Light Messenger

Volume 10, Chapter 1

The 1986 holiday season was especially exciting for those of us who share in the
Light Messenger production. Richard came from Venezuela, and on a moment's notice, we invited as many friends as possible within commuting distance to share in a solstice celebration at the dome at Flagler Beach. Our Symbol was rededicated with blessing from the Brotherhood, and David enlightened all who came. Richard was in top form, looking ten to fifteen years younger, and for once, he seemed to have unlimited energy for channeling David. We taped many, many sessions and also completed two excellent videos which will be made available at a future date. All of the material in this issue resulted from those sessions, and we have many more thought-provoking transcripts for future issues.

Webmasters note: The following material is rather controversial. David does not normally respond to topics of a political nature except in cases where the spiritual well being and balance of individuals is affected. Light Messenger is not and never has been politically aligned, nor is its purpose of a political nature. The next issue includes a response from Richard to some negative comments received from this issue.

Conversations with David (December 22, 1986)

"The Administration has bypassed the Congress and secretly dealt with Iran by transferring arms. Supposedly, the profits were diverted for unauthorized means without the knowledge of the Head of the Administration or the Congress, and at the same time, fooling the American public. We would like to know just what will evolve as a result of these actions."

"I believe you should redefine the word 'political' in the dictionary and define it as trouble. The situation is far more complex than it appears. You are looking at the tip of the iceberg. What is beneath the surface is much grander than you would imagine.

The problem is a misguided desire to control, to interfere, to rectify. The actions of the government are often justified in the name of democracy. I feel sorry for Democritus who first gave the name to that. He is blamed for many things. The concept of this situation is not new, it is simply public. When the government needs money, secretly it uses secret enterprises. In this case, it became public. And while we are paying attention to the public issue, what are they really doing behind the scenes?"

"They are keeping a lot of war industries alive for one thing."

"We are not speaking of what you are aware of. This is a smokescreen. Do you understand me?"


"There was a much greater activity than is known. This is a tiny portion given outward deliberately to avoid discovery of the greater part of the iceberg. It is much like the drug dealers will sacrifice one shipment in order to protect ten others.

The problem is that your system of government, this hierarchal system of government, is no longer an efficient system. Government by representation does not function, and your representatives do not represent you! They represent special interests, and what special interests they represent or wish depends upon how much money is contributed to their campaign structure.

If you believe that one man could manipulate the system, that would be naive indeed. And how does one buy weapons from companies controlled by the government, move them through the ports of the government, pay for them originally with funds of the government, redeposit monies for the government, and then move money out of the country into another country with all of those federal agencies involved in the transaction? And you believe that neither the President nor Congress knew of that?"

"Not really David."

"The President knew, and a small handful of Congressmen agreed upon the action. The whole of Congress was not consulted, and the action was taken. And the reason the action was taken was to try to bring about a balance in the Middle East and to gain more funds to use in the Central America. Your country does not wish for Iraq to conquer Iran. It wishes for the war to continue and for both countries to be beaten down to a shell of their former self. This type of interference is what must stop, but before that can stop, you need to change your constitutional form of government. You can no longer have one man responsible for all things. You no longer can operate with a President. What you need is a Group Executive where each member is responsible for one area of government. They, in turn, can report to the Congressional structure, weak though it be, much like we have spoken of in the time of Atlantis.

It is time to eliminate the hierarchies, to work in a horizontal form. But what is the impact of all this? The impact is that you have once again lost credibility in the world market amongst world governments! Not because you did it, that matters not to them, but because you let yourself be caught and because you made it public. How stupid! Do you understand the tone of that?"

"Oh, yes!"

"We have touched upon the subject of the industrialization that is no more. Your government and your structure is based upon a type of economy that does not exist, and it recognizes it not, and it tries to subsidize areas that should not be subsidized. You will never again produce the majority of steel in the world or iron or aluminum or copper or tin. That will go to other nations. The strong centralized industrialization is dying, and there will not be another Industrial Revolution to revive it. It is dying here and moving into other parts of the world. There are more management positions today than there are positions for workers. A hundred years ago, seventy percent of the population worked in farm related industries and produced a hundred percent of the food. Today, three percent of your population produce a hundred and twenty percent of the food. The twenty percent extra is used in export. Automation and modern equipment have changed that structure. Then how can you still subsidize farm structures when you don't have the majority of your people in that area? The position of the United States is very vague in the world, because the United States says that it is an industrial nation, and the world sees it not as an industrial nation; therefore, the credibility is poor.

The United States no longer may depend upon itself. It cannot isolate itself, it cannot be an island in the sea. It depends on other countries to provide it with goods, industrial type of goods. You are no longer a nation! You are moving toward the structurization of the world government. First by continent, and then continent to continent, and finally a world system wherein each depends upon the other. These are some of the directions.

Immediate direction is vague, though there is an attempt now to try to bring more energy into the exploring of this problem to determine if there are grounds for impeachment a second time in the same century. One reason this type of thing occurs is because you, the people, the collective voice of this country, speak not and do not. And in your name, the dead lie in the streets of other nations! Here is a nice American made bullet to kill you and your family and your children, and it does not matter that it is in the hand of a Sandinista, or whatever group, or an Iranian. Or is it a bomb to destroy churches, schools, hospitals, or blow up a refinery? Or is it the CIA to corrupt another government that wasn't corrupt but put a temptation too great in front of the man? What are these things? Are these the moral fiber of a society that is growing or decadent? But no, wait, this is anti-patriotism! Why you are in the Rambo phase, or Rambo! Everybody should walk around in their tee shirts with giant submachine guns in their hands, waving the flag! Or possibly they should sew it on the back of their pants. It is a gung ho society, is it not? America the great power, the savior of the world! She can't even pick herself up out of the mud and keep her face clean! She is not the savior of the world anymore and never again will be. The world has changed, and she can no longer be the instrument of terror and death and interference in other worlds, in other nations.

The enemy is not communism. It is an enemy, but it is not the enemy. The enemy of this country is herself! She depends on many other nations and still desires for those nations to bow down, but they do not. They say, 'No.' They say, 'Go home Yankee, take out your Air Force Base, take out your soldiers! Sorry, we do not want your atomic weapons here, no thank you! We don't need any more bomber planes! No, we do not want atomic missiles in our backyards! Oh, you do not want them in your country because there's too much protest, but it's alright to put them in our country. No thank you!'

It is a point in time where every American should be ashamed to say that thing, to say that they are an American. And it is time for the people to do a spring cleaning on their system! And it is time to remember that the time of 'My country right or wrong' is dead forever and that patriotism is a word used to count the dead in the battlefields. We have seen the millions of dead caused by the word patriotism, until the stench of their bodies rose into the higher planes itself in protest! Send bombs, send planes, it doesn't matter if children are starving. Don't send them butter and eggs and milk-- might have too much cholesterol. Send them a bomber plane, send them automatic weapons, send them nuclear weapons! Let's give everybody a fair chance to blow everybody else off of the planet!

And what is Reagan? What he was, an actor! He is one of the three stooges."

"I couldn't have said it better."

"The other two are called the House of Representatives and the Senate. The problem is, that this comedy is more of a horror story. And what's worse, he thinks he's right! But Casey will not have to worry anymore. They took away his brains, what little he had. They will probably do the same with Reagan or they will inject him with more cancer. But it's too late, it doesn't matter. It will be time to turn the country over to a Kennedy over again who will repeat the same mistakes, until slowly but slowly, this country will drown in the cesspool that she has created."

"David, when you say 'a Kennedy' do you mean a Democratic president or a member of the Kennedy family?"

"We are referring to your party of elephants."

"Party of elephants? The Democrats are mules or jackasses, or whatever."

"Ah, we have confused the symbols. It is they are so ponderous and slow like that creature. Yes, we speak of the Democratic Party and we speak of the possibility of the member of the Kennedy family. Is it not that you have made a crown for him to make him king?"

"Well, I've never thought of it that way, but that's probably true."

"He will probably run on a cross! These are times, to quote the other writers, which vex men's souls. This nation which was conceived in a concept valid and true, is falling into the classical corruption of power. It will survive. It will continue to be, but what it will be will depend upon the mass of the people and their actions, not only their lack of action. Lack of action or lack of vote may be a type of protest one or two times, but three or four times in a row, it is handing power to the minority. But you are all good citizens. You pay your taxes. You give your dollars to the government to kill more people. A beautiful way to solve the overpopulation problem of the world! And if the words bite, remember that only the truth hurts. Continue."

"David, you have always told us that we should work within the structures of our society to change things..."

"Have we advocated anarchy? No!"

"Perhaps I'm reading between the lines, but are you suggesting a tax revolt or something of that nature?"

"Your system has the means to produce a revolution that is peaceful. If you have to shed more blood to change things, then you have changed nothing. You have the power of the vote. You have the power to call for a vote, for elections. What do you call that type of ballot when a petition is presented?"

"I don't know. Is it a straw ballot?"

"No, it is not a straw ballot. It is a referendum type of thing where the voters may put an issue upon the ballot itself by collecting signatures upon a petition. How many people are there now in the United States?

"Around two hundred million I think."

"There are over three hundred million. Of those three hundred million, there are approximately a hundred and twenty million adults. Imagine Washington flooded with communication from the majority of the population! Every time you have a movement, it changes. It weakens and dies. First, it was human rights. Then it was civil rights. Then human rights came back. What happened to civil rights? And then it was ban the nuke! How many nuclear power plants are there in this state?"

"I don't know."

"There are two in operation and a third in process. Where is your power? Where are the people? Where are the protesters? Where are their signatures to ban it? What is the solution? The politician says, 'Ah, you don't want nuclear power. Very well, we will give you the other type, but it will cost a little bit more.' And then you say, 'Wait a minute, we were only joking. Go ahead and kill future generations with the toxins, but don't raise our cost of electricity right now. It's alright to kill that which we haven't seen yet.' The revolt must be from within the system, using the system, changing the system. That is the only way. Continue."

"What are the horrible deeds that our government is hiding behind the smokescreen of Contragate (a made-up word similar to Watergate)?"

"Other Contragates. It is not a thing which serves to name each element. It is a complex structure of playing political god to other nations, determining who shall be the President or Dictator, who shall live, who shall die. The Government, at times, has financed drug operations. The Government has dealt with other countries like Iran which are their purported enemy and has transferred technology, arms and money, even behind the iron curtain."

"The Soviet Union?"

"That is correct. These actions are part of a trade system, a black market trade. Even now, your government is negotiating with Iran to pay them for the release of the hostages. In this element, you violate one of the original principles of your concept of democracy wherein it was said, 'millions for defense, but not one cent for tribute.' We do not advocate the elements of war, as you well know, but one does not feed a vicious animal and then put its hand out in front of it. The operations clandestine are no longer clandestine. In an open world of easy communication, it is difficult to maintain secrets. Therefore, you have your Contragate and other such systems. Continue."

"The term 'Group Executive' brings to mind a roundtable. How should it be structured? With perhaps 12 members from different sections of the country?"

"Well, first, a roundtable is round. It is not square, it is not rectangular, it speaks for itself. If you wish to describe a circle by drawing points, how many points would describe a circle?"

"Three hundred and sixty."

"That is of one resolution, but certainly would represent a better picture than 3 or 10 or 12. Twelve would represent a minimum number, but if one had 12 with 30 sub-units to each of the 12, you would then have 360 points. But 144,000 are also possible. Do you understand?"


"The circle perfect is one where there are sufficient points so that it appears to be a continuous line, thus it is with structures. Twelve units is an optimum type of structure, but how many divisions of government are there?"

"I have no idea."

"Using the concept one for each, or subdivide, and it is possible to arrive at a great many more than 12. It is possible that 12 chairs might have a great quantity of subsections or groups beneath it. The problem is to eliminate hierarchal structure, because for a thought or comment to ascend via the hierarchy is time consuming and often of little value, for by the time the idea reaches the top, it is already obsolete. What is needed is a more unilateral approach to communication and decision making, an interaction from the lowest to the highest with all represented as circles concentric one to the other, much like the ripples from a stone in the water. Do you comprehend?"

"I think so."

"We shall speak more of this later."

Messenger I - Future Government Prototype


We of the Brotherhood understand the many problems of being spiritual. We understand the difficulty to hear and read words from our dimension and apply them within yours. Nor have we sought to deal with the direction of daily life speaking only in a broader spectrum of the idealistic goal, and this is because we do not wish to control the life pattern of any individual, nor do we wish to interfere with your basic growth pattern. We do, however, wish to provide you with the guidance and information necessary. When we touch upon things of a mundane nature, one must recognize that we are looking from the perspective of our dimension of reality, but we full know the basic reality of your dimension. We are not ignorant of the daily problems, but we provide a foundation for your philosophy which we hope will be founded and born out of the impetus that we have given. In your own philosophy, using the guidance, you may create a basis for dealing with the daily problem.

We wish to address, without being direct, these principles of hierarchy, of government, of family, of state, of city, but how may we do so without being political? We may do so by describing the structure that will one day house a reality.

Let us return to the basic family unit, the foundation of all things. We do not wish to be pedantic, but we must remind you of all levels. The consumption of negative elements is extremely high within your society. The pollution, contamination, and toxification of your food element creates many biological and psychological changes that cause pressure within your structure. The family unit is disrupted today by social interference, by social demands from peer groups, by the attention of foreigners within your home in the form of radio and television and stereo, for they are indeed invaders to your home, the lack of unification of the family, the tendency to utilize a hierarchal structure.

What is a unilateral structure, and what is a hierarchal structure? A hierarchal structure is where every level receives from a level above, much like a railroad train. Each is subject to the one above or ahead of the other. But that is not the concept of balance. Have we not described the Sanctuary on the third plane as a giant wheel? But we have never described a point which was center above the others, and yet, there is a center. It is a concept in the flow of information. Think of a wheel with its spokes and the hub as the center, but that is the center for processing information. In this sense, think again of the wheel. The center is the fulcrum point, but not for force, but for rotation. The force in a wheel, as in a sphere, is distributed evenly throughout. But when a thing is in a vertical format, the force is distributed in a linear vertical fashion.

Within the family, there is no hierarchy. The elder of the family may well be the person to whom all go as a need to learn from the experience of that person, then that person becomes as the hub of the wheel. They are not the force that propels, they are the point that provides the rotation and lubrication to make all other parts move smoothly. It may be that the center creates an impetus for motion, but it is not that that point is the source itself, but merely the distribution arm. But that which is in the center cannot direct the periphery, and if we look at the wheel, we see that there is an opportunity for communication from all elements of the periphery or the circle, one to the other. There is the opportunity for each to communicate directly to the center and for the center to communicate directly with all peripheral points. In this concept, we find the beginning of the basis. The family that communicates together, that spends a collective time together to analyze what they are doing, what is happening, what are their problems, for all have the equal opportunity to communicate and to share, are then utilizing the channels of communication.

Have not your scientists, in their concept of creation of a station in space, created exactly that structure of a spherical structure like a wheel with a hub center? This again, becomes the point. Let no parent take on the role of a hierarchal or pyramidal structure. It is not intended for the pyramid to represent the flow or direction of energy. The true pyramid is a series of pyramids placed together until they form a pseudo circle.

These elements of conceptual structure are important in your society today. Each member of whatever unit, be it a work unit or a family unit or a community unit or an educational unit, need to have the circular opportunity to communicate one with the other freely and to communicate with one central point which becomes the point of process or the point of experience. We have long ago said that you use little the talents of your elders and their memory and experience. They should represent the hub or center of your social structure, to gain and to learn from that.

Avoid the tendency to be dictatorial. There is no benefit or growth in the dictatorial concept.

At the highest level of consciousness that you are aware, we deal with the concept of the BROTHERHOOD, seven who are one; and yet, each is separate, but no one of the seven is greater than the other, nor is there such a concept in thought. And have we not said to you, that the consciousness that you term the mind is distributed evenly throughout the entire universe, that every consciousness represents one element of the spark that is the whole, and therefore, all members can communicate directly with the whole that is the consciousness? And yet, each is individual and can receive from the collective whole, but yet, there is no hierarchal structure. One does not need to go through intermediaries in order to communicate with the highest type of consciousness that can exist. It is not useful, it is not mandatory, it is not practical.

Applying the same element, you utilize the term 'board' in much of your system of business, and the board is that -- a collective body to guide and to create and to direct the operation of a business. The company that is wise utilizes the board concept more than the pyramidical structure of officers and presidents and vice- presidents wherein the distribution is often confused with too many persons and too many minds.

In order to create the society that is practical, we must think of circular units that become congenitally connected. That is to say, circles touching circles and thereby creating a network similar to the molecular chains of a biological structure where each circle maintains its own integrity, but that at one point or another, or at many points, it becomes interconnected with other circles. And therefore, you have the continued intercommunication from various groups of individuals or various family units so that as the family units join together, we find a pathway for inter communication and interchange of ideas that permit all of these units to grow at an accelerated rate, and at the same time, each member of whichever of these groups has the power to communicate directly to its center, to its hub, without difficulty. These are parts of the basic concept that are necessary in order to produce a structured society which can be flexible in the case of whatever type of change that may occur. In utilizing this type of concept and in following this concept, we can then extend it from the family and families to the community and communities, from the communities to the state, from the state to the federal.

We look for the day when we are not speaking of national units, but rather international units, where a family may be tangentially connected with another family unit in another part of the world.

The intercommunication of families, the interchange of ideas, aspirations, problems and successes is an excellent form. We would highly recommend to all light workers that they restructure their family organization to be a wheel of light, more so than a ray of light, and let that wheel reach out and find another family unit in another part of the world to communicate with. And in that form, you create a three-dimensional structure of circular force which eventually creates a globe or sphere with many faces. The concept of the dodecahedron is indeed similar in its nature to this idea, and one could extend that into many levels of consciousness.

We are not speaking of an abstract thing, we are speaking of a thing that is necessary at this time, a thing which must be implemented rapidly where whatever structure avoids and eliminates the pyramidical concept of authority. An authority without bodies to take the action or to give the authority is without value. It is like a democracy without a plan.

The system of government that you utilize is invalid because of the lack of communication, the lack of cognizance of what is happening at the ultimate levels.

You utilize the term Representative and Senator, but usually, you become aware of their actions after the fact has occurred, their statement after it was given. And this is a pure hierarchy where one is sent who works in the collective unit that is not a wheel but a disjointed series of individuals that try to form a single line theorem for the energy to flow in the line of the so-called party. These are parts of the problem, but the solution always begins right at the base structure in your work and in your home, and in this concept, we find it an important thing to speak of. Do you comprehend the concept?"

Those present: "Yes."

"We are told to terminate the message at this moment."

Question: "Please comment on the channel known as Ramtha. Is there any significance to this movement to the Northwest, is there going to be a breakdown in our social structure or economic structure, and is she a valid channel?"

"Hear me! The channel called Ramtha is false and seeks only to empty your pocketbooks! We repeat, the channel is false! It is a brilliant Hollywood production!

The Northwest is one of the largest growing economic sectors of this country, as is Florida and Texas. There is not structural change created or in form, but if one says to a person in Detroit, "Go to the Northwest, go to Washington or Oregon and things will be better for you," that is the truth, because the economy is growing in what might be termed the bell weather states of California, Oregon, Washington, Texas and Florida. Your population is growing here. Your economy is growing. But your nation as an industrial nation has died. You are now a nation of services.

We do not seek to criticize or castigate the many channels that exist, but one such as this, which comes in with their gallons of honey and theatrics and Hollywood production seeking to create a panic structure and to create and augment the economic shift, we cannot remain silent. The channel is false! The Northwest is a good economic area. Florida also is a good economic area. They do have more water in Oregon than you have here, but it is also a little bit colder and a little farther from the central markets."


       Copyright by Richard Rebeck, Peggy Steinberg, Salvatore Cacciola