Light Messenger

Volume 10, Chapter 3



Conversations with David

"We are going to have our first child soon. Is it possible, David, for you to pinpoint the date of our child's birth?"

"The selection of the time is made by the soul-consciousness, but it is not a thing that is made available. It is not information that is given, simply because it is not a date or hour as you use it. There is a problem to describe time as we know it and time as you know it. From our dimension, all things are similar to a kaleidoscopic pattern, where we are looking for the right combination of color and sound and vibration, that moment of balance, like the combination of a lock, and when that moment passes or is approaching, we know that is the time. But it is not a simple thing to translate into your standard of time. Do you understand?"

"Yes. We are wondering about the name we have chosen. Is it an appropriate name for the energy of the child?"

"If the name is chosen and not just given, if you feel in balance and harmony with the name, and the mother also, then it is well if it is not a name ridiculous in your society."

"I would like to ask a question about the entrance of the soul into the embryo and its development. When does the soul actually become part of the physical development of the embryo?"

"The soul plays an integral part from the first moment of conception, but does not merge with or become one with or permanently attach to the fetus until the birth and until a live birth has occurred. Therefore, we use the expression, 'the first breath'. At that time, the soul establishes permanent contact. From the beginning, or time of conception, the soul is guided and adjusting, or causing changes in the development that would serve or fulfill the needs of that particular soul.

This concept of the soul attaching itself to the embryo as a permanent element is not valid. The permanent attachment only occurs after the life has been established as a separate element.

Remember, that an embryo does not function by itself. The heart of an embryo is pulsing, but it is not working. It is the heart of the mother that maintains the life. It is an extension of the mother until the first breath or until the severance of the umbilical cord. Therein you have the time; and yet, we have found that there are times when the life is not stable, and therefore, it may be an hour or more until the life is stabilized, that the soul chooses to make the permanent connection, thus creating at times a variation. It is not an element of accident, but if you as a soul had chosen a body, and at that particular moment of birth the body underwent difficulties, logically, you would wait to determine if there was a living body to occupy or not.

Never has a soul chosen to attach itself to a body that had no life. There is a concept very ancient of taking control of a physical form at the moment of birth, of maintaining a type of continuance or perpetual life by moving the consciousness from one body to another body, but that requires a level of consciousness more advanced than is common in your world today. Does that answer the question?"

"Yes, thank you. Have you dealt with crib death in relationship to the soul-consciousness?"

"We have dealt with that in years past and have explained that in many cases, the soul entering this life may have chosen rashly to return too rapidly and finding themselves confronted with that decision, have chosen to leave again. Many times, these represent souls who have died in war or suicide or in accidents very young and the attraction and the force of life has brought them back, but the realization of the responsibility and work may cause them to change their decision."

"Could that process occur prior to the birth of the form, where one soul has decided to abandon and another soul picks up at that point and enters?"

"That is correct. It is possible, but that would represent a soul that had a desperate need to return, for that soul would be taking a form developed by another soul that might have many difficulties from a karmic level that the second soul did not have need of."

"The subject of abortion is an emotional issue, particularly in reference to the idea of killing a soul. If the soul does not merge with the physical body until the first breath of life, then the abortion arguments would seem invalid."

"Let us understand that no soul has ever been destroyed by actions of man. Only the soul itself may dissolve a soul-consciousness, but that is not the same thing. Yet, let us look at that element. The question of abortion is a problem in your society and other societies. The element that is of greater importance is why and what caused the condition in the beginning. If it is an element of protecting the life of the mother or maintaining the health at a reasonable level, then the fault is simply allowing oneself to be in that situation, but it is not the same as allowing the creation of life and then seeking to destroy that which was created.

All things that live have a basic right to live, but that even includes a cockroach. You kill a cockroach without a thought, but it is a living thing. It has a right to live within its space, but if that space is your space, you have chosen the right to eliminate. In the element of abortion, you are not destroying a soul, but it is quite possible that you are causing a great deal of discomfort to that soul, sorrow; and yet, that was not an accident but represents part of a pattern.

The element to change a structure similar to the form of abortion is not an ideal or a balanced idea. Therefore, one cannot take lightly the idea. What has occurred is not the control by abortion of situations that were basically unavoidable, but abortion is used as a license for promiscuity. As the Brotherhood has said, it is not the abortion itself which is the prime problem. It is the state of consciousness which led to that state of being that is the problem.

We have spoken of the type of soul that is attracted to a new conception, and the logic of your minds can understand well, that if the conception occurred as an act of violation, a very low form or negative type of soul could easily be attracted to that entity. If it occurs as a biological accident where there is no desire or love, again a lower level. If it occurs where there is love, but where there was no desire, a little better, but only when there is desire to have the child and there is the love of the individuals and the ability to accept the responsibility for that life and its education in its early years, then we have the potential to attract a soul of high value. But we certainly would not wish for the Government or any agency of any State to make that decision, as has been made in other times. It would be better if the abortion were left as a remedy for medical or psychological necessity and not as a simple solution for promiscuity. Are we clear?"

"Yes, thank you. So a child conceived in love and in a good relationship, is therefore giving an opportunity for that soul to be of a higher consciousness, as opposed to the lower consciousness' of those who come into life unwanted and undesired."

"That is correct, and at times, naturally, there are high souls that enter into the lowest conditions. But logically, the soul that is evolved wishes to have an environment that is conducive to its balanced growth, and this is why, though you have had many souls evolved over the millennia, yet you have many being born constantly which represent basically negative type of energies, the lower forms of energy. When there is a body available from the act of creation, a soul is attracted to that body, and many times the lower souls return too quickly, where if they had passed more time on the other side, they might have comprehended more and thereby represented a higher value."

"So, in essence, this would explain a lot of the violence that is taking place in our world today, the souls of lower consciousness expressing their negative emotions and inexperience."

"That, and understand, you are meeting many of the souls that are angry souls who were killed and destroyed in your war of the last forty-five years. Remember, that in the last forty-five years, you have sent tens of millions of souls to the other side, victims of war, and these souls, many of which were young, are what we term angry souls. They still have the desire for vengeance in their heart, and they are coming in, returning rapidly, seeking their vengeance and finding it through their violence. One can forget the history and the facts of history, but the consciousness cannot. It is as the entity has said, 'God forgives, but man cannot.' Continue."

"What can one do for these entities who have this desire for vengeance? Is there anything that can be done to help them dissolve their anger?"

"Anger is fed by anger and reaction and hate and prejudice and a lack of love. It is not a simple thing. When the Teacher, Mahatma Gandhi, died many years ago, murdered by an angry young man, his last and final act of his life was to turn to his assassin and tell him that he loved him and he forgave him. It was a late moment for him, and yet, possibly those words, that ultimate moment... " (Sorry, the remainder of this answer was lost when the tape ran out.)

"We would like to ask about children who are difficult to handle. Many young children are very rebellious, and despite the fact that they are given love, concern and all the things that children need, they still are difficult, often to the point where the parents have no idea what to do next. Would you comment on these children that are, for lack of a better word, hyperkinetic?"

"Remember, that the soul has a consciousness and that upon entering the world, we have a consciousness imprisoned in a body that cannot communicate. The child retains a portion of that for a small or short period of time. Usually, you are causing the problems yourselves, creating hyperkinetic children with your high sugar diets and with your system of communication and training. You place them in front of the television to be their parent, teacher, and guide, and then when they respond accordingly, you wish to punish them for strange action. Tell me what is on television."

"Cartoons full of violence and war toys."

"And? What more is on television?"

"All sorts of negative situations."

"There are elements in television are there not, of movies with violence?"

"Oh, very much so!"

"And then, during the day, in the formative period of children, you have your now famous soap operas. And what is a soap opera? A sequence of life that could never occur dealing with infidelity, immorality, crime, corruption and every negative vice that mankind has ever conceived. And so, if you are not cheating on your husband or the husband is not cheating on his wife, he is robbing the tax man, he is robbing his neighbor, swindling his business partner, defying the law, or the robot mechanic is killing the other robot, or they are demonstrating their temperament, such as a wild crazy small duck screaming because he didn't get what he wanted, and you call him 'Uncle Donald'. Where do you think the children learn these types of reactions?"

"From television, of course."

"And the parents take no responsibility on the children, put them in front of the television and say, 'Here, be entertained, learn.' And then the child responds to what he has learned. He demonstrates it to you for your approval, and you disapprove. That is hypocritical. Stop pumping their systems full of artificial food, sugars, stimulants and television violence, and remember that at times, it is necessary to discipline the child, and you will not have this type of problem. Yes, there are souls that come in that are aggravated, but they are conditioned to their reflex to respond to the world into which they come. They do not know what is the state of the world at the moment they are born. They learn from your television, so they naturally react accordingly. The next time you see a hyperkinetic child, stop and think, what cartoon character is he emulating at this moment? Do you understand?"

"Yes. How should these children be disciplined?"

"Remove the sugar. Turn off the television and spend some time educating them into what is morality, value systems, nature. Give them an exercise plan. If a child does not have exercise, he's going to be hyperkinetic, but if he's parked in front of a television set all day, that is not exercise."

"Since our hope for the future lies in our children, what is the most important thing that we can give our children when we bring them into the world?"

"Value systems -- what is right and what is wrong. May we use an example from your life?"

"Of course!"

"Did not your son rebel against the authority system, because his father told him that it was just to do so?"

"I suppose he did."

"We could sight you a specific example if there is doubt. What did his father say about the use of the drug marijuana and the law against it?"

"I don't remember anything specific being said."

"His father said that the law was ridiculous. And what did his father do in that respect?"

"I really don't know, because we were divorced at that time."

"Did he use it?"

"I suppose he did, but I was not aware of his habits."

"And your son, in one discussion, said to you, 'That my father said the law is ridiculous and he uses it.' Therefore, he also used it.

These were elements in the form of an example. The value system is destroyed in that structure. If the child is present and you are talking about how to cheat the government on your income tax, the child hears and understands, and it is right then to cheat on your income tax. Is that correct?"

"Well, it's not correct that it's right, but it's correct that the child would interpret it that way."

"That is what happens. Therefore, the value system, what you say, what you do, and how you live are the reflections that the child sees, and he creates his world, or his vision of the world, based upon what he has learned from you. And then, he integrates what he has learned from you with his observation of others, and if they conform to your pattern, it is supported, and he therefore accepts it as a reality. Therefore, give them a value system to live by.

The second most important thing is to give them the desire to learn. If those two things are present, what a world we would have!"

Messenger I - Save The Children! (April 18, 1987)
(Delivered by David)

"The Brotherhood has spoken in the past of children. We have spoken of the relationship of children to the parents. We have spoken, at times, of the consciousness, and we have spoken also of the difficulty within the world to maintain a spiritual consciousness. We must strike out against the concept that holds that spiritual consciousness as a thing which occurs for a moment or a fraction of the time. Of the meditative state that is entered, we call out for a continuity, a continuation of a meditative state or spiritual consciousness in the totality of being and the totality of time, and we wish to start with this in respect to children.

Certainly, we should teach the children at the earliest level to enter into the state of peace within the inner self. But even before that, we must recognize the existence of the child. We do not understand your so-called balance of consciousness in this world at this time. You speak of structures balanced, of rights of the individual, of rights of the child, of protection of the rights, you have laws against the abuse of children. Then tell me, if you may, how is it that with all these agencies and structures national and international, that we must see the constant suffering of children? We feel their pain! We see their hunger! We see their diseased bodies without treatment!

We have spoken of the inhumanity of man against man, but the greatest inhumanity of man is against the children.

One can look upon nations that are underdeveloped, underprivileged, and find excuses, but how is it that here, within this continent, this nation (USA), one of the more highly developed within the world today, why is it that the cries of the hungry children yet reach our ears? Why is it that you have billions for research in many diverse directions, and why is it that you have tons upon tons of surplus food serving only the rats that eat it? And yet, the children go hungry and without treatment! And why is it that yet in many areas there is no medical treatment available on a simple and open form if the child is ill if you do not have that which you term insurance, or are not properly registered in one of the social agencies? And even then they go without. They suffer from malnutrition! They suffer from hunger! Their teeth suffer from improper care and treatment! Their bodies are racked with sores and diseases, and in many areas, they walk the street! We hear the cry of the Organization to find the missing children, and yet, we have walked the streets of cities of this country and seen the young, the homeless, the wandering children. This is not in balance.

We have said that a hungry man prays poorly and meditates not at all. And we say that the hungry child cannot begin to open the consciousness. He shall become as an animal, fighting for survival.

There is no light worker who can hold his head up and claim the title who is not reaching out to help, to correct. It is well that you march against the nuclear development, but why not first march in behalf of the children if that is an effective means of protest?

The solution to the problem is not a governmental thing.

It does not begin with the United Nations! It does not begin with the Federal Government! It does not begin with State Government! It begins at every community level, from the home, the neighborhood, the subdivision of a community, the community, the city, and then spreads itself outward. The voice that does not speak against injustice of any type is the voice that serves the darkness. And the voice that suffers a child to suffer serves the darkness indeed!

You say, 'Where is the consciousness of the collective mass?' And we say that that consciousness cannot easily be brought forward, for the pain of hunger in its stomach brings forth the animal instinct to survive! You create new diseases and then spend millions to treat them. And how much is spent to cure the crippled bodies of children that need not be crippled if they had but the proper nutrition?

It begins at levels of slavery in that which you call the migrant farm worker. It begins as a type of isolation in the ghettos, the under privileged. The law will never create morality! The law will never illumine it, it is only the consciousness of individuals. There is not a restaurant that does not throw away more food each day than is necessary to feed all of the children within its sector.

It is time for a new movement. It is time for a save the children program that begins at home!

Yes, there are millions in Asia and Africa, and they too are part of your responsibility, but to build the foundation from which to operate, the social consciousness needs to begin with the problems at home. It is the responsibility of light workers to interact within the world, not to sit in ivory towers upon gilded cushions to meditate. They must become interactive beings of light, playing their light upon the drama of the day, seeking to cast out the darkness of the misery that enshrouds the lives of many. And it matters not if it is an immigrant from Haiti or Cuba or a family of many generations within. They're all the same, and all of the patriotism and flag waving does not impress the child.

The consciousness exists. The higher consciousness' are being drawn to the physical forms of these times. We have spoken of the potential for a transformation, but the consciousness that has entered is dormant while the physical is trying to survive. If within this structure, this nation, within these United States with all of your plenty, you can tolerate this suffering of children, then you cannot begin to solve the problem in other parts of the world. We are limited in our ability to help the consciousness that is fixed, the consciousness that has passed its lifetime.

We can give you seeds of the future in the consciousness of the children, but you must provide the fertile ground for that child!

We are speaking of beings in a physical mundane sense, but there is nothing mundane about hunger. The hunger of the body is like the hunger of the soul. It is like an unquenchable thirst that blocks out all reaction! We are speaking of a problem so great and so grave that it threatens the very foundations of your society and your world.

You have your programs, your organizations seeking charity to feed the hungry in Asia and Africa, and we say that it is well. And those who do it in the name of religion also are well in their desire, but how, in the name of whatever religion you choose to follow, can you say, 'Let us feed the children of Africa and Asia, but let us ignore the children within our own streets.'

And we are not speaking of national isolation, but we are calling to you, the people of this nation.

We are calling your attention to a cancer, to a disease, an illness which is beginning to pervade your society and has existed. And now when you speak of the criminal, of the violence, of the disrespect, of the abuse, you say, 'How did this come upon us? What is our karmic debt for these things?' And we say to you that it is a thing that is obvious. You have created it! You have brought about, but it is not too late to begin to change.

During the Second World War, as you call it, there was a poster of a child, a baby, sitting between the rails of a railroad track crying with a bombed out city behind it. That child is crying still within your very communities. It matters not how that child was born, nor who is the mother, nor who is the father, or whether they can work or not work, or whether they are qualified for welfare or not qualified. It matters not whether the parent is an alcoholic or a drug addict or whether they are black or white. What matters is, the child is suffering!

And if the society does not begin to treat this illness, then the society shall not evolve and shall cease to exist, for it shall destroy itself! That which stands before the light to be blessed cannot stand clean and pure with hungry children clinging to its feet. We are appalled, even horrified at the lack of attention, the shutting of eyes, the shutting of hearts, the shutting of the purse. The problem is complex. The solutions are not easily found, but without a beginning, there shall be no end.

We can give you armies of light workers, of consciousness advanced, but we will not send them to you in the ranks of the rich.

We will send you the consciousness through your ghettos, through your poor, so that they may know the debility that is required of the Teacher. And if you neglect them and the consciousness never awakens, it shall be your failing, not theirs.

It is the sub-current of prejudice and discrimination of all types, racial and economic, which must be abolished. A child is a consciousness seeking to express itself, and that which develops in pain, knows only pain. Love is difficult to express, but love and sympathy alone does not fill an empty belly, and the expression of love most needed for the children is to provide them with the basic elements. We tire of hearing of those who complain against the tax to provide education, of those who wish to vote against programs to help the children. The foundation for action must come from the light worker, working within his own system, within his own community, to promote action on a community level. And if you can have organizations for gay rights or women's liberation and other such organizations, including that which protects the animal against cruelty and receives millions in support and sustenance, what is the name of the organization to feed the children? Is there one here who may give it to me?"

"There's one called Save the Children Fund."

"But it does not need them. It helps only the cases brought to its door."

"Another one is UNICEF."

"That is the United Nations, and they do their work in other nations, but who is in the ghettos of Miami feeding the children?"

"None that we know of."

"We have seen their bodies, and we have received their souls returning, reclaiming that they came as we sent them and they could not complete, for they were not given the opportunity of life. These are indeed times that try the souls of men, but more trying for the souls of the children. Act or be destroyed by that which you have created! That is the end of that message."

     Copyright by Richard Rebeck, Peggy Steinberg, Salvatore Cacciola