Light Messenger

Volume 12, Chapter 2


Conversations With David (Jan 28, 1990)

"The events of these past months represent major changes in the political structure of the world about you. Let us examine what has happened. What has transpired? Are all these cries for freedom a spontaneous eruption at random out of the people oppressed? Is it a thing which occurred out of the night after 40 years or more of oppression? What ignited the light of freedom within the hearts of so many, including the many who died in areas like Rumania? What has been the cause of this apparently spontaneous reaction? To understand the cause of this reaction, one must go back to the beginning of the problem. What was the situation that brought about the enslavement?"

"I guess you would have to say it was the second world war and the events that transpired as a result."

"That is correct, the despair, the desolation and the negativity of that time. So we moved from one negative state to another negative state, of being, this darkness, this cloud that hung over all and obliterated the light in that part of the world for 40 years. Is that not the truth?"

"From what I know, yes."

"Then from whence came the light that pierced the darkness and gave birth to the desire for freedom?"

"Would it be from the light workers, collectively focusing light upon the planet?"

"That is correct; it was not an act from our dimension, we only guide. It is you collectively, the light workers, who have lived to see the result of your own handiwork.

You have made a major breakthrough against the hand of darkness that encircles this globe.

It is but a small breakthrough. Major for you, because of the traumatic nature of it, but minor over time, and certainly minor over the face of the earth. You, of this generation, are amongst the first to have seen the actual results of your own handiwork, of your meditation, of your focusing light, of your establishing anchors, of creating an energy bath for the planet or of specific governments or areas, or as one might say, 'coning the world with light.' You and all of those who have preceded you in the work of light at their various degrees and levels, have continued to chip away at the forces of darkness.

In this area, you have created a skylight that has opened a new world.

It has opened the heavens and the stars to those who lived in slavery and obscurity under their oppression. That is what has happened. That is the most important thing of the last decade. That does not begin to say that the problems have ended, that there is time to rest, that great goals have been met. It simply says that the forces of light are working, and there is much work yet to be done.

We have said many times that you create the reality in which you live, you create the world in which you live. Many have said they cannot understand how that could be. You have created the world, you are creating it, you will create it, and you are responsible for your creation, and there is no time to rest! More than ever, the energy needs to be unified, it needs to be increased. The focus needs to be maintained, not on one person or one place, but on the concept of freedom and light and justice. And don't look for that freedom or justice to be pure. The expression of such concepts are always crude in the beginning.

It is time for all to recognize what their minds and hands have wrought. And it is time to rededicate self to the complete annihilation of the darkness that enslaves the world, but annihilation through assimilation. And yet, out of the success, what has arisen?

Beware of the complacency that the dark forces bring!

In the areas that have struggled so long for freedom, we now hear cries of prejudice and separation, ethnic groups fighting against ethnic group. The Ayatollah is gone, there shall be no more Ayatollahs in this time.

The forces of light are scattered in random patterns. Each one can contribute to the collective whole and need not be joined together, but be they must! There is a need for the continuation of light and love. There is a continuation required to maintain the energy that has been gained. It is not time to celebrate; it is time to increase the attention and focus, or all will return to as it was, only worse.

You hold in your hands the keys to tomorrow.

Let the termination of this century be one of the victory of light. Let it not be simply a respite of the dark forces. You must strike out with the light to bring the darkness to the forefront, to bring it into a point of annihilation. You must literally be willing to jump into the sea of darkness in the belief that the light you bear will annihilate the darkness, even as it tries to assimilate you. No one individual is of importance, and all points of light are vitally important in their combined effect and benefit! It is a difficult thing to guide you, to direct you in the direction in which you must go, because ultimately, that must be your own decision.

You stand upon a threshold in time that has not occurred before, not upon this planet, wherein you have the opportunity to rewrite the history of mankind.

It is now, when each individual must reach out and light the torch of yet another light worker. It is now, that the numbers must be expanded. The light must be increased and the willingness to place oneself in the way of the darkness, but the war is far greater than dictators. The war is drugs and crime and oppression and hunger and dictatorships and violence and death, all without necessity.

The cloud has parted to give you a sight of that which you can accomplish, do not lose sight of it! Bring the light workers back to focus! Bring the collective bodies back into being! Let us gain a hundred years!

Do not get lost into canned labels and names of things. Whether an individual, is a worker in the light, a metaphysician or is a collectively conscious progressive individual, all are saying the same thing. A humanitarian, a philosopher, a poet, a lover, a negotiator of peace, a light worker, a metaphysician, are not they all one and the same? Find the words that will communicate, touch the hearts, waken the minds and bring forth the light!

"In practical terms, what is an effective way for us, either as individuals or as a group, to seek out and touch new individuals? How do we awaken them?"

"By speaking of the positive benefits of positive thought, by discussing the events of the world and the beauty of the occurrence, by finding an opportunity through an event to demonstrate that such a thought of the positive, wishes, prayers, and attitudes of people bear fruit in positive reaction. No associate or person would find it strange if you said to them, that you thought, it would help if the majority of people in the world were to pray for these countries or to think of them in a positive way and wish them well. No one would think that strange, would they?"


"If you say to someone that an individual should be cursed, they don't think of you as a witch do they?"


"And if you say that someone appears to be a positive individual or should be blessed, they don't think of you as a saint or fanatic?"

"No, just as long as you're cognizant of that person's level of understanding and seek to communicate at his level of comprehension."

"One can approach the subject. But think clearly, all of you. What happens when you talk upon a subject in a positive way?"

"It reinforces the positive note. It multiplies the positive light."

"That is correct."

"And if the person had a negative thought in his mind prior to that, then it sort of cancels out with the positive information."

"And if that person had not given the matter thought and now does, his positive thought joined with yours becomes a beacon of light. You might say the way to do it is the natural way. Promote the addressing of the positive in things, the benefit, the blessing, the attention. Does that answer your question?"

"Yes. I guess we sometimes have to think of practical ways to communicate on a one to one basis, because we're sometimes orchestrating the feelings of others, just tilting them in the right direction."

"That is correct."

"I was wondering if the fact that the Ayatollah is gone has some bearing on this parting of the clouds. While alive, did he keep some force active which was strong enough to prevent the light from working effectively in that part of the world?"

"He certainly fought against the release of light into those areas, not directly as an anti-agent of light because in his mind, he was of the light, but he fought against change. But believe me, that he is a far more dangerous adversary now than he was before. Any consciousness of that type, so fixed in its way of thinking, released into the realm of spirit but with the adoration given, constantly being invited back into this realm of reality, has free access to the consciousness of men."

"How is that dealt with?"

"One does not deal with those things. That is to say, it is not a thing that you can deal with because it falls under the domain of religion. Not until you eliminate religion from this world, will you eliminate such a problem."

"I find all of your comments extremely interesting David, because I just finished reading a book about Nostradamus and his predictions for the future. If I interpreted the book correctly, Nostradamus left two predictions for the future: one, that we will become enlightened enough to change the course of history, which is apparently what is happening now. The other prediction was the alternative, that we would annihilate ourselves and there would be no future. It is interesting that he never nailed it down by providing an absolute prediction."

"Nor could any man, as the future itself was unformed. There are always two roads or two possibilities, but the pathway is clearer now and the events have been focused and brought forth as was said, by your own hands, so that you may see and move forward with even greater energy."

Messenger I - A Major Breakthrough (Feb 4, 1990)

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

They say that the winds of time are changing. And we say that there is no course of the wind that is new, for it has passed all directions in the past and shall repeat them again, even in the future. Much has transpired in the past century of your time, both in your world and in the relationship of your world to ours. Today, there are more channels than you are even aware of. Many are taking new specialized directions. There are even professionals in the counseling field who actually are consciously aware that their insight is channeled insight.

We are approaching the end of a century, and we are approaching the end of a millennium. And depending upon how one wishes to mark when a millennium begins and ends, certainly there is room for difference, for in truth, there is no beginning to the millennium unless one knows the beginning of time itself. Yet, events that are occurring are occurring ten years before the end of the millennium. And we say to you, know that in truth your millennium has an error of six years, that in fact, there are only four more years to the end of the millennium from the cycle of time upon which you base it. Therefore, we are looking at the proper timing of things.

Much of your time ago, we spoke of the concepts of Avatars and Masters and Teachers. We spoke of the pending potential of the future, both from the positive and the negative. Some said that we dwelt too much upon the problem of negativity. A scientist may not conquer a disease he has not studied, and one cannot lighten a darkened room if one does not know that the room has no light. We prefer to deal only with the light, with the beauty, with the balance, the harmony. We would rather think of the symphony of life as being represented by a homogenized consciousness, but these are not realities, these are idealizations.

We have spoken of the realities, and you have seen them pass; and because you and other members of other groups and other channels and peoples of other beliefs have collectively unified your positive thought energy, we now see the changes coming. But these are certainly trying and difficult times and are more dangerous than most other times, for even as the children of China tried to step forward, they took twenty paces backward. Hear the problem that exists!

Through your consciousness, through your love, your meditation, your prayers, the collective consciousness of the peoples of eastern Europe have been affected and have been liberated.

So now, freedom as a potential rings out upon their streets. And what is it that some of them have done with this freedom? Have they not turned against neighbor in ethnic violence and prejudice? Do you not see that the children that were sleeping, now awake, return to their old problems and their old enemies? We condemn them not, but we remind you of the need to work even harder in this that you have begun. Shall all that is good be destroyed by their prejudice, one against another, simply because one is one ethnic group different from the other, because one is Serbian or Croatian or whatever separatism they wish to use? Of what good is it to welcome to the brotherhood of mankind a group whose freedom does not include all who wish to be free, or at least not by their side? It is a major step forward, but a step forward such as this could also move backward fifty or a hundred years.

The silent majority must be silent no more!

It is not important to speak of spiritual balance. It is important to become spiritually balanced, using whatever words or adjectives are appropriate to the time and place. The Divinity is never troubled if man chooses to use the word love in place of Divinity. There is no crime in speaking of education in place of punishment.

The governments of the world must reach out, but will not until the people have done so.

It is said by the law that we may not be political, and to the extent that that means to be a member of a party, we have no objection, but we recognize no such law which restrains our ability to speak. No democracy exists if it is not a democracy for all, for the least amongst you, for the weakest or the most different. It is time to reach the consciousness, the ego-consciousness, of those who would become part of the power, but they are not reached easily through the world of spirit. They must be reached through the physical world.

We wish to suggest that the war that must begin be one of words, of communication.

We say to the light workers, meditate, pray upon, focus upon these things, but also put your pen to paper. Free yourselves from the shackles of your limited political ideas. Write to your political representatives and leaders. But what crime is there to pen a letter to the leaders of other peoples, extending your congratulations and your criticism as citizens of the earth? You would march in the streets for little matters, important though they be, and now, we say the march is not necessary. But let the smallest stillest voice be heard! Let the world become aware that you are a thought positive in the ether of change!

The world as you knew it, exists no more. The world as you imagined it is changing faster than you can imagine, and the world of tomorrow is still uncertain, because not all have passed the hour of temptation. This is an important thing. There still is too much materialism. There is too much preoccupation on wealth and status. There is a long way to go, but if there be the opportunity for a positive consciousness to appear, to guide, to teach, then we are looking at a time which is near upon us. You have many problems to deal with. The pollution of your world, the energy problems, the drug and alcohol problems, these are all real things. And it is not enough to deal with these things mostly in consciousness. You must deal with them physically through all of your powers political and economic.

We challenge you to increase the energy, but begin to focus it more clearly for its objective. In a democracy where any man is lower than another, there is no democracy. Freedom that has conditions is not freedom, and nationalism and separatism are not the things that will build a free tomorrow.

We have spent many of your years communicating with you. We have spoken to you about your own spiritual balance. We have spoken to you of relation, of health, of mind, of social and political responsibility. We have touched upon many things, many times only lightly so that we did not force your evolution. Our voice is heard by fewer each day, and that is not important. If another will take the same thought and present it in a clearer more acceptable manner, then that is the best. But the war between the sons of darkness and the sons of light is not and will not be over for as long as man walks upon the face of the earth. The degree of that war and the number of casualties can change.

You are the creators of your own reality. You are the creators of the world in which you live. All events are within your control and you alone are responsible for that which passes.

You are still facing serious problems in pollution. You are facing problems of health, psychological problems, mental health. It matters not which one out of a hundred chooses to be the worker of light; it is only important that one has agreed to do so. In your political system, apathy and disinterest allow a small number to elect for the majority. This may not continue and cannot be from the spiritual balance or side. You are responsible! You are the creators! You are the gods in the becoming!

Look for the opportunity to express self in the most balanced form. Reject the concept that negativity must conquer. Eliminate the idea of superiority that many who live within the concepts or laws of metaphysics have developed. Do not become prejudiced simply because you have seen a light. Learn to communicate ideas in a more acceptable format. What is spiritual balance if it is not self-harmony? Is not the description of one feeling in balance and harmony with his environment, his neighbors, himself, his family, a good description of spiritual balance? And if it is, then why do we need the word spiritual balance? Only false deities are concerned with the cessation of belief. A true deity responds to whatever name is used to describe it.

Look for the opportunities to apply the great plan. Look for the opportunities to bring balance and harmony back to the human soul. Continue the positive actions you have started and lead yourselves not to glory, but to fulfillment, to balance, to harmony. Be that which you can be! Be that which you should be, and be while you can be! That is the end of this message."

More Conversations With David

"The Messenger said that an Avatar type might possibly come forward in the near future. If that is so, did he mean that one would be born at this time, or that someone would step forward with spiritual light?"

"One would step forward, but not always in the manner in which you would think."

"That doesn't surprise me at all. David, once you spoke to us about a time when there would be one world government, and you said that at first there would be five world leaders. Are we approaching the time when that is going to happen?"

"You are upon it."

"And from what I've heard, that there is going to be one currency for all of Europe very soon? Can you tell us anything about that?"

"This is all part of the same. Is not the common market essentially one government?"

"Yes, I suppose so."

"Think of them as a unity, and now the Eastern Block will move into that or form its own version. All things which lead to a unification also lead to a Tower of Babel. The only difference is the degree or angle from which the thing is approached. If the world may choose unified government structures to represent it in a balanced and harmonized form without the idiosyncrasies of a religious element and without religious domination, then there is a greater potential for the ultimate unification. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I do. It was an interesting week in terms of other world events and what happened in South Africa, another place which we haven't spoken about here. Is there something you can tell us about that situation?"

"The man who has dared put the torch of light forward is in risk of his life due to the bigotry and narrow-mindedness of his own people. This is simply one more place where the light worker must focus the energy to bring about the balance. Do you not understand that without your positive energy, these white Supremacists would be annihilated?"

"No, I do not understand your statement."

"Those whom you term Afrikaners or South Africans are a white minority. If it were not for the light workers and their constant spreading of light, the black opposing forces would overrun and massacre that group, and that is not the solution. Violence begets violence, bigotry begets bigotry, hatred begets hatred. You are seeing steps forward, but without continued effort, for every one forward, there can be serious reprisals and drawbacks and they can turn backward, even years.

There is nothing strange. The energies are often placed in our hands to help guide them, and we are now working on the areas of Lebanon and Iraq and Iran, but we may provide nothing of ourselves, only that which has been provided by those who live upon this planet. And we take to task the organization that you call the Christian Church for its failure and inability to prevent the death of Christian against Christian in Lebanon. If they insist upon massacre of brother against brother for a political party system, then let them be excommunicated and not called Christian, for that they are not. Where is the great Church in this moment? And why has it not condemned such blasphemy? Even the same, as the leaders of the Moslem world should condemn the infamy that is practiced in the name of Mohammed. Much has been done. Much new is yet to come and there is more work than ever. Do you understand?"

"Yes. We are seeing a lot of change in the world, but I haven't heard anything about Cuba. Could you tell us if anything is happening there?"

"An island is always separated from the energies of a mainland, but the pressures are beginning externally, for the source of Cuba's power is external to the country; and as that pipeline is reduced, the pressures will cause change within its internal structure. In yet a little while, it shall be more obvious. But we have greater areas to concentrate energy, not that it is not of importance, but it is a small element of the world. Stay tuned."

"I have a question with respect to the Messenger's comments about the serious drug problems we have. Some people believe that prisons, money spent on extra police, and military interdiction, is the way to stop drugs. Others feel that the money could be better spent on solving the social problems that cause people to rely upon the drugs. In your wisdom, what do you see as a workable solution?"

"The social problem is an escape clause. Society has never been a perfect place, and all societies have given birth to their saints and their devils. It is in part the education, but it is also in the education or the teaching, that there is hope. Realize that this past generation has been a generation of despair, one which looked forward to nuclear holocaust, the nuclear pollution, the annihilation of life upon the earth, the removal of identity of the individual, and limited freedom. Under such circumstances, the building of a drug culture is no different than religion. Drugs are today what religion was to man a thousand years ago. It is his panacea, his escape, his justification, his means of dealing with reality. Certainly, it is education, the teaching and the instilling of aspiration, the giving of hope. And remember, that even the last remnants of the dark forces will be valiant warriors and worthy opponents. The rat may be timid in the open, but when it is cornered, it fights as ferociously as a tiger. Do you understand?"

"I understand most of it, but I'm still unclear as to whether we should support our government's current effort to fight the war on drugs by punishing people and actually using the military to stop the flow of drugs. There is much debate that maybe we should approach it from the standpoint of eliminating the crime by making it legal and then concentrating on the education. I know education is a key, but our government is not spending as much on education as they are on other things."

"You would create a perfect catholic society: legalize sin and then forgive it. You cannot legalize evil anymore than you can legalize murder, anymore than you can turn and become an anarchist to your system of government. When you use the term military to fight a drug problem, you are also speaking of an external invasion, are you not? Is not part of this coming from other countries?"


"Then what force should be used to deal with that invasion? Shall you gather the neighbors with broom handles? You have within your world system and within your governmental system a plan and method for dealing with such problems. We do not believe them to be the most salient, but that is what your collective consciousness agrees to, and the man that alienates himself from the law of his land, should remove himself from that land. If the law is bad, he should work within to change it, but not through violation.

One does not make a thing justified and then find a way to forgive it. This evil of which we speak, this addiction to cocaine and crack, as you term it, and acid and heroin, have become things that are a living evil, for they bring out the worst in the individual and promote the self-destruction of man. Just as man's promiscuity has brought about the problem with the disease known as Aids, just as his perversion of natural law has enhanced this disease, just as his misuse of atomic energy has created toxic waste, all are part of the same thing which we call imbalance.

Support what exists until you have a better plan that can be presented. But remember that altruism means nothing to a drug lord who would enjoy watching you be quartered and drawn alive simply because you came to speak to him of peace. Those who traffic in this area have brought their souls to the lowest level of being.

Recognize that there are many types of drug abuse. There is alcohol, there is tobacco, there is marijuana, where the majority of these are things which are not necessarily evil of themselves, but rather abuse of the substance. Some of them belong to the antiquity of man. But drugs such as cocaine and crack and heroin and acid do not belong to these families, but are instant destruction of the individual, his being and his psyche. But yes, this problem is of paramount importance to solve, and the first step is education. Ignorance breeds ignorance and begets more ignorance. Do you understand better?"

"Yes, yes I do. It appears that we have no further questions this evening, David. Would you like to say anything in closing?"

"Begin the campaign of the pen and prove it mightier than the sword. Present challenges, ideas and questions without forcing one to think in your terms. That is to say, the language that you use.

And beware of the peddlers of religion! They abound with you still, and the false prophets still speak with forked tongues. And one falls, and then another and another, and the masses blindly say, 'An exception to the case, an exception to the rule, couldn't resist the temptation.' Heresy in every word is spoken. They are of little faith, so the peddlers have stood before the masses and preached their gospel, words filled with their virtues, and then they fell. Obviously, one cannot be confident that one who has begun a good thing will continue it until the final day. The peddlers of religion seek to enslave the minds and hearts of men and will cause more destruction and pain in the world than all the political philosophies that have existed. Let the religionists object, let them scream with protest! But we say, let the churches be filled with their believers, and let the believers believe without the need to sell their wares. Let others be attracted to them by their example, not by their verbal proficiency. Look not only for democracy in politics, look for freedom in religion! That is all."

David Discusses Conceptual Government

"Let us deal with a small extension of government. In the process of creating a conceptual framework or an idealistic government, one must recognize the need of each state or sector to fulfill the needs of its people within its group, within its area geographically. That is to say, that a greater decentralization should occur, wherein the state takes on the greater responsibility.

The so-called 'federal distribution' does not function effectively, and often, the monies taken from one area and sent to another are not in balance with the need. Certainly, in times of emergency, there is a difference. The Federal needs to make certain that the rights of all are equal in all areas and that these rights are maintained; also, that the standard of living is equal. But this could be accomplished by requiring the states to maintain a minimum standard of law, rather than Federal law to supersede the State. The State needs to create a function within it so that its districts or counties are represented more clearly in the governing process.

The time of one man as a governing agent has passed. It is no longer possible to represent that person.

Creating a concept of representation by the quantities of people, it should then be possible to create or divide the government, local and federal, into units of responsibility. To use a simple example, the Health and Welfare would represent one branch of the State and one branch of the Federal. At the level of the State, the person initially responsible at the Council level for that function would then have beneath him, but more as a dotted line function, groups of persons working in that area, where his responsibility is not to direct in a daily manner, but to receive the information and to pass back to the clusters beneath him, the desires or wishes of the collective governing body.

So we are speaking of government by a Council, wherein one person is not the Chair in a perpetual sense, but that the Chair of the Council does rotate and that each member is a person elected from the collective body of Representatives. Using that term, we include your concept of Senator and Representative, both state and federal. If they, as a collective body, then choose the members, and let us assume for the moment that it was possible to divide the government into 12 sectors, then there would be 12 members to the Council. In this case, the person taking the Chair does not vote. That is the reason for the Chair to rotate. Therefore, there are 11 to vote which can produce a majority, but 6 and 6 produce nothing. If it were 12, then those 12 would be selected from the Representatives elected by the people to serve and represent, and the other units of government would then subdivide themselves into support for each of the 12 sectors, providing a more efficient system. There is no hierarchy, but rather a horizontal plane of communication where each group tends to interact with other groups, thus creating a series of rings that are connected by touching. Do you understand the pictorial concept?"

"Yes. Is there any government, at this time, operating similar to this?"

"Not as yet. We are waiting for this to be. This form of structure brings the vote of the individual to a more effective level and allows the Representative to represent the people, creating a collective point of communication. Therefore, the Representatives and Senators may express to that primary Council their desires and their wishes, which may be passed down to the effective working level, and the working level may respond directly to the system, eliminating much of the pressurized control that exists. Are we clear?"

"I think so."

"Is there a question in that? There would be no more governor or president, nor would there be millions spent for the election of same, but rather, each district of each state would send its representative elected to the State and Federal legislatures, thus making for a more effective and balanced system of government."

"How would you create an orderly transition from the present system to this ideal system?"

"Does not the President of the nation have a council of advisors?"


"The first step then, would be for the Congress and Representatives to select those advisors, and not for the President to appoint. And to select them from themselves, from the very representative body. Then, that person, in turn, would deal with a collective group selected again to work within that sphere. The transition could be made in one cycle of the presidency. Do you comprehend?"


"There is a power within the hands of the electorate, the referendum, which can be used. The term of office should be extended to eliminate the year that is lost in campaigning; elected once and not again, but maybe brought back into the government as an employee in a consulatory fashion, possibly working in the very areas, in the very groups or cluster wherein they have previously worked, but not with the upper power of the vote.

It is necessary for the people to begin this concept at the local government level, and therein, the referendum has greater power. Take the City Council and eliminate the Mayor and divide the responsibility clearly amongst the council members, not as it is now, collectively. No man may be an expert in all things, but any man may be an expert in one thing. It may be that within a council, there are 2 or 3, but if there are 2 or 3, the council may be reduced if there are 2 or 3 for the same thing. You do not need 3 members of the council to deal with the issue of health and welfare, only one person on the Council and a cluster group representing the persons actually working within this area.

Think of a great circle formed by the members of a council. Think of another circle tangential to this circle, connected at the point of its respective council member, who is also a member of the collective Council of its area. Therefore, you have the means to create a councilary structure that provides a more effective, more practical and better informed system of government; and yet, it is also a type of government that is of, by, and for the people, a true democracy. That is all for that element."

       Copyright by Richard Rebeck, Peggy Steinberg, Salvatore Cacciola