Light Messenger

Volume 14, Chapter 3




Question: “I am curious about this point in time where we find ourselves. What might you be able to tell us about future changes, and how should we proceed to prepare for them?”

David: “Such changes as, where will be the southern boundary of Florida in the future?”

Response: “Yes.”

David: “If we start there, then I will say to you, do not buy land below Hernando County.”

Response: Group laughter

David: “We are not jesting. It is strange to think of it, but remember we have the eagles vision, and we have seen thousands upon thousands of years. The Earth is in pain. Your storms will increase and just, I believe it was yesterday, there were 3 more tornadoes that struck. The intensity is occurring because the Earth is like a woman in labor, but in this case, it is a powerful birth.


We are speaking of less than 20 years to see the boundaries of many of your states change. The city of New Orleans is below sea level. That is not a secret, but what is, is that the land beneath it has been reduced, and it will sink even further when the waters rise from the polar caps melting. And if you could see Alaska as we can at this very moment see it, as we speak to you, and see the dirt and brown earth where once was a glacier, you would understand that the times are moving.


The nation you call China, wishes to have everything that you have. Do you realize what their population is? What happens if you give every Chinese family a car? Yes, that is a very heavy thought. There would be no more natural resources within 35 years! You cannot continue to poison the Earth! You cannot continue to leave others upon the Earth to die of starvation! Do you realize that in the time we have sat here, that over 1000 children have passed? That is one of our jobs, the Guides. When you are sleeping, or do not need us, we are helping those who are being forced to cross over. And the tremendous loss in China when the earthquake hit, so many souls, that we ourselves were at a loss to help them as quickly as we should. Does anyone know what the scale on the Richter was for that earthquake?”

Response: “7.9”

David: “That is correct. It was at the 8. which is one of the largest. But where is the response in the other country that also suffered the tragedy? And now they say, within this day or the next few days, they will finally allow relief to come in.”

Response: “Myanmar.”

David: “That is it. But here within your own area, we have spoken with people who do not know that we seek the information within this community. There are families within this county that have no food. All of these elements together, the price of gasoline... is there a shortage? No, there is not a shortage of gasoline! Then what is happening? It is the manipulation of the market. The oil companies, if you will look at their financial report, are making great profits and from the stock market standpoint, is an excellent investment. That is like financing Hitler, and that is what is happening! The oil is there, there is not a shortage. There is not a lack of one barrel of oil from where it was 2 years ago, it is simply a manipulation.

We warned in 1979 of the change in price of gold and silver in September, and few listened to us, but it happened. And that was a manipulation of the market. It did not have a reality. But perhaps the rising prices of gasoline and transportation will force a more direct consciousness to reducing the pollution caused by such things. Strange is it not, that diesel fuel costs more today when in the past, diesel fuel was the cheaper? It is after all, kerosene. It was 5 cents a gallon when gasoline was 25 cents a gallon. Now it is the higher.


We are not a doomsday prophet, you asked. The changes that are coming are here. It is not that we are looking toward the horizon, we are not looking toward the future. We look at the Earth. How many will die in the storms, and tornadoes, and earthquakes in this year? And how much closer will we come to that point where the Earth will have to go into an upheaval in order to save itself? The Earth will survive, the Earth will not die, it will survive. The question is, how many of its inhabitants will survive with it? These are the things that occur.

Great change is foretold by the Mayan calendar, not in the negative. It is the marked time of change, the 21st of December in 2012, the Winter Solstice, the end of the year and the beginning of the next, as the day grows longer. But it was clearly to them, the mark where a great change was to occur. Is it for the good or the bad?

The damages are being done today, even in the food supply. You spend fortunes at the vitamin store to replace the elements you have taken out of your food. You take a grain of wheat and take the wheat germ away, then you go purchase the vitamin E to replace it. Something is illogical. You inject chickens and cattle with chemicals and hormones to make them grow more rapidly, these are strange things. But then, would you like to think of a simple thing? We will give you a thought that should point you in a direction where action can be taken. How does one change it? It begins with a start. You start somewhere, something. In one month's time, over a ton of food is thrown away in this county alone. What does that say to you? We are talking about food that is consumable, and if you think it difficult, go talk to any restaurant owner and ask him how much he throws away everyday. Multiply it by the number of restaurants and by 30 days, and then think of those families who are hungry and can't even feed themselves or their children, or the elderly.


We spoke recently with people from the Salvation Army, and they are overloaded with the need of people and have few hands in which to help. Oh! We are a modern world, we are cybernetic or cybernautic. We can count the stars, but we can't see the hungry beside us. We can fight wars in foreign lands that have no meaning, and leave neighbors in our backyard in misery. You started a war many years ago in Asia in a place called Korea. You cut it in half and made the Southern half rich and left the North behind a wall to starve to death, and then you wonder why they became an enemy. You do not need us from the spirit world to tell you. You need only to open your eyes and look around you, but every single thing you do helps.

We ask the question constantly, why do they sell cigarettes and tobacco, and we make no apologies to those who use them. How can you sell a toxin to the public? Because it is a special interest political group! Have you, the people, no voice? And your drug companies are creating drugs that are more dangerous than their benefit, and they deny the simple treatments and solutions.

Return to the earth in one sense. If you have your home on land, take a small place, grow some vegetables, be part of the earth, feel it. Look for opportunities to help. Remember, if your neighbor changes his oil and throws the oil in the brush on the empty lot, that is pollution and that will not go away. Actually, in truth, you would not like to see what is in your water. We can, and we can tell you that it is badly contaminated. And as the ocean rises from the melting polar caps, the salt water will infuse into the land masses, contaminating the fresh water reservoir. As you continue to pump oil out of the ground, only in the past few years have they realized it is necessary to put something back. So at least in California they are pumping sea water into the empty caverns where oil once was, because California was sinking at a very fast rate. Now, they do not need to worry about sinkage, the water will rise and take care of the problem.

This is a good county, but what are you going to do with all the people from the South when they come here? It can't happen? Remember Andrew, the hurricane, and what happened in Florida? The ones from the South moved North, and areas that were quite comfortable to live in like West Palm Beach, suddenly had a new type of neighborhood. These are the answers, and they are only the tip of the iceberg.


There is an ancient system which believed that every soul consciousness was obligated to do one good act each day, but that act must be done out of love, not out of necessity. It is a spiritual obligation, but if you do it because it is an obligation, you have done nothing. Proceed.”

Question: “Because you are predicting unusual events with the weather, water, and wind, is there anything I can do to prevent this from happening?”

David: “An interesting question, which should be understood by all. The wind is a result of changes. The water rising is a separate problem. Where does it go as it rises? It was chained in ice in the Northern and Southern parts of the world. It was imprisoned there to protect us and to give us more land, but now the monster is released, and the water will rise because it is. But let us understand one thing: There is something very important for all of you to understand.


All that exists, exists as it is, because you believe it is. That is to say, that if you could group minds together, you could make changes, and yes, you could move the winds in another direction, and you can calm the tsunami. But it takes a large group of people, well focused in their consciousness. It takes at least 144 minds working together.”

Editor's Note: The preceding information was given by David on 05/23/08, prior to the devastating tornadoes and floods that occurred in the Midwest during the second week of June. Also note, that the earthquake in China, cyclone in Myanmar and other predicted events occurred after Volume 14, Number 2 was published earlier this year.


Question: “What can one do to attract an evolved or advanced soul to a new baby?”

David: “Normally, the soul is selected at the time of conception, and as we have said in the past, it is not fixed in its relationship until the time of birth; therefore, one can look to bring in a higher consciousness energy for the being that is to be born. That would require the desire, the collective desire of both parents, the husband and the wife, or the male and the female. This is done in meditation by simply focusing upon the concept of the type of soul that one wishes to attract, but both parties must put the energy forward in order for a change or higher evolution to occur. Do you understand?”

Response: “Yes.”

Question: “Will our daughter be able to have her own baby? Her uterus is heart shaped.”

David: “Otherwise is she normal?”

Response: “Yes.”

David: “She might conceive under special circumstances. They could, of course, use insemination. They would recommend against it because of the deformity of the uterus, but under the right conditions, she could conceive naturally. It would have to be a spiritually attractive, conception. Do you understand?”

Response: “Totally.”

David: “Under those circumstances, we bring great caution here. When a conception occurs as a result of a spiritual conscious union, that conception may not be terminated without bringing dire results. Do you understand?”

Response: “Yes.”

David: “There was a case of a woman, who at the age of 40 had never been able to conceive. We helped her and her husband choose a time, and they meditated for many hours together and joined a union of consciousness and body, and she conceived. And then, they decided that the burden of a child at that age would be too much and chose an abortion. Their lives were never normal again. They chose a very hard karmic path, if you understand. But the answer to your question is yes, but only under that type of condition.”

Response: “I keep seeing a little girl that is a crystal child.”

David: “The answer would be yes, but we do not think of it as much a crystal, as we see a red ruby or green emerald, which is probably the better stone to use during the time of meditation. The pure white crystal is not a symbol of conception, but of purity and energy and balance. The fire of a ruby is a tremendous tool in heightening the energies, but one must essentially, in a case such as this, achieve a mutual Kundalini to conceive. Proceed.”

Question: “What is the best goal a person can pursue to create a happy, joyful relationship?”

David: “One does not set a goal upon a relationship. One sets goals for oneself in life. It is not by work that a relationship continues, but a relationship takes a great deal of work to make it work, employing the double usage. The concept that one must fulfill one set of roles or destinies in order to have a successful relationship, is not truly valid. The relationship could exist and be fruitful even without one person's participation. But when there is a relationship, there is a joint energy, a joint effort to accomplish commonly agreed upon goals, and each person contributing all of their capacity to fulfill those objectives. But it is not a goal of the individual, it is a collective goal of the pair or group that have come together, just as a farming family works collectively. And their goal is not individual, but collective, though it is seldom thought of in such grandiose terms. It is more simply thought of as, let us plant, let us cultivate, let us harvest and let us do everything possible to have a good return, with each doing his or her best to make it so and bring forth all known talents and contributions from a consciousness standpoint. Do you understand?”

Response: “Yes.”

David: “Think of it like the Kibbutz in Israel, though today, the Kibbutz has changed a great deal. But the concept of the Kibbutz is where a group of people, strangers one to the other, work and live in a given community in order to fulfill a common goal, the betterment of the community, and each share in the benefits or blessings of that action. Thus it should be in a relationship. No relationship can be one sided or singular in nature. Proceed.”


Question: “I have remembrances, as a small child, of a spiritual visitation in my bedroom. I often wonder if that was my guarding angel, or my imagination and child's desire. Can you tell me if that was my guardian angel?”

David: “Give us your name. And please, all of you who ask, give us a name that we may connect to you with. The truth is that, yes, some use the term guarding angel.


We are spiritual beings who have finished the cycles, or the need to return to the physical form, and in our continued evolution, we grow by helping others and guiding. Therefore, we generally prefer the term guide, though there is no harm in the idea of the guardian angel. We too, do try to protect and guide the individuals when they allow us to. As a child, you were not visited, you simply saw what was present. And most children do see the spiritual beings about them and do not find them strange until the adults tell them that is only a figment of their imagination, and then they lose the contact and the ability. You cannot see that which you do not believe in, but it was real.”

Question: “I would like to know if I have a spiritual guide, and if I am allowed to call the entity by name. If so, how would I access the guide?”

David: “A perfect question. I hope all heard and understood. It is a classic question: Do I have a guide? Can I name him or call him by a name, or her, and how do I initiate this?


Your guide has no ego. That is an important thing to remember. The guide does not require a name. The guide does have a name of preference but may be called by any name you wish. This entity, Richard, referred to me as the Magid (guide in Hebrew) for almost 30 years, until people would accidentally call him David. And he asked me one day, 'Who is David?' And I answered him, and I said, 'I am.' And he said, 'Why didn't you tell me?' And I said, 'You never asked.' Your guide may be named, and you are already communicating.

Your guide is not someone you must approach through a ritual or a complicated manner. You speak to your guide as if you were speaking to your sister, or brother, or closest friend. In fact, there is no one closer to you than your guide. Communicate daily your thought, but also remember to give your guide the manner by which to answer you. Do you wish your answer as thoughts flowing into your mind? As dreams? How do you wish the guide to communicate with you? And if you meditate well, the guide will eventually give you the name that is preferred, but that is not important. You may choose any name for the guide, one that represents the bond between you and the guide. Myself, as a guide, I have had many names in the thousands of years in which I walked upon the land in human form. The name that I have and use at this time is the vibration that suits me, but does not become necessary. If you insisted on calling me Peter, or Sam, or Paul, I would equally respond to you. Do you understand?”

Response: “Yes, thank you.”

Question: “Can you give me my guide's name?”

David: “That is a good question, and one that benefits all. We do not give the guide's name, because you must learn the guide's name through your meditation, but you may name the guide, as we said a moment ago. We, at times, have been able to confirm a guide's name when someone received it in a particular manner. The guide is not sensitive. Again, as we said, choose a name that feels good until such time as the guide chooses to give you a name. Proceed.”


Question: “I have a friend who is going through a very rough time. I would like to know if the guides have any words of advice as to whether she is going to be successful in the healing she is trying to have accomplished.”

David: “Sometimes the energies given do not produce healing, but give the power to separate and free oneself from this realm. Do you understand?”

Response: “I am not sure.”

David: “All persons seeking healing must receive energy from others, but they may not receive by their conscious intent, that is to say, ' I will heal this appendix , or I will heal this broken leg.' One gives the energy to the Soul Consciousness of the individual, and it decides in which direction to apply or use the energy. This matter of your friend is one of that type, wherein the decision finalizes with her Soul Consciousness. And only if she were here personally herself, could we give more information for her. Do you understand?”

Response: “Yes.”

David: “We respect the privacy of each individual. We answered the question about a daughter, because it is the mother. That is a special privilege. We try to avoid dealing or answering questions related to other persons who are living, unless they have specifically asked that the question be made for them. Proceed.”

Question: “I had a lot of paranormal things happen to me before I was 12. In 2005, I had the most terrifically traumatic horrible experience in my life. I had to go through feeling terrible and spent years healing that issue. I am fine now, but last summer, something really weird happened. It was in the middle of the night, and yes, there is an individual connected to this trauma, but I feel uncomfortable speaking his name out loud to this day. I was reading a book in the wee hours of the morning, and all of a sudden, I started reliving that traumatic memory, but the feeling was opposite. I got this happy, positive, warm comforting blanket feeling. It was not a traumatic memory, but a cherished memory. It was similar to remembering a favorite Christmas or something like that. The following day when I went to school, I remembered having anxiety about meeting the individual who was the source of the trauma, but this time as I remembered him, I had an angelic feeling. I told my best friend about it, and he said, 'It's funny you said that, so-n-so's mother just died.' To me, that was the most hated memory of my life. If the mother was communicating with me, it did not make any sense. I feel better now, and I know I will be fine, but I am wondering why, if that was her, would she want to reverse my feelings on that issue?”

David: “First of all, let us first understand a thing about events in memories, especially traumatic events. It is difficult to deal with and to live with trauma, but the only solution to trauma is to bring it out, forward, to bring it where it can be observed. This is the reason why many persons have blocks and have difficulty doing regressions within the lifetime, because they have suppressed memories or events that they do not wish to examine. The key is what is called, Gestalt therapy, and Gestalt therapy is a professional technique. There are two Institutes, at least that I am aware of, and one of the secrets or techniques of this therapy is the reliving of the experience and replaying it in the memory, and even speaking of it in some form, until the event no longer is a traumatic or a painful event, but merely a historic one.”

Response: “But why did she come through to me? I never met this person in my life.”

David: “We did not say that she came to you. It was your own guide bringing you a message that you would make a good writer. 'Reading in the Wee Small Hours of the Morning'... it sounds like a good novel to start with. This type of action was triggered by the passing of the mother, being that the energy of the mother reached out in the consciousness looking to erase the errors, as is typical in that moment. But it was the guide who brought the event forward to the forefront of your mind, and it was an exaggerated manner of trying to show you that although it was a horrible traumatic event, that it too could be reversed in that sense.

The entity (Richard) had a difficult experience in his childhood. From a child's standpoint, it was a horrible trauma. Two policemen came to his school and took him from the class and put him in the back of their car and drove him to a large horrible appearing series of buildings, which were and are today, a hospital. They then took him out of the car, literally carrying him one by each arm, and took him to the morgue. He was thinking that he was going to be killed. And when they arrived at the morgue, the morgue attendant opened a drawer and pulled back a sheet. They asked of a child, 'Is this your mother?' His mother had died of a sudden heart failure, and there were no other living family members to identify her. After that, in life whenever the entity (Richard) saw two police officers in blue uniforms, he would experience a terrible anxiety and a desire to run, not as if he were a criminal, but with a terror deep inside. And it wasn't until he did his own Gestalt regression, that he found the event. In reality, it was probably the only solution. The two police officers did not know what to do with a young child, and if they had told him that his mother was dead, he probably would have been more difficult to handle. A bad situation for all, and it later became a story he told quite often, because that became his catharsis, his form, his way of letting it go, even as you must find your way to let this memory go, and then you will be free of it. And you may choose to write of it in a fictional manner.”

Response: “No thanks.”

David: “We are simply responding to the reason for which it came to you this way. It is part of your treatment and your cure. Proceed.”

Question: “I want to know if I am healing properly. Do I need to do anything special to heal better?”

David: “Well, we worked very hard to help you during that surgery. You just need to rest and follow your instructions. You have a tendency to overdo it. The one thing we learned from the entity (Richard) in the Southern part of the Americas, was the idea of the siesta or nap in the middle of the day. It's a great idea. I think it should become law after 60 years of age. Before 60, suffer a little.”

Response: Group laughter.

David: “We do find that after surgery, you certainly need to get your feet up in the air several times a day. We said, she has a tendency to overdo it. If you call her up from the other side of the county, she will be there in 20 minutes, even if it is impossible.”

Question: “I am about to take a trip and would like to know if that trip has any significance pertaining to what is going to happen to me.”

David: “We must be careful about the phrase, 'happening to me.' Where shall you go?”

Response: “Brazil.”

David: “That is a beautiful country. It is undergoing much pain. But yes, it will be an awareness experience for you. Are you going as a human or as a rich American?”

Response: “I am going as a human.”

David: “You understand why we say it?”

Response: “Absolutely.”

David: “If you go as a human, then open your eyes and open your heart and learn from the experience. There is not much that you can do as one, just a smile or two, but you will learn much.”

Response: “My purpose is going for healing.”

David: “You are looking for healing?”

Response: “Yes.”

David: “You are going to be giving healing. You will understand afterwards. Proceed.”

Question: “I have been through a lot physically this year, and I am almost to the point of being fully recovered from it. Do you have any advice concerning how I can be of the most benefit to others when I am fully recovered?”

David: “The best form in which you can help others, and that is true of all, is to be a good example, and to share your experiences and understanding with others, taking the opportunities when they present themselves.

Some of your illnesses are caused by genetic factors, which of course, you have no control over. As you choose to come into life, you're given a choice-- 'Sorry we don't have a perfect body for you at this time, but we do have one that has a kidney problem. Do you want it or not?' And you say, 'Yes, I have to get back, this is my time to work.' Or perhaps you don't get to be born in a rich family, but a poor one on the wrong side of the world. These are all things that occur. From the humblest point to the highest, we can all be an example to others. We remember well, the man you called Ghandi. He took the most simplistic approach to set an example and he died for it. But these are not of importance, because he accomplished his goal and his work. You must look for the manner in which you can share your experiences with others in a positive manner, and you need to look to your health to keep yourself in balance. Do you understand?”

Response: “I understand. Thank you.”

Question: “My brother is addicted to crack, and I am having a hard time about helping him.”

David: “Did he ask you to help him?”

Response: “He asked me for money.”

David: “That is not help. We must understand, and this is a sad and poignant issue. You cannot help someone who does not ask for help. You cannot help the alcoholic until he is willing to admit he is an alcoholic, the same is true of the drug addict. How is it possible that a society as advanced and as intelligent has allowed things like this to infiltrate into its children? All you can do is try to get him in rehabilitation, but in the end, he must recognize that he has a problem, and he must ask for help. Then you must do all that you can to get him into the proper Center, but to give him money, of course, is like handling him a loaded pistol.

The drug problem is not new, it is old. There was an author some 5000 years ago, in the civilization of Sumer and the city of Ayr who wrote, 'The children no longer respect their parents, and there is a great widespread use of drugs.' They had already learned to license pharmacies and physicians.

But the problem is ours today in this world, and ours from the sense that we from the spiritual world do have to deal with the souls that are crossing over confused. And understand the order when a soul dies. When a consciousness dies a being of physical violence, such as war, or accident, or suicide, including drug death, that consciousness returns to the human form within 5 years, and most often they are not ready to return. They have not had time enough to assimilate. Those who die in mature age will have their rest, even up to a century of time, but many have come back trying to help, and of course, are often locked up within the system, being within the wrong country, or wrong race or group. Remember, that from our advantage and vistage, there are no such things as borders. Your concepts of nationalism are almost as evil in one sense, as the concept of religion when it separates man.

Put the light to your brother. Look for healing energy for him, look to get him rehabilitation, and if you could find the source, inform the police. It is difficult to watch another waste their life. Proceed.”


Question: “Am I on the right path to be the most help?”

David: “The first answer is you must be, because you are here this evening. The second question is, are you happy?”

Response: “Sometimes.”

David: “Then you have achieved more than most. What does it take to make you happy more often? Find that, and you find your path. Proceed.”

Question: My father passed in December 2006, and I want to know if he has a message for me tonight.”

David: (pause)....”I am sorry, your guide does not have a message from him. We had your guide seek the person to receive, but many times, those who have crossed over are involved in their new awakening and new experience in their learning. And yet, in another moment, a message might come through. In cases such as this, it would be a wise thing to write to us asking for that message, and then we can send an entity to find him and see if he wishes to send a message. Do you understand?”

Response: “Yes. He comes to me in a dream sometimes. Is it him communicating with me or was it just a dream?”

David: “Your guide indicates that he has visited. That is all I have of that.”

Question: “My mother died about 6 years ago, and she was also my best friend. However, after she died, I did cry for her a little bit, but I feel a little guilty that I do not think of her more often than I do. I want to know if that is just me or... ?”

David: “You are doing fine. The problem we experience, and I say we, we from the other side, from the world of spirit as you call it, and we call it the world of reality, let us look for a moment of what happens. When a soul consciousness leaves this plane of existence, what are its problems? Its problems are the connections it has with family, with ties of love that bind so strong. How can one tear oneself away from the family it has left behind, and especially when the family produces a show of grief that is continued remembrance and mourning of the passing. These are hindrances. That is why it is said that the passing is a celebration.


Think of the way you came into this world, and as you leave it, you are a consciousness returning to yourself, returning to a totality of memories and experiences of many lives being unified once again, not limited by the ego consciousness of the physical form.

Somewhere, somehow, you realized that your mother was gone and that she needed to move on to her things. The less mourning, the better. That is one of the benefits the people of India have found in their ritual of cremation, removing the physical body and the Earth's existence, and scattering the ashes upon the river so that the consciousness is free and there is no direct connection. Probably, one of the most difficult creations that has been made in modern time is what you term a cemetery, where you maintain constant emotional ties with those who have crossed. Remembering happy moments, or pleasant moments without sadness is good, to mourn is not. When the time has come, there is naught that can change it, and that soul needs to be free to move on. So instead of saying that you should have, we salute you for having given your mother her freedom and not chaining her here with your grief. Proceed.”

Question: “David, I wonder if you have a message for me from my sister or my brother?”

David: “One moment .... How long has it been since they passed?”

Response: “17 years, and my brother about 4 years.”

David: “How old was your sister when she passed?”

Response: “She was 79.”

David: “Though it seems strange for the time, usually those who achieve the greater years enjoy a greater period of rest, but we find that your sister has returned. We do not find her in our realm.”

Response: “She has returned to Earth in another body?”

David: “That is correct. That, we received from what appears to be your brother. All is in balance, as it should be, though many things were not as we thought them to be, that is well also. That is the message.”

Question: “Is there a message from my guide, or something I should know? Also, any information concerning a book I would like to write?”

David: “First of all, your guide said he would like to hear from you more often and suggests you make your meditation structures a little more fixed in time, more regular. With that, you will get the guidance for the book, and that is also considered to be a good idea. Proceed.”

Question: “I am on a path of love. I would like a way to be opened up for what I am supposed to do. I am 89 years old. I want to live long enough to write 2 books and do good for the world. What do you see for me?”

David: “Time is always an important element. When the energies fail, there are other means. The knowledge and memory and ideas that you have in your mind should be committed, and if you do not have the energy or time to write, you may speak or record them. And with the equipment that is available today, even as we use here, it is easily accomplished to fulfill your desire.

Your time was chosen before you were born. You have the ability to move in and out of that moment and to extend, but only if you are working in the light all of the time. We are not saying that you are not. We find your energies to be delicate, and certainly, you should maintain close contact with those who are skilled in providing healing energies, to allow you to continue your work. Every thought that you share in whatever way that is positive, is a contribution and is productive. As you know, bringing a smile to the face of a child is a tremendous accomplishment. Sharing a smile, or a word, or piece of bread, are all part of the things we were brought here to do.

You, as all, were brought here to learn, and to learn how to live together in harmony with the world in which you live. Unfortunately, that has not yet been accomplished. Therefore, individually, what is your greatest objective? The greatest objective that each of you has, is to awaken another consciousness to the reality of life and spirit and balance, that in truth, we and you are spiritual beings occupying physical bodies for a finite period of time. But you already know this, and we are all flowing from and to the same source. Share what you can and put it into a form that others may benefit. That is your answer. And here in this room, there are many consciousness' who, I am sure, would be interested in helping you. Look at the light about you-- we see them all. You may accomplish the majority of your task or all of it, but you will need to find others to work with you.”

Question: “From time to time, I can see you (David) as we talk. I have seen you go to the library several times during this session, looking at the books of life and holding a scroll in your hand. I ask you a spiritual question. I have been on the other side many times on a spiritual level. I have been on this earth many times, mainly to guide, to heal, to help, to love, to give compassion. I have gotten to a point where I am beginning to wonder, in preparation for the next life, why? Can I also ask the question, who am I?”

David: “You are the drop of rain that fell upon the mountain and joined a small stream until it became a river and then flowed outward into the ocean and unified with all, until the sun came and brought you out again as a point of moisture forming a cloud. You are a consciousness coming from a Soul, to a soul consciousness, to an ego consciousness, and it is not important to understand the mechanisms. The late Jane Roberts in her book, 'The Education of OverSoul Seven', did an excellent job of trying to explain. Each soul consciousness has the choice when they have finished their karmic responsibilities, to either return to the earth to work, to help others, or to work as a guide, or in some other manner on the spiritual planes.

But we ask you to look upon this world, does it not need help? Is it not still a tragedy? Is it not still a horrible place in many areas? Those consciousness' that have reached a point of understanding need to return, and they have returned at this time and must return again, or this experiment will terminate. The Earth itself will terminate, and we are not speaking of the Mayan calendar, we are speaking of man destroying himself. He is destroying the Earth by poisoning it. He is destroying himself through war and greed.

We see the promise when we see the light that emanates from beings, such as you all who are here. We have seen your light kinds across this world as we have traveled. Many of the light beings, or light workers, and many are fatigued,... but let us stop for a moment. When you step out of the shell and return once again to your natural form and all of your previous experiences unified, you can then look at the world from the eagle's viewpoint. The individual locked within his physical body has the view of the worm, and we remind you that the worm is blind. Only in the Soul state, when you step out of the body in what you term astral projection, do you have the vision of the eagle. Let us say, that the world needs you, and needs you to continue. Continue to learn until the time to change, for all things that you learned will be brought into the unified consciousness. When I think of a tear from the Creator forming Souls that go, and grow, and learn, and experience, and then one day return to their source, you are Gods in the becoming.


But knowledge is not wisdom. Only by experience, is wisdom gained, and you all are the tools by which the infinite wisdom is achieved. Thus we answer.”

Copyright by Richard Rebeck, Peggy Steinberg, Salvatore Cacciola