Light Messenger

(Volume 5, Chapter 2)

"It is typical of man that his eyes study the heavens while his feet are sinking in quicksand."
... from the guides.


"Imagine there's no heaven
It's easy if you try
No hell below us, above us only sky
Imagine all the people livin' for today.

Ah... Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for, and no religion too--
Imagine all the people living life in peace
You... You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us and the world will be as one.

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger, a brotherhood of man--
Imagine all the people, sharing all the world
You... You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.
I hope someday you'll join us and the world will live as one."

While the noise of war, political uprisings, and nuclear arms threatens our world there are those who know truth and seek to share with humanity of their gifts and knowledge. Perhaps the visionary who left these words behind was an ancient Atlantean, but he was known to us as John Lennon.

From Peggia's Corner

Since publication of the last Messenger, I have received many cards and letters from friends all over the country. I am deeply grateful for your sharings of love, and I would like each of you to know that although your communications were carefully put aside with thoughts of answering, my best intentions seemed to fade with the wind. During these past few months, I have been exploring the multi facets of my being in its desire for expression and growth while simultaneously enjoying a whirlwind of activities and new relationships. For that reason, this issue of the Messenger was also delayed in its preparation. Now, I am settling down a bit and my daughter has come home to roost for awhile.

Messenger I - Atlantis: Yesterday's Failure/Tomorrow's Promise (May 5, 1982)

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

We bring you a memory -- a memory of a time that is long past. In this Age, one cycle of Ages ago, that period of time that is a Great Year when once before man was entering the Aquarian Age, there did exist a continent which you now term 'Atlantis'. It is inconceivable to your science, your historians, your archeologists, that such a time and such a people did exist; there are few remnants of our civilization, for the destruction of our continent was complete. I utilize the first person, for though at this time I serve the Brotherhood as a Messenger, I was a dweller in that land in that time. So... in part, I give you a message of the Brotherhood, and in part, I am the eyewitness who did be-hold and see that which was and is no more and that which was and cannot be found.

We were a people who had developed a science, in many respects, advanced from that which you know. Our medicine, our practice of medicine, was superior -- both in the ability of our surgeon's hands, and the ability of the physician to prevent the illness. We succeeded in solving the problem of transportation by utilizing the power of the human mind to move vehicles over land and through space. We had developed the ability to control the climate, and we had mastered the concept of producing sufficient food to feed our ever increasing population. Education, art, science, philosophy, music, religion... were all highly evolved in this time, one Great Year ago.

It was not our inability to live with one another, but our greed to master the earth and her powers, that brought about the destruction. We had learned to harness the power of the sun within the body of the crystals. We utilized this for healing, for destroying, for communicating, and even as a drill to drill within the earth itself. We had tapped and developed all of the powers of the human mind, and had brought that power to focus along with the crystal, for a crystal is empowered only by the action of the human mind upon it. The energy of the sun may be brought into a crystal, but without the mind to focus it, it is meaningless. When we utilized the crystal for meditation or healing, our mind focused upon that crystal, causing it to change and alter the energy into the most beneficial form.

As we sought to control the earth even more... as we sought to tap the ultimate source of power within this world, and we brought the power of the astral world, or spiritual world, within, we reached a state where we created a hole in the time space continuum. It is important to comprehend that which we are saying. We warped or rendered apart! We tore into the very element of time and space and dimension, and part of Atlantis was literally blown out of existence by being blown out of this dimension of reality!

We had many representatives around the world dealing with more primitive peoples, educating them, working with them. Your historians and archeologists have found our tracks in the advances that primitive man did have, but when it became evident that the Main Continent was gone, then these primitives did rise up and seek to destroy the few survivors. In some lands, they became kings, in others, great teachers. The mythologies of all people trace their ways back to the time of the Atlanteans and, those who survived the great explosion.

That which resided upon the earth... that which remained behind, was a small part, for much of the mass of land did leave and did no longer exist here. It was sufficiently great to alter the angle of the tip of the earth. I believe you term it, the obliquity of the ecliptic. The earth upon its axis was tipped. We destroyed the continent and millions of people. The continent of Atlantis had the same number of Souls as this land you term the Continental United States. In our greed and our stupidity and our blindness, we did destroy ourselves and the promise of civilization that we had.

We did not travel to space, for it had not occurred to us to do so. I am certain that had we dwelt upon the problem, that the solution would have been present. We were concerned with developing the consciousness of every man, every woman, and every child, to its maximum potential, to utilize harmonious sound, the appropriate crystals, the right geographic sectors, the energy of the sun combined with the shared energy of other minds, to synthesize all into one. We had transcended the need for simple learning, for we had learned to absorb knowledge from that which you term the collective mind or collective consciousness.

We learned how to deal with form and structure, but the true learning was through long periods of meditation and prayer. We dealt with a philosophy that upheld the structure of the family as a sacred thing. The Community was a larger family, the State still a larger family, and the Country as a whole, but one family. We upheld the values of spiritual things. We upheld the moral standards, but crime was not our problem, for we did not tolerate, nor did we suffer from the difficulty of such behavior. We were not a Utopia. We were a civilization much as yours, seeking to grow and to evolve and to reach out, struggling with ignorance and darkness where we found it, and we destroyed ourselves in our carelessness and in our greed, in our blind belief that we were beyond all accounting form.

The symbol that you use called the ankh to which you credit the Egyptians, this was the symbol of our belief system. It was the symbol of the crystal, for in the eye of the ankh stood a crystal which when the sun would fall upon it and it was focused with the mind, was an instrument of healing and transformation. While the stone was often of a gem like crystal or diamond it was also quite often, that of the color of the ruby, the red, or the blue of the sapphire, or the golden of the amber. There was always an amber cover that was placed over the crystal as it laid within its carrying case or holder. Take and create for yourself a symbol of this kind by utilizing the ankh with a small gem within the eye, and remember that at one time, you utilized that to control the elements of the world and to heal the sick and to open the consciousness.

We shall deal in future times, with other matters of this continent, and we seek not to create a time of mourning, for enough time has past; but we seek to prevent, through your consciousness, through your prayers, through your energy, the repetition of the attempted destruction of this world!

We did alter the atomic structure of matter, but we did it without violence. In your crude attempt to harness this power, you have created a weapon which is capable of destroying this globe. There are millions of years of experience and history upon this plane. Let it continue! Let not war and greed and death be the sound and sight that is seen when the anniversary, when the time of returning, has occurred.

For a period of one hundred years from this November third, you will stand in the delicate balance of self destruction, and if you do not fail, then the new Atlantis shall be born. You refer to it in your religious philosophies of the West as the New Jerusalem. It is the same, for the potential is there... the glory of the past brought forward, merged with the present, so that even greater knowledge is made manifest. That is one option, and the other is but a grave. This is the time of returning, and the Souls of that time have come forward to help, to fight for peace, to struggle against the ignorance, to undo that which was done, to fulfill the debt. That is the end of this message."

Conversations with David

"The reason that the Brotherhood has chosen to deal with the continent of Atlantis at this time, out of sequence with the Messenger of the previous time and out of sequence with the material being given, is that there are only a few more cycles or Messengers prior to the time of the repeating, or the anniversary of the destruction of Atlantis. Your astrological Great Solar Year, the time it takes for the sun to move through the zodiac in a retrograde fashion... this is twenty-five thousand plus years, as you term it. Between the twenty-five and twenty-six thousand years, you are now experiencing the anniversary of the destruction of Atlantis, and that will be exact on the third day of November of this year. At this time, it is expected that the majority, if not all of the Souls that were involved at that time, shall be present upon this plane. Do you comprehend?"

"Yes, we do."

"If any group of individuals wished to find a time for a collective or unified meditation, this would be a time that is more meaningful than that time you term the Wesak Festival, for this is a time when man's consciousness sought to destroy through carelessness, the entire planet upon which you live. You are not far, at that time, from approaching a similar destruction.

It seems that man has difficulty entering into the Aquarian Age. On the last occasion, he entered the Age with an explosion. I believe you would term it a bang! He is about to do so again. Let the memory of that time be a warning to the consciousness today."

"Are we to understand that what happens during the next one hundred years will determine whether or not there will be a new Atlantis?"

"You will become the new Atlantis."

"After the hundred years have past?"

"That is correct."

"Besides meditation, which of course, is intensified in groups, what can we do, and how many of our numbers is it going to take, to avert a tragedy at the anniversary time?"

"If all minds upon this plane were unfocused, one mind could control the balance if it were powerful enough. But what shall we say? Three thousand, ten thousand... there are many minds who would help on one level of consciousness or another. Let the cry go out to all groups, to all organizations, to all who claim to cherish the light, and let as many as can, be there in spirit, in joining, in their upraised swords of truth. Let the light prevail!"

"Is it important that we stress in the Messenger, not to concentrate so much on the particular date of November 3rd, but on the time leading up to it and thereafter?"

"That is correct; however, we would see at that time, a great massing of energy."

"Returning to the subject of Atlantis, we have heard of a crystal that was supposedly found in & pyramid under the Atlantic ocean. Is there any truth to the claim that the crystal is from Atlantis?"

"In the dimension of reality that man is capable of roaming through, the thought created becomes a reality. Within your plane of existence, it is not. Understand that it would take a great machine indeed to move that crystal."

"Exactly how large was it, David? Can you tell us that?"

"What is the span of a man with arms outstretched?"

"Maybe six feet."

"It took twenty-two men to form the circumference of the crystal."

"Was the crystal constructed of several component parts? Was it structured or built of pieces which were locked or fastened together in some fashion in order to create one giant whole?"

"The answer is no."

"Were some of the facets of the great crystal on the etheric level and controlled by the mind?'

"Defer that question a moment. The problem in the first question is that other crystals were used in conjunction with the great crystal to filter the light in a specific manner. That is, crystal filters were employed, and as you have been advised, an amber capstone was also employed. That may have caused the concept of many parts to make the whole. Now, reiterate your second question."

"We know that the great crystal was faceted. In addition to the facets which could be seen, were there other facets on an etheric level which were controlled by mind power?"

"You are already advised that the crystal was controlled by the mind. The presence of facets on etheric or other dimensions is not valid if it did not simultaneously exist in this dimension. There were no extensions of the crystal in other dimensions, yet the crystal was in more than one dimension in total."

"What finally happened to the giant crystal?"

"The crystal was shattered during the explosion and became part of the fragment that did leave this dimension."

"We know that the Atlantean consciousness was fed knowledge from higher dimensions, and the consciousness that existed was able to grow as a result of that. Did succeeding civilizations such as Ur, for example, begin to flourish and grow as a result of the knowledge that was carried from Atlantis, or were they also fed information from higher sources?"

"The answer is truly affirmative to both questions. There was ancestral memory of the Atlantean period, but it had become mythology, and it became entwined... In the time period of the city of Ur, it was necessary to instruct and clarify the memories and mythology. It was not an attempt to control the consciousness, but to make the consciousness aware of higher dimensions while it still was in physical form.

Please recognize that knowledge, as you term it, is a collective thing and that those who become seekers in consciousness have the ability to draw whatever information or knowledge they need from that which we would term the collective source. We do not create a Collective Consciousness, as you have termed it within your psychiatry, but rather a collective source which all consciousness may become one with. Please realize also, that the function of the Guide has been since the beginning of time, and even when we are not able to communicate, we may project images into the mind -- pictorial concepts."

"In what ways is our civilization today different in terms of instruction and higher consciousness awareness, than it was in the past? Or is it different?"

"At this time, it is different. You, speaking of man in the collective sense, are less aware, and there is less communication because there is more disbelief. To put it in a simple statement: It is easier for spiritual guidance to be given to a superstitious savage, as you term them, than the intelligentsia of your world."

"Is there a particular race that the Atlanteans have returned to, or is there a percentage in each race of the world today, that are Atlanteans?"

"The latter would be more correct. The Soul does not know the meaning of the term race. A racial experience is that -- an experience for the Soul, but not an identity mark. It would be a small number, for the population of this world is great in comparison to the population that was called Atlantis. It is an insignificant number. Where you speak of the world's population in the billions, we speak of a few million."

The Brotherhood suggested using an ankh with a gemstone, and prior issues of the Messenger prompted several questions from readers pertaining to the mounting of crystals. We were told not to surround the crystals with metal and that if they are used for transmitting light, they should not be drilled."

"That is correct. You do not encircle. Many of your holders encircle one end, but not the entire crystal. When a crystal is worn about the body, the length of the crystal must not be encircled with metal. It may be drilled. It may have one end capped. It may not be encased in metal. If it is circular, then the circular ring would be forbidden. If it is long, an elongated shape, the metal may not also be elongated, putting it into a box as it were. There must be a free end of the crystal. The major mass of it must be free to vibrate. Some may be drilled for purposes other than transmittal of light. Some will be mounted at one point; some will have a multi-point mount. That is not circling. Think of a diamond in a ring in what you term the tiffany mount."


"Which is three or four prongs holding the stone."

"Yes, the stone would be suspended."

"That is not circling the stone with metal. The object is not to encase the stone in metal, like a ring does, in such a manner that the stone has no free angles."

"If the gem was a diamond cut and the back side of the stone, the pointed side, was left free to vibrate, would it still be ineffective if encased in metal?"

"It would depend upon the individual mount. It depends upon the freedom of the stone to vibrate. A crystal enlarges when it is subjected to vibration. It enlarges during activity of light, and it enlarges during the vibration of sound."

"Does it always enlarge horizontally, or does it enlarge vertically as well?"

"It enlarges in all directions. Restraint is restraint. A hole destroys the optical property."

"Even if the crystal is very large?"

"It would destroy it in a sector. You may also utilize a band of plastic or wood to hold a stone. They are not metal."

"Of the crystals, as we know them as jewels, which would be the most desirable to wear from an all round general purpose standpoint to help maintain good health and balance?"

"That would depend upon the individual, for that is how the so-called birthstones were arrived at."

"David, would you be willing to give us the true birthstones for the signs or months of birth? There seems to be a lot of confusion relevant to that, and I'm sure our readers would like to know."

"That, we shall do at another time, but recognize that it is not confusion that prevails, but the simple element that more than one stone is appropriate for the signs. To answer your question directly, the most perfect stone is that you term the diamond. The diamond is a pure element. It may be faceted to refract the light of the sun, and because of its popularity and the use it may be put to, it becomes a general stone of great value. The crystal is more flexible and may be used for specific purposes, whereas the diamond is of general purpose. It is the most beneficial if we must name one stone. The second would be the quartz crystal, but not the lead crystal."

 "A reader asked, "Is there anything detrimental in keeping different crystals together in a small pouch? i.e.: topaz, amethyst, garnet, sapphire, clear quartz etc? Do they pull or repel from each other, thereby needing a new charging before each individual use?"'

"The only thing a crystal requires is a cleansing -- to cleanse itself of the negative energies of man. The crystals do not harm each other."

"How often should they be cleansed."'

"That depends upon the use, the user, and those who else might touch it. No thing in nature harms itself except man."

Messenger II - Parent/Child Relationships (May 8,1982)

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

There are many concepts regarding the relationship of a parent and a child and there is much confusion as to the nature of the individual -- confusion as to why children appear to be difficult or unable to relate with their parents. We must recognize that in each child, you are dealing with a Soul, a soul-consciousness, that has many lifetimes behind it. This soul-consciousness has chosen the parents, either for their particular abilities or experiences that they will have, or it has chosen them simply as a vehicle by which to return to this plane of existence.

The act or manner of conception, as we have discussed previously, influences the type of Soul that is brought in. Certainly, when the parents have brought their energies together, in balance with the conscious desire to bring forth a child, then that offers the greatest opportunity for an evolved consciousness. When a child is born of love without planning, there is still a greater opportunity than in the least case, and that being, the accident of birth. Souls, by their nature, are attracted to Souls with whom they have shared energy in the past, but a child may well be a total stranger, never having related to the parent before.

The responsibility, even as you term it karmically, for bringing a consciousness into being, for becoming the vehicle by which a soul-consciousness may take form, places a responsibility upon the individual -- the responsibility to provide that child with a balanced environment, emotional security, love, and a training and direction and a philosophy of life. This becomes one of the greatest responsibilities. In your society today, this responsibility is often assumed by one parent alone due to the variations in relationships that you have. Too often, the parent is incapable of dealing with the child's consciousness. The parent is incapable of directing and guiding the child, and this is primarily due to the lack of recognition of the unique individual consciousness that is present.

Within the mind of the child, the inner or subconscious mind, is a full awareness, a consciousness that is aware of itself. This awareness slowly dissipates as the child matures and learns about his world, but in the earliest time, the child will often bring forth concepts and ideas that relate to its past. The most creative element in man is that which you term the imagination, the ability to reach into the subconscious memory, merge it with the conscious reality, and project a possible environment or situation. Certainly, the creative element of the imagination is recognized, but it must be enhanced.

It is difficult to employ the word responsibility with respect to the relationship with a child, for one thinks of it as love alone. The parental love is a natural thing, but is not always present. You may attract a Soul which has been antagonistic or in conflict with you in another time. Your roles may have been reversed in yet another life where you were the child and the child, the parent.

Imbalance within the self -- emotionally or mentally, creates a negative atmosphere for the child that will impress itself upon that consciousness for the duration of its existence upon this plane.

The child is aware on a soul-consciousness level from the time of conception. While the Soul itself does not permanently accept the form until the moment of birth, the soul-consciousness that will be that child is aware of the environment and the attitude of the parent from the time of conception. While the child is nearing term in the womb of the mother, there is an ever greater awareness of the physical, psychological, and emotional nature, as well as the environment and all things which influence the mother. The atmosphere that the child is brought into is better in your society if it were along the manner you term natural. Certainly, the isolation of the child in your sterile atmospheres of hospitals is less than desirable, except when there is a health problem.

The bond between the parent and child, whether it be the mother or the father, is formed in the earliest time. It is then, that the love and the open communication of love is important. The lack of communication to the child retards the development of the spiritual ability. Every word that is uttered to a child or in the presence of a child becomes part of the subconscious memory. Even discussions which have no bearing on the individual, are recorded and remembered.

It is important that the energy of one parent and the child be interchanged constantly -- that is the touching and the holding. It is vital that both parents share and partake, for through this, the true feelings and the nature of the individual is transferred to the consciousness of the child. The lowest Soul which may have been brought into a particular child due to an accident of birth, may still be raised and elevated if the child is placed in a harmonious and balanced atmosphere. As we indicated, it is not a matter of economics. It is a matter of true consciousness and feeling and love.

You cannot hide anything from a child, for the consciousness of a child is fully capable of sensing all of the feelings and thoughts of the parent -- not in understanding, but in awareness.

It is when the child begins to communicate, that we must allow them the opportunity to become aware of spiritual values and of the Guide. Those children who are exposed to their Guide at the earliest age, have no difficulty in manifesting a spiritual philosophy of life which creates the balanced or harmonious person within your world. For those who have not taken the time and are present without this balance, they still may seek to provide the energy, to provide the awareness. It is more vital that the consciousness be allowed to remain open, that the subconscious mind of the child not be closed, that the desire to comprehend worlds beyond yours, be encouraged.

We do not say, to make a child a dreamer and one who lacks a sense of reality or purpose, but the relationship of the parent and child is a perpetual bond within the lifetime. In order for the child to accept and comprehend all that you have given him, you must live a life that exhibits the balance you would have the child follow. Your axiom of 'Do what I say and not what I do,' is out of balance, for the consciousness of the child will reject that which has been taught. It is a true responsibility to bring such a consciousness forward, and where the difficulty of personalities is found to exist, then the communication with the Guide of the child is of the greatest value, for the Guide can see to the implantment of ideas within the child's consciousness even more readily than the parent.

Anger has no place with a child. We speak not here, against the concept of chastisement, but anger is not a balance, and the anger does not allow the parent to communicate with the child. And in truth, there is no thing to be angry with a child for, for the anger is truly directed at self for the failure to have communicated effectively.

As a child passes certain milestones in the times of its life, it becomes more and more independent as the consciousness evolves and reaches forward. It is at these times, that the parent must learn to let go and to let that consciousness flow into the world seeking its own harmony and balance. Nor may the parent impose upon that child, the self desires to fulfill unfulfilled wishes, to become an occupation that the parent desires, or to fulfill a particular evolvement, whether it be music or sports.

The child is an individual and not a true reflection of the parent. That which is imposed or forced upon the consciousness, limits the growth and potential of the child.

There is no child that cannot be communicated with that is of normal consciousness, but where the conflicts of self and personality enter in, then the communication with the Guide becomes necessary. But where spiritual values have been implanted early, and the life of the parents or parent continues to exhibit the balance and harmony of a light worker, then that child will mature quickly and lean forward to the light and away from the darkness. It is a relationship which is unique, for in the world, those persons of one type of personality may conflict with your own, but if the child have that same personality, there is the bond that exists between the two that allows a communication to exist.

Too often when the familial relationship, the structure of the family, is broken by the separation of the husband and wife, the child becomes an object of pulling and twisting between the parents. It matters not which parent assumes the responsibility. It matters only that the child is taught balance and harmony; but disharmony not only produces the karmic responsibility for the parent producing it, but will alter the life path of the child. The greatest consciousness in the world would find difficulty in seeking to open and develop if it did not choose a parent, a structure, that provided for the love and the balance that was required.

Always, the child must be placed in the light. Always, the child must be aware of the Guide. Always, the child must feel the love and the communication of the parent. Many parents today would spend more time tending to a garden and to the growth of a plant, than they have spent to the care and the growth of their children. Where that is the case, the debt shall be to return as a child with unlimited potential and limited parental consciousness. Is there any question with respect to this particular material?"

"If an individual does not feel close to his parents, is it an indication of not having karmic ties in previous lives?"

"That is a likely result, but the responsibility to recognize the sacrifice that the parents have made is still present. Is there further question?"

"If there is a lack of affection between a parent and a child in the early years, and then later, perhaps in the teens, they develop a closeness, what is that the result of?"

"That is the result of growing together, of sharing the experience, indicating that the presence of the one parent has brought purpose and meaning to the soul-consciousness. The soul-consciousness has reached through and communicated, and that child has developed and matured in accordance with the energy provided by the parent, so that where a difference existed in the beginning due to a strangeness or lack of familiarity, it grew into a bond as the soul-consciousness of the child sought to mold itself after the parent."

Messenger III - Community/Work Relationships (May 8,1982)

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

As man grows and seeks his own spiritual development, he finds himself impeded and unable to comprehend the limits he encounters. This is produced by the manner in which he lives. It is not that sufficient alone, to be spiritual in consciousness. It is not sufficient to spend the time in meditation and prayer. It is not sufficient to share with the family, for the individual who truly seeks the growth and development of his own spiritual consciousness must reach beyond the limits of his private world and extend all that he does into a spiritual act.

There is no person in your world who is not worthy of receiving your blessing, who is not worthy of receiving the light that you can place about him. There is no person who should be so negative in your thought that you cannot reach out to him. In all things, whether it be the work, the employer, or the employee, whether it be the customer or the co-worker, balance, love, and harmony must be shared with all. No man may call himself a child of the light, may call himself a light worker, who does not share that light with everyone he meets. That is not to expect that open communication will develop with every person, but certainly, the conscious act of recognizing the potential child of light in every person and treating each person, regardless of their negativity, regardless of the role they play in life, treating them as if they indeed were a child of light and sharing your gifts and your blessings with them.

One cannot say, 'I am a light worker,' and create a negative or imbalanced situation with another person. The lack of charity within the hearts of men is one of the great impediments. The greed for profit and for gain is still another. The materialism that has developed within your society destroys the ability to look upon your neighbor as your brother. In the total sense of spirit, you are all brothers and sisters, and your actions to each other must be a reflection of your spiritual growth.

No man may give of himself or of what he has in true love, that he shall not receive tenfold or a hundredfold in return. We speak not in idle words that have no meaning in your world. We speak of laws that operate in balance, for the Soul that is in balance, in harmony and in love, may experience disappointment and sorrow and rejection, but in the giving, even greater joy shall be that individual's.

We see too often, the man who would walk the path of light, but reserves the path of darkness for his employer, for his work, for his community, or his government. We may not take from another unjustly. We may not withhold improperly. We may not fail to be involved in the world about. If it be an open hand to one hungry child, or a moment of caution to one of the creatures of this world, these all bring back the blessings and the joy of spiritual growth. Who amongst you, can lift his hand and take a life and still say that he is in balance, that he is in light? And yet, in carelessness, in anger, in negativity, too often is the life of the smallest creature taken. We speak not, of those creatures you term insects, but we speak of the animals whom you claim to love and the other animals of your world, the cruelty that is expressed to those energies, to those Souls that share with man, the cruelty to one another, the cruelty to the stranger in your midst.

The relationship of the light worker, of the one who seeks spiritual attainment, the relationship of these to the world must be one of true expression of love, for where you have passed by a hungry child or a neighbor in need or in pain and have not even shared the words of comfort or guidance where you have not shared the joy of light, where these things are not, your growth is stopped, and you are placed in a limited position. We do not say, 'take all that you have and give it away,' for it would not be truly appreciated or utilized properly, but in all things that you do, let your consciousness deal with each individual as if they were your brother or your sister in light. Let your light be love made manifest in your expression to all people. Let others see in you, that which seeks perfection, that which seeks the spiritual balance, for as you so stand rightly, then others shall be drawn to know the secret of your joy. You may not look down upon those who do not know your path or whose path is one of darkness, for at one time or one lifetime, you did also tread that path of darkness, and before you left that path, someone held out a hand to you.

There is no neutral state of being. You are of the light or you are of the darkness, and if you cease your growth or stall it in time, then you lean to the dark side. Bring your love to your work, to your community. Bring your light in all things that you do and consider that person or that entity whom you revere to be the greatest light in your life and treat each person as you would that one.

These words are not new. They have been given to man in many forms. We see however, that the time when the stranger could knock upon the door and say, 'I am hungry, will you feed me?' that time is past. When the neighbor is in need, the balance of spirit would say that it is better to help before they have to ask. Those who are in the light succeed in obtaining the joys and pleasures of this life; and when the financial rewards are made available, they take advantage and misuse the gifts. No man may be in business and take one penny that he has not justly earned and maintain balance.

As you seek the light, as you seek to grow, you require the assistance of your Guide and of other spiritual agencies. In order for this help to be given, you must be sharing your energy. Many share it through service, and it need not be obvious to others that you share; but know that in balance, all things will be brought into perfection. There are no evil Souls. There are Souls who are enshrouded with evil, who are troubled with it, but there is no Soul that is in itself evil. If love were shared by all who seek the light, if it were shared with every person met, whether it be silently, by thought, or by word, those persons whose consciousness is lost in darkness would have an opportunity to open and comprehend.

The laws of balance are not complicated. Receive what is justly yours. Take not from any person unjustly. Give of your love and of the light that you have to others freely, and share your knowledge when the opportunity avails itself. This is the beginning of a new age of consciousness in potential. You have reached a state of awareness where man, if he will reach out, can truly bring peace to this world and joy to himself. These are not idle wishes. These are potential realities.

Through the millennia of man, we have observed the growth and the progress that his been made. Recognize that all things that you have are gifts that have been made available for you. No thing is yours forever, but take your gifts, joy in them, use them wisely, and share that which you have. A philosophy such as this placed in action, will produce the results! We can say to you, 'Try it,' for it works! That is the end of this message."

David Discusses Sharing, Tithing & Seeding

"It is well to be reminded of the necessity to balance one's debts. It is not enough that one repays the principal, but one also must pay the interest; and the payments are better made in a continuous manner than sporadically or occasionally.

It is difficult, we realize, for you to comprehend the manner by which this works. It is therefore, important that you comprehend that we keep books upon your energies upon your actions, or lack of action. The keeper of the record is your Soul, and between the Soul and the soul-consciousness, no communication is allowed to pass beyond when the individual has not provided the necessary balance or energy to compensate for that which has been received. You do not even see that which we have given you the majority of the time. You do not see the disaster that did not occur. You do not see the accident that did not happen. You do not see the great financial loss that never occurred. But these, we have seen in advance, and in working with all of those who seek to work in the light, we see and act upon these, laying, as it were, at your feet, a multitude of debts.

A spiritual debt does not have a price tag but is paid in accordance with the spirit in which the act is performed or the goods given. Those who have lived under the protection of the Brotherhood but have failed to share what they have received, shall soon reap the natural effect of the imbalance they have created. This is a time when service to others is of prime importance. It is not proper that one should say, 'How big is my debt? How many hours do I have to work in order to release it?' It is more appropriate to look at your gifts and to give in accordance with your ability. We would sooner see you bring joy to the heart of a child, than to pass a thousand of your dollars to your favorite charity.

This issue of balance and the necessity thereof is easy to forget when things are flowing smoothly. But let it be well remembered that when you have exceeded your drawing power, your cries for assistance will not be heard, and the Soul and the soul-consciousness will not allow those messages or requests to reach out into the astral planes. It is therefore, the Soul itself which is the final judge of how the debt is paid or not.

The problems of other people are not new. You will however, in these times, experience more psychological imbalance than you have in previous times within your memory. Be therefore prepared, for the unusual patterns of response. We see many patterns of change on the horizon. Even in this area (Citrus County, FL), we are well aware of the changes that have occurred.

To those who abuse or misuse the information of the Brotherhood or the energy of his servants, the workers in the light, to those who would take advantage, it would be better that they were placed under a curse, for we shall not proceed negatively against anyone. We do not place a curse upon them, but that at least would be a finite thing... but those who interfere with the work of the light and the Messengers and their duties shall have all protection removed from them, and the plane of spirit shall not hear their voice.

Do not dwell within a domicile that is not protected. Shield yourself against negativity every day. Do not depend on your shields to maintain themselves forever. If you do not do this thing, then you shall suffer difficulties. Shield yourselves with positive energies. Let the light of the Brotherhood surround you. Do not become lazy and complacent in the comfort we have guided you to. Enjoy the peace by being prepared for war."

"I recently received a large gift of money which disappeared very quickly. I purchased a vehicle which I needed and bought a piece of property which is questionable as to whether I actually needed it or not. Can you give me any information on that?"

"Both investments were well made, though neither shall produce the rapid growth. That would also be well advised. The money did pass quickly, for it has no finite meaning with you. Yet, consider that the manner in which you have employed it, is in balance; and yet, if a portion of it had been seeded, it would have returned to you tenfold or more. This is part of the difficulty. The blessing that brought this energy forward was the result of much effort. Because of the nature of your work and your involvement, you do not have an obligation. You did however, have opportunities which are passing."

"Please explain."

"You did not utilize any portion for a seed fund. One may look upon it as a selfish means of gain. If I were to say unto you that I would give you ten thousand of your dollars upon one condition: namely, that you, upon receipt of the funds, would proceed without delay to utilize one tenth of that for the benefit of others... Had this been done, a continuous flow would result, but if I made such an offer, you would readily agree to it, would you not?"


"But consider all of the difficulties, and do you truly think that the Guides did not play a part in that which you received? Do you comprehend?"

"Yes. Can I correct the situation?"

"It is better that you comprehend. It is always important to correct by your acts. It is not necessary that it be one tenth of the dollar value. You have done much that has brought balance, and we did therefore say, there is no karmic factor. You have received, you have received once. The future is dependent upon your utilization of the energy. Let that be a private matter with you. Do not place yourself in debt in order to fulfill such an obligation, but remember in the future that, of that which you receive, some portion, and a tenth is but an example, some portion should be set aside as a growth fund, as a seed. There is no thing that is yours or comes into your possession that is not approved and acquired through the efforts of your Guide and your soul-consciousness."

"I am confused about helping others without their permission or asking."

"The helping of an individual without his awareness is not improper if you are giving them light, if you are surrounding them with your awareness of light. You're not seeking to make them a convert. You are not verbally proselytizing. You do not heal if they do not request or express a desire, but if your neighbor is hungry, could you reduce him to the embarrassment of asking you for food?"

"No, I understand."

Within this simple community that you term a county, there are those who have gone many days without food, for they have not the means to procure it, and they have neighbors who eat in excess and waste that which they have and ignore the plight of those who do not. You may not spend your life seeking out each who needs assistance, but you must be aware of that which is about you."

Copyright by Richard Rebeck, Peggy Steinberg, Salvatore Cacciola