Light Messenger

(Volume 7, Chapter 1)

"The greatest advice that any guide may give is to dream your greatest dream. It may never manifest if you do not."
 ... from the guides.

What Shall The Future Be?

''I have a dream...'' rang out the voice of Martin Luther King Jr.! And today, two decades later, the inspiration of one man's dream, which imparted hope and courage to the oppressed minorities, still echoes in our minds and hearts. Think about the progression! In just one generation, our society witnessed the abolishment of segregated schools and evolved to the acceptance of a black man running for President! Dreams which are nurtured can indeed end with accomplishment!

What are your dreams, dear friends? Are they fleeting thoughts which quickly dissipate for lack of faith and energy, or are they visions of the future caressed with belief and purpose? Just as our personal lives are founded upon individual dreams, we, collectively, should also be molding our dream of the future world for ourselves, our children, and the unborn children yet to come. Are you like the ostrich with its head mired in the sand, or do you dare to extend your sight in search of the golden sunrise? Either picture can be a reality upon this plane. As the Light Messenger begins its seventh year of publication, the Brotherhood gives an exciting preview vision of tomorrow with the keys to make it manifest. Will you?

In past issues of the Light Messenger, we have spoken of our beloved friend and compatriot light worker, Merta Mary Parkinson, who founded the Dena Foundation in Kansas City, Mo. It was Merta Mary, you will recall, who first introduced us to the oils of Omar and who was especially interested in our work with the Amber and ROM oils. At this time, we would like to report that Merta Mary, after many years of illness, made her transition on December 2, 1983. We were deeply touched by a personal letter in which Merta Mary's husband, Parky, shared her passing and the subsequent final tribute given her. As one friend expressed it, there is a void that Merta Mary left behind, and certainly, there is sadness amongst the many who knew and loved her. However, for the lady who became known for her "love and laughter" and her profound faith, we can only say, "Godspeed in your new awareness, Merta Mary!"

Special Message From The Publishers

The past year has brought many changes for the staff of the Light Messenger...all of them good.

In reviewing the past seven years of publishing operations for the Living Light Center, we have seen our need to clean our own house. Our relocation and reorganization in the South Florida area has been a step in that direction.

We have scheduled time and our energy for several future issues of the Light Messenger this year. Presumably on our original schedule of bimonthly publication.

From Richard's Corner

On February 27th, 1984, I underwent a cardiac catheterization at Broward Memorial Hospital in Fort Lauderdale, FL. The culmination of years of effort, pain, questions and hard work were achieved when the results came in. The results of the 27th were:

1. Chest x-ray normal

2. Blood chemistry normal

3. EKG normal

4. Cardiac Cath - arteries and heart healthy and normal, no occlusions, no build-up, no problems seen

The doctor commented, "These are the most perfect pictures of the arteries and the heart that I have taken," and to me he said, "You are in perfect physical condition, that is, there are no defects, nor any physical evidence that any defects have ever existed!"

Plagued since childhood with rheumatic heart disease and finally suffering a major failure in 1976, I was forced to restrict my physical activities in the late 70's and early 80's. Though many healing attempts had improved the situation, the condition prevailed. In 1981, I began using the healing timing and rejuvenation concepts given by the Brotherhood. The results began at once and were complete within 1 year. Finally, working through the system, I was able to arrange for complete cardiac re-evaluation. Prior to this test, I had been declared capable as a ''toy stuffer" or some other non-stressful occupation.

Synopsis: The rejuvenation technique works -- if you haven't learned how, write to Richard!

And for a final note, I hope I never have to undergo such testing again. It's very uncomfortable. Except for a few sore spots, I am fine and will be back to work after a short visit to South America for my birthday. I should be back by the 13th of March.

Love and light,


P.S. A great big thanks to all who kept the "light" on during the test. It was felt and needed.

Messenger I - Peace Begins At Home (Oct 11,1983)

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

At this particular time, the Brotherhood wishes to continue to deal with the matters of individuals within their life. These are not times when there is great time alone for the spiritual development or the religious connotation, but it is a necessary part of man's life. There are many who have comprehended that the day of dogmatism is reaching an end; and yet, there will always be dogmatists. There shall always be those who wish to take their belief system and impress it emphatically upon the consciousness of others, turning them into servants of an idea.

It is difficult to explain to your consciousness and to the consciousness of your world how you have reached this particular state of evolution in that which you call religion. First, let us remember that a time for prayer and a time for meditation is a necessary element for a man, but to segregate that time into but one day of a week, is to create an imbalance which you have seen in your land and throughout the world as well. The concept that was originally channeled to provide man with a day, a day for himself, was not to make that day the only day in which man was to deal with his spiritual makeup. It was to provide man with a day of rest so that the physical form and the mind might take sustenance, and by allowing that day to be used as well for spiritual growth, it provided him an alternate to the world in which he lived. Every moment of every day is truly your time within the temple or the church or the synagogue or the mosque, for they exist not in your world.

You have created religions to rule the lives and minds of men. We have said to you, change them from within. If you are within that structure, then seek to change it. The truth however, is that there is no such a need for such a structure; and yet in contradiction, we will tell you that you have need of a common structure or place. This is the paradox of your nature.

You require a house of prayer because you keep not holy your own homes or your own land. How can a spiritual structure serve you when you would enter it in an unclean state, dragging with you the negative energies that you have encountered during the day, during the week and the month and the year? There is no greater balance in these facilities. It is only when you learn to live in harmony, to bring light and love into your home, into your office, to your work, to the world about you in every phase of it as you meet it -- when you recognize and look for, not in an abstract occasional manner, but continuously look for and seek to find the spiritual energy that exists in all things. Shall this then, put food upon your table? Shall this pay the economic needs of your life? Shall this resolve the conflicts? It shall, and it shall not.

You are here to learn through your own discovery and action; and therefore, there shall be no hand that alters the law for you. And yet, if you are not in spiritual balance, you shall not solve the economic, the physical, the social and interrelational problems, for without balance, these things exist as a warning and a message that imbalance does exist within you and within your world. You would keep holy your temples; yet, is not the earth itself your temple? Is not the heaven above, the ceiling, the arch of the cathedral?

If you keep not the balance in your home, there shall be no balance in the world.

Those who would follow a dogmatic structure of religion, we say to you, that much time shall be lost for you. Today, the religions of man serve him not. We do not argue against their principle, but against the man-made structures which he has brought forth. Set aside the necessity for these, and that does not require you to withdraw yourself -- it is the dependency upon them. They shall not save your soul, nor shall they even help it from its darkest point. They may provide your education, but your own yearning to learn, your own desire to know, shall be the greater thing.

Bring together communities or groups or structures that seek not to be dogmatic, but seek to allow man his opportunity for spiritual expression. Dwell not at length upon the mechanical and earthly structures, but provide yourself the time to think of the spiritual nature and growth. If you do this and provide yourself with a constant awareness that all that you see is spirit in motion, and spirit is energy, and energy is love, that as you see all of these things, you know that it is flowing to the proper purpose. Then, as you focus your mind upon the problems at hand, you shall not be thwarted.

If your greed for material objects causes you to build ivory towers about yourself, then expect to sit in loneliness, for the spirit of love is shared from man to man and not within towers that isolate. We do not deny the individual need for privacy, but we are speaking of the imbalance. You are not going to your office, to your place of work, with balance and light in your heart. You barely maintain it in your home, and when you leave the home, it is as if you had left the church or temple, and it no longer is important. You are not sharing your positivity with the man in the street, with the person in another vehicle, you are not sharing it in the stores that you do traverse, or in the office into which you go.

It is an ability that you have, that every place you go, you may spread love and light as if it were rose petals being cast before the feet of a king.

You may not approach your task, your work, with anger or frustration or disharmony. If it brings disharmony to your soul, then find other work, for it is better that you were hungry or not working, than to work in disharmony. The balance of your life is difficult now, and it is made so not because others have done it, but because you have allowed it. How can we tell you the methods by which you may bring the world into peace? How may we help you end the wars and the hatred and the attrition of these times if you cannot bring your own home, your children, your family, your loved ones, your community into balance? We have spoken many times of these things, but we see the action slowly. If you do not share the light, it shall die of loneliness. If you do not share these messages that we give you, they shall cease for lack of exposure. You may not keep that which you have understood and learned to yourself alone. It must be given out.

In other times, man worked as a collective community. Sometimes this was only when man was functioning in a rural society, but at least therein he was collective in his action. Today, you fear the very neighbor next to you, the person across from you in the bus. The person at the other table in a restaurant is often thought of more as an enemy than as a friend or a fellow soul. You are many who are blind as you seek the road to life. And yet, you will not share your knowledge, your fear, your understanding, with others, so it is like a world of blind men all seeking the same direction. Some are there and know it not. Some are but a short distance, and others are at a great distance, and yet, there is one about you who knows where it is, but you ask not. You share not your love.

Anger is the first source of negativity in this plane. Anger, hatred, greed, lust... I believe you have a name for these elements, and they are termed the seven deadly sins of man. We are not speaking here of altruistic philosophy, we are speaking of action, this is needed now.

The action that is required is for each and every one to begin by cleaning their homes, bringing the light into the home, bringing peace and joy into their heart.

Man speaks of the Deity as that which is separate and distant and unknowing to his need, and then on the other tongue, you speak of the Deity within. We do not believe that you truly believe that, for if you truly believed that the Deity was within you, was all knowing and all seeing and all encompassing, then you surely would not keep your homes and your immediate environment in such states of imbalance as we find in these times. You therefore, must think it a like or a falsehood or a mystery that you shall not concern yourself with.

There is no place in this universe where man may go that the will and awareness of the Divine Force is not present with you. You may not hide from it; it is there. This world is more the temple than all the cathedrals that you have ever built. And yet, you constantly bloody the floor of your temple, not only with your human sacrifice, but with the negative energy that you create.

If you do not shed light in your work, with the other people with whom you work, then you shall be rejected by them. And if you do not seek to share your understanding with those less fortunate, you shall lose what you have. We do not expect you to become converters. We do not seek proselytes. We seek to have you share a moment of joy, a soft word, a smile with your fellow man. We seek to see you know who your neighbors are. Bring the harmony back, for until you bring the home and the family and the community together where they know and trust and love one another, then the problems of your world shall increase. But if in doing this, you maintain your greed and lust for possessions, then you shall fall through the sieve like water and shall not succeed.

These are not casual times. When we spoke through channels in times past of a thousand years, or even in the time of five hundred years, our message was muted and not as difficult, for this is a time where you have evolved to a great degree, and the icons of your world, the gods you have created, are leading you into a path of spiritual annihilation and physical destruction. We could say to you there is not much time, but then which of us has the same yardstick of time? Is one year a short period? Or is twenty years a short period? In the time that man has stood upon this earth, even a hundred years is short indeed. But we tell you this, that if you do not begin this balance, if you do not begin to share and to let others know the source and direction from which your light comes, then you shall not complete this century in peace and harmony. And if you do not, then there shall be future generations untold who shall live and suffer for what you have not done, and they shall not be able to do. That is the end of this message."

Questions and Answers

"When the Messenger said that our action should begin by cleaning up our homes, was he speaking in the literal sense, meaning housecleaning, or was he speaking symbolically, meaning to balance the energy and relationships in the home?"

''Both. In order to truly balance a home, you must follow the ancient prescription of literally scrubbing the house from one end to the other, for in the physical act, you remove the physical negativities, and then and only then, is it ready for the spiritual cleansing."

"What course of action, individually and as a society, is most beneficial concerning world peace?"

"All action of a society is based upon the action of an individual. We have often dealt with this concept, but it is important to recognize that you are spiritual beings occupying a physical body for a finite period of time. It is in the balance and harmony and love that you exhibit within your home, within your work and your community, it is the spiritual values that you not only hold in your consciousness, but live in your life, that become the foundation by which a society moves toward a harmonious world. It is the negativity, the petty jealousy, the greed, the aberrance that is the product of a society such as yours, that turns it into a society which worships its gold and its possessions. These gods will lead you to war. It is not that man should be poor, but it is difficult to comprehend a world or even a nation where there are some who are so hungry that they must steal to feed their children. How then can you expect a spiritual balance?

You are responsible one to the other. There is no racial or ethnic or religious difference. You are citizens of the earth, and if your brother is hungry, it is also your responsibility. You cannot foolishly give of everything that you have and leave nothing for your own, but few even share a kind word as they move along. How many of you can walk to your neighbor's door and ask for a glass of water? This is the world that you have created. You reap exactly what you have sowed. How many create the minor negativities in their work or business, or seek to cheat the very system of law that they seek to uphold? You teach your children values and then seek means to cheat the government of the tax bestowed by the people you have chosen. Where is the balance within these concepts? You do not need the voice from the other side to speak to you on how to bring world peace. You were born with the concept within your heart. Until you can deal honestly with yourself, your family, your employer, your community, and seek to bring balance into your community, you shall not have peace upon this earth.''

"Is there such a thing as only one true religion?"

"There is. The true religion is truth itself. Before religion, truth was. When religion is no more, truth shall still be. The Divinity within man is the Divinity to worship, and the mode of that is in truth. It is not that we speak against any structure of religion, but as long as there is any religion upon this earth that bespeaks of itself as being superior and another inferior, we tell you that that religion is of the dark and not of the light, for there are many pathways by which man may learn and comprehend and know. Those who preach darkness and hatred and prejudice from a pulpit in the name of religion work for the dark lord, not for the Master of light."

Messenger II - The Future World (Feb 3,1984)

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

Having spoken many times upon the problems of your world and the results of your action, and at the request of one of the three coordinators, we seek to bring you a picture, a concept of the world tomorrow, of that world which you may create for yourself. Tomorrow is not a distant time millennia into the future. It is, as you would term it, around the corner. It is accomplished in ten or twenty or thirty years, or a hundred or more, depending upon your desire to put the energy into it.

Let us conceive of a society of a time when all things are brought into balance. Man is still imperfect, man is still learning, but without the major negativity. Another question that has been asked and is relevant to this in point is: we speak of problems in the educational system, but we spoke not of the corrections. We shall touch but lightly here upon them, but the other Messenger, you shall indeed have more specifics. The future society, which to your eyes and minds would be nirvanic or idealistic, is still fraught with its difficulties and problems in growth and learning, but it does not appear as yours does today. But where does this begin, for all things must start at the beginning.

It shall begin not when the world changes its systems of government, not when the world decides to adopt one religious system, not when the world decides to abolish slavery and prejudice and hatred, but it begins, and only then, when you begin to teach the children.

Let every person who has the opportunity now and who hears or reads these words, know this thing: that he who having heard this and brings forth a child into this world and ignores the suggestion and opportunity shall incur a greater karmic debt than he has hitherto conceived, for the failure to move forward is to condemn future generations! Remember one thing: that as you seek truth and are given it and then ignore that truth, you shall then fall prey to the debt responsibility for having ignored truth. When you did not know it, in your ignorance, you were forgiven that ignorance.

It begins with the children. It is a process of education that starts with the child from the moment that you are aware that the child has conceived. It is a thought and word and love projection that is given to the child in the womb, where the attitudes of the parents and those around the parents maintain and produce a constant reassuring energy of love and communication of love and desire for that child to manifest as a whole and perfect soul

After the child is born through the most natural methods possible, the child should be constantly communicated with, for the consciousness of the soul is capable of understanding every word that is said, every emotion that it is subjected to, and the child must be immersed in a world of love wherein the parents not only seek to share their love with the child, but to share other ideas with the child and the ideas and memory of the awareness from which it has come. It is wise to remind the soul from where it has come, so that its memory may be in tact -- to seek to bring forth the various talents that abide within the mind and soul of this child, to open up an awareness to the multiple dimension universe in which you live, so that perchance they may see, even as some of you see -- not only your physical world, but the world of spirit as well -- to begin the training of the mind of the child, to focus into the world of reality which is non-reality to the world in which it lives, to bring that mind into a clear structure of an ability to communicate with the self, the higher aspects of self, with the guide forces.

By demanding and providing educational facilities, private if necessary, that will continue this positive atmosphere while supplementing the need to learn the basic rudiments of society's demands for an education... as these children evolve and grow, it is they who will build the world of tomorrow. Their world will not have any place for inequality amongst men because of sex or religion or color or race. They will not have inequalities such as you perceive in poverty and wealth, for if every person who is in this world had entered in with love and balance and understanding, then their negativity, however great, would have been diminished and eventually reduced.

Until you realize and recognize this ability, you shall not bring together the mind power that shall allow you to harness the energies of the universe and eliminate the need for such things as nuclear fuel. You shall not need to burn fossil fuels or nuclear fuels in order to maintain. If it is fire that you need, you shall produce fire from energy, and it shall burn without source. But you shall be able to harness and to build not cities in the sense of cities now, but you shall build your societies in small structures, and each shall be identical in its own way, in that each shall be complete with its educational and recreational and work and living facilities. And they shall be provided in as natural a setting as can be and still providing the comforts that you desire. Think you that the climate is a problem? Does not your consciousness have the power to even control this also? It is not out of stone and steel alone that you shall build, but it shall be out of the heart that you shall build your structures.

Those persons who have attempted to build that which you call communal structure, returning to the earth, many times return too physically to the earth and plant their feet too deeply in the soil, and their spirits cannot rise above the land that they have planted in. But those are the forerunner concepts of your new society, for in the beginning, they shall break off and form small collective groups. But you need not deny the accomplishments of man in order to grow spiritually. You must not misuse them; you must recognize the continued need to take every tool and use it properly. To control an atmosphere requires perfect balance of the mind, but it can be done.

Imagine a society in which there basically is no crime, for having isolated that particular individual who would not alter and respond to love, that individual is sent out or exiled out of the city society in which you live. We conceive of a world not built as yours is today, but of natural terrain and surroundings interspersed with the buildings and structures to house and home units of people -- private little groupings that are not collected arbitrarily, but in harmony -- that there is a limit to the number of people within a sector, and that sector maintains itself in perfect harmony with the others. And with the exception of those sectors reserved for the negative ones who will not respond in this lifetime to their energy, there is no need for armies or policemen or judges or courts. That sounds impossible to your mind, but where all come together to make a decision, they become the judge, even though they seek not to judge. An attorney is not required, because there is no complex law. Law is a complex structure developed out of the negativity of man's mind, whereas universal law needs no book to speak it, nor does it need an interpreter, for the failure to obey universal law bespeaks itself.

In these societies of balance and perfection, illness is no more. The ability to shape the body, to heal the ills, to eliminate disease is there. Learning continues, struggle continues, emotions are still rubbed and torn and twisted by the nature of growth and human nature, and still there is conflict and strife, but not in the severe negative sense.

Is this utopian concept beyond your belief? Then it shall not be.

But understand that we say to you, that in but one generation of children taken in a society isolated, you could produce one of these such city states that would operate. And it probably shall be that through small individual groups of this nature, that the new world shall be born, for when enough of these exist, then down shall come the national barriers that isolate one nation from another, the identity of individual self as being different from the other because of geographical differences.

Those tools and abilities that you term the 'psy' phenomena shall certainly begin to be enhanced and shall become more and more responsible for the care and well-being of your structure. That does not mean that a man shall not sweat at his work. It does not mean that the student shall not furrow his brow. It means that each person shall realize that they are part of love and that all others with them are part of love, and they shall not keep within their borders any who is not of that love.

It is not for the elder generations to build the society; it is for those who can teach their children or their children's children to hope that these children shall become the founders of the future tomorrow. But if you do not begin now to push for better education, for more spiritual awareness in the child, for less secular and dogmatism in their educational concepts, then when shall we have the opportunity to build the future tomorrow? Man needs not reach for the stars to find room for himself, nor is it necessary for the population to grow out of proportion, for what being who can think in harmony and in love would truly bring into the world more souls than the world can tolerate or support?

It is a new age of man, a new man that we seek to bring forth, for as those children in those concepts joined together do procreate yet another form, not only will their biochemical structures work well, but their mind concepts shall focus and merge and fuse together to form a more perfect physical structure.

In a manner of speaking, though not in the total sense, there is amongst the materials of your world a book which has a profile that is not in disharmony with this potential future. It is the one that you term, 2150 AD. It is a book which espouses a particular philosophy or ideology, and yet, in its general concept, it bespeaks of a world as we speak of it. Certainly, the person of that book, as many others have, has dwelt upon the energy of the future that could be and looked well at the Architect of the universe's drawing.

The tomorrow is a beautiful sunrise, and we suggest that you work toward making that sunrise a reality, for it is better to build and to prepare for the sunrise than to seek the sunset of time that you are now calling upon with the negative energies of this world. That is the end of this message."

Conversations with David

"What is the most pressing problem we will have to deal with today, in the United States and in the world?"

"You do not deal with the problems of the world; they are not yours to solve. The problem in your nation is to choose spiritual leaders and representatives for yourself. That is the problem. There is no other."

"Politically, what does the world hold in the near future?"

"That will rest with the peoples in many lands. There will be many new dictators formed, for fanaticism is still an art of man. But politically, this is a year where you have an opportunity. You have a chance to make a change. The political future of the world depends upon people like you. What shall you do with your opportunity? Shall you reach out, because an individual belongs to one animal system or another? (I believe you term them parties.) Or shall you reach out, because one is a better speaker or better looking than another, or belongs to your church? Or shall you truly weigh the spiritual values of that man and vote independent of any structure, by reaching within to the soul-consciousness within you for inner guidance. We would not tell you who to vote for. We would tell you to seek to comprehend he who would seek to serve the spiritual needs of your land, not the pocketbook, not for benefits, not larger checks for your sustenance, but he who would help unify the spiritual structure. You have created the problem; you must now correct it. If you gain excessive weight, you must suffer in the losing, even as you joined in the gain.

"Will war for the world end soon?"

"There is no war for the world, but if it is meant, will war in the world cease, not in this time. There are, at this moment, forty separate wars in your world. You are not even aware of the majority of them. Your media of communication considers them unimportant to report to you. It is not likely that within your lifetime you shall see all of these cease, yet it is a potential that may yet occur.

Start in your own home and in your community and keep the world and other nations in your prayers and in your light, but remember that every time you turn in negativity to another person because of their birth or color or religion, you are the perpetrator of war also. This area (Miami, FL) is one where much negativity has been brought forth. Your government, in many years past, but a moment to us, did perpetrate political war upon another nation and took possession of a tiny island that is south of you. It then, as a generous act, instituted a separate free government under a dictatorship. It then supported that dictatorship until it felt ill at ease, and then it supported the insurrection that overthrew it. But it erred in its judgment, and the insurrectionists turned to another for aid. And then, those whom we have created problems for seek refuge in the land of refuge, and people complain and cast negative and prejudicial concepts. What you reap is what you have sown, but we find it contradictory to spiritual growth to separate a person because of language or religion. We find it even more impossible to comprehend when the difficulties that are caused are of your own doing as a collective body of people.

You know little, how much interference your government in your name interferes with other lands. From time to time, you learn of some and you shrug your shoulders. Even when it is released, it is the past, so you let it pass. In the recent time in the island which your nation invaded or assisted, depending upon a choice of words, the man who was assassinated was first brought into power as a result of your government, and he was assassinated at the direction of your own government. And then, the insurrectionists again did not obey the rules. So in this time, you invaded to correct the problem. These are the people that you have chosen politically to represent you. They therefore, are you when they incur karma in your name, but you tend to be apathetic. You do not respond and use the power that is given to you within your system, and then you decry the problems. Do not be surprised if our ear does not seem sympathetic."

"Will there be one kind of government for all of the world in the future?"

"It is the ultimate state of the world that it shall have but one structure which helps to regulate throughout. You shall see it first in complex structures of nations, such as Europe and South America, and eventually, it shall reach across the world."

"What is the outlook of the future in regards to earthquakes, volcanoes, war, etc.? Is there going to be a reconstructing of the world?"

"The element of physical changes... if you are considering the concept of the earth changing its polarity, that is not to occur. Earthquakes are part of a natural process. You sometimes create a more difficult situation by foolishly living upon the zone or carelessly changing the pattern of the earth in a manner of emptying the reservoirs of oil and not replacing the space with fluid; however, the primary effect is one of natural. Volcanic activity is a similar thing. Patterns of weather are influenced by the things that you do within your structure. You cannot utilize an atomic weapon with that tremendous energy released into the atmosphere, without producing changes in the weather patterns. You may not fly your supersonic jets without changing and creating effects, and you may not pollute the atmosphere without reaping the reward.

War is the one element that man can surely predict. An earthquake you may not predict, nor a volcano, nor the normal cycle of weather. You may cease to pollute, you may consider better your utilization of energy sources, but war is a certainty that is in your hands.

There is no cataclysmic pattern that is in the immediate future of this earth. Within the next twenty or thirty or forty of your years, there is no natural cataclysm that will endanger the planet as a whole. In many ancient times, the earth was struck by other masses from outer space. These asteroids or planetoids did produce great damage and destruction on a world wide basis, but they were neither causable, nor predictable, nor preventable. Today, you are at least capable of considering predictability in these matters, but even as we view the heavens, we do not see this pattern in the immediate future.

There are two potential tomorrows as there are always at least two. There is a potential tomorrow which shall see a world of peace and harmony working together to bring mankind to its golden age. There is another tomorrow which leaves some of you to sorrow. The threat of war is upon the horizon within your concept, but there are many wars in existence at this very moment upon this planet, nation against nation, brother against brother. It is the effect of your prayers and your consciousness and your actions that may assist, but the free will of man will be the free will of man, and it may be his undoing. You may not however, maintain an imbalance within your own life, tolerate imbalance within your community, within your state or nation, and expect others to maintain balance for you. Until every person takes a responsible position, there shall be no balance. It is not the cataclysms of the earth that you must beware of; it is your own intolerance, prejudice and hatred. It is man that the earth fears."

"Will there be a great earthquake in California as prophesied, and if so, when?"

"That is a time which is not a predictable element. Within this century, yes, there shall be a great one, as you term it, in that sector of the world. We pray that many shall not be injured, but many live upon the fault that shall open and swallow them in the earth. But we have spoken of the others, and there is no need for repetition."

"If there is a nuclear holocaust, what will be humanity's hope for the future?"

"If there is a holocaust, it were better that you were caught within the center of it. The survival upon this world, your writers of science fiction have not yet even imagined the horrors that would be. It is not yet set in concrete that such a thing must be. It is a potential, but not yet a possibility or even a probability. Pray that it shall not be, for this plane then shall not be a plane of learning any longer.''

"What kind of development or growth patterns can we expect to see in the future -- economically, physically, spiritually?"

"The potentials are there as we have explained. It is not that anything is preordained. You would shift the responsibility to the spiritual side and say that we have ordained your world and predestined you. We have not! You are the masters of your destiny! We observe and seek to guide when we may. There is tremendous progress that has been made in man as he has moved forward. It is time for a quantum leap, as you would term it, but we may not affect that for you. We may only little influence your world. We may not even interfere if you seek to destroy and annihilate yourself. Where is your voice to correct the situation? Have you spoken to your governments, to your representatives? Have you taken the responsibilities as parents and citizens? These are the things that shall change and bring about the new age of consciousness, not what we shall do, not what idealistically can occur.

We see the time for a new Teacher, but a new Teacher cannot come forth until the world is ready. We see many potential changes, but they are phantasms of tomorrow that do not have sufficient energy yet to become a reality. You are polluting your world, and you are condemning children yet unborn to your nuclear waste, and we do not have a banner to march with. Ours is invisible, but we can see that potential tomorrow when you shall have a world of children with birth defects brought about by nuclear pollution. And how many of you have demanded, how many of you have let your voice be heard to seek better study and comprehension of these problems? These are the tools by which you build a civilization -- individual responsibility! Unplug yourself from the governmental system and learn to stand on your own two feet -- not to be alienated from it, but to be a functional part and not something that feeds upon it like a leach"

EDITOR'S NOTE: The book referred to by the Brotherhood, 2150 AD, was written by Thea Alexander and is published by Warner.

Messenger III - Educating The Child (Feb 14, 1984)

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

The subject at this time is education. We have said that the educational system that you employ is defective, that it does not serve the spiritual needs of man.

We are aware of the recent change which the entity has brought to the attention, and we remind you and trust that you shall remind your neighbors, that the powers of darkness which did cover the earth forty odd of your years ago and which started in the period of the early part of this century of yours, those two forces you called Communism and Nazi-Socialism have not lost their impact upon the implanted consciousness of man, especially in the areas of education. For in the recent time, your court, that body that you term Supreme, has declared that the need of the State supersedes the spiritual or religious need of the individual; and therefore, the State has the higher right to order education in their manner, regardless of the conflict with religious idealism. This decision was passed within the past few months and is no different than the Manifesto of Communism or Nazi-Socialism which said, that if given the opportunity to control the mind of the child, you shall build a society that serves the will of the government.

It was a teacher of antiquity of a particular religion who said, 'Give me a child for the first seven years of life, and I shall give you a religious follower for the rest.' But now the State shall supersede that right. The need and will of the State is supreme over then need of the Divine impulse which you term religion. In such a decision, your court has overruled that document which guaranteed that this was a nation under God wherein religion was of prime importance and the freedom thereof was a fundamental quality. Sit not quietly while this occurs, for if this may pass, then more shall come.

It is, of course, in the beginning that the child consciousness is formed and influenced. In the beginning is from the time of conception. You do not often recognize or comprehend that the child in the womb is capable of hearing the sounds which are about it. It knows the tone of voice, and its memory is impressed with the words and the energy of the words that are spoken. From the time of the development of the fetus in the womb, the energy surrounding the mother, the communication, the words, the language, the love or lack of that is present, will greatly influence the individual and their learning potential.

From the moment that the child is born, it becomes an accumulator of knowledge, accumulating knowledge at a tremendous rate, and every word and every feeling and every sound shall leave an impression upon the consciousness of that child and shall be a mark for it, a value or a judgment, upon which all further learning is based. The communication to the child may begin at the highest level. You are dealing with a soul-consciousness fully capable of comprehending that which you say. One could sit and read the poetry or read the Biblical materials to the infant in the cradle, and still the consciousness would know. One could speak of the spiritual values of a family, the concept of spirit, the soul, the guide, the home, the mother, the father, the spiritual home and the planes, for in so doing, the memory is held constant within the mind of the child.

By preparing for the child an environment which allows it to learn and provides it with material that is conducive to learning... even at the age of three and four, the child should be taught to recognize the symbols and word sounds so that reading may be accomplished. We do not speak of taking away the childhood from the child, but adding the joy of knowledge to the childhood. Every child should be taught to read and to write in its home by the age of four, and by the parents, not by strangers. The material that they are exposed to is of vital importance, and the intelligent parent would strongly limit and monitor all such communication devices as radio or television, especially in the preschool years. These are terribly negative influences when unmonitored, and the value systems and the judgments they portend are not usually those of the parental family.

One of the great difficulties the child encounters is that the teacher in school is considered to be a supreme individual of wisdom; and therefore, they replace the parent with the teacher, and what the teacher believes and says becomes the idealistic view of the child. This is so because the parents have created it, but if the child is taught carefully that the teacher is not but a specialist in that particular area of knowledge, and that in all other areas, they are the same as the neighbors and friends about them, that the teacher should not be placed upon a pedestal, but rather listened to learn from, that they teach a subject which is imperfect in its knowledge. Let the child know early that there is little knowledge which is absolute, especially that of science and man, that within these forms there is little that can be said to be unchangeable. By working with the child daily as they return from school, spending time each day teaching the spiritual values in addition to what is taught in school, by reviewing that which is taught in the school and correcting or changing as is appropriate.

For those who would teach children in any level as parent or teacher, remember that creativity is the key by which the soul is able to communicate directly.

It is only when the creative element is triggered through the use of imagination and fantasy, as you term it, that the soul and the soul-consciousness and the ego-consciousness may become one, and the knowledge of time may flow through the individual into an accomplishment of a thing or a need. Taking the child's mind, assisting it in visualizing, memorizing, seeing within the mind, creating pictorial structures, development of fantasy and illusion under a controlled environment, these are the tools by which you shall open the early minds.

And the teachers and parents must review the material that is false and excise it and challenge it. Today, your children are taught in the school that this continent or body of land was discovered by one Christopher Columbus. That is not a truth, for that man did not set foot upon this continent, but rather upon islands. Nor was he cognizant of that which he had accomplished. You even named your continent after another man who was one of the later ones to discover, but your own archeological elements tell you that individuals such as the Viking, Leif Ericsson, was a likely candidate to have set foot first upon the shores of the Americas. There are many who appear to have been here; and yet, the man who set foot not upon this land, out of all that have, is he to whom you give credit. This is a falsehood, and all things which are false that are taught destroy the potential of the mind.

Where the concepts of a particular religious system are prevented from being taught, then they must be taught at home. And if the child is given to a teacher each day, then each day, the child must be communicated with by the parent, and remember well, to analyze all things that the child has learned from the teacher. Let the child comprehend that there are no absolutes, but a variety of opinions that may occur.

A child should also be taught a second language in the earliest time that is possible, and definitely before the age of seven, for if they grow with two languages, then they shall add more as they need them. But he who is born and raised with but one, shall not only be limited in his learning ability, but shall have his mind narrowed by the thought that he is the supreme speaker.

The system of your schools fails to teach true morality. They teach subjects that are dry and meaningless often to the mind of the child. They need to be brought into living example. They need to develop the motor skills as well as the mental, and the verbal skills are required to be developed and enhanced far more than they are today. The withdrawal and shyness of many children is not caused by their inherent nature, but rather by the careless and often heartless approach of the teachers in the system. Speak out against those educators who perpetrate wrong or false ideas. Challenge your school to correct its curriculum within the law, but remove falsehood. Challenge those individuals who teach to bring forth morality, value, creativity, as dominant themes.

Reach to the newer methods of teaching, and examine well and know the nature of those who teach your children.

Regardless of what your courts may say, and though we seldom step outside of the bounds of earthly law, we say to you clearly, that any court who places the will and need of the State in education above that of the soul is a definite tool of the dark forces and serves the evil that man would perpetrate in enslaving the minds of other men.

Above all, teach your children to think free, for he whose mind is free, shall never be enslaved. And teach them to accept no thing as absolute, but merely a challenge for today, an idea which may change tomorrow, and that change is the natural growth. Teach them not to hold the words of any one person as absolute. There are no authorities -- there are those who are well studied, and the greatest of teachers make errors, for they are men. Teach them of the universe within which they live, and teach them of the unity of man, for how could your world still be a world of prejudice if you are teaching your children correctly? The schools do not seek to remove it, and neither do the homes, for the parents today do not concern themselves with the education. They do not listen to what is taught. They do not query the child. They do not challenge the educator, and they turn the already negatively impressioned mind over to that mindless object, the machine that enslaves their minds with violence and negativity and immorality, that which you call the communications media of television.

Look at the value system that is projected. The world is constantly in a state of war or murder or intrigue as seen though the eyes of the child on the television. Even the clowns of your television for the children's time, seek to inflict pain and suffering upon each other. The perversion is about you, and we speak not of religious fanaticism, for that is an evil unto itself. We speak of the fact that you are bringing children into the world and dumping the responsibility for their education upon others and standing back and complaining only when the end product does not meet your standards. You require education and exercise of the soul, the consciousness, the mind, the body, but let the home be the primary zone where education is accomplished. Let the school be the provider of technical data in the order of the history and mathematics, but while the technical subjects such as mathematics require a school to teach, history and its understanding can be taught by the parent as well.

Look to the system that you are producing. Changes can occur in many directions, from the infant to the modern day vehicles of communication. Your media of television is one extreme or the other. It is either religious fanaticism or violence mayhem or ridiculous situations which are not even believable to a child. There is one program which is so geared to eliminate violence that the men within it are constantly shooting weapons at each other, but no one is ever hit. Does that then mean that a child may point a weapon at another and fire it at will because no one shall be hit? Such ludicrous concepts create problems. Or is the whole world full of prostitution and gamblers and side alleyways where men are murdered and mugged and police officers who race about in fancy automobiles or private detectives who become heroes?

Your children have no heroes today.

You look at mythology and think of it as childish, but know that in ancient time, children had heroes, and the heroes were men who had overcome great evil, great temptation. They were heroes of the spiritual and mental self. Who and where are the heroes of your children today? What man in your society stands out so clear that you would say to your child, 'Be like unto him'. If you, the parents, do not begin to form the image of that which they would desire to be, and if the teacher does not present themself as an image that the child would like to be, then it shall not be possible to raise the consciousness.

Change the approach by which you teach the children, and you shall change the world in a single generation, and you shall have your utopia and your peace.

It is not a millennia away or a millennia of millennias. It is in tomorrow's children, in their education, in their value. If they are not taught love from the beginning, they shall know that which is common in your world -- hate. If they are not taught honesty and do not see it expressed in the value of their home, they shall know dishonesty which is the common lot of your people. He who walked with the lantern... I believe the name was Diogenes, would walk long today. That is all for now."

More Conversations with David

"The Messenger referred to new approaches in education. Are there particular systems which have been developed that we should utilize?"

"They are not yet available; they must be developed. It is for the world to develop them."

"Oh! I assumed that some of these systems were already available."

"Fragments of them are, but not as a total package."

"Concerning the type of heroes that are made by the public of those in the music business... the rock and roll, the acid rock, etc.... all of these suggest an area of savagery, and I wonder about the evolution of these souls who are seemingly capturing the minds and souls of the young."

"These are the souls of those who died by the violence your world has perpetrated, and they have returned with hatred and vengeance in their heart. They have allowed the animal instinct within the soul of the animal to rule dominant; and therefore, the savagery or primitiveness and the hatred and the bitterness of their death before brings them forth in an attempt to destroy you and your world. If the media were to show all of a sunrise and more of the depth of the ocean or the canyons of the world than the musicians of rock, then the world would indeed find greater balance. They alone are not the cause, but they are simply an effect from that which was caused much time ago."

"So they are souls who have died violently over the course of time. Are they souls of primitive people who have not found the environment for which they need to evolve on this planet?"

"They are not primitive. They are souls living in the hell of their own karma. Many are advanced, and that is why they are able to captivate the minds and to reach into your modern society. But their life pattern, the negativity they perpetrated, the negativity of the world about them, has distorted and twisted them, so we say, they live in the hell of their own making."

"You have told my daughter many times that she should wear a crystal to counter-balance the vibrations of the music she enjoys. Would you give a short comment concerning teenagers and their music?"

"Music has taken many forms, but noise is not pleasant to the physical self. Let all sounds be soft. Let all music be at the threshold of awareness, but full in its total nature. Let it be as it was in the natural sense. There are times when the volume or loudness must increase, depending upon the form of music, but that which is harmful to the eardrums is not music. When the volume is so great that permanent ear damage occurs in at least 30% of your young people, we do not consider this a balance. When the sounds produced change so rapidly that the neurological system cannot change with them, then it does not produce a balance, but a frenzy. When the sounds are not in harmony -- one vibration balancing another, but are, as it were, in opposition, your physiological and neurological system does reflect the condition of those sounds. Isolating the particular sounds of which we speak, subjecting you to them on a subliminal level, and you would find yourself, as you term it, a nervous wreck within a few minutes. Within a few hours, we would have reduced you to a vegetable state with no mind left, as if you had been drugged. The level or volume of music that has occurred at some of the music recitals you call concerts, has reached the threshold of pain for some of the physiological beings on your planet. It may have approached the level of death, for make no mistake, that sound in a volume great enough may produce death through destruction of the neurological system."

"Is the neurological and physiological damage permanent, David?"

"That depends on the length of exposure.''

"And I suppose that varies with each individual, does it not?"

"That is correct."

"An area of great concern to me is that of the children of tomorrow and their spiritual education. If our educational systems continue to fail, who will be the educators for the children of the future?"

"If there is no parent to teach the child, the child shall never learn; and until the parent is willing to form the mind, you have no means to approach it unless you wish to become no more and no less than that dictator of Nazi Germany. Reach the parent and teach them to teach their children. Reach the parent and have them bring their children to you. Certainly, this is the problem. Did not the Messenger speak of the impending darkness for the failure to reach out? Is evil born in a man's heart, or is it but the temptation there, and that temptation is made manifest because of the world that child enters in to. Some of us have past the temptations of time; others are still weak, and when the temptation is put before them, they take it. It is not the consciousness that is born that seeks evil, but rather it seeks an opportunity and often falls asleep into the gentle lullaby of negativity perpetrated by the parents of this world."

"What can I do to improve my relationship with my seven year old son?"

''One of the major difficulties the parent encounters is the necessity of realization that each child is a unique soul. It is a soul with a consciousness that has lived before. While the memory is not brought forward clearly, the imprint of the patterns of the past are clearly stamped into the personality. Too often, the parent assumes that the child is moldable in a total sense. This is not true. You may alter or modify personality only slightly. The particular individual, the spiritual entity who chose to be your soul at this time, is an individual who had a karmic difficulty with you in another lifetime. The choice was made to come back in this time period to work out those difficulties. They were not of a major nature.

It is the need on your part to seek to reach out and comprehend the personality that is present and communicate with it as you would a person you had never known before. In many ways, the experience passed of your son from the past. He is totally a stranger to your experience, so there are many conflict potentials and difficulties. The situation will begin to resolve at this time since the consciousness has formed more clearly. It is a key point, or a critical point, in the development of the child and yourself. For the next six years, you will have the greatest impact and opportunity to communiate, but you must spend the time to communicate with the individual, even as you spend time trying to teach the child."

"My nine year old says she has a Master. I was wondering, does she have one or is it her imagination?"

"It is not imaqinary. The child however, is confusing a guide for a Master.''

"What about my sixteen year old? Has she a guide?"

''All individuals, including children, have guides. Not all seek to function with them, but they are present for all individuals. Even the lowest members of your society have guides who will assist them if they but reach out to them.''

"When I was young, there was a man who always came to say goodnight and be with me until I fell asleep. How do you distinguish? Could this have been my guide or a child's imagination?"

"Children do not imagine. They may create out of their mind's desire and need, but this was not imaginary, nor created by the child. Comprehend that imagination is a false word. A thing exists or is created by you; and therefore, it exists for the moment, but children see more clearly than most of you."

''When the religions of man are unified, they shall cease to be a religion'' ...David.

Copyright by Richard Rebeck, Peggy Steinberg, Salvatore Cacciola