Light Messenger

Volume 13, Chapter 4

Note: This message is slightly out of order
as it was waiting to be transcribed

10/28/06                                           Brotherhood of Light

The War in Iraq

David: We are here.

Querent: Welcome David. How do you wish to proceed?

David: We are trying to bring a Messenger from the Brotherhood.

It is not possible to bring the Messengers in where we have persons who are unknown to the Messengers or persons who have serious problems, not that they in themselves are negative, but the energies they attract can be disruptive. Do you understand?

Querent: Yes.

David: Only within, what you might term the private group, with persons who are in balance, can the Messengers be brought through.

Messenger 1: Greetings from the Brotherhood.

Querent: Greetings.

Messenger 1: We find the energies satisfactory.

Messenger 1: Wherein lays the consciousness of today? Wherein lays the political direction of this country? (USA) We find a system which is out of balance. The leaders are operating on deceitful and negative standards and reasons. There is no justification of the present war. It is an egocentric act, nor is the person leading, a responsible or balanced individual. If there is not a sufficient protest made, then we say to you, that before this month shall repeat itself, another 1000 shall die. Do you understand our words?

Querent: Yes.

Messenger 1: Thousands are dying each day, as it has been for some time. These are not strange truths, they are the reality. The people cannot readily protest the actions of the government without feeling the repercussions of their protest. Each one is being observed, recorded, and as you would term it, spied upon. These acts demonstrate the mental instability of the present leadership. Violence is not the solution; it is never the solution though it is often the outcome. The corruption and confusion exist so fully at various levels of the government that we are not certain that there is a stable point which is currently operating.

The situation in Iraq will not lessen. It will not improve and will continue to worsen costing lives of the Iraqi and of the soldiers who are collectively there at this time. THERE ARE NOT, NOR WERE THERE ANY WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION. The only element that existed was the desire to have elements of mass destruction, though none did exist, nor have they been hidden. They did not exist. We therefore have a false situation. The actions perpetrated now become the actions of negativity and violence.

The situation is critical in the elections that are to occur, and choices should be made to remove the reactive element. It is one thing to simply choose an opposition at a party level. It is another thing to send a clear message that a change is desired. We are non political, but we find the present situation difficult to work within. Normally one would refer to an assassin as someone who kills the enemy or his perceived enemy. What do you call an assassin who kills his own people? These are the factors that are being dealt with today. Use your ability to communicate. Remind others of their responsibility to take action through their power of their vote. Remind others to look for a change and see if it possible to break the monopoly that the current group has upon the government operation. One must operate in a simple manner avoiding direct statements that could implicate one in what could be construed as an anti government plot. We would strongly recommend that the people reject this present government that is leading this nation to the brink of massive war. Once the war has started it will be very difficult to stop it. Do you understand the message?

Messenger 1: We shall retire at this moment to allow another to enter.

Querent: Another Messenger?

Messenger 1: That is correct…

Messenger 2: Greetings.

Querent: Greetings to you.

The Brotherhood has placed me at your disposition to direct or guide you in the area that you deem most important or valuable. Speak to me.

Querent: Concerning the political situation?

Messenger 2: The other Messenger has spoken. If there is more, then speak. Tell me in which direction or in which material I may be of the greatest service. We are not speaking of the message just given. That was a different Messenger. I am the second Messenger. The material that I can deliver depends upon your desire. What is it that you would have me speak upon? Much time has passed since we have had these channels available and therefore much material has accumulated. We wish to serve by giving you the material that is most important to your needs.

Participant: I have a question. Consciousness, in my opinion, is focusing upon end times. Christians are talking about it. There are books galore suggesting that we are approaching something closer to the system relative to the Mayan calendar, relative to the Nostradamus predictions, relative to other things such as David saying 15 years ago, “The Four Horsemen of the apocalypse are among us.” What relevance is this now? Basically, do these have any credence?

Messenger 2: David never said that Armageddon was at hand. He said that the 4 Horsemen were present. He said they were on the horizon and then he said they were amongst you. Have they not been? Do you know the names of the 4 horsemen? What are they?

Participant: Plague, pestilence, famine, and war.

Messenger 2: Do these not exist?

Participant: Absolutely.

Messenger 2: Then the prophecy was fulfilled. THERE IS NO ARMAGEDDON. THERE IS NO TERMINATION. That has often been the cry of those who would control others. Changes there always are and always will be, but of end of times is not the case. It is not a truth that one group knows more that the other, of what will be or what will not be. The statement that the entity (Richard) recorded today is, Christianity is a minority in the world. Only because your country is from that direction do you consider it important. There have always been what is called the false prophets. They seek to control by spreading fear. We seek to awaken, to prevent, not to control. There is no value in controlling, but you the people must find the solutions. You must eliminate the negativity.

It would be futile for us to say that you should eliminate famine and war and pestilence. That is not something one man or two men can do. But what you can do is to continue to remind others of the presence of these events, and tell them not to hide their heads in the sand like an ostrich. But rather to face the reality of the situation. Know the enemy for what it is and who it is. The evil of man lives amongst man. It is an ever present thing.

The message must be brought to the people, and one must look for new ways in which to bring the message. If one group does not wish to hear the word metaphysical, then look for a new word that is acceptable. And if another does not wish to hear the word spiritual, and then find a word that is the message without saying the spiritual thing. You have at your hands today weapons of power, weapons of tremendous power that can bring about change and can destroy. Do you know what that weapon is?

Participant: Consciousness? Our individual consciousness?

Messenger 2: In part, and it is a strong part. And how do you apply that individual consciousness? Where you give it direction?

Participant: By projecting the Light.

Messenger 2: But to where, by which channel?

Participant: Spiritually.

Messenger 2: The spiritual channel is here. We are a spiritual channel. You are a spiritual channel. But how do you use that spiritual channel to bring it to others.

Participant: Through communication.

Messenger 2: That is correct. What is the vehicle of communication?

Participant: The computer? The internet?

Messenger 2: That is the name. You have at your hands a weapon more powerful than you ever had in your time or in the history of time. There are many sites; I believe the term you use is blog. There are message sites where one can leave messages, leave a thought, cast an opinion. All of these plus the channel of the Messenger can be used to move an idea forward. Move the message in the Socratic Method. Do you know who Socrates was?

Participant: A philosopher.

Messenger 2: Yes, Socrates was a Greek philosopher. And he was known for a unique way of teaching. What was his method?

Participant: I believe it was by asking questions.

Messenger 2: That is correct. You have a perfect score. Now you know the means by which to spread the message. Now you know how to open consciousness at this moment in time. What we did yesterday is yesterday, that is past. Today is a new time; therefore, to awaken consciousness one must encounter and create key words and key expressions.

Participant: Can you give us examples of the questions?

Messenger 2: Can war ever be in spiritual balance? Can my consciousness rest or can your consciousness rest with the thousands who have died by our hands in Iraq? Shall we continue the war in Iraq? Shall we continue to allow our brothers and sisters to die in a needless futile battle? Do you truly believe that we can conquer a people who believe what they are fighting for? Have you ever known a fanatical group who was convinced of another idea or convinced by another idea? These are questions of power.

All that is needed is to ask the question and to allow others to answer upon it, and the seed is planted. Each time a response occurs one can look to plant the next seed. By utilizing networks such as these one can present questions and thoughts, but always in the Socratic Method. What would you do if you were President? Would you continue the war? Were we justified in going to war? What should we do with crooked politicians or corrupt politicians? Are you satisfied with your political representatives? If you are not satisfied what are going to do about it? Is your country important to you? Are your children important to you? Are you ready to send your children to death? Is that not what you are doing? Are you happy to have corrupt politicians in your local government? Can I truly be a spiritual person if I ignore the realities around me? Shall I escape to another place or shall I stay and fight? Do you begin to understand?

Participant: Yes

Messenger 2: Every ill that you see occur is your message of the day. The very notices that appear in front of you can be turned back into messages. What are you going to do about Representative Foley? What should we do concerning these and many other things? Are you a spiritual person? Did you live your life today as a spiritual person? Are you certain? What can you do to make your family safer… to make your neighborhood safer? Do not give answers, simply ask questions. But taking the material from each event about you and your own knowledge of the spiritual world, what do we wish to do? We wish to awaken consciousness. Is your consciousness awake or is it trapped within a cult like idea? It is permissible to name the enemy. Putting people to think is the first step to waking them up. And the one that you awaken may have the answer.

Messenger 2: Do you have any question? Do you understand clearly?

Participant: Yes

Messenger 2: Then you must begin to find the pages of commentaries, blogs and other such sites where one can enter into dialog and leave messages. What is the return address for these left messages? One should not leave a blank message.

Participant: Anonymous? Leave your name?

Messenger 2: That does not bring a person to a point of truth. You leave them the address of the Light Messenger ( without putting your individual self into the pathway.

Don’t forget the questions such as: Is the border situation or immigration problem my problem? Do we really want to stop all migrant workers? Do we have a right to harm others who are seeking to better themselves? And for the Christian community, why not some questions such as: What would Jesus say about the migrant worker situation? Would he build a wall?

We are talking about a war on a spiritual level. The war of consciousness. By your questions you must awaken others, who in return will awaken still others. And it becomes like the stone rolling down the mountain. Be careful not to use falsehood or the lie. Use the truth and ask the question that can have a positive result or response. That is it for this moment.

Querent: Thank you

     Copyright by Richard C. Rebeck, Peggy Steinberg, Salvatore Cacciola