Light Messenger

Volume 4, Chapter 3


"Your will is the creator of your tomorrows." ...from the guides

At Last... The Fountain Of Youth!

Ponce de Leon looked for it. The city of Saint Augustine, Florida, claims it. The rich and the vain spend millions attempting to buy it. The young take it for granted. The wrinkled and middle-aged wish for it. The old and feeble fondly remember it. The legends of the Masters and Great Ones speak of it... and still it remains illusive, as though it is just an impossible dream.

From the infinite font of spiritual wisdom, once again the waters of practical knowledge stream forth. Yes, you can grow young again! Yes, you can restore missing limbs and recreate smooth unwrinkled skin! Yes, it is possible to double your expected life span! If your response is one of disbelief, then you will probably never find the mystical fountain of youth which lies hidden within. But... if you are a seeker who dares to challenge the unknown depths by plunging to the source of the wellspring, then you can indeed experience the rejuvenation of which we speak!

While you, the readers, have continually written of your appreciation for the practical guidance which is provided in the Messenger, we, the scribes, have often expressed our own awe for the quality of the material. This issue particularly, swells our hearts, for the veritable shower it brings. For those who partake and achieve results, please write to us so that we can share your stories in the Messenger. Your accomplishments will serve as inspiration to those who doubt.

Bits & Pieces

Note From The Editor: You will find only one message from the Brotherhood Of Light in this issue. This, per our instructions from the Brotherhood, was done for two reasons: 1. The Brotherhood felt that the subject matter should not be changed in midstream. 2. They wanted us to use more of the material which had been dictated by our Guides.

From an editing standpoint, this issue was extremely difficult to organize and present since it entailed endless sifting through volumes of material and having to make many choices as to what should and should not be included in the limited space available. As is always the case, there just wasn't enough room to include all the information regarding the subjects that were discussed. Perhaps you may have noticed that we have been limiting the Messengers to nine sheets of paper. That is because our automatic staplers do not work efficiently when we attempt to overload them. P.S. nine is a good number for completion anyway.

NOTE: This message was intended for the April, 1981, issue, but was withheld due to limited space in that edition.

Messenger III - Rejuvenation (March 26,1981)

"Greetings... greetings from the Brotherhood!

We seek to discuss the concept of rejuvenation. We speak of rejuvenating the physical form; the soul and astral body require no rejuvenation. But what is this thing, this rejuvenation, that it is possible to perform on the physical body? Can the clock be turned backward? Can the body grow young again? Can that which no longer exists be replaced? And if these things can be, can they be done by people of consciousness in great numbers, or is this a talent reserved for the Masters alone?

Let us comprehend that in health and healing when the laws and principles are properly applied, the effect of aging, of time, is diminished and for practical purpose, suspended or arrested. The physical form is not required to age in such an accelerated manner as it does now, nor is the life span upon this plane required to be as short a period of time. We say to you, that there is no reason that the length or span of time upon this plane should not be doubled, for indeed, it was this and greater in yet a time now distant in the past. The pattern of the wheel, the cycle of returning, is accentuated in the severity by short periods or lifetimes. Where greater periods of time are possible, those patterns of learning are more rapidly experienced.

The process of extending is an erroneous approach to the idea. It is instead, the process of allowing. The first element required in rejuvenation or allowing the physical form to extend itself, is to eliminate the concept of limitation. It is written in form, in your writings, that three score and ten are the years of man; and thus, the life expectancy of man is three score and ten, for you have believed this thing and it is given unto you in accordance with your belief. All things have their limit. Those things which are under the domain of time in a single continuous lifetime, may well be doubled if first you accept and comprehend that this may be so -- if you remove the limitation from your consciousness that at three score and ten you should cease to exist as a physical being. This does not alter the conditions that exist, the aging factors that are present today, but it does prevent additional factors from being added to the physical form.

You must meditate and dwell upon the concept of yourself leading a fulfilling and meaningful existence in years beyond your comprehension. If we say to you today, of the age of man, what is the consciousness like when man is eighty years old? And... you will tell us that this individual is seldom functional in our society and is usually one who is cared for, has become a nuisance, and is waiting to die. If these things you believe of four score years, then how could your concepts hold in your mind's eye, the image of a purposeful existence at six and seven and eight score? Curiously, man seeks immortality and consciously rejects the very thing that gives him more of a view of that which he seeks. As it is in your mind, so it is in your world. As you conceive the picture in your consciousness, so the manifestation is brought into being.

As the mind is opened, the practices of health brought forward, the concepts of healing implemented, it only requires the final concept of rejuvenation to establish the physical form. For all of the rites that you term puberty rites, have their memory in ancient time in the crystallization of the physical form's existence; and these were developed at a time when growth seemed to have reached its maximum point. We are speaking here, of fixing the physical structure, of causing the cells of the body to continually function without a built in time clock limit... or where a limit exists, it is so far beyond present comprehension that it need not be of concern for this generation.

To rid the physical form totally of all past elements that have produced aging to this point in time, the physical form or the area involved must be dematerialized and rematerialized through the power of the consciousness, the crystal, the light, and the sound.

The dematerialization of the physical form may occur in total -- that is the entire physical form or in part -- a particular segment. It is accomplished through the mind and is aided by the amplification or accentuation of the auric field energy through light, sound, and crystal, brought together at the proper time for such things. Once each year, the time is most propitious for such a thing, and once each month, it is possible.

The complexity here, is the requirement and the ability to focus the mind. We have given you in the past, in many ways, directions and instructions regarding the need to meditate -- to learn to bring the mind, the super-consciousness, and the soul, into a common communion. This, the majority seldom do as a continuous element. Without the discipline and training produced by this meditation, it is difficult to explain the focusing of the mind that is required to alter the physical structure of self. For the moment, comprehend that it may be done, and it is, as it might be said, but a thought away.

The crystal becomes a catalyst in the transformation. The sound allows the altering of the molecular structure of the physical form. The light, along with the sound, helps to activate the crystal, and in sense, it might be said, that the crystal when properly exposed to sound and light, becomes a magnifier or amplifier of consciousness to cause the dematerialization and rematerialization of the physical form. When this concept is held, with the form being rematerialized in its most perfect state, it no longer contains the aging element or characteristics of the cells of your body. Those organs and limbs which are missing may be activated and replaced if there are any fragments of the original present. There must be a cellular memory in order for regeneration to occur. And here, we are speaking of the slow process of gradual growth and development to replace that which is missing.

The primary element of rejuvenation is for the form. However, it may serve the consciousness if you choose not to alter the form itself. It is a matter of place, time, and the accessory devices or tools. This was one of the functions of the great crystal for even in the ancient time, man did forget his near immortality, and his lifestyle would often produce excessive wear upon the physical form, so the technique was developed.

The discussion of the particulars of the crystal, the time choice, and these other myriad matters, are lengthy and complex. We will give these, more preferably through the Guides, at yet another time; but if you would prepare for this stage, then understand the need for the twofold meditation as the day does begin and as it does end.

It is not required that the form exist for any specific period of time. It is capable. Time does not exist. You have created it. You have become its servant. Aging is one of those illusions that this servant produces.

Perhaps yet, within your lifetimes, you shall practice rejuvenation; and if you do, it shall surely take place within your lifetime, that it becomes a wide spread matter. Be as you will, for you are what you have willed! That is all from the Brotherhood at this time."

Conversations with David

Tony Hannock wrote all the way from Australia with a question which precipitated the beginning of this conversation section. The question: How does one's stars affect the crystal that one would need for healing or being healed?"

"The effect of healing of the crystal is influenced only slightly by the stars of the individual. They are used... the stars and their ruling crystals are used to maintain balance and provide energy. When disease occurs, depending upon the nature or area affected, then the appropriate crystal will be employed. You utilize seven colors and you have twelve signs of the zodiac, but color is an arbitrary designation. Your seven colors of the spectrum exist in the same manner that the seven astral planes exist. Each has its place, but the line of demarcation is not clearly indicated. The color of the spectrum changes slowly from one color to another."

"In dealing with the seven energy points of the body and the seven colors associated with them, do they also reflect a very gradual change?"

"The seven points of the body are seven specific points, but they are definitely influenced in other areas. Place your hand upon the heart chakra please... now place it one half the distance from the heart chakra and the throat chakra. Which chakra is now influenced?"

"That's a good question. I don't know."

"If you are exactly equidistant, then they both are equal. If you are 30% of the way from the throat and 70% distant from the heart, then the heart shall receive 30% of the energy and the throat 70%. No thing is absolute. If the color utilized in that point was the color of the throat or heart, it would be appropriate, but the color that is between would be more appropriate."

"Well, in that particular instance then, it would be turquoise, wouldn't it?"

"That is correct, but we are speaking here of the blending of color. So it is, even in the astrological sense or astronomical. You question as to the nature of the birthstone; and yet, it is not difficult to follow the spectrum of color. You begin and you end with the color."

"Do you mean that beginning with Aries, we would start with the color red?"

"That is correct."

"Following the zodiac, when we reach the end of violet, do we start over again with a different shade or...?"

"That is not correct. The color of the zodiac begins with red and ends with violet."

"How do we stretch those seven colors out, or how do we know where to stretch them across the twelve signs of the zodiac? Is that the way it's done?"

"They are stretched, as you term it, or more appropriately, spread upon the spectrum.

"So that means then, that a portion of the sign of Taurus will also be red and so on around the wheel."

"Red is not one color, but as it makes its transition from red to orange to yellow, there are colors in between. There are shades that fall within. There are twelve, there are seven, the difference is five. It is a mathematical riddle."

"If one examined the spectrum of light from the standpoint of wavelengths and angstroms, could he take the wavelength of light in angstroms and then compare that to the chart of degrees from 0 to 360, Aries through Pisces?"

"That is correct."

"So each degree would relate to a different wavelength of light, a different angstrom of light."

"That is so."

"One could find the degree of his natal Sun in the birth chart, then locate the corresponding color for that degree and ascertain the color of his birthstone. Is that correct?"

"A stone that is as close to that as is possible."

"It could be determined where each angstrom of the degree is... each sign. Then one could extrapolate or interpolate between them very easily. If Aries is X number of angstroms and Taurus is X number of angstroms, one could... what's the wavelength of each astrological sign?"

"Begin with your spectrum and divide the wavelength by twelve and by 360. And when you have completed, you will comprehend that in truth, there is a different frequency vibration wavelength for each degree of the zodiac. There is a stone which you have seen in recent time which is multi-colored and does offer a comparison of the crossover of one sign to another, that stone being the tourmaline."

"And tourmalines come in a variety of colors don't they?"

"That is correct, and multi-color within a single stone."

"I have some questions in reference to the Message given about rejuvenation. When the Messenger spoke of the proper timing for rejuvenation to occur, was he referring to the individual's birthday, a solar return chart, or something else?"

"There are several periods each year, one being the time of the solar return, another being the time when the Sun is upon the ascendant. Other elements are dealt as the planets are in line with the respective natal positions."

"By that, do you mean when the transiting Moon conjuncts the natal Moon, Venus conjuncts Venus, etc.?"

"That is correct, if appropriate. If there is a difficulty that is foreshadowed by a difficult aspect, then one would look for a time when aspects were favorable."

"The Messenger also mentioned a time each month. Would that be when the transiting Moon conjuncts the natal Sun?"

"It is both when the Moon is conjunct the Sun, and when the Moon is conjunct the ascendant."

"So that's twice each month then."

"When it conjuncts the Sun, it is the point of determination of the mind. When it is conjunct the ascendant, it is the point of action."

"But also, in addition to that, you are saying that when other planets conjunct themselves or when there are very favorable aspects in the chart, those are also propitious times. Is that correct?"

"That is correct."

"Is there any specific time of day which one should use to affect the rejuvenation? Should one use the exact moment when the astrological aspects are occurring, noon, or perhaps another time?"

"What difference does the time of day matter? It is when the event occurs, regardless of how you view it with your clock."

"Well, I am thinking of the light factor, because the Messenger said that light is of primary importance, and I assumed that he meant the light of the Sun. That is not correct?"

"That is correct; however, one must be in the mental state of preparation in order to utilize the light."

"I don't fully comprehend your answer David."

"There are many steps in the rejuvenation process. The mind must be focused. The visualization must be accomplished. You begin your meditation at the time that the energies are the strongest. You utilize the light when it appears following that point... if it is not already present."

"In the act of rejuvenation, how should the sound be employed? Would a recording suffice, or could one ring bells or play a flute himself?"

"The answer to all of these is the affirmative."

"What would be the ideal way to employ sound?"

"It varies with each individual. The most idealistic is when it emanates from the individual."

"Oh, such as a chant or an OM or something of that nature?"

"That is correct, but all forms may be utilized."

"Should all of the elements of rejuvenation occur simultaneously -- the sound, the focusing of the mind, the use of the crystals, the light?"

"That is not correct. They occur sequentially. They may occur simultaneously, but it is not considered possible to focus the mind upon the production of sound and simultaneously focus the mind upon the task at hand. Sound precedes all. The mind, stilled by sound, may then create that which is crystallized by light."

"Specifically then, if a person wished to let's say, clear a heart condition, rejuvenate his heart, he would: first determine the correct time, then employ the sound, focus the mind, and then apply the crystal while lying in the sun, letting the sun take its course of action?"

"That is a possible sequence.

"Well, could you give us the ideal sequence if that's not the best?"

"There is no ideal."

"Is the place important?"

"It is."

"And where would be the optimum place? I suppose on top of a mountain, but if that were not possible, where?"

"At a point of energy."

"Are you speaking of one of the grid lines of the earth?"

"That is not of what we speak. A point which is enhanced by being the same longitude and latitude as a planet or star."

"Just any planet or star, or those that correlate with the native's birth chart?"

"It is more advisable that it be harmonious with the native."

"So therefore, a solar return chart which gives an optimum location for the time of the Sun's return to its natal position, would show the best place to be at that time. Is that correct?"

"That is not correct. That would be one consideration. It might be found that of the major stars, that it, in its position, may coincide with a point on earth that you may reach."

"When you say major stars, are you speaking of the planets?"

"We are speaking of the stars. When the star Sirius is available and you may be in that place where its energy is magnified to the greatest degree, and if you are also of the sign of the crab and you have chosen the time in accordance therefore, then would the transmutation occur most rapidly."

"Well, this is fascinating information David, because I think very often, we overlook the stars' positions in our charts. From what you are saying, I would assume that they are much more important than we have given them credit for."

"They are points of energy. They are points of intensification. That which is influenced is magnified, be it positive or negative in its manifestation."

"That means if a planet in the birth chart is conjunct a star at the time of birth, that the star will magnify or intensify the planet's energy then."

"That is correct."

"Specifically, what should the person visualize? If he is seeking a total rejuvenation, should he visualize each organ of the body, a picture of the whole body, the astral form, or what?"

"One must visualize themselves as they are and as they would have themselves be. The astral form is always in a state of perfection. It is the physical and its molecular atomic patterns that are disoriented. You must see yourself as you are! And you must see yourself improved, exalted, whole."

"If the individual were concentrating upon the rejuvenation of a specific organ, should he try to visualize that organ or see himself as you describe?"

"Either approach if the visualization is total. It is better however, to recognize the limit that that organ places upon the individual, and visualize the individual performing or living in a manner contradictory to those limits."

"How long does it take to accomplish the rejuvenation process?"

"What is time?"

"Well, since we live in this illusionary time, perhaps you could give us some idea... "

"There is no answer that fits the spectrum of man. For some, it will be the twinkling of an eye. For others, it will be a progressive improvement day by day over time as you term it."

"When the Brotherhood spoke of dematerialization and rematerialization, the picture came to my mind of actually seeing the body disappear entirely. Is this the way it really happens, or is it simply with the mind focus that this is accomplished?"

"For some, it will be one, and for others, it shall be the second. When the transformation is truly complete, the rejuvenation is total; there is a real dematerialization/rematerialization. You are the creators of your universe."

"I believe the Brotherhood said that there had to be some kind of cell memory in order to recreate. Does that mean that if a person were, let's say short and he wished to be taller, he could not accomplish it through this means?"

"That is correct."

"For rejuvenation purposes, would a crystal of the exact color of one's birth degree be more effective, or would a clear one suffice?"

"The clear one would not suffice. When you speak of the birth degree, of which do you speak?"

"I speak of the specific color which corresponds to that degree."

"To the degree of what?"

"I would assume where the Sun is, but I suppose it could be any major planet in the chart or the ascendant."

"The ascendant is more the point of life than the Sun. The point however that you wish for the rejuvenation, is the color for the degree that is opposite the Sun. If the Sun is at 13 degrees of Cancer, then that stone whose color is found at 13 degrees of Capricorn is the color to be employed."

"Why do we use the opposite color?"

"Your view of primary color is a reflection in relationship to the Sun. Both points in space are equally valid."

"If an individual wished to possess a birthstone which would be most beneficial and helpful to him, would it be wise for him to seek the color stone that is in the opposite position of his natal Sun?"

"That is not correct. For the general well-being, they would choose that of the Sun."

"But for rejuvenation purposes, he should use the opposite color?"

"You choose the point from which you emanate. You are emanating from, going to; therefore, the stone of rejuvenation is the point of emanation."

"What specific shape of crystal would be best to use for rejuvenation purposes, a diamond cut?"

"There are many shapes. It would be limiting to force one type."

"Would the different shapes be used for different purposes?"

"Elongated crystals would cover a greater area. Even raw crystals, unfaceted, are beneficial in place of no crystal."

"What were the ancient puberty rites that the Brotherhood spoke of?"

"Can you reiterate the manner in which it was given?"

"They gave a paragraph which l assumed related to fixing or focusing on keeping young, and they referred to ancient puberty rites."

"We need their words. Please reiterate that paragraph."

"As the mind is opened, the practices of health brought forward, the concepts of healing implemented, it only requires the final concept of rejuvenation to establish the physical form, for all of the rites that you term puberty rites have their memory in ancient time in the crystallization of the physical form's existence, and these... "

"The term of the puberty rites was used as an example. We are speaking here of the consciousness of a collective body producing upon an individual an action -- the crystallization of being. You become, as it were, a man or a woman at a certain time and a certain age or at the onset of certain biological functions. This is a pattern impressed upon you by society. It was not until more recent time, that your scientists did learn that the form did continue to grow and to form for many years beyond that which was termed puberty or the changing. It is the limitation of such concepts that changed the form to a limited time. It is the response of the system to the sociological pressure and belief. The collective belief, even as the collective consciousness, becomes a dominant influence in all of your acts of living."

"Could you give us a description as to the use of each primary color of gemstone? For example, beginning with the color red, for what types of healing should the red gemstone be employed, etc.?"

"Let us correct and eliminate the word healing. This creates confusion. The question is more appropriately: What is the purpose or use of a red stone with respect to the physiological system?"

"Yes, David. That is really my question."

"We do not mean to correct, but healing is not the primary purpose. It would not be necessary if the form were maintained in balance.

The red, as all colors, become complex in their nature. We do not mean to be vague, but we shall give you an example. The red is an energy producing color. It deals with the blood. It deals with the reproduction organs. More accurately, it deals with the adrenalin and the sexual glands of the respective sexes. It influences the liver to a degree, depending upon the malfunction, and may be used in the alleviation of a headache or certain discomforts of the upper cranial structure.

If you look at the astrological form of the rulership of the signs, not of the planets, but of the signs of the zodiac you will find the corresponding colors and their functions. As we did explain in the previous session, the color is dependent upon the point in the zodiac. The colors deal as you have previously understood them. The lower vibration, the red, being more physical in its nature, and the violet being more spiritual and affecting those portions of the self that are sensitive to things beyond the physical. While astrologically the violet would deal with the feet, it also becomes a control or a key factor in the spiritual self. This is due to the dual nature of the color, in that there are more than one violet... that which you can see and that which you do not. Even as in the beginning, the red also functions in this manner with the infrared and the red, the infrared representing the auric field about the body.

Blue is a color which is associated with the mental processes, and therefore, becomes a functional for the mind and neurological conditions.

The indigo is a link between the mind and higher self or super-consciousness, and represents the meditation state or the subconscious mind. It is not without its physical correspondence.

The green is a color of healing. It is an energy within, it is the refunctioning of the tissue and bone and organ.

The yellow and the orange represent the energies and life forces that are without and are brought within. Even as the sun does appear yellow to your eye, its energy brings life and health. Through the power of the light of the sun, chemical conversions occur within the body that are vital to the well-being of the physical form. We could speak of long periods of time regarding the different colors and we would but touch the surface of the matter. Do you comprehend?"

"Yes, David. While you have said something about each of the primary colors, I would really like more specific information. You listed some organs, etc. relating to the first color, but I would also like that information for each of the other primary colors. I know there are a lot of books on this subject, but they are very contradictory."

"If you prepare a list of the disease and the area it is localized in, we shall tell you the color, and if you shall name the gland or organ, we shall tell you the color that it responds to."

Note To Readers: This is your opportunity to get involved. Rather than presenting a long detailed list here, we invite you to respond. Is there an organ, illness, or disease for which you desire this information? If so, please let us know and we will publish David's answer.

Webmasters Note: Before submitting your question on this topic, please read the following few newsletters to see if it has been answered already.

Question: Bernard Rutkowski who lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, asks: "During one of my initial meditations a few years ago, I perceived a ringing in my ears and ever since then, I still hear this ringing type noise whenever I am in the silence. I really don't think that it's the cosmic sound current or music of the spheres or any of that. I think it's something else. Any advice would be appreciated."

"The ringing in the ear as described, is medically known as tinnitus. It is considered to be a malfunction of the nerve and considered incurable from a medical viewpoint. It is treated by producing a noise that essentially masks the sound out.

It is also experienced by many who seek communication with their Guide or who function as a channel, and becomes a present indicator during meditation that the Guide is present and is in communion with the individual. That is not to say, that one who does not hear the sound, is not in communication, but rather that those who do hear it, know for certain that they are communicating.

It is common during meditation and is often mistaken for the music of the spheres or the Holy Nahd, the sound of the inner universe. Suffice to say, that he who has listened to the heartbeat of the universe has no question as to from whence that sound emanates, nor what its nature is. The ringing in the ear is also associated with an increase or elevation of blood pressure. This is not uncommon during periods of intense meditation."

More On Crystals

NOTE: We present here, some additional excerpts from David dealing with specific shapes and generalities of crystals. This information was given with demonstrations using various crystals in our possession. Since many of you undoubtedly own raw crystals taken from natural formations, we wish to bring one important fact to your attention. That is, crystals must be totally clear for transmutation of light. If one end is cloudy, as is often the case when they have been broken from the mother cluster, they will be functional for the transmutation of sound only.

"Let us preface by what we term a crystal not in material, but in shape and form. We speak here of that which occurs in natural formation -- that which is provided in a natural manner or is modified in such a way as to enhance the natural form, as in the case of the diamond. There is a natural form to each crystal; there is a man-made form that can be created from that. The use of a crystal is dependent upon the individual's need."

"Let us recognize that the more facets that are present, the more complex the transmutation of sound and light becomes -- not difficult, but complex. You may facet and create in a cubic form, all things. You may draw an infinite number of triangles within a circle. The greater the number, the more circular does their outer perimeter appear. Consider that a circle may be nothing more than an infinite number of pyramids. Then consider that faceting in greater numbers often produces the visual effect of the whole. The whole is the sum of its parts. The number of facets that is about a stone should be a number of harmony or should be so great that there is no question."

"We prefer the emerald cut or the marquis or the elongated multifaceted form for healing, especially so because of the wider area of energy dispersion, but all crystals are functional, the color being as important as the shape."

"One would not choose a crystal for sound that was cut or hung in such a manner that it could not resonate. One would not choose one for light whose mounting would not allow light to pass through. Remember that a crystal to be used for light is not to be drilled. No hole may enter a crystal for light."

"Let each home contain one natural crystal form of the multifaceted or multi crystal clusters. Let it be the cornerstone, as it were, of the house... placed centrally to the house, preferably above, not within the visible range, in a fixture or someplace that is convenient. Let this be the focal point for transmuting negative energy that would approach a dwelling. You may charge this crystal with your mind. You may cause it to attract and dissipate and neutralize that energy which is not harmonious to yourself. And if it should shatter, recognize that you are in grave danger."

Unfaceted, Smooth Round & Spherical Shapes: "We do not consider the cutting of the crystal in the round or spherical shape to be beneficial for the transmission of light, its alteration or transmutation, nor do we consider this desirable from the element of sound."

Four Sided Shapes: "With four sides, you have the possibility of the square, the rhomboid, the rectangle, and there is yet another. The word we do not know."

"This, I believe, is the rhomboid or rhombic form. It is not suitable for the individual, but is suitable for a room or a house. As it contains fewer faces and becomes more massive in size, it is more suitable for dealing with lower entities that often afflict the earth and dwellings."

"A small crystal of the rhombic form within the pocket or pocketbook, is helpful for balancing the energies about one."

Pyramid & Emerald Shapes: "The many shapes of the crystals are utilized to promote the projection or reception. That which you term the pyramid is useful for reception, primarily for a meditative state. That which you term the emerald in its form, may be used for both."

Double Pyramid: "You have no point of entry. It would appear more a weapon than a tool. If one could suspend it from about with a band of silver in the central region then one would have an energy unit useful for sound and meditation, primarily for meditation sound."

Elongated Shapes: "Let us, for the moment, consider the problem of dealing with large quantities of negative sound. A crystal that was in the rectangular or parallelogram... that which is elongated and preferably natural or pointed on the end, hung about the neck, is an effective transmutation element for sound. If it is six or seven sided, that is better, but the four sided would not be without value.

The same, applied over a small wound in the light, would not be placed flat to the wound, but one of the face edges. This is the face edge (referring to one of the sharp edges on an elongated natural crystal), as are any of the point edges, the knife edges, of the elongated form. If I were to place a cut upon the tissue, like so, I would then place the crystal at that point to speed or enhance the healing. This piece would function for sound or for minor injuries, but is not of the most desired shape. The length disperses the energy over a broader area."

Diamond Cut Shapes: "We have said the diamond is ideal for transmission and reception. That which is highly focused, such as the diamond cut, is better used for the complexity of the mind. That which is similar to the diamond cut, is complex like the mind, and therefore is useful for mental transmutation, as well as for light."

"With this, the diamond faceted, I may cross dimensions, I may draw from the planes, I may control the mind, the light, and the sound. When it is properly used (David held the diamond cut crystal at the throat chakra and the voice took on a hypnotic quality), the crystal magnifies the power that is present in all things. It allows me to link your consciousness with my consciousness, your soul with mine in a common vibratory link.

Consider the jewel in the forehead of the Buddha (David held the diamond cut crystal at the brow chakra). It represents the point of illumination. It represents the transmittal of knowledge. See in your mind's eye, the light of the sun entering within the broad surface of the crystal and bouncing from facet to facet as if they were mirrors, until finally in one great surge of energy, the light does emanate from the point and illumes that which it touches."

Heart & Pear Shapes: "If they are faceted, it is well. The sound is functional in one that is not, but the energy transmutation is not."

Other Faceted Shapes: "If one were to shape a crystal in the form of an organ that was troubled, it would aid in the mental focus, though it would not always be the most attractive form."

Birthstone Color Wheel

Visible spectrum begins with very dark red at 7550 angstroms
Visible spectrum ends with deep violet at 3950 angstroms
Center of the visible spectrum is 5550 angstroms and falls at 20' Libra

Each Sign Of The Zodiac = 300 Angstroms
1 Degree = 10 Angstroms

Birthstone Color Wheel

To Find Your True Birthstone Color: Convert the Sun's position in your natal chart to angstroms and compare to the color wheel. Remember, the color lines shown here indicate the center range of each primary color ray. One should allow for blending of colors.

"One day, you shall create light with sound in a crystal." ...from the guides

Copyright by Richard Rebeck, Peggy Steinberg, Salvatore Cacciola