Light Messenger

Volume 9, Chapter 1

"Concentration, in reality, is like a dream. It is a thought given birth. It takes wings and needs no energy to continue."
... from the guides.

"Come Fly With Us!"

Imagine that you are embraced by a clear radiant amber flame of light. Its crystalline brilliance does not burn, but you are cleansed and transmuted as you bask within its essence. You have no eyes, yet you can see in all directions. Beyond the amber you see sparkling, glistening, glittering, iridescent colors of the rainbow in motion. The colors remind you of shimmering abalone, but they are much purer and more translucent than any colors you have ever seen with your physical eyes. You know that you are illumined in the highest truth. You have no ears here, yet you are attuned to the perfect rhythm of your being. You know that you are in harmony with your Soul and with everything else in the universe. You have no hands, yet you can feel the warmth and comfort of the perfect love which caresses you. At this moment, pure unadulterated love of self and every other creation that has ever been or will be is your only reality. Although you have no nostrils with which to breathe, you are aware of the delicate fragrance of life which permeates your astral form. You have no taste buds, yet your consciousness savors the nourishment of healing energy, peace, guidance, enlightenment and wisdom which flows from the fountain of light wherein you bathe. You have found the oasis known as the "Amber Flame" fountain which is located in the Sanctuary on the third astral plane!

If the pressures and stresses of everyday life seem too much for you at times, take a moment to refresh yourself. Traveling to the third plane takes only a thought or desire (your guide can help too) to place your consciousness in the revitalizing fountain of light! Of course, you could choose to go to other favorite places in the mind, but if you wish the ultimate experience for rejuvenation of the spirit and consciousness, there is no better place to go.

May we remind you that on Wednesday evenings at exactly midnight, CST, a member of the Brotherhood Of Light is always present at the Sanctuary? Also, we have been encouraged to use Wednesday evenings for group meditations since the energy is more propitious and balanced on that night. Blessings of light, knowledge and wisdom to each of you! See you at the Sanctuary!

Bits & Pieces

This issue of the Light Messenger begins our ninth year of publication. You will notice that our format is a little different from past issues, but we hope that you approve. At David's suggestion, we are including pictures of the producers and brief biographical data. In addition, were reviewing the evolving story of the Amber Initiation and the Amber Flame Symbol. Over the years as many readers have come and gone, our references to past events and concepts have often left gapping holes with many questions. We hope this issue will provide clarification.

It has come to our attention that another organization/group has been publishing material under the banner of The Sanctuary of Light Network. We do not judge their material, but we would like all Light Messenger recipients to know that the Sanctuary of Light, Inc. is not in any way affiliated with that organization.

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Conversations with David

"My question concerns the disease known as Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. Would you give insight into the origin of this disease? Is there a sector where the disease originated?"

"There are things which are kept from your level, for each thing serves its own purpose. But there are those things of that which we may tell you, but we are not certain that you are prepared to understand them. As is often the case because of our continuous conversation, the entity (Richard) has a partial idea or theory of the origin, and that has its root in a partial truth.

The disease that you are referring to is caused and is not a natural byproduct of nature. It occurs in nature, but it did not exist originally. It is very similar to other illnesses, and its structure is very similar, but you are looking at a disease which was born of the atomic age. You are looking at a disease which reflects symptoms similar to radioactive poisoning, in the ability of radiation to destroy the immune mechanism. Do you not remember that in your studies?"

"Yes, I do."

"Some of the first subjects of AIDS occurred in the year one thousand, nine hundred and forty-five of your time. I believe you call it the month of August. Do you know that time?"

"I know of that time."

"Of the residents of those two cities, some of those that survived did indeed become carriers of the disease."

"Are you talking about Hiroshima and Nagasaki?"

"Hiroshima and Nagasaki." (David corrected the pronunciation of the words.)

"Thank you."

"Their names are imprinted in the astral planes forever! The continued experimentation and radioactive fallout and radioactive waste and radioactive water has continued to produce this disease. Where this disease existed before, and it did exist in another form which was non-effective or neutral to the human form, when it was present in the human body at the time of radiation or irradiation or the entrance of radioactive water or exposure to radiation, and sometimes with only x-rays poorly applied or too frequently, this virus, this microorganism mutated. Some became carriers, others victims. Are you aware that the water of the state of Florida in many sections has a high radioactive count?"

"Yes, I am aware of that, David."

"It is within the so-called legal limit, but it is a level sufficient to trigger this response or mutation in the system. We have, without question, over simplified the structure, but we have answered as directly as we may, the source and primary nature or origin of this product.

But this disease is nothing in comparison with what we see yet to come if there is not a cessation of the toxification of food and water chains with radiation.

You are, through radiation, trying to recreate the universe. You cannot interfere with the genetic chain and the genetic code through radiation and radioactive accidents and toxicity without paying the price. And if control is not made, there will be a time less than a millennia from now when this earth may be a barren desert like Mars."

"David, could you give me a general health scan and tell me what vitamins I should be taking and what foods I need or should eliminate from my diet?"

"You may determine the elimination of food by the pulse test for allergy and by your own common sense to that which is in balance. At your age, you should need no vitamins, but rather should have them within your diet itself. It is not necessary for man to take vitamin supplements constantly; it is only when his body will no longer absorb them from the food. If one must take them, then take the minerals and trace metals which are missing within the soil of this part of your nation, for the sandy soil does not fill them well. But you need not the E or the C or the B, though perhaps your smoking habits do dictate the small amount of C to balance the system."

"Now that you've brought up the subject of smoking habits, I am wondering if you'd comment more on that. A part of myself enjoys smoking marijuana, and another part of myself feels very opposed. I am constantly waging little internal battles with myself about smoking marijuana. Is it wrong?"

"Many aeons ago, we made a drink from dates. I believe you would call it an alcohol. We had other names for it. It was a terrible thing to taste, and yet we drank it, for it gave us a pleasure. All things have their own level. It is not that any one thing in this universe is so totally out of balance. That is a thing which is natural in itself, but when that thing is utilized in excess or becomes the master or dominant force, then it is a tool of darkness. It is natural that a man must beware of all things which bring him balance and comfort and joy and pleasure, only in so much as he does not allow them to become his god. Look to your total being. If you provide the body with dietary balance, exercise, spiritual time for growth and meditation, then we find no imbalance if amongst your other responsibilities, you take time for a peculiar form of relaxation."

"Will you also comment on the use of marijuana and meditation? Does smoking pot cause one to meditate poorly, or does one perhaps open doors of consciousness that way?"

"One opens only doors on the second plane. Doors do indeed open, but they are illusion, for any fetter of the earth or chain of the earth level cannot rise with you. As you would truly rise into the higher plane, if you would, to coin the pun, 'come fly with us', you would not be able to have with you any vibration of that type. Do you comprehend?"

"Yes, I do. We want to ask your opinion of the artificial sweeteners that are on the market. Do they build up toxins in the body, or is there any danger involved with using artificial sweeteners?"

"There is more danger in the free sugar. There certainly is toxin, but those that you term 'Equal' and 'NutraSweet' and the 'Sweet'N Low' have different quantities to produce the same results. Is it not strange that man will drink a stimulant such as coffee, which by nature is so bitter that he must sweeten it? Nature made no error. Consider why you need such a thing, but if you must use one, then test it again with the pulse to see which you are most adapted to and which requires the least amount to satisfy you. Are we clear?"

 "Yes. What about fructose sugar?"

"We are cognizant. Think not that honey or fructose is not sugar. That which can become carbohydrate is sugar still. The pancreas and the adrenal system respond to all equally. One may not be as quick to store as fat within the body, but the insulin knows them all the same. It is no different than your attempt to describe your vitamin C as something different by one source or another. The ascorbic acid is ascorbic acid. It is not changed by the source, nor is there any such thing as the vitamin C from the rose hips, for even as we have told the entity, to produce such would cost more than a thousand of your dollars per bottle. !t is the same with these things. Sugar, honey, fructose are parts of the same thing. Taken in minute quantities, they represent no negativity, but in the quantity that they are consumed within your society, they are an impossibility!"

Messenger I - The Seven Deadly Sins (Sep 15,1985)

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

We are able to follow the idea or continuation of the question of the seven deadly sins. First, know that there are no seven specific sins that are deadly; all sins are deadly and none are. The number is not seven, nor seven times seven, nor seven times seven times seven. That is an allegorical reference. It speaks of the mysteries that are kept within the number seven.

In the concept of the word sin, you have created a negative state. And surely sin is a negative thing, for it is not a positive state, therefore it is negative. There is no sin of the death, there is no sin that is deadly.

There are many errors and each error we may call a sin.

But, if we must look to bring them into an order, certainly each of the seven members of the Brotherhood represent seven categories or seven areas. And naturally, there are seven counter-categories or areas. These things which are the counter would be that which you call the seven deadly sins. The word is an expression in your language and in your Biblical material, therefore we used it in the same meaning, an archetypal symbol of imbalance. Remember the conversations and lessons about archetypal symbols. Whatever thing is held in common by the collective consciousness of the people in form physical at whatever time, that thought, that thing is an archetypal symbol. In your consciousness, and in the consciousness of the world, you have the term sin. Therefore, that is an archetypal thing.

But what is the concept of sin? Is it an act against the Deity? If so, then it must have a consciousness or a desire or a premeditation or an awareness. That is to say, that you must specifically have in mind the idea of working against the Deity, deliberate action against that which is positive, seeking to be part of the evil or negative with a full conscious awareness and desire to be against or contrary that which is positive. That would represent one of the primary elements that one might call sin. We do not view it as such. We view it merely as another stage in the process of learning.

Nor are we preoccupied by those that have fallen into that path. In that sense, was meant the original intention of not worshiping other gods, for there you are speaking of an opposition. Those that would worship the devil, as you call him, the Satan worshipers, they are indeed falling prey to this particular element, contrariness to the principle of Deity. It is not that a man calls the Deity by another name that labels him as worshiping another god. It is only when his god in his mind opposes the collective or universal god or archetypal god of the collective consciousness of the people living.

Certainly, one of the members of the Brotherhood represents the principal of Deity. They are not Deities; they represent in reality all of the principles of Deity, but there is one who represents that thought consciousness that exists in the mind of man.

But we say to you, if you are against the Deity, then who are you in truth against? Are you not, in reality, against yourself, for are you not the Deity that you worship? What a strange paradox is man, that he can believe in the existence of a god, then declare that god to be false and worship another which is in opposition to the first; and yet, the first is but a creation and projection of himself, for within him is that god. Then viewing it from the Divine viewpoint, does not that seem to be a bit ridiculous or even humorous, or pitiful, depending upon the extreme? In that element, you have the first of the so-called seven deadly sins.

The next principle is the principle that is the foundation of right and wrong. And we speak not here of law, for law you know not. As we have said, you make laws to break them. The society in balance needs no law, for each individual understands his responsibility and his obligation. But here, once again, we come to the second element, and what is that second element?

The second divine principle which can be opposed is the principle of love itself.

Love, in the perfect ethereal sense of the word, love, in the spiritual manifestation of its energy, love, the first principle of harmony in the universe... We might refer to the interharmony of atomic particles and their co-relationship one to another to form the perfect human body as an act of love. In that, we would be speaking of love like unto a thing of balance and symmetry, and that it is. But love is balance and symmetry activated by consciousness and expressed outwardly and inwardly in the same moment to bring all other beings into harmony and balance and symmetry with yourself, or you with them to be, to be one. Can the toe not love the foot and can the foot not love the leg? Ah, but you say they lack the consciousness. At times, their cohesiveness, their bond and desire to work together, is a greater expression of love than that which man knows, for they do indeed work together. And unless they be severed, they continue to work together for as long as the physical form exists. And yet, what is man?

Man is god.

Can a god not love himself or itself? If we were able to divide our consciousness in two parts, would we then have antagonists and opposition between two halves of the very same thing? If you take an apple and cut it in two, is not the juice as sweet from one half as from the other? And are they not of the same thing? And might we not call that interrelationship, that interharmony, that identicalness, a type of love expressed without consciousness? Now pass to express that with an active consciousness, and we look for a manifestation of action, but where does that fall? That falls between each and every member of that race which you term human, and by the definition of the word, at times, is inhuman. Are you not peas of the same pod? Are you not brothers and sisters? Are you not creatures of the earth and spirits of the other plane at the same time? Can you hate the physical and love the spiritual? Can you hate the spiritual and love the physical? Can you love yourself and the principle of Deity and not love your fellow man? We have said it is difficult to do this thing, to express love, but the second of the deadly sins is hate.

Hate is like acid; it is corrosive. It erodes and destroys. Love is the neutralizer, the unifier, the catalyst that binds. Where there is love, there is one. Where there is no love, there are many.

This planet and all of its people are one. Then why do we appear differently? We appear differently because we are individuals and because that is part of the educational process. That is part of the lesson complete, the lesson being simply that if we are one and yet appear differently, can we see through the illusion and know that we are one?

Not all things are identical when cut in half, and at the best, they are what you term a mirror image; and yet, they are the same. Take a knife and cut an apple in two halves, but are those the two halves or an arbitrary division made by the knife? Is not the apple one thing? And are not the two halves dependent upon your precision with the knife and the angle at which you attack the apple? You may cut it in half vertically or horizontally, both are halves. Nature is not perfect; nature is perfect. Nature is perfect in that things exist in harmony with themselves and only the creatures of consciousness seek to destroy that harmony. Therefore, that which you term hate in place of love represents the second of those sins deadly, deadly in time, but not in eternity.

One could say that one needed no other sins but those two, for in those two we would have the expression of all that is. Unfortunately, that is not the case, for in his desire to be of the other side, the other side of himself, man is constantly interpreting and reinterpreting the basic message of things. You have within your Commandments the one that says, 'Thou shalt not kill'. We believe that that is a strange commandment for you.

But yes, one of the Brotherhood represents the principle of life, the principle of life eternal. And the opposite of life eternal is death, and death does not exist, even as hate does not exist, even as false gods do not exist, but exist only in your creation and in your consciousness of this moment. There is no death, but there is the death; there is the death of the physical, but there is no death of the consciousness. You cannot escape the need to learn. You cannot turn off your consciousness, nor do you truly desire to do so. In your ego-consciousness you can try to escape, but it is a fruitless effort. You cannot and you shall not cease to be, for you are, you have been, and you shall be for time immemorial. But there is the death physical.

Thou shalt not kill! At what level then is that justified? In your wars, on which side is God? Is there a side which is right in war? There are those, who radical in their thinking, would declare that certainly there is a right and a wrong side in war. If it is a war of words or ideas that leads not to action violent, then we could agree that at one point, there would be one side that would be more right than another. But where there is death, there is no right. Where there is one dying as a result of violence, there is no right. And we do not excuse the death by accident, for there are no accidents. The man who loses control of his car and dies in an accident alone or with others, lost control of his car because of an act of his own. With the exception of leaving the physical body at that moment, that is a natural death occurring during that moment. That individual has left this life, or has killed himself, through carelessness or through violation of the law through lack of attention, or another has aided him in that process. The interconnection is very complicated.

Thou shalt not kill! But does that then extend? Does the principle of life say, that thou shalt not kill a human being? Can you show me where that is written? Or does it not say, thou shalt not kill? Life is a precious thing. Life is an opportunity to learn at an accelerated rate. In the plane of spirit, we are often lacking the challenges that physical life produces. But of life, what is life? Are you different from an animal, biochemically speaking? Physiologically speaking, yes, biologically speaking, there is a very tiny difference. Can you take the life of an animal and spill its blood upon the ground and call that act in balance? Is that not a life? It could be so, depending upon the consciousness, but it is not so, and it was not so, and it will not be so. We are well aware of your dietary habits, and we find it amusing to observe those who cry and demonstrate and demand the rights of animals, those types you refer to as pets, but at the same day they sit to eat the flesh of another animal more tranquil and more peaceful than their pets. Is that not a paradox? Your societies for the prevention of cruelty to animals would think it cruel indeed to eat a dog or a cat, but there are parts of the world where they are considered a normal food, and there are parts of the world where they consider it a sacrilege to eat a cow.

The law is clear; thou shalt not kill.

Man is not perfect and when he is perfect, he no longer needs to have the physical existence. But you have asked, "What are those sins?" and we do respond.

Now, we have those which seemingly are clear. There is another which is similar to the first, but different. It is different, for it is not an element of worship, though it has the attributes of that, and that is the element that deals with greed or lust, desire. That is a strange word again, for it can be used to express the thing that is positive and negative. The desire positive is a beautiful thing. The desire negative is a negative thing. The desire negative desires to take for itself and to leave nothing for others. It is the desire to possess, to control, to obsess, and that desire is an obsession that obsesses the obsessor.

And what is the opposite of greed and its desire, but generosity, which is a form or expression of love, and yet, is an extension that needs to be separated. The desire to give and to share is contrary to the desire for greed and individual desire or fulfillment of those desires. The lust is included. If you look at a thing and desire it, that is not in itself a negative act, but if the thing be the possession of another and you desire it, and you desire to take that thing or to win that thing or gain it for yourself at whatever cost, that is the act, the negative act. And when the desire controls you, and you are the slave of that desire, regardless of what it might be, that is a form of greed as well.

One could say that all things relate to love. If that were so, then you would have understood many eons ago. They are but one and the same, even as the Brotherhood's seven are one, but we must see them separately to understand them at this time.

Though we would continue the material, we feel that the time of the moment is sufficient for the physical. The form has endured much to continue the number of sessions that have followed. If it be possible, we shall return yet this day, but then, what day is this? That is all for this time."

Question: "What is the astrological significance of a comet in a chart? As a transit, how should it be interpreted?"

"Intensification of energy in the direction indicated by the native's chart. The comet is neither negative or positive. It is an intensification of the energy. If the energy at that point of contact is malefic, or afflicted, then it will increase the negative aspect, and the alternate is equally true. That does not say that one may not take that moment to deal with a problem, but the temptation to fall is greater."

The Amber Initiation
by Peggia Rebeck

The drama of the Amber Initiation began in the early fall of 1977 when the Brotherhood Of Light was as yet unknown to us. At that time, Richard and I were directing the activities of the then Alexandrian Center in Inverness, Florida, and we postulated the thought of a special initiation for members of the Center. Although the seed idea was planted, it didn't take root until December of that year when Richard's guide, David, came through with a brief cryptic message. He told us to use Amber Oil and instructed me to write the initiation saying that I would know how it was to be done. To say that I was surprised would be an understatement, for I had no conscious knowledge of initiations! Subsequently however, we decided to offer the initiations as part of a special Christmas Eve service at the Center, and when I sought guidance through meditation with my own guide, To-Ta-Ten, I received my second surprise. I was told that it was to be an initiation into the Brotherhood Of Light, and I was given the exact words and procedure to use!

David's mysterious message was the beginning of a series of events that quite literally changed my life and the lives of countless others as well. I didn't know then that I would soon be blazing a new trail of light in a path I had chosen prior to this incarnation. For reasons which are clearer now, but still a partial mystery to me, the Brotherhood Of Light requested my assistance to act as their Anointer upon this plane. When I accepted, they assigned to me an additional guide known as, The Armor Bearer, to assist with the work. Soon after the first initiations were performed in 1977, I was given instructions to offer the initiation to all light workers and light seekers who crossed my path. I accepted my responsibility of Anointer as a joyous task, and during the ensuing years, several thousand people have received the anointing. Today, the Brotherhood has also called others to perform this task.

Although initially I didn't realize the full scope of the responsibilities that I was undertaking, I was soon made aware of many things which I had not previously bothered to consider very seriously -- namely, the prophesied and very real 'war between the sons of darkness and the sons of light'. As the Brotherhood began to establish their channel of communication with our group and gave birth to the Light Messenger, they described how the auric field or light of an individual grows more illuminating as one strives to move forward in a progressive path of evolution. The brighter the light, the greater the threat to the forces of darkness. Consequently, the individual becomes more vulnerable to negative forces which seek to snuff out the light. The Amber Initiation, we were told, serves as a means of protection, because it not only co-joins light workers in a vast network with each other, but also strengthens their links to those who can assist directly from the Brotherhood.

The symbology of the Amber Initiation could be said to correlate to a distant time in Atlantis when an amber capstone at the apex of the Pyramid Temple protected a powerful crystal below. Today, the Amber Initiation not only protects the consciousness, which can be likened to a multifaceted crystal, but it also activates and stimulates that consciousness. The primary function of the anointing, as we later learned, is to awaken the many 'high souls' upon this plane who are sleeping in their roles and karmic obligations, incurred or chosen. The Amber Initiation, by design of the Brotherhood, awakens the consciousness to its full awareness of potential in this lifetime.

Other manifestations of the Amber Initiation are varied and uniquely individual. It often acts as a form of exorcism by cleansing one of negative thought forms or obsessive entities which cling to the astral form. In some cases, healing (both mental and physical) transpires, and even such simple things as bad dreams may be erased. Further the Brotherhood has promised that the Amber Initiation can help at the time of transition if the individual remembers to call upon the Brotherhood for help at that time. Each soul who has been anointed shall have guidance and assistance from the Brotherhood during the actual transition experience.

The Amber Anointing is a rare gift from the Brotherhood which can change a life or barely skim the surface of ego, depending upon the consciousness of the recipient. Some are instantly jolted physically, others glean immediate consciousness expansion. Still others receive physical or mental relief from problems almost overnight. Most recipients however, find that the effects are very subtle, often manifesting with profound consciousness changes over a gradual period of time. The Sanctuary of Light welcomes all sharings related to the Amber Initiation. Please let us know if you have a unique experience that we can share with others.

The actual initiation process is very simple and takes less than one minute to perform. Three drops of a very special Amber Oil are utilized in this fashion:

1st drop is applied to the third eye area--

"This is symbolic of the Infinite Source of Light of which you are part."

2nd drop is applied to the left palm--

"This is symbolic of knowledge and your inflowing supply as you seek it."

3rd drop is applied to the right palm--

"This is symbolic of wisdom which you express as a bearer of light."

"Light, knowledge, and wisdom are blessings from the Brotherhood Of Light."

One final comment relevant to the Amber Initiation with respect to children. Although there have been exceptions, generally speaking, we do not utilize the Amber Oil to anoint very young children, but instead prefer to use the oil known as "Love and Laughter". We were cautioned long ago to use the Amber only when there is certainty that the consciousness has developed sufficient reasoning power (usually around the age of puberty) to realize the full potential of the Amber awakening.

Note: The special oil that we use for the Amber Initiation is a channeled formula from "Omar". It is blessed by the Brotherhood and charged by David prior to its utilization in the anointing. Its vibration is so delicate that only the Anointers are allowed to touch it. Hence, it is not available for individual usage.

       Copyright by Richard Rebeck, Peggy Steinberg, Salvatore Cacciola