Light Messenger

Volume 8, Chapter 1

"Dwell not upon the past, but upon the present. Concern yourself not too much with the future, for that is formed by the now, and if your attention is upon the now, then the future shall be well."
...from the guides

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

1985 has arrived, and the vibrations on a new stage of time have begun. As the curtain rang down on 1984 and optimism set the new stage, expectations and resolutions were brought into the limelight, with the hope that 1985 would be better. Why not capitalize on the "Good, good, good... good vibrations," as a popular song of the seventies extolled? By realizing and controlling the vibrations of our personal lives and then by adjusting and tuning to the cast of characters whose lives weave tapestries of inter-personal relationships with our own, we begin to enact the drama. Now is the time to "break a leg" as they say in the theatre.

If you haven't already deduced it, this issue of the Messenger addresses vibrations, a subject frequently alluded to, but seldom taken very seriously. It is interesting to note however, that one of Webster's definitions for vibrations reads, "one's emotional reaction to a person or thing as being in or out of harmony with one." Indeed, our personal happiness and creative productivity are dependent upon good vibrations! So... with new awareness, perhaps 1985 will be the year that we Thespians become twinkling "stars" in our cosmic roles on the universal stage.

Messenger I - Vibrations (May 25,1984)

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

In the past, we have dealt with many subjects, and many of these have dealt with the physical being and the health, the mind, the consciousness, the emotions, but now we must deal with another subject that interrelates to your being. It is a subject which you have talked of. There has been much discussion, and there is much confusion. This is the subject of vibrations. We speak not of the elements of spirit, but the element of the physical. We speak of sound and its effect, visible and invisible, vocal and musical, color and light.

As you have often suspected, there are laws upon laws that govern the action of all things. You are aware that the physical body vibrates in a particular harmony of its own. There are, as you term them, biological clocks that operate in a certain repetitive cycle or frequency. The sum total of the combinations of frequencies in any given individual are as unique as the fingerprint itself, and perhaps someday you shall develop instruments for monitoring and detecting this unique personal signature in the vibratory sense.

In recent time, your scientists have discovered that sound may be injurious to the physical and mental and emotional well-being of an individual, specifically that sound which you call noise. Think well, how you differentiate the word noise from a voice, from music. What is pleasant to one person may be unpleasant to another. One individual prefers a particular type of music, and yet to another person that music is but noise.

There are many components of sound and noise that affect the system. The structure of cause behind each of these things is extremely difficult to describe within your frameworks of reference. First, there is what you term the atomic vibration of each cell within your body, or each atomic particle itself, to start at the lowest level that you are aware of. Each atom has a peculiar vibration all to itself. As these atoms are joined to make cells and molecules, their interrelated vibrations form a new vibratory pattern, much as you might say that a single note upon the piano could represent an atom, and that a group of notes could represent that which you term a chord or unit of music. When each cell combines with other cells, they in turn create still a more complex structure, that which might be called a composite piece of sound or music or composite vibration of the physical form of biological mass. Added to this is the functioning of each cell, not merely in a state of static being, but actively sending out its own signals and cycles. Even as the intestines of the body flow in an undulating wave you term parastoltic motion, even as the heart beats in rhythm to the needs of the body, so the brain, in its function, produces various patterns or waves that you term the alpha, the beta, delta, theta. These are many different vibratory patterns which, once again, when combined with the others, produce the total composite structure or symphony that represents the individual and the person as a unique vibratory being.

Energy is a thing that is. Energy in itself produces no unique vibratory pattern until it comes into contact with matter or consciousness. We are beings of consciousness; therefore, the energy that we are part of and that we are vibrates in harmony with our consciousness as a unique element, as a macrocosmic example of your microcosmic principle. You vibrate in the physical as a result of your physical presence in the body itself. Certainly, there is an interrelationship between the lower physical vibratory pattern and the upper spiritual or consciousness or soul-consciousness vibration, but at the physical level, you are not a solid mass of energy.

You are particles of matter suspended in time and space by consciousness and vibratory patterns.

If you could look with an atomic eye, you would see that there is much space between the actual particles of matter in your physical form, and at an exploded view, one might see you as tiny particles of dust floating in the air of space. When this combination of vibratory matter and energy are brought into relationship with other forms of energy and matter and vibration, there are changes which occur. Each individual is totally unique; yet, there are patterns which are common to all.

When we examine that which you term sound, including the audible and that which is beyond the audible range, we find that that sound affects your peculiar system, or particular system, in such a way that can produce benefit or harm. You are harmed by negative vibrations. They disrupt the form and structure of your own vibratory mass, and in turn, can cause it to take a new vibration which may be detrimental to your well-being.

If things are flowing in a smooth harmony, they do not create much attention, but if they suddenly erupt in disharmony, we are quickly aware of them. When sound is raised to a level beyond a certain point, the physical body is forced to vibrate with that sound, even if that sound be of a disharmonious nature to your physical self, for you are now encapsulated in a field of sound energy, of molecules of air surrounding you with a force greater than the force of your own being. Certainly, you know that sound can reach a level where it produces pain and even physical death.

But sound is an ever important thing. You all have known the voice of a person with whom the sound of their voice produced tranquility and peace within you. And you also have known those whose voice created an irritation or a negative state of being. Even the mother of a child helps to form the vibrations of the being of that child, and quite often, the child's vibrations will harmonize to some degree with the mother. And yet, there are those whose vibrations are as discordant to the mother as the wrong type of music might be. Sound you can readily understand, and that which you call ultrasound, sound vibrating at a rate greater than the ability to hear, is still present and will cause negative results, disorientation, and mental illness if allowed to persist for a prolonged period of time.

But what of light? Light is also energy moving at a particular frequency or rate. You have many labels for light, both in what is termed the temperature of the color or the wave length of the light, and herein is almost an infinite number of variables that can occur. And some individuals find one color more harmonious than another and are in a better state of being by one color than another color. So light and sound, that which is above sound, that which is below sound, even the earth beneath your feet vibrates to its own resonance, and it has its own sound pattern or signature that is unique again to every planet in the universe.

That which you term high energy particles or extremely short wave length or high frequency energy is known to be very dangerous and harmful to the physical form. Even an atomic particle is but energy and matter traveling at a particular rate. The signals of radio and television and microwave... we find it curious that you would cook with the microwave, recognizing its potential as an energy source, and not think of the simple factor that many signals today are transmitted by means of microwave, and these same waves that you would cook your food with are traveling through your air and surrounding you.

An individual may contain within their physical body, the right vibratory pattern or combination of elements and matter that would allow the effects of a radio signal to produce altered behavior or physiological manifestations within the physical form. In one manner of speaking, we might say that the ultimate action of any toxin upon the body is a disharmonious vibratory pattern from that substance to your physical self. Think of a drop of acid upon a piece of metal. If the acid is strong enough and sufficient in quantity, it will burn a hole into the metal. But then, where did the metal go? It was transformed into new compounds or chemicals, and therefore, the old was lost. No such thing may occur without energy being lost or transferred and therefore, we have an awareness, because there is a vibratory change in the matter.

You utilize gemstones and crystals for your physical self as a symbol and a tool of well-being, and what it is that they have to do with you, you understand little. But they are capable of producing vibratory patterns, producing energy and reacting to both. If I take a crystal before me and subject it to the waves of the sound of my voice, and you were to monitor the energy patterns of that crystal, I could alter the pitch of voice until that crystal began to oscillate at a rate much higher than thought to be capable of from the physical level. The energy of the crystal could be transformed to an entirely different concept.

In seeking to use and understand, you have developed the use of energy and vibrations from the simplest vibrator to your diathermy and ultrasound machines as means of stimulating the physical. It would be better that a vibrator, rather than being operated by the vibration of a random pulsing motor, were actually driven by harmonious combinations of sound such as you term music. Hear well those words! You have long recognized the therapeutic effects of music; you have recognized that it will alter the state of consciousness and enhance the learning ability. It may also be used to relax parts of the body, not only in the external sense, but in direct contact If one were going to use a motor to create a mechanical vibration that would be optimally beneficial to the physical form, then one should let that motor be powered by the variation of sound, as you term it, in a musical form, choosing the form that is most harmonious to you.

There is no accident that your great composers of time did bring forth their particular style of music, for within the spectrum of that which you term classical, lie all the primary variations that deal with the physical form, its betterment and balance.

Since you have not yet developed the instruments to monitor the vibration frequency or pattern of the human form, we cannot tell you how to choose the music that is most beneficial, except by trial and error. Yet, in time, you shall find there is a way to measure and predict that particular structure of vibration particular or peculiar to yourself. It shall be done at birth.

Further, know that healing and repair of the physical form is also dependent upon harmonious vibrations. Your universities have learned that sound will cause a plant to grow more rapidly or a seed to germinate more quickly. And yet, there are types of sound or music that will cause the same plants or seeds to wither and die. The combination of light and sound energy matter about one is of grave importance in time. Which of you would care to be in a room lined with lead? The vibration of that metal is protective, but it is also depressant; and yet, a room lined with gold or silver might appeal to some senses.

The sad element is that man has done little to control the flow of energy through his atmosphere. Even the signals that flow through the air you breathe affects and changes it. If we were to operate in the maximal way, we would allow no signal, or at least the majority of them, not to be transmitted through the air, but rather through wire and cable and conductor. You may not stand in front of a radar screen without being burned or a microwave dish without being burned, any more than you would care to put your hand within the microwave itself.

You also allow vocal patterns that are disharmonious to exist around you. The noise within your places of work, your places of eating, your homes... learn to speak softly that your vibrations be not disharmonious to any. Learn to limit the vibratory patterns that are about you. Limit the ability of external vibrations to enter your living space.

When you look at the element of voice, the simple scientist would tell you that it is matter vibrating at a few thousand cycles or waves or events per second, and that the human being seldom hears above twelve to fifteen thousand cycles per second. Yet a dog whistle cannot be heard by man, yet the animal knows it well. Think you that you are not affected by it? Because you do not consciously hear it, does not mean that it does not exist. The human voice contains energy vibrations both within your hearing range and beyond. So does the system of radio or television produce sound patterns that go beyond your perceptional ability, to abilities that are only felt by the physical form and the physical consciousness.

Continuous sound is not alone the simple answer, but within your own structures of home and the space within which you choose to live, choose those things that absorb energy.

Let the clothing you wear be of soft natural fabric that will absorb rather than reflect energy. Many have wondered why earlier peoples chose to live within homes of animal skin or woven animal hair, why the great tents of the nomadic peoples, whether it be in the deserts of Arabia or in the plains of your American Indians, they used the hair or skin of animals. Even when stone and wood were there, they clothed their bodies in such things. Now today, you might be termed the polyester generation. But we warn you well of these synthetic fabrics, for they absorb not the sound, but rather reflect it. As cotton and linen and wool will absorb, being of natural material and being of biological origin, or organic origin, they are capable of absorbing and transmuting sound energy. As man evolves, he also devolves and has lost his comprehension of such things. A man wrapped in the skin of animals or in the cloth that is natural may endure more noise, more complex patterns of sound, than one who does not wear such clothing, but rather wears synthetics or even no clothing at all.

Each vibratory pattern produced on different levels of the spectrum affect different parts and functions of your body, so that a being who must listen to the energy of an engine of the airplane, will suffer from particular types of disturbances or imbalance, while another who listens to the grinding of metal, will have still yet another problem. In healing, you are seeking to restore the vibratory pattern to balance by providing energy, which when directed by the soul-consciousness, is vibrated to the same and normal rate of the individual. These are patterns which are complex to comprehend, and we shall need multiple sessions to describe them fully to you within the limits of your ability to comprehend and your language to transmit. That is all for this time."

Question: "I have been wondering about the microwave energy that bombards food. Is there a deteriorating effect on the food, and what about its ultimate effect upon the person who consumes the food which has been cooked with microwaves?"

"There is none. If we were to touch or approach an article of food, we would accelerate its atomic structure, even as a microwave does. It is simply a form of energy transforming another type of energy to an accelerated motion. When motion is accelerated, heat is produced. Much of the microwave is used as a deterrent to spoilage or bacteriological structures. Some is used for cooking. It is detrimental to a living thing in that it would force the consciousness out of a body, thereby producing death, but in its relationship to food elements, it has not a negative property."

"Would the microwaves used on growing food vegetation create an ultimate problem?"

"We are not cognizant of the use of microwave on growing of foods."

"There has been discussion concerning the use of microwaves rather than insecticides and other negative elements in the growing of foods. I was wondering if the microwaves would ultimately trigger a negative effect?"

"It triggers nothing in the direct sense. Microwave is no different than the television or radio signals that permeate your atmosphere. It is possible by direct high energy contact with the plant life in its formative period to produce mutations, genetic changes within the structure. That would be the only inherent potential danger. The same type could occur with excessive heat in the atmosphere, but it is not possible to say the negative effect in a plant during its germination or early formation period. Please comprehend that the atomic particles which bombard the earth constantly from the sun are greater in their long term effect than the microwave that is generated."

"My concern stems from the environmental changes resulting from the use of chemicals, etc. It often takes many years for the results to manifest, and the end result has nearly always been negative."

"We comprehend the concern, but remember the other elements where the addition of a chemical, where this is but the utilization of energy."

Choosing Where To Live

Question: "Would it be better for me to purchase property and move outside the city limits, rather than buy a duplex, as I was thinking of doing?"

"That is correct. Remember this: If you buy the building your term duplex, or built the same, you then are forced to share the vibrations of other beings within your space of domicile. You may not then maintain a clear house, for that is yours also, and unless the most balanced energy resides therein, yours shall be unbalanced if it is."

Question: "Can you give me any lead as to what would be in my best interest, buying or building a house?"

"The land could be bought tomorrow if the price were appropriate, and it would truly appreciate in the same manner as an investment. As to the building, or having built, you shall never live in comfort and harmony within those things you term suburban communities with your neighbor but a small distance from your door. It is not that you are to be without neighbors, but that you are to structure yourself so that you have a greater opportunity to be expressive in the land you choose. Seek not to become part of a development, but seek the freedom of sufficient land to express the ability to walk out of one's door without hearing the neighbor beside you. Do you comprehend?"

"Yes. You are saying that we should be looking further afield, away from the housing developments."

"Your lands within these is often but a quarter acre, as you term your division. Within a quarter acre, you cannot shield yourself from the energies and influence of your neighbor. What is wrong with a whole unit?"

"An acre?"

"And being placed within the center of it, think of the spoke and the periphery structure of defense. Think of a cone placed about your property and your home and how it must be within your own borders. Draw the circle within the square and understand that that defines the area you must be within. All land beyond the circle is extraneous and of no importance."

"The cost of land where we live is extremely expensive. Wouldn't that run into a prohibitive cost factor for us in building a house?"

"That is for you to answer. It is a time that is coming wherein the land may be procured more reasonably, but we answer your question to the element. If you would change it for what you speak of, then why make the change, for there is no benefit."

"Do you mean that if we simply buy another house, we will not be making a good change? We should seek something with more space around us; therefore, building would perhaps be the best course of action for us to take."

"That is correct. Whether the house be unique in its design or not is not of importance. But remember this, and it is true of all structures: If the circle of light cannot be placed around your house and protect all of your property, you are incomplete in your total perfect balance, for if your neighbor's land must fall within, then the circle is broken. Land that is irregular in shape falls outside of the circle and is not protected."

Messenger II - Harmonizing With The Universe (June 1,1984)

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

You are taught in many of your Systems that all is a microcosm and macrocosm, as above, so below, as below, so above. This is true in part, but it is not in total. Not all equations are bi-directional. Not all things are exactly the same on either side of a divider. In the structure of the world of reality, that which you term spirit, all things must first exist in that dimensional reality before they may exist here. Yet in that realm, the conceptual reality is more perfect than it is manifested here below. In this, you have the difference.

The painting that is created in the realm of the other dimension, the realm of spirit, has far greater beauty than that which ultimately becomes part of your two-dimensional canvas. The music is far more beautiful than the instrument may reproduce, for all things within the physical are limited in some manner or form. That is not to think of these things as negative, but simply as having limits. Nor is it necessary to concern oneself with perfecting all things, but rather not to impair the balance or structure within the physical form.

We have spoken of vibrations and their interactions, and in as much as you comprehend the world and the word vibration, we say to you that all things are vibration, that thought is but a vibration, that the existence upon the spiritual plane is a vibration, even as all physical things are the same. But they are vibrations with different limits, different qualities. When you play the instrument you term a piano, you have a limited number of octaves, yet you recognize that there are octaves below and above the range of the keyboard. Simply because they are not on the keyboard, you do not call them ethereal or astral. There are sounds below the ability of the human ear to hear, and there are sounds above the ability of the human ear to hear; and yet, you know these sounds exist. Even so, beyond the highest sound that exists within your world concept, so there are higher sounds yet.

There are vibratory patterns that are so different that they are not visible to your eye. Consider the elements that you deal with. The air you breathe is a particular combination of matter in vibratory harmony with other matter, and yet it is not visible, but you may contain it within a balloon. You may see it. And yet, there are fine gases and elements which seem to move through the material itself and become difficult to hold. Some particles of energy have a vibration rate so great that it takes the densest of metals to stop their progress. An example is your nuclear particle, the gamma particle.

All vibration merges together with other vibrations to produce what might be termed a symphony or a cacophony of sound, harmony and disharmony; and yet, in the plane of spirit, we never hear the disharmonious tone. Its vibration cannot rise upward and cross the barrier. You have perfected in your science those things which are termed filters, and a filter will limit the range of sound that may pass its point. So one might say, that the interconnection between the dimensional structures is similar to a filter in that it limits the level of vibratory energy that may pass.

A negative vibration or a negative energy is one whose vibratory pattern is disharmonious. It would be like a solar system where the planets were constantly colliding with each other until such time as it had totally annihilated itself.

Many of you know little of your physical body, but if you would study the heart within the body, you would find that it is a unique structure, that each cell within the heart seems to act independently as if it were the whole heart itself, and each cell vibrates and pulses or contracts at its own individual rate, its own rhythm or frequency. Yet, when the pieces are joined together, when the cells are bonded together, then they join in a common harmonious vibratory pattern and beat in unison as one total element. This ability in the biological system is a microcosmic example of the macrocosmic direction in which man should be moving.

Upon the level of spirit we are able to merge our consciousness one with the other. We literally step into the same time and space, and this is accomplished by finding that vibratory pattern that is equidistant from the common vibratory pattern of each individual, altering the vibration to a point of meeting and then merging. The concept is not so strange. If one vibrates at the key of A and the other at C, then one shall lower to B, and the other shall raise to B, and at B, they shall become the same note. It is like two pitchforks perfectly attuned. When one is struck, the other begins to vibrate. We are not dealing here in abstract concepts of spiritual physics. We are dealing with macro and microcosmic concepts of interrelationships and balance. You must become like an instrument that has a broad spectrum of vibratory range in order that you may alter the vibratory pattern of self until you reach that harmonious moment.

The reason that you react with pleasure or displeasure, like or dislike, with other persons is simply that that person whose vibratory pattern is similar to your own... If their energy is high or positive, or yours is high and positive, then you have the simultaneous vibratory pattern occurring, similar again to the pitchforks or tuning forks. When a person's vibratory pattern is much lower or of a great difference, there is often a disharmony, a discordant sound that is felt and sensed, but it is not to say that the other is out of balance or that you are out of balance. There are many combinations of notes of music which do not sound in harmony to your ear, yet they are but relationships one of the other.

Individuals must learn to sense the vibratory pattern of others and to raise and lower their own vibratory pattern until they feel the harmonious vibration flowing between them.

Those ideas which you have projected in consciousness, but have difficulty making manifest... The reason for difficulty in manifesting such ideas is that the vibratory pattern of the upper idea, the idea in the mind and soul, is in discordant harmony with the manifestation on the physical plane. There are many things of spirit that cannot be brought to this plane in harmony, and sometimes that which is sought to be brought into creation is out of balance or out of harmonious synchronization. The idea above must be a harmonic replica of the idea's manifestation below. But if you have not firmly structured that which is above or do not seek to bring into balance that which is below, disharmony shall occur and a lack of creativity shall be present. This is in part also true for the consideration of health. The vibratory rate of the astral or spiritual counterpart of each organ and part of your body must be harmony with each other. If they are not, illness shall ensue. The desire for good health is sometimes missing, and therefore, the spiritual counterpart or idea is weak or not present.

The universe truly does have a sound of its own, and one could truly speak of the music of the spheres, but one can become one with that harmonious vibratory pattern. Those who seek to merge the consciousness with the subconscious, with the soul-consciousness, the guide, must know that all harmonies, all vibratory patterns must be brought into harmonic relationship one to the other, and that harmonic relationship when it is present, will allow the total continuity of energy and balance. All things within your physical world have a counterpart or a counter balancing energy, and it is the vibratory pattern of them in the astral or spiritual plane that allows their existence to continue here, here where vibratory patterns are often incomplete or out of harmony.

When one chooses to project their consciousness into another thing or being, it is then possible from within to change the vibratory pattern of the nature of a thing, and therefore, it is possible to change self in the physical concept. But first, one must listen to the symphony of self from the higher levels and then tune the body to that same sound. The reason for the exalted state of consciousness when one achieves an at-onement with the soul-consciousness, is the effect of having your being struck by the vibratory pattern of your higher self, and for that moment, you feel, know, hear, sense that total perfect symphony of which you are a part.

Being a creature of vibration and seeking to find harmonious vibration, you did bring forth music. And you also did bring forth noise. They are not the same. The sound of nature is more harmonious to your being than the sound that you have produced yourself. Have we not taught even the whale to sing? And does not their sound carry through the ocean one to the other in a mystical harmony that brings their being into common balance? We have taught each creature to utter the sounds that bring it into harmony with itself, but man has forgotten how to make his own sound.

The world is complete with vibrations that are negative in nature and those that are positive. When a lower element object or body vibrates in harmony with the higher, the outer vibratory influences are diminished in their effect or have no control whatsoever. They may not interfere the same as they would upon the thing. Place two tuning forks, striking each or striking one and allowing it to vibrate the other and then a third with a different note. It will diminish, but will not stop their harmonious vibration. But if neither is struck, then they shall respond to the vibration of the discordant or disharmonious one.

If you sing not your own song, you shall vibrate in disharmony to the song of others.

That which you term hypnotic is but one who is able to shift their vibratory nature and output up and down the scale until they find that point with which you vibrate and respond. All things produce vibration -- matter, color, which is part of light, sound, and there are sounds within the sound and upon the sounds and above the sound. There is the sound of the earth, there is a sound of the ocean and the wind, the sound of a tree, and each of these is part of you. And you are the most complex vibration of all, because you think. And as you think, you strike the tuning fork of your thought which produces harmonious or disharmonious vibrations by reaching into the astral or spiritual plane and drawing from it the responding energy that you have brought forth. Once the tuning fork is struck, it requires some time to diminish its vibratory pattern.

Limit not yourselves by disharmonious vibrations. Seek to provide harmony and listen for the sounds of the universe, and know that all sounds within the physical body and all the sounds of animals are in harmony each for its kind. That is all for this time."

Question: "Specifically, how does one sing his or her own song?"

"That is yet to be given, but do not fail in the search, or fail to search. Within your own vocal system is the first level of your own song. Do you not say that he or she who sings does express joy?"


"Then, is not the contra true, that he or she who would not sing must express sorrow? Think well upon these things."

Question: "Do you have any suggestions to help me with public speaking?"

"In communicating with any particular group of people, individuals or individual, it is possible to use the voice. The utilization of the voice is a conscious control of the tone and the response that others have to the tone. Even as a singer adjusts the pitch of the voice to the room, so a speaker who knows how to use the voice will adjust his voice -- not only to the sound of the room, but to that mean consciousness or collective consciousness that is present. It is as if it were, the sum average of the vibratory response. Perhaps your consciousness could think of it as an alpha rhythm average of those persons, the tone and the conscious seeking to sense comprehension in the recipient's mind. The danger or difficulty in this is that you may operate no shield when so speaking. You must open your consciousness to the group that is before you.

In styling a form, it is wise to use the machine so that you may hear your own voice. Remember, that as your guide gives you the direction to speak, so also the guide may assist you, and when one is open in consciousness, flowing with an unshielded energy, responsive to the audience, there is no need for guiding messages or notes. That which must be read is not one with the consciousness. The consciousness that is one and is open requires no assistance from mechanical prompting aids. These are where areas of change could be made if one desired to do so. Peggia... Is the crystal present?"

"Yes, I will get it for you, David."

"It is a simple matter to utilize the crystal as a demonstration tool. By using the crystal, we may simulate what an open consciousness is capable of doing. (David held the crystal to Richard's throat chakra area). At this point, we are now able to adjust the vibratory rate of voice so that it is within your consciousness, that words we speak are heard, but the meaning is heard also. This is the difference between effective delivery. It is a matter of your consciousness taking the control."

Conversations with David

A personal question from one who sensed that the vibrations of her life were not in balance prompted the following conversation. Since many light workers seem to share the common challenges of relationship problems and self created mountains of obstacles, we share this spiritual guidance, hoping that others may also benefit from its universal applicability.

"It is important to realize that your guide is fully aware of the many difficulties, as is the soul part of self. This was not the pathway that was intended for you to follow, but of your own will, did you choose to enter into this direction. The results, the experience, and the problems are a natural outgrowth that one encounters when one walks in the incorrect direction. Seeking to find the way, you have looked upon a path that is but another cul-de-sac. One does not release the karmic obligation that one has encountered. Within the pattern, you have created responsibilities, and yet, continuance within imbalance may produce greater imbalance yet.

It is difficult to bring one's self back into the correct direction, to flow along the road that is natural for the soul and for the consciousness. At some point within this life, that is required. It is unfortunate perhaps, but one does not know the length of time that one has to deal with such things. Therefore, we would quote the ancient Tibetan who said, "Defer not until the morrow what the day may grant, for tomorrow is not yet yours, but the day is."

You are not out of balance in your interpretation or assessment, nor is it a major imbalance to act and take a different direction. Beware of fantasies or illusions! There are many (other relationships) whose realities would produce the equilibrium that you seek, but hear well, for we say that those who would, the majority you know not. There are but a few amongst your knowledge who would provide such equilibrium; and yet, those that reach to the inner self at this point in time, have but stirred the memories of time past in other years and other worlds, and thus the familiarity and the kinship is indeed strong. You are a traveler of many eons. Even in our journeys, we have seen you before. To act or not to act is not the only question.

The failure to act or the vacillation becomes as much a karmic imbalance as either direction of action. When action may be taken with peace and balance within the heart, then the time is appropriate. Is there further question?"

"Why is my spiritual growth so vast now, and I have so many problems and so many things in my past that would tend to stop it? It's incredible, but I am learning so quickly and it scares me."

"Does truth indeed then scare you?"


"Does beauty repel you?"


"Is it not natural that in a world of darkness, that all things of beauty and truth would be attacked as if they were ugliness itself? The forces of darkness are not an illusionary term that we employ. There are no children we seek to scare. They are a reality, for the day when the consciousness of man is united in a positive direction, then all negative energy shall cease to exist. Therefore, your attempt to be positive threatens the very existence of those negative forces that seek to be around you and many of which have fed upon you, drawing energy from you, even as you would term them a vampire.

Certainly, the path is difficult, for when one has taken strange roads, it is difficult to find one's way back to the true road. What is frightening is the false security of illusion. What is ahead is the grandeur and glory and beauty of truth itself. Spiritual development is the desire to know truth, the desire to know oneself and to perceive the world in reality with balance, without judgment, knowing that all things are as they should be or are as they are ordained to be by the individuals. Be not encoded, programmed or enslaved by the consciousness of others. Hear not our words as directives, but rather hear all words and test the value of truth within them, within the fire of experience and love within your own heart. If they be true, cling to them. If they be false, cast them out. But be not amazed that a mountain seems to stand in your way; and yet, with but a wave of your hand, it shall be but a pile of sand, for that too is an illusion. Do you understand?"

"Yes, but the time is not yet, is it? To cast away the mountain?"

''Is it, or is it not?''

"It doesn't feel yet."

"Beware of self deception! Beware of procrastination! The fear of making a decision has been the bane of many who, crossing into the life of spirit, have said in regret, "If I had but one more day." We say to you this thing: It is time when you can do it with love and balance within your heart. There is no other judge of time. No man, nor entity, may tell you this is the moment. And we judge not whether it be or not be, but do not let the milk of your consciousness sour with time."

"What was the path that I was to follow in this lifetime?"

"Your soul, in coming into this life, chose the opportunities carefully. The path was, of course, for your own spiritual growth and development, but you were intended to be of greater service to others. No one serves who is out of balance within. As you began journeying down the road, hardships were placed in your pathway, and you developed intolerance for many conditions and the first opportunity to take a detour, you did take it. Do you comprehend?"


"And what did you find?"


"Greater difficulties yet, for cul-de-sacs are not smooth roads, but rockier still. All pathways that seem to be shorter are longer. Those that seem to be easier are more difficult. It was intended that you should find a counterpart, an entity with whom you would balance in perfect harmony, and that is not illusion, but fact. It was the potential of your soul-consciousness brought into this life to be in perfect harmony with another being, to bring forth a manifestation of self in service to others, to bring forth consciousness, children, in harmony and balance and love and desire, even at the time of conception and to guide those children from the moment of conception to that time at thirteen when the consciousness is no longer in your hands. You were to be an example, nor is all at loss, though may options along the way have been passed. You chose not the path of roses because of the thorns, and now you know how well the thistle stings. We speak not in a judgmental, but in response to your question. Do you understand."


"If you do not find this balance in this time, if you do not bring balance and harmony into yourself and find the path of service, then you shall have voided the efforts of many lifetimes that brought you to this point. It is not a matter to say, "But I did not know."

No element is difficult in your world's. Consider the other part of your world. Those of you who have been born in this part of the geography of world have known but little of the word suffering. Would you rather have been born in Africa? Or Asia? Or India? Would you care to see your children starve to death each day? Do any here know the numbers that make their transition for the lack of food and water? How many of you have truly seen a child which starved to death or know the anguish of the mother who must watch such a thing with love in her heart, but no solution in her hand? That is karmic difficulty in life! You have entered the blessed realm. This land, as you term it, might be considered the heaven of earth, as opposed to the hell of other parts, and because it is easy, many have become lazy. Because you have more than a cup of rice per day for food, you squander food. Because you have more than one rag to put about your body, you are disdainful of them.

Remember again, that we speak in a collective as well as in a direct sense. It is always our desire to show the truth of the universal applicability, as well as individual. The pathways are deliberately difficult, for if the consciousness has not been tempered by the fire, then how shall it survive? Can we take you and place you in the middle of the jungle and know that you shall survive? That is a question."

"Oh! It depends."

"Shall I put you in the middle of the desert? Can you there survive?"


"And yet, as a creature of the earth, you are capable of both. We judge you not. Comprehend well. Nor do we speak harshly. We simply seek to open the window of your mind to the level of reality that is the level of difficulty. Your mountain is truly a molehill. The mountain within the heart is the difficult. All negativity is annihilated by opening your arms to it and absorbing it within yourself, for if you be of light and balance, then bringing negativity into yourself, it is transmuted into positive energy. Is there further matter?"

"No, none. Thank you, David."

"In one final matter, there are many questions and many answers. We have often used the principle and the word love, though we deplore the negation that you have placed upon this word. We believe in the family unity, and yet, we recognize that many shall separate their paths. The child needs parents, but many children are better with but one parent. As parents, the majority of people do well to succeed, for they know not what they do. Love is an indefinable quality of the soul and heart. It is that experience which allows you to know the presence of your soul and the unity of it with your consciousness, if but for a moment.

As one awakens and finds oneself in a state of imbalance, it is not strange that one should leave that which they call home and seek new avenues and new directions. When two who are sleeping in consciousness join together and marry and bring forth children and no light of advanced consciousness has been involved, then how may we call this a marriage? You have an expression from your major religion that says, "Whomsoever God hath joined together, let no man put asunder." And we say to you, whosoever has joined in spirit, no man could put asunder.

If the consciousness is not awake and the spirits are not co-joined, then the co-joining of two bodies does not a marriage make. Use not this concept as an excuse for imbalance, but recognize that a man suffering from amnesia might walk into a den of thieves and think it home. Should he then stay there when his memory returns?"


"You have your Biblical Sodom and Gomorrah. If a man journeyed to Sodom and Gomorrah and married of their women and then opened his eyes and saw truth and balance and saw the negativity of that place he was in, should he stay there then?"


"And if the woman whom he had chosen said, "Stay, for this is my land, my people," should he then remain and deny his growth?"


"Love is a precious thing. It flourishes not in the presence of negativity, it flourishes not in imbalance. It is as a fragile flower; and yet, when it is strong, it can withstand the sands of the desert, for love is a timeless thing that properly nurtured and given, shall never cease to be. If there be a power greater than all things, it be love. And he who knows it not, is truly in darkness."

Question: "I have a problem with the ego in the man of me. I confuse quite often, lust and love. I would like to know the spiritual nature, if there is much of a spiritual nature, between (anonymous) and myself."

"The thing you speak of is an element that is often thought to be out of balance. Let us first address the element and recognize that all things are normal and natural in the desire and structure of man. That which is termed lust can become an excessive or obsessive energy, but is also a part of the natural balance of attraction of the opposite of the species. Remember also, that in the ultimate sense of energy, that those energies you term sexual are part of the trigger mechanism for the total utilization of consciousness and that energy you term psychic. It is not that there is a lack of spiritual elements between you and the entity, (anonymous). What is lacking is the growth or awareness in that individual.

Relationships are formed upon a triangle. Three points are required for stability. One point has no direction; two points are unbalanced, for they may stand in many different positions. Three points form the first level of stability. That requires a common spiritual value system, or philosophy of life, a physical ability to interrelate and the mental, emotional communication or commonality. If these three elements are not present and may not be induced to grow, then the relationship is out of balance. If the three are present, then the physical desires do not become lust, but natural."

Question: "Since my divorce, I have come to realize that I have a very deep need for a special person in my life. For some strange reason, I do not feel happy or function very effectively if I do not have someone to love and share with. Can you tell me why I have this great need for a counterpart in order to function well?"

"We do not comprehend why it is strange to you."

"Well, I recognize that people should be capable of standing alone, which I am, but...

"That is a fallacy. He who stands alone is un whole. The ability to stand is like the ability of a child to raise up off the floor. That also is a natural thing. Those who are sensitive recognize the need for balance, and balance is obtained only when the polarities are joined. It is not a strangeness, but a normalcy, and the greater the sensitivity, the greater the awareness of this normalcy or need, as you term it.

The soul, in its seeking, requires a counterbalance in energy and harmony. Those who are alone are incomplete or half. Unity is a strange equation, for it says that one plus one equals one. And we say, that no soul shall ascend to the higher levels of consciousness alone."

"In all cases, remember this: Those who seek or need assistance may be offered the hand, may be made aware, but when they respond not, move on, for there are many who need help. And let not emotion or family tie you, for if you are to be channels and workers of the light, then you must serve all equally. All are your family, and he who is not ready to receive, you must pass by." ... from the guides.

     Copyright by Richard Rebeck, Peggy Steinberg, Salvatore Cacciola