Light Messenger

Volume 6, Chapter 2


November 1983

"This is the time of the war between the sons of darkness and the sons of light. This is the period that was written about over two thousand of your years ago. You will comprehend it only in a small way, but in a total sense, great battles are already taking place and greater battles yet shall be fought." ...from the guides.

War And Peace: Today's Reality/Tomorrow's Dream

"Heavy shelling near Beirut"... "The battle for Mozambique"... "Iraq: Rights group charges 520 executions"... "Congress hears from children about fears of nuclear war"... "US is cold to Nicaragua peace feeler"... "Reagan stands firm on missiles in Europe, Marines in Lebanon"... "Guatemala militia slew 28 peons, report says"... "US warships shell Druze positions"... "Afghanistan: Soviet offensive reported"... "Grenada prime minister slain''... "Somali: says Ethiopia is preparing for war"... "Marcos warns of 'extreme' measures after bloody riots"... "Israeli sources say they have confirmed arrival of Soviet missiles in Syria"... "Spain marks a moment of silence as protest against Basque terror"... "Express train jumps sabotaged tracks in troubled Punjab; 16 killed"... "Iranians say attack takes 2 Iraq towns''... and the list goes on and on with the subject of wars on nearly every continent! The preceding newspaper headlines project a reality that we have all learned to live with in varying degrees.

As we approach the 21st century, the great enlightened Age of Aquarius, has the world really improved since the inception of Christianity 2,000 years ago? Today, technology has literally revolutionized our world, and yet, humankind still bends and conforms to the serpent of greed. Light Messenger readers look with questioning eyes, just as all spiritually-minded people have done down through the ages. While we are still hoping and grappling with issues that tend to swallow us in their immensity, we cannot yield in our position, even for a moment. Our individual and unified efforts are constantly required if this planet is to survive! Repetition of the message may seem trite, but perhaps it may ultimately pave the way to a time in the distant future when another Light Messenger can speak of the beauties and joys of living on planet, Earth -- a time when the sons (and daughters) of light shall reign supreme!

David Gives Commentary On Political Systems (Sept 13, 1983)

"The element of the previous Messenger, the message, dealt with responsibilities of people in a collective sense. Because this is a time of political and economic difficulty in your world, we have elected to continue to deal with the elements of consciousness that influence the spiritual quality of life in your world -- more specifically, those systems or philosophies that you base your government concepts upon.

It is not the desire of the Brotherhood to dictate or suggest a political concept or structure for any individual. It is their desire to assist individuals in fulfilling their spiritual growth patterns and to describe those areas of thought or structure which pose grave difficulties. Within the physical world, you have many different systems by which you govern yourselves. There is no one system that could be termed perfect, for no things are perfect upon your plane. There are those that are more beneficial to man, and those which are less.

It is often not the ideology of a particular system that is at fault, but rather the consciousness which implements it. You utilize many terms for these forms. You refer to them as democracy, socialism, communism, and I am certain that there are many variations on the theme. There is one primary difficulty with most of these systems, and that difficulty is that their benevolence, their assumption of responsibility for the individual, creates apathy. The people grow lazy and complacent in such systems. They do not strive for improvement or development and eventually lose their own spiritual foresight.

In all systems of communities and structures, it is wise that a group choose a spokesman, and where there is a group of spokesmen, they too should choose one to communicate their collective idea. But you are dealing with mankind; you are dealing with a majority of personages whose consciousness are asleep. They are not awake in the spiritual sense. Those who are awake in the spiritual are often lulled into a false sense of security by the structure of government they have created.

The more your system of government does, the more secure you feel, and in truth, the less secure you are.

We have in the past, reminded the individuals of the necessity to be able and to comprehend the means by which to unplug from the society. But few have done this, and few have even laid the primary plans for such an action. We are not speaking of isolationism; we are speaking of self dependency and individual responsibility. Certainly, you must tend to your spiritual growth, but you may not hide yourself in your spiritual growth and ignore your responsibilities to be an active part of the world within which you live.

To isolate one system or another as better, superior, or evil, is not correct in the total sense. It is the manner by which that philosophy is expressed. But remember that in the true concept of all things, we are dealing with the war between the sons of darkness and the sons of light. There are no sons of shadow or gray. An individual is either of the 'dark' army or of the 'light' army. And if we phrase it in terms of war, we ask you what other words may we use in your world, for you understand no other word better than that which you call war.

As we indicated in the previous issue, there are over forty wars in operation in the world at this time. The number has not diminished since our last message, and the potential for more increases. Even now as we speak, the hostilities and difficulties in the Middle East are escalating. The problems in the continent of Africa are coming to the boiling point, and that part of strive and repression will soon boil over with an impact upon the total world. The people who are the victims, are still suffering in that land you term Afghanistan. They are still suffering in Iran, in Iraq, in Lebanon. They are still suffering in Cambodia, in Vietnam There be few sectors of your world which are not concerned with the wars and problems of today, and two of those regions are the extreme poles of your planet where it is so cold that man's mind does not have time to dwell upon war.

The forces of darkness, those nameless energies which seek to prevent or retard man's progress, are not the backhand of the divinity, but rather, the ghosts of a past that man has created which have come forward to haunt him, to restrict him, and to prevent him from achieving a state of consciousness at this time. These forces of consciousness find their way into systems where they can affect the greatest numbers of the masses. And in your world today, as it has been for thousands of years in your world, the most effective means of controlling the masses is through the system you term government.

If you would, study within your Biblical material the story of the Old Testament choice where the prophets and the voice for the Deity were dismayed and saddened by the people's demand for a king, for in truth, spiritual man needs no individual to rule him. Freedom is a rare quality; it begins in the spiritual level, is made manifest in the consciousness of man, and when action is put behind that consciousness, freedom becomes a living reality. The birds of the air are free, and they need not war to maintain their freedom. Nor do they concern themselves with the affairs of men, though men may interfere with their life. They maintain their freedom.

The darkness, or evil, if you wish to term it, that has impregnated the governmental systems of the world has found the optimum method by which to control this world. One form of evil darkness versus another is hardly an appropriate situation. That body of government of conceptual philosophy that you term communism, not an evil in the philosophical sense of the word, nor in the mind of its creator, but certainly a tool of darkness in its present manifestation -- this particular system represents the primary thrust of negativity that is visible; and yet, within your own system, your so-called democratic concept, evil resides also and the dark forces control it. Do not consider for one moment that the concept of communism is more evil than the concept of a Jerry Falwell, for a communist running your system, or a Jerry Falwell, would produce as much evil with respect to the spiritual growth of man. Neither is of the light in the ultimate effect upon man, and yet neither thinks of themselves as evil, but only as of serving a purpose. The forces of darkness need only a small percentage of falsehood within the truth in order to sway the minds of man, and man because of his apathetic nature, because he tends to be lazy and indolent, succumbs quickly to such ideas.

Your so-called system of free government seeks to manipulate the affairs of other nations in the world, considers murder and bribery and subterfuge and revolution to be its right, its authoritative effect in the affairs of nations of other men. That does not strike a democratic note! Within the confines of your walls, your writer who spoke of the year '84 and the concept of 'big brother' has not missed the target date by much time, for even now the government that is purported to serve, examines, investigates and spies upon its citizenry in a manner that is unbecoming to its concept. Certainly, one must uproot an evil, but such things as are being done today, are being done not to root out evil, but to control you the individual. By giving you more, you have less, and when you have less, you are more subservient to the master which is your system.

Only a little over a hundred years ago in your time, it was possible for a man of no wealth to seek the positions in your government. Today, that is not a possibility. It is not the thought and prayers of the people that bring your politicians into office, but rather the god of green energy, for without the millions of your dollars, no individual has the opportunity to approach the political platform. And many to obtain those dollars, sell their souls for the financing interest.

It is the individual responsibility to respond and to react to their system. Certainly, one man does not change a system overnight, but within the principles of the system of government that you enjoy, within its foundation structure, are the principles necessary to bring about a positive growth. No individual who terms himself a light worker and does not let his voice be heard in his or her political system, can truly be called a light worker. We do not mean marching upon the streets, but one opinion cast in the ballot box, a letter written, a communication to a friend, is action. But to sit back and see what will happen provides no action whatsoever.

Responsibility is part of maturity, and maturity is the key to spiritual evolvement.

In the plane of spirit, we require no government. Consider how crowded you think of your world with approximately three billion souls and know that we have a thousand times that number in the realms of spirit, and we need no structured form of government to maintain balance and order. We are consciousness aware of our responsibility to harmonize, to work together for a common purpose, and while we may choose one to guide and to review, we do not have, as you would term it, government and leaders and authoritarian elements. Our authorities are those with greater knowledge, and their position is that we seek to listen to them. We do not seek to have them command us.

The Messenger wishes to deal further with the element of the negative influences upon that body of government you term communism, and more specifically, how the individual, you the light workers of the world may work to overcome this force, this negativity, while you simultaneously maintain spiritual harmony as an individual. We shall now prepare for the Messenger."

Messenger I - Communism Today (Sept 13,1983)

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

The forces of darkness have taken control of many of your systems, those systems you call government. Some are more evident in their action than others. In this particular message from the Brotherhood, we are brought to attention to that force you term Communism. It is unfortunate that the word itself generates negativity and animosity within the hearts and minds of so many, for anything which generates negativity and hatred has succeeded in its primary purpose -- that purpose being to destroy your spiritual balance. That which you hate has conquered you.

Certainly, the forces of darkness that guide the principles of those persons you term communistic are clever and extensive in their planning. It is not the philosophy or principle of communism that is evil, for even a family is a communal structure where all is shared amongst its members. It is not the principle, for if we were to comprehend the principle in truth, we would have to consider that the plane of spirit dwells in a communal form of living where we share our energies one with another in accordance with the need. But here on your physical plane, with the apathy and the indolence of man, such a philosophy was a prime victim for the forces of darkness themselves. By utilizing these concepts in their most idealistic form, by providing truth mixed with falsehood, they have succeeded in conquering the minds and hearts of millions of the inhabitants of this plane.

It is not the people under communism who are evil, nor is it the people who govern it or direct it, but it is they who are influenced, or as you use the word, possessed by the negativity itself. It would be the most clear example of what you term a state of possession by demonic force. If we were to seek an example of the effect of such a thing, we would point to that present system.

It is reaching out like a dark cloud upon your horizon, and it seeks to blot out the light of the sun in the spiritual sense. It would enslave your mind, your body, and your soul, and it need not feed upon you by fear of war alone, for it feeds upon your inner greed and your desires and your apathy.

Think not, for one moment, that these forces of darkness are shallow in their concepts! Their plans have been laid for millennia and are being manifest today in many subtle directions. And as you stand by and allow this energy to pass, or allow it to create animosity and anger and hatred within you, it succeeds all the more! It feeds upon your hatred! All negativity survives because of anger and hatred and opposition. When you raise an arm to strike another, you have provided the negative force with power and energy. No force of darkness shall ever be conquered by violence or hatred or anger! These are the negative emotional responses of man, and until they are purged from the soul and heart of man, evil will dwell upon this earth!

Certainly, one must react, one must be aware, but it is not enough to speak of the problem. It is necessary to act upon it. Even as the guides have taught of the necessity to surround the negative individual with light, so what is required now is a continuous focus of consciousness throughout this world to encircle the leaders and the nations and the structures of communism with the light, with the positive Divine Energy, paralyzing and neutralizing them by the blessing of positive energy which is their antithesis. It is not accomplished by the fact or act of saying, 'I do not have hatred, but I do not believe in their system. It is accomplished by every single day, taking a moment of your consciousness and focusing it upon your world.

If you cannot see your world in your mind's eye surrounded by light, how can there be light upon your world? And if you cannot isolate the disease area of your world and see that diseased area emblazoned with the Divine Light, with the light of healing, then how can it be healed? When one is ill and you seek to heal it, you do not simply talk about the subject. You bring your consciousness to bear upon it, and you bring the light in and about it and seek to provide it with a blessing.

You are not separate within this world. You are citizens of the world, and your world, your corporeal body that is the world, is diseased, and it is necessary that you heal yourself, the world, for part of you -- brothers and sisters of yours -- are suffering from the oppression of the dark forces. And it is you who must reach out and assist them, for they are contained within darkness through which no light may be drawn by them. And so long have they dwelt in this darkness due to your apathy and inattention, that they no longer know that there is a light beyond the darkness. But now, rather, they assume that there is no reason to think of hope, for there never has been any other thing. In their consciousness, they have been taught that you are the enemy, and every voice that is raised in anger against their system is belief to them that they are correct.

It requires the constant energy. You are not dealing with the force of one man's mind, but you are working with the creation of millions of minds over thousands of years who gave birth to these negative energies, these demonic spawn that now influence the spheres of government. And as the horror that is perpetrated by this particular system has so shot your senses, and yet because your fear of war has caused you to fall into a state of apathy, you do not now see that same dark hand reaching in upon your own systems of government.

Government is a tool which the people create in order to serve their collective needs, not their individual needs. If you are dependent upon that system, then you are weakening it. It is within a community that co-service should be given, and certainly your energy is needed within your community, within your home, within your state and within your geographic sector you term a nation, but as citizens of the world, you are responsible for the entire world.

If there were but one light worker in the world, it would be the function and responsibility of that one light worker to dwell upon the healing of the planet. You are not one; you are many. And we therefore bring the request of the Brotherhood that each and every one of you take time in your private and in your collective meditations to bring the light forward, to bring the light into the spheres of darkness in your world around the individuals of darkness whose names you know well. Bring that light about them -- not to curse them, to bless them, to awaken that spark of consciousness within them so that they may proceed in their spiritual evolution. And if you cause this to occur, then they themselves will slay the dragon of darkness!

You may not evade or escape your responsibility, for if you fail at this time, if you turn your back upon the need, then you shall return to a world surrounded by darkness where no ray of light shall be seen for more than a thousand years.

There is no future of darkness that is necessary, but the time is upon you. The Horsemen are amongst you, and you stand on the threshold of war, pestilence, famine and death. And yet, you have the power to disarm this enemy in the beginning. Be not passive in your seeking for spiritual growth. Be not violent or angry in your opposition but recognize all creatures as having the need to grow and learn and remember that all negativity was born of the heart and minds of man, and only man may neutralize it. That is the end of this message."

Webmasters Note: The following was to contain transcriptions of a question & answer session relating to the preceding material you have just read. Unfortunately the tape recorder was not turned on during the session so the answers below were rehashed from memory from among those present at the session.

My questions related to what is happening in the world at this time. I wanted to know exactly what is happening in Central America. I have been in direct contact with some people who have recently been working with refugees in Honduras and Nicaragua, and their stories do not coincide with our government's presentation of events there. "What is the truth?" I asked, and "What about the Philippines? Is the same thing happening there?"

David answered that our government is and has been interfering in the affairs of other nations. He used Cuba as an example. He explained that we had taken that island and put a dictator in charge which was in direct violation of our founding principles. Then years later, we sought to change that nation's form of government. The people were aware that the U.S. supported the change, but they also recognized that our government supported the previous government. The people turned to communism because it appeared to offer them a superior way of life. Central America is also reaping the effects of what our government has sown there, and the same can be said for the Philippine Islands. Our government seeks to control other nations in order to support our own selfish interests on foreign soil.

Since we are nearing an election year, I have been watching the emerging candidates aspiring for the office of President. I wanted to know about Walter Mondale. I asked if he is a man of light?

David answered that while he conceives himself to be, he is surrounded by those who are not.

I inquired as to what specifically happens when we send light to political leaders and nations -- how does it affect them?

The light surrounds the individuals and nations and helps to keep them from being influenced by negative energies.

Messenger II - Education: The Key To Human Evolution (Sept 18,1983)

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

It is the purpose of the soul in the physical manifestation to learn. Therefore, it is appropriate to say that its purpose is education. This plane, this physical dimension, is your classroom. Your fellow creatures, your emotions, your interactions are your teachers. In the early time of man, this was sufficient, and when one of your fellows had reached the state of wisdom, you took him as a teacher and listened to his words. You have since converted this into a formal system of education.

You have treated education as a separate thing of life. You go to school to become educated. In truth, life is your education; the school is but one particular form of it wherein you have more voluntary control. It is the development of these schools, the separation of the recognition of the learning experience of life, and isolation in your consciousness of the total learning experience to that which is obtained in school in lecture or in seminar. The concept, 'I am going to learn something,' this is not valid. The systems of education that you have created do not serve the purpose of the soul. They are contrary to the spiritual nature of man. You are taking the minds of children, warping them, poisoning them and ill preparing them for the experiences of life. Nor do they learn how to take life's experience and to draw knowledge from it. They presume that knowledge is obtained from the books and the books alone.

There have been many questions by many individuals relevant to the paths of learning, the paths of growth, the paths of education. The mind of the physical form is indeed a frail thing. It is very fragile and is easily molded in a negative or destructive manner. The educational attention of the parent has diminished. It is not the responsibility of the teacher to teach the child. It is the responsibility of the parent, and the teacher is but an augment of society whereby society may determine that the parent indeed has done the job. You have reversed the role.

The parent must start to educate the child from the earliest infancy. The child's consciousness is sensitive to all thoughts, words and energies that are about it. It will form its opinion of the universe and the world around at a very early age. By the age of thirteen, the consciousness is extremely fixed and not flexible at all. The ideas that must be instilled within the consciousness of a child are first and foremost the understanding of the direction or place from which that child has come. That is the world that you term the world of spirit. If a child is not educated in spiritual concepts and values, is not surrounded by positive energies and does not see within his environment the expression of that positively, then the child has no alternative but to turn to the dark side. It is a natural attraction -- a mirage, but one that is real.

We do not speak against the common studies of science and geography and sociology and mathematics -- we speak against the lack of spiritual values being offered. Today, the child is taught that the concepts of evolution and nihilism are intellectually practical. Within your educational systems, you have people whom you term teachers who are better suited as teachers of darkness, not in totality, but you have amongst those teachers, these individuals. They have no spiritual values themselves, and they teach none. And then you have the law -- the law of your land which deals with the prohibition of mixing the world of spirit with the world of government. This is done under the guise that religion and state should be apart. If religion is truly the recognition of the Divinity and the desire to function in a harmonious manner within the structures that that Divinity has created, then how can any system of learning remove or negate this?

The systems of education you term public have abandoned the concept of consciousness. They teach not creativity. They teach not spiritual values. They fulfill not their purpose. It would be better that a child were placed in a private school or academy where they might learn a more wholesome and more realistic approach to their continuity upon this plane.

The system of education is under the control of the people. You have your various systems, your school boards, your elected officials. You have a voice which can be heard in the community through your various organizations. You have voices which can be heard by your political leaders and the heads of your government. Consider the impact, that if but one million persons within this country were to, in a written form, communicate their desire that spiritual concepts be returned to the school. How soon would such a question appear upon the ballots and your time of voting?

You have allowed others to take the responsibility for your children. They have done what they saw best. Those that are negative those that are atheistic, nihilistic, communistic, and there are many who are of this bent, those who have lifestyles that one would consider immoral or out of balance for the energy of a child, they should be eliminated, removed from your educational system. It is not enough that a person act in a normal manner. The consciousness of the person is sensed by the spiritual consciousness of the child, and regardless of the words spoken, it is the thought that is held that is of primary importance. If the teacher is neutral in political communication, but communistic at heart, then those thought forms will be impressed upon the consciousness of the children.

You have laid many elements of pressure upon the children to learn for different reasons, or to succeed for varied reasons as well. This is not a simple matter. It requires the interaction of the parent and community members with the authorities and directing patterns of the school systems themselves. And it does not cease at the level of the elementary or the junior or the high school. The problem continues on through the entire educational chain.

If your voice is not heard by your political system with respect to your spiritual beliefs and the right of spiritual values to be taught to children, then how shall it ever be changed? That judicial body you term the Supreme Court operated in harmony with their own belief as to the concept of the separation of church and state. They did not, in their opinion, eliminate the ability of such a question to be put upon the parents and to cause a change in the very structure or document of government. An amendment to the Constitution would allow the return of spiritual values, not of one particular faith, but of spiritual values in general-- the realization that man is a spiritual being occupying a physical body for a finite period of time.

If you spent the energy that you spend in protesting and complaining of other things in beginning the child right, you would not have the problems in your society. You would not be dealing with the nuclear proliferation. You would not be concerning with nuclear waste, for if spiritual beings had been in the positions of industry and science and government, would they have led you on such a path? Who is responsible if not you? You may not maintain hypocrisy and expect the child not to see it. We have spoken, in the past, of the karmic responsibility that a parent takes in bringing a child forth. We speak now of the action that is necessary. The parents must open their own consciousness. They must seek to develop their own spiritual awareness. They must first instill the desire to comprehend one's spiritual self into the child, for no teacher may take that step. The child accepts first, that which the parent has given.

Your educational institutes require revamping. They are not run by dedicated people. They are run by people who do not recognize the spiritual responsibility they hold. Instead, they worry mostly of their paycheck and schedule and time and paper. Your universities and schools of higher learning are little better, for within those walls, there is even less control and less structure which may be influenced by the outside world. All of these institutions operate upon the monies that you pay in, both in taxes and in direct donations. They are not only an area that you turn to, they are part of you; they are part of your responsibility. If you remain silent, you shall produce another generation of non-spiritual beings. For every thousand that are born today, fewer than a hundred become aware of their spiritual nature, and less than ten seek to develop it and to make it grow. And yet, there is no reason for such a potential.

For those who are parents, investigate the school system in your community -- not just the one your child is in, but the total structure. Look to the moral and spiritual fiber and consciousness of the people therein. Communicate with your government at a local, a state and a federal level. Do not feel that your voice is unheard. We would enjoy the sight, even from our plane, to see millions of letters descend upon that central seat of government, demanding a return to spiritual values. We would be even more pleased if we saw the investigation proceeding by government and education into a greater awareness of the spiritual nature of man. It may be of value scientifically to study the sexual responses of a cockroach, but it is wiser to understand the spiritual responses of your own children first.

Your academic facilities are often hiding places for minds that are bent and twisted and distorted -- those who would lead others astray; and there is no control except the public outcry against such things, but where the dollars of taxation support it, there are more aware. If you do nothing, if you do not become aware, you are responsible for the losses of consciousness. You have joined the dark forces. Even if you are not a parent, you have the obligation to communicate to your government and to voice your opinion and to help others form together to communicate and to understand.

This is a time of action, not a time of passivity. The number of souls who seek their spiritual growth is diminishing in the past two years. You will not find it an easy road, nor do you truly wish to accept the karmic responsibilities. It is time for more private schools that can orient themselves to spiritual philosophies to be formed. It is time for the religious academies to return -- not in the sense of restricting the consciousness to dogmatic blind religions, but to those which open the minds and hearts and souls of the children.

Where you tolerate imbalance and injustice within your system, where you tolerate teachers and educators who are hypocrites, who live an imbalanced or evil life, who express no spiritual value or example, you are incurring a responsibility as great as if you were the prince of darkness himself. You may take umbrage at the words, you may deny the responsibility, but we tell you it is yours and yours alone.

If you plant a seed in the ground, you are responsible to see that it is watered and kept until it forms a root structure of its own and can survive independent of you. So it is with the child. Deplore not the problems of youth. Deplore not the consciousness of the masses, for you have created them. You have not taught them, you have allowed incompetence to teach them, and were your entire educational system as it exists to cease tomorrow, you would lose great technological advance, but would probably gain the souls of consciousness.

Revise your system from within, but defer not until the morrow what this day may grant. Know the community within which you live, and know the world, for your action or inaction determines the fate of tomorrow. And where you have the children at your hand, remember the parent must teach the child. There must be time, for the parents that have no time to teach the child have no right to be a parent. They must spend the time to teach and form the consciousness, to dwell upon the spiritual elements and nature as they comprehend it. Some may be limited. Some may be dogmatic or narrow-minded, but at least the element of spirituality is awakened and touched. For if that principle is not touched within the hearts of the children, it will atrophy and wither away and we shall have a world of nihilists who see no value or purpose to life beyond this day and this lifetime. And then, the karmic implication and penalty shall increase, and you shall reap what you have sowed. Or more correctly, you shall reap the results of what you have failed to sow. That is the end of this message."

Questions and Answers

"Are children ever too young to begin learning? Does it begin with birth, or at what stage should we begin teaching them?"

"The child is a soul consciousness fully capable of comprehension; the physical form is not capable of responding. Each parent is responsible for all concepts and misconcepts that have been placed into a child's consciousness. From the time that the embryo existed in the womb, impressions are made upon it. The consciousness that is manifest at birth is impressionable, and therefore, is trainable. It is better that a child be given a clear understanding of the world about, without the imposed negativity and limited view of its ancestral predecessors. You are responsible to seek a balanced atmosphere for education, and certainly, it is part of your responsibility to see that the school or place of education is one that is in a positive frame."

"For the purpose I have in this life, should I continue on to get the degree of Ph.D., or should I stop with a Master's degree?"

"The highest degree that a man may receive is that conferred by his own consciousness. It is when your soul-self and your ego-self and your guide may all converse in harmony and comprehension. Then you have attained the ultimate degree in consciousness. In the interim while you deal in the unreality of your world, strive to become the most acceptable in consciousness. Therefore, the highest degree that is offered in your field of endeavor would be the wisest choice."

Messenger III - New Age Versus Traditional Religion (Sept 18,1983)

The third subject which is to be dealt with in the concept of spiritual growth and development is to deal with the religious concepts that man employs at this time. Man is a spiritual being, requiring a close interrelationship with his inner self, the higher consciousness, the soul consciousness and many other terms you have employed. You are not a separate entity. You are not the physical and yet another thing; you are one. It is only your awareness that is partial.

Religion, in the early development of man, served to force man into a recognition and a time to deal with these concepts. Yet, in the evolution, man has grown and religion has not. We say this to you -- there is no religion that is preserved upon this plane or dimension at this time, that may be considered the ultimate form of expression. Certainly, there are many that are false. There are many that are primitive, and there are many that simply serve the consciousness that that exists. Those systems that you term cults, those systems which dictate the consciousness, the awareness and the belief of the mind with no room for freedom or exploration or question, are negative in their nature, for they today inhibit the spiritual growth of man, even though in the first, they did serve to bring him to this point.

It is not that religion should be abandoned. As we have previously said, it would be changed from within. But there are many who are without at this time, for they no longer can find solace within the walls of a structure that is called a particular religion. There is no suitable temple, church, synagogue or structure of the Deity that would suffice.

Many who have read the Messenger have assumed that because we have chosen to explain things in advanced concepts and from an aware mentality, that we do not believe in the Deity or the force of the Deity. This is a falsehood, and all such thoughts are perpetrated by the forces of darkness themselves. We have never denied the existence of the concept of Deity. We have only denied your plural version of the Deity and your limiting concepts. You are taught that the kingdom is within, that to seek God, one must look within, and that is valid. For the ultimate concept of God is 'All That Is', and in as much as you are part of that All, you are part of the Deity. It is when you try to submit the Deity, to give it a form, to define it in absolute concepts, that we enter into disharmony with your thought.

The deity can be worshiped within a building, it can be worshiped on a mountaintop, it can be worshiped within your own heart, and all are equal in their manifestation.

There is no Deity that desires that man take life form another man for any form. There is no Deity specifying specific mechanical rituals, for these do no serve your growth. A thousand or two or three thousand years past, they served the consciousness of the people at the time. You are taught that your fellow man and your attitude to him is important, and this certainly must be, for he, like you, is part of that total structure that you term the Deity.

We can be barely aware of the totality that is the divinity, but know well, that the divinity need not change any law within the universe, for all conditions and needs have already been met.

How then, if a religion no longer suits an individual, if they truly have found themselves beyond the limits or confines that that particular dogma offers, how then are they to proceed in their spiritual growth? It is still necessary that man set aside a time, a day, where he dwells upon his spiritual nature. It were better that he did this in constant awareness as some may do, but for those who are lost in the problems of the world, it is still wise to take apart that one day. It is wise to share that time with others, exchanging ideas and feelings and impressions and comprehensions of the spiritual purpose and direction of man.

Ponder not upon the mystery of the Deity, for your mind is not capable of conceiving even the first segment. To illustrate: If this solar system of yours were but an atom within the toe of the Deity... if we allowed it to have a physical form, for example, then how little you would be aware of the totality of the form itself. Even as there are millions upon millions of galaxies in the universe, so the concept of the Deity stretches beyond the concepts of billions upon billions and is out of your limit. And yet, the energy of that Deity pervades the entire universe. It is available constantly. It is intermingled with your very being, and you may never be without it. You may choose not to be aware of it, but you may not cut if off. You may not stop it.

You are not capable of destroying the direction of the soul of man. You may impede your own direction, and you may impede the direction of others, but you shall never stem the forward march of consciousness. It is an egotistical thing to assume that man has the power to override the structure of the universe itself. Destroy yourselves if you will, and you will return in another form in another time, and perhaps in another physical plane or planet, but return you shall and continue.

But while you are upon this plane, while you are seeking to maintain your physical, your mental, your spiritual balance, while these are important along with your spiritual growth and progression, then take the time as you have in your religious sense, take the day, and it is not important which day, or that portion of a day that is available to you. Set it aside for contemplation, for meditation, for sharing, for experiencing the creation of the universe, for sharing with others of like mind. And even as it is that you do not choose to enter into planes of negativity or darkness, we warn you of your companions. Surround yourself not with negativity, for in doing so, you diminish your light and your ability to function. Create your structures if you must. Put up your buildings if they be necessary, but the interchange, the sharing, the growth, the true religious experience is between man and his inner self, and man and man, as they explore and understand the principles of law upon which this universe functions and depends.

There are several primary concepts in religion. In this part of the world, it is a Judeo-Christian structure with the Christian element being a dominant force. Within this structure, there are those who may grow and may continue in their spiritual path, and there are those who are extremely limited.

Beware the fanatics -- those who claim to save your soul, for they lead you to a road of darkness that will take you many lifetimes to return from. No man may guide you to the salvation of your soul. Your soul has never been lost. It does not require salvation. Your consciousness requires growth and learning, but no thing that the Creator has brought into being can be lost, for how is it that anything could be beyond the awareness or sight of that which is all? The fanatics scream their emotional parade of words in order to catch you up in the emotion, and standing by their left side is the force of darkness!

 Those who seek to separate themselves-- the cult forms that wish to take their people away from the rest -- beware of these, for they would be God upon this plane. Seek not the experience of other peoples in other parts of the world. The grass is not greener. Do they enjoy any greater blessing than you? Where is the truth of their spiritual power? Let the mystics of the East serve the millions of the East. If you do not find the structure here that will fulfill your need, we say to you, you did not choose this plane to wander into another direction to find your spiritual growth. You choose this particular plane, this particular geographic sector, to enter into; therefore, within this, you are to find your pathway to growth and understanding.

And if the structures that exist do not fulfill you, then look within yourself, go to the mountaintop, talk to the ocean, or dwell within the consciousness of eternity that is God, and you will understand. And if need be, build yourself more structures where you may share with individuals of like nature, but do not think that by stepping out of one form you eliminate the responsibility to act and to structure yourself accordingly.

New consciousness does not remove the principles of positive thinking, of right thinking, they do not bless negative acts, they do not condone those things which destroy the body. New consciousness is never found through the utilization of drugs. No man shall ever see his own soul consciousness through the use of drugs. He shall see but the negative shadow of it. That is not the pathway.

In your world, you must not forget to set aside the time each day and then the time each week to place yourself in balance, for the forces of your world will literally destroy your physical form in little time if you do not act now when it is necessary.

In other religions... we spoke of but one... in those structures that are different within this geographic sector they also fall under the same category. Those that are fanatical do not lead to light. Be not fanatical in your leaning or in your presentation to others. It is not necessary, for he who has the power of the mind, he whose mind has dwelt with the universe, who has lived in eternity for an instant, his mind you shall feel and know, and he shall not need to present emotional appeal or fanatical diatribe.

That body of belief that you term Muslim advocates bloodshed, and we tell you that no spiritual form shall ever advocate the shedding of blood. We tolerate your shedding of the blood and life force of the animals, but we shall never tolerate the shedding of human life, nor is there any reason or justification for taking life from another. Any religion which teaches the necessity of taking life is false and is a pathway in the wrong direction. And yet, such an idea may be taken to extreme, as even some of those who honor the teachings of the Buddha have taken it to an extreme where they deny the physical body the opportunity to live.

This is your universe. Worship the Divinity within yourself and the universe as a whole, for it, in its totality and all that it has ever been or shall be, is that which you term God. Follow not the cultists, the fanatics, or those religious elements which tell you, "Think not, we shall think for you. Read not, for we shall interpret for your mind." And I say to you, what man has greater right? What man has the power or ability to interpret for your soul consciousness? And we say to you, none!

Listen to all. Learn from all, but know only one voice which you accept without question, and that be the voice within yourself.

It is time for the icons of gold to be torn down. Build no more palaces to material wealth and call them houses of worship, for no spirit shall dwell in them. You may not justify the concept of a place of worship as a materialistic pile of gold while you have brothers and sisters who starve and die in this world for lack of a bowl of rice. There is n~ Divinity attracted to material structure. Three people upon a mountaintop are more aware of the Divine Presence then ten thousand in your palaces and temples of gold. Seek not your spiritual growth within these halls, for it is not there. Take apart those who have the power. These structures which amass fortunes in the name of God, they serve not Divine purpose.

Do not forget that you are responsible to share of that which you take of this earth and this plane.

You must share, and if you will still have teachers, if you will still have those who may assist you in your growth and guidance, that if you support them not, they shall not be; just as if you support not the priests of your golden temples, they shall not be. Choose whom you will, but you must support with your love, your energy, and a portion of your reward, with those whom you choose to assist you. That is the end of this message."

A Rare Conversation With The Brotherhood (Sept 20, 1981)

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!"

 "Greetings to you"'

"We have provided concepts, ideas, and truths. We have brought you to the point of awareness of your total self. We have, as it were, sought to kindle the flame of Divinity within. One word describes the motivating force of the Soul and the soul consciousness. That word is love -- a love of self, a love of knowledge, a love of one another.

Consider that as a child, you are the byproduct of two. As a Soul, you are the byproduct of one The Soul that is your highest self has the ability and the power to control all facets of the soul consciousness. To control the soul consciousness and the time of occupancy of the physical form, does limit the spontaneity of experience that occurs to each and every one of you. It is therefore, an ability or power that is exercised only when the Soul deems it vitally necessary. If the soul consciousness were to deviate in a negative path, the Soul might choose to terminate-- especially so, if it did not reed within its scope of learning, that particular path or negative action. It might well have traveled that road in another time.

Free will is an illusion. It is a reality; it is free will with responsibility. You claim that you are free in the physical sense, yet another may accuse you, and you may be incarcerated for a time until you are proven innocent. Where then, is your free will? If you are ill, you may be placed in an institution for healing... even against your will if your body requires it. If you are of a negative bent and injure other people, you will be incarcerated. Where is the free will in these matters?

It is the will of the Soul that is of primary import. Remember that you have been told to think of the Soul and treat it in the manner that you have previously thought of and treated the concept of a Divinity. In order to clarify, we will now seek to answer those questions which you may have formed or which others may have given you."

 "How is an individual to relate the Brotherhood's message with respect to his or her religion?"

"Religion as an organized structure is a crutch by which man ascends to the throne of knowledge. When we injure our leg, we employ a crutch until it is healed. Truth provides healing; ignorance causes injury. Let the words of the Brotherhood reside in the heart and mind of even those who will not or cannot surrender the crutch of the particular belief system to which they belong. It is better to have a gray day, than to have no light at all. For those whose consciousness is ready for the illumination of truth, let the light of the Soul shine forth into the day of consciousness and free yourselves of the shackles and chains that now bind you to limited and distorted beliefs."

"Does the Brotherhood, by its message, directly intend to create a new religion?"

"Directly, no. Indirectly, the Brotherhood realizes that this is a natural outgrowth. It is not the first religion we have created. Per chance, it may be the last. It would be better if truth were served without the form, but in this world of illusion, the form is as vital as the truth. If a religion is a belief system incorporating a concept of Divinity and the relationship of man to that Divinity, then we have done it."

"Does the Brotherhood have a term in our language that could describe this new religious concept?"

"It is not new, nor do we name it, for that is your privilege to give it name."

"Has man, at any other time in history, been aware of these teachings?"

"Man, throughout history, has been aware of these teachings. Consider the words of the Teachers and listen well. In the ancient time, that period that you term Atlantis, in that time, was the knowledge originally clear. To each of your great Teachers through time, it has been clear, but distorted with consciousness and distorted by the lack of an effective channel.''

"Is this information which we have been privileged to receive also being given Simultaneously to other channels in other parts of the world?"

"In a similar form it is being given to certain other channels. That is correct. It may occur in many forms which are not readily recognizable. In different lands, we speak different tongues, and different patterns of consciousness exist.''

Copyright by Richard Rebeck, Peggy Steinberg, Salvatore Cacciola