Light Messenger

Volume 12, Chapter 1

Messenger I - Participate In Life

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

It matters not how long the individual has contemplated the unknown or looked upon himself as a spiritual being. He still returns to the world of his reality, the physical world, with the natural doubt and the questions and the lack of an answer. There is always the "why," and "how can I comprehend," and "how can I progress?"

It is like a triangle; and if one must choose the perfect object for meditation, then it should be a triangle. If one prefers a pyramid, so be it, but the triangle represents the essence of stability, especially an equilateral triangle. That is one where all sides are equal, so turn it as you might, it is always equally stable and of equal dimension. What has the triangle to do with the consciousness of the individual? It is the perfect balance of the body, the mind, and the spirit. One functions not without the other, but not only do they not function one without the other, they do not function if they are not in proportion.

One may not be totally physical. One may not be totally in the mind, nor may a being here be totally in the spiritual.

The rules, the ideas, the systems of balance, meditation, progress, are complicated because you have created them. One says, "Give us more direction to our spiritual growth," and we say to you that we have done nothing else, for there is no thing that you can do, that you can hear, see or say that does not contribute to your growth. Nothing may take away from your growth. Even the repeating of a lesson previously learned has its benefits in the solidification of the concept.

The primitive basic is that the individual must take time to meditate, and that is meditate, not mediate. It is not a battle, it is not an exercise in futility, it is not a forced situation which is unnatural. It is simply the moment with yourself. Certainly, one may enhance these moments, but as we and the guides have often said, the meditation that contemplates what will be and what has been is that which is most effective; it is not that the individual need have the mind focused on being spiritual. It is not your role on the physical plane to be spiritual. You are spiritual! You cannot change that.

The object is to be physical and to learn!

To be part of the physical world, you must partake of the activities and energy of the physical world in order to learn from the experience. And in so doing, you enhance the spiritual being which is yourself. One does not become more spiritual. One becomes more aware of the world about him.

It is not the lack of communication with your guide that is the major problem. It is your lack of perception of what is happening in your environment -- the things you see that you do not see, the things you see that you do not contemplate or question or wonder why. You wonder of many things, and of others, you think not of at all. There are things that you cannot change. Is it then a thing that you should dwell upon or think upon? It is not important whether you change it or not.

It is important how you feel about it.

For example, if during a meditation you hear a bird, is that bird disturbing your meditation or is he part of it? Is his presence, his sound, an annoyance or an accompaniment to your meditation? Would you think of the well-being or the welfare of the bird? Would you wonder what is his life, what is his energy? When you pass a house upon the street, do you wonder about the occupants or of the person who lives in the house next to yours? These are all of the things.

It is the curiosity, the questioning, that lets us learn.

It is the learning that expands our consciousness and our awareness, and it matters not whether the learning be in a dry historical sense or if it be in some exciting adventure into a spiritual realm where one has not walked. We do not speak of the spiritual realms simply to enthrall you, but we do speak of them to take your attention for a moment, to awaken the visualization, the imagination, the fantasy within your own mind, for as you allow yourself to fantasize, you become in touch with reality. It is not important that one be able to ascend the highest mountain to meditate. If one has the means by which to do that, then it is well, but it is equally well to meditate seated upon the desert floor or in your own home.

Growth exists! Mankind as a collective thing or consciousness is moving forward. It is not important for you to gage its velocity. What is important is that there is progress. There is hope, and there is hope because you are still listening, you are still questioning. The problem is not saying to yourself, "How can I be sure?" The problem is being too certain. The doubt is a healthy element, for it maintains balance.

It is not that one must take certain paths, that one must perform certain rituals. The only ritual that be of importance is the quiet time with one's self, which we have chosen to term meditation. And yet, one should not spend too much time in meditation, no more than one should spend too much time alone; and yet, each of you need time alone.

Look for the experience that you are missing. Look to the world about you in each and every day.

See, hear, feel, touch and think with all of your being, all things which pass your way or which you pass. Do not let them fall out of your sight without a thought. And distract not your daily routine too much by the thought, but take the image and feel the energy. In much of the ancient training it was taught to the individual to project his consciousness to be a rock, to be a tree, to be a bird, to be a snake, and to feel and to know the experience of being that thing. And with each exercise to do so, it became easier and easier until the mere sight of a thing could give conscious awareness of the sensation of what it might be to be that thing. And it is not important if that is precise or accurate, or if one truly knew or only imagined, for in the process of imagining, one has opened his consciousness to the universal consciousness. One becomes one with all that is one. Touch the earth and for an instant, be one with the earth. Touch the tree and be the tree. If your senses do not respond, then let your imagination be the key. If your mind does not see, let your mind feel. All of the potential is there. Seek to be observant or better yet, an observant participant in life about you. And remember, you are spiritual, you are learning how to be physical. That is all for this moment."

David discusses Food and Water!

"One does not readily find the perfect diet, nor did your ancestors so find it. They suffered the pollution, the chemical contamination and the bacteriological contamination that you could not imagine. Today, there is an empire of money makers and money seekers who are growing fat, if you pardon the pun, off of your desire to maintain a healthy being.

The first factor is that anyone who concerns him or herself with the quality of their food and drinks the water of a city is playing a charade, because they are not concerned with the quality of the food. At minimum, every household should have a sufficient filtration system to remove the majority of impurities that are in the water. Idealistically speaking, one should utilize a distiller in the home to distill the water or else one must purchase the distilled water for consumption and cooking.

Do not forget that the lack of a filter to your water does not eliminate toxins from being absorbed into your body through your bath and shower water. And if you would acknowledge the quality of water in the tube, then we would have to ask, what are you doing brushing your teeth in that water? This is your major source of contamination. Outside of that area, one does not need to become ridiculous or extravagant or fanatical.

The food that contains various chemicals or insecticides can usually, not in all cases, but usually, be rectified by washing such as in the fruit. The fresh vegetables have less contamination than those that are canned and frozen. After all, the canned vegetable does not need to be washed, it is cooked. All contaminants are left within and additional ones are added to preserve the material. The frozen do not fare much better.

One of the basic problems is that you are too rich. You have too much food to eat and you do not know how to balance this quantity. We therefore, give you numbers that are real in their relationship to the individual. Your systems do not need more than 24 to 30 ounces of meat, whether it be fish, fowl or red meat, within a week's time period. Your constant consumption of large quantities has produced a separate problem in the over saturation of the body with more foods than it needs; therefore, the body chooses poorly in which it will keep and which it will not. Look to produce a balance within the diet, taking more from the vegetable kingdom. And where it's possible, remember to feed the body frequently, but never eat without hunger.

Liquid, especially the water, is needed in much greater quantities than any partake of. Many primitives and earlier peoples used various plants or vegetables constantly during the day to provide something for mastication or to allay hunger. We remind you that the legions of Rome marched upon basically grain and were allowed only their meat when they camped.

The diet must be balanced with exercise, and only certain individuals require vitamin supplements. Or, if you wish to ensure yourself against lack, a supplement which provides the normal requirements should be more than sufficient if you are indeed eating well. One who eats is absorbing vitamins. Therefore, a mega dose vitamin is not of necessity nor of benefit, and in truth, may become a toxic element to your system or cause your system to improperly use the food you have given it. Herbs and spices do not create a problem unless there is a sensitivity to them.

Look to bring the diet into harmony, looking for the more natural sources where they are possible and recognizing that certain foods such as cheese may be processed in a number of sources. That which contains the fewer chemicals and is more or better aged will provide greater value, and it is a flexible food which can be stored for long periods of time. Your preoccupation with cholesterol has reduced the intake of eggs, yet they are an excellent source of food balance. In the utilization of vegetables, one might take lessons from your oriental cousins in the style of cooking or device known as a wok. Steaming or just lightly cooking or steaming vegetables is a preferred method for those which must be cooked or partially cooked.

Excessive utilization of certain foods, even as cashews, can produce a high level of toxic elements. Most fruits and vegetables do contain some toxins, but they are perfectly natural to the human body. It is only the addition that creates the problem. Look to find the most natural source without being excessive in your search. Be careful to utilize only the vitamins that are necessary or no more than the daily requirement, unless it has been advised by a practitioner or in a specific diagnosis by one who is competent in such matters.

It is not necessary to fast with much frequency, though in those who are dealing with excessive eating habits, fasting may reduce the size of the stomach and thereby aid in the dieting. Such a fast should never occur for more than 24 hours at a time.

The primary source of contamination is in the water. It is the most detrimental thing to your health, and if you do not drink the water at home and enter the restaurant and take a glass of water, you have gained nothing. It will take one year for your system to eliminate the majority, not all, of the toxins taken by drinking the water. One glass of that water will set you back another year. That is because you have accumulated those toxins in your body for many years, and there is a sympathetic reaction to certain types. If you took and paid for an analysis of your water, you would not even give it to an animal. It is highly recommendable that every household use a filtering system, especially of the charcoal type. And where possible, purchase or utilize a water distiller, and do not cook foods in water that has not been filtered. Do not put in your mouth water that has not been filtered. We do not speak of the ocean or lakes, for even though they contain contaminants, other chemicals such as the salt in the ocean help to reduce the impact and it is normal to bathe oneself after returning from such a time. A filtered system is not an excessive cost factor when you consider the cost of one visit to a practitioner in today's system. Are there any questions?"

"Yes, David. I've heard of using dilute quantities of hydrogen peroxide mixed with water to help oxidize out certain toxins and chemicals in the system. Would you comment on that?"

"It is not a recommended treatment any more than it is a recommended treatment to drink bleach. You are dealing with an oxidant which is not part of the natural process. A small quantity may be taken, but it is like ozone. Have you ever smelled ozone?"

"It's very bitter and pungent. It almost burns your nose if you get a whiff of it."

"And it also can create nausea. It is not natural to the system and can cause damage to blood vessels. The hyperoxygenation of the blood can be dangerous. In the hands of a skilled practitioner, it could be injected into the blood system for the treatment of certain types of illnesses, but it is not recommended as a self treatment."

"David, what about eating out? Almost all drinks have ice in them and obviously if one doesn't order a drink, the water is a problem. I just don't see any way around it except to carry one's own water. Do you have any suggestions?"

"One could order a mineral water. It is not the hardness of a water that creates the problem, it is the contamination and the chemicals that are added, specifically, the chlorine and chloride and the salt levels, radon and other bacteriological contaminants which are now mute or dead. If one were to take a drop of your city water under a microscope, it is literally a cemetery. It is a cemetery of corpses, bacteriological particles that have been killed. Ordering mineral water minimizes the contact, as would any of several such elements. Certainly, club sodas are usually made from mineral or distilled waters, as other types would affect their taste, and that becomes a criteria for the quality of said product. One that is known to be reasonably pure is that which you call Schwepppes, and the mineral water Perrier is still mineral water."

"Well, that's very good David, except that not every place has mineral water and even when it's available, it is very expensive to order out."

"Then one should partake of that which has the least impact. We would prefer a wine, especially those of Europe. It does not matter how cheap a wine, but the wine is usually made with fresh water, and they cannot have chlorine in it or it would not make the wine. It would be better to drink a beer than the water. Again, the water must be reasonably pure for the bacteriological action or the fermentation that produces the beer would produce a bitter taste. If you ever had the opportunity to question a brewmeister about the problems of making beer, he would tell you that the secret is mostly in the hops and in the water and that the slightest contamination in the water can completely change the color and taste of the beer. The other choice would be that which has been boiled, such as tea, which at least would minimize the impact. You might ask the restaurant if their water is filtered, and perhaps if enough persons refused to eat in restaurants which did not have filtered water, they might get the message. Or call the restaurant by telephone and ask them if they filter the water they serve or do they serve their customers directly from the tube? Merely the question may put a thought in their mind. But then, if you cannot find that, then you do indeed have a problem. Carry your own thermos and brown bag. Besides, if you visited the kitchen of the majority of restaurants, you would lose your appetite."

"David, you've emphasized the quality of the water and the impact it has on us. If an individual chooses to heed your advise, how many years of life can he or she expect to gain?"

"Thirty. The lifespan calculated at approximately 90 to 95 years is shortened to your 60 to 65 years which your numbers have shown amongst the male population to be a reasonable average. Therefore, the city dweller has a typical life expectancy of 60 to 65 years as an average, where a rural dweller will have slightly longer lifespan, bringing the averages to 75; and yet, the balancing of the diet, of the water intake, can result in a life cycle in the order of eliminating a 30% reduction in life. It is not an increase, it is the natural. Those in extreme rural areas partake of natural water and are known to live long lives. They die from accidents as all do and from certain types of infection, but in general, the health pattern remains intact. That was the major contributing factor to those persons in the valleys in Russia. They were in areas where no pollution reached their waters and where their natural life styles had no use for chemicals. Does that answer the question?"


"How much will you spend in the next 12 months for practitioners, and how much will the average person spend for practitioners?"

"Who knows?"

"Hundreds of dollars is a small number, is that not correct?"


"And it matters not whether the insurance company pays for it or the individual, for in the end, the individual pays for it. The end result is that what is spent in 1 year for the doctors, if it were applied to the home to the water, the purification filtration, would save 10 times its investment within the first 10 years. And it would save by reducing the cost of health practitioners."

"So, if an individual were to take advantage of this advice concerning the water and put the filtration devices in the home and be really careful about what they put into their system, the diet would not matter so much, nor the supplements or toxins or anything else if they drank enough pure water and participated with a total regimen of clean water. Is that correct?"

"That is correct. Obviously, balance in diet, exercise and rest are important elements. Less food is needed, but with many chemicals the body doesn't get to utilize the food to its maximum ability; therefore, it takes more. A person who does not have any known disease or illness at this moment can reverse the impact of the years of toxins, just as a person who smokes can, within the first six months, reverse the impact of 10 years of smoking.

"So, if I understand correctly, you are saying that pure or filtered water in all phases of the life is more important than diet, supplements, toxins or anything else?"

"That is correct"

Conversations With David
(More on food, water, pollution, etc taken from a session in 1986)

"David, we live in a society that has polluted water, air and food. What advice would you have for living with these pollutants which are constantly bombarding our environment and our bodies?

"One element is where the home utilizes air-conditioning. We recommend filters that utilize active charcoal to reduce the intake of pollutants into the home. Where the home is open, that is not possible. We recommend also filtration of all water used within the home. It is better to drink of the water that is distilled, but in the general sense, the utilization of active carbon filters or carbon and sand filters are very effective in removing many of the elements. It is also possible using lava stone within a filter, because the lava stone is porous. We have recommended this type of filtration in South America. It is not optimum, but with the charcoal, it is. If you take and filter the water you drink, but do not use the filtered water to brush your teeth, to wash your body, to wash your clothes, then you are exposing your body's skin with the potential to absorb the same toxins you will not drink. That is to say, that you do not wish to drink the water from the cesspool, but you do not mind bathing in it or dipping your clothes in it before you use them. Do you understand that point?"

"Oh yes, I understand. I hope you have a solution."

"We have said the filtration of the water would be the first element. The problem of the tubing of water ... you are yet to receive another surprise. You are converting in many areas the water tubing to plastic, and you are using the PVC tubing, are you not?"

"Yes Universally."

" Which is polyvinyl chloride, which in the presence of many of the natural elements of water, releases hydrochloric acid, which in turn, dissolves other chemicals, hydrocarbons, from the tubing and puts it into the water itself, as well as dissolving other elements within the water that were in a protected state. The copper tubing that was used, when soldered correctly, contained a very tiny exposure of lead and a great exposure of copper; and copper in that form has never been toxic to the human body. The plastic (PVC) is carcinogenic. One effective form of filtering water when nothing else is available is layers of white sand with layers of charcoal separated by grids of copper wire connected together electrically and then connected to a source of electricity such as a small battery. There is no conduction except through the water, but you have created an ionic chamber which will remove many of the pollutants."

"If such a device was used, but the water was allowed to flow through PVC pipes, would it work?"

"It would not."

"So, the filter must be at the end of the pipes?"

"It would filter out other particles. We ideally recommend that the source of water be taken as much as possible through the use of copper tubing, but you may filter at the end, that is correct."

"In our homes, we have PVC pipes all over the house. Must we put filters on all the faucets? That seem rather impractical."

"There are small filters available."

"Is that the only solution then, short of a major overhaul?"

"The other is changing the pipe."

"That's pretty hard to do in Florida where the pipes are set in concrete, often in the foundations."

"We did not say the problem is simple. You asked us what is the condition. We are simply responding to the question. Do not tell us of your difficulties, simply listen to the problem and what must be done. In utilizing your food products, it is difficult to eliminate many of the chemicals and structures that occur. Therefore, you must utilize your own ability, but how do you clean a tomato which you have purchased?"

"With the contaminated water."

"And then you cut it and eat it. And how do you wash that tomato? Describe the action for us."

"I try to scrub it as much as possible under the water with my hands or a brush, a vegetable brush."

"If I put nail polish on your nail and put it under water, what will happen?"

"I'm not very scientific, but I'm assuming that there would be toxins released from the nail polish into the water."

"No, but it will still be on your nail. Take kerosene and put a drop of kerosene on the side of a tomato, a tomato that is dry, or gasoline or oil and then put it under water what will happen."

"The water will run off of the tomato."

"That is correct and your kerosene and oil and all other hydrocarbons will still be there. You cannot eliminate them that way. The majority of your pesticides and chemicals are hydrocarbon based."

"So there is no way to eliminate them?"

"We did not say that. You need an element that causes the water to act as a solvent. You need an element to soften the water to a higher degree that is usually found in soaps."

"Are you speaking of a detergent like dish soap? We should wash our vegetable with soap."

"That is correct. A weak solution that will dissolve any oils or hydrocarbons which are on top of the vegetables.

"That's a good idea. What else can we do?"

"Stop eating the skin of chicken. When you buy chicken, consider that the skin has been rolled in the sand pile. If you cook the chicken with the skin, it is equal to eating it. The majority of the chemicals are deposited in the skin. What other organ of the body absorbs all toxins?"

"The Liver."

"That is correct. Think about the next time you wish to consume the liver of animal. It is a filtration point of toxins in a natural environment. It is a good source of food and iron, but in an environment of pollution, it is a prime source of chemicals and carcinogens. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I do."

"Washing one's vegetables, looking for natural sources to buy the vegetables, reading what is on the label, avoiding foods prepared with chemical substitutes or chemicaled or synthetic flavorings, trying to control the environmental elements... If you have a house with shingles, what type of shingles are they?"

"I live in a house with wood shingles, but some have asphalt shingles."

"Asphalt and other materials, and some people still collect the rain water that passes over the shingles, thinking that it is purer yet. One must be reasonable from an economic standpoint. We understand, but you asked what is the situation? What can be done? Your water is highly contaminated. Ordinary filtration will not solve the problem in all areas. It will require active filtration or ionic filters. These are made and sold. It is not a new concept."

"Concerning the vegetables, is washing them with soap preferable to peeling them if we can take the skins off? I know the vitamins are supposed to be in the skin."

"That is correct. There is much within the skin. When you wash your potatoes to bake them, you often use a soap or an abrasive element to clean them well. The tiny amount of soap will not alter the flavor or affect the vegetable. It is a surfactant to allow the water to go beneath the hydrocarbons and release them."

"What about things like lettuce and other leafy vegetable? Is there a practical way to wash that type of food?"

"The washing of a leaf of lettuce can be accomplished in a two fold process. One is to take water that contains Vinegar and pass the leaves through the vinegar and then rinse with clear water. That leaves no taste affect and provides the cleaning agent. The insecticides used with lettuce and that type of crop are water soluble, but they are hydroxyl in nature; therefore, the acidity of acetic acid which you call vinegar will eliminate any contamination."

"These are good ideas, David. What about things in our homes that emit radiation? I'm thinking of televisions, microwaves, etc."

"We are not finding them to be of any consequence. In respect to a pollution element, there is more pollution of your mind with fluorescent lights than effect upon your body from a television or a microwave oven."

"Well, that was my next question. What about vita lights that are supposed to be full spectrum light bulbs? Would you recommend those for the home?"

"Any bulb which is a tungsten filament or a resistance type filament we accept, but that which requires the constant explosion of molecules of gas, producing electrical interference, visual interference patterns, we do not."

"In New Hampshire, we were able to get water from a well that ran free. Everyone brought their plastic bottles to be refilled and the water was delicious. Is that the purest water available?"

"In New Hampshire, it is, but there is little pure water here (Florida) unless you utilize one of the great underground rivers."

"I understand that in Florida there are dangerously high levels of radiation existing in some areas of our wells. Is filtration necessary to get rid of it?"

"It is the chlorine atom that often carries the radiation. Hydrogen and oxygen do not readily lend themselves to radioactive elements, thought oxygen and hydrogen may mix with them in the true water state. It is the salt water or the chlorine atom in the water that produces. This state (Florida) is in need of a gigantic desalination plant. And the person who looks to the sun for the energy to distill his water will be the person who suffers less pollution. We have dealt with some of these concepts of design with the entity, though he has not spoken yet of them. We have looked at the concept of creating distillation plants for four or five homes as a joint effort, also using the solar heating of water. And we have also spoken to the entity of how to create air-conditioners without compressors, using solar energy to power them. There is much that has not been touched in this area."

Messenger II - The Secret To Learning

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

We speak at this moment of the concept of education, not as much of the need, but of the how. There are many concepts prevalent to your world at this time. Many have tried to develop a system practical, and there are those that are more practical than others. Using all that exists and more, we wish to explain the process.

We have spoken of reality and consciousness, and in the constant interaction of these two things, it is necessary to utilize, to use that sector of the human brain that is not used, that is essentially dormant. All new learning must occur in the unused sector of the brain. When the process of understanding is completed, this information is transferred intact to the soul-consciousness where it is retained in that form until it is changed or increased.

Generally speaking, children are easier to teach than adults, it is said that their minds are more open and more receptive. The truth of the matter is that their mind is indeed more open in that they have access to that sector of the brain that is not used, and therefore, in that sense, it is more open.

In the adult human, the door to that sector is closed and rusted; therefore, it opens only with great difficulty, and the mature adult finds it difficult to continue to learn once they have stopped an educational process.

When this door is open, we refer to this as the field of illusion or creativity, and as we know, the child has an imagination that is more than capable of filling this area of the mind with images, half truths, fantasies and desires. All of these things fall into this area as a direct result of the curiosity of the child, but when the child is taught that imagination is ridiculous, that nothing exists except that which he can see, feel, hear or touch, when he is taught that that is reality, he then shuts the door to this play chamber, this playroom, and eliminates the primary source of learning that we can utilize.

If then, this be the case, how may we open that door once again? What is the lubricant to oil its hinges, and where is the key to unlock this element, this mystery, this power?

In order to teach, one must take the person back into a childlike environment.

The person must be taken to a relaxed physical state, a state of environment which induces childhood memories and/or rituals which induce those childhood memories. The playing of roles, which again was an element of childhood, these things are utilized in the system known as Superlearning to one degree or another -- all of these things, including the interaction in games or activities that are in their nature childlike. What we would find more practical is a pseudo regression of the group to a time in their childhood, sending the entire group back to the age of ten and passing a unit of time to create imagery and fantasy.

A true course in teaching should pass the first hour or two hours, which may well be the first or second lesson, in imagery and imagination and fantasy. When that has become an element of reality, then the creation may begin. That is the element that is important. And each element or lesson must be broken apart not only to reduce the technical context to its simplest language form, but to reduce the total material to short intervals of material presented, with intervals of relaxation and regression to the state of fantasy, preferably a fantasy which can utilize some of the material, so that the total concept and imagery of the earlier childhood is maintained in the consciousness. When this is done, the door of the consciousness is opened.

But it is not sufficient to create the elements within the mind. They must be transferred to the higher consciousness. Therefore, at the end of whatever learning process, it is necessary to consciously direct the salvation of that material.

These things are simple, but they are very complex. If you wish to learn a language, regress yourself to childhood and imagine that you are sitting in front of another person from another country and you have the pictures and names of things from his language to share and interact. The reason many have success is that in their excitement and desire to learn, they enter into a pseudo childlike state.

If the environment, the music, the role structure of the teacher and the design of the course is oriented around the idea of regressing the individual to a childhood state and is continued through the time mirror, then you will find that the memory and the capacity to learn will be increased by as much as tenfold. That is sufficient for the moment. We shall return you to the Guide."

Postscript From David

"The Key Lies In Those Things Of Emotion.

When you learn the system of mnemonics, to memorize, there is an emotional action. When the individual falls in love, their memory is perfect for all things of their beloved. Once again, the world of fantasy and imagination are opened by these emotions of a positive nature. Even fear opens the door to this type of chamber, and the memory of things that should be feared and forgotten are often remembered better than the things that are important to us. Whatever emotion that returns to the primitive or childhood level, and we do not use the two words simultaneously in meaning, simply in their order, but what ever emotion that is childlike or primitive can open that door of the inner consciousness.

The mind is similar to the memory of the computer. The information can be stored there, modified, corrected, adjusted, understood, and then at last when it is a complete thing, it is transferred to some other media of storage for protection, some other system to guard it. It is in this moment where it is transitory that it can be lost or forgotten. When we try to use only the conscious mind to learn, it is limited in its scope to memorize and to analyze at the same time.

But remember this: if we were to utilize all of the memory of all of the computers that exist in the world today, all of that would not equal the capacity of one human mind.

That, in itself, requires an imagination to understand, for that statement is staggering in its concept. The billions upon billions of cells of memory that exist in the human brain exceed all of the memory that has ever been created for computers. It is only the speed at which the computer operates that makes it different from a human brain, and when you learn to think at the soul-consciousness level where there is no time, then the human brain can out perform and will be more rapid than the computer, unless of course, they create a spiritual computer."

Copyright by Richard Rebeck, Peggy Steinberg, Salvatore Cacciola