Light Messenger

Volume 5, Chapter 4


"Be not passive in your seeking, for passivity is lukewarm. Only with the fire of emotion within you,
may you move forward."
...from the guides

Light Your Candles Now!

History repeats! The days of Sodom and Gomorrah are here again! "Not true," you cry! "Man is much more educated and spiritually advanced now." Is he? In these times of religious fanaticism, sexual entertainment for the masses, crippling monetary erosion created by greedy financial empires, nuclear madness, deterioration of formerly secure life styles, crumbling family units and children entranced by video games, drugs, alcohol and television violence while Mom and Dad are off chasing the golden goose... is this progress? The reign of moral decay is evidenced all about us, but we are quick to place the blame upon our governmental systems, our society and a myriad other scapegoats.

It is time for man, individually and collectively, to wake up! Our limited thinking and self-created victimization by false gods related to our warped sense of values has finally choked us to the point of suffocation. We must comprehend that we are, collectively and generationally, responsible for the oppression which seeks to strangle us! We are fast approaching a point of no return, but we still have the power to alter a potentially dim tomorrow. Light workers everywhere must now begin to put their beliefs into action! Let the lessons of the past serve as guideposts for today, and know that one tiny candle flame in the darkness may ignite the fire to illumine this world.

Messenger I - Morality: Harmony With Self & Others (Oct 20,1982)

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

The matter that we are dealing with is the concept of morality; it is a word whose meaning is becoming lost within your time and your society. There are many areas of your world that still hold to the concept, but morality has become a term confused with religious belief systems and with dogmatic concepts.

What is morality, but a recognition of harmony of self with respect to others to one's self. Immorality is creating an imbalance in the structure of your own energy and in the energy of other persons.

There are moralities that are of a particular society. There are moralities that are universal in nature, and there are moralities that are individual in their selection and choice. It is not a question of whether this thing or that thing is right or wrong, or whether it is sinful or out of balance. It is a question of who is in command of whom.

One element that has begun to break down the concept of morality is the increased tendency to fail in the areas of interpersonal relationships -- relationships of individuals brought together in the bond that you term marriage. At this point in time, within the range of individuals who do read these words, approximately sixty percent of those marriages formed do terminate and separate. Within those, there are individuals who have reached a stage of development and growth where the union is no longer possible. It is not our place to be judgmental upon the right or wrong; and yet, the spiritual imbalance that occurs is important for your growth.

As always, the first element that must be dealt with is the cause behind a problem. It is not the failure of the marriage that is the first attention, but rather, the manner by which they are formed -- carelessly, emotionally, without regard for the nature of persons and without balance. When one enters into a contract to purchase within your society or enters into a business, greater effort is made to determine the conditions and problems that may be encountered, but the greatest contract of a lifetime is entered into with frivolity and carelessness. This in itself becomes an immoral structure.

The termination of a relationship leaves two individuals with karmic obligations and psychological scars. There certainly are occasions where the parting may be done in harmony. It were better that parting did not occur. It were better the error was not made, but beyond this, beyond the element of the question of success or failure, is still another cause element, that cause element being an immoral reaction by one member of the relationship, and in some cases, by both members.

Your society has created a new god. The name of that god is sexuality. This has been recognized throughout time by many religions. In the attempt to deal with the problem, they declared the concept of sexuality a negative or evil or sinful thing. It is not sexuality which is out of balance or immoral. It is when the sexual nature of an individual dominates the consciousness, and the individual is no longer the master, but the slave of desire. The pattern or nature is clearly evidenced by the increase in the proliferation of material of a sexual nature within your communication vehicles... in your printed matter, in the matter you entertain yourself with... the films, the television... all of these things have continued to bring forth a stimulation and an element of desire. Recognize, that when the sexual desire controls the individual consciousness beyond reason, when it becomes an impulse that cannot be controlled and used in proper balance, then the individual becomes the slave of the desire, and the true master is not just the sexuality, but the dark forces themselves.

The expression of sexual awareness and relationship is a beautiful sharing of energies; it is intended as a matter of balance and growth and harmony between individuals. When this energy is perverted by becoming the ruler of life, when this energy dominates the individual so that the spiritual growth is frozen, its utilization becomes immoral. The greatest weakness man has, is his tendency to succumb to physical desires on many levels, whether it be the food, the drink, or the sexual expression... all of these things remove the control of the individual. When the desire is strong in an individual and the individual is weak, then the walls or bonds of that relationship you term marriage are broken. They are disintegrated, and immorality becomes a prevalent element. Wherein both parties in a relationship engage in such matters, there is no element of morality left within the individuals. How can any individual hope to grow spiritually under such circumstance? How can any individual hope to be master of his consciousness if he is not master of a simple desire?

The element of sexuality is a physiological, a biological element. It is an emotional element. It is also a spiritual element. Remember that we are not condemning the expression or interaction on the physical plane. We are dealing with the misuse, the perversion of these energies wherein the individual becomes enslaved. This is one of the greatest acts of immorality that occurs within your society. The extreme of such things, the material and the attitudes that have been born of this immorality, increase in such numbers that the sanctity or spirituality of sex has become a lost pleasure. The teachers of old have said that the expression of physical relationships should occur only within those who are married. We do not place a judgment upon these concepts. We do not take a position for or against, for the term marriage is a contractual agreement which binds the body, the mind, and the soul for the particular lifetime or for the term of the contract. Two individuals may join together without the benefit of the structure of marriage and still maintain a harmonious balance of themselves. We are concerned with those who are enslaved.

As we view your world and your society, we recognize that that which was the highest expression of the joining, or union of man and woman, has become the lowest expression in your present time. There is no imbalance or need to create a negative concept of sexuality, nor to make it a word that should be hidden from the eyes of all. When immorality of a sexual nature becomes infidelity within a marriage, the marriage reaches a point of destruction. Not only is a great karmic wrong created between the individuals, but its impact is upon children and upon society. That impact creates a further generation whose morals are less and less until at last all structures of a society disintegrate. If you will but study the history of mankind upon this plane, you will find that the decline of the majorities of civilization was preceded by sexual immorality.

The civilizations of man have broken. Morals do not exist alone in the sexual concept. There are many levels of immorality that man is confronted with. This becomes one of the major elements. It is not the purveyors of sex material that are the guiltiest in the true sense. It is those who are supporting the purveyors. No individual in your society is capable of producing a product in a continuous form if there is no market for such a product. It is time for individuals to examine themselves, to recognize the imbalance, to recognize their slavery or subjugation to the desires. The need to prove oneself in these matters has capitulated the power of consciousness. In truth, the sexuality of man, the inter-sharing, is greater when the mind is the controller of the body, than when the body is the controller of the mind.

Immorality exists in many areas. What is termed illegal may also be immoral. The moral standards of one society cannot easily be judged by another. Within your society, you consider the concept of polygamy as an immoral condition. There is no thing in any religious teaching which truly establishes that principle. The concept of polygamy is as valid for the people who practice it as the monogamy is for those that practice it. In truth, many nations who are polygamous do not have the difficulty of divorce that has become the bane or curse of your society. We do not recommend polygamy. That is not the purpose for the comparison, but from the distorted morality here, one considers that an in balance thing.

The response of responsibility to children, the failure of parents to recognize their responsibility for the physical, mental and spiritual well being of their children, is another act of immorality.

If the parents in the marriage do not survive the relationship and there are children, there is great karma laid upon both parents to maintain their responsibility for the growth of that individual soul. Any parent who fails to continue to meet the obligation they undertook in bringing that soul forward, is creating an immoral act. There are those individuals who consider themselves spiritual, but who do not see to the well being of their own children. It is not proper to abandon a family and go off in search of spirituality. That is immoral. That may not be done in the name of growth and spirituality. Those parents who do not separate but place upon others the responsibility for their children and do not see to their spiritual growth, are as immoral as another, for immorality is the destruction of the morals of the same individual or other individuals. If by your life, by your acts, you alter or affect the moral values of another individual or of yourself, you are equally guilty. The failure to maintain the family unit as a strong harmonious thing, and where separation must occur, to maintain the element of communication and respect and balance, these are the important elements.

You decry the destruction of your society! You decry the problems of the world, your own economic suffering! And how may the plane of spirit reach through and provide the assistance to give birth to the blessings of prosperity when the moral fiber, the very vehicle by which spirit moves through the earth, is turning into dust? Seek not into fundamental religious concepts for your morality, but look within yourself. Look to find yourself, the ruler of self, to be in control and to comprehend the beauty and the harmony and the balance of experience, both physical and mental and spiritual.

You are tolerant of the rights of others, but we question that tolerance when it is carried to such a degree that in the name of freedom you allow a cancer to grow. You tolerate the presence of immorality as a means of expressing your support of the free principles, and we say that this is an illusion, for that very tolerance will eventually make you a victim of the disease and cancer you have tolerated.

True freedom is a spiritual gift, and a truly spiritual energy does not reside within darkness. We do not suggest that individuals declare physical war on all places or all forms of immorality, but there are many ways within your society to deal with these things. Those who would use the structures of sexuality in an immoral way, should find no place of comfort within your community. If the moral fiber of this land, this nation, and many other nations is not repaired and made strong, there shall be no channel for positive spiritual energy to flow upon, and this land, this nation, it too shall pass away, for no nation stands without power of spirit behind it.

We have dealt with only two elements of morality -- two that have been most dominant. The concept of law of spirit that you did term the "Commandments", have within them many of the essences and structure that is required for morality. Perhaps it would have been better had we never given such a law, for by knowing the law, man has sought to break it even more so. The term ''sin" should appropriately be translated to karma, but he who creates and commits an immoral act or tolerates immorality about him, incurs greater karma than you recognize or realize.

You are responsible for the world that you live in! We have said in the past, that you are responsible for the destruction of your world, for the pollution of your atmosphere, for the toxins within your food. If you are responsible for these, then how much more responsible are you for those things that seek to destroy the very basis of your being? We cry out in guidance, to return to a balance and a concept of right and wrong! We call to you to become masters of self, to know the pleasures of your physical world within the control and constraint of your conscious will, and not as the victim of such! To be spiritual is to be moral. To be immoral is to be of darkness. That is the end of this message.

Questions and Answers

"When does the soul enter the baby's body? What about abortion?"

"We have dealt with these concepts in the past, but we shall touch upon them briefly. The soul is chosen, the soul and the physical form are brought together in awareness from the time of conception, but the attachment or permanent relationship begins at the moment of the first breath.

The concept of abortion is best dealt with by recognizing the consciousness and its problems that created the problem to begin with. No thing is done without its counter effect. The soul is immortal; it is not destroyed. To bring an energy into initial manifestation and to terminate it, prevents or hinders the path of a soul; had that not been brought into being, that soul might have chosen another form. It is an imbalance, as you are capable of comprehending. The key lies in the manner by which it became necessary.

You are the final judges of self, but all things are sacred. All life is one. If you step upon the insect, you have taken life, but that does not mean that you become an insect to be stepped upon. It means that at a point in time, your consciousness will evolve to recognize the need to balance and to avoid unnecessary destruction. It is a need for examination of consciousness that is most prevalent when we consider that which you term abortion, but it is not the purpose of a Guide to condone or to condemn.''

"Will the economy get better and bring the crime rate down?"

"That is up to you. You create your own environment. Have any of you seen an imbalance and ignored it? Have any of you created in any way, to that problem? If you ignore the deeds of others and do not seek to balance your own community, then do not expect others to do it for you. The rate which you term crime, is a crime that is not always appropriately named, for who is the criminal if a man is hungry and his family is starving and he has not food and he steals food? Who then is the criminal? The society which left him in that state, or the man who stole the bread? You do not destroy negativity by attacking it. You annihilate darkness by filling it with light. You conquer with love.

"David, what do you feel will be the responsibilities of the light workers in the era that is to come regarding the ending of negativity, peace regimes, etc.?"

"The first element of the light worker is to come out of your closets. Your candles are hidden! To many who use the term light worker hide themselves from the opinions and eyes of others. It is when your light shines so brightly, and you exhibit peace and harmony and balance within your own private world and in your everyday pattern of life, that others will see you and seek to follow. No one wishes to follow a guide whose candle gives no light, but all are in darkness and would seek the light of your being. You are fully capable of standing forward. Whether your gifts be to counsel, to heal, to teach, or just to be a balance within your environment and community, bring your light forward, join it together with others.

There are no boundaries from the spiritual concept; there are no nations. You are citizens of the world! There are no racial or ethnic or religious structures. You are one consciousness, separate in your manifestation. But if there be a reason, an unwillingness on your part to step forward and say, 'I am a worker in the light, I, in my consciousness, seek peace and harmony in this world now and for as long as this plane shall be, and I am willing to do my utmost as an individual to help others', you will not ascend the ladder until you learn to turn and offer your hand to the one beneath you. You do not leave this plane of existence until you have helped others achieve that state also.

This time period is the time for the light worker to step forward, but it must be in balance in all things that you do. You cannot create imbalance in your work environment and expect your home and your community to be in balance, nor can you balance the outside world and trouble your own house. Those who seek to work in the light may no longer keep their closets. We, from the spiritual viewpoint, are taking them away, and you must stand for light or for darkness; and if you will not bring your light forward, then the assistance from the spiritual planes will not be forthcoming, for we must strengthen those who would seek to bring balance to the chaotic state of this world. Your divisionary system of thinking has created a world of conflict where we upon the spiritual planes can barely deal and console the souls that are constantly crossing over, not of nature, but out of violence."

Messenger II - Spirituality: Living/Loving/Learning (Oct 30,1982)

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

We have briefly discussed the concept of morality. We must now approach the concept of spirituality. It is a word of confusion. The man within your world who thinks of himself as a religious person would declare himself spiritual. Certainly, one who lives in a harmonious manner within a particular religious concept and makes that concept part of his daily life, truly may be called a spiritual individual in one sense of the word. Are you not all spiritual beings? Is not spirituality the act of being spiritual? How can you be that which you already are? Is this a paradoxical concept? Or is it possible for an individual who is a spiritual being not to manifest that spirituality within this life?

While the essence of being is spiritual, the physical self is not. The soul, or soul-consciousness, is a spiritual part of self. Your physical body, your ego-consciousness, is not a spiritual thing; and if it does not act in a spiritual manner, if it does not act in harmony with the soul-consciousness, then you are not an individual in whom spirituality is evident. What we are saying, specifically, is that spirituality is the state or act of making the spiritual consciousness of the soul manifest in the physical form and in the ego-consciousness, in the thought itself.

Where there is no growth, where there is no spiritual striving, there is no spirituality. It is not found by following strange belief systems. It is not found by following a particular religion and providing mechanical lip service to such a concept. Spirituality is not found in the quantity of your charity. It is not found within the time that you donate to others. It is only found and present when you are in constant recognition of your true nature and are constantly striving to grow and to improve, to reach beyond the limits of your present self. It is not a state that is beyond the average person. It is a state of being that is most ideal for man. If you maintain a spiritual state of consciousness, you may still function in all things within your world. The fallacy exists within your concepts, that to be spiritual, one must give up all things of the physical world. To be spiritual, one must deprive the physical body, and to be spiritual, you say that one must become so passive that they are not interactive within society.

There are many individuals in your world who are truly spiritual, in that, they seek to comprehend and understand their own nature without seeking to destroy any part of it. Your physical form should be raised to the highest degree of perfection for its individual need and nature.

The mind that stops learning, stops growing! You shall never exceed the capacity of the mind to learn.

An individual who is spiritual is still a human, is still capable of error, is still capable of emotion, of joy and sorrow, of physical pleasure, but there must be present the striving for self-growth. You will not find spirituality abiding solely within the structure of a church, or within a temple or mosque. It is a fire that burns within the heart of man, but it cannot be expressed on an occasional basis any more than morality can be expressed part of the time. It is not a state of action. It is a continuous state of living. Where are the individuals who are spiritual throughout their day, throughout their work? You cannot claim the title if you set aside your values or concepts for even a little time. You may not set aside your direction of growth.

The voices about you speak constantly, providing advice and instruction, but in the ultimate growth of man, the only true guide that leads to the maximal spiritual development is the soul-consciousness itself. The guides and we have repeatedly said that man must learn to meditate. He must seek time to be with himself. He must listen for that voice within and strive for the guidance and direction. A spiritual individual is a light in the dark, and they will stumble and falter within their humanity; but the true spiritual individual will persevere, recognizing no negativity in the experiences which are brought before him. All elements of life must be brought into the conscious arena in order to learn from them. The negativity that exists within your world is of man's creation. There is no time when you are truly abandoned. There is no time when you are without guidance or assistance, and if there be a time when you feel that this is so, then you and you alone have closed the door for the inner light to guide you.

Today, man worships on a weekly basis, the Deity or Deities he believes in. At one time, man dealt daily with such concepts, and at yet another time, he was in constant communion. Why do you take that which is so natural to your being as joy, happiness, the pleasures of the body, and exempt them from spiritual concepts? The spiritual nature requires a constant food -- the food of desire and fulfillment, the food of learning, the food of action. Within your language, spirituality has become as a passive state of being. We tell you that it is not, for spirituality is not passive, but aggressive, active, and dynamic! It is not pretending to be holier than another. It is not focusing the mind on realities beyond this plane, but spirituality is the recognition of the beauty in all things that are present in your world and recognizing the potential for change in that which is ugly or not beautiful. All matter is transitory in nature. Change is the ultimate law of the universe. Certainly, within your physical plane, change is always possible. The simplest structure within your society may change, even as a man may change when he is exposed to new concepts of balance and light.

Spirituality is not the pretension to a higher grade or standing than other individuals. It is not an attitude that one affects, but rather the attitude that one has in all manners of their communication and work. Spirituality is recognizing the need of the poor, the need for morality, for honesty, but most of all, for the adherence to the principle within, to the guidance that is present. Seek to look within your own hearts and see, if in fact, you are truly spiritual in all things at all times, and if you are not, seek to present that energy forward. You may not take from another unjustly. You may not create negativity or dishonesty and maintain your growth.

Certainly, one could say there are many levels of initiation in the growth of spiritual consciousness, but that is a constant. You are capable of moving forward at an accelerated rate. You may bring peace and balance to yourself, your home, your family, and your environment more quickly. What then becomes a spiritual man?

It is a man who dwells within for the inner guidance and then takes that inner guidance and projects it outward to the world about him in his attitude, his work, his communications, his love for his fellow man, his relationship to man about him.

We are troubled by those who have the light and allow it to flicker and fade out, by those who lead others and then lose their direction. Your word extremism is the process by which many seek to develop their spiritual growth. We say to you that the child in its innocence, its open love, and its honesty is more spiritual than those who are to guide it. Does the child mistrust each person it meets? Does it hold back love? Does the child question and argue against the direction of life? Does not a child find happiness in even the simplest things of your world? To a child's mind, there is a paradise in a pile of sand and a small stick; nor does the child change the pattern from moment to moment throughout the day. Certainly, they grow and they evolve, but they are constant in their dealings with others, and if they have learned honesty, then they treat all individuals alike. They do not comprehend the need to steal or the need to create a negative environment. They appear helpless because they are dependent; and yet, the spiritual growth of most individuals is accelerated to its greatest rate during the time of childhood, and the time of maturity, unfortunately, is the period we think of as the time of decay.

Spirituality is not preaching a religious concept, though if that be your profession, then do it well. Spirituality is not holding a lofty ideal in the mind constantly. Spirituality is a continuous recognition of the need to find joy in all things, to see beauty and love and joy in all of the objects, the places and the people of this universe. At times, an individual may not seem to be in such a balance. This we comprehend, but the potential is ever present.

Be concerned with the growth of your fellow man. We say to you, you are responsible to aid each other in your continuous spiritual evolvement. You are responsible, you are involved, and if you seek to isolate yourself from the mainstream of life, then you have ceased your growth, for without interaction with others, your growth becomes stagnated and is impeded. Bring joy or even a small smile to the face of others. Give not words of comfort to a hungry man, but rather give him bread. Be active in your world and in what you do. Within your work, give completely of yourself and to all with whom you deal. Do you truly believe that in order for a business to succeed that a man must be dishonest? Do you truly think that an honest business would fail? Have you lost the faith in your own kind to such a degree that you do not believe that man may survive and continue on his growth?

There are many patterns. There is much guidance. The soul-consciousness would be a light unto your darkness. If you will open your heart to this energy, you will have the opportunity to respond. See the beauty in all things, and share the beauty you have seen with others -- not in a pretentious manner, but in an ordinary manner. If the formula for spiritual growth required only isolation and meditation, it would not be a major problem. Spirituality is love in action! Love without action is death. That is all for this moment."

Conversations with David

"Good evening, David. I suspect you know the purpose of this meeting. Is there any specific way you wish to proceed?"

"Let us deal first with the topic of the core group. Are there any specific questions relevant to this matter?''

"Is this group to function informally from our homes, or should we seek to operate from a building, a church, or some other structure?"

"It has no relationship to an organization, nor does it require a fixed structure. The purpose is to bring together people -- individuals who are willing to join together in a collective effort to provide what shall be known as a core group, a group of persons dedicating that time that they spend in a healing effort. It is a nonsectarian, as you term it. It is not the Center, it is not of a particular religion. It is people of all walks of life and all phases of religious experience, who are willing to become even more effective channels than they are at this time.

Any individual may heal, may act as a channel for the healing energies. It is not a question of source, for the source of all healing energies is the Divine Source. In opening your consciousness in a true desire to help another, you become a channel for this energy, this Divine Source, this light. At one point in time, your individual energy may be great or it may be small, depending upon the conditions of your environment and your own individual life.

Because there is work to be done, there is much negativity present. The force of darkness are ever pressing upon this world and working through their agents those persons of negative mind, and there are few of positive consciousness who truly seek to alter the conditions that are occurring. By unifying in a small group, a group whose number may not exceed twelve... by unifying individuals within a group, each individual learns to harmonize and balance their ability to act as a channel, to flow or to allow energy to flow through them, and to control the level of energy to a constant. Certainly, when a small group of individuals bring their consciousness together to act as a collective channel, a collective guide, then that energy is magnified, not added. It is a multiplication of the force, rather than an addition.

There are many individuals who are capable of sharing energy in a healing manner, but they would not do so under a particular structure or dogma. Therefore, the core group represents an independent element. Each person who chooses to join the group does so with the awareness of the responsibility to: one, set aside a small unit of time each day. That time may be at the eleventh hour of the evening or whatever time is agreed upon collectively by the group. This time period requires the consciousness of each member of the group to focus upon the common purpose that has been chosen by the group for that particular time. If the group has chosen to deal with a particular problem within your community, then each person, on each day within the week, shall focus upon that matter at the same time as the others.

Once a week, the group shall come together for at least one hour. In this time, there shall he a common communication, a relaxation, an indwelling or indrawing of the force and a sharing one to the other. A circular formation is the easiest by which to work. With joined hands, and by filling one's self with the energy and then sharing with each other, you will establish a common flow, a common balance. At such times, individual healing may be dwelt upon -- individuals who are in need, names that are given, as well as the focus and selection of the specific purposes. Such a group requires not a leader in the sense of directing, but requires the assistance of each person. The place that is most desirable is within the environment of a home, one whose energy is balanced and maintains a spiritual structure. At any time any member of the group has a need to heal, not only has that individual become a more effective channel by the common sharing, but also now has the collective support of all other members of the group at any given time.

Healing is not for the body alone. It is not a forced imposition upon another Energy that you give to another is given in love, with the full understanding that the soul will make the final decision whether to accept the gift or to reject it. It is not your purpose to make such decisions; it is only your function to offer this gift. Healing of the physical is but one element, healing of the mind, the emotional self, the spiritual self, healing of the social problems that you deal with, the political elements within your community.

That which you have surrounded with the light of the divine source, cannot be interfered with by the negative or dark forces!

We would see within such a group, those persons who by their experience, their light work, their spiritual development, have shown the ability to function in such a manner. This becomes that which you term the nucleus, bringing in additional persons, persons of sincere purpose. If in the process, the number of persons desiring to participate exceeds twelve, then a new group must be formed -- one that will operate independently and yet become co-linked in the sense of common sharing. In a short time, there shall be many such groups scattered about this nation and parts of the world.

There are more individuals of consciousness and positive spiritual attitude than there are of those who are negative, and there are many who are asleep to their responsibilities. This is not a mandate that we bring to you, for we have brought no such thing in the past. It is an opportunity to help yourselves. We merely remind you that this pattern is one that is beneficial. It was employed in ancient times. Are there questions relevant to this matter?"

"The maximum of twelve people that you speak of... do you suggest that we solicit for these people, or will they just find out what we're doing and... "

"We do not feel that they will materialize of themselves. Certainly, you will have to reach out and bring them forward, but the group is to become anonymous, and if an individual is offered healing, then they shall be asked to keep the individuals of the group anonymous. It is not the purpose of the group to seek public recognition or adulation for the work that they do. Bringing in an individual requires careful consideration of the person, but certainly, all individuals may be receptacles or channels. It is a question of their sincerity and of the energy they are willing to put forth."

"Should we require certain standards of conduct or behavior from the individuals who are part of this group?"

"That should be without the necessity of discussing. Certainly, one does not choose as a member of the group, one whose attitude does not express itself as a bearer of light. Nor would one bring into such a group, one who practices violence. It is not a hierarchy. You are looking for spiritual individuals who are willing and desirous of taking an opportunity in service for their fellow man. In another time, you would have called such a group a prayer group and would have been considered quite normal. Even an individual who does not know how to be a receptacle, shall learn from those that do, and by the presence and continued interaction within the circle, shall learn how to become a channel and receptacle of the healing force."

"Is there an approach that can be taken when we see someone in need? Should we offer this healing to them? Or should we wait until it is solicited?"

"It is necessary to make others aware that healing is available, but you are not selling it. You certainly may enter an individual's name in a healing circle as an act of love without their awareness, but if they are aware and have given their personal permission, then it is much more effective. The individual personal contact in healing should be considered carefully, for it is not necessary that you be present with the person, though it may be necessary for that individual consciousness to accept it. It is better to advise someone in need, that you are aware of a healing group, a healing prayer group, and ask their permission to submit their name without providing the direct awareness that you are a member. It is not that you may not; it is better that you remain anonymous within. Do you comprehend?"

"I think I do. If there's no necessity then, for one in need to have a group attend them... "

"The group attends them by the awareness of that individual's need, but if that individual's consciousness is not capable of accepting or opening to the distance, then the group must consider the request for the individual healing. No individual for healing, may be brought before the group without the consent of the group. They may however, choose one of the members to act as the healer with the group energy behind that individual."

"Is the reason for this group because of our economic situation here, or some unforeseeable thing that may create panic in this area?"

"You are cognizant more than many, of the moral and spiritual decay that is occurring. The economic factor is a minor symptom of the cancer that is greater within. The cancer that is within the society as a whole is still beneath the surface, but it continues forward each day. If there is no anchor, if there is no point within this area, then this shall become one of the festers or sores that shall poison the entire area. Have you not noticed that within the past six months of your time, that the energy of individuals has become increasingly more negative within this area?"

"Yes, I have."

"And have you not also noted, the strangers that seem to be drawing into this sector, even in areas close to your home?"

"Yes, I have."

"Then you should well comprehend that a point, an anchor, a focus, must be placed here to maintain the sanctity and the safety on a spiritual level of this place. No force of darkness enters your plane of reality unless one of your people open the door. We, of the realm of spirit, whether it be of dark or light, do not enter into your world in a direct influence unless you open the door for us. We may not violate your domain, but those who open the door to darkness and evil are more active than those who open the doors for light. Darkness, evil, is annihilated by the presence of the Divine light. You as individuals must bring it forward. The course of the tomorrow is certainly not positive at this moment, but if you provide an anchor, if you become the doorkeepers for the Divine blessing, then the world about you may groan in the pain of its darkness, but you shall remain in tranquility and security, though we do not guarantee your pockets shall be full of gold."

"Is this going to be a stepping stone for members of the core group to become healers?"

"Every individual has the ability to be a healer in as much as no man is a healer, but simply a channel, a vehicle, a receptacle. You are the extension cord between the divine and the physical, and you are only required because the consciousness of another refused to plug themself in, in a balanced manner into the divine source. To become a healer, each person is capable of reaching that state themself. Recognize that disease is a symptom and is not the cause. If you suffer from a particular disease, there is an inner reason. No disease affects the physical form without a spiritual command or beginning. If you are not in balance in your consciousness, or in your spiritual self, then the symptom of that imbalance may well be disease. There is only one purpose for the core, and that is service to others. It is the quiet service of such a group that is more meaningful to the world, than all the voices that speak constantly to the multitudes, for it is action.

We shall assist in any way that you require, but you are capable within your own consciousness of establishing and developing. Do not rule out any individual because of their inexperience, but rather look at the light of spirit that is with them. Do not eliminate by virtue of age, for even the young may be effective channels, and many times, are greater in their sincerity than those who have gone through life with disillusionment. If we may be of service further, you know how to advise us of your need. We have expended much time and energy. The primary purpose was to seek the creation of the core group in order that you might assist yourself by providing an effective point. Remember to seek those persons from many different directions and recognize that their language of spiritual expression may not be the same, but that is not a judgment of the quality of their soul. If there is no further matter, we shall then terminate."

"One more question: Should the healing of this core group be limited to this immediate area, or should it extend to reach others who are far away?"

"It can reach individuals or nations or peoples at any point within this world. Certainly, one of the matters that might be brought before such a group would be the healing of the madness that currently exists in that geographic sector you term the Middle East, for there, the madness of man has become most evident. Brother is killing brother, and in this latest of those things that you term atrocities, you have that group that refers to themselves as Christian, annihilating their blood brothers. And if that be not madness, then we know not the meaning of the word. So certainly, the group is capable of extending beyond a single point, and if an individual be made aware or brought to the consciousness of the group even though they be at some distance, that is no matter. There is no time or space when the Divine Presence is at work."

Messenger III - Healing (Oct 31,1982)

"The subject of healing is a concept dear to the hearts of many. It knows no bound of religion or belief, and yet, it is that which is desired by many. For countless periods of time, man has reached out to provide healing to others and to provide healing for self. Many techniques have been employed, from the prayer, to the particular disciplines of the body, to the projection of consciousness, the channeling of energy, and the concept of positive thinking. Those persons who utilize the concept of prayer and receive the healing, are no different in the cause and effect than those persons who employ the power of positive thought.

Let us re-examine that which we have spoken of in the past. Wherein is the nature of disease? From whence does it originate? Is disease of the body? Or is it of the soul-consciousness? Are you capable of making your body ill, or may this only be done in accordance with the will of the soul? How does healing itself take place, and what is the true source of the manifestation? These are complex questions which a short dissertation does not in itself answer fully, but we shall seek to provide a clear framework.

There are three forms of illness or disease. The first is that illness, limit, or handicap which was born into the body at birth. Even though this disease may be hereditary, the congenital defect was chosen by the soul-consciousness in choosing the physical vehicle by which to enter this world. It is true, that on occasion, a soul desirous of coming into this plane may accept a physical limit or handicap even when there is no karmic necessity for it. This is simply to take advantage of a physical form that is available. The other condition is a limit or handicap or disease may be brought in at birth under the direct direction of the soul-consciousness in order to provide a pattern for learning or for control purpose. Many individuals who are not so limited would allow their egos to soar beyond the spiritual values because of the power granted their consciousness. By limiting some physically, we maintain them at a spiritual level. This is their own self making this choice and decision.

Those illnesses which an individual is born with become a pattern that is intended, in the majority of individuals, to run its course throughout the lifetime. They are more difficult to correct or to heal, for to do so, would require a completion of the particular karmic factor or a completion and comprehension of the lesson to be learned. That is not to say that they cannot be healed. That is to say, that it is less often that such things occur.

The second type of illness is that which is brought upon an individual within the life, in order to guide and direct the learning pattern. As individuals deviate from the direction of the soul-consciousness, it may be necessary to force upon them a disease or illness or handicap by accident or by war, that allows them to learn, to grow, and to grow within limits. This is in accord with the soul-consciousness and may be healed more readily if the individual has comprehended the elements behind the symptom.

The third form of disease occurs when the individual fails to take proper care of the physical form, exposes it unnecessarily to disease or illness, and therefore is subject to an illness that is not directed by the soul-consciousness, and this form becomes the most easily healed. Persons who create digestive disorders as a result of tension, their reaction to tension and pressure, may find relief quickly through healing. There are many forms of this illness. Does the illness which is caused by the ego-consciousness through its carelessness and is most easily healed, does it become then only a physical characteristic? It does not. It still requires a comprehension of the cause that lies behind it, for without a comprehension of the events and thought patterns that brought it into manifestation, to heal such an illness is to create the potential for an even more severe illness to take the place of the one removed. When an illness that has occurred later in life, but directed by the soul-consciousness, seeks healing, it must also first comprehend the nature of the particular lesson.

Healing should not be attempted, except in the life emergency, without first advising the person being healed that the cause lies within consciousness, and the failure to comprehend the cause may lead to future illnesses. The exception to this is the child or the person who is not capable of comprehension or who is not conscious at the time. The disease which emanates from birth under the direction of the soul-consciousness requires open communion with the soul self in order to relieve it. It is not eliminated by healing alone, except in unusual energies, and will surely manifest another form if the communication between the soul self and the ego-consciousness is not established.

In the forms of healing and in treating the element, the healer is capable of offering many forms of treatment. The wise healer seeks to provide vital life force energy to an individual for the soul-consciousness of that individual to employ and use.

You may term it the power of the Divine, but in the concept of spirit, all things are Divine; in the concept of the physical, all things are Divine. We term this, life force energy, for that is perhaps a more appropriate term within your language structure than any other term you employ. The concept of light is a symbolic thing, for light is defined as a particular energy within your plane. The source of all healing energy emanates from the plane of spirit, or astral, as many term it, but represents the essence of power that is within all living things and all inanimate things upon this plane. The power of the atom, as you term it, contains the life force energy. It is the matter of which the astral or spiritual plane is made. It flows into form in this plane and is as energy in the other plane. This life force energy is available to all to reach out to, regardless of religious belief or nonbelief. It is not dependent upon adherence to a creed or acceptance of any creed. It is a universal source.

The healer, if not well trained, and if not in clear focus of mind, may give of his own life force energy from the personal reservoir. To do so, is to limit your own physical vitality, and it is as if you were creating an illness potential for yourself. It is possible for a healer to draw upon the life force energy and direct to a particular part of the body. In an emergency, this is comprehensible, but it is not proper in the majority of time, for the energy should be given to the soul-consciousness to direct. It is not proper for the healer to override the direction of the soul-consciousness, except in the case of instant emergency.

In order for the life force energy to be most effectively channeled, it requires the consciousness of an individual opening itself to this infinite source, filling the self with the energy and allowing the overflow to be directed through the physical form -- through the hands specifically, and thus to another person.

Whether they touch or stay a short distance from the body, matters not. That is a psychological factor within your consciousness. When the individual is not present, it is most advisable to know where the individual is at the time you are sending distant energy, and it is most advisable that the person be in a receptive state expecting the energy. In utilizing the distant healing, the healer must first indraw into himself the life force energy. In order to allow it to help the consciousness, focus upon the person at a distance. If that person is receptive and aware of the energy at the time, it is most effective.

There is no barrier of time and space for the life force energy to flow. Therefore, an individual may be at a great distance, but the moment you have filled yourself and then dwelt upon the life force energy being given or sent or transmitted to the person requiring the healing, it is done at that moment. Once having given such energy, in the majority of matters, it is not necessary to repeat, for the continuous supply of energy is available to that soul-consciousness as it requires it and as the ego-consciousness seeks it. You become the individual who turns on the switch, but are no longer required in the circuit. You may be forced to deal with this individual more than once as a result of their own insecurity or psychological limits, but not as a requirement of the failure of the energy to function.

There are no limits to the concept of healing. There is no failure when an individual has opened themselves as a channel, but there is always the decision of the soul-consciousness and the karmic patterns which must be served. Do not be dismayed when the miracle you seek does not occur. Do not be surprised when it does. If the individual has truly striven to balance the consciousness and eliminate the spiritual cause, then the healing will take place; and yet, it may be that the apparent disease will vanish and yet another disease will take its place. And here is a clear indication of the failure to deal with the true cause.

Healing is not limited to the physical body. It may deal with the spiritual self, with the emotional consciousness, the energy may be placed into the environment of a person, but no thing shall be done against the will of another person. No thing should be done without directing the energy to the soul-consciousness of the individual to make the proper use thereof. For those persons who do not choose, or whose soul-consciousness does not choose, to accept the gift of the energy, forcing that energy upon the body will bring more disastrous results than the direction of the illness itself.

The healer may be in many conditions, though it were better in order to focus the mind, that the healer was clean in the physical, with little food within the stomach's system, allowing the maximal energy to the physical structure. Consider that you were going to undertake a long swim. You would not enter the water immediately after eating a full meal, nor would you attempt a long journey without first having rested, nor should you attempt it if you are in physical imbalance yourself. Consider yourself like the athlete seeking for the maximal limits of self. We are not indicating that a healer must be a physical athlete, we are speaking of a concept of consciousness. If there is anger, confusion, or any difficult emotion within the healer, he should not seek to channel the life force energy at that time.

The Guide of an individual may often be of great assistance in helping to direct the energy and helping to clear the individual of the conscious limits or blocks that allow the disease to ensue. An individual who needs healing should appeal to his Guide for direction and assistance in clearing the cause, unless that individual is so advanced that they can speak directly with the soul-consciousness. But if this were the case, then we ask you how they could suffer from disease.

Let the healer demonstrate the full ability to heal self, or to seek healing and receive it, for the healer who is not capable of receiving healing and balancing their own physical form, whether through their own hands or through the hands of another healer, that person is no healer. All persons upon this plane, from the child to the elderly, may heal, but only when they have learned to use their consciousness, to focus their mind, to open the door to the inflow of the life force energy, and when their belief in that source of energy is a knowing, unshakeable awareness. To know is to function. To believe is to falter. Thus speaks the Brotherhood."

"You have the power to change the world about you!" ... David

Copyright by Richard Rebeck, Peggy Steinberg, Salvatore Cacciola