Light Messenger

Volume 8, Chapter 3


"Spirituality is living effectively in this world!" ...from David

Life Is The Greatest Show On Earth!

Here is a question: Are you satisfied with the quality of your life? But then, how does one measure quality in terms of today's complicated values? Perhaps we should consider the words of J. Krishnamurdi, who said, "Real life is doing something which you love to do with your whole being so that there is no inner contradiction, no war between what you are doing and what you think you should do. Life is then a completely integrated process in which there is tremendous joy."

Like circus troupers, we often traverse the tightrope of life with high ideals and positive aspirations, but day to day stress, pressure, competition, opposition and frenzied lifestyles sometimes divert our attention and challenge our priorities. The secret, of course, is balance. David's opening quote, which was lifted from the text herein, makes a powerful statement worthy of serious contemplation. In the past, we've been given knowledge of many cosmic things, about ourselves, our world and our interrelationships with others. Now, the Brotherhood offers a ballast pole to extend into our daily affairs. We can accept or reject, but if we choose to employ it, we will certainly be one step closer to our goal of living more effectively in this world!

Crystals And More Crystals

On a recent trip to Portland, Oregon, I, Peggia, made contact with a wonderful light worker named June Swanson who is the proprietor of a business known as the Crystal Network of Light. I was so impressed with June and the quality of her crystals that I offered the Light Messenger mailing list to her so that each reader could receive one of her brochures in the mail. If you have been searching for crystals of excellent quality, I highly recommend this source, for these are the clearest and finest crystals that I have seen. Please remember that The Crystal Network is not connected in any way with the Sanctuary of Light, Inc.

Webmasters Note: Peggia is referring to the postal addresses of their 1985 mailing list.

Messenger I - Something New (May 3,1985)

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

It has not been much time since we spoke last (1 year), but for you it has been much time. Was it a day, or was it a year? And is it important, or is more important what you have done with that time? We have said, that these are difficult times, and those are words famous indeed in your language. But we know not of any other time in your history when the spiritual life was more difficult than it is at this time.

It is time for a new type of healing to occur; it is time for a healing of the physical world, of the economic world.

Spirituality is an extension of the consciousness of man. It is difficult to be spiritual or to enter a spiritual state when you are besieged with the problems of everyday, with the pressures of the world, but we say to you that more then than any other time, you need to be in a spiritual state. We have, in the past, explained and talked of the various relationships of yourself and your world. We have reached another level where we may now try to assist you in yet another form.

We have not seen sufficient activity in the work of the Light Messenger... The quantity of readers has not increased any great number and for the fault of those whose address or communications have been severed. In reality, we have reduced. Those of you who read these words, is it true that there are no others who seek the light? Is it true that there are no others who read our message? That is sad to believe, and we believe it not.

It is difficult to be a missionary of whatever type, but we say unto you, be a missionary of the light. There are many who have received the Amber Initiation. There are many who have not, but those who have desired it in spirit, have received it in same and are equal to those who have received it in the physical form. We have, with your assistance, created a sanctuary on the third level or the third plane, but the number who visit there is indeed small; and yet, we are there to teach and to assist and to help. We have created with your hands, a symbol of living fire, the light symbol which now resides in storage, and no more does the light of amber burn as a channel or conduit to pass between this world physical and the world of the Brotherhood. If we have sorrow, it is for the lack of this light, for the light of many colors. And the light of amber is a blessed light indeed, and where that light shines, we are. But we are without the light, without the physical structure, for we are light itself.

Take us with you in your daily work. This is the new message, the new element.

We have many Messengers, and none are limited, but we say this: That if you will call us, if you will call to the Brotherhood, we shall send a Messenger to walk with you to help, to communicate with the guides of other persons in your work, in your communication, in your contacts, in your community. We shall walk with you!

And those who are part of a group, if you shall on the night of the sanctuary manage to come together in whatever time is practical and shall call, then one of the Brotherhood shall stand there also. Not a Messenger, but one of the seven shall stand in that space. And if you call and your energy is in balance and there are no interruptions or distractions in that area, then you shall feel the presence and shall receive the wisdom that is one of the gifts of the Brotherhood Of Light. We can walk, we can talk with the spiritual side of every person.

Let no person be repulsive to you, but if they be repulsive, then call for us to help them. There is no person so evil that they shall not ascend, for all shall ascend someday, and we shall be there to greet them. Remember the balance of your spiritual bank account, and we speak not of dollars and cents, that is for others to speak of. We speak of debts and balances in the spiritual sense. You believe that there are fine gemstones which may well serve for value in your world, but we have colors that may become a gem of vibrations and purity far beyond anything you have ever seen.

Use the ability of your mind to visualize, to see.

When you see that which is not pleasant, that which is out of balance, imagine it in your mind in balance and beautiful and call for us to help to bring it into balance. With your desire, we may help you to direct the energy necessary to correct that problem. If the street is dirty, visualize it clean. If the person is poor, visualize them well-being, and if the person is bad or projects evil, imagine them, visualize them projecting good and doing good and projecting love.

It is a difficult thing to send love, to give love, but it is a necessary thing. Why do you feel more anger and animosity for your enemies? Have we not said to you, that it is better to do nothing than it is to send negative energies or to hate? There is no person worthy of hatred, there are only persons worthy of love, for love is a type of blessing, a type of benediction that once received is never lost.

Do you wish to eliminate communism in this world? If so, stop fighting it with negativity and hatred. Is communism something separate, or is it part of yourselves? Is it not a thing created by man? Then is it not true that you must reabsorb that which you have sent out? And if you are not the originator, what difference does it make if you have the ability to absorb the negative and transmute it to the good? That which is negative feeds upon the energy you project. Give it hatred and it survives. Give it love and it becomes love and is no more what it was. Remember the history of the civilization you termed Rome. It conquered, and in turn, it was conquered by assimilation, not by war, but by absorption.

Reach out in all avenues.

Many times you may not speak freely. We understand that it is difficult to speak to others about the Light Messenger, about the Brotherhood, but it is not difficult to send a positive thought, or to call for a Messenger to help another person. And if you bring us to walk amongst your co-workers, your friends, your neighbors, we shall do so, and if they have that within them that seeks the light, they shall seek you, for if you are in truth, of the light, you are a candle in the darkness. You are a light that shall attract them, and they shall know you with or without your words, for they shall feel the blessings you have received.

And what of these things of value? We say to you, that you have received blessings, and you say in return to us, 'But I need this, and I need that.' And we say, we do not understand, for you have the power to attract that thing to yourself that you really need; but often times, you do not call the things that you need by their name. You will say, 'I need money,' but you need not money. Perchance you need a thing which may be purchased with money, but it is not the money itself you need. We have said to you in time past, that it is wiser to unplug yourself from the society... not to separate yourself, that you may also do, but to have the ability to survive, to be in balance without dependency on all of the things that your society offers.

It is interesting to note that those who live within the balance of the light may encounter all of the problems normally encountered by other men, but within the inner heart of that person, the light is not extinguished by the problems around, and the true worker of light always recognizes the illusion that is in front of him. The world is a world of reality and a world of illusion. It is real, for you are here; it is illusionary when you believe there is nothing more than that. Remember that to us, we are living and you are dead. We have life, and you have not. You have the potential for and will have, but you are embryonic.

Reach out then with our hand and touch the others, and if there be one poor or sick, when you reach out to touch them, not necessarily to heal, but to touch them, to share a little of that love you have with them, when you reach out to touch them, call upon us to help. There are many levels in which we may help, and our hand is there. There is no need to fear anything, but if you feel fear, know that the forces of darkness are near, and if that is so, call upon us. We may not interfere in your life without your call, without your request for help. We may help you, and we may help others through your hands. We may help to eliminate a little of the darkness, but let us take a new approach.

Enter not another home or your own or whatever office or building or vehicle of transport without calling upon the Brotherhood to fill that place or thing with light! Let it be a command upon your lips wherever you go. Call for those things that are most practical. If you must enter another home, then bless it as you enter by calling for the light and balance, and when you enter your own home, bring the light to cleanse, and not on occasion, but constantly.

When you can learn to walk with the light about you, with you constantly in your day, giving love and energy to others, you will find that your needs are met, or those needs no longer exist. Analyze well always, what you need, and you shall find that which you need if it is a true need. But seek not to command, seek not to demand, seek only to share, to give and to be open to receive the blessings that are yours.

The Brotherhood in no way is to be an object of veneration or to be prayed to or worshiped. The Brotherhood Of Light are spiritual beings who have advanced and now hold open their hands to help others reach the same level. They are servants of the light, servants of the Divine, of the ultimate thought of the Ultimate Being whom you limit with the name God and the polarity of masculinity or femininity. But when we eliminate all such things, all limitations, there is still an essence, the Divine Essence, that exists and flows amongst us and lives within us and shall always be. You may close your mind and you may close your heart, but you may never eliminate the Divine Presence within, for it is the heart of your heart. It is the center of your being, and it is the foundation of your soul.

When you see as the worms sees and not as the eagle, it is difficult to understand the world, but remember also, that the eagle has vision distorted, and he sees not as the worm. While you live upon the physical plane, you may not see as the eagle sees. Let us then be the eyes of the eagle for you, and let us work together to bring the light, to share the light, to anchor the light and to work together to continue the implementation of the Divine Plan, the Divine Goal, that was in the beginning and is and never has stopped or changed. But move slowly or rapidly based upon our collective desire. And... the desire of the Brotherhood Of Light collectively, in harmony, unanimously, is to help you in your spiritual growth as you help others! That is the end of this message."

Note: For new readers, the night of the sanctuary as mentioned herein, is Wednesday. For more information about the sanctuary and the amber light symbol, see Volume 1 & 2 issues.

David Relays Message From The Guides (May 3,1985)

"It is important to maintain the groups. Those who fail or fall apart because a little time passes shall not be counted amongst the workers. One teacher, one voice, is nothing more than that. There are many teachers and many voices, but those who know well, have taken the lessons carefully that were given by any teacher who passed. And if he passes not again, it is no loss, for when the teacher is needed, he will be there, or if he exists and you know him, you will find him if you need him. But more important than the person are the words that are given, the messages, the lessons. It is not my presence that is important, or the presence of the entity, or our words individually, it is the truth that lies within them.

We have said, form groups that come together to share, to meditate, to heal, for these groups shall represent anchors by which the light may enter and continue to flow. The world is surrounded by darkness; we seek to illuminate. There is a shroud about this dimension; we seek to puncture it with light. We seek to bring the sunshine of spirituality, but we are but servants of the light. We do not have the power to order or control your universe, and little do we desire to do so. We do not seek your help to do a thing that we would do; we need your help to help you.

If you seek the light, and if you seek our assistance to maintain the presence of the light in this world, then you must create the foundation, the anchors by which that light may continuously be brought forth. And if you cannot come together for one or two hours a week, then we may not continue to provide you with that energy. It is not our condition; it is your world. You must open the door for the positive forces, even as you have, through ignorance, opened the door in the past for negative forces."

Davidic Discourse (May 3,1985)

As readers may have surmised from recent issues, the Sanctuary of Light and the work of the Light Messenger has been severely tested since Richard's departure for Venezuela, although in recent time, there has been much improvement. In Richard's absence, a few of his former students, in their eagerness to grow and serve, accepted the guidance they received from the spirit world without question. New channels and new messages sprang forth, some valid, some apparently not. As I, Peggia, was appraised of this new information, I began to feel more and more uncomfortable with what I was hearing and sensing. Consequently, I contacted Richard in Venezuela and asked David to provide some insight and clarification. The first discourse below is David's response.

The Brotherhood Of Light And Other Channels

"For the Light Messenger and for the light workers in the area known as Florida: We are not unaware of the things that have transpired, nor is the Brotherhood unaware. We are disturbed by the patterns we have seen, by the energy we have observed, and by the attempt to change or corrupt the direction of the Light Messenger.

Let us affirm clearly that this vehicle of communication is a vehicle of the Brotherhood Of Light and shall cease to exist when this channel, this entity (Richard), ceases to exist or ceases to function in the capacity of a channel! Nor shall any other person or channel be utilized, for to do so would allow confusion and doubt. For reference, we give you the Great White Brotherhood which was, as we have said, a valid channel. That channel terminated but was continued falsely by many who, even today, continue to use that name. When the Brotherhood Of Light, or any other spiritual group, desires to help or communicate, they choose one channel for one sector of the world, and when that channel functions no more, that series of communication is terminated until such time as it is deemed practical to continue or to begin again with a new channel.

We do not pass from one channel to another, nor have we seen in those that would call themselves channels the reality, the truth, the energy of balance and the ability to discern clearly between a true guide and false information. We do not desire to judge any communication or channel, but remember that there are many who can communicate with their guides. That is not to say that those guides are intended or are trained to communicate with the mass consciousness. In general, a guide is chosen to serve the needs of one individual. There are individuals who have guides that may communicate in the manner that we communicate, but there are not many.

And hear us well: The channel that is called (anonymous) is not a channel of higher energy, but rather, is a channel which is sporadic in validity, and at times, can be used by the forces of darkness. It is not the intent of the channel, but it is the result. The other channel that has been involved with our workers is a channel that lacks the depth or ability to reach beyond a certain level. The guide entity called (anonymous) has indeed some ability, but was not chosen or selected in the beginning for this type of work, nor does that entity have the experience or the ability to assess the broad spectrum of information that is necessary. Remember that the dark forces may work well with even 97% of the truth, for 3% falsehood can deteriorate and corrode any foundation.

We have never said that you must follow us. We have always said, hear what we say, analyze, test the voracity of our words, our message, within your own heart, within your own consciousness. And if for you they are not truth, then reject them, and if they be truth, then keep them, but do not in any way, shape or form seek to distort or misuse the information. There are certain expressions common in your language, and to quote one of your teachers in part, ' It would be better not to have been born, than to suffer the consequences of distorting the truth, the messages of the Brotherhood Of Light, or seeking in whatever way or form to interfere with the communications and delivery.'

No person or persons are obligated to work in the light, but if you offer your services, you must fulfill your word, your offer, or you have served the other side. We are not frustrated, we are not angered, but we will not be distorted. We threaten not. We do not wish harm or imbalance to whatever person, but we are well aware of the consequences of the improper use of energy and balance.

There are many opinions and many ideas that have passed in the past year. We have not failed to continue. We are occupied trying to reach a larger base, a larger percentage of the population of this world. We found not the willing hands in quantity sufficient in your area. We continue to bring you the information and the messages, but at the same time, we seek to continue to bring the truth wherever it may be welcome. And for those who have short memories, the absent one, as you have termed the entity at times, is never really absent, for when a light worker has passed your way, forever that energy is there -- the blessing, the benefit, the lessons. No one has a claim or a priority to the time or life of any other person.

Your world has many problems -- your country, your state, and yet, you are occupied, many, with petty matters. Small wonder then, that the other problems continue to exist. We do not fail to credit those who are working diligently to bring the light in many sectors. We know you, and we know your names well, and we continue to support all light workers of whatever belief who continue to serve others without selfish desire."

The Philippines And Democracy

"In response to many of the situations and questions about the world today, remember what we have said in the past. Look to our words, for now, many years have passed. Is not this the eighth year of this channel? And in that time, have we spoken falsely, or spoken an untruth? Have we not described the conditions that existed and would exist, and have not those things come to pass? Many times we have said, you are the cause, you are the solution.

The world has many problems. That sector you call the Philippines has fallen, but it has fallen because the structure that existed was corrupt; and it was a system supported by your system, and it was corrupt. But your system is not corrupt! Your system is a system of justice and liberty and equality! (said with tongue in cheek) The system in the Philippines was corrupt. It was not a democracy; it was a dictatorship, and the people rebelled and took the alternative because it was called a democracy. Therefore, they said, 'Then democracy is evil, let us take communism.' But how could that be? It was supported and financed in part by your system. How can that which is pure support that which is impure? A difficult question in whatever time. The situation in the world has changed little. The wars exist still, and we have not seen an abatement of the conflicts between peoples.

How can we provide assistance if you do not provide the anchors, the connections, the roots by which we may channel the light, the energy that can be used? And how can we, limited by universal law to non-interference, how can we provide you energy in a continuous form when you fail to concentrate your energies and work together? Yes, there are those, but it is similar to holding candles. If every light worker in the world burned one candle, it would still be difficult to see the light. But if they were together, working together, communicating in harmony, that light would be most evident. We do not desire to criticize any, nor are we frustrated. It is your world. It is your future. It is the tomorrow of your children. You have sought us. You have called; we have responded."

The Weather

"There have been questions about the weather. We have spoken of the weather at other times, but there is no specific action by one group or another with the deliberate intention of distorting the weather. That is granting too much credit, but it is the result of the actions of individuals, of countries, but more in the lack of control, of testing of weapons, of explosions, of pollution, and you are filling the skies with jets of supersonic capacity. What is the planet Earth but a type of spaceship, and if it were designed properly, it would have motors or thrusters to control the direction and motion. Certainly, one small jet is not very much energy, but when you accumulate a large quantity and you produce changes in the upper atmosphere, and you continue to utilize atomic explosions and testing of high energy, you will produce those changes in your world. And they will continue, and it will be more of a problem."

Religion And Spirituality

"In the structure of the world today, the political and economic situation has not changed in the past year. It has worsened if anything. It is not a pleasant time in this world, but those of you who receive this message are living in greater comfort and luxury than all of the other parts of the world. Your children are not dying of hunger. Your family is not being murdered while they sleep. Your cities are not being burned and bombed and destroyed, and at least on the surface, you have an element of freedom.

There are many, many channels. There are many individuals in the world today that seek to do good. Many of them are misled; many of them are blinded by one belief or another. Hear us well: Follow whatever creed or belief you wish, but remember, that any creed or belief which denies the equality of man and fails to recognize that all religions, all creeds and beliefs, will lead ultimately to the same goal... Any creed or religion which fails to recognize that idea, that ideal, is false and serves not the cause of man and serves not the cause of light, but rather serves darkness, for wherever there is dissention, there is darkness. Wherever there is a difference, there will be hatred and jealousy and animosity, and where these exist, there is no light.

Do not abandon your faith in things spiritual, but do not build your spiritual future on foundations that are corrupt. Your belief, your interrelationship with yourself, your higher self, and the Ultimate Being or Presence is more important than any structure or organization or religion. Religion exists to serve mankind, but mankind is serving religion.

There is no deity that wishes for you to suffer. There is a presence of love and positive out flowing energy, and that energy is always symbolized by light; and it is not limited to one color or one ray. The light Divine could only be called a white light or by any other name, a light of rainbow colors. It is interesting to note that those organizations which in their foundation sought to eliminate narrow-mindedness and bigotry, have become bigots and narrow-minded. Today, in that section of your world which you call the United States, you have more religions existing there in the different types of organizations than in whatever other part of the world. You have dissected the truth, and each has a part and calls the other's part false, but they are all part of the one; and the one is never divided.

You look for salvation in many empty spaces, but salvation will be found only within yourself.

There will be no Zion of tomorrow. There will be no Redeemer passing in the skies to resolve your problems, but there will be a tremendous change, a tremendous spiritual cataclysm of a positive nature when you take the initiative to change yourself, your community, your family, and your world! And there is no spirit or force in whatever dimension of whatever universe that will do anything until you begin to do something! And if you believe that tomorrow will be a bad day, indeed it shall be! And if you believe that you need to suffer for some mysterious karma that you do not understand, then suffer you shall, but the chains of slavery are not bound tightly and are self imposed.

Step into the light! Shed the chains of slavery and breathe the free air of a spiritual being who knows no limits, who is not bound by physical needs or desires, but rather can use them in harmony and balance. Your ancestors, the founders of this physical world, the civilizations that you know nothing of, had greater peace and balance in a spiritual level than you have seen in the last five thousand years. How can you condone the crime in your streets, in your cities, in your homes, and do nothing? Spirituality is living effectively in this world! Effectively, not inefficiently! You have the power in your hands! You have the power in your minds! All of your blessings, your spiritual gifts, are there to use, but you must reach out to use them; and when you take them, you must use them wisely.

Does it seem at times, that we wish to castigate? That is not the truth. Are our words harsh and difficult? Think why it is then necessary for us to speak in this manner. What is it to see a brother or sister enslaved by their own lack of desire, by their own ignorance, by their own hand and at the same time, crying out for help. One of your great teachers said that it is not necessary to pray for anything, but that only you need to pray in thanksgiving, in recognition of that which you have, but even the followers of that teacher continue to pray for things. You have them. They are in your hands, they are in your power! And if another does not wish to be changed, if another does not wish your words or to hear your thoughts or to know your love, then pass on to yet another and another. It is more important to touch the heart of one person in this world in your lifetime, than all of the other accomplishments you might have."

Messenger II - Cash In Your Blessings! (May 8,1985)

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

There are times when our messages seem severe or harsh. If that is so, then it was necessary, but at this time, we wish to speak of other things. Many times, we have spoken of the forces of darkness; and we name them not, for it is wise not to name them, for to name a thing is to call it or to cause attraction. There are many types of forces of darkness, and the majority are creations of your own actions, but let us speak of the opposite side. The question often asked is, 'What is a blessing? What is the benefit of spiritual assistance or spiritual health, illumination, and what can it do for me, and how can I use it?' These are often the thought patterns or the questions in the minds of individuals.

It is said, that you must maintain spiritual equilibrium, but what does that mean, and what does that do? Mankind has a free will and may choose to take whatever course he desires, and others may be affected by that decision. Therefore, the law of balance, the natural law that exists and maintains all universes and all dimensions in harmony and order, dictates that one dimension may not interfere with the other dimension without a request and without one being of that dimension calling for the help or assistance.

When you call for a blessing for yourself or for another person, it is the same thing as calling for the light to be around you, but what benefit is that? Is that tangible? Does it produce anything for you? Indeed it does! Consider yourself, the real self, the consciousness occupying a physical body. That consciousness and that body are connected to another dimension, and that connection may become distorted or corroded or broken. And when we reach to the other side for help or for assistance or for a blessing, we are in effect repairing that connection, that interrelationship.

To recognize a thing is to give it life. To recognize a thing is to restore its balance. You cannot function without your spiritual self. Your physical form may exist for a finite period of time without that connection, but you, the consciousness, cannot endure without that source of spiritual energy. At other times, we attract to ourselves or pass through areas where energies are negative. We tend to collect those negative energies to ourselves, and the influence or pressure or presence of those negative energies may influence our actions or decisions or the reactions of other peoples or persons toward us. Reaching for a blessing or for spiritual assistance or for the light eliminates, cleanses, restores the balance of your being.

A candle may provide much light, but in a fog it is difficult to see it. The fog of darkness may pass around you, not by your choice, but by your actions or the actions of other persons. At times, you are the recipient of negative energies sent your way by other individuals, but one who seeks the blessings and energy and light from the dimension of spirit has about him or her a shield which prevents the entrance and the effects of such negative energies. You can receive your blessings or your light or your energy in whatever quantity you need, or perhaps we should say, in accordance with your ability to believe, for you cannot receive any more energy than is possible within your belief system.

When you seek the assistance of a particular individual of the spiritual realm, whether it be your guide, another being, a teacher, or one of those servers of the light, they may not change or move one grain of sand in your world without you. But through you and with you and with your conscious interaction, they can provide you with the keys and the tools to move mountains. It is not that they are powerless; they have great power within their dimension, within their reality, but just as you cannot move the course of one star, they cannot alter the physical structure of this world without your interaction.

Many seek for blessings or assistance without seeking to learn how to receive those blessings and how to use that energy and assistance. Your illnesses, your diseases, are things which can be eliminated. What is a spiritual being? It is a person, an individual, who has a constant conscious awareness of the existence and presence of the spiritual world and its beings and the knowledge that that world coexists with this world, but in yet another dimension; and yet, we are connected through some type of interdimensional communication. The mechanics of such things or the physics are not important. They exist, and you can demonstrate them for yourself. You can feel and know and see the difference with the use of spiritual energy, with the use of the blessings.

The word 'blessing' had its foundation in the expression 'well said'. There is a fountain of truth there. When you speak well of another person, you are indeed blessing that person. When you speak well of a principle or of a country, you are sending a blessing, and when you speak ill of a person or thing, you are in effect cursing it, taking from it energy. It is the negative thought that destroys.

It is the positive thought that creates and builds.

Certainly, negative thoughts will pass through your mind, but a thought without expression has no force. That which you have put energy to, that which you have uttered, that which you have said, will become part of the reality. Guard well your words about others, about yourself. The energy of one individual is a fragile thing, and it ebbs and flows like the tides of the ocean, and at times, it is very low, and at other times, it is very high. And when you pass other persons in your life, in your work, in your day, if you are not mentally reaching out to bless them, then you are losing energy to them or attracting their negative energy to yourself. But when you reach out with your mind to bless each and every individual, you are shielding yourself with the light, you are part of the light, you are the light!

Strange is it not, that man has the power to open the door where his blessings are stored, and he spends a lifetime searching for those blessings when he need only open the door. The door is your consciousness, your conscious thought pattern, your actions. Yes, positive thought will create results! Yes, blessings sought for, given or received, do have a result! And yes, to think about the light, to visualize or imagine that you are part of the Divine light that brought this universe into being, that you are one with the universe and that there is no thing in this universe that you are not part of, and all things are part of you.

Your mind is not limited to your physical body.

You could reach out and become the universe itself in your consciousness. You could know the furthermost reaches of the infiniteness of space, but first to achieve any of these things, you must make an attempt to believe or to open your mind.

What you believe is the truth for your being.

What you believe is the foundation of your reality, and what you disbelieve shall be your limitation. You are not limited by the world! You are not limited by other men! You are limited only by your own ability to imagine. It is true that what the mind of man can conceive, he can achieve. But you need another type of food, a spiritual food, a source of energy, for without that source, your world would not exist, your body would not continue, and your consciousness would not have a vehicle in this dimension.

You must maintain the connection with the spiritual side of yourself.

What then is meditation, but an attempt to maintain that connection. To think of a thing is to call it. To dwell upon a thing is to be part of that thing. It is not important if you call a thing by another name. It shall be the same. If you call it a moment of prayer or a moment of meditation or a moment of spiritual introspection, is there in truth a difference?

Many reach out to the other side, reaching for others of a spiritual nature to solve their problems, and we say that no being of the world of spirit shall ever solve your problems. We can give you wisdom, we can give you the keys, but only you can solve your problems. Only you can help bring a blessing to other persons. In this dimension, in the dimension of spirit wherein we live, we may help you. We may help you, we may teach you. We may enter your dimension when you grant us permission. We may teach, but we may not interfere. We would see each and every person happy and healthy.

When you spend hours preoccupied with your problems, your debts, your needs, you are creating the wall that prevents those things that you need from coming to you. Five minutes a day spent in looking for the light, reaching to have the light about you or to put your consciousness in communion with the light, will produce more benefit than all of the hours spent in preoccupation or worry. Why do you bring your problems to the threshold of spirit? They are your creation, your problem. Come to us and seek light, seek wisdom, seek spiritual strength, but come not to us with prayers. Come not to any spiritual being looking for anything, for none of us may solve those problems, but come, if you will, looking for wisdom, looking for the light. The solutions for all problems reside within your consciousness. You only need the light to see them. You cannot see the tools of your life in a darkened room.

But do not worship the Brotherhood or any spiritual being. If you seek to worship a thing, worship the Divinity that exists within yourself or the Divine Principle that brought all beings into existence. Man was not created to worship; man was created to learn, to grow, to experience that which spirit cannot experience. Only through the physical body can you experience the things of the physical world. Worship the miracle of life, but remember that every time you let hatred, jealousy, prejudice, bigotry or any of the seven deadly sins pass through your lips and your mind, you have closed the door to your own spiritual blessings.

Why are you sick? Why are you ill? Why do you suffer? You are masochistic if you suffer, for you need not. You can reach out; but some reach out for a day or a week or a month and say, 'I have received nothing.' If you spend twenty years creating negative energies, have a little patience. It takes a little longer to bathe you. The blessings, the assistance, the help, the wisdom, the light, the truth are always there for those that seek them. But seek them not in the stars, seek them not in the valleys or the mountains or the rivers or oceans, seek them within yourself.

Reach out with your consciousness and forget your pride. You were once taught to kneel to pray, a sign of respect, but too many find it difficult to pay that respect. Kneel to yourself if you need. Humble yourself before yourself, before the higher self that is you, the real person.

It is true that humility is one of the greatest virtues, but the greatest virtue is faith, the ability to believe. It is the children that have the greatest potential if we continue to let them believe, for they have the capacity to believe. One may say, 'I have trusted many and they have done me wrong, each and every one, and we would say, you did not trust enough. You did not give them the blessing. You did not think to bless them, you only trusted them. And if one thousand are bad, still you should look for the one that is good, and if you need to pass five thousand, then so be it, but always seek for the other being of light.

It is a strange world you have. With words and language you can describe the utter most aspirations of your soul, or so you think, and yet, you find it difficult to say to one another, 'I feel comfortable with your energy, I feel good when I am about you, I feel a love in my heart for you.' It would be better to give each person the blessing. In one of your religions you have the expression, 'May the Lord be with you.' We say to you, it is better to say, 'May the light be with you,' for that is more specific and clearer to the truth. Let that be a word for you, not the force. Yes, it exists, it is a power, but the Ultimate Force is love, and love is Divinity, and Divinity is expressed by light, for light is the ultimate cleanser, the expunger of darkness.

We seek to help, because you have called. We have no egotistical purpose to serve. We gain nothing, only the fulfillment of the love that we have for one another and for each and every one of you. Nor do we wish to use superlatives in a foolish and senseless manner. Every moment of a channel is precious, and though we do not open with ten thousand times ten thousand blessings upon you, our thought is constantly with you, and when you are open to receive them, our blessing is always with you. We, and all of the beings of light have poured out an abundance of light and blessings to each and every one of you, but you must reach out with your hearts and your minds to receive them. They are there and always will be.

You cannot be negative part of the time and be of the light the rest of the time. Take a glass of water where the water is pure and put a little mud in the water, and the water is clear no more. A tiny speck of dirt, a small quantity, can muddy up the water. The same is true of your consciousness. If you find your temper failing, reach out when you have control to bless the object of your anger. Reach out to bless yourself to erase any negative energy that may have been created. Reach out with a positive energy to every person you see or every situation you are made aware of. When you hear of one who suffers and send not in your mind a blessing to that one, you have failed yourself.

The truth, the path of light, is a difficult thing to follow and to know, but there will be a time if you will follow the path, that you will walk every day knowing that you are part of the light, that you are the light, and that the light is with you constantly and that you need not a conscious effort, for you will have tuned your consciousness to both worlds at the same time. There are many secrets in the universes, and many seek to learn them, but know this: No one may learn a secret of the universe until they are ready to receive it, and when their consciousness is prepared to receive it, the gift is already there.

That is an important thing. You have been told that the Divine Source is aware of all of your needs, and that is the truth, for you cannot be part of the ALL without the awareness of your needs. That is not to say, that all that you desire is well or good for you, but it is to say that all that are in harmony and balance can pass your way and be part of your blessings, and health and well-being are included in these.

Let not time pass upon words bad spoken. Let not time pass in words of anger. Let not one day pass without seeking the light, without giving the light, without blessing others. You are kings and richer than they, but in the darkness, you are paupers. Come out of the darkness; come into the light! Know the balance and joy of good health, of stable minds, of harmony within your family, within your community, your state, your country! All these things are possible and not in some distant future. They are possible now! You are stumbling over your blessings and you recognize them not. Perhaps you should look for serendipity. That is all for this time."

Question: "What does Richard's leaving for Venezuela mean to our group? What impact will it have on us?"

"Its meaning is to learn self dependence. Its impact, solidarity, or separation, the two paths that are always obvious. Learn to bring and channel within the group. No one individual is the fulcrum of the swirl, and no teacher seeks to keep the student forever. Nor should the student expect the teacher to ever be present, for there are more students and other teachers."

"Is our group proceeding in the right direction? It is sometimes difficult to see the results of our group's efforts."

"The results are there. You see them not, for they are so obvious. It is to be together, and at times, that in itself shall be enough. It is to take that time or part of it to bring the energies in harmony together. It is not a question of not doing enough. It is a question of being. Does the lighthouse do more or less each day, or does it be and let its light shine? It is not a question of the density of the fog, for the lighthouse is a constant source that is immune to the conditions about. On a clear night or a foggy night, its light is the same. Let it so be."

      Copyright by Richard Rebeck, Peggy Steinberg, Salvatore Cacciola