Light Messenger

Volume 4, Chapter 4

"The consciousness of man is oft encased in the ice of his own framework of reference.
Mental effort often causes a thawing and a realization."
... from the guides.

"The King Is Dead, Long Live The Kings!"

"And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars...," so it was written. As this Light Messenger is being produced, it coincides with a very important astrological event. The solar eclipse on July 30th (1981) would not be so unusual in and of itself, but the simultaneous conjunction of Jupiter/Saturn, long held to be the "sign of the Kings", adds significant color to the drama in the heavens. This very special planetary configuration forms the backdrop for an important point in the progress of man's sojourn upon the earth plane, and it is no accident that the Brotherhood chose this timing to release and clarify the concepts which have been veiled by theology for so long. Man's falsely created "King of the Universe" is finally being dethroned in favor of his rightful heirs.

We are aware that the script you are about to read will be quite impactive. The Messenger's delivery is direct and wastes no time with euphuistic dialogue. Some readers will undoubtedly be quick to judge, proclaiming that the channel has gone awry or that it is the work of the devil. Others (and hopefully most) will intuitively know and understand as the light of recognition dawns clearly in their consciousness. Without further fanfare, we raise the curtain on the greatest show on earth!

Bits & Pieces

It isn't often that we feel inclined to plug other publications in the Messenger, but recently some very interesting material came into our awareness spectrum. As long time readers know, we have often written of the need to be involved and of our duties and responsibilities as world citizens. Now, a new light worker comes to our attention, and he is working in a most unusual way. His name is Robert White and he produces the "Duck Book". Yes, that's right, it is called the "Duck Book". Feeling great excitement about Robert White's work, we sought David's comments for verification. These were his words: "Light workers take many forms. He is but one of the more interesting forms."

If you are interested in working to change some of the political/sociological aspects of our country, then you may want to send for the "Duck Book". One word of caution however... Do not expect to receive a "spiritual" publication! The "Duck Book" is extremely earthy, but delightfully humorous, while conveying a very serious message.

Robert White charges $10.00 for a lifetime subscription (that's his life, not yours). His address is: Robert White - P.O. Box 1928, Cocoa, FL 32922

Webmasters Note: The above information may be out of date and the publication may not now be available. Please let me know any details you may discover.

Messenger I - We Are God! (July 12, 1981)

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

We are enjoined to share with you an understanding of the nature of man, of the Soul, of beings of all dimensions, the dimensions themselves, the universes, the planes, and last but not least, the concept of the Divine Source. It is not our desire to change, or to force a change, in the belief or consciousness of any being. If each who reads these words will examine them carefully within their heart without prejudice, they may come to recognize the truth that resides within, for all things that we may tell you, in the consciousness of consciousness, you already know.

Perhaps we shall begin from the present or the opposite end of the beginning. What is most difficult, is dealing with the concept of the personal man created image of God. It is written that you are gods. The Teachers have told you; and yet, you treat the concept of Godhood as an alien and foreign thing from yourself. Those whose minds are closed shall read no further, but those who are true seekers of light shall listen well.

There is no God as you have conceived him. There is no personal individual consciousness deciding upon the course of history and the fates of men, no force determining who shall live and who shall die, no consciousness hearing the plea of the hungry and the poor, and the oppressed and the diseased. These are the difficult truths.

But man says, that if there be no God as we conceive him, then what is man, and from whence did he come, and where does he go? In the sense of an Absolute Idea or Principle of God... in the idea of the existence of a Force that brought all worlds into manifestation, we say to you, if that be God, then truly a God there is!

What is the purpose of life? From what do you come, and to where do you go? What is it you shall accomplish? Does obedience to the laws of one religion or the belief oriented salvation of another, represent the end all of your existence upon this plane? Shall the physical form be greater in its purpose than the spiritual? Is man's miniscule lifetime to be counted for more than the millennia and aeons of life on the spiritual planes? All manner of creation represents an experiment, an idea, an education, a learning process.

Man, it is said, contains the power of the universe within him. Is that within his physical form, or is it within his Soul? And if it be within his Soul, then where does his Soul reside? Where is the Soul that you may take it and know of it? You have been told that the Guides cannot conceive of the time when there were not Souls, even though they remember the creation of the universe. That is so. The Soul is a dweller in a dimension that is not easily comprehended in this plane, in this reality, with the limitations of the physical self... But we are considering things in the improper order, for the realm of the Soul is the first home and the primary or primordial birth place. It is the dimension from which we emanate.

There is no god as a separate thinking conscious entity! God is a conscious thinking entity, but it does not conceive of itself as God or as supreme. Understand and comprehend that you, man collectively and all the souls of all the universes, are God.

Within you, lies all the power needed to create any reality. You are creating universes; you are manifesting yourselves in those universes in life forms in order to experience every possible creation of thought. In order to be a God, one must have all knowledge of all things past and present and future, but the future is not, so it may not be known. But a God is incomplete, so it strives to know the future until such time that future will repeat the past.

There is the realm of spirit... but let us return to the beginning, for in the beginning, that which cannot exist existed. A pure Thought existed in no space. There was no dimension; there was no space; there was only the Thought and nothingness. In your modern science, the concept of a black hole would be similar.

The Thought that was, desired knowledge and experience and manifested itself into many particles much as a cell organism does divide itself into many duplicate elements. And even as a cell, there is no original that is identifiable, so in the case of the Thought of Consciousness, it divided. It became many, and the many became the occupants of the world of spirit. And in the Collective Consciousness, the ideas and truths which brought reality into being were shared within the Collective Minds of Consciousness that existed that had been brought into original manifestation.

The question is still unfinished as to the nature of the Soul. It is not the ideal choice of words, yet it offers the only convenient vehicle. The Soul shall be the term we employ for all concepts of consciousness that are capable of acting independent of one another, but the Soul does not dwell in this physical plane dimension alone. The Soul is multidimensional at the same time.

To comprehend dimension, let us consider the microcosm/macrocosm concept that you have evolved in the past. You are aware of the room in which you exist. You are aware of its limitations... the walls, the floor the ceiling... these all limit you, but this is because your physical form is of the same vibratory rate as your surrounding. If your physical self and your organs of perception were capable of operating at five or ten times the vibratory frequency of the room about you, that room would begin to diminish and would appear to be less solid. You see the walls, but you do not see the air that is between you and the wall. You feel the gravity, but you do not see it. You are cognizant of many things that you cannot clearly recognize and identify. You know that your lamps are lit with electricity, yet you have never seen the electron flowing through the wire.

In the microcosm/macrocosm, each atom within your sphere of activity may be considered to be another world. Perhaps in a manner of speaking, Earth is but an electron around the Sun proton. If we took the concept of a world existing for each atom in the room, the number would approach infinity; and yet, one might say that those worlds occupy the same time/space continuum that you did.

Your physical forms are atomically constructed. There are countless numbers of atoms within your forms, and if each had its worlds, your mind can begin to comprehend the complexities of multidimensional existences. If each atom within your being hosted its electrons as planetary elements, it could be said that all of those dimensions and universes coexisted in the same time and space. If we now take the human form as a multistructured universe and multidimensional, and we recognize that there is a consciousness that is aware of all elements within... (the brain within your physical form is aware of every change within the body), it becomes the consciousness that exists as a result of the total energies brought together.

The souls of the universes are the body that is God, but God is not without the souls in collective concert.

Just as the cells of your tissue live and operate in harmony under the guidance of the physical form, they are yet capable of independent action and may grow outside the physical form and continue. If we may extend the analogy of microcosm/macrocosm and add to it a dimension that is not known where things are equal in size perhaps, but then dimensions have no yardsticks one to another... But the realm of spirit is not the world of physical, or is it perhaps, a world upon an atom in your being, or more appropriate, you are in your physical, an atom within the Consciousness of Self. These complexities twist the human mind to the point where the thought is incomprehensible.

There are dimensions, universes, whose laws are different, that are in the same place, with no twisting of the word. So it is possible that in a time, that this room of this house in this geographic latitude, may some point in time coincide with another dimension, so that leaving this room, one would enter into another world other than that which you believe yourselves to be in at this time.

Man in concert, in collective action, forms a collective consciousness, and therefore is more powerful. The universe is self-created; it is a creation of the Soul as a plane of expression and experience. First the act of creation, and then the placement of self upon this creation.

The Soul is in all dimensions, but there is one point which is the realm of spirit, the realm of the astral, as we have spoken in the past. From this point, we may reach all other points in all times without apparent delay. If you reach down and touch the foot, an appreciable time has elapsed as you travel to the foot. Yet, if the mind senses the foot, it is an instantaneous thing. It has a time element, but it is insignificant by comparison.

From the beginning of nothingness, there was no space; there was nothingness. But in that time, there was only one -- the Thought, the Consciousness. We are that Consciousness... All Of Us! The world is a projection of ourselves, our minds. It was our theater of expression -- universe upon universe, and then we chose to dwell in a physical form and experience these universes.

If man were to manifest directly upon this plane, he would learn little, for he would be cognizant of his own nature and power. Here, he must learn from the beginning, climbing upward. In his success, man has forgotten his Soul; he has forgotten that he is part of the Energy that brought this universe into manifestation, that he is God! And in his ignorance, man has created gods to worship and to pray to. You pray but to yourselves; you may reach into the collective knowledge that is all of mankind for wisdom and understanding and learning.

All beings... those whom you term Angels, the Souls that have become men, the Brotherhood, the Hierarchy of many levels... are all part of that Original Energy or are children of the same. Just as your consciousness in the Soul Form may operate more than one form in one dimension simultaneously, so you shall again in the future, produce many parts of the self that in theory shall one day merge.

As man becomes aware again of his own beginning, he seeks the rejoining, the merging, the reunification of Self. The purpose of life is to learn. We learn through all experience -- both that which is termed good and that which is termed evil."

Healing With Crystals

In the June issue, we asked you, the readers, to respond with questions pertaining to the healing of specific disorders. Only two conditions were inquired about, so we must assume that either you're not interested or you're all in perfect health and have no need of such information.


"That is the buildup of tissue, is it not? A color that is in the red/purple zone. One that is elongated in the rectangular form (David was referring to a crystal). Horizontally on a flat, in line with the deposits."

"If a person had cellulitis on the legs, for example, would he place the crystal horizontally on the legs?"

"That is correct. To be also employed with either natural sunlight or an ultraviolet source. Care must be taken to avoid burning."


"That is not an appropriate disease since the area of affliction must be treated. It is not as a bacterium which can be tracked and destroyed, for it concentrates in one area only. What you term cancer, you will soon learn is not a foreign matter.''

"Maybe you'd like to tell us what cancer is or is caused by."

"That is not appropriate. We have never interfered with your practitioners. You have a fragmentary knowledge of the cause of cancer, in as much as you know that it is caused by a malfunction of the cellular structure, primarily the presence of certain cells that are present throughout the life of an entity, that many of the cancers that afflict the human body are the result of a pancreatic failure -- the failure of the pancreas to produce a certain enzyme which inhibits the erratic nature of certain cells. This is one primary form of the disease you term cancer."

"What causes the pancreas to stop producing the enzyme in this case?"

"A myriad of malfunctions from dietary, to toxic, to neurological, and psychological, as well as hereditary factors and bacteriological diseases. One bacterial or viral infection that chose to settle in the area of the pancreas, could cause a temporary malfunction. A cancer would ensue. When the function was restored by natural time, the cancer action would cease an arrested case would occur, and the victim would be considered or declared arrested, I believe is the proper term your practitioners employ. It is the reactivation of the pancreas in healing, that causes the miraculous reduction in the presence of cancerous tissue in the body."

"What is the enzyme, David?"

"We do not know the name by which it is called."

Messenger II - Our Father... The Soul (July 16,1981)

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

There is much confusion that will result from the material we are providing. It is only natural that one should be confused by such matters. From the beginning of time, those Souls who have chosen to stay in the astral plane of the world of spirit... those Souls have sought to guide and communicate with their brothers and sisters who chose the experience of the physical world.

It was not realized in the beginning, how quickly and easily one will forget the origin, even on a subconscious level. One of the conditions of entering into this plane of existence, that was chosen and agreed upon by all, was that there would be no conscious awareness of that place from whence you emanated. So, in ignorance you enter this world and grow and learn within it, so that the experiences that you and your fellow travelers undergo become part of the total knowledge and education, the learning, the observation.

In seeking to help, and perhaps excessively so, those of the astral plane did descend to earth and communicate. They materialized a physical form that was used for a short period of time to communicate with members who were upon this plane. They were immediately Deified. It was found that this was not an advisable manner, though at times, the concept of deification was allowed in order to establish some mode of communication. When one of the spiritual plane, acting as a Guide, communicated to one of the physical plane by voice or by thought alone, still the deification process occurred. These became Gods that spoke to the chosen few.

Communication became difficult, almost impossible in a normal sense. Those of the physical world could not be told from whence they came until their consciousness was capable of dealing with it. Even today, we may not tell; and yet, by telling, we have not broken that need for those who are capable and ready to comprehend. For those Souls who have evolved through this mode of expression to the point of consciousness where they are capable of coexisting in consciousness, the words will be meaningful and comprehended. To those who have yet a journey in the physical sense, the words will be repugnant and misunderstood.

The Soul becomes like a Father Principle, and in millennia past, we tried to explain that factor. We utilized the concept of the Father, and it was but translated into God. Your Father, as it were, in the spiritual sense, is your Soul, and your consciousness is not your Soul. It is above you and yet part of you. You are as the toe is to the body, as compared to your Soul Self.

To answer the question that you posed but the Guide could not answer at this time, those of you who are present in this room are simultaneously existing in several planes. You are bearers of the light in many dimensions. It is a duplicate of this consciousness, but it is the same child of the same Soul. It is like a brother and sister, and yet different in that it is one with you.

The soul is, in effect, the lord of life; and if you required that which to worship, then you would better serve your own purpose by worshiping your own soul, for it in of itself, guides you through the paths that lead you to the experience you seek.

Life is not a burden, but an experience. The burden is an illusion. Consider this thing, that in the time of your life, you have seen joy and sorrow. There are those of us who work from the astral plane who have seen the joys and sorrows in one consciousness, of ten thousand of your years and millions of Souls through their trek.

There is no ending of the Soul; there is a returning! Even as you evolve and change within this life, so your consciousness returns to the Soul and becomes one with it. You, the individual, become one facet of the Soul's persona. Think of the Soul as a diamond, and each facet a different personality, a different consciousness that has been. It is an integrated self that has memory of that experience. We have said that you are actors upon the stage. Think of the actor in his many roles. Each of the personalities of a role is permanent upon the consciousness of the actor. He is none of these; and yet, the effect of all of them do form and shape his being and consciousness. We are what we have been; we will be what we can be.

We deem it necessary at this moment to provide the physical form with a temporary rest. We shall terminate directly without access to the Guide."

NOTE: At this point, we broke for a short intermission. When we resumed, Messenger 2 continued with a very interesting section dealing primarily with the time/space continuum. We, in our human frailty however, failed to engage the tape recorder, and did not discover our error until the session had ended. David informed us that Messenger 2 would not return and that the material had been subsequently lost from the standpoint of its unique delivery. On a succeeding evening, David attempted to recapture portions of the material, some of which is included in Conversations with David (this issue).

Messenger III - Understanding The Hierarchy Of Oneness (July 18,1981)

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

In our continuing attempt to more clearly explain the nature of being, let us once again return to the beginning.

Many forms or purposes of Spiritual Intelligence exist. You have, through your time, placed names upon many of these. The Guide is a specific form, trained to assist the soul consciousness that has evolved enough to listen. Not all Souls are qualified to guide; many have never chosen that road and therefore lack the training. They are, as it were, procreators of consciousness, without the ability to properly guide. Thus, the form of the Guide is a natural and required one.

We have that which you have termed Angelic Beings. These are Souls which have never taken physical form, nor generated soul consciousness manifestations as separate parts of self, but have rather chosen to learn through service. Thus, they have been classified as Angels. They serve, and in times past as we have sought to describe them, they were fit into categories that your societies could comprehend.

The role of Teachers and Masters is a natural one, with many of the Teachers, and hear us well on this, many of the Teachers are but soul consciousness. A true Master is one with his Soul. Many other forms of life, or consciousness, are creations of the Soul and are created for the purpose of knowing and learning. As the Soul chose to implant or to create a soul consciousness to occupy a physical form, many unique needs were required and met. The Soul is capable of materialization within your world. The soul consciousness requires a physical form, though if it be in unified communication and union with the Soul, it is also capable of materialization. Each soul consciousness is granted limited power-- power to utilize energies that brought this world into creation.

Because of the evolving theology, man as a soul consciousness, has ceased to seek communion and union with the Soul. Therefore, man has slowed the opportunity till this time, when once again we find the consciousness reaching forward and seeking the means and the road by which to unify with the Soul. Countless will say, 'How do I communicate? What is the secret?' Physical, mental, and spiritual balance, to the degree that is obtainable for you at the moment... belief and desire. We are speaking here of yourself.

Many elements operate which affect man, and in the past, we have spoken of things that some have found difficult to comprehend. We have utilized the term 'dark forces', and many have wondered of this negative or evil element. It is present. It is the perverted energy of the soul consciousness, giving birth to yet other creations, for even as the Soul does create, so may the soul consciousness create elementals and other forms of energy consciousness.

To commune with the Soul is to commune with one's self, with the inner self, with the voice within. And if it is a sincere communion, if the desire is strong, the Soul will respond.

We must advise that the physical form has reached an absolute limit. We therefore, must terminate for this time. We are not yet complete. You will therefore, require a completion time, but the energies must be removed immediately. We shall terminate without benefit of the Guide."

(Messenger III continued July 22, 1981)

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

We have learned of the loss of the information; we shall briefly review the material.

We are speaking of the Hierarchy of the conceptual structures. It is important to recognize that there is no Hierarchy in the autocratic sense. We are all fragments of the same Self. Some have chosen one way to learn, while others have chosen a different path.

The Soul that chooses incarnation into a physical form is assisted by Guides, by Spiritual Beings who have never chosen a physical experience, by Teachers and Masters who have accumulated the knowledge and patterns of dimensions and time and in a voluntary program, have established what you would consider a Hierarchy. All beings are part of the same Original Source. Not all have chosen to enter the physical plane of experience.

The plane of thought and of spirit is often greater than the physical plane in the depth of understanding, yet they who dwell therein, learn through your experience and need not enter the physical. You, at the appointed times, learn also from them. We are one, and yet we are many, and we seek to be one again... individual, but one in the collective desire.

The Soul is a creative impulse when it creates soul consciousness to take manifestation in the physical world, but it is not necessarily, nor usually adept, at guiding the individual consciousness. That is where the Guide steps forward. The Guide enters in to assist the Soul, in the direction and aid for the soul consciousness being made manifest. The Guide, in turn, seeks assistance from those who have completed many patterns of consciousness, and they, in turn, seek guidance from the Masters and Teachers who are represented finally by the Brotherhood, being those Souls who have achieved or acquired the greatest experience.

In the hierarchal concept, we find the Brotherhood, those beings you term the Angels, the Teachers and Masters, the Guides, the Souls of Manifestation... that is, the Souls that bring physical soul consciousness into existence. And then there are other forms of consciousness that have been brought into manifestation by the Souls... and we speak here of the Souls, not the soul consciousness, and these represent the animal kingdom.

But the creators of evil are the soul consciousness' themselves. In no astral plane wherein the Soul or Teachers dwell, may evil be found -- only in the plane of the soul consciousness. The soul consciousness creates in an impaired manner -- incomplete for it is not in harmony with the Soul. When it is in harmony with the Soul, its creations are pure. When it is out of harmony, it produces aberrations, evil, dark forces, poltergeist type of phenomena, and many other spurious energies, even to the creation of those forms you term demonic. In this sense, it is not God who has created evil, but the Gods born of God.

There is no reason to dwell excessively upon that which you term the Hierarchy. The plane of physical reality and of soul consciousness, is separate from the plane of the Soul or that which is the astral plane. These are different and apart. The Soul does not dwell within your physical world, but is linked with your physical self by the soul consciousness.

You shall one day return to your Soul. The consciousness that is you shall become one with that consciousness; you shall not be lost, but shall be part of that experience. Consider your personality at this moment, and if you were granted a thousand years to live, where would today's personality be nine hundred years from now? Would it still exist or would it be but a part of the total?

At times, it is necessary for a Soul to bring a consciousness into being in this plane, that is totally aware. It is as if the Soul itself had stepped forward into a physical incarnation. These are the Teachers, the men of great renown. There are many Souls who send forth soul consciousness that are part of groups or collective groups. That has been explained before to you.

All of the paths of the Soul, all of the lives, are brought into one, but you the individual soul consciousness may go through several incarnations, several cycles, before you return to the Soul. You may dwell on the lower astral planes without any further awareness of your Soul Self; but if at the time of transition, you accept the opportunity to merge with the light, the Soul Self, then the consciousness returns and is one with the Soul and is enriched and fulfilled and becomes part of the Master that sends forth another spark.

The concept of free will is often involved in discussion of such matters. You as expressions of the Soul, are free to express yourself within this physical realm. If the Soul finds that you deviate in a negative manner from the prescribed purpose of this experience, then it may choose to terminate this existence. That is not depriving you of the right; it is you in the total sense, making a decision as to what is right. When a soul consciousness is sent forth into any manifestation, it is given the opportunity to choose many courses or paths. The Soul then observes and learns from that which transpires.

The soul consciousness is imbued with a great power, but that power is fragmented and not of practical nature until at-one-ment with the soul consciousness is obtained. Those energies, or forms that you term elemental, are creations of the Soul that were brought into manifestation to provide a balanced world for the soul consciousness. Unfortunately, the soul consciousness, sensing the presence, rejected the assistance. Your consciousness attuned to your Soul, may alter the total nature of your physical universe. Within your mind, you can be one.

But all these words do not clearly define the path, so let us take and examine the proper direction, the proper means, by which one may commune and communicate with the Soul. It is the concept of prayer and meditation. All prayer should truly be preceded by meditation, for by meditation do you reach your inner self. You are a composite of the conscious and subconscious mind, and the soul consciousness, the three elements of consciousness that are present in each individual. Through meditation, you bring these three elements into attunement or at-one-ment. Through prayer, you reach from the soul consciousness to the Soul. If you would reach other consciousness, that is done through meditation.

Within you, lie the true keys. It is as it has been said, that the kingdom of heaven is within, for it is within your power. There is no need to make supplication of the Soul, for the Soul is totally conscious of all that you are, and all that you have accomplished, and all that you need. But this occurs primarily when you reach out to the Soul with the soul consciousness. By meditating and placing the mind into balance with all self forms of consciousness, and then through prayer reaching beyond that point, reaching to the Soul, the very Godhead of Self, reaching for that moment of at-one-ment when the knowledge and the energies are provided to resolve all difficulties. It is not as complicated as it seems.

Your world is a classroom, but it is also an examining room, a testing room. When you say the world and its duties occupy you to the degree that there is no time for the Soul, that is an error in concept. If there is no time for the Soul there is no world. If a man does not pray though, to receive, it is said by one philosophy that man should pray believing that he has received that is, in essence, the truth, for the soul consciousness has all the necessary power at its disposal, to bring into cause and being all that which you require. The purpose of prayer is not to supplicate, nor is it to praise; the purpose of prayer is to establish communion, attunement, at-one-ment.

The power of consciousness is beyond your comprehension. If but for a moment, man could become one with his Soul, evil would cease to exist. Let the pleasures of the world be experienced, as are the pains, the joys, and the sorrow, for truly within the physical, joy cannot be comprehended if there is no sorrow. But tear down and destroy the false shades and shadows that imprison your consciousness! Death is but transition, as even is birth. Let it not become your prison. Love is the law! Its expression is often difficult. It is not the success alone that is of import, but the effort to succeed, the effort to seek change, to seek improvement.

All things that you experience in this world, will be with your memory for all time! Today, your consciousness is blessed with forgetfulness and shadows. When you leave the physical form, the soul consciousness has total memory of all things that have been. All things that you have done or committed to your consciousness at any time, shall be present in the Soul conscious awareness; and when the soul consciousness has returned to the Soul, all elements shall be part of the memory for all time. So let those elements of your memory, your experience, be that which you are willing to recall for eternity. And if there be that thing, that event which is not in balance, then balance it within this lifetime so that you shall not have to do it in another.

In as much as the Soul is the repositor of all experience, it is possible for the soul consciousness to incarnate but once and return to the Soul , never to return again, for it is but a fragment of the whole and the whole will continue to grow through its experience.

We are not unique as compared to your own Souls, nor is the Brotherhood unique as compared to your Souls. Each serves the other. Our words this time are complex.

We seek to tear down the wall of ignorance! We seek to free the soul consciousness from the shackles of illusion and deception! We seek to remove the crutches that theology has given you!

Consider that which we have given you... even as you read your own theology, read the words that are written and consider them in view of the concepts we have taught. See how little a change, how little difference, occurs. It is written, "Ye are Gods"; it was not written in vain. That is all for this time."

David Speaks On Angels
(taken from a group session Sept 22 1978)

"The question of what is an Angel shall be dealt with first. The concept of an Angelic Being is best understood, as a spirit form which does not take unto itself a material body. It is a form that does not undergo a growth, or a change, in its nature. It is a being created to harmonize with the universe, to assist and aid man, and to provide a means of communication to man -- the understandings of the mysteries and the laws of the universe.

Before man was, the Angels were. Because some of these beings whom you term Angelic, have positions or functions that are different or of a control nature, man has given them a semblance of a hierarchy. There is no reality to their hierarchy. They are, in essence, all of one nature. At any one point in time, any one of these beings may assume responsibility, or control, for a particular function or a sector or grouping. This needs to be termed the Archangel or the Archons. Certainly, over time, there are those who by the continuous effort, have earned a place in the hierarchy that must be termed a higher elevation. That is to say, they are closer to the Source of Glory itself.

There is a differentiation that should be pointed. Very seldom have any of these beings made communication with man as a mass group. In the beginning of this world, it was not uncommon for these beings to be present upon the planet. Difficulties arose at this time, and man began to worship the Angelic Beings as if they were in fact, Gods. It is from their nature, that man first conceived of a multitude of Gods. As each Angelic Being set into operation the forces or mechanics of his particular task, so man did seem to place in him the concept of a Deity.

At one time, the task was assigned to an Angelic Being of controlling the winds of the earth and the motion of seas of the waters. All of these things had to be started or set into motion, and as it were, the Guardians were placed thereof. In these times, your weather patterns are subject to the winds of the changes of your earth as the result of its own influences and the influences of the universe. At one time, this was under the control or supervision of various Angelic Beings whose job it was to maintain a harmonious balance with these elements. There were no such things as the hurricane or the tornado. This came about as a result of these forces being left to operate within the laws of this physical world. The separation that occurred was due to man and his reaction.

When the Angelic Beings would not give man the power that he desired, he also developed an animosity toward them. Thus we have man worshiping on the one hand, and condemning on the other; therefore, the Guardians, as they were called, were removed from this plane.

As to the numbers, some of your wise ones have written that their number is ten thousand times ten thousand times ten thousand. Would it necessary be to have that many, then it would be appropriate to say, that is their number. Suffice it to say, that the number is greater than man is normally used to conceiving of. Your universe is a vast space which you cannot even begin to conceive of the size; and yet, that is but one dimension of reality.

The Guardians work now on the astral or spiritual planes, and on rare occasion, they are present in your world as unique or special Messengers. Certainly, those that deal with the presence of the Glory itself would be termed the highest form if nothing else but by the association with the Energy that they are surrounded with. These are what have been termed as Archons within your language. The Archangels were those who dealt with the primary directives for earth and were responsible for the Angels that worked upon earth in controlling and handling the various duties. Yet, on the spiritual plane, if you and I and one of them were to stand next to each other, we would not know that there is a difference except in the vibratory rate and the purity of their being. In their creation, it was chosen to give them awareness and knowledge; man has been given the opportunity to seek knowledge.

The question has been brought to the consciousness, of the term that is used in your language of the Guardian Angel with respect to an individual. This is a matter that should not be confused with the Guardians of the earth itself. Even as each man has a Spiritual Guide that is with him from the time of birth, so also there is one of those Angelic Beings whose function it is to assist and to try to protect that soul on its journey through life... not as directly involved in the later years as in the early years, but still present as a Spiritual Force to each individual, but not to be communicated with in the manner of a Guide.

Certainly, thought can be addressed, but the Angelic Being is without desire. It is improper for man to worship an Angelic Being; it is improper to direct one's thoughts or prayers to these beings. Man cannot even bless them, for they have been fully blessed. Man can petition their assistance in certain cases; man may give thanks for their assistance. Beyond that, man may not trespass."

"You have the power to attract the teaching energies that you require for each venture you undertake."

"The Guide is always present. The Guide is an entity which has been with you since the inception into this cycle. Other teachers and other spiritual entities may present themselves to your consciousness, or to your space, as you require them or attract them. The Guiding Energy should be the primary communicator. This Energy may be designated by any nomenclature you choose. If you choose to employ a name, either masculine or feminine, the Guide will respond until such time as communications are effectively made. In that time, the Guide shall advise you of the vibratory sound by which they prefer to be known."

Questions and Answers

Betty Davis, who resides in El Cajon, California, wrote to inquire about a specific spiritual community located in a Southwestern state. David responded:

"There are many seekers of the path in many parts of the world. They take many shapes and practice many rituals. Those in (name of state) are no different. We do not wish to preempt the Brotherhood, but in speaking of them, the message of the Brotherhood at this time, makes the response more clear.

It is time that man unshackled himself from the corpses of the past! Man has created God in his own image. The God that man has created has failed him... not because the concept of a God failed, but because man's creation was limited by man's consciousness. Thrust away the chains of slavery that bind your minds and limit your power! You are Gods!

It is a sad sight to see so much power wallowing in the sty of pigs. Condemn no group for their seeking, but grab the sword of truth and cut a doorway through the mountain, for it is but made of dreams and is yet another illusion."

"Do mentally ill people who hear voices and see things in other dimensions, have soul problems? Are they more enlightened souls?" These questions were posed by Jeanne Stevens, Miami, Florida.

"We do not comprehend the soul problem. To be aware of multidimensional existence does not indicate by necessity, a greater degree of involvement, but a lesser awareness of the world about you. As you withdraw your sensory awareness from the world you live in, you become more aware of the world without. Those whom you term mentally ill, do naturally interrelate with other dimensions since their conscious attention to this world and its anti teachings is eliminated. Your educational system tends to destroy the spiritual talents and the creative gifts within your children. Those whom you term mentally ill are spared this system of influence."

Conversations with David

"This whole plan, this whole grand design... what is the purpose of it?"

"That is beyond our knowledge. We are not so different from you, except in time. We are what you shall be at a future date. We are experience that has been and is. We question, we challenge, we seek; we comprehend the teachings that have been given to man and all forms of life through eons of time, and we have traveled backward in memory and in time, back to the beginning as it were. We can remember the beginning of the universe, but we cannot remember a time when the Souls were not. As to the purpose, we are learning, we are experiencing, we are Gods in the becoming."

"How did the universe begin?"

"In what manner do you mean?"

"Well, you said that you can travel back to the beginning of the universe, so therefore, I figured you must have some knowledge about it. There are so many theories among our scientists."

"The closest one of the theories would be, that which you term the big bang. It is not accurate, but it should suffice."

"Was it precipitated by a birth, or burst, of consciousness?"

"That is what we would presume, for what else would do it?"

"Where did the Original Thought emanate from?"

"I do not believe that the Original Thought Consciousness could have answered that question. We have no comprehension, nor any source to derive that answer."

"When the Original Thought divided itself, did it divide into a finite number which, under other circumstances, somehow divided again? Or did it divide into a number which has continued to divide until now?"

"All statements would be correct, for if the Form had divided into a million parts, there would have still been the moment when there was one other part, and you as a soul consciousness, are capable of dividing yet."

"Could you give us an explanation of the biblical accounting of the world having been created in six days, the seventh day being the day God rested?"

"As man has written it, man conceived it. There were, as it were, six cycles, six periods, in the patterning of this world. Man, upon learning that from the astral plane, did record it as if it were six days."

"Were those six cycles like unto six Ages?"

"Whether they are six Ages, millennia, or whether they are a million of your years apiece, it is of no significance. They were six units of time as you conceive of it."

"The second Messenger spoke of time, which isn't, and of the astral plane being the center of time. Could you recapture some of those ideas for the readers?"

"The astral planes upon which we dwell, are like a center to time and space and dimension. We are, from your vantage point, existing simultaneously in the past, in the present, and in the future. All time that has been since we first knew individual consciousness, is present with us. From the astral, we may enter any of these points. If we were to visit the past it would be to the consciousness of the entities we spoke to, as if it were the present, but having gone back in time, we would know the outcome of the future already. But do not misunderstand. We do not tamper with the experience of time, for if we constantly returned to the past to rectify the future, we would need no incarnations in a successive sense. We could accomplish all in one generation of physical form.

This, for all purpose, is the present. Your future, except as it is written in those things that have already been, is not yet formed and is unknown to us. We speak of the potential of this being past and our being future, as a philosophical expression. Time is not; time is.

We exist in a point in space where time has never been. Within the center of your consciousness, there is no time. Have you not, some of you, journeyed into the past lives, gone back in time to examine that which has been, and did it not seem as if it were now? It is no different when we leave our plane to the past. The example of the entity (Richard) was well chosen in speaking of time and of the past and present, the hypothesis being relevant to the Einsteinian theory. That theory being, that if you traveled in space in a straight line, you would return to the point of origin. Is that not how you are taught? By the same theory, if you were to travel at or beyond the speed of light in a straight line into space, you would return to the point of origin before you had left. Where then, is time?

Time is dimension related. It is a variable that changes with physical location within the universe; and beyond the dimension of this universe, it changes in a manner you cannot comprehend. Time is like a sphere where the beginning and the ending are forever lost, and we are at the center."

"Since the Soul has other consciousness' in different planes or times, could a person astrally project and meet one of the other consciousness' that are a fragment of his Soul?"

"What you are saying is, that if you were to astrally project your consciousness from the physical form to the astral plane, and then to another time or dimension, could you meet another fragment or spark of your Soul. Is that correct?"

"Yes, you phrased the question much better than I."

"The answer is in the affirmative, but it is difficult since you do not consciously know the time or dimension where a counterpart does exist nor does it serve the purpose of the Soul to have cross communication. If you can find the time, there are no limitations to your traveling there. You may even go to the past and observe yourself, but you may not meet yourself. You may communicate with yourself in sleep. That is to say, if you were to project into the past, you could communicate with yourself as you in the past were dreaming, but conscious interference with the past is not permissible. You may not materialize in a dimension other than that in which you currently exist while astrally projecting."

"If the Soul is the "Father" figure behind our existence, then why do we need a Guide? Surely the Soul is capable of guiding his own soul consciousness

"There are several reasons why a Guide is utilized in conjunction with the guidance of a soul. The Soul is involved with many levels of incarnation simultaneously and therefore must direct, as it were, from the master control board, seldom dealing directly with an individual incarnation. Capable of, but seldom, is the consciousness sufficient to allow or justify such communication. No Soul is complete in its knowledge or it would not be seeking experience. Therefore, when the Soul has chosen a particular incarnation for a learning experience, a Guide with similar background is also chosen. The Guides, by their choice, during the period of guidance that they serve as a Guide, do not have any extensions of self manifest at that point."

"In that case I'm confused, because I believe we were told once that my own Guide, To-Ta-Ten, does have a physical form manifesting upon the earth plane at this time, in addition to his work with me."

"That is correct. We did not say that it was not possible."

"Oh, I see. But... it's uncommon then."

"That is correct. There are special reasons for the co-joined efforts. Two Souls may work together with multiple incarnations, acting as Guides to each other's self. It is not, as you term it, common."

"When we meet someone who we feel is a kindred soul, and some people refer to these situations as soul mates, would they sometimes be another facet of the very same Soul that we ourselves emanate from?"

"That is a possibility also, but not a likelihood. It is seldom that a Soul would manifest more than one incarnation in the same time/space dimension continuum."

"The third Messenger spoke of it being possible for a Soul to have a soul consciousness which is totally aware during physical incarnation, and he referred to these as the Teachers of great renown. Could you elaborate?"

"When the consciousness, when the spiritual evolution, when the awareness of the soul consciousness has been raised to a sufficient degree, it may merge itself with the Soul while maintaining a functioning physical form. That consciousness may cohabit, both with the physical form and with the Soul. That would produce, as you would term it, in the constant state, an Enlightened One or Master upon this plane.

Each of you may experience that union for brief moments during sincere meditation. And by sincere, we imply where the physical and mental and spiritual energies are brought together in the optimum harmony that is possible in that time and place. Foremost for this to occur, must be a desire greater than any other desire that you have known. There are many variations and time does not permit us to speak of all of these. There are some who maintain a constant communication with the Soul Self. It is these who are capable of withstanding the pressure and the responsibility, who are able to wield the power of the Soul.

"The product of all life, the desire of all souls, the purpose of all soul consciousness, is to learn, to experience, to know everything that is. The ultimate wisdom must be, and is, love; but we may only comprehend that through experience. At the time when all pathways have returned us to love, then all soul consciousness shall become one with the souls, and all souls shall unite and be one god!"

"Man chooses to live by worship of God or Gods. He has not the courage to worship himself!" ... from the guides.

Copyright by Richard Rebeck, Peggy Steinberg, Salvatore Cacciola