Light Messenger

Volume 10, Chapter 2

A Letter From Richard

I am somewhat surprised at the reaction to comments by David relevant to "Contragate" (last issue). The Light Messenger is not and never has been politically aligned nor is its purpose of a political nature. If however an individual asks questions that are of a political nature and the subject affects the spiritual growth of many, then naturally we are compelled to publish the response of the guides. We have, over the years, refrained from publishing much material of a controversial nature, but we have also been chided by the guides for this. If world situations affect the spiritual well being and balance of individuals (which they certainly do), then guidance and clarification from the spiritual side should be of importance. If a message provokes reaction, then it indeed has done its job, for the whole purpose of the guidance is to make us think and analyze the situations that confront us. David and the guides have never claimed infallibility but rather have said to not accept their words without testing them in the fire of experience within your own heart. A great newsman once said "I publish the news as it goes without regard to friend or foe". I believe it was Hearst who said it but I don't recall for certain.

We certainly are not un-American but as light workers we think more as citizens of the world and the phrase "My country right or wrong" is not in harmony with spiritual balance. The messages published are unedited except for punctuation and do not represent the ideas or thoughts of the staff or members of the Sanctuary of Light. I freely admit that many times I am personally surprised or even shocked at some of the material but after re-reading and analysis I usually find that the material rings of truth, at least for me.

The guides and the Brotherhood for certain are not American nor of any nationality. There are no spiritual borders between people, and in the dimension of spirit, they often find our preoccupation with national interests amusing. Before labeling things, one should consider history itself, for often the future reveals the truth more clearly than the present. Salvatore, Peggia and I have always tried to avoid expressing personal interest or opinions in the Light Messenger. But each of us directly or indirectly has earned the right to call ourselves Americans and have participated in the fight for democracy, now we fight for spiritual democracy enlightenment and truth.

Messenger I - Anger

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

There are many concepts of spiritual balance, of energy, of the utilization of concentration, of focusing of the mind, and we ourselves have spoken of many. But we have not touched upon one subject, and that subject is the subject of anger, for this is an important element.

First, one must understand what anger is. Anger is a type of frustration, usually caused by the failure of an individual to have anticipated, or to properly deal with a situation, lack of preparation, lack of forethought -- anger which flashes, and we are not speaking of those who are basically negative persons. We are speaking of the normal or positive person who encounters flashes of anger or fury.

There are several factors in the cause/responsibility system. One element is certainly there are negative forces operating external to the individual, and these forces seek to influence or control. The second element is the person seeking to be balanced or spiritual is certainly frustrated with themself when they find that they have created a situation or type of energy that might be termed unspiritual or unbalanced; therefore, the anger is projected. The other element is the third person to whom the anger is directed, though often they are not the target. But that person is the recipient because they refuse to be carbon copies of what we are, or they are too much like us and therefore, are making the same errors. And generally, the frustration over an error is because it is an error common to us or was common to us in another time period.

But what of anger and its effect upon the spiritual being? Is it a catharsis that can be beneficial, or is it destructive? Or is it nothing, if it is but of the moment?

One may not interact with the collective consciousness, the sea of consciousness that is man, without affecting it, and it matters not if the effect is of short duration, or of longer duration.

That is to say, a flash of temper of one minute is equally bad to a display of temper for hours or even days. When the temperament, or the energy which tends to blind us like an animal impulse rising up within the being... we are also looking at the possibility that many avenues of natural expression of physical energy have been blocked in the attempt at being, and therefore, there is no natural release of the physical energies, and anger becomes one of these releases. It produces a high output of adrenaline, and this can cause fatigue afterward as a result of the lack of adrenaline in the system.

But the anger itself tends to disintegrate all shielding and all positive energy about the individual and creates a porosity in the aura of the individual, similar to the cheese you call Swiss.

It destroys the very foundation of energy of the being. Therefore, in a moment of anger, one would be well advised to draw in upon themself or through themself, that energy, that light, which you term or believe in as a positive force. Further, the anger has eliminated all shielding of the person and the house and building in which they are. Therefore, all shielding or protection needs to be reestablished in order for the being to be normal once again. This type of an element of the anger needs to be overcome by understanding, but not by more anger at oneself or impatience in the cycle to learn.

It is not a thing of the parent to be impatient with the child, but rather to understand that the child will grow at his own rate of development and will achieve according to his own blueprint, even though that blueprint may be strange or even foreign to the parent. As we look at anger as one of the key elements, the tendency to scream, the tendency to demonstrate temperament, even to the point of physical expression, has caused the loss of much of the protective energy of the majority of the so-called spiritual beings. This type of anger or frustration must be isolated as to its cause, and it must be eliminated completely from the system. But this requires time, because it is now a habit. It is a habit to deal with the element of anger and to forget it when it is over with.

An expression in anger needs to be cleared just like any other act, including living acts physical. The anger element or consciousness needs to refocus the energy about the body, because the anger has disrupted all biological systems and created pseudo systems in their place to operate until the end of time of the particular temperament. In dealing with flashes or prolonged temperament, one needs to immediately try to remember to bring the light into oneself and to ask the basic question of, 'Why am I angry?' and 'Is the other person really the target, or are they simply instruments to bring me face to face with this concept of my animal self, that part of my being which has not yet evolved?' There is no justification for the maintenance of the animal instinct of this type within the human being. It serves no logical purpose and is in effect, a type of genetic malfunction that occurs within the human animal. These elements are extremely important. But when your anger is projected upon another individual, it is equally important to pull back that energy to shield the person.

The only true way to annihilate the energy of anger is to absorb it back into your being and annihilate it with love.

These are elements of great importance, and the person or light worker who is constantly flashing with the temperament needs to re-examine themself in the light of that and to bring about a greater balance, or striving for balance, in their individual being. One may not be completely clear of anger, but...

One should never act with an anger, for it is a force which harnesses all of the so-called psychic energies and can be much destructive than simply the physical expression or verbal expression.

This is one of those areas, one of those problems that you face. That is why so often the guides have said that, 'We do not speak in anger or frustration, we speak only as we observe a thing, utilizing emphasis to make our message more clear.'

When there is anger, always seek the forgiveness of the other person. Always seek to put the light about them and about yourself. Always seek to find the reason for your anger, looking deep for the cause. And as you begin to unearth the stones of anger and eliminate them from your field of cultivation, then and only then, will you be able to eliminate the losses and the frustration, the pain, that is caused by anger.

And remember, that anger expressed and anger concealed are equal in their effect. It shows within the entire auric field as a dominance of red or muddy red energy and an indrawing of this energy. This is a classic type of problem, and the person who suffers with constant temperament, is a person who may well be very dangerous for the psychic energy generated. It is important to control; and yet, it is important to be human. It is not wrong to react; it is wrong to perpetuate that reaction. That is all for the moment."

Postscript From David

"Was the structure of the message clear to you?"

"Yes, very."

"The one element that was not touched upon is the physiological affect of anger. Though it is commonly well known, we would like to reiterate that point: That anger produces an excessive flow of adrenaline in the system, and afterward, there is a lack. The person who is constantly exposed to anger will find their physiological system out of balance, suffering from a lack of adrenal, adrenaline, and suffering from digestive problems and problems in the intestinal part of the body.

Anger, because it does disrupt the communication completely between the soul-consciousness and the astral body and the physical form, often leaves the physical form without a spiritual control. The net effect of this is to cause an imbalance in the organic structure of the system. Therefore, many of your diseases can be traced directly to anger patterns or habits, including the elements as you would expect, of high blood pressure, the problem of cardiovascular disease due to the vasoconstriction that occurs during times of anger, and we have clearly used the plurality in describing this thing that you call 'a' disease. It is not one, but many. Do you understand?"


"The person who maintains a life of anger is the person who will, as you term it, burn out very rapidly very young. And the angry man cannot maintain a healthy balance. The most spiritual being who is subject to periods or fits of anger will cause rapid deterioration of the physical form and will attract to himself the elements of destructive energies in a cellular form; and thus you have evolution of cancer, though that is, of course, not the only source or cause of that illness.

Many teachers, metaphysicians, or beings of a spiritual nature, develop a type of frustration which we would tend to call an ego frustration, a lack of patience for their fellows who do not advance as rapidly as they do. What they tend to forget is that their advancement has occurred over many lifetimes, and they are judging individuals within one lifetime and have no direct knowledge of how many lifetimes they have passed in dealing with the problem. Therefore, that type of impatience and anger that results from the so-called spiritual guru or leader is, in reality, a destructive force which will reduce not only the effectiveness of that teacher, but also his life span. Nor may any person be functional as a healing channel or as an energy channel of whatever type immediately after or during a period of anger. For a simplistic yardstick, it will take the physical system at least 48 hours to rebalance after an anger session."

       Copyright by Richard Rebeck, Peggy Steinberg, Salvatore Cacciola