Light Messenger

Volume 4, Chapter 2


"On your plane, you have not yet learned how to utilize the color for healing. You speak of it in riddles and confusion, and know not of what you speak." ... from the guides.

Stop! Proceed With Caution! Mind Explosions Ahead!

Four years ago this Spring, our very first Light Messenger went into the mail, and little did we realize during its inception, that it would grow into a strong entity in a very short span of time. Those who have been with us since the beginning, have seen the material steadily evolve and become more complex with each issue. For those who joined us in midstream, it must, at times, have seemed difficult to totally comprehend. Be that as it may, we believe this is the most challenging and complex issue we have published to date! Throughout the history of our channeling experiences, David and the Brotherhood have carefully monitored and controlled the flow of the information. Now, we understand why.

While we think this is a dynamite issue, we caution you to read it very carefully! We suggest reading it several times in order to extract the full context of the material. As you enter this field of mental explosives, turn off your preconceived radio signals and let your mind experience the transformative world of color and sound from a new dimensional viewpoint. To use a popular slang expression, this issue will blow your mind!

Bits & Pieces

The forces of darkness took another swing at the Rebeck household recently. In early February, as Richard was preparing to make a left hand turn on his motorcycle, a car pulled out from a side street and hit him broadside. Richard escaped with relatively minor injuries (torn ligaments in the ankle and leg wounds), but the accident put him out of commission for several weeks since he was required to keep the leg elevated. A painful and aggravating experience, but truly a blessing in disguise -- he desperately needed a rest from his activities, so consequently got one the hard way!

Late Bulletin

Throughout this issue, there are several references to a third Messenger and the subject of "Rejuvenation". The material was dictated, but we ran out of space. We also had much more information on crystals, gemstones, and Atlantis, than we were able to print. As they say, "Stay tuned for the next episode."

Messenger I - Light And Sound/Vibrational Keys To Good Health (March 15,1981)

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

During the thousands of years of evolution upon this physical plane, the consciousness has only begun to comprehend the care, repair, and maintenance of the physical vehicle. We have previously shared other concepts relevant to health and healing, but here we are concerned with still other factors.

By now, you comprehend that the physical form is obviously affected by that which you place within it -- the food, the chemicals, the air you breathe, the water. It is affected by environment, by radiation, by fatigue, excessive work. It is affected when imbalanced by disease. You are further aware that most disease is of the mind -- that is, that illness follows a breakdown of the physical system's defense mechanism or strength. In a weakened position, it becomes more vulnerable.

There is much confusion in this matter of the mind causing disease. The mind does not cause a particular disease to manifest in the normal sense. Upon occasion where one does dwell upon such a thing, then it is made so. In general, the condition of the mind may produce a weakness or lack of control in particular sectors, allowing disease to ensue.

Throughout time, man has employed various techniques to insure good health. Amongst these techniques are the wearing of certain jewels, herbs, and flowers Sound has played an important element in the balance of the physical form. Many of the objects that man has and does wear in order to insure health are but mental objects. That is, they are effective as long as the wearer believes in them. That is not a harmful practice, but it does not allow the individual the full ability of the consciousness -- the ability to control the conditions of the physical form. There are countless objects which have been employed, but specifically, we are concerned with those that deal with light and sound. The wearing of herbs and vegetables is generally of no particular effect, except those which stimulate the olfactory senses... that is to say, produce a unique perfume and the perfume itself becomes a mechanism.

But first, the element of the jewel. Today, you wear jewels as an adornment of the physical form. It was not always so. They were, at one time, worn in order to insure continued physical balance and good health. The mind, being the controller of the physical form, must be protected from external influences. This protection must extend to the point that an individual receives no external thought that he seeks not, that he is not subjected to depression as a result of others within his environment, that no extensive activity is caused within the mind thereby draining the physical form of vital energy.

That which you term the aura is a difficult thing to describe using the language of your physical plane. We are limited in our ability to provide a clear picture of the mechanics. One tends to think of the soul as being contained within the physical form -- within the body itself. This is not as it is. That which has been termed the astral form occupies the same space as the physical form. At the point where the physical form and the physical universe meet... the area about the body... the energy of the union in time/space of the astral energy field produces an extension beyond itself and beyond the physical form, that you term the aura. This aura is a product of the physical energy and the astral energy as they intermingle.

The form, or nature of the soul, is an energy that is not of this dimension of reality. Therefore, the soul, astral form, and physical body, comprise a tri-dimensional existence. Certain elements affect the energy field of this tri-dimensional interconnection. Whether the effect is negative or positive is dependent upon the source. These elements that directly affect the relationship of the soul, astral, and physical, are sound and light. Within those terms, we describe energy in motion. Sound is vibratory; light is vibratory. The entire spectrum of vibration from the lowest sound to invisible light, radio waves, television, x-rays, atom particles... all of these vibratory elements interfere or affect positively and negatively, the astral body, physical form, soul, interrelationship and connection. It is like a direct influence upon these structures.

The term music is a difficult one in that two factors are involved in hearing music. There is a third psychological factor that we would call a taste or preference, but that is not the primary. Music is an evolved vibration of sound that man had developed out of awareness of the natural vibratory rhythms of the physical form. The music has evolved in the physical, the contemplative, the philosophical, and the religious areas. It has reached a high state of perfection in these sectors. In addition, there is a type that you contemplate as entertaining, and thirdly, there is a form that is but a cacophony of sound -- a disharmonious mixture produced as a result of searching and experimentation -- an attempt to numb the senses due to volume and complex mixtures.

Harmonious sound is not a result of that which is audibly pleasing, for in different parts of the world, your audible sound patterns are quite different. It is the effect of that sound upon the atmosphere about you -- the molecular structures it invades and the effect upon the physical form, as well as its interaction with pseudo physical auric field.

Disharmonious sound is disharmonious in that its vibratory rate is not in harmony with the vibratory rate of the physical form, the astral body, the surrounding environment, and the physical surroundings. All these things vibrate in accordance to their natural element. An example of disharmonious vibration is the high sound that causes glass to shatter. This is obviously not in harmony. Sound therefore, is a critical element. That is not to say that one may not exist within this sound or noise or cacophony that is termed music, but in order to protect the physical form in this presence, the auric field shrinks or is reduced in size as a dimensional separation occurs, making communication from the soul to the astral body to the physical more tenuous or difficult. When the communication between the soul and the physical form is impaired, imbalance or poor health does result.

Constant surrounding of one's system with disharmonious noise will produce a natural breakdown in the physical form. Disharmonious noise includes all sound that is auditory and is not of a natural resonance. This includes machines, vocal, that which is called music. Lightning and its resulting noise, thunder, are natural and harmonious in that their vibration is akin to the earth which is akin to the physical form. The attempt to meditate to intone certain sounds is to recognize the need for harmonious vibration, to surround the form within and without with this vibration, thus purifying and reestablishing the energy of the aura.

The psychological response of the music is an additional influence upon the physical form that also enhances the difficulty or the potential for poor health. Individuals are sensitive in varying degrees depending upon the energy of the stars. And the pattern of the individual's life environment will produce a varying degree of tolerance, so that one individual will be able to tolerate two or three times as much disharmonious sound as another. It is however, destructive in all cases.

All vibrations which extend beyond sound and light are considered basically inharmonious or disharmonious. Those things you term x-rays, gamma rays, alpha, beta, television, UHF, FM, are basically disharmonious to the system and reduce the energy flow. The random signals of radar are as much a carcinogenic element as the chemicals we have spoken of and your science is aware of.

Sound is altered to the physical form by providing balancing sounds within the environment. Thus, those whom you term Oriental, did maintain the bells, the wind chimes, and other elements of sound within as well as without, in order that they might produce harmony in the face of disharmony. Negative sounds are also counterbalanced by using other elements such as the optical properties of crystalline formations and the specific changing of light. A crystal worn about the neck will absorb the vibration, and because of its mechanical molecular limits, it will transform that which is negative into that which is positive.

The jewels produce an unusual effect in respect to the health and interrelationship of the physical form, the astral body, and the soul. If a jewel were but a mirror, it would have no unique advantage; so herein, we are most concerned with crystalline shaped jewels, and for simplicity, we shall refer to all transparent or semi-transparent jewels as crystals.

It is a function of the particular crystal as to its color and vibration. Today, you employ these crystals as a means of stabilizing or controlling the frequency of the radio and television signals you employ. You recognize their natural vibratory energy. They are also employed in diffraction of light and its absorption by the object being tested or measured. Crystals exhibit electrical, vibratory, and optical characteristics. You utilize mechanical vibration of a crystal to produce electricity and this you magnify and call a recording. You utilize the crystal in your optical instruments. You use it in your electronic devices.

Because of its unique nature, the crystal when worn, becomes an object of interaction or enhancement of the auric field, thus implying that it improves the relationship of the dimensional stability that exists between the astral body, the physical form, and the soul. Let it be clearly understood that as the aura diminishes, the ability of the astral to relate to the physical and soul to the astral is impaired if the aura is diminished. If the diminishment is due to environmental influences, the presence of a crystal may assist.

It is important to realize or recognize that the ancients were not foolish when they chose to tie or tape the crystals to different parts of the body. You speak of the seven centered chakras and their relationship to health. Then each of those centers should respond to a different crystal -- one of a different color. Within each color, there would be a number of different sizes and shapes. It is more critical to the shape of the crystal, than the size. As long as it is visually apparent -- that is you are cognizant of it and its shape, then its size is sufficient. What is of importance is the shape it takes. Duplication of shape is a visual enhancement and not a functional, such as a double pyramid. There are many forms that the crystal may take. These forms all affect the response and becomes selective to the energy it will transmute.

In as much as the crystal tends to transmute energy, the crystal may be worn in many different ways, providing that it is in contact with the physical form-that is, the crystal must touch the skin and must not be encircled with metal. At one time, the physician would prescribe the crystal to be worn and the shape in accordance with the need of the patient, as well as in harmony with the stars of that particular patient.

In order for a crystal to be effective, it must be faceted. A round crystal is, in essence, not functional, though it may still absorb energy and translate that energy to the physical form. It is therefore advisable that in considering elements of health, that where it is not possible to remove oneself from a negative environment, to utilize the various crystals as a means of energy transformation.

It is important that the crystal be exposed so that the light of sun may also strike it; and were we to place the greatest focus of the crystalline form for the physical self, we would suggest that the crystal be worn on the forehead over the area known as the third eye. As an example, if you were to begin healing of others, it would be advisable to employ the green crystal in this particular location.

There is a sound with each crystal that you are not capable of hearing, though you have all known the ring of crystal when it has been made into a goblet or glass. It has a vibratory quality that is natural, and is usually of great benefit to the physical self. The Guides will provide at other times, the long detailed list of the various crystals and their shapes and their particular application. The most universal is the white or clear crystal, faceted into its multi forms. We would consider that a crystal sculpted in the form of the pentacus dodecahedron would be an extremely powerful transmuting element for negative energies.

We feel at this moment, that a temporary interruption is in order. We shall terminate directly without recourse to the Guide."

Note: During the short break period, we discussed the material that had just been given. We speculated that tiaras and crowns worn by royalty must have originally been worn to stimulate the crown chakra area.

"Greetings! We are concerned with health -- what it is. We have discussed in the past, one concept of it and now we deal with another. We have but scratched upon the surface of this subject, as you can well gather from the material. Part of the process that we employ is to cause you to think and to remember and to seek with your own consciousness the final comprehension. It would take an extremely long unit of time, as you term it, to truly deal with each of these subjects. We have given you a bare outline of the concept of jewels. Your awareness of sensitivity to the concept of the tiara is quite accurate. We did not however, limit the number of facets or shapes to seven, but only the primary colors, and even within those, there are many variations.

In the beginning of this sector, we said that the primary was light and sound -- light, as we see it from the sun, and light, as it is broken into its constituent parts by crystal. Certainly the concept of bathing oneself in a particular light is a valid concept, but only if that light is true. It is suitable for meditation or for healing one to another, to use lights of a synthesized nature as a memory element. But in the treatment of self for perfect health, for maintenance of the physical form, the purest light and the true source is necessary. An incandescent bulb does not produce the blue and the indigo and the violet rays of light. It is an illusion when you see these. The vibratory nature is not the same, but within a crystal, it is always the true source that is presented to the self.

In the most ideal concept, the crystal should cover one of the seven sectors you term chakras. If it were in healing, it would obviously then be over the afflicted area as well as upon the chakra point which does control that particular area.

Sound is a vital element to the health of the form. With sound, we may destroy the form. With sufficient volume, pain is produced, and if it is increased beyond that, death does ensue of the physical form. Mental derangement can occur by certain audio frequencies. Hypertension and even vascular difficulties -- impairment of the blood flow, can be induced by sound vibration. These are the things that appear negative or dangerous, and yet the same concept that is sound is required for the health of the form.

The physical form operates within a series of vibrations. The astral form operates within vibration, and even the soul is a series or a part of vibration. It is the peculiar atomic structure of the physical form that establishes its most harmonious vibrations and their extensions. All of the frequencies of the physical body, including those cycles you term rhythm, are related to the peculiar atom structure of your individual form and its timing structures as indicated in the stars themselves. These variations create a wide difference that says, that the sound one hears may be harmonious to that one and disharmonious to yet another.

Sounds which are produced by the natural form, such as the sound of wood in percussion or wind instruments, are to be the most natural and soothing to the physical form. The wind instruments and the percussion do add the greatest harmony. Music was therefore developed to indeed soothe the savage beast. It evolved as an art form and a health element, and man created a vibratory sound that allowed him to maintain balance of his physical self. The noise you produce with your machines and your factories and your engines and your tools all create a disharmony. When the physical form is vibrated in a manner disharmonious to its natural self, it alienates itself from the astral body and the aura diminishes as a result of vibratory imbalance. The physical form vibrates... "

Note: At this moment, the telephone rang and the Messenger put the body in a state of suspended animation temporarily.

"This interruption is a prime example of sound and its effect upon the form. We are employing a complicated vibratory balance. That sound of the telephone is a disruptive energy. The physical form vibrates in what might be termed a harmonic relationship to the astral body, which in turn vibrates in a harmonic relationship to the soul. If through stress, external sound, or other factors, the physical form is disturbed, it alters its primary rate of vibration, thereby becoming out of sync or out of harmony with the astral body and soul.

Health is dependent upon light -- the natural light of the sun and the light of the sun as experienced through crystal. Water is often desired by man -- to live next to or to be about, for it acts like a crystal and refracts the light, allowing the form to absorb the different color energies. The sound of nature -- of water flowing, rivers and waterfalls, of the animals and the birds... the sounds of music that are pleasant, that are in harmony with the form... all of these things bring beauty. The human voice may be a pleasant sound or a disharmonious one. It is all part of that which you term health, which in reality, is better thought of as atomic balance that we would see through the process of care of the physical form and concern for the environment that you place it in -- that the vibratory rate of the atomic structure of the form, be kept in synchronization or balance with the vibratory rate of the astral body.

These are complex matters and we would simplify them as we could, but we may not reduce them beyond their primary state of importance. We may utilize different energies for different things, but health is the primary requirement. The physical form must be in balance, in harmony, if all other things are to function or flow. There is no communication with the soul consciousness through the astral body; there is no reaching beyond if you are not in balance. Perfect you are not; but balanced you may be. Listen for the sound that nature makes. Look for the light that the heavens do give, and in part, you have the music of the spheres! That is all at this time."

Questions and Answers

Shirley Berger in Atlanta, Georgia, requested David's assistance. She asked for his help or comments regarding the baffling murders of numerous black children in that area. She also asked how to deal with this sensitive issue in a constructive manner.

"The negativity that is generated about the individual creates the energy that allows the continuance. As we have advised in the past, negativity must not be combated with hatred and animosity. Darkness is neutralized by light, not by darkness. The cause is the society, the person but an instrument. This is the product of your racial prejudice. That which is most important and should be put into the Messenger is, that if all who would see this problem resolved were to focus their consciousness upon the entity responsible, the energy of positive consciousness would neutralize the power of darkness that guides the perverted mind."

"Could we be told anything which might be helpful in solving the case or locating the person who is responsible for the crimes? You mentioned the 'entity', so I assume there is one person responsible. Is that person of the white race?"

"It is not our place to resolve this matter. It is not a lack of concern, but we may not interfere in the process of your world in those matters you are capable of resolving for yourself. Be more concerned with neutralizing the energy that causes the crime. Place the individual in light. If every recipient of the Messenger were to meditate upon that entity for five minutes every day, the entity would be powerless. The matter will soon be resolved when the consciousness is brought forward."

"When you say, 'consciousness is brought forward', what do you mean?"

"When the entity responsible is dealt with as we have advised. The legal authorities have a very clear picture of the entity. It is not far distant for the solution, the resolving, but be not surprised at these matters. We did say the horsemen were here."

Note: Prior to the Messenger's delivery, David gave this message:

"We wish to clearly differentiate. We have discussed some of the elements that deal with health -- the physical form's interaction. In healing, the Messenger will be dealing with self healing -- repairing of the physical body when a specific defect occurs. The third Messenger will deal with rejuvenation. This is not to heal, but to restore the physical form to a previous or prior state. Rejuvenation is to turn back the clock of time, to retard or reverse the aging process... what I believe you term the 'fountain of youth'."

Messenger II - Self Healing With Light And Sound (March 21,1981)

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

We come to speak of healing, of the process of restoring or repairing the body and its constituent parts. The omission or lack of discussion of things such as rest and diet, mental attitude, environment, are not meant to diminish their importance, but we speak of augmenting. We speak of extending the capability.

You have been advised that the form -- the physical form, the astral body, and the soul, exist in a tri-dimensional relationship... three separate domains of space, as it were, which may not easily be comprehended from your viewpoint. The effect of these three dimensions interrelating in one place, creates an energy field you term the aura. This, your consciousness perceives. We are specific in that more is perceived by the consciousness of self, than is seen by the ocular instruments you call the eye.

When health is diminished or disease ensues, a breakdown in the relationship between the physical and the astral body has occurred, or between the soul and the astral -- that would be a result of consciousness and the astral, and the physical would be a result of imbalance of the form. In restoring, it is as if you were looking or seeking for a combination to a lock. It is like the vault which you must open, and this is the vault of health and energy. For without the auric energy, no healing may take place. This is why so many healers have worked at balancing the auric field and charging the auric field to restore energy.

The direct contact of a healer with a physical form is unnecessary. Though we are speaking here of self healing, it applies in all sense. The energy field is interactive by simply coming close to another. One method of healing could involve the utilization of the energy of another person. Let us clearly comprehend that the healer is seldom an effective force. The healer may be an energy source which the person who is diseased may draw from, in order to replenish and recharge the auric field. The healer may be telepathic and transmit to the consciousness the proper ideas or concepts which allow the relationship between the astral body and the physical form to be re-established. But... without the communication of the astral body, no organ or part of the body will change its form. It will, of its own accord, heal in time with the memory that is locked within each organ and tissue. The person being healed therefore, is simply using the healer as a source of energy, a concentrated battery, if you will, and this becomes a practical tool.

Before healing may occur, the consciousness must be clear. It must accept the possibility and the probability of the individual experiencing and knowing permanent good health. To aid in this consciousness, to aid in this focusing, to aid with the final product, visualization is required. If you cannot conceive in your consciousness of yourself in a happy state, you shall not be happy. If you cannot conceive of yourself in a healthy state, you shall not be healthy. You must surround yourself and project within your mind, images, ideas, thoughts, words, that bespeak of a perfect health for the self.

In order to reunite the astral and physical selves, to increase the auric energy, one must meditate. One must seek to establish or re-establish that communion. This is often difficult when one is debilitated by illness. Therefore, the energy of another who would act as a battery is often a practical tool. However, the physical form will respond and temporarily strengthen, as will the auric field magnify, under the proper use of light and sound.

Light is a complex term, in that it implies to your mind that which you see, and in the sense of the word as it exists within your language, light contains all of those particles you term photons and their travel, whether they be in the physical spectrum or not. So therefore, there is visible light and invisible light. There is light energy moving at all times in all space, or else there is total darkness.

It is no mistake that the light of the sun offers the greatest healing energy that is available to man, but that energy is seldom useful to the physical form when it is debilitated. In maintaining good health, it is wise to gain a certain exposure to the sun and its energies. Ideally, if man were to live properly, he would live in homes whose roofs did allow the light of the sun to pass through and did not seek to shield so. To filter, yes, the color, but not to shield with black tar from the depths of the earth.

The sun is utilized by the use of jewels, crystals, stones... those elements which shall take light and refract it, filter it, and alter it, as it is applied to the physical form. We are speaking of a concentrated type of energy which exists in several dimensions at the same time. This is a variation on your laws of physics. The photon, as you think of it, is a bi-dimensional particle; it has its influence in two dimensions simultaneously.

At one time, we did have in Atlantis, chambers or what would appear to be a bed or half of an encasement within which the body could lay, and the whole was made of jewel in appearance. You do not have a comparable device except in perhaps the morbid sense and yet, it partakes of ancient memory. That which you term a coffin... can you visualize in your minds the basic form shape? Take from this coffin the concept of death and conceive it if you can, as made of emerald or a stone with a similar vibration. Imagine now, laying in this as a healing chamber, with the rays of the sun being focused upon it, around it, and focused sharply at one end, so that the whole of the chamber or container were illuminated with light like the rod of the laser itself. This was our method of treating the whole form, for in it, we created an auric field, allowing the bridging of the two forms and the rapid healing. Perhaps someday, your society and your civilization shall again evolve to the point where they shall construct such chambers. In the interim and when it was not possible to use these, the gemstones or crystals, which we shall call them from here forward, were used at the various centers of the body, as well as in the afflicted area.

There are seven primary sectors which may be energized to increase the auric field. The astral form is not limited to these seven, but these represent seven concentration points. They are known by the seven primary colors of the spectrum, and the stone or jewel, the crystal that is employed, must be of that color for that area.

The more complex the pattern, the facets of a crystal the more intricate is the method in which the light is dispersed. For light application, the spherical form that is faceted such as the dodecahedron, or your variation that you have developed with friends... I believe you term the pentacus dodecahedron, that form would represent an idealization. When that is not possible, that which you term the diamond cut is practical. Those which are elongated into faceted cylinders or emerald shape, are more useful in altering sound than light. They are not the most desirable in this method.

In looking at the origin of the illness, the sector of the form affected, then the color of stone or crystal that is employed must relate to that sector or chakra, as you term it, in its color field. The physical form must be allowed to rest within the light of the sun or a synthetic replacement, though in truth, there is no absolute replacement, with the jewels upon the form, placed upon the body. In the case of the diamond cut, it would be placed with the crown against the body, leaving the effect of a pyramid pointing upward. It would be inverted from the manner in which you are normally accustomed to seeing the diamond. These colored crystals placed over the diseased area, will enhance the energies that coupled with the meditation and the focusing of the consciousness in seeing the body whole and healthy, will accelerate the healing process. It is operated by the mind, enhanced by the image, manifested by the auric energy that is strengthened by the crystal. Do you comprehend what we have given so far?"

Peggy: "Yes, I do. May I ask a question? I would like to know if the gemstones can be various kinds, so long as they are the correct color of the chakra area?"

"That is correct. Of the many materials, we shall at future time, more likely through the Guides, provide the detailed nature of each stone. With the thousands available to you, this will take some time, but is effective if the colors are within that spectrum.

To further enhance the situation, the condition that we have given, we would now add the final element, and that is sound; for you see, herein lies the great secret of the crystal of Atlantis, for no crystal is properly energized in its ability to transmit light unless sound be present. It is the vibration of sound impinging itself upon the surface of the crystal, causing mechanical vibration and molecular stress, that allows the crystal to transmute light in a bi-dimensional manner. Within this single statement, lies the comprehension of all the mantras and chants that have ever been said. That sound which is harmonious to the physical form, balanced to the consciousness of the individual receiving, and in tune with the natural elements, is the sound that is most effective for the one being healed.

There is no limit to the healing ability. That which no longer exists requires a rejuvenation. That which is diseased may be healed. That which is abnormal may be made normal. If a hand is missing, it does not require healing. If a nerve is severed, it is not healing that is required, but if the organ is inflamed or it through its natural process can be repaired, then it can be healed. Rejuvenation does allow for the extension of many things, and that we shall discuss separately.

When the sun is at its highest point, its energy is the greatest. The highest places have always been the places of greatest healing energy. As the atmosphere of the earth becomes rare, the division between the physical and the astral diminishes.

The separation of an individual who is diseased into a chamber or room that is free of all interference -- of electrical, auditory, visual, would be ideal. Separate the individual from the radio signals and random energies that you allow to float, and be wise to the construction of your domicile... and in your next attempt to build a home, see to a copper wall about your house of wire, of mesh wire, which is joined together with a common copper base beneath which is tied to the ground, to the earth itself. This will provide a cage shield, eliminating much of the energy that pollutes the space you occupy. Man's ignorance of the effects of these things is great indeed. Within such a space, no radio nor television would function, but if your instrument of reception is outside the house, it will be brought in with the wire with no difficulty. But if you would be healed, place yourself in a sector where the least of this occurs. The mountaintops are amongst the clearest places, for the energies here have yet to be destroyed.

Wearing, about the throat, a jewel representing the area of the form needing to be healed, will continue to enhance the energy by focusing that type of energy to be fed into the system, providing that all the chakra paths, as you know them, are open. The form may be treated by light of the sun that is passed through crystals, for this is how we treated in Atlantis. We used the great crystal and many small ones of the similar nature, which we did activate with our mind by clear focus, by the light of the sun, by the energy stored therein, with sound that we projected, and often a filter cover of another crystal to produce the desired color.

Only limited exposure of the entire physical form with solid colors of light may be made, for the consciousness is affected and other parts of the form would not tolerate. Here, however, you have used this technique and destroyed part of its value, for you have become so inhibited that even in the treatment for health, you insist upon being clothed with garments whose nature is such that it absorbs and destroys the effectiveness of the light energy. To treat the body, the body must be exposed. Areas that are not being treated do not need to be exposed, but are not harmed if so exposed.

The purpose of the crystal, the sound, the mind focus, is to allow the astral body and the physical body to re-establish communion and to affect the repair as directed by the consciousness. There is no healer upon your earth who has one tenth the power of a single crystal properly used; nor has there ever been upon your plane, a healer who could function without your consciousness participating.

You are one with, part of, all that is the Divine Source! There is no separate thing within your universe. Look not for the Creator beyond yourself, for you are all things. You are kin, brother and sister, to all energy in this universe, and the sum total of it all is the Infinite Source. There is no imperfection, except as created within your own concept. Know your own God-Self and you will never need to heal thyself. That is all for this time."

Conversations with David

NOTE: This section includes conversations from various sessions held at different times. Some of the questions were sparked by inquiries from our friends, Joyce Varnum and Bill McNeil, in their attempts to learn more about crystals.

"Are crystals important for the earth plane? As individuals, should we own them, and just how valuable are they in terms of practical use?"

"The multiplicity of questions is difficult to deal with at once. Yes, it is important that crystals be in your plane of existence. Two, it is advisable that you own them. They are valuable in many levels. Each crystal has a series of frequencies which it resonates at."

"When you say 'each crystal', do you mean different cuts, different colors?"

"Yes. Different types of crystal, different size and shape, will vibrate at different frequencies. A crystal produces electrical energy when it is stressed. This is the principle by which you make sound within the machine that plays the round disc. You mechanically vibrate a crystal; the crystal produces electricity; the electricity is then multiplied and put into your speakers. This is a basic principle. The crystal, upon receiving sound vibration, also produces electrical energy, and when they are stressed they also produce the radio frequency energy. They further are activated by light, though this is not commonly known to your physics. The wearing of crystal over the throat or heart chakra in such a manner that it may absorb light, is beneficial, for it takes and provides both physical vibration, electrical energy, and higher frequency energy to the physical form. Each facet point of a crystal is an electrical conductor point."

"Does that mean that the more facets the crystal has, the more electrons will come out of the crystal?"

"It is only reference or relevant to the contact area. If a crystal were made as if it were a double cone with only two points that were major, then it would have polarized electrical output. Do you comprehend?"

"Yes, one point of the cone, one point of the crystal, would be negative and one would be positive. Was the crystal in Atlantis like that?"

"That is so."

"Is there one particular substance, one particular material, which can be used that is preferred over another?"

"There are many types. That which contains the lead is the least desirable. It has the lowest frequency of vibration. That which is grown in the purest state is the most advantageous."

"Are there any properties in the lead crystal that would be beneficial?"

"Only to certain individuals under certain circumstances."

"How may we utilize crystal in our everyday life to our benefit besides wearing it?"

"That is the primary at this time."

"Can it be used to clear away negative energy?"

''It may.''

"Is there any advantage to hanging crystal in sunlight then, such as in the windows?"

"It produces a harmonious vibration within the room. Also by wearing a crystal over a particular chakra, you may cause the crystal, by focusing your energy in that chakra, to emanate rays. Obtain me the crystal. (This we did, and David held it to the brow chakra.) In this form, by placing the crystal in contact with the center of the brow chakra, I now have the ability to generate a vibratory pattern by focusing the energy into that space. That pattern of energy may be positive for healing or it may be used to affect the mind or thought. It is a magnifier of the energy that emanates out from that chakra toward others or toward space."

"I couldn't see from across the room. Did you have the point of the crystal focused inward?"

"The point is toward you.

"So... it actually emanates in both directions then."

"That is correct. By placing the crystal within the throat chakra (David did this, and the voice became noticeably different as he spoke.), the power of the voice is intensified. At this point in time, the voice becomes so magnified in its power that it becomes, as you term it, hypnotic, and the effect upon mass minds is difficult to comprehend. But when it is removed, the power is diminished."

"If the crystal were larger, would it increase that effect?"

"Only to a limited degree. How much more would you be able to tolerate?"

"I wouldn't need a whole lot more. It's like creating a spiritual laser."

"That is a good analogy."

"Would it be helpful if Richard wore a crystal over the heart chakra since he suffers from cardiac difficulty?"

"At times, when the entity is resting within the sun, then it would be helpful, or when the entity is at the beach area. Within the day, to close the crystal within the clothing, would not be of great benefit. If it does not touch the skin, its benefit is lost."

"Edgar Cayce, in his channeling on minerals, etc. said almost the opposite. He said if it touches the skin, it's detrimental -- that it must be encased in something to protect the physical form."

"The Cayce was speaking of the utilization of the crystal for health, for cases of disease where the intensity would be too great. For one who is in balance, it is not a problem and it would not burn. It was an unnecessary precaution."

"Can you tell us anything about the colored crystals? We understand that quartz crystal comes in a variety of colors... rose, green, blue, and red... "

"There is also a yellow or amber crystal. The colors are utilized primarily when healing is required. Those who are in balance, should utilize the clear crystal. Those who are weak, should use one that is like the red."

"I understand that red is very rare or difficult to obtain."

"That is so, but it does prolong the life."

"Was amber used in conjunction with quartz crystal in Atlantis, and if so, what are the benefits to be gained by combining these two materials?"

"The quartz is a more effective collector or calorimeter of light sources, including the light of the sun. The amber provides an effective tempering or shielding so that the energy may be dealt with. A small device which utilized a quartz lens with an amber final stage, made an effective light rod."

"In speaking of what is a crystal and what is not, where does amber fall in that classification?"

"Amber is a vibration of the vegetable kingdom. It has the peculiar quality that it does have an electrical characteristic. It has an optical characteristic, and therefore may be classified as a crystal."

"Specifically, how should crystals be cared for? Do they need to be energized periodically, such as exposing them to the sun for short periods of time or something of that nature?"

"The crystal must be kept clean, preferably free of oil and dirt. If it is to be washed, it should be with pure water or degreased with alcohol of a natural type and then rinsed with water and gently dried. Think of the crystal surface as you would the lens of a camera. A crystal must be energized, in that it must be exercised. We said exer, not exor. This is accomplished by exposing to sound vibrations and light, for as you have been instructed, without sound, the light is not properly activated within."

"What type of sound, David? Something that would be appealing to the individual involved?"

All sounds are unappealing to some individuals somewhere. The crystal looks for vibrations. Those produced by the percussion or wood instruments, those produced by the voice, those of the wind instruments. The stringed instrument is less effective in activating the crystal, with the exception of the harp, and in its total quality, it does have some effect but is not as great as the percussion. Ideally, the crystal should be placed upon a large hard surface such as a rock -- one that can transmit the vibrations of sound to the crystal. Simultaneously, it should be exposed to the light of the sun. When the crystal is thus activated, some of the energy of the sun will remain within for extended periods of time."

"Could the crystal also be placed upon wood to energize it?"

"Not advisable. Wood is a dampening unit. While it may vibrate in a thin hard shell, it would not vibrate in harmony with the crystal except in extraordinary hard woods with very smooth finishes."

"How do heat, pressure, and friction affect crystals?"

"Heat and friction and mechanical distortion produce the same effect as the combination of sound and light, only in a distorted manner."

"Can clear crystals be changed in some manner to alter their polarity or molecular structure to reflect and refract the seven color rays? In other words, can one somehow use a clear crystal to perform in the same manner that a green or red crystal might be used?"

"The clear crystal may be irradiated and caused to change its primary color, thus turning it into a green or red or blue."


"Laser treatment will cause a change. Radioactive substances and bombardment causes change. The crystal also may be faceted in such a manner as to separate light into its component parts."

"Could change be accomplished with focusing of the mind?"

"Not within the physical realm. Remember that a crystal is a bi-dimensional element in that the photons are bi-dimensional. The crystal in itself, is uni-dimensional, and therefore, may not make such a violation of the laws of physics."

"Would the use of a specific crystal used during trance sessions, enhance the energy levels when Richard is doing this channeling work?"

"Had this been so, we would have advised you. Energy remains a constant throughout your universe. To move energy from one place to another requires a balance, a compensation. When you allow energy transfers, bi or tri-dimensionally or septi-dimensionally, if you will, for each plane may be thought of as a separate dimension... when multi-dimensional occurrences are in operation, the energy that is transferred between them must be made balanced. A crystal may transform one type of energy into another, but energy that is not, cannot become."

"Concerning those light enclosures in Atlantis... if we were to duplicate something similar today, would it have to be made from natural gemstone, or could it be constructed from something synthetic?"

"Synthetic jewel, is that whereof you speak?"

"Yes, something to that effect -- like stained glass or... "

"You are capable within your society of making a crystalline substance. The refraction index must be similar to crystal. Therefore, glass and plastic are not acceptable, but you are capable of putting together within your technology, and within the term reasonable cost."

"Are the crystals that are grown from salt tanks considered valid crystal for use in healing?"

"Let us think first of a crystal as being a true crystal, functional in energy conversion, rather than employing the term healing. Any of the crystals that are grown can be energized or charged or activated. It depends upon the impurities present. Do you comprehend?"

"Yes, so one could buy salt crystals or a particular type of salt substance and grow a purple crystal and use that as an energy exchange."

"Only if the crystal is clear."

"We suspect that crystals will soon be difficult to obtain in this country because our mined supplies are rapidly being exported. Do you have any comments on this subject?"

Like any substance that comes from the earth, all things will be depleted in time. That which is grown as crystal, may be a suitable replacement, but we remind one and all that when the need for the great crystal came, it was not necessary to search the world or the earth."

"I'm wondering... since the great crystal was so large and obviously perfect in clarity, was it a manifestation?"

"Is not all matter a manifestation?"

"Well, yes. However, I was thinking beyond the idea of the natural physical manifestation or taking a crystal from the earth."

"The earth no longer contains a crystal of that size.

"Then it did at one time?"

"We deem it advisable to discuss no further this matter. Suffice that there is not upon this plane a crystal of such size above or beneath the earth."

Do you live in a mobile home? If so, you may wish to consider these words of David...

"Those who would dwell within the metal boxes that you do call homes, would be well advised to know that we find no harmonious balance of energy possible within these devices. We find them detrimental to spiritual well-being and balanced consciousness. We are speaking of that type that you term a trailer... mobile, the metallic buildings. They are metal beneath and metal above and metal about. That which has the concrete upon the earth is more suitable. That which has wood beneath the feet, even upon the concrete, is more suitable. You are creatures of vibration. The disharmonious vibration of the metallic buildings is like a discordant bell."

Crystal Sources

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