Light Messenger

Volume 13, Chapter 2


Conversations with David --
(August 12,2006)


David 120806

David: We are here!

Sal: Welcome David. Any comments before we begin?

David: Proceed

Querent; I have been doing a lot of cooking with cast iron frying pans. Is this a good utensils for cooking or is there something better?

David: You said the Iron?

Querent: Yes. The Iron skillet.

David: They are an excellent tool to use. They are better than aluminum. Why do you question them?

Querent: I heard different reports that the iron is leached from the pan.

David: The Iron that might be leached from the surface would not be harmful. It would be expelled, even thought the quantity would be insufficient to be important. Iron has been used for thousands of years and is much more practical than many of the chemical substances, such as Teflon and other coated materials. One should always avoid excessive heat to any such utensil. The only danger being carbonization of the metal which is still not toxic. We find no problem except the problem of maintaining. Do you understand?

Querent: Yes I do.

David: Proceed.

Querent: Do you have any other messages for me?

David: Only one from your Guide, that you need to plan and organize, or better said, you need to organize first, and plan your course of action.

Querent 2: My life is in transition right now and I would like some clarification on where my journeys are taking me, particularly financial.

David: The Journey will take you, where you really wish to go, and that is not a vague answer, but the ultimate destination or realization of any person is based upon their inner most desires. We do not sense or find any negative elements for you. Certainly one must always be cautious, but you have the capacity to find a fruitful pathway. Do you have any specific questions?

Querent 2: Where I should live basically?

David: In which sense... in a particular house, or city, or state?

Querent 2: Area within Florida
David: You are in a very beneficial area at this moment. There are few areas in Florida where we have found the energy to be as desirable as this . The areas south have become over crowded and extremely costly. The areas north of here suffer from extreme climate, and have other undesirable factors. The central sectors specifically Marion, Citrus, and Hernando Counties are areas where we find the energy of the State to be most harmonious. If we were to choose an area in which to live it would be within one of those three. Does that assist you?

Querent 2: Yes. The one thing, should I go back to go back to Ocala or stay in Citrus County? That would be the last question.

David: Ocala is a more active community, but Citrus County is in greater harmony with your personal energies. You might find Ocala interesting but we feel that this County (Citrus) would be more beneficial to you, not only as a place to live but in terms of harmony with your health. Proceed.

Querent 3: When are they going to re-erect, the Metaphysical Church within the realm of Religious in Inverness?

David: I am not certain I understand the question. Clarify it for me, please.

Querent 3: Are we, going to erect the Metaphysical Church in Inverness or has the plan changed?

David: That is the confusion factor when you say "The" Metaphysical Church , versus "A" Metaphysical Church and the we. Who is the we?

Querent 3: We the people.

David; A Metaphysical Center, which is a Church, if it is needed as such, has existed before in this area and can exist again when there are sufficient minds to draw it. It is a matter of attraction. When you desire a thing you create an energy of attraction. When others desire the same, then that energy is multiplied and a reality is created. Perhaps it sounds as if it were a simple thing, It is and it is not , but when the energy is sufficient, then the event occurs. The need of a passivity, be it a Church or Center, or simply a meeting place, is based upon the number of consciousnesses who are willing to dedicate themselves to the proposition. To simple recreate, without the Consciousnesses, would not be beneficial. Find the people, the other Souls, and consciousnesses like unto yourselves and it will be made manifest, even as it was in the past. Do you understand?

Querent 3: Yes. You as a Messenger, you also connect the Religious realm, the other Messengers, the Arc Angles, Angles.

David: I am David Ha Maggid, a guide for the entity (Richard Rebeck), and a Messenger to the Brotherhood and as such I have had the opportunity to communicate with all levels of Consciousness in the spiritual realms as well as many levels of consciousness within the physical realms. We do not readily think of levels, and as we have often said that while we describe 7 planes of existence in the spiritual level we say there is no separation, it is simply a progression. We are aware of the Angelic forces, being that they are beings different than Souls who have evolved. You and I are the same, being different in only in that I lived my lives thousands of years ago and have not returned to this plane of existence, but have continued to work as I am doing at this time. Neither you nor I shall become an Angel, they are beings separate , but yes, we are cognizant of them and of their work and there are times when we have communication with them. How may we assist?

Querent 3: I am trying to determine your level. Are you familiar with the term White Lighter, which is several realms higher?

David: We are familiar with the term. We have traveled to the 7th Plane of existence and dwelt with the Arc Angels in training and in communion. The term is one of many descriptions given to beings from the upper levels and a White Lighter could actually be a person from the fifth, or sixth, or seventh plane depending upon their function, though normally the only contact with the material plane is from the 5th and below.

Querent 3: I have been in this metaphysical work for quite some time. I taught classes in enhanced perception and I been a national columnist in reading the Tarot. I find in this area that I don't advertise and the clients seem to come. I would like to have more people be aware of what I can do and I am wondering if there are any ways of attracting more people?

David: This problem, and a problem it is not, but we shall use the term, is a common one in the area because of the difficulty in communicating with the groups, and the diverse nature of the groups in this area. When the entity (Richard) first came here 30 years ago a small metaphysical group was functioning and the entity did participate and work with them. That group (Alexandrian Center) found it difficult to expand and communicate in the same sense that you have found it. It is not that the people do not have an interest, it is the problem in communication and of course, the restrictions or limitations placed by the consciousness. There are many, what one might call, elemental religious groups in the area and persons belonging to those groups do not readily accept other concept of spiritual growth and assistance. But still we say that 1 out of every 10 persons would be interested in moving at least 1 step forward. It becomes a problem, as was asked a moment ago, of when or how can a metaphysical center or church be formed. We shy at the word Church as a beginning point, because then it becomes the focus of antagonism by existing religious groups. It is never the intent of the metaphysical community to be antagonistic nor is there really, nor should there be, any attempt to bring people away from there chosen religion or spiritual path. The object is to always to assist persons in their spiritual growth and in their awakening process to the point where they ask, "Is there some thing more.? Is there something beyond? And when I have completed all that I have in front of me, what more is there? " Yes there is the need and that is a function of publicity. There are some possible solutions in that area, but they are in the formation stages of ideas. One of them might be to use the Internet, of which the entity (Richard & Marlene) and his wife are quite experienced. Using the Internet as a means of creating a local metaphysical point, or bulletin board, or center of information, and then making that direction known through local advertising means without creating negative reactions. Do you understand us?

Querent 3: Yes, and it's very interesting that just recently 2 people, who I never met before, have found me through the Internet. I never advertised and I don't know how my name came up. thank you

David: You may speak to the entity (Richard) for more information. They have the means and the experience to produce a solution which is extremely economical and practical for all those who wish to bring all persons forward and if one wishes to form a group or a church then also that can be used as a means of advertising and collecting the consciousness or awareness. Remember the important thing, that which you believe and hold to be true is that which you create, and that which you doubt you shall never create. Proceed.

Querent 3: I notice that people who come to me are more in tune, more aware, and perhaps more advanced and really a pleasure.

David: It is also a pleasure to find workers who continue even though they themselves have limitations. Proceed.

Querent 4: I have so many things happening in my live right now.

David: That is a good sign.

Querent 4: Yes it is and it sort of leaves my head spinning as to direction and clarification in regard to certain elements that have come into my life recently. I have received 2 letters from an individual and I am unclear as to his purpose and his intent in communicating with me. I need some clarification on that.

David: What is the nature of the apparent intention? Does he wish your hand in marriage or your money?

Querent 4: Well I am not sure. (Laughter) He is speaking to me about the Order of Melchizedek (sometimes Malchizadek) and he has not been real clear in his communication with me. Maybe that's why I am not clear what his purpose is. Why is he communicating with me in regard to these things?

David: Do you know the meanings of the Order of Melchizedek?

Querent 4: I am not sure if I do. I think I do. Please clarify that for me.

David: Melchizedek is Melek Tsadik in Hebrew in the ancient tongue and it basically says the king of the righteous path. The Order of Melchizedek was the order of spiritual masters who followed the true or straight path, that is to say, the true spiritual path without deviating. It is often said that if one begins on the spiritual growth, on the road to growth, one may not there after take a Cul De Sac or leave the road without falling backwards in time. Therefore Melek Tsadik taken from the name of the ancient king of Salem with whom Abraham was purported to have dealt, for when to speak of that Order, it is an interesting reference, for we know of none upon this plane at this moment, though that is not to say that one could not be interested. The persons who follow such a path are often noted in History as great spiritual leaders or men who have moved the world in new directions. When persons communicate, It is unwise to communicate in a vague manner. It is much better to be open, and honest, and direct. We can only receive a reflection of his energy from you and we reflected the very suspicion or questions in your mind in our question with respect to his intentions.
We would suggest very clearly that you ask him or direct him to speak clearly and explain what it is he wishes. You have not met this man personally?

Querent 4: No I have not.

David: Where does he reside?

Querent 4: In North Florida. In the Crestview area.

David: We do not wish to speak negatively of any person. We do not see positive affirmations with respect to that person and yourself in a beneficial manner. Proceed with caution.

Querent 4: Thank you. That is my assessment of the situation. I have not answered either and I don' know that I will.

David: You probably are the wiser for not doing so. If someone has a true message they will continue to present it. It is difficult to assess the intentions of another person, but one must always wonder why someone needs to be vague.

Querent 4: Yes that was a red flag for me also. His second letter was a little more direct as I read it but it was still unclear of the intention and the message. So I determined that I would take a step back and take a position of observation and not engage.

David: You have chosen the wiser path. In what other manner may we assist you?

Querent 4: I have a health issue in regard to my blood pressure. I had a stroke on the 15 of October. My doctors have not called it that but that's what it was. I was very fortunate in having no residual or anything from it as far as I know. We cannot get my blood pressure within reasonable levels.

David: What are you taking?

Querent 4: I am taking something called Benicar HCT, Atenolol, and an aspirin a day.

David: atenolol in 25 or 50 mg?

Querent 4: 25mg. twice a day.

David: Atenolol is a beta blocker. It is one of the primary drugs used in control of high blood pressure. It is not the only... What is your blood pressure average?

Querent 4: Its running in the high 140s to the middle high 90 pretty consistently.

David: Which says that your heart is not relaxing. When the secondary values, the 90 stays up then it is not taking the opportunity to relax. That also indicates there are hyper tensive elements in your consciousness, that you are tense and pre occupied by other things. It would sound as if in addition to your medicine you would want to consider two things; one is a natural treatment for high blood pressure called water of garlic and if you ask the entity (Richard) after this session he will happy to describe its formula. It is quite simple and it is quite effective and taking it does not give one garlic breath. The second factor that would help to reduce the blood pressure is dietary factors and exercise. Are you exercising?

Querent 4: No I am not.

David: If you cannot walk at least 1 mile a day then you will continue to have high blood pressure. You must also take some time to meditate, freeing yourself to a more relaxed state and you should revise your diet with your own intelligence to determine those things that are not beneficial and reducing them. One cannot change over the night but one can improve little by little. The tension you are currently at does not pose a danger such as a cerebral accident in those numbers. Therefore the adding of the garlic water would certainly be beneficial. If after 30 days with the garlic water and daily exercise and has not improved then you should ask your doctor about using an Ace inhibitor.

Querent 4: I have used Ace inhibitors and they gave me a really bad cough. It did not work.

David: It is best to discuss the matters of high blood pressure with a cardiologist and not just an internist . The effects of high blood pressure effect the heart as well,. thickening the walls of the heart and that is why the cardiologist is often better equipped to advise. But before you see a cardiologist, I would strongly recommend that you solve your problem of exercise. Do you understand?

Querent 4: Yes.

David: Proceed

Querent4: I have a question in regard to a potential move. If I will eventually end up in North Carolina with my partner or if we simply stay here in Florida ? The reason I am concerned about that because of financial decisions with regard to property.

David: Do you have property there?

Querent 4: No. I do not have property there.

David: Do you have property here?

Querent 4: Yes. My partner would have property there.

David: That is a joint Question between the two, if the two wish to remain as one. This area, as we have said, has a very positive nature, though we are also fond of the Carolina's especially the North Carolina. It is a beautiful area.

Querent 4: I would be on the Reservation in North Carolina. My partner is American Indian.

David: That you would find to be extremely difficult adaptation, not for you to the life style, but acceptance by the others to you. It is not the most harmonious of combinations. It would require a great deal of effort and patients on your part. You would not be immediately accepted.

Querent 4: I do understand that. It is a few years away for that decision has to be made.

David: It is not that it is negative, you could overcome it if that was your desire. But you would be trading a very positive energy area to one of very poor energy, not because of your partner or the person, but because of the other persons who live in that particular area. Proceed.

Querent 5: Now that the Order of Melchizedek has been brought up, I have question in reference to that. Several of us here have had a relationship with a gentleman by the name of Macki Ruka, who was a spiritual leader of a Maori tribes of New Zealand and I had a particularly close association with him because we connected and His name was War A Mu and my Name was Ara A Mu. He said basically that we had some relationship that went beyond this one here. He claimed that he had the authority to initiate those, who were interested, into the Order of Melchizedek, as a priest of Melchizedek. Can you comment on that?

David: Has he walked the fire?

Querent 5: In terms of Hawaiian fire walking?

David: No. in New Zealand Maori are famous for their fire walking. We have shared with them with the entity (Richard).

Querent 5: I don't know. He never mentioned fire walking. He mention swimming with the whales. Does anybody else heard about the fire walking? (Discussion with other Querents)

David: The initiation in New Zealand for Maori who wish to become a spiritual leader, he must walk the fire. That is a very important element.

Group discussion.

Querent 5: I guess he walked the fire.

David: The concept of creating priests, as it were, is valid in each Religion and the concept of using the word Order of Melchizedek it is probably the highest order that has evolved through the time of man now having an antiquity of at least 4000 years in usage. One does not necessarily confer the other, nor do we say it is not valid. One does not need to confer such an order upon another person. One can guide, one can instruct, but only you as an individual can assume the role or part of a Melek Tsadik and then only you can decide to become a teacher which is the meaning of the word priest in the truest sense. We do not mean to say that this person does not deal with truth, but the expression or the Blessing is not for one to give, but rather for one to earn. It is similar to the concept of names in ancient times. The names of power, the important names, are not the names the person used in their lifetime, but rather the name that was given to them representing their past. The first Melchizedek had a name, but he was referred to as Melchizedek or Melek Tsadik because of his level of spirituality, his willingness to serve and to help others. At the same time it is always wise to learn all that one can from all groups, and societies, and peoples. The wisdom of the Maori is profound and we have seen them walk upon the fires where the coals were white with heat so that a man may not place his hand within 2 feet of them without being burnt and yet they walk slowly upon them without damage to their skin. And we have, with the entity (Richard), examined their feet looking for the sighs of the scaring and burning and we found it not. But, if you be of them or initiated through them, then you to must walk the fire to show your faith. That is the answer to your question.

Querent 5: Thank you

Sal: There does not seem to be any other questions. Any comments for the group?

David: Only one point, which has been touched upon the past, but we would bring it forward for the benefit of those present. Each of you is a creator and responsible for all that passes within your life. All events are attracted to yourself by yourself at one level of consciousness or another. But we also would remind that you are creators and creators do not petition, but command. We are not speaking of arrogance but we are speaking of the importance of using the energies of creation in the most effective manner. One does not beseech, beg, or ask for an event to occur. One commands the event. If one believes that one has the power, and is in the position to do, then one should command the event. Spiritual leaders have often taught, that the faith is the key element, we say to you that the lack of faith is the key element also, the key element in failure. If you do not at least believe that you are worthy then you will not receive. If you do not believe that you are worthy to wield the power then you shall not have it, but you can create, you can utilize it. The Universe is formed, as it is, by the collective consciousness and you are but one, but within your universe, you can be at peace in the midst of war. You can be in harmony in the midst of chaos. For those who follow the Christian path, we remind of the words of Jesus, who never beseeched the Divine Source, but simply gave thanks and ordered the event. Even in the story of Lazarus, He did not ask for the power, He did not ask for another, or for the Deity to raise Lazarus. If you will but recall the very words ascribed to Him, He said " Lazarus come forth" and the story says "Lazarus came forth". He also, as a teacher, told his disciples , "All that I have done, you shall do, and much more". Therein lies the teaching that is important, more important than the concepts of religions or the philosophies of same. These same secrets or elements have been taught by one leader after another. Therefore bring your mind clearly to focus upon that which you wish to accomplish and ordain that it shall be, but before you do, be careful, and be certain, that that is what you wish. That is all.

Copyright by Richard Rebeck, Peggy Steinberg, Salvatore Cacciola