Light Messenger

Volume 14, Chapter 5



Question: “Concerning the economy, do you still see the American dollar strengthening by the end of 2008?”

David: “The dollar should be stronger by the end of this year. Of course, the future is always variable, but we certainly see, as we get through this period of absurdity which you call the electoral campaign, the world is watching. The decisions that are made there will help determine whether the dollar is strong or weak, also in which direction the government moves in regard to other areas. The dollar could be strong if the government would do something to stabilize the housing market.

It is not the petroleum market that needs to be saved. It has enough profit for itself, and if the American people have to pay $6.00 a gallon for gasoline, they will pay it. They may pay closer attention to which politicians they elect as a result, but they will still pay it. It is no different than those who smoke. Does anyone know what a carton of cigarettes cost?”

Response: “About $40.00 or maybe more.”

David: “We noticed in a store, in advertisement, between $28.00 and $40.00. But people are still buying, and we were recently in a Sam's store with the entity (Richard) and Marlene, and we saw a long line of persons waiting to purchase those cigarettes. They will do equally purchasing their gasoline.

You cannot have bank instability and mortgage instability. One of the areas that is most important is the need for, and no one is pushing it, a federal usury (credit card interest limit) law. Anyone who wishes to make noise within the blogs and news channels, should send messages about a need for a usury limit in this country. The uncontrolled credit market is destroying the system. The fact that someone can be given a credit card at 8.9% and 6months later, that can be raised to 29% without impunity, without legal control, is usury.

The housing market is an equal area. Many were greedy and gained out of the growth, but it is time for the government to bring stability to that area. Bring people back into their homes, and if the housing market can be stabilized, then the economy as a whole will strengthen. It is not important to build more homes, it is important to utilize those which exist and then build as needed. There are many areas where building needs to be done due to destruction.

The pressure and the selection of candidates needs to be to persons who are fiscally intelligent and capable of directing the government in those directions. Proceed.”

Question: “Due to the high oil prices, offshore drilling has again become a hot issue here in the US. Many who were formerly against it, have now changed their tune, even though it would not have any immediate effect on the price of oil. Please tell us what you can about offshore drilling, and also drilling on leased lands which the oil companies already own.”

David: “You have to plan for the future. If you're going to use oil, you must look for it. You cannot wait until there is no more to decide finding it. If you have leased land with oil, then with modern technology there is a minimal impact upon the environment. Look at Canada, look at Calgary, the shale oil or the sand oil is the largest deposit in the world, greater than Saudi Arabia. They are simply scooping it up and processing it.

Offshore drilling requires control, inspection, and good engineering. They have some very sophisticated equipment. But you cannot put even a crane up in the air in New York or other cities without them falling down, so how do you expect to put oil rigs out in the middle of the water? The system needs to be changed. There has to be better safety standards. But if you are going to use oil, you will have to look for it in all of the places where it might exist, because remember, that each deposit of oil may last only 20 or 50 years before it is depleted.

You need to find alternate energy sources. You have many of them at your finger tips. The rush should be to find them, but in the meantime you must continue to produce oil. The reserves from this country should be opened to break the back of the oil market, and at the same time, allow the companies to drill on land they already own, which has less of a risk. And consider the sea drilling only as a last element after having found safer systems of inspection, or perhaps, when you can put up a crane 150 feet without it falling apart. Proceed.”

Question: “I recently learned of a possible alternate form of fuel which can be derived from vertical algae. Apparently, a large amount of the algae could be grown in very little space. Can you give us more information about this idea?”

David: “It is not dissimilar to a vegetable or fruit business being developed here in Florida, they are of similar nature. Many such natural substances could be used. We do not have any real information on this particular element, the algae, but we are conscious of the many potentials that exist. The idea of using the algae to convert it into an oil that can be consumed may well be an interesting one, but the first and foremost reaction is the elimination of burning of fuels.


Separate the hydrogen and the oxygen, that makes sense to do. Therein we have concepts. But using other oils, whether it is corn oil or whatever, as a source of fuel, or fermentation process to produce alcohol, is not the solution to energy.

The transportation must move toward mass transportation, less individual transportation. And those that are individual need to be smaller and more compact and more efficient, so someone has the means to run down to the store and back, but not in a gas guzzling monster. The use of solar energy, the use of the new lithium ion batteries, which are now available... as of only a few weeks ago, there is a new battery that is now capable of being used and new techniques in the processing. And there is nothing wrong with having the top of the car being a solar panel either, or is there?”

Response: “No.”

David: “The solar panels on houses are useful. Why not put a solar panel on top of the car and help the system with its energy needs? The vertical algae may just be another temporary element, but remember that everything that grows requires nutrients, it has to have its food source at one point. One thing this planet does have in great quantities, is water, and you know what water is made of?”

Response: “Hydrogen and oxygen.”

David: “Hydrogen and oxygen, therein you have the solution. Imagine stopping by and saying, 'Could I have a gallon of water for my car, please?' How much does a gallon of water cost?”

Response: “About a buck, 78 cents at Wal-Mart.”

David: “Therein, you have all you need in the high voltage, high energy device to transform or separate the hydrogen and oxygen and the tanks to store and put the solar panel on, and it will make the car a little uglier. What are the box type cars you have now? They look like a military machine.”

Response: “Hummers.”

David: “Yes, that one. Those are about the ugliest things that we have seen. Put a solar panel on top, convert water to hydrogen and eliminate the problem. A small car could be converted to a starter motor from a jet engine and a battery, powered with the solar, powered by plug in using the new lithium ion type of batteries. You could do the majority of your transportation needs without charging up but once a day. Proceed.”

Question: “Terrorist attacks are almost a daily event in other parts of the world. Do you foresee any significant terrorist events happening in the United States again? If so when?”

David: “The answer to that question is yes, and if your programs on television, including some of your news outlets, would stop being so stupid as to point out to the terrorists where to attack and how to attack, you might have less. We have seen in the last month or two, more weak spots in the United States than one would even imagine existed. But do you not realize that you just had a terrorist attack?”

Response: “No... yes, the salmonella.”

David: “Exactly. The salmonella is the last thing. It is impossible for a waterborne bacteria to get on peppers and tomatoes and fruits and vegetables that grow from the ground. Salmonella is normally associated with sea creatures and animals, shellfish, turtles and other sea creatures. How was the tomato and jalapeno contaminated? They were sprayed with water containing salmonella. A certain portion was absorbed into the vegetable, which then fermented, grew, and then it was eaten, did its job. That is why the government looks so stupid, pardon our expression, in its attempt to isolate the source. There wasn't a particular source, and it was only a trial attack.

The idea is of gigantic food chain networks producing food chain weaknesses, and this is the actual proof of it. Are there more coming? Yes! They are simply trying to find a way to get at the most. We will not tell you where. We will not be as the news giving the means to find. But all one has to do to have major impact is to poison the water supply of any city, and of course, eliminate the electricity of areas.

Major impacts could be made in a number of ways, and terrorists are only looking for opportunities. They have to get their groups together, study their options, and what are they looking for? They are looking for maximum impact. Translate: kill the maximum number of people possible and injure the maximum number of people possible to injure. Airplanes are not enough, that's only 200 something people or 300. It is better talking about killing 5,000, 10,000, and these are the factors that are being considered. But then again, if your system of security singles out a member of Islam at a security checkpoint, he screams, 'prejudice, privation of my rights.' When it comes to the security of a nation, no one has rights! It is the duty of the government to protect. At least, in times past, the government saw fit to try to protect itself from what it considered a potential enemy, even though it never proved to be. Do you remember the Japanese concentration (internment) camps in the United States?”

Response: “Yes.”

David: “That was an action taken by a government willing to do what was necessary to protect the enmity of the country. They did not believe that the majority of those people were anti American, but they knew that a small number of them were. The larger number were put through typical experiences. They were not tortured, they were not beaten, they were not starved, they were simply isolated. We cannot imagine, with your liberal system, what would happen if you were to isolate every Muslim in this country. It certainly would be interesting, would it not?”

Response: “Sure would.”

David: “It would not matter if they did not enter the country. Then we would not have as much of a security threat. The entity (Richard), know-ing the Muslim culture, thought that perhaps all Muslims who enter into the country must place their hands in a bowl of pig's blood as a sign of their good intentions. Do you know how many Muslims would do that?”

Response: “None.”

David: “That is correct, that is how many would enter. Sometimes, one considers if you were to fight an enemy such as that, why not take one of the airplanes, instead of putting bombs, just spray pig's blood before the battlefield. We guarantee there would be no enemy fighters. Isn't that strange? Something that would not kill a man would stop a war. But it is difficult to deal with that problem now that you are into those countries and bringing members of those countries into this country freely.

We will say this, that one out of every five Muslims that you can find is a potential terrorist. Unfortunately, it is not like a Chinese restaurant. The entity (Richard) always makes the joke that when he goes to a Chinese restaurant, he takes a table where he can sit with his back to the wall so he can keep an eye on them, habits from long ago which you will understand. But you have no way to keep an eye on Muslims. And since their purpose is spiritual, at least in their minds, the only solution is to get out of their lands, leave them to themselves, and get them out of your lands. If this be a nation under God, founded on Christian/Judaic principles, then there should be no place for a Muslim. And if you doubt my word, read the Koran yourselves. Even in English it is clear. If the Muslim is allowed to own a piece of land, that land belongs to Allah. And now, Muslims must be faithful to Allah and cleanse that land and all land around it. That is like saying, that what was done to Typhoid Mary was a crime. Do you remember Typhoid Mary?”

Response: “Yes.”

David: “The poor woman was isolated on an island in New York, because she was the carrier of Typhus, not because she had committed a crime, but what she carried would kill millions. So it is.


There are many Arab Christians who escaped the Middle East because of the persecution, and not all Muslims are from the Middle East. Perhaps, a portion of the millions they use to keep sending Mexican immigrants back to their own land could be used to give free tickets to Muslims to return to their land.

Until you have a government that recognizes the need to return to the foundation of this country, to the founding principles and the founding ideas, the liberals have taken the major control. First, Communism had to be allowed-- 'freedom of speech.' The Nazi party had to be allowed to exist-- 'freedom of speech.' These are not sensible things.

You do not bring into your home systems that destroy. You are worried about your ability to bear arms, some sacred prehistoric right to pick up a club and kill your neighbor. In major cities, it would be more practical to ban arms completely, and make it a crime to be caught with one, because the crime with arms is in the city. But you have gone farther than that.

The motto of this nation is 'In God We Trust.' You cannot say 'in God,' the ACLU would file a lawsuit. It doesn't matter what the symbolism at the Supreme Court is. You mustn't mention God, religion, prayer, or even morality, there are no spiritual rights. This is not what this country was founded upon as a concept. And if it does not return to its foundations and rebuild itself upon those foundations, then it shall be as Rome, and it shall be no more. Greater civilizations have existed and no longer exist.


Look to your candidates in your upcoming elections and find those who are of the light. Darkness is not the answer, nor is violence. The only medicament war has ever given is to reduce overpopulation, and now to do that, you would have to destroy entire nations to reduce the population. And yet, you are close to the verge of it. That is all, do you have further questions?”

Question: “The situation between Israel and Iran is very worrisome. The Middle East appears to be a tinderbox with those countries possessing nuclear weapons. Do you think that negotiations with Iran can ever be successful? Also, what is the true situation with North Korea? Are they really dismantling all their nuclear reactors as they say they are?”

David: “Taking the latter, North Korea wants to be South Korea. They want all the benefits. They have made enough material that they could return to their reactor if they do not get what they wish. But if you give them food and opportunity to be work centers and production centers and let them thrive as South Korea has thrived for over 50 years, then they have no need of nuclear weapons. Do you understand?”

Response: “Yes.”

As to the Middle Eastern conflict, the Middle East has been a place of conflict and problem since Lord Balfour made his famous resolution dividing up the Middle East into territories that currently exist. This is not an easy situation.


While Israel has the power to annihilate Iran, Iran will not stop getting nuclear weapons. No one can cause or get Israel to give up its nuclear power. The ball then, is in Iran's court as you would say. They must determine what they are going to do. Do they think they can strike fast and hard enough to avoid retaliation, or are they willing to risk the annihilation of their people and their country forever? Because if Israel attacks, that area will be uninhabitable for a thousand years. You might say, you will have Armageddon.

In the meantime, one must hope that no US President is stupid enough to try to push military action toward Iran. Israel will not attack unless provoked. They must believe that they are under imminent attack from Iran in order to respond. And if that occurs as a war, then there will be no more Middle East oil. It has been said in our realm, that an explosion there can produce a fire that will burn for a hundred years. Do you understand?”

Response: “Yes, it would set the underground oil on fire.”

David: “That is correct.”


Question: “Many years ago, you told us that animals are here to serve us and that their spirit or consciousness comes from a different plane. When a beloved pet dies, does that same animal spirit often return to us in the form of another pet, perhaps even in a different species? Do animals sometimes choose to die when they know it is time to leave us?”

David: “First, let's take the last. Animals do not choose to die, though they may be drawn out, taken when it is time, and that will seem like the same thing, but it is not the animal consciousness. We probably should not have used the word 'serve,' at least not in the servile sense. The animal is a companion to you. Their service is their presence, their affection, their relationship. They do have a tendency to return.

But let us go back and realize, that the animal consciousness is not an evolving one. They are like wood nymphs, or even angels, in a sense. They do not need to evolve. They are as perfect as they need to be at any given moment. If an animal has been mistreated and becomes of bad humor and must be terminated, that is not the animal who committed the error, but those who treated it to arrive at that state.

Yes, an animal spirit can be brought back, but that is through your guide. The guide has the greater action in that, and your guide usually brings the animal to you, knowing your needs and the opportunity for you to benefit from the presence of this animal. The animal will benefit from the presence of anyone since it seeks nothing except a place to sleep, food and water, and a bit of love. But it is you who has the need, and therefore, your guide will bring, and often times will cause the same spirit to return, or near identical one, but usually it is the same. We have seen cases that within a lifetime a person has had 3 or 4 pets, as you call them, wherein the same spirit is present. That is a natural element.

The animals that we have domesticated, as you say, that have become pets, are very special creatures. They are no different, in one sense, than the other animals that seek to serve as well. Every animal in this world serves a purpose. The only difficulty man has, is his creation of animals for the purpose of food and the cruelty he bestows upon them in that process. Remember, that even the buzzard serves the earth.”


Question: “You have spoken of many possible cataclysmic events in the future. If an individual had the resources and could choose to move, where would be the safest locations here in the United States or even somewhere else in the world?”

David: “Do you wish to create a stampede? The safest zones, in reality, are in the mountains, in the high country, even though many of them may have geological faults nearby. Generally speaking, the high country is the safest, that where there are great timber beds. Now man is removing the timber beds quickly, but the timberline in the mountain, just south of that, is one of the safest places to be, whether it be in the United States, the Rocky Mountains, or the mountains of California which are weaker because of the fault lines. Or in the Andean Mountains of South America., the energy there is quite strong. Hopefully, someday you may visit them. The mountains of Europe, the Pyrenees, Urals, they are all good safe places to be. We do not wish to be at the water's edge, not at ocean or river, for many changes will come.”

Question: “When I was a young boy, there was a property in Alabama that had a lot of minerals on it. I was thinking of looking for that property to see if it might be available.”

David: “First, look to see if you can find it, and the availability, surprisingly enough, will always be made. But remember one thing, be careful what you ask for. Study carefully that which you are looking at and make certain that you have a sound reason, or it could pass as non important, and then it does not matter.

You can get anything you wish. The problem is that many who receive what they wish, later do not wish it any longer. I believe there is a song by the country singers which says, 'Thank God for the unanswered prayers.' But look for the property, and if you can bring me the coordinates, the geographic latitude, longitude of it, we would be happy to answer you further. Proceed.”


Question: “In the last few years, there has been a dramatic increase of children being diagnosed with autism. Some believe that it is due to vaccinations, although we are told that in most cases, the harmful ingredient in vaccinations is no longer present. Can you tell us why autism is affecting so many children?”

David: “It is not the vaccinations. It is the consciousness. Can you imagine the horror of coming to realize what world you have come to? Would you want to enter this world at this time?”

Response: “Probably not.”

David: “Think of it, a world on the verge of destroying itself, a world that is consuming the energy of the Earth that it made from itself in the stone age for lack of energy, a world where values have no meaning, where it is unlawful to speak of God in a public school. Assuming for a moment, that a consciousness that had evolved, arrives here upon this plane and suddenly realizes what there is. What would he do? Would he not withdraw within himself? Think of autism, and think of another type of autism when you get old. What would you call it?”

Response: “Alzheimer?”

David: “Interesting, no? Both are escaping from reality. Many have reasons, but it is very easy, even as you know, to go off in meditation and not want to return. Isn't that so?”

Response: “Yes.”

David: “It is not the vaccine, it is the world. As we bring in more sensitive beings, and some of them have been traumatized by the war... remember, that the soul who has died in its physical form violently, by war, by accident, by suicide while still young, returns within five years. Better to be autistic than to join life and maybe go off to war and kill or be killed. Plus some of the reactions are genetic. Some are from the drug abuse that has occurred, but none, at the moment, are due to vaccinations. Proceed.”

Question: “Another condition that is growing more prevalent is fibromyalgia. Some doctors do not even recognize it as a valid condition, yet the symptoms are debilitating for those who suffer with it. Can you tell us anything about this disease?”

David: “It is a painful disease. It has existed for a long time, it is not new. It is part of the process of reversing nature. Nature's law is the elimination of the weakest, the survival of the strongest. As your medical systems become more and more advanced, we continue to save the weaker genetic structures, allowing diseases or infirmities such as this to take on larger proportions. All of these elements are aggravated by sociological, environmental, food chain, and general energy circles in which we live. We have no assistance for this problem at this time. Proceed.”

Question: “Does my guide have a message for me tonight?”

David: “One moment... What exercise form are you doing?”

Response: “I really don't do any form of exercise.”

David: “Your guide recommends that you develop a system of exercise, possibly yoga or some other constant or repetitive type of exercise. You are accumulating some toxins in your system that would be eliminated by exercise. Do you swim?”

Response: “No, very little.”

David: “Do you take baths?”

Response: “No.”

David: “They are things to be considered. Bathing is an excellent way to help cleanse the skin, if you have good water. Remember, baths have been used for thousands of years. It is only in the last hundred years that you have invented the shower as a replacement for the bath, and women from time have been famous for their baths. Something to consider, bathtubs are cheaper than doctors. Proceed.”

Question: “I have a spot on my leg the size of a half dollar. It's purple, it's been biopsied, and they say it is a venous stasis and nothing can be done for it. My problem is the itching and the burning. Do you have a solution?”

David: “It is distended?”

Response: “Slightly swollen.”

David: “There are two things we would do for it. One, we would soak some charcoal in cod liver oil and place it over the area with an elastic bandage, keeping it there the majority of the time that you can, taking it off for several hours each day and washing it carefully.”

Response: “Wrapping it with Saran wrap?”

David: “That might be possible yes, but be careful of the breathing of the skin. The other is to find a small flat rock that is just slightly greater than the spot, and again place it in place with an elastic bandage.”

Response: “Any particular type of rock?”

David: “A river rock, one that is worn smooth would be the best choice. If you can find a red one it is better, and if it were smooth and were a piece of petrified wood, even better still. Do you understand?”

Response: “Yes.”

David: “We used that thousands of years ago as a treatment for that type of problem.”

Response: “And the itchiness and burning?”

David: “That is what the oil and charcoal will do.”

Response: “Will that eliminate it eventually, or is this a constant treatment?”

David: “We shall not know until you try it. Your body has some strange reactions because of old events, therefore we cannot always be certain as to their cause. Is that it then?”

Response: “Yes, thank you.”

David: “Remember, your reality is in your hands. You can walk through the gates of hell without harm, or as the 23rd Psalm would say, 'Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil.' It is true because it is your faith and your energy that maintains you, each of you. It is when you let go of that faith that the ceiling can fall upon you. You must be as Samson and hold up the pillars until it is time to bring them down. That is all.”

Copyright by Richard Rebeck, Peggy Steinberg,  Salvatore Cacciola