Light Messenger

Volume 13, Chapter 3


Conversations with David --
( February 06 2007 )

David: You have a question?

Querent 1: I have two. You made reference to me being an animal healer. The last time you asked me if I would like to be. I gave you a flippant answer back, because I don't want to practice. I thought about that since and I do a lot of that. I was wondering if you had any suggestions or rituals that I should look into or just general questions on that healing aspect.

David: The question is a good one. First let us remember that rituals are only that rituals. They are never necessary and yet they are necessary to the individual who uses them. That is to say, that one does not need the ritual but often the ritual assist the person in focusing their energies. Therefore if one creates a ritual for a specific function then that is the correct ritual. Do you understand this?

Querent 1: Yes

David: The main element in healing, and this is true whether it be animal or human, is the clearing of the mind, the balancing of the self, and starting the flow of energy, first through your own being before you look to channel or give energy to another. Those are the elements.
Animals cannot always give a clear indication, and it is not always practical to touch an animal, but if you can move your hands over the animals body, closely but not touching, you will find that, if you have brought yourself into balance, and have the energy flowing, you will find the area of interruption from the energy in the animal, that is to say that you will find the source of discomfort in the animal. Then you can decide if you may touch or not touch, depending upon the creature.

Being once in line with the animal, the rule of healing follows the same as it does for a person. You need 2 poles such as 2 polarities in electricity, one positive one negative best represented by your right hand and left hand, though at other times one may use a point of the body as a reference, a leg, a knee , whatever part of you may apply contact with an opposing part as the point of energy, think of it simply that energy must flow between 2 points so that if our hands are here (hands
in front and palms facing each other) and we bring them together and we concentrate the energy and flow between them. Now as we begin to separate the energy continues to flow. But to make it flow through a medium we must touch at 2 points the person or animal in question in such a
manner do we cause a much more effective flow of energy or field of purposes.

One should try to think of the direction of energy flow and that can be different for persons depending upon whether the person is right handed or left handed. It is not important in which direction it flows, what is important is you have fixed in your mind a direction for the flow of energy, so that you either you see the energy flowing from the left to the right or from the right to the left and that should always
be a constant polarity you do not reverse it. You decide which it is for you and then maintain that as a constant. The failure to do so could cause discomfort on your own level by drawing into yourself illnesses instead of healing them. Animals like Humans, can be healed without touching. It is not necessary to touch to bring about healing, but you still need 2 points of reference so that if one were to place their hands as such (hands in front palms toward person or animal) near the back of a person we would envision the energy flowing directly, or in a circular motion from one hand to the other. Energy prefers circular directions to straight line directions. The animal does not need to give
permission to be helped, a Human does. One should not heal in a Human without the request, or a case where the person is not capable of requesting. In an emergency, then of course, it is correct to apply healing.

In a Human, one provides energy with the wish that the Soul consciousness would direct the energy to the most beneficial manner. In animals we seek to apply energy and specifically heal, if it be possible. The animal also will sense the person who is capable of healing and often approach that person when they are in need. Does this help answer your Question?

Querent 1: I think so, I guess I have been unconsciously doing that anyway. The other question, not a frivolous question. Basically my partner contends that she was once Cleopatra.

Querent 2: I have this shape of an Egyptian head. I was wondering why my head was so different? I always thought that I was Cleopatra in a past life. And one day my partner felt my head and said it was an Egyptian head.

David: We can answer you in part by reminding you that you that there been many Cleopatras. The one person, by that name, in the historical reference between Egypt and Rome in the time of Julius Caesar, was an entity quite different then the entity ( Querent 2) present here today.
That is to say they are not one and the same, but there have been other Cleopatras out of the same civilization. As to the connection to other time periods, we can clearly say that she walked in the halls of Alton* in her time. Do you understand?

Querent 1: I do. She may not.

David: Not until you explain it. The Soul, and you will pardon us since women do not like to hear such a reference, is an old one in deed and has passed through many incarnations seeking the fulfillment of the learning experience. That is neither a positive nor a negative thing.
Many Souls choose the physical plane to continue learning where others choose to work as we do, the Guides by working with persons and avoiding returning to the physical. Be that as it may, we can say, that the entity

(Querent 2) today has had many levels of communication and
existence with those know as Light Messengers and Light workers. but we cannot
determine if her physiology or physiognomy is Egyptian or not. There are to many cycles to be read, nor do we consider the question superfluous. It is natural to answer questions and ask questions. Are there any others?

Querent 2: I like to know if there is a way of arranging it so that I never return to the physical. Do you understand the question?

David: Very well we understand the question. We would only say this to you, it is a decision which is at the level of your soul consciousness and you speak from what we refer to as the ego consciousness. It is not yours in that sense to decide, but to achieve that level requires a
dedication to service at another. We all are in a constant flux of learning and at one point or another we must think of ourselves as buckets of experience, like milk taken from the cow, and eventually those buckets must be emptied into a larger reservoir and that larger reservoir is the Soul Consciousness and each bucket is the ego consciousness.

And at some point in time even that Soul Consciousness may return to its Source and empty itself therein. That which returns to the physical plane, many times, is far removed from the consciousness that lived or existed at another moment. Today, in truth, there are many souls who are at the point of not needing to return, but still they choose to return because there are so many who need help in their ascension and growth, therefore they are working, not in their own Karmic need, but rather in the Dharmic need of others.

Even as a guide has chosen to learn by helping others and bringing the experience forward through that assistance. Though they are not in the physical plane, they are in as much reaction to the struggles and difficulties of life, as is the person whom they are guiding. It is, in such a sense, that we find the energy of your soul. It is not that one needs to focus upon not returning. One of course should always ask, Have I done all that I can on this plane, but when one reaches a level of consciousness, one will have the option of not returning. This last life, the current one which you are
experiencing yet, was not a required life cycle, but rather a chosen one. Do you understand us?

Querent 2: Yes.

David: Therefore the return is not required, but what your Soul Consciousness shall decide is not for us to know at this moment. Proceed.

Querent 2: There is no way of doing a ritual to stop myself from coming back again?

David: There are no rituals, nor commands, nor forms. That is the decision of the Soul or the over Soul if you will and is not at this level of consciousness. Their are many who have spoken of such things, but we can say that there is not a form. Over the thousands of years that we have functioned in this level, we have know many who wish not to return and have returned, and others, who thought they must return and have not. You can only know a fragment of the needs of your Soul Consciousness. But within the ego consciousness, that is you, you may petition the Soul Consciousness to not continue your cycle, therefore allowing your consciousness to meld into the Master Consciousness of the Soul, as a drop of rain returns to the ocean from whence it came and is no longer conscious of itself. Proceed.

David: Is there more?

Sal : I don't think so.


Querent 1: My partner and I are planning a trip possibly if she can get her passport, to Provincialis in British West Indies from the 12th to the 21st. Do you see anything that would involved a negative
involved in that?

There is no negative in the concept. The trip would certainly be interesting and there are resources available there if you encounter any minor difficulty. One, of course, must be prepared, such as, the passport. That is something that must be done immediately and simply as a note for all, one should not be without a passport. That’s an absolute truth. One never knows when one finds it necessary to travel from one place to another. The rest of it goes back to what we have repeated, you create your world, your environment, your situations. If you put the energy, and you have access to the energy, you can create a cocoon of energy to protect the two of you in that time period and in that space so that it is a more memorable and pleasurable experience.
Therefore we say, do not ask us if we see negative. There is no negativity where you have the ability to create, and had there been some catastrophic event which was to occur, we would have told you the first day that you mentioned to the entity (Richard) of your desire to take that time. As long as we have had communication, we have never led you into a hurricane, but not for the ills of the world, but for the Light, Proceed.

Thank you David.

Querent 2: The last time we talked I asked you about my dad, who passed on my birthday in April. You said he was having a hard time on the other end adjusting. Can you tell me if he is getting any better?

David: We know who he is. These factors of time are difficult to understand in this plane. Things do not happen that quickly. It will take, as you measure, a time perhaps in the range of 6 months before we could have a report that would be significant. There is progress, but there are difficulties for each individual to deal with what has passed. Do you understand?


It is not like suffering in the physical sense. At times a person is confused and other times they are simply are passing time without integrating the experience into the total consciousness. At other times they are simply reliving the experience within their consciousness trying to assimilate and understand what has been learned and what was not learned. These are things at a level so abstract to the physical life and form that it becomes difficult to comprehend. But fear not, he will progress. Proceed
Thank you.

Querent 3: The infection I have using the chamomile and the honey does not seem to be working. Is there something stronger or something else I can use? We do not have access to other elements. We understand, and of course there are stronger elements but they are controlled as you say.

What about increasing the quantity of the chamomile and I believe they make it in capsule form?
That is true and that would be a reasonable attempt. The chamomile is to neutralize acidic elements. It is an alkaline based oil that is the primary ingredient of chamomile. It is the honey that contains the antibiotic element. The pollen might be added also.

The bee pollen?

Yes. I am taking that. Maybe I can increase the dosage?

Try increasing the bee pollen first, and then the chamomile.

Is there a maximum? Is there an over dosage on those?

No there is not, but it would be a practical level. How much chamomile are you taking at this time?

Two Cups a day.

You can increase that to 2 quarts a day without difficulty, 3 would be the limit. Try that and let us see how it does. It is the resistance, but there are always other elements. Today many of the herbs that would help are controlled and not available.

Is there anything else that you have for me?

There is something but it is… I do not know why we are being reminded of BHT for you.

BHT? I thought that was for herpes?

It is for herpes, although officially it is not for herpes, It is used for salads and foods. It is an antioxidant, a very strong antioxidant, and it is an antiviral agent. That is why it is so effective with herpes. It seeks out viruses and encapsulates them in a form which renders them more or less inactive

Thank you. That is BHT?

It is butylhydroxytoluene (BHT). It is a common organic substance used in many restaurants to keep the lettuce crisp in the salad bar.


We are not sure of how it is prepared. We know that the size is the standard capsule such as ginseng might be containing the power. But we do not have any references to the actual milligram dosage. Seek what you can and advise us.

Thank you. Is there anything you wish to deal with?

Just the transcription that we need to have published, and understand that the other is not lacking in desire, but simply lacking in human energy.

I understand.

Querent 1: Is there any message from my guide?

Try the mandalas.

I’m working on them.

That is the message. To begin to find the means of focusing and  relaxing.

Question in Spanish directed to David.

The question was, if one is doing mandalas each day does that maintain the creativity.
Yes it does. One cannot allow things to create stress patterns. Do you recall your reaction, the other day, when the Chinese stock market fell?

Then also then our stock market fell. 
That is not important. Do you recall your reaction?
Yes I didn’t have any.

What do you mean you did not have any?

The Chinese stock market fell and my reaction was there was the potential, in my mind, for a serious economic problem and I recalled seeing that happen one time before on so called Black Monday when I was doing a major promotion. So it made me concerned to say the least.

That is correct, to say the least. You were very nervous and very preoccupied. Now think for a moment what should you have done when you learned of the news.

I guessed I should focused on everything being fine.

And healing the situation. Put your energy to work. Create a positive when you are threatened with a negative. That is not to say that the forces at work might not create some difficulties, but you as a light worker must fight back with light, not with fears or trembling, or preoccupation. You have the ability to assist, so when you see the situation occurring, look to heal. That is all.

Thank you.

Be there more?


Then we shall terminate.


     Copyright by Richard Rebeck, Peggy Steinberg, Salvatore Cacciola