Light Messenger

Volume 9, Chapter 4


Question: "How important are the religious holidays? Am I lacking in spiritual balance and awareness,
if I do not choose to celebrate these special days as the masses do?"

"You are not out of balance in this, but let us explain, because it is a matter which confuses many. What is religion, but a tool to help us in our spiritual growth and development. When a person chooses the hobby of sky diving and they jump from the airplane, they are carrying two parachutes. One, which is their principal parachute, and the other is a reserve for emergency. Many pilots carry parachutes, many do not. The person who is religious needs, of course, to maintain his identity and his observance of holidays and rituals. They are part of the religion and should be respected as such. A parent has the obligation to continue those rituals, even if they no longer find need for them, for they have no assurance that their children are that advanced. Therefore, in the role of parent, there is the obligation to continue them.

At times, a ritual or observance becomes part of the continuation of the brotherhood of a particular group, racial or ethnic. There also, it serves a useful purpose. In the structure of the pilot and the sky diver, we are looking at the person who has moved to the next level of consciousness. When they leave religion to enter into the world of metaphysics, they are the skydiver with the extra parachute, or the pilot who wears his during flight. When we reach the state of knowingness in metaphysics, we may eliminate the extra parachute, and we may eliminate a parachute for the pilot. We no longer need the crutches or tools, but we cannot take them away from others.

We have said in the past that man is in the midst of an ocean clinging to a rock. The rock he calls God or religion. In his attempt to grow and to be part of the universal flow, he must leave the rock. Many immerse themselves in the water, but cling yet to the rock, and we say that the rock is but an illusion, that the ocean is the Divinity, and that we must let go and merge ourselves totally with the oneness of the sea that is. We must eliminate all rocks and impediments and forms of escape. But that is saying that the man should walk the street at night without fear, and we say, 'Why not?' We must respect the observance of days special, of rituals and the total of these things, but we need not observe them individually if our failure to observe does not cause others to be disturbed or confused."

Messenger I - Consciousness Is Like An Onion

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

Though we have spoken many times of consciousness and realities, there is a perpetual confusion about that which you term consciousness. Is not an onion a thing of many layers? And yet, is not each layer part of the onion?

If we said to you that consciousness is as an onion, would it then be clearer?

It is not easy to imagine what is consciousness, or the effect or reality of consciousness, as you term it. Does an earthworm have a consciousness? Does an animal? You claim that man does. Does a molecule of matter have a consciousness? Can consciousness be related to an equation of physics or mathematics? Is consciousness really responsible for the creation of the universe, and is it continued simply because the consciousness desires to continue it? And what of the consciousness of yesterday, and what effect does it have on today? Certainly, we know, we understand, or we should understand, that the consciousness of today creates the tomorrow. But how much of the consciousness of yesterday also influences and creates tomorrow?

Does the onion know itself? Do you know all the levels of your consciousness? And if not, why not? At which end do we begin, or at which end do we terminate? The elements of consciousness can be spoken of from this plane of the physical to the ultimate plane of Divine Consciousness. From your level of consciousness, one may perceive but a limited concept, which is as if it were the center of the onion. And yet, where does the onion stop? Is the ultimate layer, the skin as you term it, the ultimate extension of the onion? Is there not an aura of energy about that onion which then extends itself, and as it extends, it touches the universe, and are not all things of the universe interconnected?

Is it possible for one thing to exist without touching the other? Are we not connected by the medium of the air which you breathe? Is there not a wall of molecules between us that connect us, that are constantly moving and interchanging between us? Is that an extension of consciousness? Is not consciousness like the stone that is dropped into the lake, that causes ripples that pass from the point of impact until the end of the world, or the end of the lake or the edge of the lake? And if the lake were infinite in its diameter, when does the consciousness cease, or the impact of the stone? When we can no longer see the ripple in the water, or when we can no longer monitor or measure that ripple? Are not earthquakes measured with instruments that can detect motion so tiny that it is imperceptible to the human mind? But yet it exists. If that stone falling into water can produce a wave, a change of energy, a transformation that continues to an infinite point which we cannot understand, how much more difficult to understand the element of consciousness?

Each layer of consciousness is important!

But let us look at the creation of an onion. Which layer began first? From the germ or seed was born a layer, which in the beginning was the first and only. But in the end, or in the now, that layer is the outer layer and the supreme layer of consciousness, and each layer that is born is beneath or under the other layers that existed until that moment. Each layer in a full grown onion protects, nourishes, and is part of the innermost layer which is the newborn. Consciousness is very similar. We might refer to that outer skin or layer of the onion as the Divine consciousness, and another layer might represent the ultimate conglomerate of that which we term the souls. And each beneath that, with their soul-consciousness, and each beneath that, with the ego-consciousness until finally, we arrive at ourselves.

But one thing cannot touch one layer or one level without affecting all other levels of consciousness.

The same law applies to dimensions. The laws of physics postulate the same idea that an action in one dimension of reality affects in some way, shape, or form all dimensions of reality.

But what is consciousness? Is consciousness the ability to think, to make a decision? Animals make decisions. Are they therefore conscious? In one manner of speaking, yes, they are conscious. They are beings with a limited means of communication, and they exist, and they have consciousness. But the consciousness real, of which we are concerned, is the ability to ask a question, to wonder, to search, to desire, to love. Then what is consciousness?

Consciousness is the ability to imagine, perceive, experience and know love.

Imagine yourself a point in time and space in which exists no thing. And in this nothingness that is yourself, let us expand yourself in a three-dimensional manner, creating a space which we contain within ourselves, and let us populate that space with lights which we will call stars and other fragments of dust which we will call planets. And now, in this void of emptiness within ourselves, in this space which our consciousness has created which exists within, we have now created a universe. If we move downward, inward in our consciousness, we can arrive at the inner level of the onion and be aware of ourselves, our consciousness, on one of those specks of dust which we call planets. Occupying a physical form, your consciousness is that inner most layer. But if you allow yourself, you are part, one and the same, with all consciousness that exists; and yet, you are individual and independent of all that exists. And your consciousness can reach outward into the universe, into space, into time, into infinity, to the ultimate level of consciousness where all of the individual level is lost in the sensation of being all that is.

Then at which level is reality created? At all levels, but the ultimate memory of that creation resides in the outer level. That which affects the inner level affects the outer. That which affects the outer affects the inner. It is an ocean; it is an onion. Touch the center and you have affected the whole. Can you touch the center of the onion without touching the external parts? Can you touch the external without applying pressure that should affect and reach the center?

You are aware of the concept of a universe limited in its dimension, expanding into nothingness. Therefore, we could describe this universe as a spherical structure of matter, or consciousness expanding into a nothingness about it. Now conceive of the hyperbolic function and imagine all of that reversed, inverted, so that we have a sphere of infinity which represents all that is or could be, and the limitations, the ultimate edge of all things, is in the center of this sphere. But to reach there, to go to the center, we would have to travel forever. Complex, yes. But are we talking of dimensions of reality or consciousness? Yes, we are. We are speaking of both, for they are one and the same.

There is no dimension, there is no reality without consciousness. Reality, or dimensionality, is consciousness in action, love in action.

At what level then, can the individual affect the reality of the total? Can you, as an individual, change the course and destiny of the world, of the universe? Or must you do it in concert with others? And if so, with how many others? We say to you, that whatever individual so desires to open his or her consciousness unto the ultimate level of consciousness, allowing themselves to expand in consciousness and being until they are one and the same with the total consciousness you call Divine, and yet at that moment in time, they have maintained yet the desire pure to change or to be another thing or to cause a thing to pass, if in that level of infinite awareness the consciousness as of yet has maintained its desire intact, then there is no question, for the desire is, for at that level of consciousness, all things have been created.

Reduce the perspective and understand that as each of you step upward in levels of consciousness, you create at that specific level or at the level of your ability to create.

When you look upon the sea, do you not marvel at its power and depth and beauty? And is it not equal for the mountain, as you have called them 'the purple mountain majesties'? But hear me. You are marveling at the product of your own creation! You have imagined, you have brought into manifestation. You have created, and you maintain that sea and those mountains. And we, with you, and all those that have been that remember them, maintain them.

In trying to control your attitude toward food and diet, you have said that you are what you eat. But the truth also is, that you are what you think and what is the product of your consciousness, which must by nature, interact with all other consciousness. Then how do we describe the total collective sum of consciousness that is?

The onion seems to have separation, layer by layer. Then use the concept, if you must, of a drop of water falling into the ocean. And what is the ocean, but the sea of consciousness? And what is the drop of water, but the individual, and is the individual lost? No, the ocean has one more molecule. That molecule exists, and it shall never cease to exist. Its effect in the total consciousness that is the sea shall continue to be felt regardless of the form or manifestation it shall take.

We have spoken of reality in other times, and we have spoken of consciousness. And now, in a form more cryptic, we have spoken of the reality of consciousness. There is much more to speak of in relationship to consciousness, but this shall be all for this day."

Those present: "Thank you."

"Let there be light forever!"

Conversations with David

"We are interested in the subject of walk-in's. Is the concept a valid phenomena?"

"The concept of a walk-in, that is, a soul-consciousness taking possession of a physical body that is vacant, could occur. It is not different than possession. If you choose to vacate your physical form, and the physical form has not yet begun to deteriorate, to decompose, another consciousness could, in theory, take over that physical form and utilize it for a period of time. That in itself would represent the concept of a walk-in, but another entity would have difficulty taking possession, because that is an act of possession which we know to be extremely rare. The same is true of a walk-in. Usually, the individual quits the body, because the body can no longer function. If a person chose to voluntarily leave the body in consciousness, then and only then, could a walk-in effectively take control. But if you leave your body to astrally project, you have made it clear that you are returning in your consciousness, and therefore, you have shielded the shell so that you may return to use it. Does that answer the question?"

"Yes. So it is true that walk-in's are possible or feasible. Is it happening more now in present day society? It seems that many people are consciously giving up and no longer desiring to live, and in that sense, using the ability to step out while the body is still whole."

"The answer is yes and no. And in that, understand that yes, there are more, there are more persons with understanding in this field, in this area. The philosophy of man has been extended, the consciousness' that leave this plane with an awareness of what is on the other side can, in theory, return. But no, it is not a greater percentage; it is simply that the population of the world is greater. You, as a metaphysician, represent a minority percentage that changes not. We would that it did, but it does not. You represent a few percent of the total population of the world, but when the population of the world increases, there are more persons evident in your vision that have this ability. Also, the system of communication and investigation in this area has expanded greatly, even in the last thirty years. Do you comprehend?"

"Yes, I do, David. It seems to be that one thread leads to another."

"Is that not how a fabric is woven?"

"Yes, absolutely -- creates its own pattern. Concerning out of body experiences, the silver cord, as we refer to it, from what part of the astral etheric body is the connection maintained, and where does it link to? What part of the body does it link to in the physical?"

"Understand that the so-called 'silver cord' is a connection seen as a force of energy, but does not physically exist. That is to say, that we are speaking of things symbolic, but yes, there is a connection point. The point of connection or source and destination of the energy would be that which you term the brow chakra and the crown chakra, passing from the brow chakra here in that which is the forehead, to the crown chakra of the astral counterpart, or the consciousness, for the consciousness is complete; and yet, this connection occurs. There is a slight confusion in this, because the point of exit is the crown chakra, or the point that is most correct. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I think so. When the etheric astral body leaves the physical, it is connected by the silver cord which begins at the brow chakra of the physical, and that in turn, connects with the crown chakra of the energy etheric body."

"That is correct. To avoid the confusion of those trying to visualize, the cord does not exist at the moment of leaving. It is formed. It is a point of reference. Since the etheric leaves the physical, leaving at the crown chakra, if one were to observe that leaving, one would not see any cord connected until the etheric was completely free of the physical, and then there would be an essence, as it were, as a cord of light connecting with the two. It is the point of reference of the constant intercommunication that exists. If the consciousness desires to leave, as in death, that cord is not formed, and that is what they say, 'cutting the cord,' so that if the consciousness is free of the physical and chooses to leave, it may then, with its desire, cause the cord to disappear, and then the body is left as a vegetable to do as it will and die when it will."

"When death takes place, does the consciousness, the etheric energy body, spend time between this material plane and ongoing life? Does it still have an emotional attachment to the physical?"

"In general, that is true. We have tried repeatedly to help and to escort the soul of the deceased through the barrier, but the emotions of the living are like the anchor about the neck, or should we say albatross, for the albatross was a symbol of ill fortune. The soul-consciousness leaving has its moment, its opportunity to see and to merge with the light and to transcend or to jump, as it were, that time/space element, that limbo of recollection and confusion. All of that may be bypassed if the soul will but merge with the light, but the heavy weight of the emotions of the physical surround the soul, enslaving it with chains of emotion, and it passes on the light and then must walk in the fields, the gray fields of limbo, until it can be escorted to the higher realms. All of the symbolism of religion was designed to eliminate it, to free.

The death is not a time for sorrow, it is a time for joy, it is the graduation of the soul-consciousness, it is the termination and culmination of the work, of the task which was completed. It is but a blinking of the eye until we shall have the opportunity to know that consciousness, but that consciousness needs more the cry of 'Godspeed' than the cry of 'God return.' To shed the physical body is a moment of glory and beauty! We are born when we shed the physical! We are free to a world that you cannot understand! We were in prison, and in death, our chains fell off, and we step forth into the light of reality, free of the physical form and its limitation, free of the world of illusion and deception, free of obscurity, and now, free to walk forward into the knowingness, into the being!

Let the tears for the dead be tears of joy for their success, for no man dies poorly, and all have died in value. It is merely the process and nothing more than that. The leaf falls from the tree in the autumn where there is such a season. It reaches its age, its beauty, its glory. It contributes to all. It is the synthesizer of oxygen for your world. It has served, and then one day when the temperature drops, it receives a signal that no longer shall it be fed. And slowly it withers and dries, and then one day a gentle wind detaches it from the branch, and it falls to the ground to feed that which was its source, the life in its natural cycle. But how many times have you torn a leaf from the branch? In reality, in the biological structure there is no difference to the destruction of a human body or the ripping of a leaf from its branch. The only difference is a consciousness that can communicate.

But what is the state of these things? The entity tells a story of a guru who said that in one word there is contained all the secrets of life, and the students of that guru said, 'Master what is that word?' And he say, 'Excrement.' And they said, 'How could it be that in this word are contained all things of the life?' And he said, 'From whence cometh, what is it and to where does it go?' Continue."

"Many people have gone through near death experiences. Is their primary purpose, having had this insight into ongoing life, to bring back that information for others, so they might not fear death, but know that it is a glorious moment in time to experience all that is?"

"This element of near death is, as you have said, for the benefit of all consciousness. And also, and hear us well, it is an alarm, a flag, an indicator. Walk with care, for this moment which has passed was an indication that all is not well with thee, and therefore, we have brought you to the gates of death that you may reconsider the course of your life. And if you choose to change not the course, then your friend shall return --to fetch you. We have spoken to a few who have crossed into that pattern, and those who choose not to understand, cease to exist, for the soul, in its wisdom, need not repeat a lesson which was learned and understood. If the consciousness chooses to be foolish, the soul does not need to waste the element of time and energy to support a repetition; therefore, the soul chooses to terminate the existence, but often provides a warning. Why are there more cases now? Because there are more souls advancing in consciousness, because there are more here, and because communication is more effective today than it was but a short time ago."

"How may a person deal with an uncontrollable fear of death, either of themself or of relatives?"

"Go to work with the dying. There is dignity, and death has no dignity. He who has spent those last hours with those who are dying need know, for his experience, that that consciousness which was moments before and is not now, still is, for it can be felt and experienced. Do you not know me? Is not my consciousness a reality to you?"


"And yet you remember not my birth, nor my death, for it was in times so many years ago that you have no memory of that time. I live not, yet I live. I learn, I think, I feel, I analyze, I accumulate experience. In the catalytic reaction of experience and knowledge is wisdom. I represent that which cannot be, that which cannot exist for the law of physics of your universe. Yet, I exist! The question really is: Who exists and where and why? You are one dimension of existence; I am another. I have known yours; you have known mine. You came from this plane in which I reside; you shall return. It is as if you were children who had forgotten their parents, but we, your brothers and sisters, are waiting for you to complete this semester in the university and return home for your vacation and rest before you return once again to the cycle of being and becoming in the infinite search for understanding and wisdom."

      Copyright by Richard Rebeck, Peggy Steinberg, Salvatore Cacciola