Light Messenger

(Volume 4, Number 5)


"Truth is a constant that changes constantly in your perception as you grow capable of perceiving it." ... from the guides.

Transmission Accomplished!

"You shall build the pipeline from the earth plane, and we shall build it through the astral planes." Do these words sound familiar? They were given by the Brotherhood in the very first Light Messenger, and if we may be so bold as to borrow an expression from popular advertising, "You've come a long way baby!" While it is true that we've lost a few readers along the way -- readers who couldn't accept the daring truth or who were reluctant to release their own preconceived ideas, the overwhelming response of the majority has been, "It just keeps getting better and better!"

We believe the pipeline has become a strong reality, and the energy flow is proving to be far greater than any of us ever anticipated. The recent August issue initiated many new ideas and concepts in the awareness of the Messenger's production staff, and like it or not, we had to recognize that we have given birth to a new system of theology. At a later date, we'll discuss this in more detail, but for now, we suggest that you contemplate and dwell upon the new teachings while attempting to implement them into your life in whatever degree you see fit. In this issue, the Brotherhood, for the first time, permitted firsthand questions, in their attempts to clarify the concepts that were given. It is our privilege to focus truth through the pipeline which has been created, into the world of darkness. We hope it continues to light your path with greater understanding.

Bits & Pieces

"Truth is a constant that changes constantly" are very alive words for the actors upon this stage. Our sets are changing and constantly improving, our most recent change being a complete marriage of the Living Light Center and the Sanctuary Of Light. What formerly were two, have united into one strong new entity of service. New plays and new roles for each of us are waiting in the wings, and we'll tell you more about them as time progresses. We will say however, that a relocation to a stronger energy zone is being planned.

We've received some excellent questions from some of you. They have been submitted to David, and if you don't find your answers in this issue, they will be there at a future date. Our problem is one of space and trying to work in as much as possible on the limited pages. We do appreciate your feedback and your questions are never ignored, even though we simply do not have the time to answer them personally.

We're not through with the subject of crystals. It was temporarily put aside in order to focus upon other areas of interest. The Brotherhood has indicated that we will probably return to crystals in the next issue. In addition, our mail has indicated that you have many unanswered questions and more clarification is needed relevant to this subject. We don't plan to leave you hanging forever!

We would also like to make comment on the subject of astrology. While some of you are well versed in this science, we recognize that the majority are not. For that reason, we do not include technical astrological data in this vehicle of communication. We publish what is essential and ask the novice to bear with us. Unless the Brotherhood directs otherwise, we shall only deal with astrology in its most basic or rudimentary form.

Messenger I - The Nature Of The Soul (Sept 26, 1981)

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

We are concerned with your understanding of the nature of the Soul and the soul consciousness. We realize that much that has been given appears new and confusing to the consciousness. Many questions are raised, and we seek to clarify and answer these matters.

The Soul is not perfect; it is only perfect in the sense of its manifestation. In its form, it is perfect; in its knowledge, it is imperfect. Until a thing has been experienced or has occurred, you may not know of it. No form of Divinity or knowledge may know what will be before it is; therefore, the Soul, perfect in its form as a spiritual vessel, but empty in its awareness and experience, needs to learn.

Many Souls choose the classroom of the physical life, but the energy of the Soul is not such that it readily adapts to this physical world, to this world of illusion. The true energy of the Soul is never negative. This, I believe, is a most important element for you to comprehend. There are no negative souls -- no evil forms at the soul level! Each Soul gives birth to that which we have termed the soul consciousness. Amongst these, are the energies you have termed evil -- evil by choice, evil temporarily, not evil forever.

The Soul may be a dweller upon the third or fourth plane or higher yet, depending upon its involvement and its time, the time of application. Theoretically, all Souls could reach the same level at the same time, but the Souls are individual, even as you are, and some choose to dwell longer upon experience before acting again. Others seek to wait for particular opportunities, and all must wait for the patterns of life to move forward.

When the Soul makes manifest a soul consciousness, it is in total communion or communication with that soul consciousness in as much as the awareness of what is happening is concerned. The soul consciousness is given a great amount of free will -- the ability to act independent of the Soul, yet the Soul reserves the right, the power, to terminate a physical existence if the direction is contrary to its learning needs. It is also determined by the Soul, the maximal life period that the soul consciousness may make manifest. You, through carelessness, bad habits, diet, chemicals, and other means, may shorten that life, but you may not extend it beyond that which the Soul has chosen.

The motivation or drive of the soul is the thirsting after knowledge, as a desert wanderer thirsts for water. Knowledge is completeness. Love is incomplete without knowledge. Through knowledge, love is made complete; therefore, the soul seeks knowledge.

When the Soul has evolved and seeks service as a Master or illumined Teacher, that Soul will make a direct manifestation in the physical. Often, it is through the birth process, but many times, it is by direct manifestation of a physical form. It also may occur that the Soul gives birth to a soul consciousness that is totally aware and in constant two-way communion. We did say that the Soul was always aware of what transpired. It does not however, always choose to communicate with the soul consciousness. But in the case of the Teachers and Masters, it is so, that a two-way communication exists.

The soul consciousness operates with the conscious and the subconscious mind, forming a trinity or a triplicity. This three part energy provides the balance that we conceive of as man. There is man the ego, the self that says, 'I am'. There is the subconscious mind, the store repository and the primal link to the spiritual self, and there is the soul consciousness -- that deep inner voice within, that guides and directs and seeks the fulfillment of its communication ability with the Soul itself.

The Soul, theoretically, may have more than one form present at a time -- more than one soul consciousness. It is however, not usually done and is not well advised. There are however, other dimensions of reality, and the soul may have many soul consciousness' operating at the same time. Or, if we negate the concept of time and recognize that the Soul can travel in the past as well as the present, then you might conceive... and listen well... that for those lives which have been, the Soul is present in all time simultaneously. This is a matter you have discussed many times in the nature of reality and time. If the life has existed and is now past in your consciousness, the Soul, being capable of dealing with all time as one, may enter back into the past while it is still the present, and the present is the future, so that the Soul is in command and operation of all lifetimes at the same moment. This, in your one concept, you have referred to as the 'Oversoul'.

There is but one Soul for each individual. There may be a pooling, or a collective element of Soul energy representing a group of soul consciousness that have manifested together in a physical reality in the same geographic and time place. This may form the essence of a Group Soul, but it is not but the collective mind of the Souls involved, sharing and interchanging and guiding.

The soul seeks not your prayers! Your Soul is not an egotist. It does not wish you to offer it homage or worship. It seeks your desire to communicate, to commune, to be one. It seeks your desire to fulfill, to fulfill the ultimate purpose of the Soul, and to fulfill the specific purpose of this soul consciousness. Where the desire for unity and union are present, therein the Soul will communicate, will share knowledge and power. The soul consciousness may bring manifest to a degree, but it is the Soul that is the true creator.

If, as we have said, the Soul is resident of the third and higher planes, and usually the fourth and above, then wherein does the soul consciousness dwell? Where does it reside? It resides within the physical world as part of the self. It is present here. It is part of the energy you see as the aura. It is part of the astral form -- that energy band about your body which, in truth, is a sheath as well for the soul consciousness. You are one and part with it, and if the soul consciousness has dwelt upon this plane before, then it becomes, as it were, the akashic record to be read by those who can see.

Prayer is not a case of humbling oneself, but a case of welcoming the totality of self, and the recognition of the present ego as part of the whole.

You are here to learn. You are here to fulfill the inner voice's desire. You are here to experience, to know joy, to know balance and harmony, to learn to create, and in creating, to learn, and in learning, to learn how to create again.

You have taken your Soul given talents and the energies and power that have been given to you, and you have used them as weapons of war and destruction. You have desecrated the physical plane upon which you live. You have destroyed more than you have created in the last millennia. It is a slow process, this evolution of soul consciousness. Man is a physical animal, not in a derogatory manner, but in truth. The animal man stood upon his hind legs before ever a soul consciousness did enter therein. The soul consciousness seeks to tame, to work with, to harmonize with the self that is part of this plane.

You may consider the Soul as a Father figure. You may consider it as a Mother. You may recognize it in a brotherly or sisterly sense, or you may see the truth, that you are part of it, even as it is part of you, and that the whole is dependent upon the parts.

We would suggest to men that we are pleased to share the understanding of what is and the nature of reality, but we would much more be pleased if first man sought to live a fuller, more meaningful life -- a sharing with one another, and then in the balance and peace of his quiet repose, sought the comprehension of the incomprehensible.

This is the completion of this particular message. The physical form requires a respite; however, prior to termination, we shall seek to answer any questions we have created regarding this particular message. Do you have a question?"

"I think I understand, but I want to be certain. Does the soul consciousness... is that the part of the Soul that continues to incarnate over and over again and have many lives?"

"That is correct."

"So when we refer to an old Soul then, we are really speaking of a soul consciousness which has experienced many lifetimes. Is that correct?"

"The Soul may have had many soul consciousness'. Many lives is a misleading term in one manner: If you, as a soul consciousness, have emanated recently from the Soul, you are the sum of all that Soul has been. Therefore, all lives that all soul consciousness' of that Soul have known, are your memory. If however, you have not been one with the Soul in some time, the memories of previous time will be only those that you have shared and those that existed within the Soul itself at the time of your separation."

"If the Soul can terminate the soul consciousness and the existence of it in the physical form, then why throughout history, have so many negative entities such as Hitler and other negative people, been allowed to perpetrate their madness?"

"That is part of experience also -- to follow the progression of the nature of growth, but even they were often taken. You as man, in the collective sense, did not respond to the atrocities that were performed. That is an experience in learning. The sleep of consciousness that exists in man, the lack of willingness to recognize your true nature and the nature of your fellow man, is a peculiarity known only to man. Evil is also an illusion. To know joy, one needs know what pain is.

Questions and Answers

From Montego Bay, Jamaica, Gwendolyn Peters writes: "I have heard it said that Jamaica, West Indies, is one of the places in the world where there is a high point of spiritual power or vibrations. Perhaps the Guides would like to comment on this for me."

"Let those who are bearers of light in that sector known as Jamaica, be aware that there is within their geographic area, an intense energy zone. We remind the brothers and sisters in that area, of the need to expand the number of light workers -- to increase the recipients of the word of the Brotherhood, for when they have accomplished these things, then we shall come to that area for a short time, and yet we shall identify these sectors of energy."

"When you say 'we', David, do you mean yourself, Richard, and me, or do you mean the Brotherhood will speak through another channel in that area?"

"There is no other channel in this sector at this time. The we is inclusive of yourself and the entity in your capacity as channels for the Brotherhood."

Betty Chumbley, who resides in St. Petersburg, Florida, sent this question: "To whom do we pray, and what do we pray about or for?"

"In this matter, it is not so much a changing of to whom you pray, but a recognition of what that whom is. Certainly, the Soul may be considered in the Father sense, linguistically speaking, and therefore, to use the form of praying to the Father is a more adaptable form.

As for the prayers themselves, it is well to review that which you have received and that which you believe you need or require, recognizing that the Soul is already cognizant of all that you need, and in truth, has provided it within your capability to accept it. The greatest prayer is one that seeks guidance and wisdom in the fulfillment of each day. If you remember the Teachers that have said, that the 'kingdom of heaven is within,' then even the prayers utilized by the one group, the standard form of prayer, is applicable. It is not to change the form of prayer, but to simply provide you with a higher understanding of the mechanics and the energies involved.

The Soul is far more responsive to producing a miracle, than man's concept of a Deity. Communicate with the Soul as you would with any elder or teacher, seeking better to comprehend the tasks at hand, seeking the guidance of the matters that are before you, seeking wisdom as you apply the solution. Seek communion that your questions may be answered before they are formed. Does that answer the question?"

"I believe so, David. Another question occurs along the same lines. Many people practice the ritual of praying or blessing their food before they eat it. Is this a beneficial thing? Is there any change that occurs as a result of blessing the food?"

"It is always wise to recognize the energies that are about and to utilize them in the blessing of the food. It is not so much a thanksgiving, as it is a blessing; and it is not so much the seeking of a blessing by the Soul, but the blessing of the food yourself with the Soul as witness, for the power to bless lies within you as well."

Messenger II - Faith Creates Miracles (Sept 27,1981)

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

We have chosen these times to bring forth the old teachings. We have challenged your concept of Deity. We have given you direction and understanding of the nature of the Soul. Remember, that the teachings of your many religions hold valid in the truths of conduct that they give you. Certainly, you can recognize those laws which are beneficial to the greater numbers of your brothers and sisters. We would prefer that it had been possible to give you new messages that would have allowed you to work with existing frameworks. This has not been so. Therefore, we have given you the truth in its most elemental form. As all truth, it is uncomplicated, and therefore, is likely to be overlooked.

The concept of hierarchy, of levels and divisions, seems to much confuse the consciousness. The Guides and we have advised you that the levels you have been given are an arbitrary division. We fit in no specific category as you have been told. The divisions of systems of thought are both valid and invalid. Descriptive names do not always suit to describe the true nature of self.

We feel that it is important to discuss for the second part of your message, the element that you have not asked about, and yet that which you most certainly should find missing if your concept of Deity is removed, and that is the subject of miracles. The term 'miracle' is one of your creation and is not one we would employ; however, in your God centered religions, you report constant miracles occurring. It should have become evident that all religions did report their miracles, regardless of the nature of their Deity or Deities. Of these miracles, the most profound, the one that is most common in your experience, is the miracle of healing.

It is necessary to understand that the astral body, the spiritual counterpart of the physical form, is in a state of perfection. It does not contain the disease, but may contain the directive from the soul consciousness or from the soul, to cause a malfunction in a particular area of the body or an imbalance.

That would seem as if the astral form were then impaired, but instead it is the communication between the astral perfect and the physical imperfect. What then is the process that you term healing, this thing you call a miracle?

If the concept of Deity, as you have employed it, of a separate individual Deity, is to be removed, then where does your energy emanate from? Where do you draw upon the miraculous power? And how shall you heal? First, let us know with certainty, that healing does take place, even as the rejuvenation is possible as has been previously given.

Within a total understanding of the physical and spiritual self, you come to realize that that which you term a miracle, is obedience and operation of natural law. This is a term you have oft employed for such an event, but it is a natural law. It is a Law that your Soul is capable of employing; it is a Law that your soul consciousness is capable of employing. You do not need to suffer from illness, as you well know, unless the soul or soul consciousness has chosen that illness as a form of learning experience.

You are capable of producing the miracle! By communication with your soul consciousness and your Soul, you can produce the miracle of healing. By communication with your soul consciousness and Soul and the aid of another person, their energy can be used to reestablish the link between your astral form and your physical body. Concentrate your energies in the regions you term the chakras or in the area of affliction, without touching the body itself, or a very light touch.

But if one is to be a healer, seek not for outside energy, but draw upon the universal reservoir that is available or upon your individual source. Within your universe, you have the energy of your universe, the very power that keeps your universe in motion and in existence. On the spiritual realm, you have the power of creation itself. Remember that you have brought through your Soul, this universe into existence. The power of creation lies within your soul self. Utilize this power to heal. Utilize it to produce your miracles.

All things for which you did pray or address yourself to a Divinity in concept are possible through your own self, but know that these things occurred because of your faith. Even as your teachers have taught you, it is your faith which accomplishes things, not the teacher, not the Deity... it is your own faith!

Learn to believe in yourself, in your own inherent ability, for the ability of your soul and your soul consciousness far exceeds any of the abilities you have ever seen demonstrated by man.

The astral form is created by the soul consciousness as a duplicate or a perfect model from which the physical form is produced, created, developed. Those patterns which are karmic, or those patterns which are disease -- caused or allowed, are eliminated only when the consciousness that is suffering from them recognizes the responsibility for the cause. You have been taught, you have it written, no thing is by accident! No event occurs that your consciousness at the Soul level is not aware of. All things which are part of your experience are either given to you by the Soul to learn by, or caused by your carelessness or deliberate misuse of the physical vehicle. Your disease will leave when you are capable of recognizing your responsibility and understanding the need for the balance and harmony of the physical form. You must treat the cause as well as the disease. This, well know, for it has been taught to you before. We re-say it so that it is complete in your awareness.

Those gifts of the spirit, as you term them, that are long lost to man, need not be lost in this time. It is the energy that you have paid in praying to idols, the energy you have given to false directions, the denial of self, the destruction of self, that has been perpetrated in the name of growth and spirituality. Your Soul did not create the physical form so that you might abuse it or deny it. No thing was given in this physical world for a negative purpose, least of all, the utilization of the physical body of man. All aspects of your physical self are part of the total experience of learning. Be in harmony with yourself. Bring your consciousness together; and if you err in your learning process, admit your error, dwell upon it, understand it, and then use your power or gain the assistance of another, and use your power to eliminate the disease.

It is difficult to dwell upon the planes of spirit and to know the truth of the Law, recognizing its simplicity, and yet see you suffer. It is not in hardship or deprivation that the spirit matures and grows. It is in joy and happiness! It is joy and rejoicing, in pleasure and comfort, that the Soul is uplifted. We have said that a hungry man prays poorly. Many a rich man has forgotten to pray; but in consideration of the prayers that have been used, perhaps that in itself was not as negative as it might seem.

Your power, if you recognize the godhead within, is a hundred times greater than it ever has been in the past. You are the generation of miracle makers. Yours is the generation that shall perform wonders and shall bring laws into manifestation that were only dreamt of.

Put the fire of emotion into your desire! Put your mind and your Soul together, and the world will respond to your gentle touch. That concludes this portion of the message."

Conversations with David

"When one speaks of miracles, it brings to mind the many purported stories of our great Teachers being born of virgin births. Is such a thing possible in rare circumstances?"

"You have answered the question yourself."

"When a person is suffering from a particular disease, is there any way for the ego consciousness to know whether or not the Soul or soul consciousness has chosen that disease or illness as a learning experience?"

"It is not important to know that matter. Yes, it is possible through meditation. It is not important, but rather it is important to examine the illness, to consider the possible types of influence that could produce this, and to examine self to see what has been done that might have induced this type of illness. And then, with a clear communication between the self and consciousness, eliminate it."

"When a soul consciousness makes its transition, and goes to the second plane, for example, does it stay there until it experiences another lifetime, while its Soul continues to dwell on the fourth plane or somewhere else?"

"That is correct."

"As you've told us many times before, at the time of transition, one can make quantum leaps in evolution by merging with the light which I assume is the Soul. Does such action guarantee that the soul consciousness will not have to carry forward with more lives as that particular soul consciousness?"

"That is correct. Let us consider one other matter -- the matter of the astral body. We utilize terms that perhaps may confuse. There is the physical form. There is the aura, the energy about the physical form produced by the interaction with the astral or etheric body. The astral body is manifested or held into manifestation by the soul consciousness which cohabitates with it.

Upon transition, the aura ceases in as much as the physical form no longer contains the vital energies -- the interconnection of the astral body which is first dissolved. This is a matter of great confusion. When the soul consciousness terminates the physical, the astral body is first terminated, thereby causing cessation of life in the physical form."

"That's interesting. We often hear of the silver cord. How does it relate to all of this?"

"It is the last link between the astral body and the physical body."

"When a person physically dies and then returns, as has been reported in many cases of surgery, etc., is that a time when the astral body does not dissolve?"

"That is correct, and yet the soul consciousness has reduced its energy, the consciousness has left the physical form, the ego consciousness and the subconsciousness have withdrawn into the soul consciousness in preparation for the cessation of life."

"Then what, at that point, determines that they will come back again?"

"The Soul, the soul consciousness, the ego, the subconscious, and your practitioners."

"Do you mean that the practitioners actually have some degree of control in these matters?"

"We have said the Soul establishes the ultimate point of life; you may shorten it. Therefore, within this time span, you operate. The practitioner cannot work against the soul consciousness, but may work in harmony."

"In astral projection, what leaves the body when the person astrally projects?"

"When you are truly projected out, the consciousness does leave and does travel as part of the subconscious and the soul consciousness, to the astral plane, maintaining a link via that which you term the silver thread with the physical form, leaving behind the astral body and the physical body."

"If one were to attempt astral projection in a haphazard or unprotected way, could the silver cord be broken and cause termination of the physical form?"

"That is correct. It is possible to terminate the physical existence by projecting out of the form and not returning. If the soul consciousness does not return, the astral body will disintegrate. When it disintegrates, the physical form will die."

"To what extent do we have free will, in light of the consciousness being directed by the Soul?"

"The degree of free will is dependent upon how you view it. The Soul is absolute, but it chooses not to guide or command your daily decisions. You have a consciousness which may rebel and turn in a direction opposite to that which the Soul desires. The Soul makes the decision to plant you here, as it were, to guide you in its manner, to choose a suitable guide for you, and then you must evolve and make your own free will decisions from that point forward.

If the course of your consciousness deviates too greatly from the Soul's pattern, repeating that which has been learned in the past or following a path that is not desired in this time frame, then the Soul will terminate this consciousness form, and there is no ability to go beyond the will of the Soul. The form of consciousness and physical life, astral body, are all under the dominion of the Soul. Your physical form is but a vegetable with operating parts whose very function is dependent upon the auric energy for their balanced continuation.

The light of the soul as it shines upon your astral form, is what gives light and consciousness to your physical form. You have more free will as part of the Soul, than your foot does as part of your body."

Messenger III - Masters, Saints, Teachers & Channels (Oct 1,1981)

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

We shall discuss the Teachers and the Channels, but first we call to memory, those many messages we have given through the Guides, relevant to the condition and state of affairs of your world.

We shall not join with the prophets of doom who see cataclysm for your world. You are the creators of your world. You shall heal it, or you shall destroy it. The potential is yours and the future is yet unknown.

We have warned of the difficult times, we have spoken of the negative elements that are present in your world. Those of you who read these words, dwell upon the comfort that you partake of, and then reflect upon your brothers and sisters who do not know such comfort. They are part of your collective responsibility, and until all Souls and their respective consciousness' have the opportunity to be in balance and harmony, your work shall never be through.

The clouds of war are upon your horizon. The nations in the East that fight, you do not even hear of. You speak of freedom, and yet the very news of the world is censored to your ears. Death and destruction are the daily toll. Which country shall we dwell upon? Shall it be the sector of Afghanistan? Shall it be Iraq? Iran? Shall it be parts of Cambodia? Viet Nam? Laos? The heart of Africa? Think not, that the Guides ill advised, for all that has been spoken of has come to be. You are blind in your comfort! You are blind in your ignorance! And you are blind in your liberties that you have not!

You have many channels operating in this world of comfort... many who have the audacity to utilize the names of great teachers and pretend to be that which they are not. The language they employ is locked into recognition as that of limited consciousness. If your consciousness is so limited that the only message you may accept is one who calls himself by one famous name or another, then follow that message, but know that that is an illusion.

The great Archangel Micha-El whom you call Michael, does not communicate as a channel, nor do any other of the Archons. The Teachers of the past would not come forward with an identity that could not be made known. Why should the Teacher known as Jesus come through ineffective channels who cannot even employ the language you speak in an intelligent manner? We do not display emotion, yet we understand righteous anger in a different manner than you.

Let the channels be known by the quality of their message and by the clarity. The energy is far too precious to waste upon many adjectives and unnecessary terms. There are many effective channels and many that are given to limited consciousness couched in the terms of the religions of old.

The Brotherhood shall no longer channel its messages with any camouflage or window dressing as you term it. We shall not bend to your concept of theology and ideology.

Let those channels that be true speak clearly, specifically, and feel the stirring of truth within your heart. There are many who operate out of misguided emotion. There are many who operate out of fraud, and many who operate out of fanaticism of a particular religious concept, and still others whose ego distorts the truth that is given. For every one that is true, ten are false -- false in that they do not provide the truth that should be.

You bless yourselves! We do not have the necessity to heap ten thousand blessings upon you. It is meaningless and useless. It is energy wasted. Let those channels that call themselves true, take this time to direct their energy in a clear concise manner. Speak no longer in riddles. Speak no longer in half quoted phrases from ancient books whose meaning is long forgotten. Quote not from theologies that are little understood and even less followed in your world. That is not new. That is not a truth brought forth. That is not a tool given to the brothers and sisters on this plane. Let all that is channeled be constructive. Let it be tools that the soul consciousness may employ to build a greater and better world, to evolve more quickly, to fulfill the life to its fullest potential and accelerate the union of the consciousness with the Soul.

And let the channels who dig in the sewers of time for the ghosts of the past, to put the corpses to rest, for the greater souls do not identify by any name you have known, for those names are but a fragment of the total self. It is true that a particular Master or Teacher, as part of a great Soul, may be reached and communicated with, but those Souls that are truly evolved as such, have no need of ego gratification. That is a condition of your world. We have no desire to tell you the names by which we have been known, nor do we seek to prove to you, to demonstrate that we have been this or that entity. We concern ourselves not with these matters. We are concerned with truth and its transmission to you. We are concerned that you have the truth, that mighty two-edged sword, at your disposal.

If we seem harsh or unkind to those channels who operate in a different manner, know that we speak as we must speak, for those that would claim to receive from us lead many astray. We have no need to duplicate in the same geographic sector, channels that are effective. We have brought this vehicle into manifestation, this newsletter, as you term it. We continue it by the energy we provide. The channel and the elective group provide the production capability, and you provide the energy. We sell no thing. We give to you for as long as you seek. When you no longer seek, we shall be silent, for ours is not the right to impose.

Throughout time, there have been many Teachers. You have dreamt of many names by which to call these Teachers -- you have called them Master, Guru, Saint, names beyond memory. We shall call them all one thing; we shall call them Teacher. And of the Teachers, there are two primary types. There is the one teacher that is a soul that has brought the total soul energy into manifestation, and has dwelt upon the physical plane -- no soul consciousness involved herein. That is the highest form of Master that has been present. The second form is that of a soul consciousness emanating from a soul with full awareness of the nature and communication between the two. Within this category, we have those who evolve, those who are born aware, and those that are called into service. There is no one that is God, for all are God, even as you are.

You have Teachers today upon this plane, upon this earth. Some have realized the union of self. But no Soul truly desires to be worshiped! A soul consciousness may so desire, but no Soul seeks the worship of man. It is not the place for one Soul or soul consciousness to worship another. Worship the Deity that is in all men. Worship the deity within yourself, but dare not worship another soul, for in so doing you limit and prevent your own growth.

We may take time and look at your Teachers, defining or clarifying where we may. The greatest of your Teachers have had their truths distorted and twisted, and mistranslated from one language to another and to still another... fragments of words forgotten, until in the end, the message sounds not like that which was spoken, but then neither shall our words forever remain unaltered. It is the nature of man to change that which disturbs him, and given the time and the opportunity, man shall take the words we have given them, and they shall sound like the bleating of sheep.

Of the Teachers that have dwelt upon this plane, whom shall we speak of first?"

"The name that comes to mind most frequently in our time period, I believe, would be Jesus of Nazareth."

"That, of course, is true within your geographic sectors; yet the birth of the religion, Christianity, is by your own discussion, a minority to the world. This Teacher, this person who dwelt upon the earth in a time now distant by two thousand of your years, or that in approximation, was a consciousness of the Soul... that is, a soul consciousness in perfect union, that did merge with the Soul upon completion of the cycle and did remanifest, rematerialize, as the total Soul Self in order to try to complete the teachings.

This Teacher has but few of his words retained today. Many things have been said of what he said, and yet, those words he did speak did not sound like the words given today. He did not say, 'Come worship me and form a new theology,' with all the limits and hatreds that have evolved from it. He said to man, 'That the kingdom is within.' He said, '...that my Father and I are one.' He was cognizant of the truth. He knew of the path of the Soul. He knew of the returning. He transfigured his consciousness, demonstrating the multiple nature of self. He brought into manifestation, the energies of all planes. He produced your miracles. His words were made to fit the nature of man, even as that soul consciousness before him whom you call Gautama Buddha. He also spoke, but was but a Soul Consciousness, and his words were absorbed... I believe the term you employ is conquered by assimilation.' Are there others you would speak of?"

"There are many, but I would like clarification on Jesus of Nazareth. When you said he returned as the Soul, were you speaking of a different lifetime with a different personality, or of the same personality that we know as Jesus?"

"We are speaking of the story of the same time element. The stories telling of his return, his resurrection, as it were, are modifications of the truth, but are extremely close in the nature, for it was the act of the consciousness, to dematerialize the form... to remove that physical form. The consciousness upon transition, merged with the Soul and became one, returned, taking a physical form, now motivated, operated by the Soul itself, capable of materializing and dematerializing instantly at will.

Do you not comprehend that such a Teacher, such an entity, could have taken the world under his rulership at that time? A single appearance, if what was truly desired was to lead the children home, then that consciousness would have but to appear within the Temple itself at that time and all of Judeah would have fallen to its knee. The children of the earth -- the animal that is man, must nurture and grow the Soul within and must be ready to receive that which is given, for it is not of value to give to those who cannot comprehend. Are there further Teachers?"

"What about Moses?"

"This was a soul consciousness that was called. As is depicted in the story, you have a soul consciousness of evolvement and yet limited, called to service and given thereby the opportunity to move forward more rapidly. Recognize that those who serve, evolve more quickly than those who receive."

"And Mohammed?"

"A soul consciousness called, but not an effective channel. A poor channel that brought an element of violence and death to the service of love... but a called consciousness, limited though it was."

"I would like to go into more modern time. Please comment on the one that we have heard of known as the Count Saint Germaine."

"The entity whom you term the Count Saint Germaine, also known as Prince Ragoczy, is a soul consciousness that was born aware and did seek to serve during a difficult period. The soul consciousness employed the technique of rejuvenation for a prolonged period, and upon completion, merged with the prime soul, never to be seen again as that separate entity."

"If you would speak on one who is living, I would like to ask about Sai Ba-Ba."

"This one who is a consciousness evolved, as we defined the third state, to the awareness of the total soul self. It is as if the Soul and soul consciousness are but one vehicle. Though it was a consciousness given into birth, it is a Soul in absolute direction. The entity communicates with the people of a specific geographic sector, operating within limited concepts, and yet seeking to disseminate truth.

It is a truth that man is like a child and responds to little games and little presents. If that truly led to evolution or growth, it would be more employed, but wherein the entity Ba-Ba works, he operates in accordance with his belief and understanding. Recognize that the Soul is not a perfect thing in knowledge. If we were to choose a Teacher who sought to manifest truth within his own being, the one you term Ba-Ba would indeed be a candidate. Is there other?"

"Well, I am curious about some of the Eastern Teachers... Kuthumi, DK, and others of a similar nature."

"Many of these have not dwelt upon the plane, but are Teachers of channel or Guide, and others are soul consciousness that have been brought into normal manifestation, evolved or were called into service, even as you are. Consider the level of awareness that your consciousness is at such a young age, and know that thousands have sought your knowledge, even as they passed into their transition in their ninetieth and hundredth year. You who sit in this room, have accumulated more knowledge of the laws of spirit and the laws of the physical and their operations, than countless thousands who have spent lifetimes searching.

So be not surprised at the Kuthumi, Dwa Khul, and other Teachers who manifest on different levels. Are they any different than your own David who brings you truth in as clear a form as is possible for a Guide to bring? Do you think the power is any less in To-Ta-Ten and the Armor Bearer and David than it was in the Teachers of whom you speak? The Eastern ones dwelt upon the nature of truth for many years of your time. Your consciousness' have begun to dwell upon these ideas, and your answers have come more rapidly, more completely, for this is an evolved generation of time. You are soul consciousness' that have come in a time of need. Beware the one however, who says, 'worship me;' follow he who says, 'worship thyself.' Is there further question or matter of Teachers, or Channel, or Guide that we may answer now?"

"I asked about some of the well known Teachers. Perhaps there is one specific one that you might like to comment upon for us."

"It is not proper that we should act in that manner."

"Have there been any other direct Soul Channels that I neglected to ask about?"

"There have been many Soul Channels... the majority of whom you know nothing of or else their name is but a fragment in history almost forgotten, for the true Soul Channel, the true Soul Self that has manifested, needs not the world's recognition or awareness to do its work. One Soul who was a total Soul and not a soul consciousness, did live within your lifetime. That was the entity whom you termed Mahatma Gandhi. There have been others, but like that little man, they fulfilled their tasks without the need or recourse to wealth or position.

There are many Souls who have manifested themselves within particular religious structures. There are some that have become what you term the Saints of particular churches, and we speak not of those that took the sword to hand. It is not a function of how the Soul may use a particular religious concept, but rather how the Soul reaches to the thoughts of the soul consciousness that it interacts with. There are Souls within the world at this time. They are often found in service... like the little woman in the Eastern land."

"Mother Theresa?"

"That is the name by which you call her... locked within a theology in order to affect the work that that Soul must do, but still a genuine Soul manifesting in the full form. Have you not seen the miracles of her hand -- the miracle of love that is given? Does she cry for greatness or importance or a throne? Instead she asks for food for her children. She has declared herself the Mother of mankind and claims no throne or title with it. Is there further question of these matters?"

"We were told in the past, that the Brotherhood has seven primary channels upon the earth at a given time. Would these seven channels be located on each of the seven continents?"

"That is a reasonable expression of the distribution of channels. That is correct."

"Would it be clearer to say seven different languages or different races or population sectors?"

"The population sector perhaps is better. Let us not deal with minute meanings of words. The seven continents is sufficient. The Brotherhood seeks to share, because in your growth, are we fulfilled. Our hand has been extended for this time and will continue to be, but nothing occurs without the acceptance of responsibility and the sharing of energy. Take our words, put them in your heart, put your heart into the world that truth is made manifest. We terminate."

More Conversations with David

"Many readers seem to be confused as to how to relate the structure of hierarchy and states of beingness which the Brotherhood has given, to that which stems from other philosophies and sources. Many philosophies speak of the Christ Consciousness, the Mental and Causal planes, and things of that nature. How may we define the Brotherhood's concepts in view of these?"

"To force a compliance with other systems is like placing a cubic foot of knowledge in a cubic millimeter. If the channels and information that had been given were complete, we would not be here repeating it.

We have given you the seven planes of consciousness. These are beyond the physical. If you find it necessary to divide the physical into levels, you may do so. We have previously described the seven, their functions, their inhabitants. We do not employ the terms that were previously used. We seek not to mollify man's concepts by terms or names that lead him into believing we are following his path. We will not be made into man's image.

"Are you saying then, that these other systems were given by men, rather than spiritually given?"

"They were given and translated by men in accordance with the ability to comprehend at the time they were given. We do not concern ourselves with names or adjectives that would be most pleasing. We concern ourselves with truth. We utilize your language to the limit of its ability. That level of consciousness that you term the 'Christ Consciousness', we might term the point of self realization. That would be a point that definitely would be from the third or fourth plane, more likely the fourth, of consciousness in the astral plane itself. But such terms are limiting. It would imply that but one person in history had reached consciousness. This is not so. Literally thousands have reached consciousness, awareness of self! Hundreds have been Teachers, and dozens have been recorded by your history.

In this world, sometimes referred to as the zero plane, this is a plane of illusion, but here you dwell... a physical form occupied by an ego consciousness, motivated by a subconscious, organized and directed by the soul consciousness that is present. The Soul does not reside within this plane. It communicates and shares with the soul consciousness from its own plane of activity.

You, as individuals, are triads or trinities or troikas. You are mind, subconscious, and soul consciousness. One could however, define that element into seven segments, adding the physical and other divisions such as the astral form. These are divisions which have been used in the past. If they please you, utilize them, but we are not divided; you are not divided. You are whole units integrated into self. You seek union with self, not separation. Such concepts of division prohibit and prevent the unity of self that is the ultimate goal."

"You've often referred to individuals working in the light as being channels. Would you expand on the idea or concept of a channel and the various methods by which one actually is a channel?"

"The term channel is a loose description. This entity (Richard) is a channel in the form he employs, by allowing me to communicate or by allowing the Brotherhood. Another person seeking guidance from their guide, seeking communion with their Higher Self, seeking to be balanced in their dealing with life, is also a channel. All those persons who seek to grow and learn in harmony with their spiritual self, in balance with their fellow man, are channels and workers in the light.

It is more important that you achieve balance within your own being, that you find joy in your home, growth in your Soul, and peace amongst your neighbors, than any other form of development you may conceive.

"A large sector of the world's population puts great emphasis into celebrating the holiday of Christmas, or the birth of Christ. In view of the Brotherhood's teachings, what, if any, special meaning should we now seek for that particular time? Also, what symbolisms would be most meaningful in our celebrations?"

"The symbol of the flame, to answer the former first. We cannot bend to creating a balance out of the imbalance you have turned this holiday into. What was intended by the particular religion to be a Holy Day, has turned into a commercial venture of your world. The symbolism is the birth of consciousness within one's self. It is the awakening of the awareness of the soul consciousness to the ego, and the Soul to the soul consciousness. It is symbolized by the flame of truth."

The World Has Lost A Great Soul Consciousness
(Oct 6, 1981, day of Anwar Sadat's assassination)

"It is important to note or call attention to the Leader, that this was a soul consciousness that had truly evolved and truly could be called the 'light worker' . This was not, as it might be termed, an ordinary politician.

The death of any leader by violent means, is contrary to natural law. It is contrary to the will and the law of the Soul. It is part of the process that must be eliminated -- that which is the animal nature. Violence only begets violence. As you well know, you have lost one of the few bearers of light who sits at the helm of government.

The energies further indicate that before this year is out, one more leader may well be stricken."

"Are you referring to another leader of light?"

"The forces of darkness will always move forward, wherever the light is brightest."

"Now that Sadat's made his transition, is he being assisted on the other side?"

"It is well with the entity. He is not without assistance. He is not without awareness. The limits of his theology will bind him but for a short time."

Copyright by Richard Rebeck, Peggy Steinberg, Salvatore Cacciola