Light Messenger

(Volume 9, Chapter 2)


Conversations with David

Webmasters Note: As with other conversations with David, some of the material covered here does not relate with the current status of the world. However, lessons can be learned from the material and similar events may happen in the future, therefore, as always, it has been included.

"I am planning a trip to Greece in the near future. Will it be safe for me to travel there?"

"In what we may see of what will be in that time period, there is planned at this time a major strike against this country, wherein it is planned to take a large number of lives in retaliation, and the time period for that is in the May/June period. For that reason, as we have indicated, traveling in that part of the world poses an extraordinarily high risk factor. And it is not an element of individual karma, but rather a karma of destiny, if you so wish to use that word, that affects a people, all those people who occupy this geographic sector of the world. Do you comprehend?"

"Yes. However, how can you explain the fact that I feel so positive about going? If my karma was to be involved in such a situation, wouldn't I have an apprehensive feeling or intuitive foreboding about going?"

"That is not a correct analysis of karma. Let us clarify, and then let us continue the discussion. The point of karma, where it is your individual karma to experience that thing, yes, you would feel or have a sensitivity about it. That is not to say, that it would be prevented. But when your karma is part of a collective karma, that is to say, part of a geographic sector of the world or the nation, when you examine history and find the natural disasters that have taken thousands or ten thousands of lives, there are many who did not have the particular need from a karmic viewpoint for that particular experience, but because they were in that area, they became part of a collective karma. And where they had the opportunity, whether it was sensitivity or the advice of others, where they had the opportunity to avoid and did not, they, of course, had left. Remember the President Kennedy who was warned by many, including friends of a very close nature, including the Evangelist whom you term Billy Graham. All had the prevision of his death, and yet, he who had a great sensitivity, felt nothing at that time. We are not saying that you are marked for termination. We are saying that the probability of difficulty or danger is higher in that part of the world in that particular time. That is not to say that that does increase the potential by 20, 30, or 40%. Possibly it represents 10% more risk or 15%. We are not assigning a number. Logically, you would recognize that the risk is greater without our advice. We are simply aware that a great strike is in the process. If one were to enter that part of the world, if this entity had the necessity to go there, we would have him enter that part by ground transportation and not by the use of aircraft passing over the Middle East itself, but rather entering from Europe. Do you understand?"

"Yes. In this particular case, you are saying that plans are being made. Are they clear enough to say that an aircraft flying into Athens will be in danger at that time? In other words, can you see definite plans which pose a high risk for me?"

"What we see is what is in the minds of men. There are many such plans of the nations that exist in that part of the world. Greece is one of those nations that cannot strike back or defend herself well against terrorists. She has not the resources or the military to do so. I believe you are aware of that. The airport at Athens, as the entity has said and as the entity Salvatore has said, is one of those that has the weakest or poorest security. It has been directly considered as a target area. The other thing that has been considered is that aircraft in flight. They are specifically looking at dates that represent times for them. There was a plan to create such an incident on the first of May, but that has been canceled at this moment, because they are waiting for certain destroyers or battleships of Russia to appear in that part of the Mediterranean. They will therefore, probably choose an attack centered around the time of the new moon, as such is their custom, but that is not to say that it will occur. Much will depend upon the progress and the situation at that moment. It is possible to enter, but is also possible to be in danger. If a group of Americans are found in an isolated part of that world, and there is a terrorist organization nearby, rest assured that they will do everything possible to find those Americans."

"Regardless of the vibration of the individuals or of the group itself?"

"We did not say they would find them. Hear us. We said that they would do everything they could to find them. There is invisibility. It is possible to enter. It depends on how the entire thing is structured. We cannot say to you, "Go not." We say to you, that there is a greater danger, and that is a truth which you are obviously aware of. We also have said that it would be safer to enter by land than by air, and we agree with you that by sea would be more dangerous.

Many persons, including this entity, have traveled the world and entered many areas of great risk and danger knowing full well that they existed and obviously, this entity has returned many times from such ventures, but there was no error made in the consciousness during that time. The consciousness was perfectly focused at all times on the danger and how to avoid it and on maintaining the perfect balance and light about himself. But when in areas of danger, he always traveled alone, where he did not have the responsibility of another person and could therefore act rapidly and independently for himself. In more than twenty years of traveling, he can say that no person raised their hand against him, even though he walked in many areas extremely dangerous. One must always weigh the danger to determine if the risk is worth it. Is that not also the truth? Is there further that we may offer?"

"If I decide to continue with my travel plans, is there anything that I can do to perhaps be more in tune with the risk? Is there anything I can do to become more sensitive in a collective way, not necessarily my own? Also, can you tell me almost at the last moment, that it would definitely not be safe for me to go?"

"We can, but we are not there yet. But hear us. You have asked, and here is the form: If you will take the meditation in the morning and also in the night and permit no alcohol to pass your lips, you can maintain the consciousness necessary. You can create what is called a cloak of invisibility, but it requires a clear mind and a conscious attention, no moment of negativity, no moment of intoxication, none of those things that would destroy the balance of energy. Do you understand?"

"Yes, thank you."

"Is there a calendar with the cycles of the moon?"


"Provide it to the entity, Salvatore. What is the date today?"

Sal: "Today is April 26th, and the new moon occurs on the 8th of May."

"You are on top of the time frame. In the Moslem calendar, the month begins with the new moon. Nothing may be done until the first visible part of the crescent is seen, and if the sky is cloudy, the month does not begin until it is clear. At times, that causes a great deal of confusion in their system of calendars, but it is then and only then that new actions may commence, which would take the 8th or 9th and another day or two and we are at the 11th, and we are on top of your time to travel. The Russians had hoped to have an incident on the first of May, which is their day of the people. We can do no more than to wait until immediately before the time to view the pattern of the pattern. Is there more that we may say?"

"David, could you give us some information, from your perspective, relevant to the Libya/Gaddafi situation?"

"You are dealing with a situation that is complicated by egos, by political interests, by power structures of the world. Libya is unimportant, and yet, they are very important. If you are considered in your community as a roughneck or a tough person, and that reputation gives you a type of security against attack, then it is only natural to continue or to augment that type of attitude or reputation, is it not?"

"Yes, I suppose so."

"Therefore, if someone falls while passing your presence, you could say, 'You have fallen because I wished you to fall. The next time you wish to pass me, beg me for permission.' Do you understand?"

"I think so."

"There are many times that Gaddafi has taken credit for things that he had nothing to do with. It is similar to the opera by Wagner of the little boy and the wolf. Gaddafi holds a delicate position, having stolen the power he holds, and being that he is constantly under suspicion of his Arab neighbors, he talks a great deal. Sometimes when you push an old man, he falls. Sometimes the old man is a lot stronger than you think. Gaddafi pushed Reagan. Reagan, with his years, does not have a great deal of patience. He therefore took what was and is in his mind a logical reaction, but we say that if he had the opportunity over again to do the same thing, he would not have done it as he did it. He miscalculated or misjudged the opinion of his allies in Europe. But what you are really looking at is a planification."

"I am not familiar with that word planification."

"Planification... planification is to make plans, planification of the third world war. When you study history, you will find that there are cycles -- economic cycles, climatic cycles, and when the world, as you know it, suffers from hunger, unemployment, economic imbalance, what has been the solution for thousands of years?"


"War, death, pestilence and destruction! And why? Because to support a war, all the people need to work. It is necessary for everyone to work. Those that die will not need to be fed, and that which you take, you do not need to pay for. The words are harsh, and we will not soften them. There are the war mongers in the world who wish to unify all of the little wars that are occurring. You are standing on the threshold of what could be termed the Third War. Gaddafi is but a puppet -- the fool, manipulated by others. He is easy to manipulate."

"Who is manipulating him?"

"Communism, as you term it. Put a name or a body to it, it matters not. It is the principle that manipulates, and he is the fool with his ego that is the victim also. And hear that word we used, and you will, in yet a short time, understand it better, for he is truly the victim also.

Is it not interesting that your very system of communication within this country is dedicating itself to the argument of the validity or necessity of the death or deaths of three or four persons? And how many persons die daily on your highways? And how many die for lack of medical treatment? And how many persons are murdered each day by orders of your government and your CIA? Yes, raise the flag of emotionalism and patriotism. Be patriotic! What is the name of that new wave of patriotism? Is it Rambo? And what shall you give? An automatic weapon to every child with a knife twice his height? It is time to take the cowboys out of the White House, to install therein spiritual beings, men of honor, men of responsibility. That is sufficient for that topic. Do you understand that which we have said?"

"Yes, is the war of which you speak going to be soon?"

"Did we not say that time is relative? Time is what you make it. There are a million tomorrows, and there are no tomorrows. We shall be tomorrow, but we know not in what world."

Messenger I - Patriotism (April 19,1986)

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

This is a time which is complicated by an energy that many believe to be positive. Therefore, at the risk of being unpopular, we wish to declare once and for all that that thing which you term patriotism is not a thing that is positive or of the spirit. That thing which is termed patriotism is the source of the majority of negativity that exists in this world at any given moment.

The only patriotism that could be expressed is the patriotism of the world as a whole unto itself.

Sometimes the word patriotism is translated with the word fidelity, as if patriotism, or a patriot, was a person faithful to an idea, principle, flag, or other symbol or representation. Why is it that patriotism is always accompanied by anger, by hatred, by prejudice? How can you believe that this is a positive thing? This, that which destroys!

You have your world, but is it your world? What man can say, 'This is my world'? Is he then, the only man that lives upon the planet? Would it not be more correct to say, from the perspective of one who carries a body physical, to say that this is our world? Or to say that I live in this part of our world? Which one of you has the right to say, 'my world' over the other? And which of you can say, 'This is my land'? How is it that you have gained the right to use the possessive tense? Do you own a piece of land? If you do, how deep is your property? We did not say how wide or how long, but how deep. To what depth does your property go? And how high in the air is your property?

Can man really own something that he cannot take with him? You may use. You may accumulate. You may construct. At times, man is a very poor man. He builds and builds much like the ant with his castles of sand. Man constructs his skyscrapers, his tall buildings, his monuments to his ego, and nature in her patient way will reclaim everything that man has made within a thousand or two of your years.

But we said patriotism, and the first shall say, 'But we must defend!' And we have said, as others have said, 'What if they gave a war and nobody went?' What conqueror can conquer a people who do not wish to destroy? A conqueror who must kill all in order to control loses the value of that which he wishes to accomplish. Certainly, every individual has a right to a space that he may call his own, a place to put his things, his clothes, his possessions, but we said that every person has that right, not just a few. And where, where shall that be? Where is your place? And if five or six or five or six hundred or five or six thousand are together in one place, they may call that by one name, they may call it city, but that does not mean that all would recognize it as a city.

The guide, David, spoke of war as an imminent thing, and one of you said, 'How imminent?' And he said, 'What is time?' But let us use that expression. The time is now! The Angel of Death is tired and weary of his work. He wishes to rest. The Angel of Death is tired of guiding women and children and old people to their spiritual rest and evolution and growth and rebirth. He asks why he cannot have one day of rest. And where do we find the greatest accumulation of the victims of the Angel of Death? Ah no, let us correct that. Where do we find the victims of your world that the Angel of Death needs to serve? We find more of them near the frontiers of your countries or in fields of battle with words of patriotism burned upon their lips!

There is no war that is holy! All war is hell!!

There is no forgiveness of the karmic debt of war, and all shall pay for that debt in harmony with the laws of karma as we have spoken. The law has not changed, nor was it changed by any of the givers of the law. It is written, it was written and has been written many times, 'Thou shalt not kill!' Thou has killed, and therefore you are in the collective sense murderers. We are sorry if you do not like the title.

If you take the flag to wave it, you must take the responsibility for all actions taken in the name of that flag!

There is an old expression in the language that says, 'That strong walls, good neighbors make.' We say to you that that is a falsehood, that no walls, no fences, good neighbors make. The earth is the creation of the collective mind. It is not a thing that you can possess, but you can use it, and you can reserve a section for your use. But if you need to construct walls to separate yours from others, one of the two or both have failed to understand that which really is. And those extremists of patriotism will say, 'But if we do not attack, we will be defending our homes on our very shores!' And we say, 'Better it would be that you should be defending from the vantage of your home, than attacking the home of another.' But yet, we will not condone or bless the defense in the form that is used.

Didn't the Teacher, Jesus, say to you that it is better to give love to your enemy and that it is better to give the other cheek? Ah yes, we have heard your response cleverly put with words that say, 'But he did not say what to do after that; therefore, strike while you may.' The Angel of Death has a legion of angels at his disposal. He would prefer to take a vacation, but at your present rate, at the rate of accelerating hostilities in the name of patriotism and rights, it appears as if it will be necessary to call in the legions.

The man that is a man of peace is a man who is not preoccupied with boundaries or frontiers or flags. He moves peacefully through the earth, and he says to himself, 'That where I go, I bring love. If any there be where I am that have not love and have only hatred and animosity, then I shall demonstrate that love in their presence. And if in their hatred and their animosity they take my life, what greater love could I have shared?' That is all for this moment."

       Copyright by Richard Rebeck, Peggy Steinberg, Salvatore Cacciola