Light Messenger

Volume 5, Chapter 1


"Truth and its realization within, should produce joy, for each new step of understanding is a clear sign that you have moved forward." ...from the guides.

Change Produces Growth

Someone once said, "The only thing constant in this universe is change," and just recently, another friend, after careful contemplation, made the following statement: "God is life acting." Profound wisdom can often be found in the simplest words and observations. Have you ever sat or walked upon a lonely beach and watched the sea as she moved in her perpetual cyclic beat to the universe? And what of the cool clear streams and rivers as they wind in rhythmic flow to their destinations? Can man, in his quest for growth, be any different? Surely he too, must keep moving and changing, to avoid stagnation and ultimate deterioration.

This issue of the Messenger marks another birthday, our fifth year of publication, and as those who study the science of numerology know, five is a number of change. It seems appropriate then, that we should choose as our theme, a subject which is dear to the hearts of us all -- interpersonal relationships and the changes involved therein. True spiritual growth is not found in abstract philosophies and inspirational words alone. Enlightenment begins with man's understanding of himself and his application in the world of duality; therefore, it is important for man to realize that he will always be searching for balancing polarities while he participates in his dance of life upon this earth."

David Comments On Personal Changes & Light Messenger Status

"It is important to remember, that a channel is not deprived of their free will or their individuality. Throughout time, those who have served as channels have often evinced a peculiar or unusual personality pattern. It is difficult to live in two worlds simultaneously and to appear to residents of both worlds as being perfectly normal within each. It is not our concern from the standpoint of the Light Messenger, nor is it the concern of the Brotherhood how the individual paths and karmic patterns twine and intertwine during the course of an entity's life. It is not the function of a Guide, to direct an entity or to judge the advisability or inadvisability of any action. It is our job to lead in those areas where we may lead, when, and only when, we are requested to do so.

None of the personal changes that have occurred between this entity (Richard) and the entity, Peggia, in any way alter the channel of the Brotherhood or the transmission of the material. Each individual within the circle is a functioning individual who has volunteered for their particular task. Anyone may resign that post, that work, without penalty or negative response. It is an act and work of love, and not one that is demanded of you. The channels are most difficult to locate and develop. It requires many years of working with a consciousness, in order to effect a clear channel. When the channel produces impediments, we will not attempt a transmission. This is not the case.

In attempting to deal with the material of the Messenger, much time has elapsed since the last transmission of the Brotherhood. It is a period of time we would prefer had not occurred. We recognize however, the individual needs and limitations. It is important that the message of the Brotherhood continue. The Light Messenger has not run its course, nor has it completed its work; nor in truth, has a phase of change been reached. It may take lifetimes for the work to even begin completion. There will be many who will be involved, and many shall come and go.

We are striving to bring the message of the Brotherhood to greater numbers. We seek the assistance of all recipients of the Messenger, to share the message of the Brotherhood with as many as is possible, to offer the message to friends and relatives. In the ultimate understanding of the Brotherhood's message, there is an inner peace and security that transcends all other messages, for it is not an empty hope, but a real power that is present here and now."

Messenger I - Interpersonal Relationships (Nov 15, 1981)

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

The subject that we are dealing with is interpersonal relationships. There are many things that could be discussed or spoken of with respect to the manners by which you relate to each other. We are specifically here, interested in speaking of the close personal relationship that evolves between individuals of opposite polarity.

It is important to comprehend the nature of relationship that occurs. We deal with many levels of beginning. Two individuals may find themselves attracted or involved with each other's energy as a result of a soul-consciousness memory of another time. This forms what you term the karmic relationship, the relationship from the past. There is the relationship where the two individuals have chosen to incarnate for a specific purpose, part of a collective group seeking to work. There are those who are meeting in this cycle for the first time. In all cases, it requires a combination of the physical ego-consciousness, the subconscious self representing the emotion, and the mind. It requires the soul-consciousness, as the spiritual representative, and the physical elements that form an attraction for the vehicles of this plane. Each soul-consciousness and ego-consciousness seeking to function, seeking to learn and grow, will tend to form relationships as necessary for that growth. Individuals will find other individuals who are on a similar path or seeking the same goal, and will often walk that pathway together.

The evolution of self is a constantly changing thing. Even as individuals mature, the paths they take and the rate of maturity will be different, even for those who are evolved and whose consciousness has been raised to a high degree, for the sum total of their experience is what will determine their place in growth.

In time, we experience many difficulties on your plane in these areas of relationship. The experience originates from relationships which are formed out of the belief that it is necessary to form such relationships. These fail, for there is no basis or foundation There are those who are brought together and do travel the road for a finite period of time, and then separate as they evolve in different directions. There are those relationships which emanate only from a physical attraction, and they wane as the attraction does wane. There are those that are of the mind alone, and have not the energies to build a foundation upon which to last. In times more distant when the ego-consciousness was not rapidly moving forward when the evolution of consciousness was limited, in those times did souls join and stay joined for prolonged periods of time, even for the entire lifetime; and so it is, even at this time, for there are many whose energies will function together for the entire period of their cycle on this plane.

The caterpillar becomes a butterfly, and the butterfly may no longer live with the caterpillar. The fledgling bird leaves its nest to return no more. Transformation, change, evolution, are natural in the path of the soul, for it is the growth and maturity and wisdom of the soul, the soul-consciousness through the physical ego-self, that is the purpose of life and the purpose of presence here upon earth.

Possession is not of the Soul. There is no thing that may be possessed or kept. All things are an illusion upon this plane, for the interrelationships of one Soul to another is as co-workers and co-seekers. Balance is found by utilizing polarized energies on this plane. But remember, that in the realm of spirit, all energies have similar polarity, they contain all polarities.

It is a thought, or perhaps we should say, a myth, that dwells upon your plane, speaking of the concept of the soul-mate. This is a concept which you should readily recognize as being not a clear idea, in view of the manner by which the Soul and the soul-consciousness make themselves manifest. Many individuals are attracted by the memory that is resident within the Soul, of a soul-consciousness that exists no more, but is one with the Soul, and that memory then, is part of the present mind and soul-self.

It would be more desirable if energies that were brought together could remain together for the duration of their cycle to work and to balance each other in harmony. The changes of energy, the different rates of growth, the needs for experience which differ from soul-consciousness to soul-consciousness, do make these elements more difficult. Your society has become a mobile society. It no longer forms the tight geographic and social group. Without such things, it is difficult to foster the strong elements of consciousness that hold units together such as the family.

Love is a principle of the soul. It is the ultimate power. It is the healer of the universe. It is the greatest magnet that is known to the soul. Love is an instant communication between the Soul and soul-consciousness and the ego-self. Its shaft of light penetrates the layers of darkness, but it is a fragile thing -- that which bridges the dimensions of time and space. The world is one which places many demands upon each person. The energies of the world, the needs of the consciousness of the ego-self and the soul-consciousness, are constantly at odds with one another for dominion of total self. Love is often the victim of the energies of this plane, but it is an energy that is never lost, for as love is shared between the soul-consciousness, or between the Soul's, then that energy will continue to grow and balance and assist the individuals. It is often the case that one will sense or know the presence of another Soul with whom the interaction is great, and yet events of your world or time may not allow the relationship between these energies to form.

When we speak of change, we speak not, of one being above and one being below. For even as the caterpillar becomes the butterfly so the butterfly gives birth to the caterpillar. It is all part of a cycle of change, of growth, of evolution, of experience. One cannot contain the nature of self within another person. It is like containing the rays of the Sun itself. Too often in your world, the energies of relationship are broken and put asunder by the changes in consciousness, environment, and needs of each individual. The lack of spiritual attention to the physical selves, the lack of constant meditation, the interference of the world, and the purpose of the soul-consciousness, all become things with which to contend in the area of relationship.

It would seem, that as one entered into the desire for spiritual growth, one almost certainly finds himself surrounded to the disintegration of many relationships which had formed. Too often, we chain ourselves to another energy in order to avoid the growth that is necessary of self. You are in a world of polarity. You will therefore, by nature, seek that which is opposite in order to work, to balance, to find the optimum energies by which you may grow. These will change. It is possible that you may change with them. It is possible you may not.

It would seem that in one time frame, that relationships could not continue, and therefore, the unit we know as the family, would break down and no longer exist. This is not however, the truth. The unit, family, is intended to remain a controlled unit, to remain a working unit, for the responsibility is chosen. It is the carelessness that is placed into relationships and the bringing forth of other soul consciousness' in a careless and poor manner, that puts pressure upon individuals, and relationships cease.

There are those who come together, not for the purpose of family, but for the purpose of growth and for the purpose of experience. If these are soul-consciousness' seeking the unification of the soul-self and the ego-self, there may be rapid changes as the evolvement and the initiations occur. Those who come to be part of the family of man and to provide the vehicles for the soul-consciousness, do burden themselves with the obligation to complete the task they have begun. Energies require nurture in order to prevent their passing away, disintegrating, and being destroyed. If the work of the world overcomes the principle of love, then it is by design of the soul-consciousness, or it was not to begin with.

In truth, we give no answer. We point no specific path that is clear to solve the problem of the maturity that relationships offer. We know that if spiritual balance is maintained, along with the mental and physical aspects of your world, and you seek constant communion with your inner and higher-self, that the potential for the successful relationship is greatly enhanced. We recognize the karmic responsibility that those who come together and bring a family, have taken. We recognize the changing energies that cause an evolvement. We recognize the narrow limits that you have placed upon relationships that chain one individual to another. It is more as if you were eagles, soaring in the heavens and returning to the nest by free choice, for no chain is put upon you, the eagle, the soul-self.

In order to provide the greatest clarity of this message, for it deals with matters which many deal with at this time, we will allow you to clarify any matter which we have not made clear. Do you comprehend?"

"Yes. Do I understand correctly, that the optimum circumstances would be for two soul-consciousness' to come together, while working to balance each other, and doing spiritual work in the world? Is that the optimum situation for growth?"

"That is optimum in the sense that the growth is maintained if it is not interrupted. It may also stifle the growth, as you say, and prevent it. If, in the course of growth, one becomes the butterfly, then it must to the heavens go and find the flower which feeds it, for it will surely die if it walks by the side of the caterpillar."

"You described love as communication between ego-self, soul-consciousness, and the Soul, as a shaft of light. Can two people of opposite polarity combine their energies to the point where they are communicating not just ego to ego, but soul-consciousness to soul-consciousness at a very deep level?"

"That is correct. We meant to express the idea that it is an energy that flows from the Soul to the soul-consciousness, to the ego-consciousness -- a total union of energy that is then shared, intertwined with the energy of the other Soul, and communication is then Soul to Soul, soul-consciousness to soul-consciousness, subconscious to subconscious, and ego-self to ego-self."

"So in true love then, it could be said that they really do become 'one'."

"They become one for that moment, in that time and that space."

"We do not have any further questions at this time.

"We shall then terminate directly without recourse to the Guide, in deference to the physical form, for the energy of such messages is of great intensity. We shall deal with other areas, more specifically, bringing to bear in subsequent messages, a further enhancement and the role of the parent, the relationship and responsibility with the child, man in his society, in his relationship with his neighbors, his community, his work, where his balance is involved, where his spiritual growth is threatened by the energies he shares or interacts with.

The Brotherhood seeks inner peace for man so that he may continue the struggle of learning. We would not take away the struggle of life from you, for then you are stagnant and would die. But inner peace is the key to successful and rapid growth. The principles that the Brotherhood brings forward are never intended to create disharmony, except in the camps of darkness and falsehood. So the Brotherhood has spoken."

Is Success Your Goal?

"Create the image within your mind. You will succeed, or you will fail, depending upon the image you have created of yourself within your consciousness.

The acts of the consciousness that are present daily become the dominant influence in your life. That which you meditate upon for a moment, if it contradicts the manner by which you live, then that which is dominant in time, shall be the primary influence. If you fear failure, you shall indeed fail. If you recognize that you have the potential to succeed and put your energy forward in a positive, affirmative manner, then you shall succeed!

This world is your reality; you are the creators! No thing befalls you that you have not chosen. No thing befalls you that you do not in some way attract or cause. Difficult though it may be to comprehend, you have the ability to alter the results of the path of your life completely. Be what you will. Know that you have the power of success first and foremost as part of your being. Failure is a negative force which is attracted from external sources."

Messenger II - Changing Relationships (Feb 21, 1982)

"It is important that we deal with the subject of relationship, for it is one of the changing matters that occurs in your time. It is not only timely because of the change that has occurred within members of this group, but it is also a thing which is occurring with many persons -- recipients of the Light Messenger and otherwise.

If one examines the lives of those who seem to follow the light, it becomes apparent that there are many changes in the relationships which are formed. As you have been told, a relationship is a means by which two individuals strengthen their ability to relate to this physical world and assist each other in their mutual growth.

There is no simple matter by which change occurs. The transition is often a means of change and separation. It is one form. The physical separation due to emotional change, is another. Because of the nature of the soul-consciousness and its relationship to the physical form, the changing or severing of relationships is a difficult process. You have been taught by your philosophies, that a relationship is to be a permanent thing. Even in the simplest form, your vows have taken the concept of joining two individuals until 'death do them part'. Others have extended to the point where the vow is made perpetual. You are not capable, as an individual conscious entity, of speaking for the Soul itself; nor may you commit it to any prolonged period of time.

Relationships on this plane of existence, are brought into manifestation by the soul-consciousness, in order to provide mutual growth and individual experience. Those entities who have traveled the pathway through many lifetimes toward each other, may find it difficult to work together for prolonged periods of time. We are not speaking against the concept of marriage. For those who would join and bring forth children, allowing soul-consciousness' to be made manifest in this world, then it is well that the choice is made wisely, and the long anticipation period of togetherness is worked toward. We do not wish to see the family units separated; and therefore, it is incumbent upon all who would make a commitment, that if they are to share in a common relationship with the responsibility of family, that they recognize that obligation as one which will produce karmic responsibilities for the failure thereof.

It is also a common occurrence that individuals will be brought together for a period of time -- that their higher self will cause an attraction, or past energies will bring them together to work for a period where there is no family to be generated, and they shall each serve a purpose to the other. And when that time is completed, when the cycle is done, they shall then move on for greater experience. It is the confusion of these two separate conditions, that creates the confused patterns in your society.

Those consciousness' who strive to the light and seek to grow and mature, will find change occurring rapidly within their environment. It is therefore, difficult for them to form and maintain a prolonged relationship.

As individuals, your primary responsibility is to your own spiritual growth. You may not set that responsibility aside. Your emotional patterns in the physical are governed by many factors, and you may be susceptible to them. They may rule you for a time, but if you strive continuously to work in the light, you will learn to be the master and not the slave.

No one may possess within a relationship, and relationships are the free giving and the free taking of energies shared by one another. No relationship truly ever ends for when a positive energy is shared between two Souls, it is forever a part of the Soul memory. The needs of the physical ego-consciousness may change, but that which has been will always be.

It is beneficial to examine not causes, but effects, of a relationship herein involved, for this channel, the entity whom you call Richard, and the entity Peggia, did come together, drawn strongly by energies from the past, but these energies were guided and directed by the soul-consciousness', by the Guides, by the Souls, and by the wish of the Brotherhood. They did join together, making themselves the vehicles by which the Light Messenger was born. Without their joint effort, there would be no such vehicle. It took their unique energies when combined, to produce the birth of the Messenger. Today, that vehicle has so grown, that they are able to continue their functions as they wish, without the physical co-joining or sharing being a necessity. That is a matter of individual consciousness. But see here, the purpose that was served by the coming together of two entities fulfilling a need in each other for the time, but serving in a far greater capacity by being the catalyst by which thousands have been reached. We did not force them together, nor had we aught to do with their separation; but knowing the energies and the potentials thereof, we recognize that both shall continue to be vehicles, and the production or the work that results there from, shall be greater yet.

You are all involved in relationships one with another. Be not possessive in your nature, one to another; recognize the human nature, the unique personalities, the individuality, that comprises each of you. No thing is permanent. Change is the first law of the universe. It is through the pain of emotion, that man learns best, so he creates the situation which produces that pain.

No friend or loved one is ever lost. The memory at the Soul level of awareness is a perpetual constant. It is a living moment that is never lost. Be not in judgment or evaluation of the right or wrong, or positive or negative of the joining or lack of joining of any two persons. Think well upon the nature of any relationship you form, and remember that change is inevitable. And if two people change in different manners, then that change may produce different roads to follow.

There is a further matter, and that is the subject of the rejuvenation. It is not possible to undergo a rejuvenation that we have previously spoken of, without creating potential for change in the whole relationship to this world, including individual personal relationships. That is not to say, that it is a necessity, but rather, that it is a possibility.

You will continue to form relationships, many of which will not endure. You shall be the richer for each. But if you form a relationship to create a family, then commit yourself to that task; and when the task is completed, then seek the new roads. But make not a commitment that involves other soul-consciousness' that remains unfulfilled, for that which is unfulfilled, must yet be fulfilled in time. That is all for this message at this moment."

Messenger III - More On Relationships (Feb 25,1982)

"No thing occurs within your sphere of reality, that is not clearly marked for time. This is true whether it be events in the course of history, or if it be the changes that occur within relationships. We speak not, of the subtle variations in behavior within an individual, but we remind all, that the concepts of many sciences are available to your eyes.

One recently wrote and asked of the validity of astrology as a spiritual tool, pointing out that many have claimed it to be the work of darkness. It is noteworthy, that the forces of darkness attack most vehemently, those tools which are their greatest undoing: the course of the heavens, their message and witness to your tomorrows. While few truly practice the art and many do pretend to do so, still the art is not invalidated thereby. We call to your mind, the presence of the planet Saturn. And where does it now sit? Is it not in the sign of Libra, the sign that deals with marriage and relationship? And is not Saturn, Chronos, the timekeeper, the karmic principle, the disciplinarian? So here was the harbinger of events to come. Change will occur. Growth is the primary law; through pain, we know joy.

The ability to stand by oneself is vital if there is to ever be a true joining. Two individuals must pillars be, as Boaz and Joachim of the Temple. Neither required the other in support, but as opposite polarities, they held up the entrance to the Temple. Standing free and strong, they did function together. Thus it is with individuals. When you have shed your psychosis, when you have shed your insecurity, when you have let go of your subconscious nightmares and feelings of inadequacy and are able to stand alone serene and calm, but with energy, if you are still standing and capable of tolerating self in isolation, then in parallel with the polarities properly balanced, you have the elements of a relationship that will function as long as it serves the needs of the particular soul-consciousness in its growth. When that need has been fulfilled, you will move on to other experiences. It is no different in separation if by choice or by transition, for in both cases they are the choice of the soul-consciousness. Seek therefore of, to be able to stand alone before you stand together. Know well, the responsibilities you undertake, and be cognizant of the great responsibility of providing a vehicle for a soul-consciousness to enter this plane. As the times become more complex, that responsibility becomes even greater.

Remember, that truth is unchanging in its inner nature, but that man s ability to perceive it is a constantly changing thing. Remember also, that the Soul is androgynous, that it is male and female, and neither in the true sense. The joining of two Souls is the merging of light. It produces an intensification, an impurification, of the two as one, yet two. Others shall be brothers, sister from sister, father from child, husband from wife, and still they shall grow and mature. And if in parting, there is no animosity... if in parting, neither clings to the other or seeks to hold back or enslave... if this is done, then no imbalance occurs, and together again they shall not have to come. But hold anything against the other, and you shall tread that road once more.

We have observed amongst the teachers and leaders and speakers of your time, that many favor those who dwell in obscure parables and fairy tales. We note that many entities still operate upon the theme, claiming to be the Divine Source or the Absolute Point of light at this time. Confuse not our words. We speak not, against those who truly teach light, but we speak of those who teach in obscure words and unclear metaphor -- those who would twist your mind and have you believe upon the faith of their words alone. One could say to you, '...The crisis is here upon the earth at this time, come follow me.' Another says, 'I speak to the Christ,' 'I speak for the Christ,' 'I channel Him,' or 'I speak to Buddha,' or Mohammed.' And to these, to these who are often the charlatans, to these you give your shekels, your energy, your devotion, your prayers.

We do not speak softly, for soft speaking is seldom heard. We do not speak easily, for easy words are misunderstood and twisted. You will take your own course. We would not bend you to ours. You will find no Savior from our midst, except yourself. You will find that we seek not your prayers, but rather that you pray for self. It is time to awaken! It is time you figuratively tear down the idols from their homes! Remove the statues of paganism from your heart!

The light is. It may not be described, it cannot be contained, it is. There is no evil in the light. In lightness, no darkness may exist. The Brotherhood seeks to give you light. It is yours in accordance with your ability to receive it. The power, the light, joy, are all present. Illuminate yourselves! Look to the world and its systems. Even the great teachers who have come, have always said, 'My way is the way.' Many of them knew that there were many ways and many other teachers, but they knew that the people would not listen; and those that did say, 'There are many teachers, I am but one of them,' their words did not survive unto this time, but rather were changed and altered to serve the purpose of man. Why is man so greedy that he must have all for himself? If you do not bring the light into your life, if you do not express yourself as a being of light, surrounding yourself, your family, your home, your community, with light, then you shall dwell in darkness. And truly in darkness, you shall gnash your teeth and cringe in fear of the light, for it will blind you!

To each person whom you believe to be negative or misguided, to each person who exhibits animosity toward you, in your mind's eye, in that part of consciousness you call the imagination, see that person surrounded by light. Hold him or her in the light, blessing them with it, surrounding them, purifying them. To those whom you hold in the light, no thought of darkness shall escape there from. We neutralize our enemies by blessing them. We combat evil by absorbing it, even as a light in a room absorbs the darkness within itself.

If you are not in the light, you are of the darkness. There is no middle point. Push forward to illuminate the torch of truth within yourself! Illuminate your home, your family, your community! Reach forth, each of you in your own way. And if the words of the Brotherhood are useful, then utilize them, but above all things, be you children of the light! That is the end of the message."

Conversations with David

In keeping with the subject of relationships, a reader asked the following: "How does the Brotherhood view homosexuality? Does sexual preference restrict spiritual growth?"

"We shall speak from the viewpoint of the Guides, in as much as we do not have the authority to speak on behalf of the Brotherhood per se on this matter. We would not have it misunderstood. That is not to say that the Brotherhood might not comment at another time.

The question is twofold in nature. The first is: How is the homosexuality viewed? The second is: Does it interfere with the spiritual growth? We shall deal with the latter question first. This is the element of primary concern.

Spiritual growth may be taken in many directions. That which produces conflict by its very nature, tends to create difficulties in the growth pattern. Any element which restricts, or even as the Messengers are dealing with the definitions or energies or principles of a light worker, so you are seeing the various details that interfere with or restrict the ability of the self to grow at its maximum potential. But to say that because one has not dealt with or overcome a particular difficulty and therefore may not grow, is incorrect. It is simply a limiting factor.

A man may walk down a road rapidly, or he may carry a heavy burden and walk more slowly. In either case, he is still walking. Eventually, he shall have to deal with the burden he has chosen to carry, and in the end, he shall leave that burden by the side, for in truth as man walks forward, he walks forward unburdened Do you not see that each step of the material that has been given, is designed to unburden the self, so that you may move most swiftly on your course? Every vehicle of transportation, including the physical form, moves swiftly when it is unburdened. These are the matters that are involved. If one chooses not to deal with the problems or needs of their sexuality within a particular time, then that burden shall be carried through the life and shall slow and impede, but by no means, prevent or block the forward progress of the Soul. Do you comprehend?"

"Yes, however I would like to ask... if a person's sexual preference is not considered to be normal in his society, why is it considered to be a burden?"

"We have not yet answered the former part of the question. We are dealing with the latter, which is: Does this interfere, and we are speaking in the general of all things that interfere.

To be specific regarding the former question, that is to say the view on homosexuality, it is a state of being which produces conflict within your society and within the emotional structure of the individuals themselves. It therefore, produces a burden. Where you are operating in a philosophy, or a life style that produces emotional conflict within and places you in emotional situations which you are not totally capable of controlling, you have become the servant of a desire or emotion.

The Soul knows not sexuality; it is androgynous. Therefore, to speak of this state or that state as being a function that is the highest perfection, is incorrect. This is a plane of duality, a plane of opposite and polarized energies. You have chosen these vehicles of expression, and some have found difficulty in manifesting their energies. Many Souls, returning quickly, have taken forms which are incomplete or which have difficulty. Many have brought a long history of opposite sexuality into a form, producing the abnormal, as you term it, desire or behavior pattern. We view it as simply one more cycle in experience. In as much as it is an element which has been brought forth into reality, then it becomes a pattern of learning. Therefore, in clear understanding, you must comprehend the nature that produces such a structure, or within the concept of incarnational time, as you view it, you must attend the class."

"If an individual chooses to be or is a homosexual, for whatever reason, and is able to operate in harmony from an emotional standpoint within his community and environment, can the experience be considered a positive one?"

"Can you produce such an individual? Does your society, your legal system, accept such a state?"

"I have little knowledge of such things, but our society probably doesn't accept them very well."

"Then how could one live in harmony without creating conflict? If you are in disharmony with the laws under which you live, and you perpetrate a life style which continues to conflict with those laws, recognize well, that you chose to be born under those laws. That does not mean that one should not strive for change, but that in seeking change, one should recognize it is all an illusion, an educational element. Do not get lost in the battle that does exist."

"I have another question regarding homosexuality, David. I've known several people in that category, and most of them seem to be very highly evolved people -- very artistic, creative, stimulating, and sensitive individuals. Is there an explanation for that?"

"The question must be asked: Should an explanation be necessary? Any Soul at any level, during an incarnation in this plane, may choose to experience or deal with this particular state of being. It is also a state which may occur to a Soul without prior planning, due to a rapid return and poor choice of the form. Consider the expression of a Soul desiring a feminine incarnation, but in the urgency to return, chooses a masculine form."

"It doesn't seem though, that a truly evolved Soul would rush back into an incarnation. Is that right?"

"That is not correct. It is dependent upon the nature of passing and the particular lessons that are needed. The most evolved Soul, having never dealt with this problem, may yet need to."

"That's an interesting way to view it. I never thought of it in that way before."

"If you were perfect in all respects, with the one exception of an intolerance in this particular area, then you would have to experience in order to comprehend and understand. It is often the evolvement that produces the conflict however, of comprehending the energies that are sexual. It is also your society which has produced a distortion of these energies, turning that which is basically a natural function, a natural element of the being, into something that has been relegated to closed doors and forbidden subjects.

There is no one simple answer to the compound question of homosexuality. To deal with the right or wrong of an element, as you well know, is a function of the consciousness of the collective mass and the individual. All things are a reflection. There is no sexuality to the Soul. Therefore, the physical expression of sexuality and preference becomes an illusion and yet an educational experience."

NOTE: The remaining material in this section has been assembled from personal sessions dealing specifically with relationships. It is hoped that the reader will gleen additional understanding from the experiences of others.

"I know I came to earth to learn, and you previously told me I hadn't learned my lessons very well. Can you tell me what I was supposed to learn?"

"When we speak of not learning well, we speak not only of the present lifetime, but of past times. We are also speaking of your difficulties which you still carry. Consider the difficulty within the relationship. The entity with whom you are co-joined, is also here to learn. You are co-students within the classroom of life, each of you learning and growing at your own particular rate and at your own pace; and yet, you find frustration in the relationship and the presence of the entity. This becomes therefore, one of the primary elements in learning how to live within a relationship, understanding the other person's place and level of growth, recognizing them as students likewise. When you were a student in school, did you look down upon another student who did not do well?"

"I don't remember. I don't think I did."

"It was not your nature. If you encounter a fellow student who has difficulty with the course material, what do you do? You try to aid and assist, or if nothing else, you at least shed your sympathy in that direction. Life is no different, and yet, you find yourself in conflict. The conflict develops when we seek to apply our understanding and our will to other people. It is not important whether the counterpart is perfect or not, or how imperfect the entity may be. The entity is a student. For as long as you choose to be with that entity, to be co-joined, it is part of your experience to learn to balance yourself within the relationship, to recognize all acts that are of a contrary nature, as testing patterns which you have the opportunity to overcome.

You in particular, must look upon this relationship, for we say to you clearly, 'know well the entity whom you call name, for if you do not comprehend him now, you shall again repeat this cycle, and again, and again, until you have learned to relate, to resolve, and to release in peace and harmony, this conflicting energy.' That person you may not change directly, but the impact of that person upon you, you may certainly change. You are the creator of your universe in the sense of your response to all stimuli given. Recognize that all actions of the entity are natural habits that have been learned, or frustrations that are beyond his comprehension or ability to deal with. Deal with these matters, and there are more, as there always are for all students."

"I'm not sure I know how to handle that."

"It is by looking within. It is a matter of taking the opportunity to step aside from yourself when you are hearing the other person speak... not reacting, but hearing, listening without response, to try to understand what the other person is really saying or what is the motivating factor. You too long, have allowed your emotions to be the ruler of yourself. You have allowed your temper, emotions, your reactions, but your spiritual consciousness does not control your being often enough to allow you to overcome. You are not an ignorant woman. You have all of the basic capability you need. You have fallen into habit patterns. Then change your patterns and create new habits. Look at the alter side of the situation. You yourself are an idiomatic, for when the entity is not present, you wish the entity were, and when the entity is, you wish he were not."

"Thank you. You're very accurate. I have one more question. How can I help the rest of my family?"

"By allowing them to help themselves. Your concern is a burden to yourself. Certainly, one must place their family in light. One must extend their prayers for the enlightenment of their family. You need not pray for their physical wellbeing, nor for their material success, but pray that they may receive spiritual wisdom. Seek to open their minds. If you would give them a gift, then let it be a book that produces understanding or suggests an idea. Force not, your opinions upon them, but keep them constantly in your mind and within the light. Let them stumble and fall and pick themselves up, offering them the encouragement that you are aware of their capability, but seek not to totally guide.

It is the story of the butterfly again. It has been well told, but one may not open the cocoon without destroying the butterfly, for it is only through struggle that light is attained, and true spiritual light is found only through the greatest of struggles. You are in the cocoon of life. When you emerge from this plane to the next, you become the butterfly. So it is with your family. Share what you have in spiritual power with them. Provide counsel when it is sought; and when it is not, be silent. The wisdom of a wise man is like the prattle of a fool when it is given without request."

Another person asks: "I see within the last two months, very much change in my life, and I see what is happening to my wife and me. How can I best continue this change within me? I feel it has to do with my moving forward in my work with people."

"We have previously advised you of the need for this step forward. Recognize also, that a consciousness must be clear of emotional cobwebs in order to function efficiently. You are blocking your ability to receive in a total sense, your direction and instruction, primarily because of the difficulty within the home. This became a crisis issue, and we must point to you that the resolution is always twofold. You may abandon at this moment, all future consideration of work in this field, as you so conceive it, and return to the world of man in the earth man, the man of the earth, forgetting that which you term the spiritual, and you may turn into that relationship and make it whole again. The alternate is that you may sever the relationship, and recognize that as you do so and clear the emotional channels, severing in love, as difficult it may be, that you will then begin to blossom and see clearly the pathway. The path has been there for many years, and your Guide has repeatedly told you the methods and the directions. It is the wax of emotion within your ears that prevents you from hearing."

"Can you give any recommendation as to how I can help solve the problems that I am having with my family and my brother in particular, how to get my relationship with my family and my brother into harmony?"

"You may not impinge upon another's right. Be clear in your projection of love. Be clear in your projection of balance. Be clear in assertion of your position and belief, and then recognize that each player is fulfilling the role that they sought to play. Do not step upon another's stage and interfere with the drama of their life, unless they so ask. Your family was an experience, a vehicle, a process by which you entered this world. You are not responsible to solve their problems."

An Update On World Economics
(Dialogue with David Feb 25, 1982)

"Can you give us any information pertaining to the economy and where it's headed? Will it pick up in June, as has been said?"

"It would be wise to say, that it is headed for the eye of a needle. It will not pick up in June. Unless drastic changes are taken in attitude, it is headed for greater chaos... sporadic though it may be, and geographically localized, chaotic it will be none the less."

"What are some of the changes in attitude that you are speaking of?"

"It is the attitude toward producing that which is not necessary and which is superfluous. You process wholesome food, destroying much of its value, package it in a can, transport it to warehouses and across thousands of miles, so that one may purchase the can, open it, utilize energy to reheat it after it has already been cooked, throwing the metal into the waste, thereby wasting a resource, and consuming what might well be termed garbage. In doing this, many people are employed, the cost is increased, all to save the necessity of a little labor. It is this type of thinking that is counter productive to a society. It is the thinking of a society, that it must have newer and bigger and better goods each year, that things must change constantly. Wear not, the article of clothing this week that was worn last; it is out of style. These are not the means by which a world and its economy is stabilized. It would be meaningless if the world at large all shared in the common pursuit, but how can you justify the waste, the unnecessary frivolities, with a majority of the world's population not even comprehending the meaning of good nutrition?

Economies are no longer the function of one nation; they are a function of the world. The Bear of the North will empty its coffers to satisfy its needs, and in so doing, may well produce a bankruptcy of the world's economy. Do you not comprehend, that the gold market, which you so dearly treasure, in its rise, was engineered by that foreign nation in order to raise the value of a raw material which it had in great abundance? The silver was manipulated by children playing out of greed within your own land, but the gold was manipulated by a nation seeking to enhance its own position. These attitudes are not productive!

When the working man treasures the work he performs -- when every moment of his working day is a created act, when the merchant and businessman seek to truly serve their clientele, when the parent is concerned with the child -- its education, its spiritual development, and the environment in which it lives, when these things occur, then shall the turn occur.

Do not say, that it was better before and that it shall be again. Be not so misled and mistaken That is what they said in that time you call 1929. 'Things will be better.' That is what they said in Europe in the 30's. In early 1939, they said that things would improve in Poland, and in 1939, they did change when the armies of Germany marched in.

You have robbed your children of their inheritance! You have taught them dishonesty and dishonor. You have raped the earth, poisoned your bodies, and through your greed, you have all but bankrupted your system! An infection in the corporeal form of man may cover itself for a moment and go within, but until the infection is purified, the disease will continue its course. Each one who preys upon his fellow man, is marked. They are marked as well as the one called Cain in your biblical story; and they shall reap what they have sown. But for now, it is, as we have said before, a time to know your own abilities, a time to comprehend your ability to survive, to comprehend your ability to unify yourself with the world about you, to be one with the nature of all things. Let each in his own way, proceed."

A querent asks: "We seem to feel at this time, in the development of the scenario related to the economic picture, a great deal of confusion, and I have continuous unsettled feelings. Are we at the apex of this problem now?" (Aug 14, 1981)

"By the use of the term 'apex', one would presume that a matter had reached a culmination and was now going to reverse itself. You are at the apex, in as much as you are at one of the lower points that may be reached. There is no guarantee of reversal. It is as if you were standing up to your neck in a swamp. The situation is reaching forward by governmental and private industry, to rectify the excesses. It has not however, been determined that it is not too late to prevent further downward shifting of the economy. You do not feel the problem here. The difficulties and the slowing in this geographic sector, is negligible by comparison to other sectors of the world and other sectors of this continent.

Look for situations to worsen before an improvement is possible. You will have the higher unemployment. You cannot continue to produce in excess of demand, goods that are not required. When you reduce the production force, you have unemployment; with unemployment, comes a reduction in the demand for goods, so further unemployment is the result. With reduction in certain industries, other industries are unable to maintain their even operation and fail totally, creating further unemployment. As unemployment rises, economic reserves dwindle. The matters have taken shape. It is now a question of the timetable as to the acceleration or deceleration of the events to be."

Relevant to the above forecasts, David's answer given during a group session Jan 28, 1981, seems applicable. "Could you be very specific as to what we as a group, individually and collectively, should do to prepare at this time?"

"Preparation is a sharing of common knowledge and ability. That is the collective element. Aside from the meditation and prayer which is needed by all upon this planet, individually it is as we have discussed in the past. Where is the food for your table if you may not procure it from the store? How long will your cupboard supply you if it must? Do you have the means to care for yourself if there is an interruption in your electrical service? Do you have clothing that would suffice for a year or more? Do you have the simple medicants that you require, in sufficient quantity to safely see you through a period of deprivation? Have you considered any method of growing or producing your own food, and if you have considered, have you provided at least a rudimentary supply of seeds and materials?

Do not think yourself safe and secure because of the might of this particular land in a governmental state. You have had periods of deprivation within this land in the past, and with the great populations and the reduction in your farmlands and your dependency upon society to supply you with your needs, any such hardship at this time would be magnified tenfold. We do not advise anyone to expend their economic resources in a foolish manner, but we do suggest a careful analysis of your capabilities and your reserves."

A Personal Letter From Peggia

To my many personal friends and others who know me only through this communication, I would like to address these words. As most of you are now aware from Richard's prior communication via letter to you and the preceding comments in this issue, Richard's and my marital relationship has been severed, and each of us has begun traveling separate roads. To those who knew us well, this has probably been a shock, because many of you looked to our relationship as an example of a near perfect union. As the Brotherhood already mentioned, we came together for various reasons and did, I believe, serve in a capacity together that neither of us could have accomplished alone.

But... the pressures of survival and responsibilities we shared, did take their toll. I found myself enveloped in a world of duty and commitment which left no time for self on a personal level, and consequently, the relationship suffered in the process. Although it was Richard who took the initial course of action to end the marriage, no finger of blame should be pointed, for we each contributed to the erosion of the relationship. In all honesty, I must admit that it was traumatic and painful for a short period of time, but fortunately, I was able to let go quickly and get on with the business of living.

Today, I am happily relocated in Saint Augustine, Florida, a place which appears to be quite magical for me. Many years ago, I experienced a vision seeing myself living here, and I know now, that this environment is very beneficial for me. It seems that many miracles occurred in the process of the establishment of my new life style. First, the house that Richard and I owned in Inverness, sold in November -- no small feat in view of the current real estate market. Then, I was able to get a reassignment on my job and found space at the apartment complex where I desired most to live in St. Augustine. Finally, the circumstances were worked out, so that my daughter, Tara, could stay behind in Inverness and complete her schooling, which was her choice.

I apologize for the many months which this Messenger has been delayed, but hopefully, we will be able to keep to some kind of a schedule in the future. Because of the separation and because I no longer wish to be a slave to responsibility, I am releasing many of my duties connected with this publication. I will no longer be keeping the mailing list and handling the correspondence involved thereof. I will however, still do the transcription work and organize the written material that goes into each issue.

In closing, I would like to say to each reader, "Do not be afraid of change!" As one who has experienced her fair share of change, I can say with full authority, that each change has brought me greater wisdom and understanding. I am ecstatic with happiness at this particular time in my life and find my new path to be extremely exciting and stimulating! I feel fully alive once more, and wish to share these words with the hope that they might serve as a catalyst for anyone else who intuitively feels a change is necessary, but who is reluctant to make it. Being contained in a cocoon is a comfortable, secure feeling, but flying free as the butterfly, brings greater security yet!

"True power and true safety lie not in physical abodes, but in the consciousness of the individual who would be free." ...David.

Copyright by Richard Rebeck, Peggy Steinberg, Salvatore Cacciola