Light Messenger
Volume 4, Chapter 1


"You constantly seek to deal in time, and we constantly seek to teach you a timeless concept of thinking." ... from the guides.

Fight Karma With Positive Action!

As the new year of 1981 rolled in on the heels of a most turbulent 1980, it heralded new thoughts and new directions for each of us. Certainly, we have seen recent times which were fraught with difficulties, and many of us have distinctly felt the stepping up of energies on all levels. What will this new year bring? It will bring whatever we create, as well as the results of man's collective thinking! It is possible to create a more positive world for ourselves and the family of humanity, but it is going to require action on an individual level. Can you handle that? Are you willing to commit yourself towards helping guide this world towards a brighter tomorrow?

As the Brotherhood predicted some time ago, the end of 1980 triggered the point of culmination or cast the die for future trends, and since 1978, we have written of and hinted at this critical time for our planet Earth. Many responded with fear and panic, while others adopted a "let's wait and see attitude." Some of us actively participated in working to create a better tomorrow by using positive visualizations tied to our prayers and meditations. Also, we have tried to convey the message through this vehicle of communication, that man collectively is responsible and man collectively can rectify.

It is easy to sit in our ivory towers here in this bountiful land of America and draw the shades on the outside world. Few of us really know or fully comprehend problems on a global scale, but we have been made aware via our communications with David and the Brotherhood, of the "Four Horsemen" upon the horizon who cast their shadows over the seas of humanity. We have learned that the actions, reactions, and decisions of overseas nations affect us far more than we know, and too often, we are blind to the subtle manipulations which lead to catastrophic results in the end.

The readers may be interested to know that in early December, we were instructed to find twenty-two persons who would willingly commit their energies to prayer and meditation for the earth faithfully every day until the end of the year. We were further instructed to procure twenty-two candles which were to be lit each day as the participant was lending his or her energy to this endeavor. We were told that if we would carry forth this mission, we could significantly change the course of human history at this time. A heavy message? You bet! We didn't waste any time in setting the course into action, for difficult as it was to believe, as light workers, we had no other alternative. Later, David informed us that many other groups of three, seven, ten, and twenty-two1 had been given similar tasks so we were not alone in our efforts.

Here are the words of David which were given on December 17, 1980:

"This world is a world of illusion. The illusion is of your own creation. Whether or not you are capable of comprehending it, your world is the sum of the consciousness of all man. The conditions of the physical earth and the conditions of the world, morally, economically, politically, are the result of the collective consciousness.

It is not a matter of using one mind to overcome another. That would be improper to impose your will upon others, but by asking for light beings, positive individuals, to share a moment of their consciousness for a few days, we seek to perhaps place a captain at the controls. It is as if earth were a spaceship, flying endlessly without anyone tending to its direction.

The consciousness today is self directed. It is ego centered. More time is spent worrying about self and how to fulfill mundane desires, than is spent with concern for the world and its peoples. As citizens of the world, you are responsible, as are all citizens. You differ in that you seek to utilize your consciousness and to utilize it in a positive manner. We therefore call upon you at this difficult time to demonstrate that commitment by meditating and praying, whichever is your custom, for this your home, the planet, and for your fellow citizens, your brothers and sisters.

A few may surely direct when there is none opposing. Your energies, along with the energies of others like yourself, may well turn the tide of history. But if they fail, if too small a number are willing to put their consciousness together with energy and sincerity, then you shall see as you have seen in time past, the continued disruption of peace and prosperity upon this planet. War stands upon the threshold of many nations. Famine abounds today in parts of your world. Pestilence has begun. Your hands will not abate the problem, your pocketbooks cannot solve it. Your consciousness, as a creative tool, is the most powerful element in existence on this plane."

Was our mission accomplished? For the conclusion to this epoch, read "Conversations with David" (this issue).

Changes For The Rebeck's

Please have patience if your Light Messenger doesn't arrive when you think it should. Your editor has taken on the responsibility of a full-time job in the mundane world. While I still have difficulty juggling illusionary time, I promise to give my best efforts towards getting the Messenger out. And since we are often asked why light workers have to struggle so hard, or why the Higher Forces which guide don't make it easier for us, we include this personal message from David:

"We are well aware of the difficulties that your world presents. We are aware of the daily patterns and the stresses and difficulties you encounter. Without these, you would not grow and learn. Where we have provided the ease and the means, we have often found that the channels do deteriorate. Where the channel creates their own means by their own ability, we find the channel enhanced. That which has been created by great effort, is valued more highly than that which is received for not.

The channels we have allowed to deal with their reality and their own ability, are those which have survived. We have memories of others whom we have guided and other times within your world where the patterns were even more difficult, where to speak the message that we speak, would be instant death for the member and the family. We have spoken in the ghettos of Europe and in the poverty of the Middle Ages and in the desert.

We are cognizant of the count of hours within a day. We are also cognizant of your ability to overcome the obstacles you encounter. It is our faith in your ability, rather than a blind obstinence, which causes us to ask you to strive even harder."

Messenger I - The Karma Of Atlantis (Jan 18, 1981)

"Greetings! Greetings from the Brotherhood!

We are dealing with the principle of karma. We referred to it as the karma of Atlantis or Atlantean karma in order that you may relate to a concept in another time with another people and yet understand the parallel to your own time and your own world. Consider how we have told you of the destruction of Atlantis, how the continent was destroyed by the efforts of the scientists seeking to tamper with the balance and the power of the earth itself... the resultant destruction that did destroy the land, the animals, and the inhabitants, not only of Atlantis but of many continents nearby. For this act, those persons who were responsible did incur that responsibility or karma of the results of those acts.

It is important to recognize that what you term cause and effect are real elements or principles of law. What you cause, you have brought into manifestation, and the effect is your responsibility, even if you did not anticipate the extent to which the effect would occur.

The Atlantean became guilty or responsible for the misuse of knowledge, for the destruction of land and almost the planet, for the destruction of animal life without purpose, for the wholesale destruction of human life, for failure to develop spiritual values, and rather reversed or went backwards. These are part of the elements. It is this type of debt or responsibility that forms the basis for the concept of sin that your modern society and theology has developed in accordance with the idea of the Garden of Eden. It is as if Atlantis were the Garden of Eden, and the destruction was the sealing off. It is the ancestral memory of this time and this place and of the errors made by man, that did cause the idea of a stern God, a Supreme disciplinarian who surely punished the transgression.

When we consider the element of the Atlantean, we said they moved backward in time with respect to their spiritual evolvement. To comprehend, we must first step backward into the beginnings of Atlantis... into the early times, the time before even your memories... the time of the Nephilim, the giants that were in the earth in those days. In the earliest time, man was not as you know him today. In the beginning, man was no different than the animals of this world. Your conjecture relevant to evolution is reasonably correct. Man did evolve from a lower form of his species, and that form in its time, contained only the animal soul. The soul of consciousness descended into man when his physical form was so developed that it was possible for him to move forward. It was in these times that the Nephilim came to the earth. They came to teach and to observe. They brought man knowledge that he could employ on a daily basis.

It was not until man developed what is termed ego and allowed that ego to override the desire to live in harmony, that man began to incur that which you call a karmic debt. Karma is, after all, a lack of education. To speak of the debt, is to speak of a subject that you need well to learn.

In the earliest phases of man's consciousness, he was aware of the Nephilim and that which they taught him, and he translated these beliefs into a religious form you would term superstitious. But even as man created a structure, those who violated that structure and yet resided within the same energy field, they did incur their karmic debt. More clearly put - if you are part of a society and that society forms laws of which you are cognizant, and you do violate these laws for your own purpose, then you have incurred that karmic responsibility.

Consider well as we move forward, the degree to which your people individually and collectively are responsible for all the variations that have occurred as a result of nuclear products. Consider the responsibility, that if fifty or a hundred years from now, the waste material buried in the oceans creates destruction on a wide scale within the world, then this generation which placed it there shall bear the spiritual responsibility.

Your books of teaching did once clearly show the element of karma, but you did change the words so it would suit your consciousness more. It was originally given that the debts a man incurs shall follow him even unto the seventh cycle of return, or even unto the seventh incarnation as you term it. You did translate this into a phrase which places the blame or sin or karma of the father upon the child unto the seventh generation. You, in essence, condemn the child of a child of a child yet unborn; but when that child is yourself, it becomes more comprehensible.

Atlantis knew of the nature of God and of the heavens, and did blend their worship together in a simple form without the idols and without the multiple gods to operate with. From your vantage point, they would seem superstitious. They evolved and moved from these concepts into more structured and codified forms of worship that became very ritualistic, elaborate, and involved. They evolved spiritually from the superstitious belief that recognized the Divinity in all things... We are not able to maintain the form any longer. We must now terminate."

Note: This session was resumed two days later:

"We were speaking of the evolution - the spiritual evolution of the Atlantean as they moved from a superstitious state and became aware of the spiritual laws or universal laws that governed the universe. You today, are standing upon that same threshold. You are becoming aware of the powers that govern. They went beyond and became great in their knowledge, but it had been much time since the Nephilim had been present. There were no voices from heaven to guide them. There was only the law, and as they became aware of the greater power that resided within, they, in their concept, conceived of themselves as gods and conceived of themselves as equal to the Creator.

There were factions or groups within Atlantis that sought to subjugate the entire world and enslave it to their mind. The ego, the spiritual decadence, the corruption of the teachings, is evidenced in your story of the Tower of Babel. Nimrod of your Bible is an archetypal Atlantean. In mastering the apparent secret of this universe, they presumed that there was nothing more to master.

Great was the fall, but even in its destruction, it did not fall as low as the consciousness had reached. Many parts of Atlantis had become as your biblical Sodom and Gomorrah, though perhaps in not as extreme a fashion as therein described. Power was the key to destruction of Atlantis. The desire, the worship, and the jealousy over the power became the primary difficulty. It is like a king having many sons and each knowing that they descended from the royal line and that each was qualified to ascend to the throne, and imagine the princes warring with the king to seize the throne and you understand the nature of Atlantis.

The soul of man is like many other spiritual beings. It seeks expression -- it seeks manifestation in order to grow and to learn and to evolve, for in becoming Divine as all spiritual consciousness strives to... in becoming Divine, the spiritual form must seek all experiences that are possible within its concept or within the multidimensional universe of total reality. Until you have been all things that the Creator may conceive of, you cannot be the Creator.

A peculiarity exists within the physical form, that many elements of consciousness are magnified and many are subdued. In such a state, the spiritual selves may grow rapidly or may actually turn backward and grow not at all but return to a previous state of being. Since all of the universe is energy transformed by consciousness, no one may move or alter or use any energy within the multidimensional universe without replacing it with like kind somewhere in some time. This principle you term cause and effect, you term karma. If you remove one of the foundation supports of a major building, it will fall when the wind is in the right direction. Your vehicles upon the road will not move forward with only three wheels where four are required. You must replace that which is missing.

When you as part of a people ignore or condone the collective actions of that group, then the karmic influence or debt is truly yours in a generational sense. You accumulate notes or perhaps the term you can think best in, is IOU's. It is like a credit system. That which you have taken, you must repay; that which you have used, you must replace; that which you have perpetrated, must be undone or balanced, and in the process of balancing, you must learn to accept and be responsible for each and every act that you are part of by your negligence or by your direct action.

It is not a negative thing. It is the learning process. But the principle of karma, as we did say earlier, is one of education. When you are in comprehension with the principle of karma, you do not incur the debt. You release the karma by learning, by opening your consciousness to experience, by being part of the world within which you live, by analyzing your actions and correcting them where possible and appropriate. To begin the principle of understanding karma, one must begin by respecting and loving the physical form you employ. Having that, you then recognize the beauty of each form upon your plane.

You are not harmless in the matters of the world, for he who is silent with knowledge is guilty also. Of the kingdom of animals, the word greed has no appropriate application with the exception of man. We have, in past time, spoken of what man does to the planet, to each other, to the atmosphere, to the waters, but this is all of the same matter. If you employ or use or change or destroy any energy whatsoever, be it physical or mental or spiritual, then you are required within the course of time to balance and replace and restore that energy to its appropriate level and usefulness. This, the people of Atlantis did not. They hungered for power and received it, and they consumed the power voraciously, even as a shark consumes food; and there never was enough power for them! And had not that power been turned in upon itself, they would have enslaved and then destroyed the entire planet. Within that system, there were many whose consciousness was valid. There were many whose consciousness was truly spiritual, but the evolution of the consciousness of man was greatly retarded by the silence of those that knew and the actions of those with greed.

Seek to comprehend from the lessons of your life and your lives and the lives of others about you. No effect is without cause. Look in the world about you, and each day and each hour, you have had the opportunity to release and comprehend a karmic principle. Those who live in karmic balance dwell in the Garden of Eden as it were. Utopia... Nirvana... are but fragmented aspects of the life that is potentially possible for you on this plane here and now. But then... all time is here and now."

Messenger II - The Karmic Wheel Turns (Jan 20, 1981)


The concept of sin that man has evolved makes comprehension of karma difficult. It is not that it is a negative thing with which you are forced to deal. It is the natural response of the universe to your presence. You seek to comprehend how to terminate this principle, and we try to bring you the comprehension that termination is not a possibility.

The universe is a living organism as you conceive of it. The universe in its totality and multidimensionality, is your Creator. You, as part... as a microscopic part of this organism, must comprehend that the universe responds without prejudice. All things must balance. A muscle within the form is trained to respond, and until that training is satisfactory, it will act in an erratic manner and often, will pain itself, but when tempered and trained, it will operate in harmony with the rest of the organism and perform the function of its intent and desire.

If one views the principle of karma in its totality, considering individually created and generationally created karma, it overwhelms the consciousness and one feels threatened by the mass of energy to deal with. If one were to seek to comprehend the stars in the heaven, it would exceed the capacity of your mind form. No difference is the principle of karma.

Within each day, within each hour, you have the opportunity to release, to balance, to replace that energy, to bring yourself into greater harmony. If each and every man upon this physical sphere, sought each day within each hour of consciousness to balance the karma, there would be no enmity within your world. Consider how you have reacted even this day. All who hear these words: let your consciousness dwell upon those persons whom you did see this day, upon those places... what did your consciousness share with them? Did you seek to bless, as it were, with light and love each place and person that you did come into contact with on this day? Did you seek to place a more positive energy where you were? Did you look at each person in that which they do, in a manner that would allow you to comprehend the energies they put into their being and the cause and effect as the result thereof? And if you have not, and sadly we note that seldom does the energy from your planet indicate that you have done this en mass... and if you have not, have you taken the time at the end of the day to dwell upon, to meditate, to focus into these matters, distilling what you may learn, preparing for the new day? And in the morning before you venture into the world of activity, do you take time to seek guidance and counsel from your guide and your soul, preparing you the way of opportunity?

Are you truly ready to shed the animal within? These are principles of karma. They are not abstracts, they are realities. A man who curses the earth within which he puts his shovel, shall find it difficult to insert the shovel therein. He who blesses the earth and recognizes it as part and parcel of self, shall work within harmony. You are blind to the reality; therefore, you stumble and fall in your seeking to comprehend. To seek new experience, is to invite the occasion of losing one's balance. But if man never stood upon the two legs and did not take the chance of falling, as a creature of the earth, he would not have survived.

Return in our thought to Atlantis, return to the scientist that sought to unravel the riddle of nature, that sought to comprehend the mind of the Creator itself, and look well upon your world today, upon the skepticism and agnosticism of your scientists and the spiritual atheism of your religious leaders. You would seek to produce life in a synthetic manner or in duplication of existing life. It may succeed -- that is to say, that it is possible and if pursued, will be accomplished, for duplication of the physical form is not a miracle, no more than the existence of this universe in totality is a miracle. Your consciousness is capable of creating a human form, a physical vehicle identical to the one that currently exists.

It is not the acts of science that disturb the spiritual balance. It is the distance between spirituality and science that creates the difficulty. Be a responsible being or be as the Atlantean, but then this generation well knows the meaning of the word, for the generation of Atlantis is here again. In this time, in this place, the souls of those who did dwell within the continent of Atlantis within that world, are now present here in this world, in this time, this place, in a parallel opportunity for creation in a time to duplicate, to replicate, or to change.

Atlantis could enslave the world with the crystal; you may enslave the world with nuclear power. Your men of science have sought the absolute sources of power as did the Atlantean. He who does not speak against the abuses of science and the misuse, shall bear the karma. We speak not against science. We speak not against the learning of the consciousness of man, but always speak for it. We speak not against the thoughts and concepts and daring of the ideas of science, even to the duplication of the human form, but rather we speak against the separation of spirituality and science. Let every scientist look within his heart and seek guidance from his soul and his guide. Let him seek for the highest inspiration for his aspirations. Only when man seeks to comprehend God in a totality of his existence in all things that he does, may he truly then begin to eliminate that which you term as the karmic principle.

You, who were of Atlantis, and most who shall read these words, know that you indeed were there. You, of Atlantis, search into your distant consciousness, search in the memory of your being, observe the world and learn. See, hear, and know from that which is about you. Shed the scales of blindness that are upon your eyes, for this is your time!

In all things is the karmic principle present - in thought and in deed and in lack of deed. Be involved! Be responsible! Be an eager student! Be aware of your spiritual self! You are part... you are the microcosm of that which you term God in a total multidimensional sense. If you seek to place each soul whom you are in the presence of each day, in perfect harmony and light and love, if you recognize the Godhead within and magnify it and exemplify it, you shall have no need of terms such as nirvana or heaven or El Dorado. We have not given you anything by which you may not prosper, and all things we have given are to bring you greater prosperity.

Know, that the peoples of a nation in their support of their leaders in acts that are disharmonious, do bear the karmic responsibility for the acts of their nation, and those souls shall return in situations akin to that which they were party to. This is the time of karma. This is the time of balance. This is when realization of opportunity is at hand. Many souls shall leave this plane at this time, and we have previously told you of this when we said, 'be not surprised at those that depart.' Many shall leave in completion of their karmic needs, leaving to prepare to return into the framework that you shall leave them.

Be not blind as you were in Atlantis, be not greedy, be not so cold, be not so untrusting, for all things come to you with the potential for balance. Your own need creates the imbalance. He who does not bless in the essence of the matter, has cursed, for the absence of a blessing is like unto a curse. It is as if it were not worthy of a blessing, and that which is not worthy of a blessing, should truly be accursed. We shall no more speak at this time."

Questions and Answers

From West Palm Beach, Florida, Geri Schiavone asks this timely question which is intimately linked to the subject of karma: "Please ask the dear Brotherhood what their position is on persons who have gifts of prophecy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, automatic writing, etc.?"

David answers: "If the Brotherhood were to condemn all who were clairvoyant or prophetic, then we would also have to condemn all of the prophets and clairvoyants of religious history, all the miracle workers, and those who foretold of what would come. Under such a concept, we would condemn Isaiah and Daniel. Neither the writings with your distortions, nor the ancient teachers, nor the Brotherhood, condemn those who use their spiritual gifts for spiritual purposes.

Many of the early teachers and the writings that you have, condemn those who use their gifts or pretend to have gifts, for the purpose of deceiving others and preying upon their emotional needs. There are those who do it for financial gain only and care not for truth, and others who do it for ego glorification, and still others for power. These are they who are condemned. Those who would violate the free will of another are condemned -- those who practice the art of witchcraft upon another person. We speak not here, of those who claim to worship nature, but rather those who would pervert the laws of nature to force another's will to their thinking.

The essence of the Nabi, the prophet, is as true today as it was in ancient times. Let the weight of the truth within the words that are spoken, be the force that determines the belief which is placed within the words. In the same writings that would appear to condemn prophecy, it is said that, "...let he who prophesies falsely be put to death." Man will always find a way to paraphrase his ego. Those men who in the name of the Holy One, take words from sacred writings to twist and pervert for their own purpose, have desecrated the very book from which they did steal, for he who takes words out of context is indeed a thief!

Let the inner voice be that which is the final guide, and not the words of men. There is no man upon your plane who has all knowledge at his disposal; there are none whose belief is perfect, whose knowing is without fault. Guide without interference, and know that the moment you would force the will of another, you are in violation of the law. And if you prophesy and have not the power, and you cause another person to err or cause them pain, then you are responsible for that debt. It is better that a man should never prophesy, than to do so falsely even once. You are responsible for the results of your actions and words. I believe that answers the question."

Do you have difficulty releasing your angry feelings, particularly when you are dealing with very negative or difficult people? Beverly Rakowski, who lives in Harvey, Illinois, sent this question: "How does one go about changing negative feelings to positive ones?"

"By analyzing the cause, by recognizing that anger and negativity projected toward another, is a reflection of either the past which has been or the future which yet shall be. When you view another whose nature you find distasteful, remember that you are viewing yourself in the past or in the future."

Writing from Maidenhead Berks, England, Ida Cole asked for David's comments as to what really happened to Jesus. Did he really die on the cross or did he die in Kashmir as some authors have speculated? We realize that David's answer will probably provoke more questions for the inquisitive mind, and we promise to pursue this matter in more detail at a later date.

"The entity in question was terminated by the form of execution known as crucifixion. It is difficult with the changes you have made in the calendar, but the time was the spring of the year thirty-three as you currently reckon time."

"So there is no truth to the story that he went on to India at that time, as many people believe?"

"Why do you limit the consciousness to a particular physical form?"

A reader in Hartford, Connecticut, referred to the Brotherhood Of Light and posed this question: "I am wondering why are there no sisters in the spirit world that reach out?"

"We have neither females nor males with the Brotherhood, nor in the astral planes as you term them. We have only souls which are androgynous. Confuse us not with your polarity and your polarity of thinking. Your language, by its structure, insists upon the masculine form in such terms. In recent times, you sought to alter that structure, yet the rules of your grammar still stand. Provide us with an androgynous term and we would employ it if the multitudes' consciousness could comprehend it. Let those who cannot deal with their own sexuality, resolve such problems before they seek to evolve their consciousness."

Jim Biggs, an Inverness, Florida, inhabitant, asks: "David, we have a tremendous energy crisis -- primarily, our political/military differences between nations are arising out of energy problems. Could the Brotherhood give us a solution to our energy problems that we may not, as nations, have to fight about?"

"We need not give what man is capable of resolving himself. It is not for the realm of spirit to resolve man's problems. If we do it for you, then you have no opportunity to learn. We provide guidance when we can, but we will not interfere with your exercise of free will. You have an energy problem because you are wasteful and care not for the resources. It is not alone the shortage now, but in that future time when there shall be no more of the fossil fuel that you call oil. Man has at his fingertips, the solution to the problem. When his consciousness is ready to deal with it, it shall be brought forward."

Joyce Varnum, our friend in Santa Maria, California, sent several interesting questions pertaining to amber: "Please clarify. Were the lowered segments exposing the crystal in the pyramid of Atlantis, of the amber which is the resin of ancient pines?"

"The answer is yes and no. There were two segments that were lowered. Initially, there was stone that was lowered away that would appear to be a single pyramid when raised. When they were lowered, they exposed amber capstones that did cover the crystal. These also could be lowered, allowing the crystal to stand free. All amber is from the resin of ancient pines and like trees."

"Was there a source of amber located within the land mass of Atlantis, and would part of that source still be in existence today in the Dominican Republic?"

"That is correct."

"Was amber used by the people of Atlantis, and if so, for what purpose?"

"It was used as a focusing element for energy, for health. It became used as a philter. It was ground into a powder and put in the water to drink. It was wore about the body to purify the aura. It was placed within medicines and herbal drinks to purify and remove poisons. There are many, many uses that amber was put to. It was used, when properly cut into small pieces, as a filter for the light of the sun which was then focused upon a particular sector of the body for healing purposes. Those zones that you term acupuncture zones were often treated by focused light through an amber lens."

Note to Readers: Space does not permit as much as we would like to include on the subject of amber and crystals. We are planning to deal with this subject in greater depth at a future time.

Messenger III - History Repeats Itself (Jan 25, 1981)


In our previous messages, we have dealt with the karmic factors. We have repeatedly referred back to the Atlantean period, and we have made references to the presence of those souls in this world at this time, who were present in the time of Atlantis. They are today, in positions similar to those they were in at that time. This is not the first time we have had the grouping of Atlantean consciousness together. Several times during the history, we have seen these souls come forward, seeking to overcome the group element, the group karma or collective responsibility of the whole.

The energy that went into the formation of this particular geographic sector you call a nation... its formative energies were contributed by souls who had known their time in Atlantis and sought here an opportunity to build a new continent -- one which would be the counter or opposite of that which their ancestral memory knew as a failure. These souls did seek to make a world similar to and advanced more, than the rest of the world, using their memory of the past and their knowledge and ability to create in the mind. We speak not of physical creation, but of the creation of principle and idea.

In this time, the Atlanteans have the opportunity to provide the world with balance and harmony, peace and joy; or if the mistake is repeated again, their offering becomes pain and sorrow. It is difficult for some to comprehend these returning cycles and the patterns that you term karmic. It is difficult to recognize that the world is subject to cycles or timing periods.

Consider that the soul entering into incarnation, proceeds to deal with individual karmic principles or needs to learn. It has the opportunity to deal with group or collective karma that has been collected as a result of a previous situation involving a people or group of people, and the soul also has the opportunity to build that unique relationship to the world that deals both with the interactive personality and the interrelationship with other people. Many souls become so engrossed in the physical format of living, that they lose sight or awareness of the other things that exist. The soul that becomes engrossed in the physical world, does not seek to release its karmic responsibility, and often does not contribute to the collective karma.

In the matter of a collective karma, that karma cannot be released until those individuals who are primarily responsible, have reached a state of understanding wherein this event would not be possible... We find that we are unable to maintain this channel."

Note: This session with the third Messenger was resumed two days later.

"We were dealing with the concept of collective or group karma and the difficulties in releasing that. The essence of the question that was posed, is answered simply when it is restated that the generational type of karma is not removed until all members that were responsible for its inception, have comprehended the imbalance their acts produced. That is not to say, than an individual, having comprehended, must bear on an individual level, a karmic penalty, but rather it is to say, that those individuals who were involved and having cleared their own part, must return in the company of those that have not been cleared until they do. You are all part and parcel of the collective consciousness. If one of your members does not relinquish a negative concept that is of a collective nature, then you must return to assist that member in future time until they do release it.

We have provided many opportunities in many civilizations for the Atlantean consciousness to cleanse itself. It is almost as if the physical form, in its desires, were a greater form of consciousness than the soul, for repeatedly man has sought the pleasures of the body over the pleasures of the spirit. As he achieves consciousness and evolvement and the inner talents are brought forward, coupled with those talents that are drawn from the universal sea of consciousness, as man evolves, he decides that he alone is responsible... that there is no Force which guides the universe; and once again, he sinks into a nothingness, for as ego of self becomes dominant, the soul in its power, is diminished until the light of inner consciousness is extinguished for yet another cycle.

In these times, have many of the Atlanteans come. They have provided your civilization with new concepts and new ideas and new powers; and like children, you stand and threaten one another with the new found power. The temptation to close one's consciousness to the world of creation in favor of the world of illusion, is all too often the common theme. Understand, that we have said in the past, that this experiment in consciousness, development, and growth, may be terminated. If it is not found to be a practical learning vehicle, then termination of this particular training cycle is practical.

It is difficult for the Brotherhood and for all spiritual beings who work in the light, to observe the imbalances within your physical plane, to observe the manner in which you ignore your responsibility, your karma, your collective and individual debts. Ignoring such things does not make them disappear or diminish. The more they are hidden, the greater they become, and the more difficult the task is to clear them.

The confusion over the cycle of seven... it is not as if the seven were an absolute, but rather that it was an expression of extremity. All problems are dealt with as the consciousness of self does choose. You may today, choose to clear an element that occurred two thousand years before. It may be practical at this time. But in considering consciousness, to say that even unto the seventh cycle that the sin would be visited upon the self, is a term of magnitude that impresses the consciousness.

You are fishes in the sea of consciousness and karma. At times, it is necessary to swim upstream, and other times, you may swim downstream or as you wish. As surely as the sea does flow so shall the law in its manner continue. You may not step beyond it, nor may you thwart it. You may avoid the physical consequence by spiritual comprehension in the heart, in the mind, and in the soul. That is why we have told so often of the need to meditate and pray, to dwell upon the events of time and the past and of the day itself, that you might see and learn from others, that as another errs, you may look within your own consciousness, learning the lesson, knowing well that this is before you for a purpose.

No thing is by accident, as difficult as that may seem. Even in the karma of the time upon the physical, he who foreshortens a life, shall experience the foreshortening of life, and he who helps extend a life, shall have his extended. The law is immutable. Seek to become one with the law; seek to be open to the learning; seek to open your consciousness to flow with that which must be. Look to the children of your own creation, the children of your past, those unlearned experiences that you have created, and recognize them as needing your care and attention. Learning, does at time, for the moment, seem to be a painful experience, but in retrospect, it is far more beautiful than the repeated pain of error.

Atlantis ignored its karmic responsibility; it ignored its spiritual opportunity and stepped backward in time. A new opportunity was had in Sumeria, and then in Greece, and even before that in Babylon, in Egypt, in India, and then the time of darkness came when the failures had failed upon failure and all was in chaos. Some who came, rose to power forty-five years ago in approximation of your time, and exhibiting the negativity that resided within and the lack of desire to release, they almost destroyed the world!

We shall not reach out our hand to destroy the world. This has never been the way of the Brotherhood or the workers in light. We have many times, placed our finger in the mechanism as it were, preventing the bomb, and in the same collective sense, we have prevented many of the tragedies that could have been. We speak to a few. We speak with your consciousness in the Higher sense, but on this plane, the consciousness we find is too often dulled by the pleasures of the form.

You have incurred the responsibility; you were born with the need to learn. If man does not begin to comprehend his role in the universe, his relationship with self and with each other, then we shall have no alternative except to withdraw our energies from this plane - we and all others, and allow man to annihilate himself in the physical forever. That is the end of this message."

Conversations with David

This conversation begins with David's response to our inquiries concerning the outcome of our creative prayer efforts for the planet during the last two weeks of December, 1980.

"You asked the question relevant to the time. The winds that blow upon the earth have brought your answer in part as they distorted the patterns that produce your climate. We did advise you that the weather patterns would not be typical. (Note: Florida was experiencing severe freezes at this time, while other parts of the country had erratic temperatures for January.)

"Yes, that's true."

"The situation in the world has improved to a minor degree. It is a delicate balance."

"Should we ask the people in our Wednesday night group, to continue with their daily meditations and prayers for the planet?"

"No more so than you ask of every man. Let every recipient of the Light Messenger put their energy forth, keeping their fellow man in the light in their consciousness. The patterns of time are critical, but it is not through fear and negativity that survival shall be accomplished. Those who are able to project in their consciousness, a positive tomorrow, shall indeed live to experience it, but those who dream only of negativity, shall unfortunately, find the fulfillment of their dream."

"Are you saying that our future here, will be determined for each individual according to the way he thinks?"

"It is collective and individual. This area, this geographic sector, this little space, this region that you live in, we have set it aside in as much as we are capable, as a refuge and a haven. We are not capable of overriding all of the laws of your universe, but wherein it is possible, we have made this a safe zone.

There are many places within your nation that are not safe and shall not be safe. There are many places where hunger shall walk the streets; desolation and destitution shall become the most familiar theme of the day. No nation is set aside by the Forces of Light in preference to another. No nation may say that it, more than another, is protected by the Divine Source.

You have polluted your land. You have polluted your water. You have polluted your air, and not being satisfied with that, you have polluted your minds and the minds of the children. The law of cause and effect, the laws of balance, demand correction. You therefore reap what you have sown in the collective sense.

Your religious leaders are like the ostrich. They play with words but provide not the direction. They lack the courage to call for the change on a whole basis. The consciousness of your people is spent more in the pleasures of the body and the mind, than it is upon the soul. You spend collectively as a people, more time consuming alcohol than you do meditating or praying. You spend more time studying pornography, than you spend in studying the works that are considered Holy. Your pornographic material outsells the spiritual material by over a thousand to one.

Observe how the law of balances... how all things come into balance, and let those who are recipients of the difficulty, be aware that the cause and the effect represent the greatest principle of universal law. Until the comprehension of all man is of the light, difficulty will ensue, but the extremes that you know at this time, are but the tip of the iceberg as you say. Patience, and you shall see the total effect. There shall be no leader to step forward, for the consciousness of man has not called him."

"You just said a very important statement. Did you mean that no Avatar will come into the world at this time?"

"That is correct."

"You mentioned that this place where we reside is a refuge. I do not want everyone to feel that they must flock to this area because of that. Would you say a word or two on that subject?"

"There are many such places within the world. This area, as we speak for you, shall be safe. We have not suggested that any flock to this area, but those whose energy is drawn here, will come."

"I was recently discussing this subject with a friend who feels that New Mexico is also a special area for light workers. Would you comment please?"

"There are areas of that sector that could be considered safe. Does that answer the question?"

"Yes, it does. Would you give us any other specific areas that we could mention in the Light Messenger?"

"We are not trying to create an exodus to different areas. Let the inner guidance be the factor."

"There are currently many psychics and popular books which speak of an impending polar shift. I would like to know... are we due around the end of this century, for a shift of the earth on its axis?"

"You are not."

"Is this idea something which has been dredged up from the fears in man's consciousness?"

"It is partially ignorance and partially based upon fact. The fact is, that the poles have shifted in the past. The earth is also collecting its aberration in its orbital tilt - that which you term the obliquity of the ecliptic. Each year, the angle becomes less, thereby shifting the pole. It is changing at the rate of less than fifty seconds of a degree of arc per year. There are twenty-four degrees before a major shift would be evident.

"So that would be a long, long time in the future then."

"That is correct."

"In the next two decades, will there be any major cataclysmic event? Will there be great earth changes that will disturb us tremendously?"

"There will be certain major events which may be termed cataclysmic that will occur between now and the year 2000."

"May we be told what these events are, what the nature of them will be?"

"You will be told more at another time in more depth as to their nature, but one shall come from within, one from the sea, and one from without."

"Will it be a chain type of event, or are these all separate incidents?"

"There shall be both separate and chain."

"May we be told how soon to expect the first one, or is that also for us to know in the future?"

'It is several years hence, therefore not germane today.

"Will these be natural events, or will they be triggered by man's action with the environment?"

"Nothing occurs within this world that is not influenced by man. One of the events shall be beyond man's influence."

"Many readers have inquired as to how or if the Book of Revelation relates to this modern time period. Would you say a few words on that particular subject?"

"The Book of Revelation, while locked within a particular secular system, does apply in the spiritual sense to this present time. It is not a physical directory, but on a spiritual level, the essence of its message is clear. It deals with decadence in the seven principles especially."

"When you said it does not relate to the physical, did you mean the world of manifestation as we see it - events in the world?"

"That is correct. You are dealing with astral symbols of astral battles."

Leaving this area of thought, the Messenger said that when the form of man evolved to a certain stage, the Higher Consciousness descended into it. What criteria had to be met before that happened?"

"Physical evolvement."

"The physical form had to evolve? To what extent?"

"To a state similar to that which you know, with sufficient cranial development."

"Did man attain his reasoning abilities and his language after the infusion of the soul?"

"That is correct. We should alter, with the understanding that reasoning ability is not defined. The animal kingdom contains many species that reason. To that degree, man did also."

"Were there any specific biological changes as a result of the soul infusion into early man?"

"The physical brain itself did grow after the infusion of consciousness, but in those first individuals, at the time of conception, changes were structured in the biological form that did produce additional glands that would be required for the peculiar elements of human consciousness - receptors as it might be termed. This is not dissimilar to what you might term genetic engineering."

"And this took place at the time of conception?"

"And during the early formation of the initial children who were to become conscious."

"Which glands were added or produced at that time?"

"The pituitary, the pineal, and the thymus. That is all."

"It was also mentioned that sometimes the karma follows into the seventh incarnation. After the seventh incarnation, is the soul released from the karmic debt?"

"Within the seven cycles of return, the events will have been brought to the consciousness of the soul."

"Does the soul always complete the karmic obligation within seven cycles? Is other words, is it possible that a soul might not accomplish what it was supposed to, and have to go beyond the seven cycles?"

"That is correct. The entity would simply return to accomplish that. The severity would no longer be present. It would become something experienced through others rather than through self."

"Are those seven cycles sequential? Could there be lifetimes mixed in between where the soul worked on something entirely different?"

That is correct, however no more than seven would be taken to deal with a particular problem."

"The Messenger spoke of all having to return in the case of collective or group karma. You, David, were present during the time of the destruction of Atlantis, and yet you are not here now."

"We are here; we are not in the physical. It matters not from whence we learn. We must assist. Many have cleared their responsibility, but return to assist those who have not."

"In the coming times, there shall be no need for mediums, for all shall see and hear clearly if they will but evolve and open their hearts." ... David.

Copyright by Richard Rebeck, Peggy Steinberg, Salvatore Cacciola