Light Messenger

Volume 14, Chapter 4



Question: “David, you previously spoke of a significant earthquake measuring at least 9 on the Richter Scale within the next 2 years. Was the recent earthquake in China the one you predicted, or can we expect an even greater one in the future, possibly in the Americas?”

David: “Certainly, the one in China does qualify. We receive this type of information, actually, from a number of sources, including the Brotherhood. But there are many guides who are dedicated to observing the movements and traumas and trials of the Earth itself, as well as what might be said to be the “book of the future”. We do find that one (earthquake) settled one pressure, but we feel, and that is the word that is given to me, we feel a great pressure accumulating in this part of the world. Where that is in the Northern or Southern part of the Americas, we cannot say, because they are on the same tectonic plate. Do you understand?”

Response: “Yes.”

David: “The answer is yes, we do expect another.”

Question: “The effects of global warming seem to be accelerating at a very rapid pace all over the world. Can you give some practical advice that we, as individuals, can do in our everyday lives, to help diminish the global warming factor?”

David: “That is probably one of the most difficult questions to answer. The effect, the damage that has been done to the atmosphere... (David sneezed)... That is strange, I don't believe we have ever sneezed before. The problem is how to reduce the greenhouse effect. If tomorrow you could stop all pollution and contamination of the atmosphere, it would not stop the problem, but would diminish and prolongate its course, possibly allowing for a return to the normality at some point in the future.

What can be done, is to use the consciousness to try to influence the political system and scientific community, to speak out and to bring about the changes. As we mentioned last evening, the petroleum crisis, from the standpoint of the pricing, would be positive if it reduced the consumption, but it has not. We do not see an easy solution, because not enough people are involved. Therefore, the only solution is to communicate.


It is like the story of a man who lived in this area many years ago. And he had his dog chained to a stake in his yard, and lightning struck and killed the dog. And the man bought another dog and put him on the same chain, thinking it would not happen again, and of course it did. The effect is real! How can you communicate that to others? IT IS HAPPENING! Look at the storms, look at the destruction of the ice caps in the North and in the South. It will be obvious each year as the damage and turmoil increases. And as we have said in a simplistic manner, and not intending humor, those lands of the county below this (Hernando, Florida) will not have much value in the future, but that will not happen overnight.

There is a storm that is in our concept of prediction for this year, but one cannot say what the path of the storm will be, because the patterns of pressure and wind are too complicated. Even from our standpoint, there is not a prediction, because they change from little things. Do you realize that even one jet plane, flying through the area, can change the currents of air for an entire country? That is not to say that every plane flying is a problem. But there is always a moment, and when the supersonic planes and military pass through their sound barriers and are in the current, they can cause variations, slight, but important. You have a long bridge in the southern part of this state (Florida). What is the name of it?”

Response: “The Seven Mile Bridge.”

David: “That is the one. There is a hurricane that is to be born this year, that could remove that bridge. Does that give you a concept of the level?”

Response: “Yes.”

David: “Whether or not it will make it to that point, we do not know. We know that its force will be sufficient. You will have more tornadoes, so what you can do is to try and do what you have been doing, but on a greater scale. The change is coming, and look now at these changes in relationship to the other elements. Your experts in finance are saying that the oil crisis and aggravation of prices can cause another great depression. That, of course, is not true. But it is true if people believe it. Then it can happen. All of these things are rolling through, and this is the year 2008, is it not?”

Response: “Yes.”

David: “And when does the Mayan calendar end?”

Response: “2012.”

David: “The 21st of December, 2012. And do we not see the changes about to come?”

Response: “Yes.”

David: “The 2012 point, without being an alarmist, is the point of no return. That is to say, that if there is no action by that time, then there will have to be catastrophic events before the Earth will return to stability.”

Question: “Do you know why the Mayan calendar ends on that date?”

David: “It actually does not end. There are references to the time after that point. That was considered a point of the summation of consciousness. There are always two paths to be chosen, the right and the left, and there is a crossroad, and that crossroad needs to be specified. It was a mathematical time and an astrological time, and they plotted it very well, though we are not saying that it is the day that is important. But those moments do represent important times, and so it is a torch or symbol of what you are going through now and what others have been telling you for over a decade, that GLOBAL WARMING IS A REALITY. It does not matter if you have subfreezing temperatures in the winter. That is because of the angle of the Earth, but the planet as a whole is warming. The waters of your Gulf are contaminated. This very weekend, there are sectors or beaches that have been closed, because the contamination in the water is too high. That usually does not occur until August, this is still May. Do you understand?”

Response: “Yes, I do.”

Question: “There are so many things wrong in this country, and the political candidates promise all kinds of changes and remedies when they are elected in November. What are the long range prospects for our economy, the war in Iraq, health care, oil prices, etc. when we have a new President in 2009? Does it still appear that we will not have a Democrat in the White House?”

David: “We may need your assistance to recount all of these points. Let us take the last first.”


Question: “Can you amplify a little?”

David: “The two candidates that exist have created such a war between themselves and have surrounded themselves with so many lies and mistruths, that the people have a great doubt, nor is this country ready for a black president. It could handle a woman as president, but this particular woman has not proven herself to be worthy. The other candidate from the other party, in actuality, is pushing his limits of his life force and has some debilitating factors psychologically as a result of his captivity and torture. He is subject to explosive temperaments. But of the three, forgetting the age or whether or not he could live through the entire period of office, he would come out in the balance as the better of the three candidates. Much more importance is to be placed upon who is to be Vice President in each case.”

Question: “Can you predict who will be chosen for running mates?”

David: “We do not enter into that, because we do not follow their concepts. We do know that there are plans that are present, to assassinate Obama if he is elected President.”

Question: “And who would be doing that?”

David: “There are many diverse groups in this country, and while it has moved forward in many areas, there are still radical groups who have racist concepts. But the same power groups that removed John F. Kennedy do not want a president who decides what he will do. They want a president who will do what they tell him to. That is one of the difficulties.

The political system is flawed. Should the people, in their confusion, move to the Democratic side, then we see a greater chaos than the Republican side, and you know well, we take no side in politics. We are looking only at the energy of the beings. The future of the economy is tied to the war in Iraq. The future of the economy is also tied to many of your military programs. What is the answer? We can tell you, but it is not one that would be liked. Why is the war in Iraq prolonged?”

Response: “Too much money being made somewhere.”

David: “It is not only too much money being made through the corruptions, but it maintains the budget, the military budget. If there was no Iraq, what cause would the Pentagon have for maintaining its present budget? And remember, that the Pentagon is a force unto itself. If they decided to remove a President, they could.

The solution is to end the conflict in Iraq by bringing home the troops and leaving the people there to resolve their situation, or maybe invite Turkey to come back and help manage the show. They did well for over 1000 years. CHRISTIANS CANNOT MANAGE MUSLIMS, that is a simple fact. But we would not stop at bringing the troops back from Iraq.


Question: “Wouldn't that cause major unemployment?”

David: “Which is worse, unemployment or depression? If you support them over there with fewer persons working, is that not the same problem-- more taxation? You are spending money you do not have. That is a false economy. You print more money to spend it, you have no foundation. The military might is not serving. There are no conflict points that require the presence of the troops in many areas. Does Europe need troops there? You cannot give a reason for that. Do you need as many troops as we have in Korea? The United Nations is in control, but there are nearly a half a million troops in Korea keeping the two sides separated. All that Korea is, is a prolonged Vietnam. It is now 50 years old with the North starving and suffering, and the South fat with their benefits.

Back in the time when the second world war began, there were no troops outside the United States, nor was the military a large force. Part of the action or entry into the war was a planned event. The leaders were looking for excuse or reason to enter into the war to help the economy recovering from a depression. And the sacrifice of Pearl Harbor is unforgivable, because those lives were sacrificed in the hands of the government of this country. If you do not understand that, look up the “Winds Message” and its story of the interpretation of the Japanese order to attack Pearl Harbor at least 24 hours before the event. The message had been received and decoded.

There is no need for a military force. It would be helpful if you took those soldiers and put them in civilian clothing and sent them to China to help with the disaster, or perhaps in Africa where the hungry are dying, but not to carry a weapon upon the shoulder and to turn into animals that kill for pleasure. There is no glory in war.


And as each of these things come to pass, it reduces the power, spiritual and psychic, that this country has; and therefore, leaves it open to infection from within, quiet in the streets and separateness across the country. On top of that, with the problems that are occurring with the timing, we see a potential for chaos. Bring the soldiers home, and if you insist on keeping a large army, let them work on projects within the country. Then the government can continue to pretend, but to have them on foreign soil only creates animosity and hatred.

You have a new tool today. Most of you are not aware of it. It is called the “contractors”. That will probably be the name of a book in the future, and undoubtedly make a good movie. The contractors are a government's tool to do as they wish without having to answer to the people. They retire the soldier and hire him as a contractor. They retire the Intelligence personnel and rehire them as contractors, subcontractors if you will. And they return to do what they did before, but with greater power and authority, as you have briefly been aware of several of the cases in Iraq. What you don't realize is that they are in operation all over the world. There are thousands upon thousands of contractors now, very similar to the men who used to have a license to kill.

It is time to change the diapers of governments, and if you only change it at the White House, you do little. It is necessary to break down the hierarchy system. The idea of one man serving 20 years in the government is not a good one. It is better to rotate, limit the terms, and force the blood to be changed. It is better than changing the blood in the street.


It is a large country that no longer leads the world in production or intellectual capacity. It is not behind, it just no longer leads. Even the Southern hemisphere of the Americas can match the population in this country. There are 300 million in South America. Europe is unified, Asia is basically controlled by China. There is the situation. Therefore, draw inward, repair your systems within, produce your food, reduce the importation unless it is beneficial, and restrict the importation of products that can be made here. You cannot eliminate all of them, but this outsourcing, as you call it, is literally destroying this country. If everything you have or eat is produced elsewhere, then of what importance or value are you? Then you become a parasite on the face of the Earth. Do you understand?”

Response: “Yes, I do.”

David: “Did we miss any of the points?”

Response: “No, I think you covered everything.”


Question: “A couple of years ago, there was a lot of interest in a book called, “The Da Vinci Code” and the subsequent movie which followed. The premise being, that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene, and their blood line was followed into descendants in modern times. The author, Dan Brown, based his book upon a lot of research, especially the Knights Templar. It was also theorized that Leonardo Da Vinci painted hidden clues in “The Last Supper.” Can you shed any light on this theory?”

David: “We can tell you that was not the first book. There were two other books before that which dealt with the same concepts. One of them is called “The Passover Plot.” The basic idea holds the theory, that in Arcadia, he was. These are areas that are extremely delicate, because the effect is extremely profound. If we pronounce upon them, we tend to polarize thought, and the question is, is there benefit to it? The idea of such a complicated structure is similar to the computer analysis of the Bible, the Biblical code, looking for names and events.

Let us say this, there are a number of publications, some of which are difficult to find, which over the last 1000 years have suggested this thought, it is not new. The question of one, is that another person was crucified. And another, that he did not die on the cross, but was resuscitated and then taken out of the country. There are many references in many mystical groups to the idea and the concept of him having been married and having brought forth a blood line. But we are talking of 2000 years ago, not quite, but close. It was the year 33 A.D. in which he supposedly died. Are you not aware that Moses had a son?”

Response: “I believe he did.”

David: “The story is in the Bible, of Zipporah, his mother, circumcising him with a sharp stone, because the Spirit of the Lord was about to kill him for entering the camp of the Israelites being uncircumcised. Can you find me a relative of Moses today?”

“Response: “ The Jewish nation. They are doing some DNA things and are tracing these people back.”

David: “They are. The problem is you do not have the DNA of Moses. He was taken up into the mountains by the Lord, as it was written, and was not seen again; therefore, there is no DNA to make a comparison. The point being, that somewhere on this planet probably exists a descendant of Moses. The equal possibility follows within the concept of the one you term Jesus.

It is part of the problem that Christianity has 25, or is it now 23 million believers? The Muslims are over 40 million, close to 45 million. Christianity is a minority, as is Judaism. What would you do with the information, and of what benefit would it be to know the absolute truth? And then, we would have the difficulty of, as we have always pointed out, proving the statement. Let us say that the Dan Brown's and the other writers, looking to bring out some meaning to ancient stories and myths, have done their best work.

We give you a couple of simple truths. Before Jesus was born, there were over 20 virgin births in the history, and each had a mother named Mary, including Gautama Buddha. His mother was Maya, and he was purportedly a virgin birth. The concept of the virgin birth, of course, did not appear until 400 years after his death.

He (Jesus) was not from Nazareth. Nazareth was founded in 400 A.D. as a refuge for Nazarenes. The Nazarenes were holy men, who dressed in simple robes and carried no possessions, and one place was set aside for them. If you saw one of them coming, you would say, 'Here comes a Nazarene,' just as you would recognize a Buddhist monk if he would be approaching you today. To be called a Nazarene would mean you were born in Nazareth, but yet the story would have him born in Belen, which you call Bethlehem. So who comes, Jesus the Nazarene? Who else was a Nazarene in the Bible? It is written, 'And he was a Nazarene unto the Lord'. Does anyone here know who it was?”

Response: “Was it King David?”

David: “Samson. Samson, who did not cut his hair, who wore a simple woven tunic of wool, was a Nazarene unto the Lord. Look upon your history and read the chapter to understand the meaning of the word. You can play with many thoughts. The name, Jesus, is a Roman name. His name was Yeheshua, which was the evolution of Joshua or Yeshua, as it was called. In the time of Moses who crossed over in the river Jordan, it was Joshua. Joshua as a name became Yeheshua by the time that Jesus was born. It means, 'help of God.' Another name was supposedly to be given to the Messiah. Does anyone know what that name is? The prophet Isaiah said, 'And his name shall be called Emmanuel,' which means God is with us. Jesus was not named Emmanuel, he was named Yeheshua, help of God, or assistant to God.

The concepts of Christianity have stepped away from their Jewish origins. In the Church's attempt in the Middle Ages to give itself greater strength and greater power over the people, the majority of what is given is not truth. It is a mixture of half truths and outright forgeries. Redactors and hagiographers created the material you have today. I believe the Council (First Council of Nicaea) was in 325 A.D., and it decided upon what would be in the New Testament and what would not. And many of the books that were not and were destroyed, contained other stories, including some that were claimed to be written by Jesus himself. Whether that be or not, is not important,. A myth was created. Who was the founder of Christianity?”

Response: “Charlemagne?”

David: “He certainly had a great hand in it.”

Response: “Peter?”

David: “Peter was not. Peter was the coward, who hid with the other Apostles in an apartment in Jerusalem.”

David: “It was Paul who created Christianity, and he, in the Acts of the Apostles, accused Peter of being a coward and asked why they had so little faith and were hiding, instead of being out delivering the word. It was Paul who created Christianity, and his version of it led to the conversion of the Gentiles, because the Apostles were having trouble getting the Jews to accept the idea. But to a Greek and Roman population, the idea of a virgin birth was a natural thing. That happened all the time. Zeus, or Jupiter, had a great sexual appetite and liked the daughters of man. So the concept of a virgin birth was not strange at all, and the concept of a resurrection goes even back to the Egyptian Isis cult, the stories are old.

So you have a created structure Paul built, but it wasn't until Charlemagne, who took the symbol. The symbol of the early Christian was the fish, the ichthyo. They put it on their tombs and in the catacombs of Rome, indicating a Christian had died there, or was buried there. But Charlemagne, being a Roman, had a problem. He was at war, but he needed more soldiers, and the Christians refused to fight. You could put them to death, but they would not fight. And so, he came and made an announcement and said, 'I went out to meditate and pray, and I saw a great sign in the heavens. I saw a cross and the letters “In hoc signo vinces” (in this sign we conquer).' So he converted to be Christian, and all of Christianity followed him and took upon themselves the symbol of shame and disgrace, which was the cross in the ancient time. And because of his conversion and his vision, convenient at the moment, Charlemagne won the war and then proceeded to expand the control over Christianity, creating the political system, and of course, the finding of the cross in Jerusalem, the creating of the concept of the Holy City.

Jerusalem is an ancient city. It was called “Shalem” in the time of Abraham. Yeru was the general under Joshua who captured Jerusalem, or captured the city Shalem, and it was renamed “Yerushalem” (Jerusalem), and that is the true name of the city. And the ancient king who was there in the time of Abraham, who was called “Malkezadek”, his name was “Malkezadek”, or the “Righteous King”, the king who follows God's way. These are all the changes that have occurred over time.

Take the words that Jesus spoke that are dealt within the Book, and take them alone, as the message of the man who was reaching out to his people and made it clear that this message was for HIS people. Read the story of the woman at the well asking for his help, and he said, 'My mission is with mine,' and she said, 'But even the Lord skipped the crumbs at the table to their servants.' This was the mission.

And did a man die? If it had not been for Judas Iscariot, then Christianity would not exist. So was he a traitor, or did he do as he was told? Was it not Jesus who spoke to him at that gathering and told him to do what he must do, fulfilling the cycle? But upon the cross a man died and was left in the Christian chronicle, by the hagiographers and redactors.

Redactors are those who copy, hagiographers are those who create Gods out of men. They left one phrase in the old King James and in the Latin, because they could not understand the use of the term. And so you have the expression, 'Elli, Elli, lama Sabachthani' given from the cross. And then it said, that some around said he was calling “Eli” or one of the prophets, but they translate it in the early forms as, 'My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?' This was not a God being forsaken by his Father. Accusing the Father of forsaking? It is perhaps one of the most interesting elements that was left. What is it? It is the 22nd Psalm of David, David Malek, King of Israel, when he wrote, 'My God, my God, why am I still here?', not forsaken or abandon. He was on his death bed. His sons were fighting over the throne, and the enemies were waiting on the borders of the country to invade. He never questioned God, he simply wrote, 'Why am I still here?' which is the true meaning of that expression. Obviously, a Jew died on that day, because since the time of King David, that has been the death prayer of a Jew, and all that was necessary was to say the first line, 'Eli, Eli lama Sabachthani,' and the angels will finish it for you. The rest is not important.

Many elements are there. The words of the man are worth keeping and following. The concept of the people was of a savior who would pick up a sword and save them. They did not want a spiritual savior, they were not looking for a spiritual leader. They wanted a general to help them throw the Romans out, not some pacifist. And therein you have elements.

The rest of the stories go on, and we cannot give you evidence for more than what we have said. What we have said is documented and easy to obtain. One other thought: In the Judaic mind, the concept of a virgin birth is impossible. It would be the hardest concept to be accepted. The name for God in Hebrew, the ultimate name is “Ein Soph”, (No Thing). God does not have a physical form and does not take women. Therefore, to the Jewish world, the concept of the virgin birth was impossible, a horrible idea, and that is why the Church and Judaism were at odds for almost 2000 years as the Christians tried to eliminate the Jews from telling their side of the story. Yeheshua lived. Yeheshua died, or did he? We will leave that for Dan Brown and others to continue to speculate, but we trust we have given you a clearer picture, one which you can help look up and find the answers for yourself.”

Response: “The other book that was related is “Holy Blood, Holy Grail.”

David: “That is correct. There is still another that is out there, that and “The Passover Plot” was another, very well done in the same theme. The concept also goes to a gravestone which is in Arcadia. It was painted by a French painter, showing two shepherds standing at the stone, and the inscription on the stone said, “Et in Arcadia ego,” (and in Arcadia I Am). And that was one of the mystical paintings also, which was later taken out of circulation, and the actual gravestone was defaced once it was published about its existence. And there are many other elements that occurred in that part of the world, where supposedly, someone from the group with a woman and a man, and later a child was born, as they hid from the Romans and from the people of that time. Proceed.”

Question: “I am currently reading Eckhart Tolle's book, “A New Earth.” As one who sometimes feels guilty for not accomplishing more in this life, I was comforted to read the following quote in that book: 'But the true or primary purpose of your life cannot be found on the outer level. It does not concern what you do but what you are-- that is to say, your state of consciousness. So the most important thing to realize is this: Your life has an inner purpose and an outer purpose. Inner purpose concerns Being and is primary. Outer purpose concerns doing and is secondary.' David, would you agree with this statement? I would welcome your thoughts on this subject.”

David: “We certainly would. But realize it is as we mentioned last night, the concept of doing a good deed each day. If your consciousness is positive, your actions must follow the same. Must they not?”

Response: “Yes.”

David: “It is true. In the core center of your being, who you are is what is important, and that is the growth element. That is where we deal with the soul consciousness unifying or uniting with the ego consciousness. But one cannot be one thing and not reflect the other. Yes, one does not need to worry about how much they have accomplished. It is not a thing to feel guilty because one was not able to do more, it is what one realizes. It is like the Christian saying, 'That by faith alone are you saved, not by acts,' and yet, if you are of the faith, then your acts would show it, would they not?”

Response: “Yes.”

David: “Yes, we agree, and no, there is no place to say, 'I should have done more.' It is the realization of where is your consciousness. What is your illumination? But you cannot pass a hungry child and ignore that child if your consciousness is illumined. Paradoxical is it not?”

Response: “Yes.”

David: “You must be what you are because of who you are, and not because you believe and therefore do it as an act of love. True belief is love, and therefore, things are done out of love and not out of necessity. We are not required to do any one thing, we are required to be. And the most important thing is to be a light in the darkness, and if you are light in the darkness, then you are doing something. You cannot hide your light. Proceed.”

Question: “Last night, a gentleman said he could see you (David) going to libraries and checking references and books. Was that actually true?”

David: “It was not I, but rather the entity (Richard) who was looking at various books. He has nothing else to do during a session. He often goes to the third plane, but if he is in an area where there is something interesting, he can even cause a book to drop on the floor.”

Response: “So he was getting a glimpse into the third plane?”

David: “He was actually looking within this plane. The entity had not gone over to the third at the moment he was looking.”


Question: “I learned recently, that the right kind of salt in the diet is very beneficial and necessary for good health. I know that ordinary table salt, which most people use, is not good for us. What is the difference between Celtic sea salt and Himalayan salt? Which is better?”

David: “The sea salt at this moment, unless the ocean gets too contaminated. The sea salts contain many mineral elements and trace elements that are important. It is a complex thing, which is difficult to describe, but it is very similar to the cell salt theory that was proposed years ago. Do you remember the cell salts?”

Response: “Vaguely.”

David: “They were a group of different cell salts, magnesium, potassium, calcium. They were tiny pills that would dissolve under your tongue and would often produce amazing reactions, such as stopping a migraine headache, or bringing relief from some other pain or malfunction of the body. The reason is, adding even a tiny microscopic trace of what is needed in the body, can cause the body to begin a healing process. It's a trigger; therefore, sea salt containing most of the minerals that are necessary to wake up the system, is the better choice. The Himalayan salt does not contain all of these, as it is too long in its time from when it was part of the ocean. Do you understand?”

Response: “Yes, I do.”

David: “We would recommend that you re-find the cell salts. They are still available, and there is one that is a combination of all of them. And the friend, Nelson Decker, used to use the technique of testing for the effectiveness of products by holding it against your chest and testing the strength of your arm. Do remember?”

Response: “Yes, I remember. Kinesiology?”

David: “That is the word, thank you. The system can be used for cell salts effectively, as long as you do not tell the patient what it is you have in your hand. It is bringing it into the aura of the body that is important. But research the subject of cell salts, and you will understand.”

Question: “Is that also called homeopathy?”

David: “It is, but remember there are parts of homeopathy which are dangerous, in that they would kill the patient to eliminate the disease, and then bring him back to life at the last moment. One must be careful to the limits one goes. Proceed.”

Question: “What can you tell us about statin drugs? A well known cardiologist believes that women should not take statin drugs unless they have very serious heart conditions. He maintains that cholesterol is not the guilty culprit in heart disease, but rather it is inflammation and oxidation of free radicals in the system. Pharmaceutical companies would have us believe that cholesterol is the problem, but it is well known that statins destroy CoQ10, which is vital for heart health in the body.”

David: “The problem is that none of them know. By now, many are suffering from genetic defects brought about by bad diet and illnesses. The cholesterol was originally the culprit, and then the triglycerides became the more important. All of these are important factors and can be traced, but it is obvious, as you well know, that there are groups of people who have maintained diets that were extremely high in cholesterol and did not suffer cardiac problems until they began to eat the food of the so-called, white man. We speak of the Eskimo of the Northern areas. Would you consider their diet high in cholesterol?”

Response: “Yes, it was all blubber.”

David: “That is correct. Cholesterol, the fat, and yet, they did not suffer heart disease. There were many other groups around the world like that. What was involved was their adaptation to their environment and diet and their constant activity. They were not sedentary. As to the final choices in the drugs, we would prefer that no drug was used, but people will follow the system. You will continue to have McDonalds' to help you to the grave faster. Until you stop these things, you will not get any closer. One drug or the other is not the answer. At the moment, it is better to let the scientists continue to argue, but we bring to you the simple thought, how can you make legal that which is toxic? Can anyone justify the existence of tobacco in the stores in your country?”

Response: “Not anymore.”

David: “Then why do pharmacies and food stores sell tobacco products? It is because you, the people, have not spoken out against it? Or is that you are sympathetic with the tobacco lobby in Congress that keeps millions of dollars flowing to them as extra benefits? Perhaps it is a secret form of population control. But if that be the case, then you should give the cigarettes to the people of Iraq and not to the American people. It would be more effective. As long as you have the system of fast foods and the processing, and this global production where they're required to recall tons of meat because it is contaminated, it is obvious that the system has grown bigger than its ability to control itself.

Your health depends upon not too much food, eating the right food at the right time, with the right amount of exercise. But that does not include picking up a pint of ice cream, and it does not include picking up the cakes and milk shakes. We consider, from our vantage point, that Coca Cola is as toxic as cigarettes, and the rest of the soft drink industry as well. The water is contaminated. As the popular jest would have it, then one should drink wine or whiskey, it is healthier. It is not humorous, but it is truth. But one bottle of Pepsi and a piece of bread for a child, for breakfast... how does that strike you?”

Response: “Terrible!”

David: “But it occurs everyday here, not elsewhere, but here. As long as you continue to live within this system of the food chain and participate in its products, then you will have to continue to take the medications they invent to counteract the effect. But one must be careful, the arteries are clogging. That is obvious in the autopsies. As to the specific cause, it is a chain of causes. It is not one thing. So if they tell you to take Vytorin to lower your cholesterol, we recommend that for the moment, you take it until you change your life style. Proceed.”

Question: “In my opinion, the entity, Richard, is losing strength on a consistent basis, and I ask, 'Is there a way that we can do some healing... or the Brotherhood and those who are involved with him in this spiritual system, to bring him back to a higher level?' He complains, and he continues to talk to me about his aging process, and it frustrates me. I don't believe in the concept of seeing oneself aging. I believe in seeing yourself vigorously proceeding. And so the issue is, what can we do for Richard to assist him?”

David: “This is becoming a profound question. We understand. We understand both sides of the element. You are correct, of course, that one rejects the concept of aging, unless one is experiencing it oneself and where it is markedly present. To answer your question in a most direct form, yes, healing can be brought and given, and yes, that can help. Each individual has their own karmic patterns that were etched in time. And as we work within the light, helping others, we are given the options of extending or expanding, but we do not have that ourselves.


Do you understand?”

Response: “I am not sure. Is there is no such thing as healer heal thyself?”

David: “The healer may heal himself by not doing the things that are against his health, such as changing diet. You can bring the energy to yourself, but you are limited in the healing that you can do to yourself. If that were not the case, the greatest healers that have existed in the last hundred years would not have died in very difficult manners, such as the late Olga Worrell, who was a good healer, but died of cancer and was unable to stop the growth and suffering. You certainly can bring energy to yourself. You could pick up a glass of poisoned water, and you could transform it consciously and then take it, but if you take the poison water first, you need another to help you recover your health. Does that make it clear?”

Response: “Yes.”

David: “The entity (Richard) has suffered numerous physiological defects. Going back is not that important, but there were two heart attacks, and before that, there was an endocarditis, which was an inflammation of the heart in '76. There was a history of heart damage. Through the help of others and the rejuvenation process, he managed to recover. While living in Inverness, he took medication to control the heart, which was later eliminated after a rejuvenation in the Miami/Hollywood area. That was the major point of success, and many persons were involved in helping with that. In the time period of 2001, there were two heart attacks, leaving a section, approximately the size of a little bit larger than a quarter, of the back wall of the heart dead. That part of the muscle does not function. It can be restored, it has occurred. Regeneration is not normal with the heart tissue as it is in other parts of the body, but it can be regenerated. It takes the energy of others.

There is a factor which is the factor of energy, that the body receives as a result of blood flow. What is complicated and the reason the entity went for an extensive blood examination, is to determine the effects of the medications that are currently being taken to control the blood pressure, and to see if they are excessively controlling the heart and not allowing. The entity is suffering from a complete lack of energy at the end of the day, requiring an hour, at least, from 5:30 to 6:30 of sleep, in order to function more for the evening, still with great fatigue. That is like a cardiac insufficiency, not having the energy to move.

The mind is clear. There is no obstruction of the blood flow to the mind. That area is functioning well, though there was the incident in 1995 when there was a cerebral accident during a gall bladder surgery. Those also require certain medications. Therefore, the operation till this time period has been fairly normal. The entity has managed to continue functioning and began several years back, before leaving Venezuela, to notice a fatigue that was not correctable. That is to say, a fatigue that did not allow him to do as you do. He could not go out and play a game of baseball, but he was still able to function. In this recent period, in the last few months, it has been noted that there has been a decrease in the energy, and recently the entity called upon Salvatore to help and assist with energy, because he found his level below the safe level of energy.

Yes, healing can be applied and must be applied to assist. Beyond that, the time of each man has its limits. And we cannot say nor control, but certainly when one is functioning and serving a function that is beneficial, then there is reason to continue. This is one of the reasons why the entity was healed so completely, and in 1984, he underwent a cardiac catherization which said that there was no evidence of prior illness or damage. So it is possible to make those changes. It does require the assistance of others.

When the entity reflects upon the condition, it is a statement of truth. And yes, the more positive attitude of yours is more correct, but if you cannot lift yourself up from a chair, it is hard to maintain that attitude. Do you understand?”

Response: “Yes.”

David: “If you need to put it into a term, the entity is operating with 76% efficiency of the heart. That means there is enough there to do the job. The entity is dropping weight, also following parts of our recommendations, in an attempt to put less of load upon. He is not a man of the heat, as you are. He survives better in the colder climates, but as long as there is air conditioning he functions well physiologically. Having gained an added benefit of being a diabetic, which was an inherited trait from the family, that requires other medications and other changes which all complicate the attention. So in the morning when one has to take approximately 15 tablets to maintain the right structure, one does have a different perspective, as you might understand. Though he does not stop, he simply pushes onward and provides us the opportunity.

Each time we are present, yes, he is physically fatigued but not damaged. We have long ago overcome the major damage of energy that occurred in the early days. We once said, 'that for every hour of session, a day of life was lost.' We have found how to boost the energy, but we are of the other plane, we cannot interfere in your plane. The Brotherhood can give you the force by which to heal, but they cannot reach down and heal by themselves. These are the strict rules that fall between our dimensions, they are difficult at times. We can warn you. We could say, 'Stop, watch out, be careful!' We can tell you, 'Beware of this person,' and put the thought in your mind, but we cannot interfere directly in your life. Do you understand?”

Response: “Yes.”

David: “Our relationship is one of guide and person, and my work with the Brotherhood is a position which the entity volunteered to many years ago and has faithfully provided our access, whenever requested. Therefore, we say to you, 'Yes, provide the healing and find a way to give the entity the energy for healing that is needed,' knowing well, that it is the soul consciousness that manipulates that energy. And in this time period it is good, because the rejuvenation of the entity occurs approximately the 12th of September, and that is the critical point where the energy needs to be applied before that date. Do you understand?”

Response: “Yes. Is there enough energy to continue this session?”

David: “We are without limit.”

Question: “Okay. I have an aggravating issue with a gum boil. It occurred basically, with a root canal and a gold cap on the root canal. Everything seemed to be fine and then it developed a gum boil, which I have been dealing with for a couple of months. It seems to decrease if I use clove oil in a poultice, and I have been using myrrh, but it always comes back.”

David: “Have you used hydrogen peroxide with water as a mouth rinse?”

Response: “Not consistently.”

David: “It helps to reduce the infection, but the infection is from within. Is it in line with the tooth?”

Response: “It's right on the exterior gum of the tooth that was treated.”

David: “Then it probably needs to be lanced. Have you spoken to the dentist?”

Response: “No, I haven't.”

David: “I am afraid you will be required to return to him. What you have is an infection at the root where the nerve was taken out. It is a mild infection in that area. First, it needs to be treated with some antibiotics to see if that would reduce it. The second process would be to lance the gum in that area to clean out the infection near the root of the tooth. Do you understand?”

Response: “Yes.”

David: “This process, this concept of root canals and then using metals within, you have some interesting results, and people are suffering often from this type of a problem, having to have additional work done. Something was unclean at the time, or an infection was present or was overlooked. But do go back to the dentist. And that first treatment should be an antibiotic, and then you can continue with your oils as helping, but rinse out at least at night with hydrogen peroxide, and then put your clove oil. Do you understand?”

Response: “Yes. We have no further questions.”

David: “Then we shall terminate for this evening.”

Copyright by Richard Rebeck, Peggy Steinberg,  Salvatore Cacciola