Light Messenger

Volume 6, Chapter 1

"Fear is the greatest enemy; behind him marches ignorance, and prodding them on is apathy."

...from the guides.

Think Globally, Act Locally!

I, Peggia, have often wished that I could somehow erase the sense of apathy which pervades the overall consciousness of humanity. The world seems overburdened with oppression on all levels, and the masses make little effort to do anything other than complain and place the blame outside themselves. Why, I ask, can they not see the error of their thinking and hopeless apathy? While everyone has opinions, most of which are based upon complete ignorance and/or blind belief in elected leaders, why are they so afraid to take a stand or get involved with vital issues that confront the world? I feel like sticking a pin in the side of humanity to provoke its attention. I want to cry out, "Wake up before it is too late!" But alas, the world seems oblivious to my urgent feelings and continues to slumber in ignorant darkness.

Ghandi said, "First face the facts and then the truth." Now, it is imperative that we educate ourselves and actively work to promote our desires for peace and better living conditions throughout the world, for they will never manifest without our energy. We can no longer afford to bind ourselves with fear, ignorance and apathy! We cannot wait until tomorrow to solve the nuclear issues! We cannot wait until tomorrow to feed the hungry masses and turn back the clock of oppression! This issue of the Messenger is not intended to enlighten you with philosophical concepts only; it is to awaken your sense of obligation and responsibility as a citizen of the world. Urgency is of the utmost, for your thought, your voice and your individual action today, can and will make a difference in humanity's tomorrow!

Messenger Status

This Messenger was begun in April when the Brotherhood channeled their first messages. Although May was a very busy month for this editor who was winding up a long campaign for a freeze referendum, which you will read about within this issue, the real snag involved Richard's health once again. As some of you may know, Richard was completely healed of his cardiac condition after his rejuvenation last September and has required no medication whatsoever for that condition since. However, his physical system has remained fragile due to his naturally sensitive nature and his body's lack of immunity. A rare combination of events and chemicals put him on the critical list and confined him in the hospital for twelve days during the month of May. He was not able to resume channeling for the Brotherhood until July. These words are being written in mid-July, and we expect this publication to finally reach you sometime in August. We cannot promise when the next issue will be released, but we certainly hope that it will be within a more reasonable length of time. Thank you for your continued faith and patience in those of us who work to produce this vehicle of communication!

Editor's Note

Please notice that this issue of the Messenger deviates slightly from past issues. We have omitted "Conversations with David", for an article of a more pertinent nature, written by your editor. We have also purposely displaced the usual order of the Messengers in order to keep the subject matter flowing with more continuity.

Messenger I - The Nuclear Issue (Apr 18,1983)

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

These are confused times. These are times that... as you have written in the past... that try men's souls. We thought, for a time, that the soul would be found lacking. We wish to make clear our ancient position on these matters.

This vehicle, this channel, this newsletter is the primary communication in this part of the world. There are no other persons with whom we are communicating within this continental sector you call, the United States. In other parts of the world, we deal with consciousness as the opportunity avails itself. We are not in the business of organizing structures, nor setting demands upon individuals.

Our desire to help is based upon the calls for help that we have received from your plane. There are those who have spent much energy in reaching out with their consciousness, seeking guidance and assistance for their brothers and sisters; we have brought that response. The growth of this information is slow, and it is hampered greatly by the lack of response. Those who have responded to the need are well aware of their fulfillment of the opportunity to serve; those that have not, bear that responsibility. But we shall not flex to the concepts of your world in your time. We shall not establish subscription fees and rates. This is a project of love! By love, it shall succeed, or by lack of it, it shall fail.

These times that are upon you... why do you find them so strange? Have we not warned you and spoken to you in the past of these comings? Have we not foretold the economic difficulties? Did we not say that it was advisable to unplug one's self from the society, to be more free from debt? Can the burdens that are upon you at this time, be erased as if they never existed? Do you truly believe that that shall occur? Or shall not a change, a major transformation, first be required? And with all such transformation, is there not sorrow and pain to some?

There are many levels upon which we wish to discuss your needs, but the entity, Peggia, has stressed her desire to be heard upon a particular issue; therefore, we shall voice our energy upon this matter and allow her the vehicle of expression in addition, if she so chooses. The area that is close to her heart is the matter that you term, the nuclear matter.

Shall man continue to develop that which he terms, nuclear weapons and nuclear tools? It is man's own decision whether he should destroy himself or not. We have always held that suicide was not in balance or in the light; and yet, the concept of nuclear weaponry is definitely a form of suicide, and it is a form of mass murder. The karmic implications are great. If, in the seeking for power and comprehension, you were to turn this problem around and eliminate the dangers and the byproducts, it might be another consideration but you are poisoning the world for future generations! Do you not realize that even that which you create cannot be uncreated? Where shall you put the radioactive materials that you have brought into manifestation? Where shall you hide them? Shall you bury them in the earth? In a manner of speaking, you are inhibiting the free-will choice of future generations and predestining them to the suffering and the pain and the death that such concepts will produce.

Have you not learned through the concept of history itself, that war is not a solution for man? Was not the greatest empire, that which you term the Roman Empire, and did it not conquer the world? And was it not, in turn, conquered by assimilation? Those people whom it conquered, conquered Rome by absorbing Rome; and Rome became them, not they, Rome. What ancient conqueror of the world has his kingdom yet intact?

One and some of those who read have asked that we speak upon freedom. That is a word with tremendous responsibility. Does man have the freedom to destroy himself? Truly he does if all men are in concert with the idea. You may then destroy the earth, for if you all agree that that is your desire, it is yours to do it with. But a few may not destroy the rest without guilt and blame, and a few may not condemn the future generations.

And we say to you, that those of you who do not speak out against these things, these nuclear weapons, you carry the karmic burden of your silence.

You have the means within your society to speak to your heads of government, to your representatives, even by the simple letter. Your silence shall gain you the karmic debt and responsibility; and you shall carry the burden of your failure to act further within your own systems -- to make it clear to your local governments and your state governments that you have no further desire for nuclear structures, until the concept is evolved and no longer poses a threat to future generations. Be not party to the industry, and do not think that you can work in such a field and escape the karmic responsibility. If your hands assemble one part of any of these weapons, you are as guilty of the karmic obligation as the man who utilizes them.

Free yourself from these burdens, for war and weaponry are not the paths of those who seek the light, but rather, they are the paths of darkness and shall certainly lead nowhere but to the lower planes, which are the planes of darkness. You speak of freedom, and you speak of nations that are free and nations that are enslaved. And we remind you of yet another thing-- that which we have said in the past: there are no nations!

You are citizens of the planet, Earth! Your boundaries, your national identities are childish playtoys with which we have no holding. There is nothing here which is permanent, nor anything which belongs to one group or one person forever. Certainly, the divisions of geographic are natural, but the animosity between borders is not. Were it within our power to outline the optimum system for you, we would speak of a one world government where each geographic sector had its representative. But you have not yet learned how to live in peace, one with the other. You have not even learned how to live in peace with your environment, with your earth, within your society. How then, can your society live with other societies?

Look not with fear to the concept of liberty; this is but a stage where you are playing a role. Your spiritual consciousness can never be enslaved, for you are ever free of that fear. Open your hand to your neighbor. Open your hand to your fellow man regardless of which sector he emanates from, for we remind you that the failure to reach out is as sinful as the rejection itself. You are not held harmless when you do nothing. You must be active, for passivity is negative! And if you do not wish to be active and you do not wish your light to be seen, then pay not heed to our words and go off in your darkness and be happy within it while you may.

Look about at the world that you have scored and scorned and almost obliterated. You do not know your Earth. You care little for her atmosphere, her waters, her land. You have become dependent upon the society, and as the economy strains and groans under the burdens of excess and abuse, you cry out in your helplessness that you have caused and produced by yourself.

This is the generation of instant karma. This is the time, as we approach the end of an Age, when souls such as yourselves are given the opportunity to experience your lessons within a single lifetime. As you seek to learn and claim the title of 'lightbearer', we say to you, that your karmic errors shall return to you within this same lifetime, that you may grow more rapidly.

How many of you have, within recent times, held the earth within your hand and know the feel of the reward of your own labor and productivity? Is the earth green at your touch and command, or is it barren and laid over with concrete and tar? Do you know the voice of the ocean, or only the noise of your city? Be responsible within your world, for the responsibility in your world is as vital as your spiritual responsibility for growth. It is within the nature of man to seek new wonders and new ways, and there are many wonders yet to come which are yet undreamed of. But all such things must be done and taken within the concept of balance and harmony, and that which is not done within balance and harmony shall incur the obligation and debt for another.

Look not upon yourselves as extraordinarily blessed, but as simply souls who have reached a stage of testing, for if your ego grows too greatly, you shall fail the test indeed; and he who crosses the path of initiation unprepared, shall step backward a thousand years.

The economic woes of your world, the political conflicts are all the product of greed, mismanagement and apathy by the majority of the people. If you are one of those who are apathetic, then raise not your voice in protest, for without your action, there can be no reaction. We are not concerned with your political systems; we are concerned with your total growth as spiritual beings, and that requires your involvement within the world within which you live.

Be responsible and be not afraid to sacrifice, for he who does not sacrifice shall not gain anything. It is not until you are willing to lay what you are and what you have upon the line, that you can increase and allow yourself to grow.

There is naught that is wrong with enjoying the material rewards you have earned, unless those material rewards become your master; and if it is those that you worship, then why do you listen to our voice? You have your Gods, go worship them! We would rather see man worship the spiritual potential that he may yet become. That is the end of this particular message from the Brotherhood."

Messenger III - The Soul Searching Question: Law Versus Values

"There has been a delay for a period of time, separating this message from the earlier two, this delay being caused by the health of the entity. Because of needs that have arisen within this time period, we alter slightly the message that is given. We do not seek to ignore the question of the methodology of spiritual service, but other questions that are related become more pressing.

There is a question which has been in the minds of man for great periods of time, and it is the question of responsibility to your values, to yourself, to your family, to your community, to your nation, to your law. Where does man draw the line? Is it proper that any man should disobey the law? Should a man follow his own inner desire in preference over the law of his land, the need of his family, over that of his community? Is there a justified cause whereby man may violate the law? We shall answer in a paradoxical manner.

First, we remind each of you that as you violate the laws that you commonly hold to be valued, those laws which are for your safety and benefit, as you violate these, you create a spiritual imbalance. You do not put gray paint on a canvas where you desire white, and enough layers of gray will eventually appear black. The majority of your society violates its own legal structure each and every day, whether it be from the evasion of taxation, or whether it be from the violation of your laws of speed. There are many areas -- the attitude in business -- in these areas many moral laws are broken. So first and foremost, we remind you that he who creates imbalance by the violation of a law, creates imbalance in the whole that is the spiritual body that is collective man. And yet, there are times when the law must be broken.

Let us first examine this concept. Where from cometh law? Law in its principle comes from the inner nature of man, from the spiritual consciousness itself. The law of man that is just reflects those laws you term spiritual in their physical manifestation and are just and right. There are however, laws which are made by man in the ego frame of mind and have not the spiritual balance to them. If in the military you receive an order, by law, you are to carry it out, especially if the time be a period of war. But shall you carry it out if that order is to annihilate children and women who are unarmed and offer no offense? Will you obey such a law? Will you obey a law that causes future generations to be condemned? Would you obey a law that restricted the birth of children, eliminating all children who had red hair? You certainly would object.

The question of morality, spirituality and legality have often been a complex issue. There is no nation that is right above all other things. There is no spiritual being who will say, "My nation, right or wrong." That is a fallacy. That is of the dark side. There is no law of man that is so perfectly clear that there is not a point where it must be violated. If a law prevents man from correcting negative situations, then that law is in that particular matter, unjust. If you see an evil about to befall your neighbor, but the law says you may not shout, and therefore you cannot warn him, is that a just law?

But if we must violate a law, in what manner is it done? We do not speak of anarchy here. We are speaking of that deep struggle within one -- reaching for the highest understanding of right and wrong, and seeking the spiritual guidance to apply that understanding. The prime law of this universe is clear when it says that if you harm no one, including yourself, you are free to do as you will -- to choose your own course of action, recognizing the principle of non-harm. If you harm no one, including yourself, in the violation of a law, then you have not created greater imbalance.

During that period of time that you call the second war, there were many acts that were perpetrated by soldiers who, in their defense, claimed obedience to the law of their land. They were not in spiritual balance in such a thought. There is no law of any land that can bind the soul when that law prevents the regress of a wrong or the prevention of a future wrong.

How do we come to such a discussion? You have, within your nation today, those persons whom you term protestors. They would protest against situations or systems that create danger to your present generation and to future generations as well. If the law says that you may not raise your voice in protest, and yet protest is necessary, then the law is wrong!

The law of spirit, the spiritual law, is unchangeable; it is unbendable. The laws of man are interpreted for his own benefit, even as that group of august individuals you term the Supreme Court, bends and twists the meaning of the Constitution to their framework of reference, not in a negative desire, but honestly in the way they perceive it. Every man, woman and child who is capable of thought has the responsibility to look at the laws he obeys and to look at the needs of others.

If man, within this geographic sector, were truly in balance from a total spiritual law, he would be in the streets constantly decrying the wrongs of the system that is operating.

You are on the verge of predestining future generations because of the nuclear problem. You have not stopped the production of chemical warfare weapons. Woe to the soul whose hand still mixes them! You have, at this moment, a greater surplus of food than ever before in the history of man, and there are millions upon millions who are starving. That which you term red tape is born of law. Do not expect us to bless or to call enlightened such dark shadows that bring death to man while other men quibble over the structure by which things must be done! You race to create more weapons of destruction and listen to the claims of necessity.

The element that you term "spiritual" service perhaps is too altruistic sounding a word. First, you must serve your own kind; you must serve the needs of man in the physical.

You must seek to prevent future generations from being damned or condemned by your mistakes. Harm no one, including yourself, and science may move forward. The probability factors of success or failure and the allotment of so many million to death as a routine casualty of war, these are not positive concepts. They are the work of the dark forces themselves. Statistics mean little until you are one of them.

What is the law? The law is the ultimate expression of balance and harmony and love. It is that tool by which man learns to live together in harmony, and that tool by which man ascends the stairs of evolution and spiritual growth. But from the spiritual consciousness, let no law of man be chains upon you! Even the most corrupt system of government eventually runs out of jails. They run out of chains, and when the press of the people is sufficient, they must listen!

You speak of free will, and we warn you that your pathways lead you to predestination. It is not the raving of a few. It is the fear of the professionals, the scientists, the educated and the common man that have been joined together in many cases. It was said that the tribunal courts of the second war were to insure that no such things would happen again. How many wars exist today? Would you say ten? or twenty? Know that it is more than thirty at this very day that exist in this world. And what of human rights? The concentration camps of the Third Reich are beginning to pale as a ghostly image compared to the horror that is brought forth in the world today. How many nations will you watch securely fall under the iron fist? How many millions must be slaughtered by chemical warfare before you holler, "enough"? And how many nations must cease to exist before you realize it is your problem?

Serve your fellow man, and if your voice is not heard and your hand is not seen, then you are not, for spiritual service is a responsibility to self, to your neighbor, to every man, woman and child upon this earth and to those yet unborn! And those who would imprison the body have never found a means to imprison the soul! There will be no change without a change in your consciousness!  There can be no metamorphosis without energy! You are the fulcrum and lever. It is in your hands! That is the end of the message."

Nuclear Weapons Freeze Referendum Passes By Vote Of 2 To 3!
by Peggy Steinberg

The above statement became history on May 24, 1983, when voters in the nation's oldest city of St. Augustine, Florida, went to the polls for a city election. While only symbolic in nature, the victory makes a strong, clear statement to elected representatives on local and national levels. Wouldn't it be wonderful if not hundreds, but thousands, of towns and cities all over the world voiced the same strong message to their leaders also?

Passing the freeze referendum in St. Augustine was not an easy task, but let's begin at the beginning. Approximately a year and a half ago, a small group of St. Augustine residents banded together because they were concerned about some of the world's growing problems. The nuclear issue was not their main objective at that time, for they were also concerned with world hunger and political intervention in Third World countries, namely El Salvador. I found the group in midsummer when they sponsored a slide show/discussion presentation depicting the medical consequences of nuclear war on the anniversary date of Hiroshima's holocaust. At that time, the seeds of the nuclear arms issue were just beginning to sprout into the primary focus point of energy for the little grass roots group known as "Seeds for Peace". Little did I realize then, that I too, would soon become immersed in their cause of overwhelming proportions.

My first big event was as a participant in "Razzle Dazzle in the Plazzle", a disarming theatre peace. We produced and performed an original play in the downtown St. Augustine plaza just before Halloween, Our objective: to make the audience aware of the growing nuclear threat, by doing it in a "fun" way. The annual Christmas parade gave Seeds for Peace another opportunity to bring the freeze issue before the public. This time, we put Santa in a booth, voting for a nuclear freeze referendum.

As the new year dawned, our group made a serious commitment to attempt to get a nuclear weapons freeze referendum on the spring city ballot. The mountain stood before us, and February 14th was the appointed time when we armed ourselves with facts and came prepared to our local city council meeting. Much to our surprise, the city commissioners voted in our favor! But we still had two more public readings before we could count the referendum as a sure thing. The first reading was non-eventful, but the second presented us with another surprise. At the last minute, our requested referendum was put on the ballot, but was amended to read in a more obscure way. A roadblock... but after checking with the National Freeze Clearinghouse and discussing the wording with members of our local group, we decided to accept the wording and proceed with our campaign for voter's approval.

We had just six short weeks to better educate ourselves and the public. We had already formed a ballot committee of eight people who pledged themselves to carrying the main load, although we were assisted by many others as the campaign ran its course. In the beginning, we made a list of our objectives; on victory night, we reviewed the list. We had accomplished all of our goals and even a few extras that we hadn't planned. Here's a brief synopsis of some of the main promotional things we did: We were in the Easter parade with a theme of "Bombs, Not Bunnies". We staged a Freeze Festival with food and live entertainment to raise money on Mother's Day. We sold and distributed bumper stickers and buttons. We gave speeches to local civic groups. We participated in forums and sent the local clergymen prepared sermons with letters, asking for their support on Sunday preceding the election. We solicited endorsernents and funds from prominent local people as well as from our friends, neighbors and selves. We prepared a freeze brochure which was mailed to every registered voter in the city. We wrote letters to the editors of all the local papers, and we paid for newspaper ads shortly before the election. We spoke on the radio and bought paid advertising time on that media also. We sponsored a film entitled, "The Last Epidemic", for public viewing. During the last few days, we held signs at major intersections, and on voting day, we offered rides to the polls. Sound like a lot of work? It was! The sweet taste of victory on election night was very exciting, but even if we had been defeated, we would have felt victorious! Why? Because we educated ourselves and our community while taking a stand on a vital issue of extreme importance.

Perhaps you are wondering why so much effort was put into a symbolic gesture, and for what reason? Admittedly, a nuclear weapons freeze will not stop wars or solve our differences with other nations, but it does represent a beginning. A freeze would stop the current momentum of the nuclear arms race, while giving both major powers time to reassess their thinking on major war policies and hopefully, to reach agreement on gradual disarmament.

Still not convinced? Maybe you have never considered what could actually happen if there was a nuclear war. Did you know that a one megaton bomb contains 70 times the explosive power of the bomb that was exploded over Hiroshima? The following graphic description is taken from material published by the Traprock Peace Center in Deerfield, MA: "A nuclear explosion releases enormous energy in a millionth of a second. The temperature around it rises to 15-20,000 times the temperature of the sun's surface. If the fireball touches the ground, it evaporates everything -- concrete, steel, rock. Light and heat energy set fires miles away. The explosion compresses the air and creates moving shock waves with winds many times the force of a hurricane. While 'overexposure' directly causes some casualties, most damage comes from indirect effects: buildings will collapse, debris will fly through the air, windows will turn into particles of glass traveling more than 100 mph. Particles of vaporized soil and debris are drawn from the crater of a surface burst, made radioactive in the fireball, and then condensed in the upper atmosphere before falling back to earth. Wind speed, weather, and terrain affect fallout." Needless to say, Civil Defense plans would be to no avail in such a situation.

The immediate effects of a nuclear explosion would produce medical consequences beyond our wildest nightmares. First, there would be severe burns, trauma and injury, smoke inhalation, suffocation, heat prostration, dehydration and profound psychological shock. Radiation sickness would produce nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of hair, ulceration of skin, bleeding and lowered resistance to infection. There would be mass epidemic disease due to 100,000's of decomposing corpses, no safe water supply or sanitation, survivability of disease-carrying insects, and survivor's suffering from malnutrition and altered immunity. It is almost impossible to predict long-term effects, but they would most certainly include increased cancer, leukemia, malignancies and genetic change. It is estimated that 80% of the physicians and 80% of the hospital beds and supplies would be destroyed. Communication and transportation facilities would also be destroyed, and food supplies would be contaminated. Further, if just 20% of the ozone layer was destroyed as a result of a full-scale nuclear detonation, all unprotected eyes would be blinded, including those of animals and insects, resulting in massive ecological catastrophe. The earth in the area of the explosion would be scorched and irradiated for an undeterminable number of years. These are the hard facts of a nuclear disaster!

On a more practical level, let's consider the economics of the arms race and how it affects each of us. "Globally, $550 billion is spent each year on arms and armies. This comes to about $12 million per minute and is equal to the entire income of 2 billion people who live in the world's poorest countries. Our country alone, will spend over $100 million a day on nuclear weapons over the next 6 years. Contrary to what the Administration would have us believe (because it lumps together tax revenues with receipts from trust funds), over 50% of the US budget goes for military spending and interest payments on the federal debt from past wars. The President's tax cuts will not result in reduced federal spending, but will in turn, shift dollars away from states and cities to the Pentagon. Social spending gets the axe, and most of the affected programs are those which serve the poor and the elderly. Would you rather see your $3.2 billion tax dollars pay for the cost increases in the A-10 strike aircraft, or go to restore the cuts in Medicaid? It is also a myth that military spending produces jobs. While it does produce some highly paid technical and specialized jobs, it drastically reduces the job market for women and blacks.

The simple fact is, that this mad nuclear arms race has got to stop somewhere! Senator Edward Kennedy recently stated, "The United States and the Soviet Union now possess the equivalent of three million Hiroshima bombs -- a total of four tons of TNT for every man, woman and child presently living on this planet." What does it matter who has the most of what? We have now reached the point of "overkill". Russia may have more strategic launchers, but the US has more warheads which are the actual nuclear bombs themselves. Warheads are what kill! Did you know that each MX missile will contain 10 warheads and each Trident II will contain 14-17 warheads? Just 3 of our invulnerable Poseidon submarines carry enough warheads to destroy 100 Soviet cities. To borrow another quote from the Traprock people, "The arms race destroys our sense of fellowship. It is spiritually, ethically, and morally bankrupt to base our security on threatening to incinerate millions of innocent people."

And now, 572 first strike Pershing II and ground-launched cruise missiles are scheduled to be deployed in Europe later this year. These are perhaps the most dangerous of all, for they are highly accurate, undetectable and can reach their targets in as little as eight minutes. Think what might happen if a Soviet computer malfunctioned and accidentally alerted impending attack. They would have less than eight minutes to decide whether or not to retaliate. This is known as launch on warning and is just one reason why we need to stop the arms race now.

One cannot touch on the arms race subject without running into the argument, "But how can we trust the Russians?" The truth is that we are trusting them every moment of every day not to push the button of doom. Besides, we already possess sophisticated equipment which allows us to monitor Soviet activities, including reconnaissance satellites which are so accurate that we can read license plates on cars in Moscow. It is also true that we have signed 14 major treaties with the Soviet Union since the early 60's, and the Soviets have, to the surprise of most people, honored those agreements. Recently, there was speculation that Russia has been violating Salt II, but I remind you that the United States Senate never did ratify Salt II, even though it was signed by the leaders of both countries; consequently, all compliance has been voluntary. We will never know how the Russians will respond to the freeze idea unless we propose it.

Specifically, what is meant by the term "FREEZE"? Freeze proponents are simply asking that the President of the United States propose to the Soviet Union that both countries adopt a mutual and verifiable immediate halt to the making, testing and deployment of nuclear weapons and their delivery systems as a first step toward lessoning the risk of nuclear war. It is a clear, simple idea which could stop the escalation of the arms race and ultimately perhaps, the extinction of the human race.

I have outlined what one small group of approximately twenty-five people were able to accomplish on the freeze. If we could do it, so can you! Begin by writing letters to your elected representatives. Let them know how you feel. After all, you carry weight as a voter, and every affirmative freeze vote tightens their noose of responsibility. Either find a freeze group in your locality, or form one yourself if you are so inclined. There are many sources of information which are available to help you. Please take advantage of this source material and get started today!

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to meet David McReynolds who is an active member of the War Resister's League in New York City. He left me with some words which I will always remember. I hope his words will impress you as much as they did me. He said, "Grass roots crack concrete."

"It is a glorious world outside. There are people to love and pleasures to share. The threat of the future should not take away the joy we can have working together on a challenging task. I see no reason to be gloomy about trying to save the world... Look at the opportunity we have. Few people in history have been given such a chance to apply their convictions, their values, their highest moral goals in a constructive enterprise. What challenge could be greater? We have an opportunity to improve the chance of human survival." ...Roger Fisher, Williston Professor of Law, Harvard University.

Messenger II - Economics: Your Responsibility

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

We have oft spoken of the difficulties that have produced these financial and economic problems. Many individuals throughout the world are in severe and stressful and dire economic situations. There are none who have gone without some mark upon them. But what is the purpose? Is this produced by forces beyond man, or is it of man's own doing? And if it is, certainly, it must not be of a conscious nature, for who would knowingly put themselves into such a situation?

The problem in the economic areas is very similar to the problems man has on a spiritual level. On the spiritual plane, man wishes the Creator to take more and more responsibility for his acts, and he wishes the Creator to resolve his problems for him so that he need not deal with such things. This is not reality, for man's purpose is to learn, and if the Creator were to fulfill his needs to learn by doing that for him, then he, man, would not truly learn of himself. It is an experience that requires his input, his energy, his effort. Your economies are not dissimilar; there are many faults. Certainly, one could point the fingers at those who have manipulated the system, but they manipulated an existing problem, and it became a tiger within their hands!

The problem begins with an element that you have long called one of the seven deadly sins, and that is the sin of greed. Man is inherently greedy. Man is inherently materialistic, and out of these is born the primary difficulty. If one goes to a well and continually draws the water and the rains come not, the well shall run dry. If everybody were to remove money from the bank and put none in, the bank would fail. If you harvest the fruit of the earth and do not return the seed, then there is no food for tomorrow. These analogies are direct, for as man has taken, he has not given.

We have, in previous times, discussed the spiritual laws that govern man's purposes. But without the element of charity, without the giving and the sharing of what he has, man cannot continue to receive. This is especially true from the spiritual bank account, for if nothing is put in, nothing may be withdrawn. But how does that relate to your economics? It is not dissimilar, for you continue to take and demand more and more materials, more goods, more tools of pleasure, but you give little of yourself. You demand that more and more be done for you and you ask for it at lower and lower cost. You have caused your system which feeds you, which supplies your needs, to overproduce itself, and you have run out of the resource with which to purchase that which you need.

You utilize the concepts of labor united; you term it a union. In the word 'union' is considered the harmonious joining of two things. When a pipe is put into a union, an integral connection is made, and one that is of value; but unfortunately, in these structures that men join that you call union, we find not the element of light, but the element of darkness at the heart of it. We speak not against the principle of fairness and equity, but we are observing the direct energies of those persons involved. We are looking at the man who says, 'I wish more that I may buy more', and his employer providing it must in turn charge more, and that same man buying the product must pay more. And it is a circle that is vicious like unto the dog that bites its tail. We say this to you: Without regard to the purpose or intent by which they were formed, those elements that you term union, in their power and in their structure, serve more the forces of darkness than they serve the people or the Forces of Light.

You may not have others continually provide for you without putting back the energy. You wish to work thirty or forty hours in a week, and yet you wish to enjoy the comforts that your ancestors never knew with eighty or a hundred hours or more per week of work. There is a limit to all things. You have lost your ability to care for yourselves. Your simple talents are gone. You know not how to produce the things of the earth. You know not how to work the wood. You may not do even the simple repairs in many cases; the stone and the mortar are strangers to your hand. You have not the means to care for yourself effectively. You have built yourself homes that rise into the sky -- stone piled upon stone, and while we would prefer this to the destruction of land, what land have you to feed yourself? You have not even a small parcel of earth within which you may care and produce.

What is then, the solution for these problems? Certainly, if the world is headed toward economic chaos, even as we have spoken for several years in warning, you do not eliminate this problem in an instant. The systems that you have created and brought into manifestation to satisfy your greedy desires must collapse to some degree, for you have ordered more than you can pay for.

But... returning to the spiritual concept, you may not draw from the spiritual bank unless you put in. But the same is true of your physical world; it is 'as above, so below'. It is not different. You must give of yourself. You must share of your wealth. Consider for a moment, the monies that are paid into these organizations you term labor and their structures, and just consider the monies that your legal systems claim have been improperly removed. How many children would that money feed? Or which of you could not afford to give a percent or two of your wage? A fourth? Nay, we should more correctly say, you cannot afford to fail to do so! If you are not willing to share of the treasures that you have received... The blessings for your effort are given to you that you may share them, and if you do not, then they shall be withdrawn, for you create the energies of withdrawal by yourself. We do no thing to you. No external force outside of this world needs to operate against you. You operate against yourself!

The very energy of your consciousness maintains the balance of the world. Even now, your scientists are beginning to recognize that your thought, your mind, interferes and interacts with all that is and all that occurs. No thing exists without a thought perceiving it.

If you do not take your blessings and share them with those who are not fortunate, if you do not provide the education for those who seek it, if you do not feed the homeless, if you do not shelter the widowed, then there can be no positive energies that can be brought forth to manifest the structures that you seek. You have become a world of petty thieves, seeking to gain advantage one over the other, seeking to undermine the government you seek to support, denying your systems the very essence that they need to operate upon. Within your particular nation, you speak of a national debt, and we say to you that it exists not. It is a fallacy, for if each individual who had sought to defraud their government of their taxation had provided it in balance, the debt would be matched within three of your years.

You cannot cheat your neighbor and not injure yourself. You can not be greedy without paying the price. Once having recognized your error, know that all that you acquire in balance and harmony, you are welcome to keep for the duration of your life, but it is not permanent. But unless you take a portion of that which you have and that which you receive and give it, you shall not maintain the balance. And now, while you are in short, you have the greater responsibility upon you. For now that you no longer have that which to give, you must give in order to bring it back into balance.

It is only when neighbor reaches to neighbor, friend to friend, brother to brother, black to white, red to yellow, when you reach out your hand to help each other, then you shall create by yourselves, the energy to bring things back into balance. And if you fail to do this, the price is simple: You shall create a tyrannical system of government! A dictatorial dictatorship shall evolve, and you shall become the slave of the state! Think not that it could not happen!

Your particular nation is but a mere fragment of time in its age, and greater nations whose span of time reached many hundreds of years greater, and even those that stood for over a millennia, have fallen. All the nations we have seen, and the times and the structures and the people... without morality, there is no spirituality. Without spirituality within the soul and heart and hand of man, there is no balance. Where there is no balance, there is no hope.

Reach into the corners of your possessions and into the corner of yourself and give of yourself without demand in return, and bring balance and peace back into the world.

That is the end of the message from the Brotherhood."

Questions and Answers

"Why is there suffering?"

"Suffering is the product of man's own hand. You reap what you have sown. You suffer in order to learn. Through pain you comprehend joy; the pain is not always necessary, but comprehension is.  If you produce the pain at this time, if you are the giver of pain, know well, that you shall be the recipient. For every act that you have produced which is negative or injurious to another, you shall experience a like act, whether now or a thousand lifetimes from now.

The law of balance allows you the free will from the soul and ego-consciousness to do what you will as long as you harm no one, including yourself."

"Will there be another world war? Will it be nuclear? (Sep 10, 1982)

"It is important that you comprehend that which you term the future. There is now, and tomorrow is not yet.  There are many probable tomorrows; each appears real as we view it. There is no permanent image that is infallible in the concept of tomorrow, nor is it possible to look so far into the future that we take an infinite time into concept. Within the time of this era, there is not present that energy which would produce a nuclear conflict. That is not to say that it could not occur. There is no potential that is dominant at this time. There is however, a potential image, weak though it may be, that shows this planet a barren wasteland. That is the decision of man. Your tomorrows are intended to be positive and fruitful, and we believe and trust that you shall make them so, for we cannot control your world. It is yours to control yourself. It exists by your will, and where the will of many does not oppose, even a few may control."

"David; when is the stock market going to bottom out, and when should we start buying again?" (Aug 8, 1982)

"That market will truly cease its erratic activities when it ceases to be manipulated. It is however, at this time, apparent that it will reach its lowest ebbs in this Fall period, with a climax or a lowest point area occurring in the November period, specifically near the beginning of that month. In as much as it is not only normal market, but the manipulations of certain individuals and groups, it does become difficult to predict the timing since these individuals do alter it to their purpose. The general trend shows the bottoming, as you term it, in the November period, with subsequent recovery beginning to show by the January time.

There are, of course, opportunities to deal within these markets at any point in time with care and intelligence employed. There are times to deal with all things. Those issues which do not support the basic needs of man are those to be avoided for the small investor. Those which are highly speculative are not wise at this time of difficult economy."

"There are many factors that control that which you term the weather; but even as you have forgotten of your teachings, there are many spiritual assistants that continue to try to work with the forces you term nature. Recognize that every time a nuclear or atomic weapon is detonated, or the great birds that fly beyond the speed of sound do move through the air, they create patterns that can change that which you term the weather. They change the vibratory structure of that matter called the atmosphere."" ... David.

Copyright by Richard Rebeck, Peggy Sreinberg, Salvatore Cacciola