Light Messenger

Volume 5, Chapter 3


"Before religion was, truth was, and when the religions have gone, truth will still be." ... from the guides.

Fly With Truth

Have you ever flown in an airplane or jet? If so, perhaps you may have glimpsed from a cosmic perspective, the nature of life on earth. Looking down upon the land, the people below appear as little ants, scurrying about in their pursuit of life. The cars, houses, and tracts of land are seen as tiny pieces of a giant jigsaw puzzle, and one cannot help but realize how interconnected and small each man is in the overall picture of life. And yet, if one views the flight from above the clouds, the feeling becomes quite different, for the realization that man has the ability to rise above all limitations and forge the unknown, becomes readily comprehensible.

How exciting to be alive in the twentieth century! Computer technology, space exploration, weather satellites, micro-surgery, telecommunications and nuclear power represent just a few of the stimulating challenges for modern man to deal with. But as man moves into the Age of Aquarius and has the opportunity to break up the crystallizations of the past by piercing the traditional barriers upon the horizon, his theological concepts of the Divinity seem to be caught in a time warp. Many readers have communicated their confusion, and so the Brotherhood has chosen to discuss the subject of religion in this issue. The material has been presented before in many different ways, but these messages are designed to give a new perspective from the eye of the eagle. Fly high with us and let your mind soar on wings of truth!

Are You An Actor Or A Spectator?

How do you feel about the controversial subject of nuclear arms? Does the buildup of nuclear weapons frighten you? Do you feel helplessly victimized by your government's policies and actions related to this subject? Some of us remember what the end days of Atlantis were like, and we feel compulsed to try and avert a second calamitous explosion!

Your editor recently found within her own community, a grass roots organization which is working to make its views on nuclear disarmament known. The group is made up of interested well-informed citizens who are actively working to educate others within their community. They are providing lectures, films, and other methods of communication to schools, business groups, and other community organizations. Such grass roots movements are springing up all over this country and within other nations of the world. If you cannot locate such a group within your area, why not begin one?

Find out what the views of your elected representatives are and exercise your right to vote! Write to your congressmen and let them know your views! Get petitions going, asking for a mutual freeze on the nuclear arms buildup between the major powers of the world! Read and look for ways to inform yourself! Finally, many people across this nation are wearing blue ribbons over their hearts to symbolize their concern for world nuclear disarmament. The ribbon shows that you care and are watching what your government does or doesn't do to bring about world nuclear disarmament. We urge you to express your views and get involved in this twentieth century drama!

Thank you for your continued support and loving energies! Your help assists the brotherhood in keeping the eternal flame of truth burning on this plane.

Messenger I - Religion, Man's Creation (July 27,1982)

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

It is natural that the material herein by the Brotherhood and the Guides should create confusion in those persons who are limited or inexperienced in a broad concept of religious belief. Religion is the natural product of man's awareness of a Divine Force and his desire to worship that Force.

Throughout the history of man, he has sought means of expressing his awareness and love for the Divine Essence which permeates all things. Early, or as you would term him, primitive man, was perhaps more enlightened in that he recognized the Divine Force existing in all things, and because he was not educated in formal systems of thought, he did assign a Deity or a godlike force to each of the things he observed. As man evolved from the simple, perhaps superstitious concepts of Deity, he created structures by which his beliefs could be taught to others and transmitted to his descendants. In this process, man and man alone, created the concept of dogma, the concept of rules and form and ritual.

As man progressed in his concept of Divinity and recognized the applicability of the Divine Force to all beings, he became aware of the concept of brotherly love. At times, when the consciousness of man had reached a plateau, a Teacher or a Messenger was sent to assist him in his spiritual growth. There have been many teachers in many parts of the world for many different peoples. These teachers have become Deities in the minds of some, and to others, they have been termed prophets, and to still others, they are recognized for their true form as a teacher of truth. No teacher, through time, has truly insisted upon or demanded the belief that his particular system or path was the only way to spiritual growth, nor did they seek to deny other beliefs or peoples. Where you are aware of such teachings, they have been given by man as he has modified or altered or interpreted that which was given to him.

In times past, the truth was given orally by a priest or a religious teacher or instructor, or as you would term it in your modern tongue, a missionary. These went out to the world and said, 'We have a message. We have an awareness of the Divine Force, and it is of benefit to you.' And it was the word of a man to a man, that the story was told. Some persons would believe the man, some would not. Some would remember the majority of what had been said, and some would not. But when man evolved in his technical world and developed the means by which to produce a book, and these books were first written by hand, then all that had been given was fixed into what you term 'law'; and yet, the Teachers did not write these books, nor did they have the opportunity to examine what was said of them and how they were quoted. And as these books became popular, those structures you term religious bodies, those missionaries, teachers, apostles, took and examined the material and chose that which represented their concept of belief, their awareness of the Divine Essence, and their understanding of what the Teacher had said. From this you have born into modern time, the body of literature you term a Bible, and today, many of the people who are of that particular religious persuasion known as Christianity, many of these people adhere to the concept that this book is an infallible source of the truths that were given by the teachers and the Divinity itself. Others will claim that the book is of Divine Inspiration. In that, the words are truth, for if any man dwells upon the Divine, the Divine Essence within himself is raised to the level of consciousness, and all thought that proceedeth therefrom can be said to be Divinely inspired within the limits of the knowledge and awareness of that particular entity.

It is not the truth that is in error or is misrepresented or altered. It is the ability of each generation to comprehend the truth.

You, as you evolve, as you become more aware of your inner self, alter your ability to perceive truth. You see it more clearly each day, but you see it not at all as of this time. It is not the intent or the desire of the Brotherhood to alter the basic concept of religious belief or experience. It is our intent to provide the essence of truth that your consciousness may deal with, integrate into yourself, and allow you to grow with it.

The form of material that provides the basis of religion is given to you by men.

The book, the Bible, is the attempt of man to bring together his spiritual awareness, his Divine Essence within himself, within the limits of his own consciousness. The material that is today considered to be infallible was written in tongues and languages long past. Even the languages of your translations today, are not of the same manner as that which you speak. The thoughts that have been lost in translation are numerous. They do not pass well in the writings as they are. As we have observed the teachings of the past and the writings, as they were first given, and we then see them as they are now, we would not recognize them. And yet, because a man has said, 'This is the word of Divinity,' other men choose to follow.

It is a peculiar homage that you pay to your fellow man, that a man may come up to anyone and say, 'This is a truth, and this is not,' and you will question the man and test him and determine for yourself whether a truth does exist. But if a man comes forward under the title of Religious Teacher and says, 'This is the truth as given by the Divine Source,' the majority of people do not question or challenge. No thing given by the Brotherhood has been given in a dogmatic manner. We have said to you, 'Do not accept that which we tell you merely because we have said it, but rather take it and test it within the fire of your own experience, and if you find it to be truth, then keep it and live by it.'

Within the religions that exist today, many of the concepts of balance, cause and effect, metempsychosis, reincarnation, karma, have all been taught or discussed or dealt with. In truth, the absolute essence of all religion lies in the awareness that the Soul is a part of the Divine Source, is immortal, and that you as representatives of the soul-consciousness, are experiencing, learning, in order that the God within may become more perfect in its manifestation, more perfect in its knowledge. The heart of religion teaches the principle of love; and yet, those religions which dealt the most with love have often become the tools of war. The Teacher who said, 'He who lives by the sword shall perish by the sword,' has had his banner flown before the armies of the world. He who said, 'Turn the other cheek,' has become the name by which the soldiers are blessed before bringing death. The Teacher who said, 'The kingdom of heaven is within,' has been credited with founding the system of belief that says, 'My interpretation is the only way to paradise or salvation.' It is not a matter of condemnation or disagreement with religion. It is not our place to dictate what one must believe or what one must think, but if a thinking entity and consciousness you be, then consider the Divine Force that operates through all things, through all life within your world, within your universe. There is no force, no life, that exists that does not contain the spark of Divinity within it.

The object of a true religion is to bring man together for the purpose of collective worship and communion in the awareness of the divinity within and the divinity without. Surely, until man is brother to brother, until man comprehends and lives the concept of love, there can be no true communion. It is not a denial of any belief or teaching that we seek when we bring forth the knowledge. If a teaching be in conflict, if an idea be not in balance with the world within which you live, then question it, for the very Divinity which gives you the essence of life has provided you with the consciousness that can seek Out and find truth. And the true seeker of truth is not confused by the darkness, for he recognizes that the darkness is the absence of light. There is no path, no one belief system, that is superior to all others, nor is there a particular system of religion that you may practice that will provide you with an escape from the cycle of learning.

The true concept of salvation lies within yourself.

The concept of the Deity that man has is far too limited and molded in man's image. Some objected when we spoke against the concept of the limited Deity that man seeks to worship and did not comprehend the greater concept of the Deity that we did offer man. All religions may serve the purpose for those who need the organized structure, and many are not capable of moving forward in their spiritual growth without the framework that you term a church. They require the dogma, the laws, the rules, and this is well for them. If that is where their foot is upon the path, then it be well that they follow these. And if their consciousness reaches beyond the limits of the particular theology, that still does not become a negative aspect to that church, for within it still are soul-consciousness' seeking to grow, seeking to evolve. Even as man limits himself with narrow-minded concepts, the opportunity to grow is ever present.

The teachers of time would cry out against the structures that bear their name if they were to observe them from your plane of reference, for many errors have occurred... but not as deliberate, not as attempts to bind the mind of man, but as limitations in awareness, in communication, in language, and in time. By the teachings that you hold to be sacred, it is said that the voice of the Divinity was heard upon the earth some 3,500 years ago of your time. And another branch would say that the voice of the Teacher 2,000 years ago was the voice of Divinity, and then some would say, 'Why has the voice of Divinity been silent so long?' Never before in the history of man has the voice of the Divinity been silent for so long a period, for early man recorded constantly the communication with the Divine Source. It is not that the Divinity has been silent, for the Divinity speaks constantly to your heart from within and does not need the manifestation of the Teacher. The Teacher is still present, and the Teacher today who is called a teacher would be the Deity of yesterday.

You, as mankind, are moving forward. You have not difficulty in your growth. You are often impatient. And if you find yourself vacillating between the concepts that the Brotherhood or other teachers offer and the concepts of your religion, do not let these difficulties become obstacles, for they are natural expressions of a mind that seeks to learn.

No religion which claims to be the only path truly speaks the truth. No religion which offers man salvation without the process of learning and growth experience truly speaks the truth, and no religion which denies the physical form its opportunity to grow in health and in time speaks of the truth.

You are here in a physical form, spiritual beings, all of you, with an obligation to bring the physical into its most perfect form within your conscious ability, to recognize the essence of truth in all teachings, in all religion, that you might bring forward out of yourself the Divine Truth. Within all religions, the seed or kernel of truth lies in the principle of love, for in love, all things are made manifest. In love and through love, all things are made possible, and with the awareness of Divine Love put into practice in the application to your fellow man, you raise your consciousness to the highest cathedral that can be known, and that is the world itself.

Life is truly your religion when you are aware of the divinity within, and the world of your experience is your church.

That is the end of this message."

Messenger II - Salvation & Reincarnation (Aug 4,1982)

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

We have indicated that it is not our desire to dictate a religious belief. It is the consciousness that approaches the idea of religion that is of importance. Religion has become not the tool by which man expands his rate of growth, but often times, the means by which he limits himself or seeks to escape the responsibility for individual growth. There is a matter wherein the concepts are in conflict; these are two specific areas. The one is termed 'reincarnation', and the other is termed 'salvation'. We do not seek to force an idea upon any individual, and we recognize that our words will create inner conflict with some, but truth has always brought conflict.

There is no system of belief, in and of itself, which provides the concept that you term salvation.

If belief alone were sufficient to provide for the completion of the spiritual need to learn, then there would no longer be people upon this plane. Certainly, the belief system offers a pathway wherein man may seek and find his salvation if salvation be termed reaching the ultimate, becoming one with the Divine Force. Think not of a Creative Force or Deity that is so limited as your concepts are, that it requires to destroy that which it creates. By your own theology, you have stated that the Deity is all knowing and all powerful. In such knowledge, creation that would have to be destroyed would not be created. These concepts are the concepts of man, not the concepts of the Deity or Hierarchy. There is no destruction of the Soul, for the Soul is immortal. It is eternal and shall continue.

There is no one path within your world system which is more correct than all other paths if we deal with the term religion. Each one offers the people that follow it an opportunity to grow spiritually, and each one, in its own way, limits. Any belief system which places you above your fellow man, which offers you an opportunity to reach the Deity to the exclusion of others, any system which speaks of the destruction of the Soul, we say to you is in error.

The Deity does not destroy that which it has brought into manifestation! Much of what man has created, much that he has created in the physical and on the astral, will be destroyed. The negative energies and entities that he has brought into manifestation... these will be destroyed, but they are not the creations of the Deity. The concept of salvation is not false; it is merely the extent to which it has been brought.

Man is not born in sin, but rather man is born in ignorance, and in ignorance, there is the need to learn, to experience, to grow.

Man is not condemned to death in the spiritual sense. Only the physical form will undergo that which you term death, but the Soul is ever living and ever continuing. The Teacher of each religion has brought as a primary principle, the principle of love and the principle of Divine forgiveness. Man has taken this, in his limited consciousness, and turned a doctrine of love into a doctrine of hate and isolation. Your experience in life, your seeking for the higher life, your desire to grow and move forward is your key to salvation! You have chosen this plane of experience, this physical world, as the means by which you would learn what this world could teach you. You may not avoid or eliminate that need to learn.

Because a particular element of a belief system is said to be in error, that does not invalidate or make in error, all the teachings of that particular system. Man today, seeks to save his fellow man through the introduction of a particular belief system and the belief that if he does not obey this concept, he shall be destroyed; and we say to you, that only man could conceive of such a thing.

There is no evil or negativity created by the Deity. Evil, a negativity, has been created by the consciousness of man as a polarized concept in order that he might learn from it, for to say that one thing is of love, is meaningless, unless you comprehend the word hate. To say that something is good, has no meaning unless you comprehend bad. Darkness is not comprehensible, nor is light without each other, so in your plane of experience, you have night and day, good and evil, and these are the polarities even as you choose the form of male and female. These are your tools by which you learn, but they are not the creation of the Deity.

Those persons who seek to enslave the minds of their fellow man with false hopes of salvation through a particular belief system alone, without the effort to learn and to experience, are creating a greater evil than that which man has created in the past.

You are Souls that have been brought into manifestation at the beginning of time. The Soul, in its need to learn, brings forth the soul-consciousness that becomes the direct link and directing force of a physical ego-consciousness which you know as yourself. When this lifetime upon this plane of experience is completed, you shall return to the soul-consciousness, and all that you are, it shall be. You shall then dwell upon the plane that is appropriate for your spiritual growth, and you shall return again to this classroom in order to learn. You shall return again and again for countless cycles until you have absorbed all of the experience and learning and comprehension that this plane may offer you, and in each lifetime, you will fail and succeed in many areas -- those areas of failure, you have chosen to call karma. These are the needs to learn, the debts. These are the debts that you seek to have forgiven... 'Forgive us our debts.'

Your debts are forgiven by the soul-self when you comprehend the cause which brought them into manifestation.

It is not a desire that man suffer that causes the events of your life. It is the desire for growth that causes your Soul to carry you through experience until you fully comprehend the nature and effect of each act and thought that you perpetrate. Your life is intended to be one full of experience, for this is your classroom. Your Soul, as we have previously said, is androgynous. It is neither male nor female, but contains the energy of both, and you will incarnate as a man and as a woman. You will incarnate as a black and a white. You will incarnate as a Saint and as a sinner, for these are all the experiences.

Today, many Souls seek to raise their consciousness above the limits that your world has placed upon them. It is through these efforts that these communications are possible. The concept of religion is the means by which man collectively may share his spiritual joy and experience. It is not to be a prison. The cycle of returning, that which you term reincarnation, is the opportunity to learn, the means by which you grow, and it is not a negative thing, nor is it a thing which you may desire to terminate, for the desire of the soul-consciousness is to learn. All theological concepts have some basis in truth, even if they be in error. If a particular soul-consciousness, in its cycle upon this plane, fails to accomplish or learn that which was intended, but rather takes a path of negativity which is not a needed experience, then the Soul may choose to call back that soul-consciousness and absorb it into its own totality, sending forth a new seed to bring manifestation in the plane, that learning might proceed as desired.

Through the system by which the Soul returns, all things are in balance. There is no thing which you do to another or against another, that you will not deal with yourself in a future time. There is no negativity or negative experience which you bring forth, that you shall escape the necessity of comprehending or the necessity of re-experiencing. 'He who lives by the sword, shall perish by the sword.' He who commits an act against another, shall be the recipient of a like act. He who is prejudice, shall be the object of prejudice. Cause and effect is a law of the universe.

It is the comprehension, not the necessity for the act to be repeated or returned, that is the purpose.

If you are capable of comprehending the wrongness or imbalance of an act, it is not necessary that you experience that act again. There is a continuing process of learning. Though you may not deal with the return of a particular problem within this lifetime, all things must be brought into balance."

Conversations with David

During recent years, we have observed many light workers in their struggles to create and maintain new age centers, churches, and educational facilities. Few of them have been able to survive for long periods of time. Why? Although the following conversation was given for a specific center in south Florida, it is applicable to many others as well and is timely in view of this Messenger's subject matter.

"There are problems of a socio-economic nature that will afflict this area. That will not produce a reduction in the work that you are to do. This center, and those that are capable of surviving, will be in much need. As times become more confused, people will seek counsel and assistance.

The difficulties that have arisen with most groups of your type is not the sincerity of purpose, but the individual ego that becomes the dominant theme of the day to day conflicts. The purpose of such structures is to serve. Within your service, whether it be as a counselor, a teacher, or in the clerical function, remember that many will come who are acquainted with the old ways. They are not yet ready to abandon fixed concepts. Man swims in the ocean of life, but he clings to the rock that he calls religion. Few, in troubled times, will let go of that rock, and yet, they recognize a need for greater awareness or greater guidance.

Within each individual, lies the potential to create his own response to the reality about him. It is true that you create your own reality, but you create it in concert with your fellow man. It is your reaction to that reality that you are capable of altering. One man suffers during such times; another benefits. It is not that we seek to have you benefit out of the misfortune of others, but rather be present to serve. This area, this geographic sector, will become an extremely difficult area for many people to deal with. There will be much negativity present. As negativity increases due to economic pressures, the sociological structure you call the family begins to disintegrate. When these things occur, it is at these times that the forces of darkness do move forward most quickly and seek to engulf an area and inflame it, creating chaos in this structure. Where there is one point of light within such an area, and that point of light maintains itself, the forces of darkness shall gain no foothold, no matter how trivial or small that light may seem to be.

The functions in this area, of this particular center, may well serve the multitude by reaching out, as it has in the past, but also considering offering spiritual solace in a more conventional form. We speak here not to be confusing, but even as this day there was a call for help that did arise from one of a more traditional concept, that which you term a fundamentalist, recognize that there are none of their own left to help them. The healing needs to be expanded and made available to more. Let your healing concept and your circle be of a minimum number. Let individuals phone in or write in a request for healing, as well as be present. Seek to expand your teaching of the spiritual laws, that which you term the service. Recognize that the average man requires guidance and an instruction.

Man believes that the rock within the ocean is god. He does not recognize that the ocean itself is the divine force, and that the rock is but the illusion that dogma and religion have created.

If you maintain your efforts in this area, in this particular center, keeping your energies strong, it will continue, and you will achieve your individual growth that you seek for. We have drawn the entity to this area, this entity whom you term Richard. We have drawn him to this area in order to assist in the times that are to come. There should be a minimum number. There is not much time. Increase the members of your healing circle, for the nature of man is frail. His consciousness does not well focus, and therefore a greater number is needed in order to maintain positive spiritual channeling for the purpose of healing. The number need not be in accordance with a particular tradition, but choose a number that is greater than six and the closer to ten or twelve would be the most desirable."

"You've said that there will be great difficulty, and you've mentioned sociological and economic. Will there be geographic calamity?"

"If by that term you imply the tidal wave or the destruction by the earthquake, there will be not."

"Then, the problems that must be dealt with will be primarily sociologic and economic in nature?"

"That is correct. Remember that a hungry man prays poorly, and anger is the natural outgrowth of a man whose family is suffering.''

"We have collectively, in our healings, put healing energy into a healing consciousness for this area. Is that a beneficial way to proceed?"

"It is, but the energy is small, as we have indicated. This area has more potential light workers than most geographic sectors. Their ego separatism has created a blanket of grayness that isolates them and causes them to work for the forces of darkness. Consider for one moment, that if one tenth of those who term themselves workers in the light were to join hands, that consciousness in itself could bring about a major change. But the ego individuality and the social fears of the closet metaphysicians has created separate entities and units such as your own. This room, this center, should be filled by the hundred number, not by the ten number."

"How can we reach these people more easily?"

"In reaching out to the consciousness of people, we indicated the need to expand the healing. All peoples of all beliefs respond to healing, nor is that an area which violates the concepts of your legal system. Allow more people to be aware of the healing prayers, of the healing circle. Utilize the tools of your world. Utilize the tools that build your business'. Let the vehicles of communication that are available be present, whether it be through the newspaper by a small continuous ad, by the radio, or any other vehicle. Reach out into all communities. Those persons who have recently entered this geographic sector from other lands, they are in need and in difficulty. They are the object of much animosity. They too, need assistance, for they, like yourselves, are citizens of this world, and in the realm of spiritual consciousness, we recognize no boundaries that you term national. You do not have the means to feed the hungry bodies, but you have the consciousness to feed the hungry Souls. They will come if you but let them know that you are here."

"Do you feel that we should advertise in media for non-metaphysical people, the general public?"

"Are not all Souls seeking growth?"

"I hope so."

"Then let not the term metaphysical be an exclusion or a private club, for the true metaphysician is any man who struggles with the concept of the Deity within himself and seeks to recognize the reality of that Deity in his daily manifestations of the laws that govern this universe."

"My Guide has instructed that a course be taught for the layman on meditation techniques that are very simple and help bridge the gap between a lack of knowledge in this area and heavy, metaphysical concepts and ritual. Would you have some comments on what I am supposed to do with that course?"

"These may be termed relaxation and bio-feedback techniques and would be more palatable if discussed or advertised as the development of human potential. You are capable of dealing with all persons. Your experience allows you to teach and to share. Those whom you term metaphysicians are better able to serve themselves, but those who have not had the opportunity to even recognize the beginning of potential within themselves, have a tremendously great need. As you reach out, there will be many who will not respond, but out of every ten, there will be at least three who will become that which you term the metaphysician."

"Is there a particular direction that our center should consider in addition to the expansion of healing?"

"Consider the expansion of the spiritual opportunity for fellowship that you provide. You utilize the seventh day in the evening for that which you term an informal service. Know, that the consciousness of many require formality or fixed structure, but they too have the need to be served. Consider expanding your method of service in this area."

Messenger III - True Religion: Love In Action (Aug 8,1982)

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

The concept of religion is a delicate subject for many consciousness'. If it were not that these times demand the dealing with such subjects, we would not press upon those sensitive nerves of consciousness to bring this material forth at this time. A majority of those Souls upon your planet require the concept of organized, formalized, dogmatic religion.

Because of the boundaries that you have placed between one religion and another and the boundaries you have placed between nations and the races of people, you have created disharmony and imbalance from brother to brother. You are all one people, for you are all Souls, citizens of the same domain, emanating from the same source. There is no distinguishing between the Soul of one religion and another, nor is there distinguishment between the Soul of the different racial groups. On the planes of spirit, you may not know what belief system a man followed upon the physical plane unless he tell it to you. Because the law of returning is part of the total cosmic plan for the education of the Soul, you have been and will be all of the different racial groups and religious belief systems that have and do now exist.

All religions which seek to magnify the concept of the brotherhood of man and the respect and admiration and love for the deity or creative force, offer the primary essence of truth.

There is no one belief that is beyond all others, and in all beliefs, there is an element of truth. Portions of your world follow one system of belief, and another portion follows another. Surely, you are not so closed or narrow in your concepts of thinking, that you are ready to believe that a minority religion of the world offers a pathway which provides for the continuance of the Soul of this minority while the Souls of the majority of the world are to be destroyed. Has man moved so far forward in his concept of the Divinity, that he has created for himself a God of hatred? One, who must be termed in your language, sadistic, for to create only to know that that creation must be destroyed, would certainly appear to be a sadistic plan. There is no such concept. It is the desire of the leaders of specific religious groups to maintain their position, to maintain their strength, their power, and in so doing, they create walls of beliefs between peoples. Know, that man in his eternal quest to grow spiritually and to learn through the physical plane, will move forward regardless of the path he is choosing.

The most primitive of beliefs often contain the greatest truths. The most advanced of beliefs contain the greatest number of manmade laws which are in disharmony with universal law.

It is not within your gold plated temples of worship that you will find the sole attention of the Divine Creative Force, nor is it only in one specific building or system of belief. The Divine Force is one with all that is. There is no thing that is not part of that Force! The Divine Principle is evidenced best within your natural world. Nor has any group or any sect been given an exclusive position or right to determine the course of man. It is not buildings with golden walls that will build a spiritual haven for man, for truly the spirit is cognizant of the inability to utilize that which you term material anywhere except upon this plane. There is no reason, nor purpose, nor balance in the hoarding of great wealth by religions of this time.

It were better that but one man were to travel forward with no belongings of a physical nature and spread the word of belief, than the money temples, to the gods of materialism.

It is not material wealth alone that produces the difficulty. It is the isolation of one people from another. It is the imposing upon the consciousness of dogmatic beliefs, that increases the isolation of brothers and sisters -- beliefs that do not deal with your life today. The Teachers of the past were simple men within your concept of education. They taught a simple truth, and amongst those truths, were the concepts of non-violence. In the time since the passing of these teachers, you have perverted their teachings and accepted violence as that which they had blessed, and this is not so.

Turn about and look at the man behind you or beside you and know that he too is a fellow traveler upon the spiritual road.

Seek to bring about a change within the church structures that you worship in. Deserting one church and forming another does not in of itself solve the problem. For those who are within their structures, look for means to bring greater love and harmony into the practice of the religion and its relationship to the outer world. Until you are able to walk from one temple to another, from one church to another church, with the full recognition that these are all brothers and sisters upon the same path, following a different rate of growth, taking small detours, but always returning to the road... Until man is able to know that the true religion of man is the love of his fellow man, then there can be no peace within your world.

It is the stuffiness and the stale theology of many of your religions that has driven thousands into agnosticism and atheism. Those who have perpetrated these states of consciousness have incurred the karmic responsibility for these acts.

Each religion relies upon a series of teachings or writings which they hold to be sacred. Some of these are true mysteries, some, and many, are altered by man to serve his purpose or exaggerated by excessive enthusiasm. To say that a work is Divinely inspired is true of all things, for the force of Divinity rests within each and every man and is made manifest in greater degrees by those who create. Those works which are termed holy are in truth, the record of man's comprehension and belief systems of a particular time. They do not become infallible, for they are brought forth by man, and man is indeed a most fallible creature.

We seek not to disrupt the religious structures, but rather, we seek to speak to those within the structures that they may begin to work to bring greater love and harmony from one belief system to another. Take it upon yourself to visit the different temples and churches that are available to you. Feel the presence within the hearts of the members and know that it is universal in its manifestation. Seek to open the doors that are closed and bring to yourself the opportunity to share in concert with others, a moment of true harmony with the Divinity within. Seek not to create more religions, but seek to bring down the walls between one religion and another. Seek not to support those who build golden edifices upon this plane, but rather share with those who build stately mansions for the Soul.

It is said that man is apathetic and unable to rise out of his bed of self pity and laziness. Because your consciousness has reached upward and sought enlightenment and truth and love, we have come to you in love, in order that you may be free, for to truly grow and mature, one must be free. The walls of religion may comfort you against a storm, but let them not become a shield against the light for too often within the dark tombs of a particular belief, the light of the Divine Source is totally lost.

Wear your religion upon your chest like a medal. Wear it by your acts, your charity, your love, your sharing with your fellow man.

Let your religion be first the brotherhood of man and the loving respect of the Divine Force. Reach out your hand to help another, and know that all writings contain a strong element of truth and all teachings are wise to listen and dwell upon. But the ultimate teacher is the voice within, and the ultimate Bible, the patterns of belief, must lead man to a greater realization of his Divine potential. They must provide man with an opportunity to experience joy here and now. They must provide a system whereby you recognize your responsibility to those within your community who are in need and unfortunate. They must provide an education in love, for if there are none of these things, there is no house of worship. And truly, until you can reach your hand to your brother, the ears of the Hierarchy are deaf! We hear not the pleas of the selfish and uncaring! We hear not the prayers of those who have wealth without charity, and we listen not to the tongue that is prejudiced! You may build your cathedrals, but until you infuse their walls with love, we shall not dwell within them. You may sanctify the teachings of old and call them sacred, but until you are ready to live the principles recorded therein, they will be of no value. All things that man perpetrates are open to the consciousness of the Divine Force, and we are totally aware of all things that are done. This world is a place where joy may be made manifest, where balance and harmony are the products of true spirituality, but you are not spiritual if you are religious for one hour of a week. Until you are capable of living that belief twenty-four hours a day, you are not anything. At the least, and at the worst, you are a hypocrite.

Your world is in its difficulty not because Divine Force or judgment has placed it so. We have not lifted one hand against you. Your world is the product of your own consciousness, and the darkness that exists within your world separating it from the world of light, the world of spirit, that darkness has been created by your own consciousness and by your lack of faith. If you continue to believe in a cruel and capricious God, one who sadistically seeks to destroy that which he has created, then we ask why you bother seeking our words?

But if you recognize the divine force as being one of love, then shed the shackles of slavery of your consciousness and move forward to the true cathedral of the soul which is the world within which you live.

Partake of the sacraments in your daily life by your interaction one with another, and spend some time each day in contemplation and worship and set aside a place and time each week for your hallowing of your spiritual self. And if you find a church or temple within which you may rest and contemplate in harmony, then do so, seeking to share with others. The prayers of brothers, of men and women hand in hand joining together in common purpose, is heard much more readily than the prayer of a single man. But the prayer of love is always heard.

No religion may justify itself before the Hierarchy if its vaults and coffers are brimming over with gold and wealth, and their brothers go hungry and die upon the earth for lack of food. How truly could we offer our blessing to these? Look to the teachers and masters and founders of each belief system and look at the lack of wealth that was about them. How then can you justify the accumulation of great wealth beyond need and the failure to share? How many of the churches of your land can you walk up to today, knock upon the door and say, 'I am hungry, feed me. I am without clothing, clothe me. I am without shelter, take me in.'? And what will the response be? And yet, if these things are not, then what is this thing that you have? If the house of God, as you term it, must be locked against prayer, then it is not truly a house of God, for a place where the spirit truly dwells, needs no locks upon its doors. The lock only serves to protect that material wealth which has been acquired and is being hoarded.

We do not hand you a false hope, nor do we pretend to be the false prophet and say, 'He is coming, He is there, He is here.' We say to you, 'Look within to your own consciousness. Listen to the teachers of your faith, to the founders and originators of your belief system. Look to their truths and build greater halls that we might share with you within. Open your hearts to the Higher Consciousness, and we shall indwell.' And if you gather within a particular place as a church or temple, then let it be open to light, and there we shall also spend some time. Seek always to improve that which exists by the administration of love and patience, and where that does not succeed, then move to the temple or church of the world, that which the Divinity has brought into creation and not the hands of man. For if you stand within the field, upon the water, upon the mountain, and reach out your heart with love, we shall surely hear and answer.

Religion is but a tool of man in order that he might learn and contemplate the universe and the Divine Force. It has become your master and you its slave. Do not destroy it. Reform it from within, and let once again, the light of worship be made manifest throughout the world. Then let those who lead you demonstrate their ability, that their hand go forward to the sick and needy. Let them administer to you, but if the power be not found in them, then cast them aside, for truly the servants of the Divine Force, the servants of the Divinity, do truly have the power within their hands. And it shall not pass, for it is the gift of man. That is the end of this message."

Questions and Answers

"David, the last issue of the Light Messenger spoke of the anniversary of Atlantis as being this November third. It was mentioned that the majority of Souls from Atlantis would be present then. What was meant by the majority? Could you clarify that please?"

"At the time of the destruction of Atlantis, there were Souls who had completed their cycle upon the earth plane. Their consciousness was in balance, their debts were clear, and there was no need for them to return. There were also those Souls who were in an early phase of their incarnational experience and who have continued to grow and evolve, but had no real part in the continent structure as a social unit. They were residents within that land, but were not effective parts. There were those who were true citizens of Atlantis and who did oppose the actions of the government and sought to cease the very experiments that destroyed it. All of these have no debt in the destruction.

The majority of the people were involved in the approval and the actions that were taken in the attempted experiments to harness the power of the earth. These had the obligation to return in order to assist the world at this time in preventing a recurrence of Atlantis."

"Are we going to have a third World War?"

"The concept of war, or the knowing of the future, is a complicated matter. Remember that the future is not. There is no tomorrow until the time occurs. The events of yesterday and the energies of today determine what the morrow shall bring. It is a probable or possible tomorrow that shows the energy for major war, but not as you term a third World War, but rather a series of wars amongst many small nations. Certainly, mankind as a whole, seeks to avoid the confrontation of war, but the political opportunists in conjunction with many financial structures, do often push man to the brink of war. We may predict events as the energies of today seem to make them probable, but this event of a major event conflict involving the major powers is not the likelihood at this time."

"Will the recession we are in at this present time, end within the next six months?"

"The answer to that question is negative. It may however, show the signs of slowing and reversing, but an end stipulates a recovery to be made. Therefore, it is beyond one year for the recovery phase to be felt effectively in this geographic sector (south Florida).

"If a man each day, sought to love others, to be balanced, to live in the light, and also sought the guidance of his Soul and followed it, what might he expect his future life to be like?"

"Each lifetime is an educational factor. Each Soul has what you term karma to deal with. In no lifetime do you deal with all of the lessons to be learned. By maintaining a life of harmony, balance, and seeking to clear the debts of the past, the debt being cleared by experience or by comprehension, in doing this, the Soul, having evolved to a higher level of comprehension, may choose to deal with even more difficult elements in another lifetime. Consider it as taking more difficult classes in another semester. The process of a balanced consciousness toward others is the state that man should be in. That does not eliminate the individual need to learn, nor does it eliminate the need to deal with the debts of the past, for they must individually be dealt with and comprehended. Nor does the life in a single time, erase the personal obligations or interactions, that which you term karmic relationships. They must be dealt with as the other soul-consciousness is present with you in a lifetime."

Copyright by Richard Rebeck, Peggy Steinberg, Salvatore Cacciola