Light Messenger

Volume 11, Chapter 1

Messenger I - Accidents

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

We have spoken many times of reality, and today we were speaking of consciousness and what it is. We spoke of onions and levels of consciousness, we spoke of creative responsibility, and then in the middle part of the day, the entity Salvatore did say, 'But what of accidents? Are there accidents?'

We are told that nothing is by accident, but do all things happen by plan or are there accidents? If there are no accidents, then why do some things seem so trivial? If you fall or something falls from your hand, is that an accident? If you cross the street and a car strikes you, could that be an accident? Was it a deliberate act by the other person? What is this thing that we call accident?

An accident is an event which occurs without our conscious cooperation, but occurs with the approval and cooperation of our subconscious or soul-consciousness.

Every element, every thing which passes in the life, is an opportunity to learn. It is a lesson. It is an examination, an inspection of things of the life. Of what type of accident is there that has meaning or significance? All things! If something falls from your hand to the floor, why did it fall? It fell for lack of your attention, lack of your consciousness or lack of focus of your consciousness to what you were doing, or possibly, your guide pushed it to the floor to call your attention. All things have their significance. All things have their meaning.

An accident serves to call your attention, to make you stop and think, to recognize your mortality, your humanity, your ability to make mistakes.

An accident can cause you a great deal of pain and discomfort, but in some way or form, you have contributed, or in yet another time, have created. There are no accidents! Nothing is by chance! The animal that enters your property did not enter by accident. He was attracted to the energy that he felt there. All things move in harmony with patterns and energies. That which is closed is a curiosity; that which is open is known.

Then how does one avoid accidents? How does one prevent them? How does one maintain the consciousness necessary to eliminate these things that we call accidents? Ah, but it is not the accidents that one must eliminate. It is not the consciousness that we must focus, it is the consciousness that we must be!

We have said that it is not to meditate that you must learn, it is to be that state of meditation at all times! It is not to learn how to enter into the deepest state of meditation, it is how to maintain that state of consciousness in your total life, in your total time, in everything you do of every moment. In that, there are no accidents.

When the consciousness is merged, when we merge the soul-consciousness with the ego-consciousness, when we are aware and sensitive every second of every day, there are no accidents!

We cannot seek to find a state of equilibrium. We need to find a state of oneness. We are one, divided unto ourself! 'United we stand, divided we fall' is the motto of many; and yet, we are divided unto ourselves into elements of ourself that we term the soul, the soul-consciousness, the ego-consciousness, the subconsciousness. All of these are in truth parts of the self, but they are as the rays of light. And yes, there are seven levels of consciousness, and they are as the seven rays of light which are but one, that which is white. There is no difference. Each is an extension of the other, part of the total vibration.

But you say, 'To attain this consciousness, this oneness of that which is the meditative state, is impossible, cannot be done.' And it shall not be done. But we accept not that word. There is no act that you may make or perform. There is no thing that you may say that can be made or said separate of your consciousness and soul. All things can be brought before the soul, because the soul is aware of all these things.

There is nothing that is negative. There is one religion which said, that if a man sat upon the toilet and thought of a prayer or a thing religious, that he had committed a sin by opening his consciousness to the concept of the Deity in such a place unholy, or such a place that was not sacred. But how is that? Is not the field the true church, the true temple of the Divine? And does not the animal defecate upon the ground? And is that thing a thing that is contrary or against that which is sacred? Is the Divinity offended by the life and actions natural of an animal? There is no one moment or one act within your life that is not sacred and part of the whole. Everything that you must do that is natural to you, to your body, to its needs, is a thing of the total. It is part of the consciousness of whole, of oneness, and therefore, must be brought into harmony.

Your being must be one unified, united, in love with itself in absolute communion and harmony. Let the consciousness of the ego and the consciousness of the soul be merged together in constant ecstasy, and let that be the process by which you eliminate the accident. And if the accident occurs or passes, look to everything that was about you, for you have forgotten something and something there represented the message for you, even as within our messages. As you read them, they have a message. Read them again, and there is yet another message, and again, yet another. And that also, is not an accident! That is all for this time."

Comments From David

Speaking of accidents, during the preceding message, the word "unholy" was spoken as "profano" which is the Spanish translation. David comments on how such a mishap can occur.

"Understand that the errors of the language which occur are a function of memory. We have said in the past, that the consciousness does not reside in the physical body. What resides is a series of instructions that maintain the body, and that which you term speech is nothing more than a series of instructions. Are you aware of the complexity of sounds that produce a word?"


"There are many elements and many frequencies. In order to sound a single word, you must have recorded the action and position and tension of all of the muscles, the control of the diaphragm. It is necessary to measure the quantity of air. All of these things are made automatically when you sound a single word. Therefore, to speak, one need only touch that part of the brain which contains the instructions of that word and the sound is produced. Though the human being uses but ten percent or less of his physical brain, he has not yet learned how to expand and use a greater percentage. Much of the other area is used as a temporary zone, similar to a scratch pad. It is there that we accumulate thought, which is then converted into words.

When an individual speaks more than one language, there is a natural problem. The problem is that a particular thought may have more than one physical location in the brain for that particular thought or action. For example, the word for please is different in almost every language known. If we were to speak seventy languages, then we would have seventy sectors, or cells, physically in the brain where we would have the word please recorded. In each case, recorded in another language.

Because the space is limited, there are many words which are not maintained in the physical brain, but are part of the consciousness, the soul-consciousness itself, and are transferred from the one consciousness to the other when the need to use that language is present. This would be typical of a language that is seldom used. Therefore, in any given person who is bilingual, the Guides or Messengers trying to use that physical form are using what is similar to a typewriter keyboard. They are touching the nerve or key that represents a particular word, and at times, the word that is stored is of another language structure. If this problem occurs and it is not detected and corrected and it is not perfectly clear to you, the meaning or significance of the word, then please advise us."

Conversations with David

"I have a question concerning AIDS. Is there a cure in the foreseeable future?"

"The expression 'foreseeable future' is a relative term, is it not? Within this century, no (20th). Do you not understand that this is a new disease?"

"I do."

"And yet, an old one. It is created. How can we best explain this constant problem of karmic need? Man may not follow an unbalanced pattern. He may not sow the bad seed without reaping the bad harvest. Eliminate the disease by eliminating the cause.

You have conquered many diseases over the last century. You have eliminated the majority of typhoid. You have reduced the infantile paralysis. You have reduced the disease you term measles to a level that is controlled. The smallpox, the tuberculosis, these have all been reduced and controlled. Some of the ancient diseases like leprosy have not been controlled and are minimally affected. There are others that have come upon the scene or been identified. The ancient disease of cholera is almost unknown in your part of the world, though it does yet occur in others. And when was the last time you heard of a case of undulant fever? Where have all these gone? They have been diminished by the hands of modern science! That is well and a credit and tribute to them for the utilization of the consciousness that exists. But what has happened from the spiritual plane, is the necessity to continue to create more; and therefore, you have more than thirty types of cancer. You have a pronounced problem of cardiological diseases. Your high incident of cerebral accidents, your immune mechanism deficiencies such as AIDS, new types of viral infections, all of these things have continued to appear, or to be found and to take a greater role in the world. Do you not see the pattern?"

"Yes, I can see it."

"As you take one out, another is replaced, because you have not eliminated the need for disease. You have not eliminated the cause for disease in the human body. This AIDS is but a reflection. It is a reflection of an attitude and structure that is contrary to the well-being of the physical self. Therefore, that imbalance brings about a counter reaction. The laws of Newton in physics are equal from the spiritual plane -- for every force, there is an opposite, an equal force. Do you comprehend?"

"I understand. I have often wondered about the constant atomic fallout from what is being exploded in our atmosphere. Has that weakened humanity's immune system, causing AIDS and other diseases to suddenly appear?"

"You are looking to the cause and looking to the effect. Certainly, many of the actions of man have caused the diseases. We have said, you have not eliminated the necessity to have disease. Your water is polluted, your air is polluted, your food is contaminated. The radiation levels that exist in your society today would have killed your ancestors! If one of your ancestors were to visit, they would not live more than three days within your environment. Do you believe that those chemical deposits in the ocean off the coast of Florida are in tact?"

"Of course not."

"They are not. They are contaminating, and the fish live within that water, then you eat the fish. The same is true of the water systems and the ground pollution. At this point in time, it is almost possible to eliminate your ancestral enemy, the cockroach, not with insecticide, but simply by giving him a drink of your water."

"Is all of this then, creating a new mutation of humanity that can survive all the pollution that we're ingesting and breathing?"

"No, it is not. That is the problem. It is creating new diseases, and the human system has not been able to advance. You are not healthier, you are maintaining status quo. What is the average life expectancy in the country at this time?"

"Around seventy-five."

"And what was it fifty years ago?"

"Sixty, in the sixties."

"It was sixty-five at that time by the official statistics. The gain during that time appears to be appreciable, slightly more than 12%, and yet, where has medical science gone in that time?"

"It should go underground."

"But it has made major advances in the structure and knowledge and treatment of many diseases and many problems which have shortened the life. But you speak of one type of pollution, and what of the pollution that you put into your body? What of the drugs? Of the alcohol? What of the foods chemically processed? The entity (Richard) did speak to a child yesterday about a type of food, and we believe he well said when he said, 'I will not eat what I cannot pronounce.' Do you comprehend?"

"I didn't understand that last statement."

"The list of ingredients in many of your packaged foods. It is near impossible to pronounce the names and the chemicals. So he said to a child, 'Don't eat anything you can't pronounce.' Continue."

"There's a very interesting factor taking place in our society today. Many different lifestyles are being accepted, and one of the areas of heated discussion is the desire of homosexuals to adopt children."

"There are true hermaphrodites in nature. The snail is one of them, but snails may have their own children and do not need to adopt them. The concept, and it is a complicated one, is that we are dealing with several factors at once. That which is termed the homosexual community is not a homogenized body of persons, but rather a very large group of individuals, each with their own particular idea or form of expression. The element of adoption of a child could be dealt with on the side by saying, 'What of a homosexual woman who had a child?' Should you then take the child from her because she is a homosexual?"

"Well, some argue that the child should be removed from the mother's lifestyle and influence."

"That is where the lifestyle was of a direct negative nature, where drugs have been involved or conditions of a totally contrary nature to the well-being of the child. But understand, that the basic law has said that the child belongs to its mother. That is a misnomer, for nothing is property, especially a human life. However, the concept of the principle of adoption should be left within the concept of adoption. The rules and laws that govern that type of thing have well been defined for many years in your society. One requires a balanced environment for the child, economic, social and psychological stability, and certainly, no one has ever been able to adopt a child who was in ill health or in potential of suffering a fatal and possibly contagious disease. We are not saying that all persons of that bent fall into that category, we are simply saying that the element of the so-called sexual preference is not the question in the element of adoption, because it is not an element that can be analyzed to a large degree.

If someone is living an antisocial lifestyle, and that person does not provide a balanced environment for a child to grow, then whether they be mother natural or mother adopted or father adopted, it would not be considered a practical element. The other element is the problem of social acceptance or ability to deal with or not to deal with the question of homosexuality, and that is a problem that exists, and it has many levels of activity and many levels of reality. That is to say simply, that there are many types of homosexuals and one cannot classify them into one group.

Certainly, the incidence of disease, the disease AIDS, has been clearly known to be much higher amongst the male homosexual community. That is a statistical thing and therefore speaks for itself. That has to do with many of the hygienic habits of that community and is not a direct effect of the thought pattern or emotional pattern, but rather is a physical element. The same disease occurs in Africa and Haiti, I believe you call it Haiti. In that area, they also have that disease and it is caused by hygienic problems. Have you visited Haiti?"

"Yes, years ago."

"Then you remember well the trenches in the floors."

"The utter poverty is incredible. Well, actually, I think the main concern is that a homosexual parent is a poor role model, and that is why this issue is so controversial."

"But is that not also a question of whether the homosexual is a public homosexual or a closet homosexual?"

"I don't think the closets are closed anymore. They all seem to be in the open."

"That is yet to be seen. But the element... imagine if five years ago the actor, Rock Hudson, had desired to adopt a child. What would have been the social reaction?"

"Well, not knowing that he was homosexual, most people would have said, 'Isn't that wonderful?'"

"That is exactly correct, and the result would have been exactly as it would have been in a normal structure. The parent who is homosexual and of a reasonable consciousness where they are not flaunting their preferences as a flag in the public face, that parent might be more preoccupied with the balance of their child than many other parents."

"It seems to be the case in many instances. It's a subject that needs a lot more understanding and perception."

"And yet, we say to you, that the number of closet cases, as they are termed, is far greater than you would imagine."

"It's hard to believe in this day and age."

"It is simply an element of population. You have not changed in this respect. This is again, a perceptive element. If we look at the number of persons of this particular persuasion as a percentage of society, there is little or no change over the last thousand years. And in this element, you are physically within one of the areas of rapid expansion and growth and consciousness movement, as is California and certain Western states. In that sense, you are more exposed to them.

Certainly, as the system, the legal system, opens up to look at the rights of individuals, then they will become more obvious as they too ask for some protection from random discrimination. The only problem with that is that you may not legislate morality, and the great reaction of the public is not to understand or look for a cause or look how to help or bring balance, but the reaction of horror based upon their own individual fear about their particular femininity or masculinity. The person who does not question his own placement in this level can look at the problem openly, trying to understand it and trying to find directions, solutions, or means to deal with it.

It is similar to your concept of a visitor from outer space. Imagine, if you would, that a highly intelligent life form chose to visit the planet earth, a life form that had learned how to cross the galaxies. And there is a set down after sending out proper communication and providing proper time for the consciousness to adapt. Comes the visitor to set down upon the lawn in front of the White House and out of the capsule steps the largest spider you have ever seen. Do you understand the concept?"

"Yes, I certainly do. One more question concerning the homosexual aspect of humanity. In a round figure, what percentage is it of our present day population in comparison to a thousand years ago, because this thread has been part of humanity since recorded history?"

"We utilized a thousand years simply because of the clarity of your history within that time. We did not mean to imply that it did not exist in the past. The percentages are relevant to a percentage of the population. We will tell you that 8% of the male population fall into the category of those who have tendencies or are active participants."

"And women?"

"Their number is larger. The number of women fall into a greater category, though many of them are not what are termed active participants. But in the female of the species, the number is based near 12%, but it does vary greatly depending upon the society."

"Do you mean the cultural aspects of society?"

"The cultural aspects create the opportunity. It occurs in nature as well. One may look at a particular type of crop, whether it be wheat or rye, and say that 8% of it might be a deviate variety."

"Since the soul is androgynous, are homosexuals, in fact, more in balance with their soul selves?"

"That is far too simple a phrase to explain in that, but let us try to approach it from a different point. Androgyny is not understood. I am androgynous; and yet, you could not understand my concepts because I do not have a sexuality. I am neither male or female. I am a consciousness that exists, and I have expressed that consciousness through physical forms that were polarized, but I am not polarized, I am one. And that is an impossible concept on your plane, because this is the plane of polarity. The plane of polarization exists here in the physical world. You may not translate that type of androgyny to homosexuality. That is a convenient handle, but unfortunately, it does not fit.

Your society has created some of the elements, and certainly, many consciousness' of a sensitive emotional nature find your world a difficult place and withdraw looking for the balance or companionship or emotional tie. Within your society, you preach love, and yet find it difficult for a man to say to another man that, 'I love you' or for a woman to say it, though the women have said it more freely than the men. And in this concept, if a man says to another man, 'I love you,' and he is speaking from the spiritual self, he will also be called a homosexual in the general society. Androgyny of consciousness is one thing, but when within a physical form that is polarized, one cannot say that the physical male body is androgynous. It is not. It is a physical male body. The female cannot say that she is androgynous when she utilizes the body of a woman.

The soul that is in a female form and says, 'I do not wish a man, I wish a woman,' is expressing a consciousness from a male lifetime. Many times, these do represent souls that have returned too quickly with too much memory of another polarity. And many times, it is the desire to escape from the responsibility of that particular polarity, taking a physical form saying, 'I want to express myself again on the physical plane, give me a body,' and then saying, 'Wait a minute, I wanted the other sex.' Do you comprehend?"

"I do."

"It is an extremely complex subject, and we do not wish to be quoted as putting it into a narrow neck of a bottle. We recognize many types of relationships which are termed homosexual, even the type that would be termed platonic, and within these types, there is a great difference and a great variety of the types of persons. But you, in your society, have created many of the elements that have brought this about with your polarized schooling system. Reduced now in time, but was in the past a very prevalent thing to have a unisexual school, a school for boys and a school for girls, and then to put the girls together in a room and the boys together in a room as they passed into their maturity phase, the time of puberty, the time of curiosity, of desires. Do you comprehend?"

"Yes, I do, and I appreciate this type information, because in lecturing and sharing information on reincarnation, etc., I can convey these more expanded views to those whose minds are open and not judgmental."

"To properly speak, we would literally have to create a book."

        Copyright by Richard Rebeck, Peggy Steinberg, Salvatore Cacciola