Light Messenger

Volume 11, Chapter 4


David Speaks on Alton (July 27, 1988)

"We have thought of how it is best to present this material. It has been agreed that I will start the story of Alton. When, as we progress, either this day or another, it is appropriate for the Messengers to describe a philosophy or reaction or other observation, we will bring them in, and in the interim, they will assist to provide the base of material at hand for me to transmit.

We shall not begin this story with 'once upon a time', though perhaps we should say that once there was a time. There was a world, a planet in a binary system, that is to say a system which had two suns. This planet was known as Alton.

The people of Alton evolved to the point where they had achieved one world government without war and had basically eliminated the need for any type of military force or police. It was not necessary to use police officers, though we did have what might be termed, social workers. The civilization of Alton flourished in an intellectual and spiritual environment, which led to the discovery of the prolongation of life, not in the physical sense, for there is a limit to the durability or time of the physical human form. Part of this is because of the necessity to intake foods and elements which, at times, contain small amounts of toxic or poisonous material. The accumulation of these toxins over the lifetime are what shorten or lengthen the lifetime, depending upon their quantity and type.

The system for prolonging life was the realization, as we have taught, that the soul becomes one with the physical form at the moment of birth. If the fetus, the mother, and the newborn child are projected from the consciousness of the father and are protected by energy so to speak, marking them as reserved and not available for general inhabitation, and if the father or elder, which may also be a woman, now chooses to enter into a state of suspended animation, a deep meditative state approaching the cataleptic state... entering into the state, the consciousness may project itself as you term astral projection to the point where it may occupy the physical body of a newborn child, even as a soul natural. Now the soul has two bodies, and with the assurance that the physical body of the new child is in good health and balance, it is now possible to allow the original physical body to terminate, thus leaving a fully evolved consciousness without limitation present in the body of a child, an infant, ready to assist in the physical growth process and ready to communicate when it is time. In this system, the leaders of Alton found it possible to perpetuate their consciousness for more than a millennium, though at times, one might tire of the life cycle and might seek the release of termination.

The system of Alton, the system of government, was a well defined system with twelve participants or members of what might be termed the Great or Grand Council. Each of the twelve were subdivided into twelve more, and they also into twelve to provide the specialists and the technology that was needed to maintain the civilization.

Alton had but one problem.

One of its two stars or suns had begun to deteriorate and was near to a time period when there would be a catastrophic termination. This led the scientists and government of Alton to search for new planets and new directions for the people. It was found that it was not possible to pass through this experience in a physical form, nor was it possible to find a physical planet close enough for travel and yet far enough to be safe from the effects of the implosion of the sun. Finally, a group of leaders placed their minds in an advanced state of meditation or suspended animation, and with their consciousness fully aware, began their journey through time and space, seeking that planet, that place where they might find a hospitable environment. After many failures, the earth was found. A planet of one sun, and yet made of the material and with an atmosphere necessary to sustain life.

But this planet, the earth, did not have intelligent or conscious life forms upon it, not at least in the humanoid form. The only creature who roamed the earth where they did land was he who you term the Neanderthal, and that Neanderthal did not have a soul consciousness placed within the physical form.

Utilizing the presence of a consciousness, without respect or concern for the cost or distance, the experiment was started by projecting consciousness' into the womb and connecting themselves with the soon to be born children of the Neanderthal.

This process was refined over time. The first experiments to transfer consciousness to Neanderthal children met failure due to the high mortality rate amongst these primitive creatures, but the bodies on Alton were not terminated until the child had reached at least one year of age. As soon as the child reached an age where he could physically maneuver the body by himself, he separated himself in full consciousness, being an adult in a child's body, from the tribe or grouping of Neanderthal. It was through this process that the first group or colony was formed, causing some slight genetic changes during the conception and fetal incubation.

It was possible to cause the child to be born with greater capabilities than the parents had. After this generation reached an adulthood state, and this generation of which we speak suffered a mortality rate of 65%, therefore, many great minds were lost to Alton, because the physical form had been terminated and then the new vehicle, the new body, had died due to disease or elements or the violence of the times. Those who survived interbred and also took Neanderthal women to use them as breeders to bring in more consciousness from Alton. It was not possible to use the Neanderthal male for breeding with the crossed female. Only the crossed male could breed with the Neanderthal woman, because of the problems with controlling the genetic structures. In this form, we were able to populate a great many of the greater minds of Alton and a certain percentage of the population as well, but only a tiny fragment of that which was.

The actual experiment began approximately 100,000 years ago in your time as you know it. 50,000 years ago the civilization termed Atlantis was formed as a structured reality. It existed before that, but in loose groups formed to survive and adapt to the environment and to allow a continuation of genetic evolution to produce a human form that was more suitable to the needs of the Alton transplants.

Only those of the upper consciousness of Alton could maintain the life structure, but the others became ready vehicles to create new bodies. And while Alton lived, we trained there many of the lower groups to extend their consciousness and enter into the suspended state thereby moving much of the population. And at times, the control was weakened and other souls did enter in to join with us in the experiment of Atlantis, for as there were other populated planets in the universe and other great civilizations, the souls who had evolved to a conscious need for physical incarnation were many. That is the reason that on Alton they used the mind shield to prevent the conceived child being made available to the open system. That is to say, the system of soul selection.

Atlantis was formally formed when Alton was destroyed. When the one sun of Alton went into its unstable state, the planet was destroyed in a holocaust; and because of increased gravitational factors, the planet Alton was drawn into the sun itself. The effect of Alton and several other planets of its system crashing into the sun created a solar explosion that to this day has created some of the strange radio signals, signals of energy, that have been received here upon the earth. And yet, those that are received are yet those that existed while Alton still lived. That is to say in your terms of thinking, that Alton was more than 50,000 light years from your planet.

Returning to Alton, the civilization maintained a working environment with trades and professions, though we little needed the practitioners of health. Only but occasionally did we require one for injuries and accident. We maintained a society that operated basically without mechanical machines independent of its operator. Your society is based upon such machines-- you utilize the natural resources of your planet to propel your vehicles, a self dependent mechanical machine that requires only physical interaction with the operator. We did not use motors. Our vehicles of transportation were designed in the form that you would term aerodynamically, but the energy that we used was a combination of the solar energy and the power of the mind. It was easier for us to travel in the daytime than at night, for we had learned how to use the mind to cause a changing, a bending, of the light of the sun; and using that light energy with the thought energy, to create a type of movement or propulsion.

Because of the two suns and their independent orbits, and yet of course dependent, we did enjoy a longer period of day than is common on this planet. We experienced eighteen hours if we put it in terms of your twenty-four, eighteen hours of light. But to maintain the energy and to control the energy in the night hours, we experimented with crystals and found the means to use a crystal as a storage chamber of light where light could enter, but could not leave, but continuously, perpetually bounced about within the crystal and could only leave through an opening controlled and focused by the mind's eye. Therefore, we had night; we had day, but we had light both day and night.

We moved through the air, even as you do with airplanes, but we needed not a propulsion system. We did not have the means of moving hundreds of people in one vehicle, but then we never really tried to move that many at one time. Our vehicles were made of a type of stone, but a stone that does not exist upon this planet. A stone that was hard and durable, resistant to the elements, and yet light of weight, similar to many of your modern plastics which are light in weight and yet exhibit a high strength level, the difference being that the plastic burns and the stone does not.

When one of our vehicles of stone terminated its usefulness, we reliquified the stone and returned it to the deposit to be reused for other purposes. We constructed buildings of the same material. We made tubings for water, but we did not have electricity as you know it. Instead, we had lightning within a crystal, and each home would have a crystal that illuminated the room as if each room had its own private sun.

We had long since given up on using fossil fuels for heating or cooking. We used the light of the sun, and when the sun was not, we used the light of the crystal. To give you a relative idea, one crystal ten inches in height and eight inches diameter could produce an energy beam capable of reaching or heating an oven to a thousand degrees of Fahrenheit for six to seven hours before the crystal would be depleted and require recharging. And we did not destroy the crystals. They were reused. We grew the crystal ourselves, even as you are beginning to learn, and we could create the crystal in the form and shape that was required.

Of our foods, we ate that which was of the planet, and of the animals, we killed none. It had been tens of thousands of years since a member of Alton had known the taste of blood within his mouth, the blood of another life form.

The society was structured, evolved, peaceful and well educated. We had developed a system of space travel, but limited in distance; and in these systems, we did use other forms of energy, but they were unsuccessful to give us an escape from our problem. With the light of the crystal and the ability of the mind to focus it and thousands of years of life for one man, the consciousness evolved to a point where we had learned to control all elements of the planet, but the sun we could not master.

It is difficult to speak of many of these things, for to describe accurately, we must step backward in time and join that point in space and time with this point in space and time. We therefore, have a door open in the time/space continuum that reaches across the universe and time.

Much of the technology that existed in Alton was brought to the new world by our consciousness; yet, we were at times limited by the differences in materials. The chemical table of your world is lacking many elements.

When we formed, we maintained the system of government that we had previously known, and we formed our leadership of twelve. And of each of the twelve, they in turn, had twelve beneath. This was multiplied outward, and it has given birth to the number base of your system of philosophy and physics, your twelve months, your twelve apostles, even to the total number of those who ruled or were responsible for the professions and the trades and the arts and sciences. Their number was 144,000. And yes, it might be said that the 144,000 ascended, even as they had descended.

The construction of Atlantis was not overnight, but took nearly 50,000 years as we formed the physical vehicles, the bodies we needed, found the area of your planet most suitable and began the process of physically creating and learning to focus the mind of this now primitive shell that we had chosen to use. Primitive in many abilities, and certainly not the least of these was the mental development.

As we began Atlantis, so we planted many colonies in other parts of the world, and in time, we found that we had created several new races. Those of us who could be termed of Atlantis, those who were the product of an Alton/Neanderthal, became part of us, for if they left us or were separated, they then with the Neanderthal created still a new element, a new group. Within ourselves we had the division of those of Alton and those of other soul-consciousness'. This in itself created a division, for many soul-consciousness' that entered did not have the evolution of the Alton soul or mind and therefore created strife and discontent.

It required nearly 10,000 years to form the great crystal of the pyramid of Atlantis, and this time was used to create a giant crystal that could serve the majority of the people, maintaining also our crystal lanterns or lamps as you would call them. And we found it necessary to provide each man with a small crystal containing energy and light to protect him and help him. The typical individual crystal could be used to focus the mind's eye or the mind's energy to heal a body diseased or injured. It could be used to create a fire, to provide warmth. It could be used simply for the light in the night, and it could be used to defend oneself.

We created a city, a city which was sound and strong, but whose walls were not of the thickest materials, for that we did not need, for the strength was in them. And we built the great pyramid to house the crystal and to maintain the center of activity, spiritual and scientific, where each of the twelve could meet together or could meet with their groups of twelve and plan and evaluate what would be.

We will stop the material at this point to answer any questions of what we have said, and because the portal of time requires tremendous energy physical. We are utilizing in your terms, ten times the energy of life normal to open this window. Speak."

"I have a question concerning the individual crystals that were given to the people in Atlantis. Were those crystals keyed to the individual in such a way that they were uniquely that individual's and couldn't be taken away without causing pain to that individual?"

"That is a good question, but no, they were not tuned to the individual, but tuned to the Alton consciousness and could only be used by an Alton. Or should we say, Atlantean."

"So the crystals were to the non-Alton consciousness simply a useful object or perhaps even a trinket without much power?"

"It was a glowing crystal until such time as the energy was dissipated and it required a recharging. You could have a bowl of them in your house and you would have a bowl of light, even as you have a bowl of fruit. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I do. The other question that boggles my mind concerns what you said about having different elements than we have here on the earth. From my knowledge of the periodic tables of atoms and combinations of atoms, I can foresee an infinite number of combinations, but I don't perceive different elements than what we've found in the periodic table."

"Even your periodic table has many blank spaces. There are elements that have never been found or defined."

"On the very high elements that are radioactive or extremely short lived, there are blank spaces and sort of unknowns, but when you're going from a hydrogen to a helium to... each one has simply one electron and one proton more that makes it different. Are you saying that there are different structures?"

"That is correct, and now your scientists know that there are tachyons, there are antimatter particles, there are negatrons as there are protons, and there are other elements yet to be known. And perhaps one should not call them an element, but we did. Or perhaps, what you have should not be called an element, for we find it but a subset of the same family."

"So, the different combinations go right into the very heart of the atom and its nuclear structure."

"Is not the definition of an element that which has its own unique atom?"

"Yes, and the uniqueness of it is the count of electrons and protons, and simply by adding or subtracting one element or proton, you go from one element to the next, but unless you subdivide the atom or add some unusual qualities to it, you don't get different elements."

"You are proton, neutron. What of the Positron, negatron? What of the tachyon? You understand, you do not know how to count these yet."

"No, the physicists are on the border of metaphysical thought when they start counting and tracing those."

"You are postphysics. We were metaphysic."

"Did the Altons deal in areas of antimatter then?"

"We knew antimatter, and we did control it. Our propulsion to travel in space was based upon the concept of the mixture of matter and antimatter in a non-mechanical propulsion system."

"Using crystals?"

"Using crystal to focus the energy of antimatter and matter. You are aware of what happens when you bring matter and antimatter together?"

"Yes, you have complete annihilation of the two matters when releasing total energy."

"And that energy, when properly contained and directed, is a propulsion in the vastness of space. The combination was made inside of what you would call a crystal motor where within the crystal, we created the field of force to contain the antimatter, releasing it to merge with matter. And the matter with which we merged was the debris of space itself."

"So you had, in essence, like a little scoop scooping up space debris and then combining it with antimatter, pitching it out the back as pure energy."

"That is a simplified picture of the system, yes. We did not have a problem to deal with the antimatter, for we had learned that the infinite consciousness is antimatter itself. We believe that it is wise to terminate at this time.

Continued August 26, 1988

"Since the time permits, we wish to regress to the period of Alton. We have spoken but briefly of that other world and spoken more of their achievements, leaving a great gap in the comprehension of this ancient civilization. Alton, like any other planet, like any other world or civilization, was not a paradise but had evolved through social and cultural problems, and over its long history, it had arrived at a unified system of world government. Alton did not maintain a military system, nor were any weapons in existence at the time, though as is well understood, any tool could be a weapon if so used.

The civilization was basically what one would term a cooperative civilization. A system of interchange was used, but not quite in the same manner as that which you term money. The civilization did not suffer from lack of technical accomplishment, but had chosen to work backwards, as you might term it, reaching a golden age of technology and abandoning that technology to work more in harmony with the natural elements and structures that existed.

The electricity that was used was formed from solar and natural thermal electric elements. No fuels were used to produce electricity. No fuel of any type was burned, nor was atomic energy used, though it was well known. The only time that what you might term a fuel consuming motor was employed was in space travel, though the space travel was relatively limited, somewhat more advanced than yours, yet limited by the refusal to return to a technological state that deprived individuals of their own identity and individual pride.

The society found a need for education, and persons worked in the profession of their choosing and to their ability. There was no forced element in the social structure, but all children were tested at an early age, looking for that which you term the psychic ability and that which was termed the supernatural ability. The monetary exchange system was common throughout the entire planet, and an hour of work bought the same amount of goods or food in whatever part, though much was produced in a collective sense. That is to say, many services were made available to the people at large as a function of government.

The government was joined with what you would term a religious structure or a philosophical structure which guided the life style. While the government existed, it consisted of what was termed the scientific minds, those men of wisdom, each representing the various elements of science and knowledge and philosophy. It was ruled by twelve, and as we have spoken of the twelve and the multiples of twelve, so the government was structured with twelve eminent or dominant figureheads. These persons, because of their abilities to extend their life through the utilization of new vehicles or bodies, maintained their position, in some cases for thousands of years.

Unfortunately, Alton did not have any nearby neighbors with advanced life forms. The Alton society felt that it was isolated in the universe, and much like yourselves in earlier times, had felt that it was the only planet with intelligent life in existence. As the elders developed their mental abilities, which is clearly more possible when one extends the physical life form, and then when one extends that through body transfer, the abilities can be enhanced and developed to a very high degree. It soon became obvious that there were other life forms and other intelligence in the universe, but that they were distant and not in a point of communication or within easy reach.

The Alton society used natural elements and natural food. They did not employ any synthetic materials. They did not eat meat, though the animal kingdom on Alton was different. It could have been cultivated for food, but was not. Nor did they partake of any marine life or bird life or red-blooded animals of any type. They took not of life in order to sustain themselves, but prospered and maintained good health through what you would term, a purely vegetarian diet. Though I believe that some of the vegetables that existed were more complete in their protein structure than those that are commonly available in your world at this time. Because of the lack of meat in the diet, the people of Alton enjoyed a longer life span and a better health structure, though physiologically they were very similar to the humanoid life form. To say that they were pure humanoid would be an error, because as life evolves in any given place it may follow similar patterns, but there will be differences.

When the problem of transportation developed, it was found impractical to utilize vehicles of propulsion which consumed the fuel. There was not a great quantity of natural fuel in Alton, and the utilization of atomics for that produced too great a risk. All atomics were eliminated and sent into space to be used in space transportation, or those residual elements which could not be used were sent directly to the sun itself to be absorbed and eliminated from the planet to completely eliminate the danger.

Alton was rich in crystalline structures, and because of this, the experimentation with crystals began at a very early time. Even as today you are capable of growing many crystals of many different types, so in Alton the art of growing crystals had reached a gigantic proportion. And since it was possible to harness light and heat and energy within a crystal, much was eliminated in the need for generating electricity.

The general public of Alton had reached a suitable level of telepathic ability, though they should not be thought of as being purely psychic. Part of the governmental and religious structure was that every individual, every member of the planet, learned how to meditate and focus the mind at an early age in the childhood. The ability to be telepathic to a degree was of great value in the communication, though when one needed to communicate at a greater distance, one went to a pure telepath who would then make the communication, thus eliminating the necessity for such things a telephone or radio.

It actually was possible to store verbal messages in certain crystalline structures, and one, having studied to read them, could learn or hear or read that message by simply holding the crystal and focusing the mind. The greatest achievement of Alton was that which you call psychokinesis, the recognition that all matter is subject to a higher law of another dimension and that anyone who can interfere between those two dimensions can alter the structure or nature or characteristic of matter.

Because of the natural laser produced by crystal and the sun, it was possible to cut the stone of the planet which was a stone that was extremely durable and yet very porous, not contributing greatly to the weight as for example, your granite stone would do, but rather, it was a stone which could be formed, could be liquefied and reformed and still maintain its structure or its porosity wherein it was possible to move it through psychic kinetic ability, whether it be upon the sea or in the air or immediately at the land level.

Since the entertainment did not exist as you have it within this planet, there was little desire to move from one part of Alton to another. The world had developed a somewhat homogeneous structure over the millennia of peace that they had enjoyed. In this structure, the individuals found their diversion-- their entertainment in the natural elements of life and within the family and social units of their immediate families.

Even to the food, preparation was made through the use of solar energy, and so the food was always prepared when the light of the sun was still present. And again, large crystals could be used to maintain sufficient energy to give warmth.

The medical needs were limited. Certainly to the point of accidents, and surgery was known and utilized in emergency cases. The body of the being of Alton did not have useless appendages such as the appendix. If they had had such a thing, it had long ago been eliminated.

The elements most commonly used were stone and wood and crystal. The clothing would be from natural fibers and always that of plant and never of animal. Though there was not an objection in the religious sense to the animal, the use of the animal skin or hair or wool produced a vibration disharmonious to the being, and therefore, they chose not to use such products. Though certainly, in remote rural areas, it did occur where it was found practical.

Do not think that the society was a boring one; it was a very fruitful one. There was a constant desire to learn and a constant opportunity. All of the arts were highly developed, including the musical art, and many instruments similar and different to those of your world existed. But we do not think that you have an idea of what an organ is until you have played one of crystal, especially when the mind can tune and shape and alter the sound of the crystal as it is being struck. The poetry, the literature, the paintings, the music... the society had completed itself and had reached an apex or a peak in its evolution.

The society did follow a pairing system similar to that which you term marriage, but in order to pair, it was necessary not only to have parental approval, but to have the governmental approval as well, verifying that there was no disharmony in the physiological structure of the two beings and that there was no psychological problems present which might impair the relationship, the functioning of the two in the society as a whole, or the possible children they might bear.

Since the artificial elements were avoided and there were no preservatives used for the food, the society did consist of a large portion of the society as an agricultural society. It was necessary to constantly produce the food and the fruit to be eaten. Those vessels which did exist, and utensils, were made from natural things, though metal did exist and was used in the area of making and of tools themselves... the metal, the glass, the crystal, the wood, the stone, and one has all of the elements that one needs.

The destruction of Alton was not a result of any being of Alton. It was a natural stellar phenomena where the binary star system that formed the twin suns had simply existed too long and was now fading with one of the suns ready to explode and terminate the existence of that solar system. Though there be but one here, at a point in time, that shall occur with this planet as it has with many others, but that still represents some ten million of your years in the future.

The voyages into space could not leave the system far enough behind to avoid the dangers of the explosion, and within the range of safety, no suitable planets were found. Therefore, in the last millennia, great effort was made to accelerate the mental ability and power and to begin the search throughout the universe for a suitable home or a new home.

Alton had known a civilization and a history of nearly two and a half million of your years, if one wishes to gauge at what point one may look backward or forward. Perhaps, they were slow; perhaps they were rapid, but as you deem time, and their time was similar, though their system was a more perfect one where the rotational span took exactly 360 days and therefore was in perfect harmony with the geometry of their system. The day was not divided into 24 hours, though the revolution was deemed of the same, though at times confusing, because there were two suns. So there were really two cycles, and since they had different speeds, one had to learn to take the two and derive the mean to know the truth. But that is astrophysics and not the subject.

It was a society controlled and governed by its own members who had achieved a high degree of intelligence and had accelerated or advanced their psychic ability to absolute control, a society which rewarded its individualism and left total freedom open to the individual. The only reason that we did not move all of Alton is that one cannot force the development of the psycho/mental ability that allows the travel through time and space. Had we had but another 10,000 years, we feel that all of the residents of Alton would have developed that ability as a natural genetic evolution.

Have you understood the material? Do you have any question relevant to the material given?"

"Yes. In our span of time, how long ago did Alton exist, and also, are there people on this planet today who experienced life on Alton?"

"We have touched with this in other sessions, but to answer your question directly, before Alton was destroyed, 1,000 years before that, we did arrive at this planet, and we did bring consciousness to this planet to inhabit that which was known as Neanderthal, thus giving birth to Cro-Magnon. And there are many today who are direct descendents of the beings of Alton. There are those whose soul-consciousness existed in Alton and others from other places, but we brought no single physical body from Alton, for Alton is on the other side of this universe.

We traveled as living consciousness, that which you term astral projection, and we entered in at the moment of conception and birth, taking control of a physical form of the more animalistic Neanderthal, leaving our physical bodies in a state of suspension and after establishing firmly the seat of control within.

As it was said by the ancients, at least 33 days is required for the soul to be firm with the body. After that time, through telepathic communication, our guardians in Alton allowed our physical bodies to die in order that we might maintain the body that we currently had or were developing. But we emerged, even as children, with full consciousness. We did not need to pass the learning process."

"When you said that beings came from Alton 1,000 years before it was destroyed, did you mean to say 10,000 years or 1,000 years?"

"We came. It would be to your time approximately 1,000 years from the time of the first physical form taken, not of the travel and the search. Man in his limit, does not recognize greater spans of time than that when the world in which he lives is about to end. Ten thousand years is too far into the future, but a thousand or two is something to count. One thousand is the number that would be, though there is a difference in the calendars and the form of counting time between the two worlds. From this reference, 1,000 years."

"Okay. So, all of the beings that came from Alton had to do it within that 1,000 year time period?"

"That is correct... that came directly from Alton, that were not in transit in their own vehicles of space unable to reach this planet, but traveling and capable of moving after that time. They were on their way in search, looking to escape the inevitable and searching for whatever type of world might serve."

"Other than planet Earth?"

"They could not reach planet Earth by physical means."

"Since pairing or marriages had to be sanctioned by parents and the government, was there such a thing as divorce? Did the people ever change partners?"

"There was separation if one was incapacitated mentally due to illness or accident and there was no opportunity of recovery, but divorce did not exist. It did not need to exist."

"Was that because the people were so well paired that they did not have the psychological and emotional difficulties that we have today?"

"You have said three things in one. They were well paired, yes, answer to question. The psychological difficulties that exist today are caused by your cultural and socio-economic structure and did not and could not have existed in the Alton civilization; therefore, one would not have that problem. One would not find another person attractive in a physical, carnal sense when one was paired, because the pairing produced a telepathic oneness wherein such digression would be literally impossible without the other's knowledge. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I do. What were the physical characteristics of the people of Alton? How were they different from us? Were there different races as we know them?"

"Another word with which I have difficulty when you use the word race. Anthropologically speaking, I do not believe that the Homo erectus of which you are part truly has races. You have divisions that you have created, but they are all Homo erectus, the human being. Variations in pigmentation of the skin, adaptation to certain localities certainly may create changes. The element of the physical form was very similar, such that an Alton could walk amongst you without being overtly noticed, except for the larger cranial area and the balancing features, including the longer hands. Physiologically there were some differences, but not of a significant nature. They breathed air, had a heart and lungs and organs somewhat similar, we might say more evolved. Does that answer the question?"

"Yes, could you describe their skin colors, pigmentation, things like that? Or is that even relevant?"

"I think that at another time we may touch upon it, but it is not quite relevant, and we do not wish to create the strangeness. And yet, because of elements of diet and gases in the air, it was not uncommon to find a skin color that ranged in the tannish blue, as a color might be called."

"Apparently, there was some type of class structure with those of wisdom being in control. What kind of opportunities did the common people have for advancement?"

"Equal to all others, for they were tested as children, and the signs were looked for to determine what their ability would be. If one was found capable of being one of the mightier, he was therefore, trained and aided to develop and fulfill the potential and the ability. Is that clear?"

"Yes. You said at times the control was weakened and other souls did enter in to join with us in the experiment of Atlantis and that there were other populated planets in the universe. You also mentioned a mind shield to prevent the conceived child from being made available to the open season. I am confused. Were you implying that souls from other planets were also attempting to merge with Neanderthal or with the beings from Alton? Please elaborate on that."

"They were trying to merge with what you would term the Cro-Magnon. Once we had passed the first generation, we were no longer Neanderthal. When we wished to create, to move another generation here or to preserve ourselves, if our energy was weak and the shield therefore also, then it was possible that we might lose control to another soul. That is not to say that such a soul would be good or bad, but rather that would depend upon the source of the individual. Do you understand?"

"But was that soul of the earth plane or from another planet or universe?"

"How could it be of the earth plane when the earth plane held no souls until we arrived here? We are speaking from other planets, coming from the second dimension or second plane, and the third plane. Even in that time, there were many souls waiting to have the opportunity to express themselves, and many more adventurous than others, were willing to take upon themselves the unique problem of entering a new universe."

"What primary source other than Alton would there have been for these other souls to come from?"

"We do not know that your ego can handle the idea, but we ourselves lost count of the numbers of planets that bore life before the light touched upon this. The names mean nothing, and if ever they were known upon this plane, they have long since been lost in the sands of time. Do you understand?"

"Yes. When you mentioned the blue tinge of the skin, it brought to mind an old legend of a race of blue people who had something to do with Stonehenge and the Celts. Is there any connection at all?"

"Much. Do you have a question that is specific?"

"Well, what time was Stonehenge built, and what time was the race of Celts? When were they upon the earth plane? I thought it was much later than Atlantis."

"That is correct. It was built by our descendants who survived in the destruction, and the first phase of it began about 10,000 of your years ago."

"What was the purpose of Stonehenge?"

"It was an astrological and astronomical clock. It was a school. It was a place of initiation."

"How long did it take to build?"

"In reality, we placed all that was to be placed within the cycle of one sun."

"So the race of the blue people or the Celts were, in essence, descendants from the chaos of Atlantis?"

"That is correct."

"Then did the people of Atlantis also have the bluish tinged skin?"

"No. The elements genetically could not be transmitted over time. Only certain elements could be modified, such as the longer ears and longer fingers. The skin was blue in Alton, not on the earth."

"But what about the legend of Stonehenge where they speak of the blue skinned people?"

"In all of our rituals, we painted our bodies with blue dye in memory of our ancestors. You do the same today when you don the clothes of other times."

"Concerning the Alton's ability to dematerialize and rematerialize the body, did they do that in a crystal chamber? And was the other location where they reassembled also a crystal chamber?"

"Of what are you speaking?"

"On Alton. I believe you mentioned that they had the ability to dematerialize and rematerialize."

"We have spoken of this?"

"You did not speak of this?"

"We did not speak of this."

"Oh! Was it a reality?"

"Your mind has been wandering a great deal, and you have been opening many closets and looking at many things over a great span of time. We did experiment with such things, yes. And yes, it was a problem to control the external energies or anything that passed between. Do you understand?"

"To be clear on this, there were experiments with dematerialization and rematerialization and these did occur in a crystal type of chamber?"

"That is correct."

"And this was done on Alton and in Atlantis?"

"It was done on Alton."

"I guess we have no further questions about Alton at this time. Is there anything else you would like to tell us David?"

"At this moment, no. We shall terminate."

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