Light Messenger

Volume 11, Chapter 3


David Comments

"To all who have known the material, understand that it is necessary to describe all things that exist. Herein, we touch in another form that which we have tried to touch upon, but we are touching now with the greatest key that exists. All of the magic that has been conceived of within this universe is but a faint shadow in the light of the power of the mind that dreams and wishes and visualizes. Put it to use in your life, and while you are doing it, don't listen for someone else to create it for you. Listen to your own creation as you imagine your symphony of the soul."

Messenger I - World Peace (July 19, 1988)

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

At this time, we would talk of world peace. And yes, it is the time to talk of these things, for if one does not talk of light within the darkness, then what time is appropriate? For if there is darkness, there shall be no light until one brings it, and if one brings the light, there is no time that is improper.

What does the connotation of world peace mean? Think of it from the standpoint of each and every individual. Think of it for yourself, from your own point of view. See it in your mind and in your heart. What would it mean for peoples of all countries to be able to share, communicate, and even visit one another? What would it mean to be able to share technology and education and experience and to help from one area to another in the times when help is needed?

What would it mean to see flowers growing upon the battlefields and to see rust upon the cannons of war? What would it mean to millions to wake in the morning without fear, to be able to open their windows to the light of the day and know that it is safe to look upon the light? Do we speak of that which cannot be? Do we speak of that which is too far or distant into the future? Do our words seem so impossible that they cannot be realized, or at least not within this lifetime or two or three?

What is this thing called peace? We have said to you in the past, that it begins within the individual, within the home, the community, the state, the country, the world. But what of this dream, this vision, this visualization? Is this a thing for fools? Is this thing for children and old men? Or is this the very key for which you wait?

How often we have tried to explain that the key to its success lies only in the believing, in the knowing, in the visualization.

If a man never explores the idea of peace in the world and never tries to imagine in his mind how it would be, then please tell us how can it be? This is not a time just to say how can we end the anger in the world, but it is also a time to deal with the positive element.

Let us think and speak and see and share the ideas of how we see the idea of peace in the world!

And sharing it one with the other, we can create the image, the visualization that is necessary to bring forth this energy, to bring forth this act, to give birth to the light in the darkness. And it is not the light that destroys the darkness, it is the light that absorbs the darkness. The darkness is annihilated by the light, because it is absorbed by the light, and the darkness is not, for the light is.

The peace of the world is at hand, and it is not important if we also say that the destruction of the world is at hand. There are always two choices. There are always two polarities. There are always two probabilities. The question is, which probability do you wish? Then let us focus the consciousness upon that which we wish, upon that which we wish to create and make manifest, and let us manifest the force that is necessary to give birth to new visions!

It is not enough to look at your system political and say, which of these men is the better man? It is important to also create the image, the visualization, the dream of tomorrow, of a just man sitting in the position of power. We do not wish to speak of the negative, but we have spoken of the existence of that which is negative. We speak of the creation of that which can be. We speak of the purification, the rectification. We speak of the justification of dreams.

Let us dream together!

Let us dream, and in dreaming, let us build. And in dreaming, let us create not only the energy, not only the visual form, but the reality that can be made manifest from all dreams. And if your dream is slightly different than our dream, let us tell them one to the other until by the telling and sharing, they become one dream.

And of course, we shall have our fear. It is the nature. We would that it were not so, but it exists, and we cannot deny that which exists, but the fear is a healthy thing when it is recognized. The fear does not stop the dream, for the dream carries no risk. The dream carries no chance for failure. It is in itself but a visualization, but a dream; and yet, all the force of the universe can flow behind that dream. And if we can but unite the dreams of mankind, if we can but put all the torches of light of every man together, we shall form a light to unify the universe!

We begin to speak from a new direction. Let us dream together. Let us create together. That which is negative exists. We must annihilate it by absorbing it into ourselves, reducing it to an impotent point and purifying it in the love of the brotherhood of our dream, the peace of the world.

In the times of election, one may look to find the honest man, even as Diogenes the Greek did carry his lantern and look for the honest man, or so says your legend. One may look, but that does not put the energy of honesty into action within the seat of power. That which you have, that government which is made manifest in your name, which acts throughout the world in your behalf, is as you have created it, as you have visualized it, as you have accused it. It is all of those things. And how could it be any less, for you have placed your energy into it from the side of defense, the side of attack, the side of outrage, but you dreamed the dream.

There are few visionaries who dare to dream the dream. There are few who are willing to walk the road of sacrifice and to open the mind. Dream to create! Visualize to create! Open yourself to be the receptacle of all energy and transmute that energy within the love of yourself! Be not afraid of one energy or another. They're all from the same source. One may be polarized negative, the other positive. Does the government truly act outside of the desire of the people, or does it really become but a reflection of the consciousness and attitude of the people?

Leave the philosophy to the philosophers. Come, let us dream, let us visualize, let us create! Let us put the house in order within our heart and within our mind. And let us share the dream that we have with others. In the sharing, we shall unify, and unified, we shall stand to be the founders of the movement for peace on earth! That is all for this moment."

Conversations with David

Webmasters Note: Much of the information below is dated and not so useful, however, come information may be of use so it is included.

"In reference to the stock market between now and the end of 1989, when will the market reach its high? When will the market reach its low? What will be the point differential? Will the low occur because of another crash? Will there be more than one crash? If so, when? Is it recommended not to sell before any of these crashes? Is it recommended not to buy after any of these crashes?"

"We would be happy to deal with that, but at the moment, we shall touch it lightly. The market, which does affect the well-being of many, is not in a stable position, and yes, there will be other falls, or crashes, as you term them. It might be better to term them manipulations. The market will take another major setback in the latter part of this year in the time period immediately before the election. Depending upon the result of the election, there may be still another that will occur at the first of the year.

There is a strong effort being made to stabilize and to restrict the information that occurs. That is to say, that if there is a tendency to cause a sudden change, the market will be closed early on that day to prevent a rapid or catastrophic element. It is an unstable element. The individual decision to buy or sell needs to be based upon the type of activity or stock involved, for in the time of a fall, there is much profit as well. It is not a simple thing, because it is not a fixed element of the future, but something which changes daily. You will see the changes occurring and more instability appearing in the October period, reaching the climax or probable fall in the November period. Peggy... save that question and in another time, we shall elaborate more upon it."

(Later) "You mentioned last week that you would elaborate more on the stock market. Will you do so now?"

"As we have recently said, the market is unstable. The instability is caused by the timing of the year, that is, the election year, and it is also unstable as a result of problems in taxation. Therefore, there will be much activity to conserve position and hedging against taxes. There is also a time for manipulators to take advantage of this climate, forcing an apparent rush on the market, causing stocks to fall lower than normal so that they may buy and gain thereby.

It is not a time period to look for profit. It is not a roller coaster market with predictable cycles above and below a certain point. It is a market which can fall at any given point and then rise above, recede, and fall again. To understand this, one must understand the nature of this type of investment. If you, the individual, the small investor, have a stock and it is falling in price near or below that which you paid for it, you may panic and decide to sell it to protect your investment. At the same time, one who owns a thousand shares of that stock may put those thousand shares upon the market at a lower price, with the intent to buy two thousand when that action has forced the price lower. This is manipulation of the market, forcing out the small investor and leaving a profitable gain for those who can afford to take the risk.

The stability of the market here, as previously seen, will affect the market in total areas of the world. The market stability point is near the two thousand level. As it floats above or below that point, one can observe the action, but there is no curve that will predict the cycles. Recognizing that many of these cycles are controlled by individuals, their timing is chosen to coincide with other events which can take the blame. For example, a tragedy occurs, and the market drops. Did the tragedy cause the market to drop or was it merely manipulated in that moment in time to cover the action? The market does not in itself change rapidly as a result of daily events, and yet, it often does. And we say that the investor in utilities is not concerned with the effect of an aerospace contract and a problem in another part of the world with said contract; and yet, the utility may change. It is not a time to buy war products, though at moments, these may seem lucrative. Nor is it time to jump into the aerospace market. The stability in such a market also does not lie within the food markets or that which you term the grain commodity, as an example, within the next year. The climactic changes will alter much of this affect.

Beware of fluctuations in the market at the end of November and first part of December. Also, we see a time marked near the 15th of October. Depending upon the candidate of each party and the impact nationally of these candidates will determine whether or not the end of August and the first of September will show a marked change in the market. This is a time or a market for professionals and not for the little man. It is no place for amateurs at this time."

"Since our business concerns computers and computer sales, how will the market affect the availability and pricing of that type of product?"

"The market does not affect the price of products. It only affects the price of paper tigers. The market itself, of consumer or business goods, changes little with respect to the stock market, and if the individual is more cautious or refrains from the market, the professionals will not have the ability to cause widespread changes. Do you comprehend?"

"Yes. You seemed to indicate that there might be some type of event that would coincide with a fall in the market. Could you be more specific on that?"

"We were using an example. We are saying that if an event occurs, that if tomorrow there were a tragedy with a train filled with chemicals, the market might suddenly show a downward trend. And the point is, did the train or its chemicals actually affect the market, or was it used simply as you term it, for a smokescreen? Proceed."

"David, this is, of course, an election year and your advice has always been to seek candidates that are of the light. Can you give any specific guidelines to help us make a decision from the candidates that are presented, and can you predict which way the tide will go in terms of the Republicans or Democrats?"

"We, of course, can see all of the possibilities. The probability at this moment lies with the entity, Bush. And yet, the times have changed and of all that are, the strongest light does emanate from the darkest of candidates. Do you comprehend?"

"I certainly do, and it saddens me that he was not given the opportunity."

"The words of politicians are like the cries of the seagull in the morning when they look for their breakfast. It is a raucous sound and is neither a true noise, nor is it a symphony. Those who wish to follow their tradition of walking behind the mule or jackass will do so, but we see little light in that camp. On the other side, though the man who walks behind the elephant may generate a little light, the elephant, representative of the system and structure that exists, does tend to obscure the light of he who follows by that which the elephant leaves behind as it walks.

It is not the darkest of time, nor is it the brightest, nor is it the most competent time. And yet, of the visionaries there are few, and we do not see a change, though it is always possible for the people at large to change their destiny. It is always possible for the people to change their system from within. It is always possible to cry out for justice and equality and opportunity. And we say, that of those words spoken in calm by the one called Jackson, that if but one tenth of that which he has said were to be attained, it would change a thousand percent the value and quality of the life that is led. But then this is your system and it is your game. Simply remember that the bearer of light need make a decision and may not be apathetic, for apathy is of the darkness and not of the light. Continue."

"When will the drought in the Midwest end? Also, does it relate to Ruth Montgomery's predictions of events before the cataclysm?"

"It is not an event before the cataclysm. The drought will continue, or that is to say, a reduced rainfall will continue until the end of this year. The problem is a cyclic one which has occurred in the past. Many here do not remember the great drought of the Southwest that occurred in the late 20's and early 30's. The problem is aggravated or accelerated by the problems in the atmosphere, as we have spoken in the past. The pollution and the continued use of high velocity aircraft tend to cause a disruption in the normal wind currents. Even as, in theory, a tornado could be reduced by a number of airplanes flying in the opposite direction around the tornado, creating a counter turbulence that could reduce or diminish completely the tornado.

The ecological balance is out of balance, and each factor, from the evaporation of water being increased in one area due to the higher temperature level creating clouds that are heavier and therefore slower moving, to the interruption of a wind current, all of these things contribute to the changes in the weather pattern. Those areas nearest the ocean, such as this geographic sector, do not see these drastic changes, because the ocean does dominate. The analysis of the wind and weather patterns would be better termed a vector analysis of energy, and whatever change, whether it be a pseudo atomic explosion, a volcano exploding, or thousands of jet aircraft, all of these things produce changes, and there is a natural periodic cycle where the wind currents move from the north to the south and from the south to the north again."

"Scientists have found a large hole in the ozone layer over the South Pole. Similar depletions have been detected over North America. Is the cause a natural or man-made phenomena? What major problem will result from the increased ultraviolet radiation?"

"The cause is man-made. Your fluoro-hydrocarbons are the cause. The spray cans you have eliminated, the Freon you have not. The depletion is not a secret. The research agencies have flown aircraft directly into the hole and have measured the pollution. Shortly, there should be a publication of those findings."

The effect of increased radiation in all categories is, one, the change in weather, because as a greater temperature occurs at that point, you have air warming where it was cold, changing the effect of a wind or breeze. The incident or prevalence or probability of skin cancer is increased. The effect on plant life can also occur. The percentages are small, and yet, are great. The changes occurring may move, may change their location; therefore, it would be difficult to predict the effects over one area only. The polar areas are more likely to remain constant, but look to a reduction of the ice density in the South Pole, meaning that there would be an increase in the level of the ocean, meaning that there would be more rain, and the combined effect of that is that those who pray for rain today, will soon pray for drought.

Remember, that in ecological balance, pollution may create the hot house effect, but volcanoes have erupted for millions of years. Believe me, we well know how that may occur. That creates a pollution which lasts for many years, and that can change the balance of things, but we are talking now of solar energy unchecked. There is not enough lightning to produce enough ozone because the chemicals that you have sent into the skies do not deteriorate. They destroy the ozone and return to their original form, ready to destroy again. The sun is a gigantic nuclear reactor! All of the dangers of nuclear radiation are present. You simply call it by other names."

"You mentioned that those who pray for rain today will soon pray for the opposite. What time period are you speaking of?"

"We are looking to a time not distant within the period of twelve to fourteen months when we see the rivers swollen and men filling bags with sand."

David Speaks on US/Iran Plane Incident (July 6,1988)

"We are slightly surprised that we have not had a question of the situation that occurred with Iran."

"Yes, please tell us more about that."

"These situations can be justified, and they cannot be justified. Do we not deal here with a similar thing to the question of abortion? Justification, once said to be just as if it had never been or had never happened. What is the implication of this type of an act or action? And is it important what really happened?

One must understand that that word karma applies once again. The act or intent of the other person has no bearing upon the karma of this side. That is to say, that the individuals involved and the country as a whole share in the karma of this act. On the other side, the karma exists as well with Iran and those who terminated, or were terminated. And in truth, those who terminated played their role in fulfilling their time, their destiny, as it is said, and terminated in service to open the eyes of consciousness.

As so often occurs with things of this nature, one does not quickly know who is speaking the truth and who is not. Had the destroyer or naval ship not been present in that area, the incident would not have occurred. The element of karma is to be involved in such acts. There is no justification for war! There never has been, there never will be!

The people, the consciousness' that were aboard that plane were murdered by their own people!

That plane was a martyr plane, deliberately sent with a predetermined code in the transmitter that would create confusion in the mind of the US force. Its course was ordered, and its channels were changed. They were chosen to be martyrs, but that does not eliminate the responsibility that occurs on both sides. No one sought to annihilate several hundred persons, and yet it passed.

And we hear the reaction from so many parts of the world, and we find it most interesting. We remember the millions of the second world war, and we remember the millions more that died in China, but you do not even speak of that. When Mau TseTsung marched through China, he annihilated more persons than the total death count of the second world war. But that number is preposterous. It's in the millions; therefore, two hundred and ninety persons are more important than millions! Or is it a competition, as the newscasters compare the numbers who died in a Korean jet and how this was a greater tragedy by twenty persons more. And yet, more than two hundred and ninety persons died yesterday of hunger, a great many more. *(See comment at end of this message.)

Part of these elements are imbalance. We speak, and there are those who have the audacity to say that we are Un-American. And I tell you clearly, that from our dimension, we are not Americans, nor are we citizens of the earth no more. We stand at the window of the universe and look upon the earth and what it is that you are doing with it. Certainly, this part of the world has one of the greater potentials, and it has the greater problems.

Look to the cause! Look to the situation that brought about the present situation. We said the same thing of abortion many times. Look to the consciousness that brought about the problem. Why is there a problem with Iran? Is it not in part because you as a collective people supported a dictatorship from the time of the second world war and created a military empire in that part of the world? You face the very weapons of death that you provided! Cause and effect -- the law of karma. All things return. The man who steals by the night will be found in the day, and if not in this lifetime, in another.

But the people in the collective word are still apathetic, and the Rambo consciousness is not the solution for the world. It never has been, it never will be! We have seen thousands of civilizations and exaggerate not in the number that have come and have gone.

Without a spiritual foundation, without a moral structure, without a social and family base, there is no society that will survive! And the society that tolerates corruption within itself, within its community, at whatever level, is contributing to the greater problem. Many of those who are here in this room and who can read these words still can remember what the word 'war' does mean. It is not enough to express a verbal opinion or just to march in the street against an idea. The solution is to work within the system, utilizing the legal structure of the system to change it, to correct it, to eliminate at every level. And you cannot correct the federal problem until you correct the state. And you cannot correct the state until you correct the city and the village problem and the county.

For every life that is terminated, you collectively share part of the karmic responsibility. You might call it a generational karma, even as we have said that future generations may be born in a world poisoned by radioactivity, and that will be their generational karma. But perhaps that would still be fortunate, to survive to that time if the world has not destroyed itself, or that is to say, if man has not destroyed the world before that time.

Count the numbers of your young men who at this moment are standing in foreign lands in uniform with weapon in hand, and think well. Think well of what is passing, and when you have your opportunity to express your opinion, operating within your system, look to change the leadership. Look to put persons of light and put the light about the persons who carry out your will, your decisions.

We do not deal with the political structures. That is your responsibility. We deal with the reality, and we see the numbers who today have planned in their mind not to participate in the system. And we say, that the person who does not participate carries a greater guilt or karma for the failure to take action. If a child is drowning, you would reach your hand out to save it. Would you not do the same for that which you call your country? That is all for this time."

*The following facts were taken from The Hunger Project's QUARTERLY dated April 1988: The persistence of hunger takes the lives of 13-18 million people each year; 35,000 every day; 24 people per minute. 26,000 are children! "This is the equivalent of a fleet of 100 jumbo jets, each carrying 260 children, and each and every one crashing!" For more information concerning The Hunger Project write: 1388 Sutter St., San Francisco, CA 94109.

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