Light Messenger

Volume 14, Chapter 1

Conversations with David.      02/10/2008

David: We are here...   In the matter of the Earth-Native and your energies therein:  The situation of the world is approaching a crisis point where more focus and energy needs to be placed in this direction. What is necessary is to move the website into a secondary function, or create within the website, what is termed a blog. Salvatore!

Sal: Yes.

David: You know what a blog is?

Sal: I think I do. An editor puts out his thoughts and ideas and expects feedback from the community.

David: That is correct. There are any number of programs that can be used to create a Blog page. We would recommend creating a blog under the website, which can allow and has sufficient space to permit such a thing. That would allow a greater range of communication to bring more people to the site exchanging ideas and providing a greater opportunity to communicate with them. What is your mission?

Q1: Relative to Earth-Native is basically... I wish to use this vehicle to raise the consciousness of as many people as possible to start acting in a manner that would beneficial.

David: Do you realize that what you just said is not intelligible to many people?

Q1: I was thinking in going over this idea, was that I started to feel how the entity Jesus must have felt. There is an urgent message and nobody seems to be interested in.

David: That is true, but we shall not crucify you. That doesn't work very well. Seriously speaking, what you just said was true. We do not take away from the value of it, but what is not true is the ability of the common man to understand it. You must learn to state your mission in simplistic terms in a way every man can understand. You must become every man and begin to speak for him in such a way that he feels as if he himself has thought that or said it. Do you understand us?

Q1: I think I have an idea, not exactly, of how to approach it.

David: That is your challenge. Find a way to express your mission so that the most common workman would clearly understand it, without speaking of spirituality or spiritual growth. Bring it down to Earth. Are we clear?

Q1: Yes, I can see that. Like explain it to a Redneck.

David: That is a very good analogy, not only explain it to a Redneck, but make a Redneck believe it.

Q1: I can talk that language.

David: By doing so, you will provide a greater vehicle for communication with a much greater response. Each group of words belongs to a different category of people or different level of education and experience. But let us look at the one thing, what percentage of the worlds population is university educated?

Q1: I am assuming it is quite small.

David: That is correct. Then let is take the next question, what percentage of the world’s population has a High School education at least?

Q1: Again it is not a significant group.

David: That is also true, therefore if we assume, that the majority of the people in the world have no schooling, or little schooling, perhaps to an eight grade level, if they are fortunate, then we must consider how to teach them to understand the need of the Planet. You cannot talk about the atmospheric and ionosphere effects and changes to a simple man, but you can point him to the destruction and death that has occurred in the past few days. Did you not see the reports?

Q1: Yes.

David: What if you took a few of the photos of that type and presented them with a text that started with a simple question, “Why is this happening”? It is not always the easiest thing. And often times one must use examples that may seem extreme. But are we not involved in awaking consciousness? If that is so, then you must approach people at their level of consciousness too and bring them forward to the idea. People need to understand that what is happening to the world right now is not a casual event in a repetitious cycle. It is an event which is occurring because of the damage that man has done to the Earth and its atmosphere, and this is only the beginning. We leave it in your hands to be creative, as you said, you speak the language. Is there any question?

Q1: I guess not.

David: Remember your term of the Redneck. The Redneck, who plows the ground and looks to feed his family with the yield, is interested in the earth and what happens to it. He is aware there is a shortage of water for him and he wants to know why, and he is angry the tornadoes comes and tear up his crops. And he feels helpless because he doesn't know why or what to do. Help him understand! That is true of all the people. Look to the Universities. Do the Universities have a group or club on ecology? Bring them into an awareness of your mission and there you can use the language of that you have, and learn from them as well. By making a blog on the page you are opening a communication channel to the world at large that uses Internet. But somewhere your mission must show the direction and benefit of your work. It is a visual awakener. Use it well. We now proceed to the Messenger.

Messenger:  Greetings from the Brotherhood. 


Messenger:  We are finding it more difficult to cross the thresholds of your     Worlds.  The energies that are surrounding this planet are extremely dense with negativity.  We find an increase in mental problems.  The mental state of health is at an all time low in your World.  This is partially brought about by the common difficulties with the climate, with the planet and that which is to come.  This planet can reform itself once again, but in doing so, it may eliminate most of the human life and other life forms that are upon it.  Literally speaking, with the emissions problems, you have cooked the planet to death.  It is asphyxiating upon the emissions, and some will say that this has occurred in the past, and it is true that in times gone, the Earth did suffer great volcanic activities, and great fires burning creating atmospheric problems of a global nature. And that did cause catastrophic climatic changes, but that event did not really matter as much, because you (mankind) were not upon the Earth when that happened.  These events of today are directly brought about by your hands.  In addition to the ignorance, and a continued demand for more, we also find a mania, a craziness, a mental disease forming, and that is responsible for the bizarre and horrible actions of people all around the planet.  It is almost as if the subconscious minds of each person were being made aware of the impending disasters, and in their anger and frustration they lose control of the mental process.  There is no discipline to the mind.  These are serious times.  Soon you will find many sectors without water, even though the water shall rise and inundate the land.  You will find storms destroying the crops upon which you depend for food.   The solution is not a simple one, and man cannot live in ivory towers upon a dead planet.  The air you breathe is becoming toxic.  The water you wish to drink is becoming scarce and is contaminated.  The mental stability of the people at large is also contaminated or in danger.  And so, the solution to that are more drugs which will only further the problem of mental instability.  Many years ago, in your terms of thinking, we reminded many of the need to return to more natural lifestyles.  One cannot continue to take advantage of all of the technology without paying the price, or at least compensating in some way.  Imagine the effect, upon the planet, if for one day, no car, or engine, or factory emitted contamination into the atmosphere.  As your world population grows beyond control, and as each person upon the planet demands its share, his portion of the pie.  What will be the effect?  Can you give each man, woman, and child in China a car?  Can you provide all the electrical energy that people desire?  Then let us take Asia, and India, and Pakistan, and bring all of those people up to the level of life that you have here in this nation, and what will be the result?  The result will be a complete depletion of all of the resources of the Earth.  Where does one begin in the battle against the giants?  One must take the Davidic approach (David & Goliath) and find a good sling shot.  One must use all means of communication that are possible.  If one begins to write to all of their political representatives and other political representatives of their country, and encourage others to do the same.  Their may become that which is called a ground swell movement, to bring an awareness and a more rapid observation of the problem at hand.  There is less than twenty years left, and as you know we seldom have dealt with your concept of time, but at this moment we can speak of it.  It is not that the Horsemen are on the horizon, they are in your midst, and that which you think of so proudly as your country, your system, your democratic structure, is crumbling like old cheese.  It is falling into the well of despair brought about by agnosticism, by atheism, by greed, and by corruption.  How can you stand by and be aware that the Vice President of your nation is involved in corrupt contracts and is taking billions of dollars from your pockets to line his and there is barely a murmur of protest.  The political corruption has run and is running a muck in this country.  There are no moral values to be held true.  Is it then too late, perhaps?  But while each man breathes, and thinks, and speaks, there is an opportunity to correct.  It is not the case of going to war.   Violence begets violence, but there is no greater weapon than the pen and the word, and this is the message that must go out to the World at large.  To all of those who would see life continue upon this planet.  You have looked to long at pictures of children starving in Africa, in dessert like situations, and hear us well, within 20 of your years you shall see the same occurring here if there are no changes.  Let your voices be heard or they will be silenced forever.  That is the message of the Brotherhood. 

David returns:  We are here. 

Welcome back. 

David: Are there any questions that we may deal with? 

Question in Spanish. 

David: Use all of the resources that you have at your hand.  Let all of your communications of all types include a pamphlet or message to the World at large, to remind them to the situation of the World.  It is not a situation of tomorrows problems, it is today’s. Marlene suggested that in all of the books that are shipped out that she include a pamphlet, or note, or something to help bring the consciousness, and that is an excellent idea.  Append it to your emails.  All of your email system has the ability to add what is called signature.  The signature can be a small text.  Let every email that you send invite people to visit the page for Earth Native ( with perhaps a one line message.  “Save us while there is time.”  Make your ability to communicate work.  If you wanted to spread a rumor it would start and pass around the country in a matter of days. Speaking in a crude form, you could take, for example, and spread a story that the candidate for the President was homosexual, and if you sent that out in a hundred emails, that story would fire around the country and around the World in a matter of a week or two. Why can't you do the same with something much more important? And you (Q1) can ask the question, “Why me, why at this point in my life.”  Twenty years from now will you still be here?  And we can only refer you the 22 Psalm of the king David in your book called the Bible. And when you read it remember he was 90+ years of age when he wrote that Psalm.  The duty falls to those who have ears to hear.  Is there more questions? 

Q1: If I could have a comment about the Vice President, the Brotherhood referred to his corruptness, the reason there's not much about it is no one's aware that he is into the corruption.  

David: Your World news media, and your own CNN media has brought up the subject of his connection with these corporations operating in Iraq and Afghanistan, where he was formerly the director of the corporation, they are now receiving the major contracts to provide services to these areas, and yes they are selling a 10 cent screw for ten thousand dollars.  He is running a separate government and is a dangerous man. 

Sal: I am aware that he was the head of Halliburton and Halliburton received a no bid contract in Iraq.  And the reason why they received that no bid contract because there were only three other companies in the World to do that type of work.  Two of the companies are American and one is French.  One of the companies is a subsidiary of Halliburton. 

David: That is correct.  They also have other subsidiaries, who have received contracts. 

Sal: I also understand that Bill Clinton, while he was president, gave Halliburton a no bid contracts for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

David:  That is correct.  

Sal: The question is what exactly is he doing? 

David: These are lords of power.  These are men who would rule the World and have slowly moving and pushing it in a direction wherein they have the major control. 

Sal: I understand that that control would be anti environment. 

David: It is not only anti environment, it is one World government. The company, Halliburton, is almost as strong as the Federal government at this time.  Do you realize how many men they have in Iraq? 


David: How many solders in Iraq? 

Sal: 150-200 thousand. 

David: That is correct.  Halliburton has 335 thousand people assign there.  They have their own mercenaries.  It is something to maintain an eye, while he shall not enter in again through the election process, do not loose track, but the key is corruption. The key is a lack of values.  The key is a system which lies to itself and defiles itself.  It is not important what a man believes, in a religious sense, it is important that he has the right to believe in a religious sense. But there is no crime in granting a moment of religious experience during a day.  But the system that exist is so totalitarian that is now, that the messages is often say, make it proper to talk about sex and abortion, in a class room, but never mention the word God. We have never pushed a religious idea upon anyone, but we do speak of the spirituality of man, and in the present direction, this experiment is failing. Mankind may soon be only spiritual beings, and they may be no more physical existence upon this planet. Look at all the civilizations that have gone before you, and look at their downfall, and what was their moral structure immediately prior to their failure?  The difference here, as the Messenger has pointed out,

Is not only have you gone into moral decay, but you have destroyed or are destroying the planet in the process. You cannot drink the blood of your horse and ride it at the same time. These are not idle words.  How is it possible that so many lost their in the lives in the last few days with in this country (USA) that has perfect systems of detection and control.  Numbers like that are heard of in other parts of the World, but not here.  The religious fanatic will say, the end of times is upon us, because it is God's wrath.  It is not God's wrath it is man's own hand that is closing the curtain. And it is man's hand that can save the planet and the life upon it.  But it will take some major changes and most of what you are offering on the political plate is not considered palatable. Are there other questions? 

Q1: In that light, is this Huckabee an individual that should be supported?

David: He is indeed a dark horse and difficult to understand, but in one sense is a simplistic man and might have greater value that all of the rest put together. Ideal he is not, but neither was Harry Truman, for the job, if you will remember the history.  Do you know the story?

Q1: Not really. I have to think about that and do some research on Truman.

David: Harry Truman was a small insignificant member of the political community, but was an ultra conservative, a family man, and from the Midwest. And when they placed him as Franklin Delano Roosevelt running mate, they never, in their wildest dreams, imagined Roosevelt dying in office and leaving Truman as President, nor did he himself feel that he had it within him to take upon his shoulders such a responsibility. But the nation was at war, and he stepped up to take the historical decision to use the atomic bomb, and to bring an end to that war which had raged for so many years. He was a simple man, a God fearing and religious man, and he took the responsibility that was laid upon him as the foremost thing in his life. And he was even shunned by the President who replaced him. But for the century of his time, he was probably one of the most important Presidents the country has had. We do not have any problems or ideas about sexual gender, so that whether your President be a woman or a man, and we no respect to racial identity, recognizing none of these things, being that the man be yellow, or red, or black, or white is of no direct consequence, but what if the will and reaction of the people is. It is an old story United you Stand, Divided you fall. The will behind those you term Clinton and Obama do not lead to a road of solution.  We feel that since the President is a figure head, it would be better to have a mongoloid sit in the oval office than either of the two we have just named.  He would then be subject to the whim of Congress.  And when your time comes, do not forget that it is the Congress that makes the decision, the President may suggest, may cajole, may argue, but is helpless without the blessing of the Congress.  So be very careful whom you put into Congress. The system is getting old, it is also corrupt and difficult to repair, but if there is not a ground swell, we fear that nothing constructive will be done.  

Sal: You have not mentioned McCain, is there any reason? 

David: We have not mentioned that gentleman for several reasons.  With the modern miracles that exist in medicine, he has already past his expectancy of life. He also suffers from that which you refer to as the shock syndrome, the ancient term being battle fatigued and is an uncontrollable unknown element that could explode at any given moment. It would be best if he were allowed to retire peacefully for what little time he has left. 

Sal: It has been said that he may be the Manchurian candidate. 

David: That is also a true possibility, but then so is Obama. Your, one called Obama is a Muslin at heart, and if that is not like a Manchurian candidate, we know not what is. Be that all? 

Sal: Yes. 

David: Then we shall then terminate.  Remember to keep your selves in the light and all those around you.  The times are more dangerous than ever. And beware, this year, the Ides of March. Caesar is long gone but the energies in the World are very delicate in that time period. 

Group: Thank you


Copyright by Richard Rebeck, Peggy Steinberg, Salvatore Cacciola