Light Messenger

Volume 9, Chapter 3


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David  Discourse: Reality

"There are many questions which have been asked, and we have tried to provide answers that serve the need. One question is: What is reality? In our multidimensional universe, we are often confused by the concept of reality. We have the awareness of reality of the moment, of the space that is about us, but even now, the scientists are aware of the possibility of many dimensions interacting one with the other at the same moment. These concepts are abstract, and if they do not have a direct bearing on our daily life, they serve only theoreticians. But reality is a thing which affects us and which can be changed. This is where the great difference lies.

Reality is no more fixed than is tomorrow.

It exists, it is flexible, it can be molded, it can be changed. It is changing. It is therefore in a fluidic state. But what is this thing called reality? Does the world exist simply because you believe it exists? Have you created all the universe? And if you stopped believing in its existence, would it cease to exist? Is your neighbor merely a figment of your imagination, or are you but a figment of his imagination? Such questions are often asked, and there are many theories. But let us start in the beginning.

The physical universe of this dimension as you know it is a product or creation of the collective consciousness, and it exists, but in its existence, there is much fluidity. It can be changed, but its existence depends upon what might be termed the collective consciousness, or that which you term the consciousness of Deity. But then, what of our reality as we know it? There is a physical world; the planet exists. It has form, and that form, though it may be changing slowly, is basically fixed until there is a physical energy to change it. But then, if the world exists and is as it is, what is fluid and what is changeable?

Those beings that exist, exist because they have a desire to exist, because their soul or their soul-consciousness has decided to experience this particular aspect of reality. Therefore, neither they nor you are the figment of any imagination. We have a world, a universe, with beings. They are, they exist, they change, but they are not changeable in the physical sense within the concept of a changeable reality. More confusion. What changes then?

What changes is the interaction of consciousness one with the other.

No, we do not impinge our thought, our desire, our will upon another person. Yes, we impress our desire, our nature of being of ourselves, upon the consciousness of another person, and that consciousness in turn reacts and reflects the energy that we have presented. If every person were isolated in a soundproof booth, then there could be no effect or communication from one person to the other, and every person would be the individual that they wish to be or that they think is necessary to be. But we are not isolated. We live in a sea of energy, and that energy is constantly interacting one with the other, causing changes in the appearance of reality of consciousness and causing changes in the resultant consciousness that exists from a collective viewpoint and from an individual view point.

What we need is an example. If we take a community, a small community where every person knows the other and is living in harmony without conflict, we have a situation of balance. Now, let us introduce one person who is not in a perfect state of balance, an individual who has a fear of being robbed. What happens? That consciousness that has the fear of being robbed interacts, and words are not necessary, we are speaking of energy flowing amongst beings. The energy of that person, of their thoughts and their fears, will intermingle with the other members of the community that were living in peace, and now, that community lives in fear. One thought has changed the state of peace of the whole.

If you take a glass of water and add one drop of a coloring agent or dye, all of the water will take on the appearance of that color, or at minimum, the tint or shade of that color. This is what occurs with consciousness; therefore, reality is a changing fluidic thing. We understand the process of dilution -- that if we add more water, that which was tinted will be less and less visible, but yet, those moleculous molecules of tint will exist. They are not eliminated. But what has this to do with the life daily? It has to do with the effect of your society upon you the individual, your community upon you the individual, and you the individual upon your community.

Now let us imagine that we wish to color the water of the glass a beautiful yellow, but somebody else wishes to color it green, and yet another red. Each one is adding his drops to the water. The result is that neither one nor the other has what he desires. Therefore, in frustration, he continues to add more drops until we have destroyed that which was in the beginning, and we have lost sight of what it was we desired to do in the beginning.

Whenever the consciousness is focused deliberately in prayer, meditation, emotion, passion, conversation... whenever the consciousness is focused, its effect will be felt like the ripples of a stone dropped into the sea. And whenever an individual is receptive, he will receive those vibrations, or the reaction. And if he is not receptive, he will still receive the reaction of that change in reality at another level of consciousness.

Let us imagine that two people are having an argument. It is a heated discussion, but it is still a discussion and not a fight. At that very moment, passing by their window is a person whom you would call a killer, a person who has taken the life of other people. And let us assume that this individual enjoys his work and is contemplating taking the life of yet another person. He, the third element, has nothing to do with the two which are having the heated discussion, yet his presence and his consciousness may cause one of those two in the discussion to receive the impulse, the change in his reality, sufficient to kill or try to kill the other person. This is the nature of reality.

Reality changes as a result of conscious desire, unconscious desire, physical presence.

It is no different when there is a corpse present. For a long period of time, it will have an odor. You may pretend it doesn't exist, but its odor will make you aware of its presence. Reality is caused. The person who passes another on the street may well be receiving or giving a new impression of reality, may well be interacting on levels of consciousness that are not known in the normal context of your science. If you are the conscious energy transmitting, sending, maintaining control in your mind of your desire, your wish, your perception of reality for all other per sons as you interact or pass them, then you indeed shall affect the course of things.

At times, our efforts are hampered by other persons inserting the drops of other colors until we have a muddy solution. With the water, we may throw it out and start over. With consciousness, we cannot. We therefore, use the symbolic representation and the visualization of light as a purifying and cleansing element to clear the water in order to reimpress the desired color or tint. The process of purifying is what is called the process of blessing, and the process of tinting is what is called the process of teaching, sharing, giving, feeling, knowing.

You may not project a reality until you know it exists.

What you believe is transient. It does not have the energy or force to continue. If you believe that the result of a meeting will be negative, who has created the reality? When you think of another person consciously, remembering their name or their face, you have created a link with that person. And it is much easier to create a negative impression of yourself in the mind of that person, than it is to change an impression that already exists.

We can add to a glass of water, but in order to change what has passed in the past, we need to purify the water. We need to bless it, we need to heal or use the light. But if all of the so-called light workers are simply blessing and passing the light without impressing their vision of reality, without giving a picture of the world that should be, the world desired, you have what might be termed a zombie. You have created an empty space ready to receive, but that which contains nothing, and therefore the reality is not beneficial. The reality does not function well. You have erased the blackboard in order to use it, but have forgotten to write anything there.

In summary, it is your reality. The universe is a reality, and we are free to change much of the reality -- less of the physical, more of the mental, more of the spiritual, of the consciousness; and yet, the physical proceeds as a direct reaction, as a direct result of that which was fabricated in consciousness in the beginning."

Messenger I - Brain/Mind/Memory

"We welcome the idea of the symbol restored. We look for the flame of amber!

As David has dealt with the element of reality, so we must reassess the concept of consciousness. We have spoken many times of what is consciousness from the level of the soul, the soul-consciousness, the ego-consciousness or self. We have spoken of their interactions. But in relation to reality, as David has spoken, we wish to extend the idea of consciousness.

What is your mind? Where is the mind, and what is memory and where does it reside? Do you have memory in your physical brain, or is that but an extension of some other part of your being? And if you are impressed with a changing reality, how does that affect your consciousness directly? The physical brain, as you know, contains billions of cells, and in any given moment, you are using a small portion of that capacity, approximately 10% or less.

There is no information permanently registered in the brain, with the exception of those motor functions necessary to maintain the physical body in its operation.

Then what is, or from where does it come? The brain is indeed a memory unit, but it is a transitory memory unit that can be reused over and over again. Much as the cassette or the tape in the cassette can be used over and over again and re-recorded, so the brain can function in this form, in this manner.

Consciousness is the act of receiving information from another dimension of reality.

Let us say that the soul-consciousness is the repository of that information, and let us say that we simply wish to recall our childhood. The desire and interactive part of consciousness with the soul-consciousness and the ego-consciousness causes that memory, or a portion of that memory, to be impressed upon the brain, and we therefore have memory available to us. There are physical sectors of the brain that can be influenced or changed by one type of data, and other sectors, by other types of data, but that information that is present can be changed by energy in your environment. Even as David spoke of changing reality, what is in your memory physical at any given moment can be changed by other forces around or distorted or augmented.

To use the mind is similar to a television or radio.

In television, you receive a signal through the air that has the sound and picture and color, and all of that information is impressed repeatedly upon the screen, which is the memory of the television, and creates an image for you to see. As long as there is transmission, there is an image. But think well what happens when there is interference with the transmission. The picture, the sound, the color, or all are distorted, and we do not have the true original image. That is not to say that the transmitter is at fault or that the source of the material is at fault. Obviously, if interference changes the color of the face of an individual to green, we know that the face individual in the studio did not change to green. Therefore, the interference has caused a change in our perception of reality or in consciousness.

If the brain functions in this manner with the consciousness from other dimensions, then the logical question is: What can cause interference? Interference can be caused by other persons, other energies, by the individual preoccupied with other things or physical condition of the individual, and sometimes a type of interference that might be referred to as interdimensional interference. All of these things can impair the communication and flow of information. But memory and analysis, for analysis is bringing to the memory all that you remember or have learned about a subject in order to analyze it, this process needs a healthy memory bank.

One problem is the failure to clean the memory before bringing in new things.

In the cassette recorder, it is better to erase the tape completely before proceeding to reuse the material, for in that form, you will have eliminated any interference from material that was there previously. The consciousness depends on a continuing communication between the ego-consciousness and the soul-consciousness, and when that is impaired physically, spiritually, or mentally, the memory or functioning of the mind is impaired in a similar manner. The process of meditation, ideally, should be to clear and cleanse the mind and to prepare it to receive new information, but that would mean that the process of meditation is a continuing process constantly through the day, a process of the light similar to the process of breathing. And so it was in the beginning, but is not now and should be.

Consciousness is still a mystery. It is complex. It is complicated, but it is a thing which you can control. When you find that an element of your consciousness is defective, even as we encountered a defect in the vocabulary section of memory, we stopped for a moment to re-recall or reread the English vocabulary from the higher consciousness. By so doing, we eliminated the lack of a word. Sometimes an area of the memory becomes impressed with a word, especially if that word is used for prolonged periods of time, and it is more difficult to erase that word from the memory cell. Difficult, not impossible.

When an idea is taken with action, anger, emotion, it tends to permanize itself in the memory bank; therefore, it does not leave.

It is necessary to work much harder to clean that sector of memory, but all sectors should be cleansed. It is one of the functions of sleeping -- it's the restoration and cleansing of all cells of memory.

Because we are dealing in consciousness with an interdimensional communication, the process of energies present, of other persons, can easily affect the communication or reception of information. And because the physical condition, lack of vitamins or minerals in one sector or another of the brain may cause a weakness or inability to receive, we again may have problems in reception. This is why the process of meditation and concentration was developed and taught -- to improve and make better the ability to communicate with higher levels of the same self. The consciousness is flexible, can be influenced, but always can be restored from the soul-consciousness itself. That is the end of this message for this moment."

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