...David.

A Fairy Tale Reality

"Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high, there's a land that I've dreamed of..." The haunting words of this song bring echoes of distant memories in a far off land where the wizard existed. Although the names have changed, the characters are remarkably similar. Like Dorothy in the "Wizard of Oz", the uninitiated Atlanteans must have looked upon their High Priest who controlled the energy of the great crystal, as the magical wizard of all knowledge and power. Ah, Atlantis... we've dreamed of it, read of it, and wondered about it, yet it has remained a mystery for eons of time. Was there such a place, and what was it really like? Will it rise again as many have predicted?

Today, the illusive memories of Atlantis still live in many of us. We vaguely remember and yet we cannot define. We sense that we are here for a purpose which we know not and strive to find our roles. We struggle to understand what we once knew but have long forgotten. Ironic perhaps, but the land mass of Atlantis will not rise out of the sea as the great seers predicted. Instead, the knowledge of Atlantis is rising from the consciousness' of its old inhabitants who are incarnating in great numbers now. At long last, the curtain on this stage of the past has been lifted by the Brotherhood. Come travel with us down the yellow brick road of adventure to the mystical fairy tale reality of a land that was!


Messenger I - Atlantis Revealed (Nov 9, 1980)

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

At this time, we are going to deal with the subject you term 'lost civilizations' or 'lost continents'. Utilize whichever term is appropriate The interest amongst many of your people in the subject of their ancestors and civilizations that no longer exist, is of such wide spread nature that we deem it relevant to provide some of the history of those times.

Know, that the names that you have given to these periods and these peoples are not the names by which they knew themselves. This is a common element and is practiced even today when you speak of many nations by names other than that by which they know themselves. For this time period, this particular message, we shall deal with the period known by you as Atlantis. You have been given information on Atlantis in a private manner. You may now release of that information any and all that you deem appropriate.

We are dealing with a people whose civilization is recorded in memory by many of your people. Those of the land you term India, speak of the times when their Gods did move about the earth in machines that flew. In others, there are ancient references. We must not here confuse what we are speaking of with that which you term extra-terrestrial. We shall deal with this matter also. In the time of Atlantis, a civilization with a social and religious order did exist. Many of the myths of ancient times are found in the truths of these people. But your primary interest has been, as is natural to man's mind, in the power that was made manifest by the consciousness of these.

Let us deal first with a simple matter. As has been explained to you, the people of Atlantis, the Atlanteans, did indeed have vehicles that moved through the air, and yet they did not have developed any form of propulsion or combustion engine. Nor did they use, as some would like to conceive, an antimagnetic generator. With the exception of tools which were highly developed for the cutting and faceting of stone and gem, and those which might be termed of a surgical nature, there were no engines or nuclear power or mechanical motors developed within that time period. Atlantis, or Atlanteans, flew on mind power alone! This is the reason that this has been withheld for so long, for it is difficult even in your consciousness, to truly comprehend this thing. If the consciousness of man is developed, that which you term psychokinesis, the ability to move an object with the mind, is made manifest. When this ability is developed to its greatest degree, that which you term levitation becomes a natural event. It is a simple extension of the same force and consciousness, to join together with several minds, to lift a capsule which will escort you from one area to another. The temperature and the elements made it difficult to fly without such vehicles or protective capsules.

The shape of these ancient vehicles should be of unique interest to you. They were in the beginning, elongated ellipses or perhaps the term 'cigar shaped' would be clearer. Later developments produced a flat disc like, or as you term it, 'saucer shaped' vehicle within which to travel. We wish to clarify that when we declared that no machines were involved, we were speaking of machines that deal with propulsion and levitation. There were certain types of machines, as you use the term, employed in other areas. The distance that could be traveled in the means of the Atlanteans, was any place upon your physical earth. The time element of travel was limited by the design of the vehicle and the comfort of the occupants, but speeds in the later design that matched or exceeded your commercial jet liners, was not unusual.

In the time of the Atlanteans, they did not employ electricity, but they did know of and employ batteries. The principle of the battery has been known for a long time by man; however, these were not in common use in the average home which did live in a rather primitive manner by your comparison. The home did not allow for the facility of toilet within the physical structure, but without. The bathing facilities were contained in the outer edge of the home, and the cooking was not contained within, but attached separately as part of the home so that no thing might pollute the home itself. The heating, when necessary, of the home, was accomplished through a means you would today term solar heat, and the lighting was accomplished through the utilization of chemicals and crystals that did produce a natural light. The conventional fuel of wood and fossil elements was used for fire and cooking, and the dietary patterns were essentially carnivorous, though those who were the more orthodox in their religious adherence were vegetarian in their leaning by choice, but not by dictum.

The central life of the Atlantean focused about his religion which gave birth to all religions you know today. The symbols of your faiths are found within the symbols of Atlantis, though the existence of Atlantis would have remained a complete secret had it not been for those who survived and did leave their imprint so that others might question.

The pyramids were the symbols of Atlantis and were carried forth into all parts of the world. Some were made of stone, some of dirt. Many of those of stone have survived today; but these were not solid monuments, but represented a basic engineering principle in support of mass, for as the four walls reached upward, they cradled the mount for the crystal that was, as it were, the capstone. In truth, the upper four points of the pyramid did recess within by being lowered, exposing the crystal, and yet those lowered segments were transparent amber. It is like the petals of the lotus, and thus the lotus was chosen as symbolic of the opening and closing of the pyramid.

The great secret of the ancients and their pyramid lie not alone in the crystal and its size, nor in the chemistry or mechanics they employed... the secret lay in the utilization of the power or force of the crystal which was made manifest only through the consciousness of the High Priest. It was by his will and his will alone, that the crystal could be activated, for only those who knew the secrets of the crystal and had developed the mind power to such a degree, could cause it to give forth its power as a beam of light which could be seen even in the brightest of days. At night when it was employed as an energy source, it illuminated far greater than the moon itself at full. The power of the crystal could be sent across the continents into that area you term Europe, to a receiving point in the area you now term Stonehenge, where it was broken down and utilized much in the same way that you today utilize radio signals sent across the ocean and received and reused. Light is energy; energy may be stored. A crystal is a natural storage of energy, and a crystal will magnify with the proper focus of mind, any light it is given; but the Atlanteans took the power of the sun directly, and thus in the time of Egypt, you did develop the worship of Ra and Ra-Ma, the source of power.

In the time of Atlantis, there was a king upon the throne who dealt with the normal political and legal structure of his people. The High Priest controlled the power that was old in the time of its fall. Many years had the crystal existed, until the time arrived that the worship had failed and only the use of the power ensued. Unbeknownst to the consciousness of those who survived to use the crystal in its latter days, there was a secondary light source which emanated from the astral plane and was brought forth by the consciousness of the High Priest. It was the fusion of the power of the mind to control the physical world and the power of the mind to open channels and doors, that represented the key.

Experimentation with the crystal, its power, and experiments that went beyond for the knowledge of surgery and medicine, were far advanced to that which you know today. The peoples of that time did understand a ten score lifetime, but experimental surgery was undertaken, genetic engineering was experimented on, and the consciousness leaned away from the universal purpose and leaned towards a singular self-centered purpose. It might be said that in the beginning God guided man, then man used God until man thought he became God. Atlantis was an experiment that was terminated, and we shall, for this moment, terminate."

Questions and Answers

Some time ago, we received this question from Jeanne Stevens who lives in Miami, Florida: "If death is life and the earth experiment is failing, surely the Source will have an alternate route or method for our souls to evolve. I think I believe this, but I wonder why I cling to the survival concept?"

"The question requires no answer. It is of natural comprehension in the affirmative. The survival concept is the remnant of ego within man, that refuses to allow the identity to be merged. You are not the person you were as a child, you are not the person as a young adult, you are not the person of a decade passed, and yet, you are the sum total of all these personalities, merged continuously, homogenously, through time. There is no different element involved in letting go of the ego-consciousness and merging with the universal consciousness. It is a natural process - a continuation that has begun and will continue."

Barbara Purdy in Troy, Ohio, writes this question: "What is or was the purpose of the megalithic monuments i.e. Stonehenge, Woodhenge, etc. and the lay lines?"

"It is well known that the elemental structures that you term megalithic, were based upon a system of astronomy to know the stars and the times, both for the purpose of tilling the ground, and for the purpose of knowing the course and 'will of the Gods', as they termed them. Recognize that these are at latitudes of 50 degrees north of the equator, and therefore, the seasonal cycles were relatively short wherein they might utilize the land for farming. Megalithic would be more appropriate to call it; microlithic, by comparison to things that have existed and do not."

"These are things which have baffled people for a long, long time."

"They do not baffle the majority of scientists who have clearly recognized the basic nature. It was the question of, who built them, and what their total usage was and their total style. The recognition of them as points or devices that you would term astronomical, are no secrets.

The lay lines are theories that relate to linear harmonics of the earth's magnetic field as it emanates beyond the equatorial point; and further, as it transverses the poles from the meridian. Another time perhaps, we shall deal in more depth with the grid or lay lines. Suffice it to say, that the most primitive animal, even to the kingdom of the earthworm, are sensitive to the lay lines, and man is not. And there are uses for Stonehenge that represented far greater transfers of energy than you would comprehend, but it does stand upon the lay line and at one time, did hold a receptacle for the energy of the crystal."

"That was in the time of Atlantis?"

"That is correct."

"Like a relay station almost."

"It was to power the earth itself."

"Are you speaking of the area where Stonehenge is today? Stonehenge didn't really exist that far back in time, did it?"

"It is built upon the very ground and place. The ruins originally were of the time of Atlantis and were later built into an observatory astronomical point utilizing the basic framework of the original structure. If one would quell the unrest within the earth, one must use energy to do so. Therefore, if you would place energy within, you must have a point, a central point within the grid, within which you may insert energy. Relay no, absorption point yes.

On the subject of ancient ruins, comes this question from Gail Talucci, who also lives in Miami, Florida: "What happened to Machu Picchu and what is the purpose of the plain of Nazca (Peru)?"

"We are not certain of the first question. It still stands. It is today as it was a hundred years ago. There has been no change. The people who were present in that place at that time, did respond to pressures of hostility, and those who were of the advanced mind were destroyed by the more primitive. The natural disasters, the trembling of the earth, and the mountains that were born, did cause them to flee."

"When did that civilization exist? Can you give a time period on it?"

"There were several periods during which this existed, but it has all occurred within the last two thousand years. It was in a zenith approximately one thousand years before this time."

And the second question, 'what is the purpose of the plain of Nazca?"'

"Agricultural markings, both from the standpoint of time and of paying homage to the Gods."

"Could you elaborate a little more on that subject?"

"That is sufficient for those who know what it is. These are trivial matters. The information is taken from the book by the entity termed Von Daniken.

Messenger II - Atlantis Falls, A Tale Of Power (Nov 11, 1980)

"The Brotherhood has given permission and instruction to provide this information. Perhaps we should tell it as if it were a fairy tale or a tale of mythology, for in truth, it falls upon the ear in this manner. However we tell it, it will strike each consciousness different, and there are those who could not accept such a concept, and there are those who are too quick to accept such ideas. Whatever their comprehension or understanding be, let them seek for the universal message that lies in all stories and in all truth. There is no story that was not once a part of a truth.

We deal with a world you know not, you knew and remember not, and ours is the clear mind and the clear eye. As we speak to you at this time, we stand one foot in your dimension, and we stand in the realm of our reality; and yet simultaneously, we are present in the time that was, the time of the Atlantean. I speak to you, not out of ancient memory worn with the cobwebs of time, but I speak to you from the eye that sees as I speak.

We were a proud people, devoted to the nurturing and caring of our fellow man, of the earth, and all that was therein; but in our human nature, we fell from our idealism and begot materialism. This is nothing new, for it is a repeated cycle within all peoples. Even today, the land within which you live, you dare to call yourself the greatest nation on earth, and you do not even know the story of half the nations that went before. In your founding, your altruistic forefathers had their ideals. They have been perverted. We perverted ours. There was a difference. You pervert on an individual level, and only when you can influence many, does it become consequential.

We had the crystal, the key to power on this plane of existence, for with the crystal we could activate that which you term a nuclear reaction. You have not yet considered in your open discussion, though many who work in these areas have, that the power of the light beam you term laser can be utilized to initiate a nuclear explosion. We were more than capable in the power of the sun that was magnified in the crystal, but the true secret that was part of the secret of the crystal being brought into manifestation, was that the crystal became a portal or gateway. It was an interdimensional opening when the High Priest used his consciousness to merge the dimensions above with the dimensions below, and the light and power that you know exists upon the spiritual planes, was brought into sharp focus and manifestation and added to the visible light that the crystal made manifest in this world.

Disease could not exist in the light of the crystal. If you would but comprehend a fragment, you would see how it is that you today seek with crystals and colors and lights to understand healing. Your colors have no meaning unless they are vibrated with consciousness that can tap the Source.

To the High Priest, the cosmic universe was a reservoir which he could drain and tap and cause to flow through the crystal of Atlantis - a crystal which took twenty-two men with outstretched arms, to stand about - a crystal so precariously mounted, that no man today could conceive of the means to create its structure. That is not to say that it could not be accomplished, but it is beyond the conception of the imagination today.

The weather, to a great degree, was controllable. In simple terms, you recognize that light is an energy source. You speak of a hurricane or a tidal wave, but such things never traversed Atlantis, for the force that was given in return to their approach, neutralized and annihilated such energies. The power of the crystal allowed molecular transformation.

But power has a strange effect upon men. Which of your leaders has not succumbed to power fever? The ego-consciousness used the physical beam more often and the spiritual beam less often until in final time, the ego prevented the consciousness from acting as the key way or the key to the portals of interdimensionality.

....We sought even greater sources. The sun alone was not enough. We sought a closer reservoir - one that was constant. We believed that the earth was like an egg and that within the shell lay a giant crystal, for we observed the energy, the electricity, that did leave the earth and lean to the heavens - that which you term lightning. And we knew the earth to be a great storehouse, and our theoreticians theorized and our scientists calculated, and we decided that the earth absorbed the energy of the sun and stored it within itself. So we reasoned amongst ourselves, that if we would have the ultimate power, a power that would allow us to use the force continuously and perhaps from any point on earth... so that for the benefit of the earth, we could manage it. Another would say conquer it. We therefore chose to tap the mother crystal, the earth itself!

We did focus the crystal of Atlantis to the earth, and as the power was made manifest, we bore a tunnel or hole deep within the earth. It was no simple thing, for we went beyond ten miles below the surface of the earth as you do measure it, until we did tap the very heart of the earth itself. And at the moment that the crystal energy did break through, the earth did tremble and great gas and steam and fire and molten rock did seek to move up the tunnel we had created. The power source sought release!

Some recognized the error of the way and sought to convince the others the necessity to cease this experiment, to cease the attempt to tap the earth and the danger that was imminent, but we were laughed at and considered mentally ill. It was four cycles of the moon before the earth did tremble and the storms did begin. It was a total of seven of your year cycles from the first time that we penetrated the heart of the earth to the time that the earth, like a wounded beast, did strike back, rupturing the vessel upon its surface and pulling Atlantis down into the bowels of the earth itself in an explosion and catastrophe that raised the oceans of your earth by a magnitude that is incomprehensible. The floor of the earth gave way and lowered itself in upon itself, and the tidal waves that did emanate did destroy a major portion of life that lived near the sea, and the raising of the waters did flood many lands.

But there were a few who did leave, who did survive, who took the principles and taught. They recovered the power of the mind through their humility, but never again was the crystal brought forward. The survivors went forth, teaching, sharing, always on the move for they were marked a strange people, and many thought perhaps they were responsible for the destruction. They were the curse, the unlucky ones, those whom the Gods disliked, and they spoke of lands and powers and peoples that no one had seen. And of them it was first written, 'that whom the Gods would destroy, they first made mad.' They did not live happily ever after!"

Messenger III - The Survivors Of Atlantis (Nov 16, 1980)

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

We continue the history you would term a tale, the tale of Atlantis. Today, we briefly deal with the survivors of Atlantis and the history of their survival and how it melds with your own knowledge. But before we walk in that path of time, let us deal with one matter that was not clearly brought forward.

The people of Atlantis, the Atlanteans, recognized that matter was of an atomic nature. They further recognized, that the mind could link the Primordial Source of power and harness that power for the purpose of molecular reorganization. This became most evident during the latter periods. During that time period, certain individuals did experiment with their vehicles of transportation and did remove themselves from this physical universe. I believe the term you employ is dematerialization.

They further recognized or learned, that from a point that might be considered to represent an interdimensional center of the universe, that from that point all time is co-existent. The circle is a finite element, even though it expresses infinity. To comprehend the center of the universe, first consider a sphere. The sphere in space is limited in its area, unlimited in its environment. We may find the center of the sphere, or the space you term a sphere. By careful measurement, we may know the distance to the center, or by traversing that distance, we shall know for absolute.

Consider the counterpart to such a sphere, which is a sphere in a limited environment and an infinite center, so that as one traveled toward the center for infinity, they would never reach it - infinite space within a finite boundary. We do not mean to deviate into interdimensional physics, but I believe your consciousness sufficiently advanced to comprehend the importance of the ability to move from place and time to any other.

In the latter days, many had become aware of the terminal potential. Many had left the continent for other continents. Many left at the last moment in their flying vehicles, and some did bridge the gap of time. We do not expect you to fully comprehend what we have just said, but dwell upon it and it shall grow with you.

"In the beginning..." states the book you term Holy; and the creation of man, his elevation, his downfall, his reduced state of glory, his reduction to poverty, are all recorded, even as the events did appear to those who knew the tale of the time of Atlantis. You puzzled during the last message amongst yourselves, at the first person that was employed in the speech. Within the service, there are many Messengers today who were Messengers and Guides in the time of Atlantis. We did say Guide, for such is the energy that may surround a High Priest. So, the form 'we' is employed in the first person. Those of us who had dealt with the subject of Atlantis and shall deal with it in the future, were, are, and shall be there. The survivors did survive, but the destruction, the holocaust that occurred, did destroy many nations and did give birth to the story that you term your Scripture.

"The world was flooded," it is written, and your scientists say to you that there was water in many parts of the world, but not all parts were flooded. But, all of the continent of Atlantis was flooded, and all adjacent land as far as the eye could see, ceased to exist. Many perished, for the boats that were available were destroyed in the most part by the upheavals. One man was wise enough to build a vessel upon a hilltop, knowing that if the continent were lowered into the waters, that eventually his vessel would also be lifted. The story of the journey by this individual is written in fragments and you know him as Noah. Your scholars of sacred writings will tell you that there is a book that is referred to as the Books of Noah, or the book of Noah. Within that book, are contained much of the original account. Unfortunately, you have since lost this material.

Even the story of the Tower of Babel, has its bearing in Atlantis; and in part, you might understand that we were the Nephilim. We were the giants in the earth in the days of old. Some became the lines of kings of nations long since gone. Others who left Atlantis, took the jump forward in time and became historical personages. Surely you have heard of Enoch, the Atlantean. Many of those who survived, were of advanced consciousness, but because of the process of marriage and birth to entities whose consciousness had not evolved to the same degree, the lines were reduced.

We spoke to you of Atlanteans knowing five score years. In those times, a life expectancy of two hundred years was considered short, but then, the story of Abraham should be clearly understood. These personages you have encountered, are the founders and survivors... we suggest a recess."

Note: We took a short break which lasted about ten minutes.

"We have returned directly. The difficulty we experience is not a malfunction of the entity (Richard), but the separation of time and the need to break it into linear units for your comprehension. As you have been appraised, we are simultaneously speaking from this plane, from the plane of Atlantis, and from the realm of spirit where we dwell.

We were speaking of the personages through history. Not all of the famous individuals were Atlanteans or their immediate descendants but many of those who first came, who first established a civilization and the kingdoms as you know them today, were of Atlantis - directly or through their children of the first and second generation. Some moved forward and did appear in time, and many made no impact in that moving, except to help found civilizations. The codes, the laws, were all given by the survivors to man who had just become an agricular, a man turned from the nomadic life to the agricultural life. The great teachers Hammurabi, Zoraster, Zarathustra, Abraham, Noah... these were all and many others, of the survivors and their immediate descendants... Enoch, Ezekiel, men who left their imprint upon your consciousness. These were forms physical, that did move forward, but often spreading and dispersing amongst the people so that those who landed the ships, seldom rejoined, and they sailed the skies no more.

For those who find it difficult to comprehend, realize and recognize that we long resisted dealing with this matter because of the difficulty of your consciousness to believe. Today, in your modern time, you have seen Atlanteans if but for a moment. You have seen them fly through your skies as they move from one dimensional element to another; and yet, they are simultaneously existing in their world 20,000 years ago.

We gave as much of our science and our knowledge as was possible. We taught priests, and they perverted the knowledge. We taught kings, and they used it to conquer. We have found none to whom we could give freely. On some occasions, we chose amongst the men of that time, to educate and teach. Some communicated in a spirit form, even as we do now. Some communicated in the physical, entering into your plane of reality at different times and teaching the teachers.

We survived, we planted the seeds. The blossoms are now maturing. The souls that exist no more in the physical Atlantean body, exist now in their new cycle, with a new consciousness.

Of great import, is the message of Atlantis! We conquered the world, and in so doing, became enslaved of the world through our greed and our lust for power. You now stand on the threshold of rediscovering that power.

We shall, in future times, provide additional material as it is requested and deemed to be important. Note, the history of Abraham known then as Abram, who came out of the city of Ur of the land of the Chaldeans, whom your historians term the land of Sumer. It is not recorded of the birth of Abraham or of the father. No more, shall the crystal of Atlantis light its beam upon this plane, but for those who were there in the final days, we saw the power descend into the sea like the sun itself, and in its last moment, the full power of the crystal was imprinted in our souls! We are the light made manifest through consciousness!"

Great White Brotherhood versus Brotherhood Of Light

During the last few months, we have received from a variety of sources, a great amount of literature which is said to emanate from the Great White Brotherhood, or White Brotherhood. It has become apparent to us that many of our readers believe and/or assume that our channeled information is coming from the same source, when in fact, it is not. In an effort to clarify the confusion on this issue, we asked David to provide a statement.

"As we have explained in the past, there are many groups who join together in an effort to assist their brothers and sisters on the earth plane. In establishing communication, one member of the group usually returns to this life form and acts as a communication vehicle and operator on this level of existence, with the primary motivation being assistance of their fellow man - specifically, in the areas of spiritual development and enlightenment.

The group known as the Great White Brotherhood had thus operated for many years and then became inactive, as we did previously advise, when its last member did leave the plane. After that time, many groups claimed to channel from the Brotherhood, but were not, in fact, channeling for the Great White Brotherhood. At this time, the Great White Brotherhood is again active, with a member on this plane and conscious of responsibility.

There is no direct relationship between the Great White Brotherhood and the Brotherhood Of Light, with the exception of the use of the same word and the fact that both strive for the common good of all mankind. There is no other connection. The Great White Brotherhood is composed of entities from the third and fourth plane. The Brotherhood Of Light, as you are aware, emanate from the seventh plane. Does that answer the question?"

"I believe so, David. Did you say that there was only one entity on this plane, channeling for the Great White Brotherhood at this time?"

"We did not say that. We said that only one member of that group has incarnated upon this plane at this time. Once a member is present, any number may channel from the source."

Conversations with David

Note: The discussion in this section, as it often does, was taken from the transcripts of several different sessions with David.

"There is much concern and confusion pertaining to the location, relocation, or rediscovery of the physical remains of Atlantis. Could you tell me what location or area, or will they be revealed to us?"

"That body of land which you term Atlantis, was located in an area that you would term approximately 18 degrees north of the latitude, extending into the Southern Hemisphere, at a longitude of 72 degrees to a longitude beyond 60. Several of the islands that are within the northeastern sector, are remnants of that land. At the same time, your ocean bottom has a great chasm in that vicinity. It is therefore unlikely, that a majority of that civilization will be recovered until vehicles are developed that will allow you to travel into those depths."

"The islands to which you refer... would those be what we presently call the Bahama Islands? And the chasm... would that be the area known as 'Tongue of the Ocean'?"

"The latter is correct. The former is farther north, though fragments are... but even those, I believe you term Dominican Republic, are part of the farthest reach."

"There was a report a year or two ago, of a structure that was traced by sonar off of the coast of Florida in the Bahamas, and it was described as being a pyramid - a four sided pyramid, rising several hundred feet under water. Is this a portion of Atlantis or is this not a true thing?"

"It is possible that part of the land mass could have moved into that direction during the upheaval. As to the factual nature of it, I am not cognizant."

"You have told us previously that Atlantis existed before the civilization of Lemuria was in existence. Was Mu, or Lemuria, a more advanced civilization than Atlantis, or did they sort of start all over again?"

"They were, in the original sense, what you would term a colonization."

"So it was founded, in effect then, by Atlanteans? Is that right?"

"As you termed them."

"Were they able to carry very much of the knowledge from Atlantis?"

"For a time period it was. Survival became the primary element, and it was therefore lost. Those whom you term Atlanteans, did travel even unto those lands you term Europe. Recognize the term 'Atlantis/Atlantean' is an outgrowth from the writing of the one you call Plato."

"Can you tell us what it was called in those days?"

"That is not appropriate. The phonetics are not part of your language."

"Did the root structure of the Chaldean language go back to the language of that time?"

"It is a degenerate form of that language."

"To go back to the descendants of Atlantis winding up in Europe eventually, would some of those high spiritual beings in the Himalayas be descendants of the Atlanteans?"

"That sector is not in Europe."

"Right. However, since Europe and Asia are really one large land mass, is it not possible that they migrated that far?"

"It is. Some of the concepts that are found within that area did emanate once but have so been changed by time, that you would not recognize them were you to know the former nature."

"You told us once, that Atlantis existed 25,000 years ago. Is that when it died out?"

"That is not correct. It did exist 25,000 years ago."

"When did it cease to be then?"

"It is difficult to date with your systems, in that you have no reference for that time; approximately 20,000 of your years."

"Was Atlantis the first great civilization on the planet Earth or were there others that preceded it?"

"On this earth plane, no."

"How were the people who were the religious leaders, the High Priest and the others in the Temple that we've spoken of before, how did they get their positions? Were they born into them, were they chosen?"

"They were chosen and trained."

"Who did the choosing, the High Priest?"

"That is correct. Many were chosen, but few were finally called."

"How did most of the people in the time of Atlantis spend their time? Was it in making a living as we do today, was it in farming, socializing, etc.?"

"They were a civilization not unlike yours... education, commerce, trade with the world, agricular activities, that which you term farming."

"Did they use a system of bartering or a monetary system of some type?"

"They did."

"What was considered most valuable at the time of Atlantis?"


"Does man today, have the same mental abilities as the Atlanteans had?"

"They are inherent traits."

"Is man capable today, of developing those abilities?"

"Potentially, there is no difference in the consciousness and its ability. The distractions and your particular education system, are the limiting factors. More appropriately put, your disbelief hinders and limits your belief."

"The Messenger spoke of the pyramids as being the symbols of Atlantis. Were there many such pyramids where people went to worship or was there one primary pyramid that contained the great crystal, in Atlantis?"

"The answer to both questions is in the affirmative."

"There were, in fact then, many smaller pyramids of lesser importance. Were they scattered throughout the land?"

"That is correct."

"Did the smaller pyramids each contain a High Priest and some type of a crystal?"

"There was but one High Priest in the sense of the temple, and that was in the Great Pyramid. As you know, there were, in fact, more than one, but they were one in their acting body and one did assume the total role of leadership."

"Was that central pyramid, or that Great Pyramid, located in a major area, such as our government buildings in this country being located in Washington DC, etc.?"

"It was located within the center of the continent."

"And the smaller pyramids... did they have any crystals or anything of that nature? Was there a secondary priest or something similar?"

"They had a small crystal which would act as a receiver, and they had a priest for functionary in charge."

"The story that Atlantis will rise again as has been predicted by many of our seers... is it, in truth, going to rise again as a land mass or was that simply symbolic of the knowledge resurfacing?"

"The land mass itself, shall not return. It is not only the consciousness or ideas and learning of that period returning... that is to say, the secrets of Atlantis are becoming known today, but also the souls of that time are returning in greater number now than at any other time in history."

"Could you give us a general description of the physical appearance of the people who lived in Atlantis, such as complexion, hair coloring, and type of clothing that they wore?"

"The coloring of the skin was similar to your Caucasian. The hair coloring was black. Features were sharp, I believe the word is aquiline. The eyes were dominant in the hazel and brown tone with a slight leaning to the green. They were tall people, with the men standing at six foot to the average. They were noted for their long hands and long ear lobes. The dress pattern was in loose fitting garments which wrapped about the body. It was believed that anything which was tight or held the body tightly in one area, was poor from a health standpoint. They wore a sandal and developed what you would term a boot for traversing difficult terrain."

"I have known people in this time span, who had very obvious features such as the long fingers and the long ear lobes. Would these people be perhaps, carrying a strong genetic memory of their life as Atlanteans?"

"That is correct."

"Since the Atlanteans were primarily carnivorous, what types of animals did they eat, and what types of animal husbandry, if any, did they have?"

"They ate fowl, fish, and animal, even as you do today... the sheep, the cattle, the hare... they had a version or a part of the species you term swine. They raised and domesticated several species of fowl. They were reasonably skilled in the husbandry."

"In the time of Atlantis, were there giant beasts upon the earth?"

"There were beasts upon the earth that were considered gigantic."

"How did the people deal with these? Were they a threat to their lives?"

"They did consider them a threat and therefore, sought to exterminate them."

"The continent of Atlantis... was there a connection between the land mass as we know it now and Atlantis, such as a land bridge between the two?"

"The question is confusing. Which land mass are you speaking of?"

"I'm talking about North America, specifically areas of Florida or South America. Was there any connection between Atlantis and North or South America?"

"Portions of the land were extremely close to that area you term South America."

"Did the Atlanteans have ships that traversed the water, and what type of power did they use to power the ships if they had any?"

"They did sail upon the water and the word depicts the means."

"I'm curious about the crystals that the Atlanteans used for their money, the crystals that they used in their homes... did they grow the crystals or facet them, were they salt types of crystals?"

"They did grow certain crystals that were utilized for energy transference. Those that were employed as currency, were mined and represented amongst them, those which you term semi-precious."

"The Messenger indicated that the homes were illuminated by using crystals and some type of chemical agent. Could you elaborate more on that subject?"

"It is like a phosphorescence. Certain types of crystals, when immersed in chemical solution, did produce a glowing or phosphorescence type effect, thus producing light for a given area. The crystals were removed from the solution when it was desired to exterminate the light."

"Was that involving some type of radiation then from the crystal, like a phosphorescent watch for instance, a radium watch?"

"The crystals disintegrated within the solution over a long period of time. It was more a chemical reaction. Heat was also produced in this manner."

"That sounds like such a simple solution to some of the problems that we are dealing with today. Would crystals be feasible solutions to some of our energy problems?"

"The light output was not like the sources you employ today."

"What about the heat output?"

"It was satisfactory, but the housing of that time was adequately built."

"What type of homes did they have?"

"They were stone with earth between stone. Specifically, they preferred the sand like material to be sandwiched between walls of stone."

"Was the inner wall filling similar to adobe?"

"The material was like coarse sand, providing a complete insulation. The walls were built within and without. The sand was then poured therein and the top was sealed."

"Some of the monuments and ancient ruins which are still standing today in South America... I'm thinking particularly of the walls that were built with such precision that a knife will not fit between the stones... were they built as a result of some of the instruments that were developed in Atlantis or during that time?"

"That is correct. But remember, when you can facet a tiny gem to a perfect surface, then locking gigantic stones is not a demanding art."

"Did all of the people of Atlantis possess great mental abilities? For example, were all of the people capable of flying a ship? I realize there were degrees of evolvement, but were the common people able to perform what we would term extraordinary feats?"

"You utilize the term 'capable of'. All of the people of your world are capable of learning to read. Do all of the people of your world, know how to read?"

"No, and I guess that answers my question. I was wondering to what degree they had these abilities without training."

"Most latent abilities are just that - latent, until they are brought forward by specific training."

"So... those who were able to do these things... were they the ones who were trained within the Temple, or was there a regular education system with such a curriculum?"

"There were both, or more correctly, there was a system of public education and training, and there was a system of secular training and education."

"Did the Atlanteans have a system of writing, some type of hieroglyphics?"

"The hieroglyph is a clumsy method for writing, but serves well for enhancement of monuments. There was a script that was employed that was phonetically in harmony with the written language."

"Then, did they have paper to write on?"

"I believe you term it rice paper, as well as the tablets of clay."

"In the story of Noah, we read that it rained for forty days and forty nights before the great flood. Did it, in fact, rain before Atlantis finally went down, or is that just a story?"

"The storms were upon the earth. Such storms you cannot conceive. As the earth did shake and every vent upon it, it cast smoke and fire into the sky, and darkness fell upon the earth, and the heat did rise, and the waters did return to the heavens and come down. It did rain.

"The Messenger spoke of the ships being seen in modern time and our getting glimpses of them occasionally. Do any of them ever land upon the earth, and do any of the occupants ever actually leave their ship and stay on earth?"

"It has occurred in that manner."

"Are some of these ships powered by negative entities? It would seem that if the power were available to all, that those from the side of darkness could have utilized it just as effectively as those who were of the light."

"That is correct."

"Are the ships which modern man is encountering, primarily from the dark side?"

"Plus that which man has created."

"In the near future... I'm thinking of the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction which will occur in December, 1980... is that going to be a time for one of these great Atlantean personages to step forth?"

"No one steps forward unless they are called."

"But this would be an opportune time for one to step forth, if he were called?"

"That is correct."

"I'm familiar with a book written by Phylos, which dealt with a person who lived on the continent of Atlantis. I am wondering if this book is an authoritative source? The name of the book is A Dweller on Two Planets."

"It is sufficient to say, that the essence of the book contains the memories that the entity has been able to bring forward. Not all are as clear as could be, but they are the entity's awareness of self in yet another time. It is interesting to note, that in the evolution, man has progressed outwardly and not inwardly. The inward evolution and development of man led to Atlantis. In this path of the present time, man has taken an outward road, fielding and avoiding the inward path; and yet, it is that path that must also be conquered by assimilation, not by force or denial."

Copyright by Richard Rebeck, Peggy Steinberg, Salvatore Cacciola