Light Messenger

Volume 7, Chapter 2


"To awaken the sleeping consciousness is a difficult task, but if a man starts thinking, he starts questioning, and as he questions, he seeks to know first -- Who am I?"
...from the guides.

The Eternal Riddle

Life is a kaleidoscope of infinite perspectives. As we change and grow and experience, we are constantly searching for new dimensions and new understandings of self until eventually, each of us comes full circle with the question, "Who am I?" The ancient adage of "Know Thyself" is still an enigma to ponder in the twentieth century. How do we think? Why are some individuals brilliant and others insane? Why do emotions influence our behavior? How does consciousness exist after death? Who are we, and what are we striving to achieve in the overall pattern of life? These questions persist despite the advancement of modern science and religious thought.

Richard Bach, in his wonderful book, Illusions, The Adventures Of A Reluctant Messiah, wrote, "A cloud does not know why it moves in just such a direction and at such a speed, it feels an impulsion... this is the place to go now. But the sky knows the reasons and the patterns behind all clouds, and you will know too, when you lift yourself high enough to see beyond horizons". Bach further wrote, "You are led through your lifetime by the inner knowing creature, the playful spiritual being that is your real self." No one can tell you who your real self is, for that is a mystery only you can unravel, but this issue of the Messenger does provide some new thought provoking ideas to consider. You will learn more about the consciousness and its various dimensional facets of interrelatedness, and perhaps it will bring you closer to solving the riddle of "Who am I?"

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Messenger I - Spreading Seeds (June 8,1984)

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

There are many changes within the world about you. There are energies diverse energies positive, and energies negative. It is like a field that is full of wheat and corn and weeds, and neither is there one to till the soil, to take out the weeds, nor is there one to harvest the wheat, nor the corn. There are many fields within the realm of your physical world which lie untended and lay fallow.

Through the vehicle of the Light Messenger, we have sought to bring about a change, and change has indeed occurred.

The change in consciousness is a slow moving thing, not dissimilar to the glaciers of your ice ages. They encroached upon the world inch by inch until they had taken complete control of a zone. We seek not to control but to help you improve. Your energies, your work, your balance has been a primary and principle element. Certainly, the movement of consciousness within this hemisphere has taken great steps forward through the efforts of many individuals with many different philosophies. And yet, you sit like an island of paradise in the midst of a troubled sea.

We shall continue the communications here and for this area, but we also need to begin or to find the gardeners in other sectors of the world. It is for this purpose that we seek to have the material of the Messenger brought into other tongues and to have the energy and the teachings disseminated to other peoples. Once a message is given, it can be taken into many other areas by other people. Think well, those of you who read these words, and hear this that we say:

If anyone amongst you is capable of placing these words in another tongue and does not offer to do so, then we say that you have failed in the opportunity to serve others. 

There are many tongues in the world. If the organization that produces the Messenger were profit motivated, then it would be no difficulty to employ those who translate and edit material as their daily wage, but in the very beginning, we did indicate that this vehicle shall be a vehicle operated on love! And the green energy, as you term it, that maintains this vehicle shall be provided out of love, not out of necessity, for you cannot purchase our words! They are not for sale but if you fail in your recognition of your economic responsibility, the words cannot be published. But further yet, when the words are published it is your individual responsibility to assist in the general propagation of these thoughts, these words, or the printed matter, and if there be another land that could benefit also, and if you know one, name for us the land that does not need them, then assist in obtaining the translations of that material into that language as is appropriate.

Many have said they would like to help, but have no time, and there are many on the other side who now say they wished they had taken the time. Let not this world become a world of darkness! Let not the forces of darkness prevail over light! It is not our words alone that represent the future for mankind; it is the word written within the heart of man. It is the open consciousness of brotherhood, of universality of all things.

There are many teachings and knowledge from higher levels that serve the interest of those who are ready to receive them, but it is hard to speak of spiritual hierarchy and power to the man whose family is starving. Certainly, the laws of cause and effect are involved, but certainly, the laws of karma are involved when you see it and do nothing! The man who needs to suffer can also learn the needlessness of suffering when it is relieved through love.

Throughout your time, the Teachers that we have sent have said to you that the key word in their universal scope was Love. You were told to love the principle of creation. You were told to love yourself. You were told to love your neighbor. It is strange a word which you use so often, you know so little. Hatred and prejudice cannot exist where love is, nor can love be where they are.

Within the structures that each of you support and live are many who are in need. True, it is that it is more important to feed the consciousness than the body, but the consciousness does not listen while the body is hungry. Look, each of you, into your heart and answer for yourself the question:

What have I done for another at this time? And if a great period of time has passed since you have taken the opportunity, then ask yourself why? And if the answer be, 'I have no time,' we are truly concerned for you, for he who has not time to offer his hand to his brother shall have no time in the balance and harmony of the upper planes.

It is not the necessity to work twenty hours a day to provide the food for the table, but many work obsessively, possessed by the desire to accumulate that which you term the material. I can say this to you, that in the thousands upon thousands of years that the souls of consciousness have moved into physical form, not one has ever succeeded in transporting over the veil, one fragment, one particle, of those things that you value. No gold, nor silver, nor diamond is here, but the light of love is far more brilliant than all of these!

Do you fail truly to comprehend that all things are part of balance, that that which you give away shall return to you? That if you put your energy, your love, your physical things, a portion of that which you earn into the things which help others, do you not comprehend that it shall return?

Give not your dollars and your energy to build edifices in this world which become merely temples to your dollar, but feed a hungry child, help propagate the truth! But if you share not of the bounty, then you become as the farmer who tills the soil and takes what it shall give him, but returns not, and soon he has before him a desert. And all of your dollars shall not buy one moment of love, for if you cannot give with true comprehension and balance within your being, then the gift is not received.

In every man you may see yourself. In every situation you may be. We have sought to move the message, the guidance, the hope into many different continents and many different lands. We now, in this attempt, have joined our need with the individual need of the entity (Richard) in taking a time to move into yet another sector to seek the distribution, the translation, the creation of material there that may help the spiritual growth of your brothers and sisters, your neighbors. The most primitive societies accept one another better than the people of this land. It is time to tear down the bigotry, the hatred, the racial separation that you build as icons and towers within this world! Those who have no values have them not, because you gave them not to them or were not a worthy example to them.

We have spoken through many in many lands and many tongues. Each set of communications has brought about its own effect. We fail not, for our failure is not dependent upon your success. This vehicle, the Light Messenger, shall continue here in this land as long as you make it possible to do so, and our message shall continue to be disseminated to man wherever he may be and whenever he desires to hear. But man does not gain the fruit of the earth except by the sweat of his brow, so sit not back in comfort and listen to but words, for comprehension without action, without energy, is a meaningless thing. As it has always been, we say to you, your action shall indeed speak louder than your words. And give us not your empty platitudes, but let us see your hands! That is all."

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Messenger II - Complexities To Ponder (May 4,1984)

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

It has been said that you know little of your mind and your emotions. We shall therefore, explain as we may the elements that deal with the control, development and function.

Even as the guide, David, spoke of the structure of the soul, which is a complication we comprehend, and yet is not, does not a king utilize messengers? And might a king not say to one of the court or palace, 'Do this,' and might that person not send yet another? So it is in the structure of soul, for the manifestation of things are possible at many levels.

That which you term the mind, that mysterious element that permits you to think as no other being upon your planet does so, that curious thing you call memory, that part of you which you term the subconscious mind, and that even more mysterious thing you term the emotion... what are these things, and how do they relate? How do they interrelate, and how do you control and utilize them? What is this thing you term the superconscious mind, and how is it accessed? We think perhaps a book would be required to explain in depth all of these and the developments of them and the utilization.

First, let us comprehend that the mind is not the brain. The brain retains a small portion of information at any given moment in time. It retains certain memory patterns that are normal to your daily function, but it is not the part of you that truly thinks. The scientist may probe the brain and electrically stimulate it, producing any function of the body, but he may not cause you to think. They may stimulate one section which causes you to recall events of the past, turning on memory receptors, but they do not cause you to think. The reason such response is difficult or complicated is that the mind of man is not an element of the physical world. If we were to remove a large portion of that which you term the thinking part of the brain in early childhood, you would still develop your patterns of intelligence and thinking ability.

The brain is a complicated biological device which stores current information and acts as a receiver, not dissimilar to your radio or television set, but at a much greater efficiency level.

The element of the ego-consciousness is that which you term the thinking individual, the thinking brain.

You divide the brain into segments, and you say, 'This segment controls this thing,' and in part that is true, and in part that is false. The lowest form or nature of man can be referred to as being the lowest level of soul consciousness, and that is similar to the vegetable or plant kingdom. That is the normal biological system which keeps you alive in function and performance. It has no thought, no reaction in the sense of thought reaction, and it maintains only the normal process.

The second level might be termed the animal or instinctive level, and it is here that the defensive mechanism of the physical form is brought into being but still it does not think. It reacts much even as animals react for self-protection. There is no analysis; there is only reaction.

And third, we have the thought analysis. It is a complex interchange, for it is constantly receiving the results of its own analysis and the results of the desires of the physical form. That peculiar element known to humans as passion and anger and emotion are all part of a section of the total self, of the soul-consciousness and the ego-consciousness. It is at the ego-consciousness level that we first create the element of desire.

When the word superconscious mind is employed, you are speaking of the soul-consciousness itself. When you are speaking of the subconscious, that which is below your level of awareness, you are speaking of that knowledge which has its repository in the astral body. Its repository is in another sector, as it bridges the difference between the soul-consciousness and the ego-consciousness in that which you term the astral, often being out of reach or level. It has in it the ability to produce emotional responses in the ego-consciousness. When an element of love is encountered, the vibratory pattern of harmony and interaction is shared at all levels to the soul-consciousness itself. When hatred occurs or anger, it is retained at the level of the ego-consciousness and cannot ascend above, for it is not a natural part, though it may affect the astral body to some degree.

The emotion which is unchecked and out of control is brought about as a result of a lack of interconnection between the higher consciousness and the lower consciousness, between the ego-conscious mind and the astral; and therefore, it is cut off from the soul-consciousness itself. In clear thinking, that which you term madness or mental illness is either a defect in the receiving ability of the human biological brain, or a case of obsessive or possessive energy, or still a case of a severing of the connection between the ego-consciousness and the astral body, forcing all things to remain in a present awareness state with no ability to use the higher repository as a source of knowledge.

Certainly, the physical biological brain is capable of storing much information, far more than any computer you have built, but its purpose is not to do this. Its purpose is to provide the base of information needed for your daily routine and to allow you easy access to the repository or storage areas of your knowledge. Those persons who create dietary imbalance, as you are now learning that the young ones whom you term hyperactive, these individuals who have excessive dietary imbalance, especially with the sugar and stimulants, they become irrational in their action, for there is no continuity of receptivity of thought. The interconnection between the astral and the physical body, and therefore, between the astral and the conscious mind is severed.

To reiterate the levels we are speaking of, we have the Biological brain, the Ego-consciousness, the Astral consciousness you term sub, and the Superconsciousness, the soul-consciousness itself. It requires a constant inter-flow between these that allows you a balanced harmonious existence. When information is fed into the system of a continuously negative nature and negative information not being possible to be absorbed by the soul-consciousness, it accumulates at that level you term the subconscious, creating a wall of energy or resistance that prevents you from drawing information from the higher source, thereby cutting off a greater portion of that which you wish to know. Furthermore, when this area is inhibited by such overload or excess of negative thought energy, then it is no longer possible to utilize the memory banks in an efficient manner.

That which you term memory resides both in the astral and in the soul or superconsciousness. Therefore, it is not possible to memorize or learn things while these other areas are inactive. Poor memory therefore, may be a result of physiological problems stemming from diet or physical imbalance, or from that which you term emotional or psychological overload as a result of continuous input of negative thought forms and belief systems. Even in children this may occur.

You have been told that it is not possible to remove an idea from the subconscious mind unless you replace it with another, but even this becomes a difficult process, for first one must find the stone that closes the entrance to the cave that is the beginning of the path through the subconsciousness itself. This pathway is often blocked by the negatives, 'I cannot,' 'I don't believe, ' 'I can't,' or those projected to you as, 'You can't,' 'You're not intelligent enough,' 'It's impossible,'... that seems to be one of your favorite words, or 'You are stupid,' or 'It is too complicated for you.' Each of these is a giant boulder which blocks the entrance to knowledge and wisdom. Those persons who either as children are subjected, or later in life, are put into such positions of believing that they have limits, shall be so limited.

Certainly, a soul may bring forth with it certain academic knowledge, mathematical, or musical skills that it has acquired, for the true learning of mathematics requires several lifetimes, and it's not a simple matter to be obtained. You do not learn mathematics. You learn to remember what you already know, and based upon what you know, you may learn more.

Hear well these words, for they bespeak of a complex matter. That which you have no foundation in whatsoever, is difficult to learn from the beginning, for it must join with some other thing in your memory consciousness in order to have a place. When the child is young and there is no negative blockage, then thought may flow freely into the mind, awakening memory patterns and integrating the self as part of a whole; therefore, learning is more practical at this time. The reason that children learn better is that they have no limits and blockages, and to a large degree, they are but remembering that which they already know.

If we may partition this type of learning, and mathematics is a simple example, if we divide mathematics into ten levels, and in a previous lifetime or lifetimes you have achieved level six, then you will undoubtedly study to level six and seek to comprehend level seven. And if, through the course of your life, your work and other opportunities lead you to a greater awareness and a comprehension of seven, then in the next time, you shall learn seven and strive for eight.

It is necessary first to awaken the previous knowledge in order to learn. It is necessary to awaken the previous emotions in order to control and develop emotional patterns that are practical. Such concepts of memory and knowledge and emotions are extremely difficult to vocalize. One great problem that you encounter are those persons who have emotional imbalance. Let us utilize an example so that you may better comprehend. When the physical body, including the animal instincts, are aroused, the energy of desire emanating from the physical body blocks and eliminates the ability to communicate at a higher level. For this desire and physical element whether it be of an attraction nature to an opposite of the species or pure hunger for food, matters not, for these things block the interconnection by excessive energy from the physical form. Therefore, all thought is relegated to the physical brain and whatever knowledge is in it or memory is there at that particular moment. Now, because the system of the brain is seeking knowledge from higher parts of self and is unable to receive them, the imbalance, or emotional hysteria, or violent action may ensue. There is no direct ability to communicate with the higher. When there are moments of open communication, the individual shall have moments of lucidity or clarity. Think well, each of you, those persons or yourself who has experienced these things.

In order to deal with individuals, for them to learn and open that which they already know, this is an extremely important concept: you awaken the consciousness to that which it knows. Think well, each of you who read this message, how often you have heard or studied a subject only to have a vagueness within you say to you, 'But this is familiar. I feel as if I had known it before.' This process of awakening requires a clear interconnection between the lower and higher selves.

Partially because of your society and the world in which you live, the tendency is as one grows older in the physical sense of time as one approaches these timing periods, one tends to more completely sever the interconnection of the higher and lower self. When this occurs, then there is no memory that can be drawn upon efficiently, only those fragments that are stored within the physical brain itself or sporadic ability to interconnect with the higher memory which is the true repository. Much information is stored in the physical brain, but much of that may be in error, for minor chemical changes in the body can change the value and accuracy of data stored in that manner.

The individual who has a small interconnection pathway may seek assistance and say, 'Lead me to the light that I may know the truth,' but they may not know the truth or higher concepts until they have brought themselves back in balance and eliminated the obstructions that block the pathway between the various levels of consciousness. And yet, how is this done? It is done not by teaching the development of the psychic faculties as the first thing. The first order for each individual is that which you term the examination or introspection of one's own emotional nature, looking for the programmed or inhibitory functions that limit and prevent the ability of the individual to go forward and to learn. As this process is done, the ability to enter into calm states of meditation and to reach into the higher levels becomes more clear and more simply achieved.

Those persons who cannot enter into a state of meditation fail to do so because they have not the interconnection, the ability to link to their higher self, and so they must be taken carefully through, their emotional nature brought into a full realization of self, and the destructive nature of desire and emotion and brought to the point where they may reach forward and reach upward for an interconnecting and infusing with the higher aspects of self until once again the pathway is open and knowledge may flow continuously. In a pseudo dream, or mild hypnotic, or altered state of consciousness, an individual may truly be taken back to a memory point in time to bring back information that is no longer part of the current memory. In so doing, the doors are brought open, even if temporarily, and the information can now flow.

It is easier with the child. But the negativities abound not only within your families, your educational, your social system, your advertisements, you are constantly being programmed in the negative to block you and turn you more effectively into the animals you once were. The physical body is the body of an animal -- an animal which reached its own phase of evolution, and into that animal body did a soul of consciousness descend, taking over that body and directing it forward. You were, at times, the masters of your physical form. Today, it is the body and its desires that master you, and you are but the servant to the physical mortal element.

In all things you are told there are limits, and we ask you, what limit is there in truth? You are told there are things possible and impossible, and we say to you, what is truly impossible for he who believes? What is belief, but the ability to interact with the higher levels of your own self and to know a thing because it exists in many levels of your awareness. Those persons who show the negative or violent outburst of emotion are clearly locked within their physical brain concept, and at those particular times at least, have no interaction with the higher self.

To teach, always remember, and to learn, remember the same. It is first necessary to seek to know that which is already known, and upon that foundation to build further. We shall speak more of this at another time. Because of the complexity of what we have said, we shall allow you to question what we have said, but no other thing. Be there a clarity or point of clarity that is needed?"

"Is there a method of re-fusing the link between the ego-consciousness and the soul-consciousness?"

"I believe you term the word a self Gestalt, a seeking through meditative practice, through altered states of consciousness, through guided imagery, through regressive techniques, to take the individual back by positive supportive affirmative thought patterns. By awareness of what is negative and self defeating and limiting, the individual may be brought, or as you term it, re-fused. But know, that some have so completely severed the link that the physical form shall deteriorate for lack of spiritual energy to balance it, and there shall be no time to bring that consciousness back in this particular life cycle."

"Is there any way, as a so-called leader of a group, in which I could help to bring forth this fusion of those who I feel are genuinely seeking to evolve to a higher state of consciousness?"

"You are asking a question relevant to a personal structure and not to material in its dissemination. That may be answered by the guide, but not by us. We may only speak of that which answers the questions to man at large. We shall now return to the guide."

Conversations with David

"I would like a clarification of a statement that I was reading in one of the earlier issues of the Light Messenger, which spoke of the three soul levels. Would you explain what those three levels of the soul are?"

"The three levels have a dual meaning. There are three classes or types that one might ascribe to life force, but in specific to man, there is the ego-consciousness, the soul-consciousness and the Parent Soul itself."

"What is meant by the parent Soul, as against the ego and individual soul as we conceive it?"

"The Parent Soul, sometimes referred to as an Oversoul, is the primary soul energy born or beget in the beginning. It in turn, may produce a number of soul-consciousness' which direct their own physical incarnation and manifestations. You are an ego-consciousness. That is the part of you that says, 'I am.' The soul-consciousness directs you, and it is possible for that soul-consciousness to have more than one ego-consciousness under its control at a particular point in time, though seldom do we have more than one incarnate at the same moment. That soul-consciousness continues to accumulate experience through your life and through the other lives it manifests. In normal, when you are here, you have a counterpart, another ego-consciousness, a brother/sister ego, on the other side which will return when you leave. These provide the learning opportunities. The Soul itself may have many soul-consciousness' operating in different dimensions of reality at the same time. For example, your Oversoul or Parent Soul may have an incarnate entity in yet another solar system. Do you comprehend?"

"Yes, I comprehend as much as any mind that's based on this level of planet experience can understand."

"We refer to it as the onion concept."

"Is there a time in time, infinite time, when all these various soul-consciousness' come back together and become in a certain sense, as one?"

"That is correct, and it occurs more often than at the end of an eternity. An ego-consciousness may not function effectively. The soul-consciousness may therefore send out another. If that particular soul-consciousness is not effective in its learning pattern, but seems to have drawn to itself the negative results repeatedly, then the Soul may choose to reabsorb that soul-consciousness. You, as an individual, reflect, for the microcosm and macrocosm is not unreflected in everything. You are not the person you were as a child of ten, nor the person at twenty, nor thirty. All of these are within you, but you have absorbed their beings, and you are the sum total of all of these. Do you comprehend the analogy?"

"Yes, but this is rather hard to explain to other people. It is very similar to what is known as the Seth material."

"It is a similar element, for it should not be otherwise."

"Yes, well, all truth stems from the same source."

"Truth is by itself."

Messenger III - Creating Realities (March 28, 1984)

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

There are many questions relevant to education, to the progress of man, to man's spiritual growth and to concepts of reality. In the course of time, as you term it, we shall deal with all of these.

Much has been said relevant to the concept of reality, and there are those things that we would say first so they are most clear in your consciousness. All elements within your world are a reality. All elements within our world are reality. The difference in one reality to another, is that one exists in a world of matter that you know not how to change, and in the other, we change it at will. You are not of the dense fabric and molecular structure of your planet, nor of your solar system, and if we chose to terminate the-energy flow from our dimension to yours, the universe would be as a balloon with the air removed and would condense into a nothingness.

You are concerned, in many groups, with the future of your planet, and this is correct, for it is your place of learning. It is your home for the time, and therefore, it is your responsibility to keep it in balance as you may. And yet, if you destroy it by pollution, by war, by disease, by nuclear holocaust, you shall not interfere with the universal plan at large, nor shall you affect any other world of life, nor shall any single soul be lost. The fanaticism of those who would destroy in anger and hatred must not be matched by the fanaticism of those who would save. The evil is the fanaticism; the secondary evil is the act itself.

You have difficulty with your recognition of reality, and your Teachers have taught that there are many levels of reality and that the ultimate level of reality is the reality of the mind -- that thought which is in your mind is the first and primary reality. And yes, even as the guide, David, has said, karmic patterns or responses may occur with your thought as easily as with the action. But understand the force behind this thing. If a man says, 'I wish to climb the mountain,' then he must be prepared to deal with the falling stone and to deal with the results of his own action, and those are immediate results when one is climbing a mountain. And at times, even when climbing a mountain, the thought of what is necessary to do may be a moment too late. The thought energy in your mind creates a reality. Or perchance we should say, that it causes that thought, that energy, to take on a form in yet another reality, another dimension of reality, and while that energy in that dimension has taken that form, it needs to be expressed or released in some direction or manner.

Are these things complex? They are real! Reality is the product of your hand. Reality is the product of your words, and reality is the product of your mind. But it is also the reality that is the product of the desire of your heart and your soul, for these also are realities. What is real within your world is the dream that you dream throughout the day. The thought which is dominant to your being is the reality that shall come to be. Many times these words have been taught to you by many teachers, but if we look upon the pattern of thoughts within the minds of man collectively, we find not the improvement in the nature of your creative energies. You fear war, and you fear hatred and disease, and what is it you have upon your plane? That which you have brought into reality!

Your world is a perfect reflection of your minds. That which is in your mind which is given energy, even if it be a fear element, is given more energy than any other thing. It is time to re-educate man, the adult. The child we would educate, but they are easy to teach, for their minds are open and unformed and uncrystallized. And we must shatter the crystallization of your minds and your thought processes, for only when we have shattered the crystalline structure, may we plant the embryonic seed in your consciousness.

Man is a multi level creature, a creature or being of consciousness encased in a shell of flesh with two levels of consciousness that are primarily operative within him -- that which you term the conscious mind and that which you term the subconscious mind. Now, we are not dealing with abstract philosophies; we are dealing with the reality of your world.

Why do you have problems in your world? How may you the individual change it? Do you need to pick up a banner or a poster and march upon the streets? Or do you perchance need to stop thinking of the negative fear and start building the reality of tomorrow? If you would speak to your friends and your children of the tomorrow that you see in your eye as a hope and a desire and an aspiration, then you shall bring energy forth that is creative in the positive vein. But then, no thing is negative in its creation. If you create a negative result out of your fear of the negativity, then we must presume that it is your need to experience that negativity before you may grow a step further.

The words that you have developed in your language... It is interesting to note that in the past hundred years, man has deemed himself to be the most intelligent of his progenitors, but never before in the history of man has man achieved such an intellectual state. And we say to you, you are children and have no knowledge of that which has gone before you or the level of consciousness and mind that man has already had and lost. You use the words, hallucination, vision, dreams and term them all a non-reality, and then you say, Let us be creative.' You speak the lie. No man may be creative if he has not imagination!

One of your Teachers said, that unless you be as little children, you cannot enter into the kingdom. To enter into the kingdom is to enter into a state of consciousness, a state of awareness. And yes, to be as little children, not in the lack of knowledge, but in the ability to visualize, to create, to imagine. Fantasy, I believe, is the word you often use. Many objects or creatures of fantasy are archetypal symbols in your consciousness, but there is no negativity in creating the fantasy. And if the fantasy can be related to this world, to an idealistic situation in the here and now, and enough individuals can be taught that fantasy, that dream, then we say to you, that that fantasy, that hallucination of the mind, has a greater chance of becoming a reality of tomorrow than all of the arguments and papers that you postulate.

It is an interesting perspective we have of you. You are Gods in the becoming. You have the power to create your own universe, and yet, you struggle to survive when you shall never cease to survive. You struggle to conquer that which you yourself have created and needs no conquering. You struggle to assign responsibility when you yourselves are responsible, and no one of you may say, 'I am above the mass, I have risen above,' for if you have not brought it with you, then the greater portion of yourself is still behind you. You are but the foot that has stepped in front of the other.

We have spoken often times, of the value of meditation, and we find many confused by the term and the word, not knowing clearly the directions such things should take or the methods. Then, we give to you the first element of a practical meditation in that it should be a time when you fantasize, when you hallucinate, when you dream your dream or seek to visualize the world you wish to live in. But begin within your own structure, your home and the people about you. See them as you would have them be. Place into your mind the society, the value systems.

Create your fantasy world, and when it has taken form, teach it to others about you so that the dream may be planted into the field of creativity and give birth to a new tomorrow.

We must wake up the creative impulse within each of you. We must bring to your consciousness the ability to use the powers you already possess and are using now, but blindly and for the negative result. This is a process of education, and to begin the process, one must bring the body and the mind into harmony. Why must your systems of government and your laboratories of research constantly reiterate that which is negative in your world, and yet have you still deal with such things, expose yourself to such dangers? How dare you say that you seek to grow if you will put the poisons within your body and seek to destroy? Can that be called an element of balance?

There are many things that are out balance in a total spiritual sense in your world, but we recognize that change requires time and that it is not a thing of the moment. Therefore, we do not speak of the many things that could be in another way, but it is time to bring an end to the war and the hatred and the bigotry of the world! It is time for an end to hunger and ignorance!

It is true that thought and dreams alone shall not change the world, but we say clearly to you, that if the dream be not there, then the action shall never be, for until the dream has become a reality in your mind and has withstood the fire of time, it cannot be made manifest. It was the dream of Julius Caesar, as you call him, to conquer the world, and that dream was a fiery passion within his breast, and he did so. Another whom you termed, Alexander the Great, dreamed the impossible dream, and when the dream was clear in his mind, and he had examined the pathways, he realized it.

It is the dreamers who have changed the destiny of man.

And now it is the fear of man that dreams the destiny of tomorrow, and he who dreams in fear is dead already, for he surely brings upon himself that which he fears the most! Create the environment in your mind, and then reflect it in your habitations. Let not the dreariness or the drabness of the world about be part of you in total.

Go not a day without surrounding yourself with harmonious sound and color and light.

Create the fantasy world, the illusionary scenario, and then clarify it in your mind and see it as a reality. And then look to the smallest part of the picture, the smallest detail, and see if it is not possible for you to implement that into your world here and now.

How long does it take to transform the world? How long does it take for man to dream the dream? We acknowledge that our concept of time is different from yours, and it is not an easy thing to think in time as you do; and yet, we know that within the span of your own lifetime, it is possible to see peace in the world. But if the prayer of man is, 'God save us from destruction,' then the fear of that prayer shall bring its food to fruition and destruction you shall have. That is all for this time."

More Conversations with David

"How do you see my job situation? It's at a standstill right now."

"What does standstill mean?"

"It means that it is not moving at all. I depend upon commissions and the commissions are not forthcoming. It's in a situation where I believe I should make a change."

"The economy is not in a state of repair, but in a state of illusion. The monetary systems are not there, nor do we expect a repair before the end of the electoral period. It is not likely that the quantity or volume of work in your particular function at this moment, shall increase during this summer period. Do you comprehend."

"Unfortunately, yes. Do you think it will get better after the summer?"

"Not until after the election, and then it is determined by the outcome, for if the incumbent remains, then things may progress at that moment. But if the incumbent is not to remain, then naught will occur in the economy until after the first of the year. The interest rates, that which you term the prime, are climbing. Have you not seen this?"

"I know."

"This is the first mark of the imbalance that prevents individuals from procuring domiciles. It is a deliberate action by that group termed Democratic, in order to create a negative pressure for the other group you term Republican. It is interesting that in the symbology chosen that in nature there is harmony between the elephant and the ass, but man would even create disharmony between them. It would not be out of balance for you to find another source of income."

"(anonymous) wants to know, how do you see him spiritually? His progress?"

"Speaking for his guide: Though he has made progress, we are not satisfied with the rate of acceleration. Priorities are priorities. When one seeks to follow the path, one must walk upon it, and one must find the time to put the energy forward. Communication with the guide, the time of meditation in the morning and in the night are necessary. The environment that he is in exposes him to much energy that is out of balance. Therefore, it is necessary for him to take the opportunity to be in the presence of others of a balanced nature as often as is possible. It is necessary to make the time available."

"He also wants to know, from the material standpoint, how do you see his future?"

"That is a vague question. How do you mean it? We understand the word material."


"We understand that. What is the desire?"

"My desire is to be well enough."

"You have the ability. That is why the question is a point of confusion. Your future is yours to make. The power to create more effectively comes out of your own growth. The ability to bring into balance the energy of your physical self, your mental self, and your spiritual self is what is necessary to create that which you term a secure material element. The material is a secondary factor. It is always present when you are functioning in spiritual balance. When you are in spiritual balance, the negative thought or fear is not present in the mind. You receive that which you fear, not that which you hope for, for fear is the greater of the two enemies. He who seeks spiritual balance each day and places himself in the company of those who seek likewise is able to eliminate the negative, the imbalance and the fear. Do you comprehend?"


"Remember always, for all persons, the future is not. It is a vague possibility or probability but it is always within your hands to change. Regardless of the situation of the world, there are always a few who are able to reap the benefits of their own works. Fear is your greatest enemy. The desire for material security is an unnecessary thing, for when one desires balance as an individual in the total sense, each of the other things is made manifest by your energy."

"Could you give me an affirmation that would help me in money increase and job promotions, so that I would be able to only work one job, so that I could be able to spend more time with my spiritual work?"

"All work is spiritual work! Every person you touch and see is a recipient of the energy you give. Affirmations are tools, but they are tools of the apprentice, not of the craftsman. It is a simple thing to form the thought in your mind at the time. But again, you speak of a specific element as did (anonymous). The problem is not more money, more advancement, the problem is being in balance to attract such things. You are part of the total universal energy. You are like unto a magnet. As the balance of the consciousness, the spiritual balance, is increased, the magnetic flux increases, making you more powerful and attracting to you that which you need. You receive no more or no less than you believe you are worthy to receive. Let all who hear remember. You are given no more than you think you are worth! You do not recognize that the true value of yourself is a thousand times greater than that which you have put upon it. That value is meaningless if it does not provide an interaction with the rest of the world.

To bring one into the necessary financial solutions is to let go of the problem. They may exist about you, but if you are taking your work, and you are maintaining a positive attitude to all persons within your environment, to your company, if you are seeking... if you are seeking to bring positive energy for the benefit of your company, then the result shall be due. You might think of it as seed energy, You wish to reap, but you have not sown. Look not at the spiritual work as a separate thing, but as every moment of every day as your spiritual opportunity. When someone is within the range of your sight, it is possible for you to bless them with energy. When you touch them, you could give energy and never lose one particle. The opportunity to be in the world is more valuable to the spiritual growth than all the monasteries of time."

"Does my guide have any procedural steps for me to take regarding my immediate financial needs and the people that I'm dealing with to try to make them manifest?"

"Do not be afraid to undertake many elements at the same time, for not all will bear fruit. It is difficult to direct your path when you well know the steps that are practical in each matter; it is difficult to improve upon your own knowledge. Where other individuals are involved, there is always a variable, but remember that it is necessary for you to visualize in your mind the response from the other person that you desire. It is as if you were projecting the very answer into their consciousness that you wish to hear. You therefore, should meditate upon that person prior to the actual communication. When writing, you should hold the letter in your hand and imbue it with your own positive thought energy to make it a receptive vehicle.

Remember always, to keep the mind clear when communicating with others, clear of thoughts that are extraneous, clear of thoughts that have any negative or discourteous content, keeping primarily in one's mind the thought that you wish to convey and the response you wish to receive. It is also important to project a feeling of well-being, of friendliness, and of your own sincerity."

"What can we do in Jamaica to motivate people to work, so that they give a full day's work for a day's pay?"

"You start by teaching the children, teaching them the value systems, the spiritual values. It is only when it appears to be a Divine command that they will respond. It must be made a spiritual obligation."

"Do you have a message for the people of Jamaica?"

"They, like all other peoples, have the right and the ability to live a happy productive life. It is not others that impose upon them, but they, which attract it to themselves. When a man steps forward to the light, the beings of light take a thousand steps toward him. As they reach out for spiritual growth, they receive the aid. As they reach for material things first they receive nothing. It is not that a light being may not enjoy the pleasures of material comfort; it is that first you must build a foundation which can utilize material benefits in balance. This requires the development of the spiritual, so that a value system is effective and practical and the desire nature is elevated to the highest level. It is more important that a man be in spiritual balance than to be wealthy, but he who is in spiritual balance, shall attract to himself all of the comforts that the world may offer him."

Copyright by Richard Rebeck, Peggy Steinberg, Salvatore Cacciola