Light Messenger
Volume 8, Chapter 2

"The guide is there to fulfill the purpose the name implies... to guide you as one who knows the path as you walk through the jungle of life."
from the guides.

Brotherhood Of Light

Seven colors from the sun
All blended together as one.

Each with its own particular way,
Though of its totality none can say.

Energy unique to every form
Upon our faces doth seem warm.

Seven brothers all bound together,
Even the Divine cannot them sever.

Marvelous pulsing symbol of life
Shining through each and every strife.

What and/or who are the Brotherhood Of Light? The above inspired canvas of words submitted by Michelle Knight, a Light Messenger friend, provides an imaginative picture for contemplation.

Messenger I - Avatars, Masters, Teachers & Guides (April 13,1984)

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

The matter is to deal again, as we have before, with these concepts of teachers and masters and avatars, the concepts of the levels of consciousness, and even of the guides.

We see many things in your world claiming that this Master or this Avatar is present. We would that it were so, but we say unto you, there is no avatar in your world at this time, and there are few who might be called master. There are teachers present, but their presence is often known only to a few. The higher teacher does not come in to seek the adulation of the world, but to prepare other teachers; and the master cares little for the worship of individuals and seeks not to be deified.

Be not surprised at the powers of man, for your powers are indeed great and extend far beyond your concept of reality. Do you consider it a great power to materialize an ash, or dust, or a piece of candy? Is this the level that excites you and raises your soul to its highest vibration? If that were all that were required to bring you growth and spiritual balance, then we would fill this room with the dust or ash of your desire. If that be the thing that will succeed in unburdening you of the cycle of becoming, then speak, and it shall be yours. Marvel not at these little things. And if a piece of dust or ash may be brought forth, then any form of mineral or matter within your world may also be brought forth.

Does worshiping a man bring you spiritual balance? If so, and that is all that is required for the spiritual growth of man, then we should not have one born of woman for you, but rather would have one who would materialize for you to worship. What is a true master? What is the teacher? They are but souls who having continued, have reached the point where they are aware of all they have been and are now able to bring forth all of the abilities they have accumulated over time. But few spend much time in idle games or tricks. The masters teach teachers, teachers teach teachers, and teachers teach students. We err not in the double utilization of teacher. There are teachers of teachers and teachers of students. The masters are hidden for the most part and are not made open to your awareness, for to do so is to cause you to worship them.

Worship no man. Worship the divinity within yourself.

Learn from every man, and when one is before you who is in balance, who maintains life in balance and suffers not the imbalance of the flesh, then consider that you might be in the presence of a master. But a master sleeps not, nor does he retire often. Nor does he eat much, for he has no need to; and upon completion of any phase, the body is returned to the atmosphere from which it came.

Hear well our words, for we say to you, that no master born of woman is.

There are many teachers, and there are many more who call themselves teachers of consciousness. Even the lowest of the teachers, who are truly that, have the power to bring themselves into a stable state of being. Know them by the energy they radiate, by the consciousness they hold, and by the power within their hand. Listen to them, but deify them not, for as you deify them and worship them, you destroy them! For in accepting your adoration, their power is diminished and they shall not be as they were.

It is difficult to bring the concept of an avatar to man today. For to bring such a being is to cause man to worship such a thing, and man should not worship any man or being in the flesh or form of man.

There are many voices that would speak to you. Did we not ourselves say that it is not important who we were or who we are in sum? But is it not more important that which we say, and if that which we say is truth? For that thing you are capable of testing within your own hearts, and we have said to you, if it be not truth, then keep it not. We have in our seven embodied the sum energies of the greatest of the masters of your world, but we seek not your worship. We seek not to place ourselves in a position of deification. To do so would allow our purpose to be thwarted and blinded. Beware of voices that speak and say, 'I am this one or that one.' We are! We need no identity, nor do we require that we prove ourselves, except by action and word, but not by reason of our being. We have come from time so ancient your world has no memory of us; yet, we did take forms, even as you have.

The voices of the dead, as you term them, are about you constantly. You have destroyed their freedom by your grief and kept them about you. By your wars, you have bound the souls of the young to the earth. By your violence, you have created hatred and caused even more to stay bound to this plane. Listen not to these voices, the voices of illusion, for in so doing, you shall strengthen them and weaken your own ability.

But what then of the guide, the guardian of your consciousness? We might better term them bodyguards or mind guards. You have long misused words within your language; we suggest it is time to create new ones. You have even profaned the word love to the point where its meaning is now obscure.

The guide is a reality.

It is not necessary to speak to the guide in an open communication format. It is wise for you to speak to the guide and to be receptive to the response. In some, because of the ability or phase of development, the guide shall be heard directly as a voice. In others, within the mind, or in still others, an impulse.

The guide is a being that is a Soul in full awareness of all that it has been. There is no part of time or life that the guide has been that it does not know, but it seeks not worship either or undue attention. Why, in ancient times, did man under his dogma say, 'You shall not have a picture or an image'? Only to avoid and to prevent the worship of that image or picture as if it were a being, a Deity in itself. If you were to see us, then perchance you might also wish to do the same. We who are the Messengers are on a lower level than the Brotherhood themselves, though we often speak in the first person for them. But the Messengers, like the Brotherhood, in truth, have no form of being. We are thought within a space with no body, for we need none; and yet, if we desire one, we may have one for the observation.

Know that your guide is capable of seeing all energies that exist upon this plane. There is no energy that may enter this plane that your guide may not know and understand. Those beings who seek to call your attention to them need to be sent back across the barrier, or escorted across the barrier and taken away from the sphere of influence within which we live. When you are aware of them, call on your guide to assist. Let the guide assist you in taking them to the place where they should be. You have little awareness of the tremendous influence these beings have upon you, these discarnate entities who do not have a physical form and yet live through you by virtue of your world and still are aware of the energies of your world.

We shall send you old souls with wisdom and knowledge, and some shall have open eyes to portions of the past. And we shall send you occasionally, a soul that is one with itself, total in its memory, and that one, on occasion, shall incarnate and shall be a master of the teachers. But we send you no avatar at this time. The consciousness of man is not yet ready for a revolution in consciousness, nor are we so hungry for worship that we must send one down simply to receive your premature deification.

Listen to your teachers! Test their words! Apply them if valid; discard if not! Worship no man and look with tongue in cheek upon those who would worship any man. That is all for this time."

Is spiritual Knowledge Free?
by David

"What price do you put upon knowledge? Is truth a free thing? If it is, then why are you not all free, and why do you not all possess truth? Does the wheat grow from the ground without your hand and your work and your sweat? And do you not purchase the very ground you till? By what means do you trade with another for their energy or their time?

Within the concepts of knowledge, no teacher who is of the light has ever refused the knowledge to those who could not share or financially support, but it is not in balance to seek without repayment. Where the man has no coins, he has two hands. Where he has no hands, he has two feet. Where one has no tongue, he has a mind and hands. All things must be in balance. If we recorded in a book the greatest secrets of all time, the pages would appear empty or meaningless unless the energy had been brought in balance.

We guide the direction of the material that comes through the entity (Richard), and we have no price that we can be paid. But we shall not empty the spiritual bank accounts without repayment in service of kind. There are many who believe that the word metaphysical, mystical, light worker, healer, takes away the necessity of sharing of the self, whether it be of goods or coin or sweat of the brow. No such change in universal law has ever occurred, and he who takes and returns not shall find that the doors of spirit and the doors of energy are closed to them and not for a moment, but for the remainder of the lifetime. It is a primary law. We have written of it many years past.

The law is simple: if you would take, you must give. If you give, you worry not about receiving.

Is it not the same with love? Love giving is a natural thing, but he or she who gives love and receives it not in return shall wither and die for lack of it. And he or she who takes love and returns it not is the one who has committed the crime. It is a paradox. You, individually, have not the right to expect it, and you must give it freely, but you must also know that one does not throw their coins into the ocean, for they buy not. Nor does one cast love into an empty well, nor is truth strewn across the skies to descend like manna from the heavens. Truth is there for all men to see, but eyes are not open. One will often say, 'Why are there not more teachers?' And we say, because you care not for the ones you have, and we use the collective we in a world sense. One man says that to receive the healing energy there should be no price, and we say to you, that even a healer is worthy of his hire, for if he works, regardless of the mode, how then shall he eat?

It is not a monetary element that we speak of alone. In those writings you term sacred you are told that a tenth of all that you have is to be returned. It is not that you give a tenth of that which is yours, you return a tenth to the source from which it emanates. Which of you has found a pocket in the gown of death? And which of you may leave this plane with any material thing that you have found here? You may bury the gold deeply, and the worm shall play with it. A word of kindness, a word of joy, a smile upon the face of a child is a priceless thing. Payment in kind takes many forms.

In times not so distant, a man would journey for many months to sit at the feet of a teacher, and within but a few hundred of your years, men would surrender a fortune and all that they owned to know truth. Let all who seek put forth the effort. Let them find a mode of sharing. Coin is of little value; it is but a promise to provide a service, and if that service is not done with love in the heart, it is of no value. And if that service is done as a public display, it is worth naught. Charity is one thing, and recompense is another; and yet, they are one and the same. All things are necessary to grow, and nothing is necessary. Each of you contains the vision of truth within yourself. Step away from the world and seek it, and you shall find it. And... you shall spend time, as you term it, in searching. But, If you seek a teacher to save that time, then deny not the teacher the recompense, for all the knowledge in the world shall not open your consciousness if you are not in balance.

Can you receive love if you have not love in your heart? Is it not difficult to love without return? It is natural to many. A mother loves the child, and the child does not always return the affection, and yet, it was there. But that is the way of things, for the child will grow and go, and the love may or may not be shared, but it is part of self and therefore, it is natural to extend the love. But how many give love to others who return not to you? It is a natural thing. May you draw money from the bank if you have not therein? May you borrow without collateral? You come into this world with a spiritual bankbook that is full. You may draw there from freely. Your credit is good, for the soul has eternity to collect the karma; yet, you may also deplete it within a lifetime if you do not make any deposits.

Let us not hear of petty matters concerning economic balances. We have walked this earth for millennia, and we have heard every cry and every excuse that man has conceived, and we doubt well that a new one shall occur that we have not heard yet. In fifty thousand of your years upon this earth and in relating to it, this is the oldest imbalance in man. Without charity there is no love. Without love there can be no charity, and he who lives in a house of coldness and darkness shall not know love. Yet, love is there for all. It is received by giving or by being willing to give.

Conversations with David

Editor's Comment: During the many years that we have known and worked with David, the questions most frequently asked have pertained to the concept of guides and how to communicate with them. Invariably, the most popular question has been, "What is my guide's name?" and David has repeatedly answered that it can only be ascertained through communication with one's own guide. Herewith, we share with you some of the other questions on this subject which have been posed during public and private sessions.

"I am confused as to the concept and acceptance of a guide."

''In the old language, you called them angels of guardianship. The guide is not a complex thing. It is a consciousness that, in harmony with your Soul did agree to serve you during this lifetime. Because of the differences in energy and nature, it is difficult for you to maintain a direct communication with your Soul. Most men cannot even speak to their soul-consciousness. Many cannot even recognize their subconscious. The guide may act as an intermediary in these levels of consciousness for you, for the guide is empowered by your energy, by your conscious will. But the guide does not interfere, does not demand nor command. Nor does the guide do that for you which you are capable of doing yourself, but the guide is able to turn the panorama of darkness into a panorama of light so that you may see the potential direction in which to go. And the guide will give you your alternatives and help you place your foot. And, as your consciousness seeks to soar through the realms of mystery, it is the guide that can walk you through and provide the tour in safety. Do you comprehend?"

"Yes, I do. I have one other question. What is the most important thing that my guide would like me to know that I'm not conscious of at this time?"

"We have given part of that in the earlier portion, but the most important thing your guide would have you know is that he knows, that he is always present and is cognizant of every thought and every action, not as an interference, but as the sum total of your experience, your karma, your balance and imbalance, and is aware without judgment, for it is not our place to judge, for have we not been in the same position before? But we are ever present, and your guide is ever present and waiting for your communication."

"How can I communicate with my guide? How does he communicate with me? And is either procedure necessary or advisable?"

''That is four questions. The first, of how to communicate with your guide: As you said the words, your guide was aware of them. Had you but held the thought in your mind, your guide also would be aware if you addressed the thought to your guide. By holding the mental concept of 'I wish to communicate with my guide' in your mind and then proceeding with the discourse in a normal manner, verbally or silently, the guide is totally aware.

The response of the guide: If you have not specified the means by which the guide is to respond or have not developed your faculties, the guide will then usually employ the dream state to impress upon your consciousness the response to your question or query.

Advisable? Yes, for this is the means by which you may grow more rapidly. The guide is there to fulfill the purpose the name implies... to guide you as one who knows the path as you walk through the jungle of life. You may not abuse the guide, for that is not possible, nor shall the guide make decisions for you. But it is advisable, and wise to do so, to seek counsel with the guide, to review the decisions and events of the day or the week. But know certainly, that if you seek the commune with the guide, it is done. And if you seek to have a particular type response, and you are willing to program your subconscious mind to accept this response, you shall receive it."

"Can anyone communicate with his or her own guide?"

"All individuals are capable of communicating with a guide. The method of that communication will be in accordance with your ability and your consciousness. It may be through thought implanted, through the dream, or many other forms, but first, in order to reach that state, you must learn to quiet the mind and to quiet the tongue. The guide cannot speak while you are busy. You certainly are capable. If you will apply the time to meditate, you will find that you are fully capable of receiving that information, but he who says that he has not the time to meditate for ten or fifteen minutes twice each day, he has no time to live itself."

"I am a little confused about my guide, because I've been taught about a five member inner-band. I'm wondering if the guide is on that inner-band, of if the guide is a new entity coming in to teach me higher teachings?"

"You have but one guide. The term 'band' or 'inner-band' is one more descriptive adjective from your side, but not one that we truly recognize. Your guide is seeking to clear away the refuse that has been piled around your consciousness, and your guide seeks to bring you understanding and knowledge. But no new entity is necessary, for it would be impossible, or at least not within the realm of probability, for you to consume all that your particular guide could share with you.

It is a natural outgrowth and part of your conceptual thinking to say, that if one is good, then two are better, and three amplifies the energy. We do not have the individual problems in our realm or domain. We are complete. To illustrate the concept more clearly, you are an ego-consciousness operating your physical body in harmony or disharmony with your soul-consciousness. That soul-consciousness is part of your Soul as a parent or an overseer of multiple personalities. You are an individual, part of a total. You are as one segment of the body that is your Soul. Your guide and all guides are not ego-consciousness, are not soul-consciousness, but are Souls themselves. We are complete. We still have much to learn, and that is why we choose this method of learning. We have completed the physical, we have joined with our other selves. We are aware of all that we have ever been, and we have the memory of the beginning of this universe. Time has no meaning to us, for we have stood at the beginning and shall stand at the end of time. Therefore, it is difficult to comprehend the individual that may exceed that which a guide has to offer. If I know not the subject or the matter, with but the thought to know, another is beside me who provides that information, and there is no time to that action. It is.

When, in the concept of dealing with the other dimension, with the dimension of reality as we term our world, yours is the world of illusion and non-reality, the world of polarity. You see each other as different beings; we see you as part of the whole. You see matter as reality; we see it as energy coalesced into a particular form, capable of being remolded. You have many elements in your world, but as you sought to expand consciousness into the other dimensions, you became aware of the energy, the conscious energy that exists in the dimension of spirit, and took unto yourselves spirits as they pleased you, especially those that would most serve the ego, that would provide the excitement, the pleasure, all the secret knowledge, as it is termed. In truth, the guide might appear mundane or ordinary next to such as these, yet they have no true power, nor true knowledge.

Your guide is a being occupying two dimensions simultaneously, capable of taking nothing from this world except that which you provide, desiring nothing, having no direction that is to be forced, but is there to observe and to serve and to guide when requested. Clear the mind and open your consciousness to the one guide that has been with you since the beginning of this lifetime. Shed the energy and communication attempts of all others. If you may have your choice of a guide who is a complete Soul with total awareness of all that it has ever been and that of an ego-consciousness that has survived, one that does not know the total sum of itself, which then would you choose?"

"I would want the guide like you are."

"You have one. Speak to it. Name it. Open your mind to it and discard these extraneous concepts and adjectives. The concept of interdimensionality is essentially a simple and natural one. Man in his imaginings seeks to create a complexity. At times we wish we could return your complex creations to your plane of reality and rid our planes of these toys of your mind."

"I received information from my guide about my son obtaining a very important position. My guide said, 'definitely yes,' but my son has not received the position. Was the communication from my guide correct or was it my imagination?"

''The guide may not say, 'definitely yes,' for there is no definite tomorrow. The guide had indicated a high probability, but your consciousness filtered it and translated into an affirmative. Until a decision is made by the people involved, the answer is neither yes nor no. The probabilities exist for success, but that is not to say that other elements may not enter in.''

"Well, are the communications that I am receiving really from my guide, or is it my mind or what?"

"You have just answered your own question. It is a combination. You must learn to submerge more of yourself while listening to the guide. You are receiving, but you are translating. You are adding the imperative where it was only a possibility."

"How can we distinguish between communications being a product of our mind as opposed to communications with our guide?"

"When the guide speaks, the guide does not command. The mind commands. It is a quality of the information and the manner in which it is presented. It is also that the guide does not speak unless you have opened your mind to listen."

"I am concerned because so many people come into this area of knowledge and awareness that we call the psychic and seem to accept totally what they are told by their so-called spirit guide. I was informed by someone yesterday, for example, that their spirit guide had told them that they only had fifteen years left to live. I cannot believe that a guide would make such a statement."

"You are not in error. No guide would make such a statement, though a guide might, depending upon the individual, acknowledge that time was indeed short where that individual's purpose and work required such knowledge in advance. But if that were the case in normal, then we should provide that information for many, but it serves no purpose, for even that moment of termination is seldom determined that far in advance unless the years be extremely advanced. It is known to the Soul, for example, that at birth that particular individual may live for sixty or seventy years. Another may be potentially given eighty or ninety years. We do not round an approximate without reason, for the absolute time is not chosen at birth, and there is a variable dependent upon the body's experience, the consciousness, and the Soul's success or failure in achieving its goals. When an individual has reached the latter portion of their life, it is then more clear, but we have found over time that it is an impediment for you to know such things, for no matter how the consciousness is balanced, it becomes an influence upon the decisions. Decisions should be made with an open consciousness, not with a predetermined knowledge.

The ability to receive is increasing as individuals learn to develop their ability to listen. The number of falsehoods will increase, as will the number of those who misguide, though they be not negative in their total sense. We have never said that one should take the word given as absolute truth just because it is given. All words given by spirit, or by man, must be tested and examined within, and if they be truth, kept, and if they be falsehood, thrown aside, for there is no voice upon your earth that you may call absolute, and there is no identification of voice in spirit that you would know is absolute. Even the lowest of the higher planes have individuals and guardians whose energies would so awe your consciousness that you would assume it was the Deity itself; and yet, they are amongst the lowest of the forms."

"The person to whom I was referring seems to be blindly accepting the directions they are being given, and when I queried this, that person said, 'Well, I have tested these statements and found them to be correct.' I know that those who come in (spirit guides, etc.) seek to gain the confidence of the person that they are working with or through, and once having gained that confidence, then distortions often creep in."

"We have seen even those who have great experience deceived and fooled. Unless the individual develops the clairvoyant and clairaudient faculty, it is difficult for them to know from whence cometh the information. Not only may one give truth only to later deceive, but one who gives truth may also be replaced by one who deceives at another moment. It is however, the responsibility of that individual and their Soul to seek their internal guidance, and if they fail, it is their failure and not the teacher who opened them."

"Can a guide come in animal form?"

"In ancient time, we did such things. There were times when men would only accept animals as their deities or guides, and we even took the form of the hippopotamus whom they worshiped. But it is not in these times that we do such things, unless you be an aborigine or of those tribal groups who still hold such ideas."

"What kind of spirit uses the Ouija Board for communications? Are these communications of quality?"

"It is not often that such a device produces the quality communication. It is not impossible for a guide to agree to respond in this manner, though it is not likely. The consciousness of those who have crossed over may communicate in this manner, both intelligent and non, but you have no clear manner by which to know which is which. A negative energy or a positive consciousness may seek to communicate, for it is an uncontrolled vehicle. You do not need crutches. It is a crutch! Your consciousness is the only instrument you require. Seek to develop 'me', for it requires more energy to operate the Ouija board than it does to dwell upon the guide and establish communication.

It is important to recognize that the purpose we serve here is not to entertain you. Our purpose is to assist you in your growth, assist you in your development, to accelerate that spiritual process by an interoperation between you and your guide. We are here to teach, to guide. We do not command. We are consciousness as you yourself are. We have moved through more classrooms at this point in time; we share our comprehension, and our message is primarily clear. We are beings. We are what you have been and will be and truly are. It is you who are caught in the illusion and the physical form. Your plane of existence may be a beautiful classroom if you will seek to make it so, but it is not worthwhile to seek for a moment a week or one day a month. It is a constant application of energy.

You have the power within you to change the world. In times past, man was capable of greater acts of consciousness. There are many who are fascinated with the concept of the ability to produce that which you term an apport, a materialization. Energy is a constant thing. Your universe is composed of energy as you yourself are. You are part of it, and there is no other force of consciousness as great as your own is in the control, the direction and the manifestation of matter.

You have all of the gifts that you require. What you now require is to learn how to use them.

You do not approach a forest and say, 'I do not believe this exists, there is nothing in it.' You must first walk through it to experience it and know it, and then you may analyze it. Negativity occurs when you are outside of the light, for you are clinging to that which is not harmonious for you. There will be many forward steps in consciousness, and many in this room shall find their consciousness expanding and opening to even greater degrees than you anticipated. There is no other side, for we are with you. Your language separates us, but your love and our love meet in the common boundary of time and space. We have chosen to serve, as someday many of you shall. We learn through your experience, and we sorrow with your sorrow. There is no Soul which has ever ceased to be.

The entity (Richard) has often requested that we limit the utilization of the physical form in order to not create unusual circumstances. We have complied with this to maintain the greatest harmony. We wish to examine you in the physical sense. Therefore, I am choosing to utilize the visual apparatus of the body. If it is discomforting to you, then you may close your eyes for a moment, as I have for this long period of time (David refers to Richard's request to keep his eyes closed during trance sessions.), but we are fully capable of entering your realm of reality. We are not limited in the physical concepts, and if you were providing the necessary energies, we could also materialize the form, but what purpose would it serve? It would become a carnival atmosphere.

Look within your own consciousness, and you shall find all of the answers that you seek. It is not necessary to experience through others, for your guide is capable of providing the necessary experience.

Remember that as you seek to communicate outward with your consciousness, that your guide is always capable of comprehending your smallest thought. When you mentally or consciously direct a specific question or thought to your guide, the response will be received, either in a dream form subconsciously, or as a thought implanted suddenly in your mind."

Question: "Is the New Testament concept of Jesus as the Messiah and the Son of God correct?"

"That is a theological argument. You are all sons of God and daughters of God, and no one shall save you. You shall save yourselves through your own spiritual growth; and yet, the terms may be interchanged. It is not a man who may come and erase what you must learn. No one else may learn for you, but many teachers come that show us the way. It is possible to erase the karma of the past. You do not need to experience it, you must comprehend it in balance.

There have been many teachers for man, and each of them, for those who followed that teaching, represented a Deity or the Force of the Deity. In each one of you is the spark of the Deity. Did not that same teacher say, 'It is written that ye are Gods?' To allow one concept to supersede or overtake others is an example of the limiting consciousness of man. Even he who considers himself an atheist is not that much in a state of imbalance if his life is in harmony with his fellow man. You have personalized and individualized the Deity to conform to your image of what the Deity should be. You are not yet capable of comprehending your own Soul , nor can you even yet communicate with your Soul, yet you would define, limit, and structure the Deity that brought all into being. Be patient and seek your spiritual growth through whatever religion or path, but be aware that all paths shall lead you home."

Question: "The Bible refers to an Armageddon at the end of the world. Is this to occur by 1998?"

"It is not, and we shall be surprised if it occurs for thousands of years."

David Speaks From Venezuela (December 1984)

"We have a message which may serve little here (in Venezuela) , but is intended for the Messenger and all those who are in the area of Florida.

There are many who have questioned or asked, what is the opinion of the Brotherhood, or myself, relevant to the entity's presence here in South America? We do not find this a strange occurrence, for it was not an accident. Accidents do not occur; they are created. For seven years, the entity (Richard) and those associated with him did strive to bring the material of the Brotherhood Of Light to those living in the United States. It is still being disseminated there, but the quantity of persons who have been reached is small. The percentage of interest seems always to diminish. There are many souls in this world crying for light. We then, seek to pass with our light bearers, whatever area is possible. For many, because of sociological habits and customs, it is not possible for them to change their country and their language, but within this entity (Richard), we have found at least the potential for that type of success.

We shall continue to provide the material in whatever level is possible, to whatever peoples of this world desire to hear the words of light, the words of truth. We shall not discriminate. We shall not separate one group of people from another for any reason.

There are many who believe that they understand one thing or another of this work better than those who have served in its cause. There are those who would create dissention within light groups. There are those who take advantage of the workers in light. We are here. We have not failed in our ability to communicate. The truth of our words has not failed since the first message was given, and we continue. And, we continue to utilize the same channel that we have used for these past six of your years.

There have been many who have reached out with one justification or another and taken from the source of light or placed obstacles in the path, and we say to you, that the entity, this channel, has given of more than seven years continuous in the work and continues yet to serve in the form needed most and in the areas where we direct. And whatsoever person shall impede or interfere or take advantage of the situation or nature or generosity of the channel shall not know the negativity of the channel, for he has not yet broken that law. Being human, he is always subject to the temptation, but for those who have reached out and taken from him, he has not yet once uttered the malediction or the curse upon them. But we say this, that those who impede the progress of any light worker, this channel or others or whatever person is serving in the light, be advised and hear well: It would be better to receive a malediction than to receive what occurs, for the light shall not be available for those persons in this lifetime. For those who interfere, we shall count them as workers in the force of darkness, and we therefore, shall isolate them and cut them off. They shall not drink of the fountain of light!

These words perhaps seem harsh, but we have understood the thoughts and words and the few letters that have passed, but we need not your written notes to understand the thoughts that work.

It is not important what passes in one sector. There is always another sector, and if our work in that sector termed the United States is to continue, then there shall be there a more cohesive effort to work in harmony and balance. And if that sector shall not, we shall continue to communicate to whatever peoples in whatever part of the world desire to hear the words. Show me, or the Brotherhood, one man or woman who has known the words of the Messenger and has not had a change occur in their life as a result of the comprehension of those things.

We have not lost one unit of power, we have gained power by continuing to reach out. We are impeded at times by the lack of facilities, but remember always, time is to our benefit, for in our dimension, it does not exist. It is you who are limited in the time of one lifetime for these thoughts and these actions... and then there is another, but without the memory of this. That is all for this time."

A Message To All Light Messenger Friends...

Before Richard left for Venezuela last year, we stockpiled several messages from the Brotherhood. As you have probably noticed, this issue contains only one message, the last of our reserves.

In recent time, Salvatore and I, Peggia, have spoken with Richard several times. Although he has been actively working with David, and the Brotherhood has been anxious to resume their channeling, there have been many obstacles. First, the political climate in Venezuela is erratic and living conditions change daily. Second, supplies are very limited and expensive, especially cassette tapes in this case. As Richard explained, the mail system is open, and apparently, tapes which he mailed never reached their destination in the United States. Third, there has been difficulty in finding suitable English speaking participants to sit for the Brotherhood sessions. Of course, the Brotherhood could deliver their messages in Spanish, but then we would need a translator. Consequently, due to a combination of factors, we have not received any new messages from the Brotherhood, and only a few from David, during the past year. Now however, Richard reports that one Brotherhood message has been completed and another is in the works. Also, he is planning to obtain a new computer system which will enable him to link more directly with Sal in Miami, so we expect improvement.

On a more personal note, we'd like to report that Richard has remained very healthy and happy. He boasts that he has lost over 30 lbs. (Was his rejuvenation that successful?), and there is a new Mrs. Rebeck in the picture. He has been working under contract with the Venezuelan government, teaching computer programming at a University. He also has been writing, though not as much as he had planned, and conducts a weekly meditation group in addition to his astrological work. In short, he is actively engaged in bringing enlightenment to his new Latin environment.

Richard, Sal and I want to assure all readers that as long as we have messages from David and the Brotherhood, the Light Messenger will continue. Salvatore is committed and volunteers 100% of his time to Sanctuary of Light activities. I also, will continue to serve as editor, though my time is more limited due to career responsibilities. Richard, we are certain, will keep persevering in his role as the channel. We cannot tell you when the next issue will be published, but it will. Please continue to help this endeavor by providing your love, goodwill, green energy, light and prayers, for together we stand as a beacon of light in this part of the world. We must not let it fade out!

Question: "Is there any possibility that the problems in Central America will be resolved in 1985?"

"The problems in Central America are similar to the problems in other parts. It is caused or created by the interference of other nations. Understand that it is not important to those other nations what transpires. What is important is to create a point of focus so that the other actions of those nations are hidden.

The peoples of Central America suffered at the hands of their salvation, that is, the form of religion they use, but in their desire to change, they took a form more evil than the other. That is the form of materialism and nationalism. There is no reason for conflict in Central or South America, but also, there does not exist a reason for the conflicts in the Middle East. Part of the conflict is to gain commercial power. This may seem strange, but it is a reality. Do you realize that the war of Japan and the United States began as a result of conflict over access to the world market? Without a religion, many people fail to develop spiritual values. Without values, the spiritual, there is no philosophy of life. Without a philosophy, of life, there is always strife and conflict between brothers.

You term communism an evil, but the principle behind that idea is not an evil, only the form by which it is practiced is an evil. Is not a family a communistic unit? Have not other nations in history worked together for a common goal? Have not farmers, for example, worked together to produce a single crop? We do not advocate communism, what we are saying is, recognize how quickly you call a thing evil when it is not the thing itself, but rather the manner of expression.

The conflicts in Central America will not cease until the interference by other nations ceases. It is not their intention to stop in this coming year, they are looking for war. Recognize that the solution for economic depression has always been war. Again, we are not advocates of war, we are simply repeating the lessons of history."

Question: "We, in Venezuela, are having difficulty exporting our oil due to the fluctuating oil market. If the current trend continues, how will Venezuela be affected in the long run?"

"You're dealing with a complex problem. The problem first is that you are wasting, you in the collective sense of the world, are wasting natural resources. This country and others of the organization, OPEC, use the benefit of this natural resource to stabilize and structurize their respective countries. Do you not understand that you have built your castle upon a foundation of sand and that the slightest tremor shall bring it down like a house of cards? The world is beginning to recognize that resources such as petroleum will not always be present and other avenues, other sources of energy, are needed. It is not that people are using less petroleum. They are using more, but using it more efficiently. Therefore, there is less need for the quantity even though the quantity of users has increased.

The fluctuations in price shall continue, and there shall be variations, and there shall be financial problems as a result, but the solution lies not in the structure of the pricing of petroleum. The solution lies in the problem itself, the failure of any country to stabilize its structure upon a broader base and a firmer foundation. If this country or any other country is dependent so totally upon petroleum for its financial stability, then say to you, that country shall fall, even as Rome fell. But if a country utilizes its natural resources wisely and utilizes the financial benefit of those natural resources to develop a broader base, a better foundation to work in the market of the world, then the petroleum shall be a blessing, a supplement, and the fluctuation of price shall not be important. But to be specific, do not look for an improvement in the situation of the price of petroleum within the next two years."

''It is wise to be timid about things unknown, but it is also wise to investigate things unknown, for the unknown is often the truth of tomorrow." ... from the guides.

         Copyright by Richard Rebeck, Peggy Steinberg, Salvatore Cacciola